MetroMan China

4.8 (1.3K)
69.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for MetroMan China

4.77 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
6 years ago, TeachaKeem
The Most Helpful App
This app is the most helpful app I’ve used to travel. This app allowed me to avoid paying huge fees for a tour group because I was able to map out transportation to museums and tourist sites myself. It not only tells you what lines to take but also the amount of money each way.
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7 years ago, LadyBasketball
Essential for Getting Around
If you are traveling in China, anytime anywhere, you are going to need this app. It's makes using the metro lines simple and easy and I would have been lost a thousand times over without it.
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1 year ago, QD-1996
Was great, now unusable
This was a great app when it launched. It still has useful & accurate metro travel information, but over time has become more & more saturated with advertising. Now it opens with full screen ads with a dismiss box (X) that is so small that it is almost impossible to click past. To get past the ad & use the app takes minutes of trying & repeatedly failing to dismiss the ad. No longer usable; I am deleting & looking for an alternative.
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7 years ago, c****a
This app really made it easier for me to use the subway and if you have any questions they will give you a feedback as soon as possible, thanks MetroMan!
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5 years ago, bwaghi
Best Metro app china
On my trips I totally rely on this app in china. Best is it covered all cities with metro and is updated regularly. With a great ease to use . Best app for me and a must if in china .
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4 months ago, yd210
TikTok download page cannot be dismissed
OK, I get that apps like this gotta make money to survive, so the almost impossible to find ‘X’ was still bearable to me until the pop-ups of TikTok ads in a white background which is, in no way, dismissible. Please make the app, at least, functional, while you have the product in the market.
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3 years ago, Канфета
Must have !
As always best choice for China
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1 month ago, BurntBeans.
The ads are out of control. I never really complain about free apps, but the amount of ads is just unacceptable.
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12 months ago, pdd已死,有事烧纸
Sorry, I don’t like it
When I open the app, an ad cover the whole screen. I can not use it at all.
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6 years ago, Sleuth89
Update for Wuhan!!!!
Please update Wuhan metro map! Line 8 just opened on Christmas 2017 :)
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5 years ago, Owner of Appstore
This app is amazing
Very helpful
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2 years ago, Trent Hanover
Can’t see anything passed the ADS!
The ads literally won’t move
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1 year ago, Nirzan.Hbut
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1 year ago, whyORK
Stuck on ad
Glitched. Stuck on initial ad. I can’t even subscribe.
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6 years ago, haccan
An amazing app
It is an amazing app for metro in China
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4 years ago, SayCheese4Me
Quiz you
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7 years ago, Pavan Balaji
Excellent app
I have been using the individual city versions of this app for the past 4 years or so, and it has always been my go-to app. It makes subway transfers a breeze and I can easily plan ahead as to how I'd get to where I need to. I've recently downloaded the all-city integrated version and used it on my 3-week China trip (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong). It seems to have all the same conveniences as the individual city apps, and has an identical interface (except for the city switcher). I have only used it in China.
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8 years ago, kfughreiuhwerigh
It's the perfect China metro app
I've been using this app for at least four years. It's been very helpful for traveling around in the cities. My home base is Shenzhen and I have been using it in Shanghai and Hong Kong. I love the maps are always up-to-date, and suggested routes are very helpful when I am planning for travel across the whole city. My favorite part is the schedule do trains are always correct! The has never made any mistake as for the arrival time.
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7 years ago, SRCKorea
I can use this app on my IPad without WIFI, so that is an added bonus on subways. I have had people looking over my shoulder to see the maps. They ask for the name to download it for themselves. It is just so convenient to have so many cities on one app. Love it! I don't write reviews. This app is just worth taking the time.
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8 years ago, CMaggie96
Convenient and Accurate!
I spent 6 weeks in Shanghai and used this app to navigate my way around the transportation system. Directions provided were very simple to understand, and the app itself was definitely super convenient and accurate!!! Strongly recommend it for visitors.
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11 years ago, Hoben01
Must use to navigate complex subways
Made it so easy to follow just by entering the start and stop station. Must have app for those using the subway in complex systems like beijing, shanghai, and more. Also showed the estimated travel time
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8 years ago, daschles
Great app, wonderful that awful ads removed
This is a terrific app. the developer made a mistake by putting intrusive full screen ads in but then he responded to criticism and made the app free. A great service. I’d frankly be happy to pay.
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7 years ago, Not really math
First to update new lines!
The metro app I've used for quite a while did not update when a new subway line opened so a friend showed me MetroMan... it's far superior to any other app if it's kind !
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9 years ago, Muldrin
Most useful China and Hong Kong transit app I've ever seen
this is an amazing app! I can now fearlessly get around China knowing in advance exactly where the metro entrances are, full travel path, fare, and timeline. Grab it now if you spend time in China or Hong Kong!
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9 years ago, Gah520
Nice app but irritating
It's nice to have all the different cities in one app and the information is good, but it is ridiculous to have a full page video commercial come up every time I change the city. I understand that it is free, but a free app that is too irritating, is not that useful.
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7 years ago, CAgirl711
Useful even without wifi
This app saved me on my recent trip to Shanghai. Love that you can see shortest trip and fewest transfer options.
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13 years ago, KevinLCK
I use this App frequently and find it extremely helpful. If you are planning a trip to china, you will need it.
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8 years ago, RTruter132
Great app!
Definitely one of the better apps for English users to find your way around the subways in China
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7 years ago, USABRANDON
Number one app
Thank you. It is a great app. I would recommend to everyone. Take care.
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8 years ago, Se7en_YXS
Accurate data and very useful.
Accurate data and very useful. 5 stars.
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8 years ago, cleo's remarks
Supper useful
Have been used this app for my time in China in both Beijing and Shanghai, supper useful!
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11 years ago, MetroFan
Nice map draw
So far the most good looking map, what a nice find
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7 years ago, Gooddayeveryone
Shanghai lines are still not up to date
Many stations maps are not even on this, some lines are not up to date, fix it... been a long time already. Stop adding new cities but ignoring Shanghai
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12 years ago, MarcusVern4
Nice app
Useful one. Especially time table.
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7 years ago, B in China
Best chinese metro app
Great app. Perfect for multiple cities and has lots of good tools inside.
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12 years ago, weien88
Great app!
Very convenient. One app includes many metro maps of China. That's awesome! Thank u!
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12 years ago, xxivyangxx
Great app
It's been great and thankful to have this subway map! :)
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8 years ago, makewen
Has all major cities in China
And it's free!
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9 years ago, Rhea99
Great app, but ads need to go
Ads are super annoying, otherwise the app would be considered one of the best for subway maps in China.
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8 years ago, Cross eyed Bill
Must Have App in Beijing or Shanghai
Ive used this app for +3yrs!
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13 years ago, Lawrence2Page
It's so good
easy to use, it's good
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7 years ago, Jeaksperth
Very good
Very good app. Really helpful for navigating the Shanghai subway
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11 years ago, MikeRango
1.请添加西安等城市地铁 Please add more cities like Xi'an 2.希望默认显示线路图 Make Route map as default 2.换乘路线建议只给最佳路线,建议给多了没有任何意义 Just supply with Best Route
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7 years ago, sg1110
Best metro app for tourists
Best app for tourists
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10 years ago, AlvinShing
Clean NoAds All metro in China Nice
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10 years ago, funnybook
界面很漂亮 如果有每个站点的离线Google地图截图就好了 这样就没有网络 没有VPN 也能看到出口信息
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11 months ago, CannedDream
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3 months ago, Roman Leal
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5 months ago, 网友吧
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5 years ago, uncleym
每一次进入城市都要来一个广告 差评!
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