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MGM Resorts
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User Reviews for MGM Rewards

4.83 out of 5
263.7K Ratings
1 year ago, fjdjduujsj
I’ve spent time at MGM,Ballagio &Aria
I can say from the time I went in the front doors at all the properties they are well run. I send electronic check in and used my MGM Gold card to get extra keys an information by passing the regular check in lines. I was showed which direction to elevators as well as a valet to take my luggage up if I needed one. The room was always cleaned perfectly and I always ask for strip view and if it’s available they give it to me. I called down and ask if I could schedule times at all the restraunt’s and we got that all done quickly. I would recommend reservations in all the main restraunt’s especially steakhouses, Italian and Chinese cuisine. When going to other areas on the strip it’s important to know during special events Uber raises there rates do it’s basically close to taking a cab which in some cases saves you walking time. When weather is nice all the pools are beautiful and spacious. I like Aria a lot since breakfast and coffee are right off the elevators. Ballagio is fantastic and the steakhouse I would highly recommend and try to get good fountain view 7:00-9:00pm. Always a please to stay and again I can’t say anything bad. A lot of concerts at the Park MGM so I would recommend Aria if going to concert. All of these 5 *****. Brad K
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2 years ago, Debby Huny
Best friends get away
This was our first best friends trip! It took 30 years to do it. One of us lives in Pa one of us lives in Fl. Our room was very well taken care of. The girl who took care of it was so sweet. She did a wonder job. The MGM has many places to eat at and the food is very good. If we ever get a chance to take a trip to Vegas again the MGM is where we will definitely stay! One night we past a maintenance personal he asked us if we need help with anything. We were just deciding a place to eat. He spoke to us so nicely recommended Wolfgang’s we said we would go there and he gave us a coupon for dinner. I wish we would have gotten his name he also was very nice. He also had asked if we were ok. Checking on 2 women in Vegas alone was very impressive. The only problem I had was when checking in was this lady that was so pushy made me very nervous. I talked to the desk clerk the next day who was also very nice she got the manager and took care of things. Overall the staff at the MGM is fantastic. Thank you for making are stay grea!
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2 years ago, Bobby Boberts
Extremely User Friendly App and Process
Honestly spent less than 5-10 minutes on the app after the MGM corporation suggested I download it to make my upcoming stay go more smoothly. I booked my trip through Expedia, Expedia notified me via e-mail that MGM resorts had a message, the message said the aforementioned, I was advised to download the app which took seconds with no problems, prompted after that on how to check in, pay for, and receive a digital key on my phone, specifically to avoid long lines possibly due to heavy travel at the destination potentially. Couldn’t be happier and they made the process extremely less stressful and the apps appearance and designs are nice too. Highly recommend this app and company.
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5 years ago, Weary user
Not as easy to use as other hotel apps
Been a rewards member for a while but back in the day I didn’t use phone apps all that much. I was hoping this app would allow me to quickly access existing reservations but it doesn’t. To access I have to click on BOOK which is dumb because it’s already booked. I then have to click on MGM resortsd, not intuitive at all since I presume I am already using a rewards app. Then I have to click scroll down to the Mlife rewards button and click join again aren’t I already in an Mlife rewards app and didn’t i already log into Mlife rewards? Oh and finally my room reservation is way down at the bottom. Come on. Check it the Hilton app. Immediately when I log in I see my upcoming reservation which is what I need 99% of the time. If I want new ones I can do that too, but the immediate critical information is right on opening. I don’t have to bounce around. Same goes for any airline app too. You would thin MGM would see the paradigm and be close.
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12 months ago, Ceasar NC
Caesar’s rewards are better
MGM will nickel and dime you to death with their rewards. If you are only going to Vegas it might be alright but if you want to stay at other MGM resorts I’m told I don’t have comps. I’m a pearl rewards member. I’m 2/3 the way to Gold. I even signed up for credit card thinking that might help with room reservations but it doesn’t. Ceasars always offer me comped rooms no matter if I was just at one of there hotel/casino. You would think that was a good thing for MGM but I was penalized for my trip in April 2023 after talking to one of the rudest hosts I have ever encountered with MGM national harbor in Maryland. The hotel is beautiful but so are all the Ceasars hotels/casinos. No need to keep using the MGM credit card but incentive to give my credit card business to ceasers. Let’s face it with the above higher than normal APRs they charge you would think they would want you to use so they would benefit from the high APR. Guess business is good for them. Plus for me since Caesar’s opened new Casino much closer to me.
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3 years ago, Red13Bravo
Quick, Fast & Easy
This will be a short review since I don’t have any complaints or issues navigating through this app. I’m glad they designed it the way that they did because it provides me with all the help & information that I need whenever I book a room. I look forward to booking my next stay through the app or website even. And I hope they don’t do any major changes to the app whenever they update information & what not. Now, why didn’t I give them 5stars? Because on occasion the app will sign me out. And while I see this as a safety feature so people won’t automatically have access to my account if I leave my phone behind…others will see this as something annoying. To each is own, but I always leave a open-minded & fair review for the normal everyday person *shrug*
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2 years ago, mspman17
Garbage App
The version of this app available as of Feb 2022 needs to be deleted from my phone and reinstalled every day or two in order for the Home Screen to ever render content. When it works, it works fine to display stay information but when it stops, it will just show the spinner on the home tab and it never finishes processing nor does it time out. Zero feedback from the app on why it isn’t working correctly. Adding a guest to your stay via the app does nothing to actually add that person to the reservation for room charge or key issuing privileges. Front desk acknowledged this is a known bug this weekend. You’re implying that you’re saving me the hassle of going to the front desk to do this so, don’t bother asking unless this info makes it to the front desk! The digital key is hit and miss. Did not work at all at Delano elevators this weekend. Ended up standing in like for physical keys. Another promise of time savings that is still just vaporware in this app. Very disappointing!
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2 years ago, Jimneve517
Thank you for such a great time
Good Afternoon, we had just got home and I went to the app so I can put it on my phone. But have to say the last 2 days my wife & I had such an amazing time and we ended it with an amazing Breakfast Buffet this morning. We stayed in the water club room 1974 amazing view, the room was Immaculate we needed an extra pillow and within 5 min they brought it up. Every staff member was so amazing. The only problem was I wish I could have stayed longer. Thank you all for an amazing time. This was my our first get away together in 23 year with no kids just us and it was great. Cannot wait to do it again we are trying for August. Thank you.
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4 years ago, EdmondeDantes
Let me preface my comments this way . I have been visiting various Las Vegas and Reno properties for the last 3 years, so not much longevity. Of the MGM properties, I have stayed at Bellagio, NYNY, Luxor, and Mandalay Bay...once each. I stay in Vegas now frequently (15 to 20 times a year) as a professional gambler but prefer other properties. In general, I find the MGM properties have poorly maintained rooms and disinterested staff. Of course there are exceptions - Bellagio has some very pleasant and helpful dealers, but overall I am unimpressed. Many of the properties feel undeservedly pretentious. The two areas where everything really falls down for me are 1) the comps are laughable and only geared toward slot players (of which I am not one) and 2) the M Life app is completely worthless. I receive better comps based on play amount and duration at every other property I play at, including those in my home states of Washington and Oregon. I honestly do not understand the disparity between the time/amounts I play at all of the Vegas properties (and I play every property several times on any given trip) and the lack of comps or reaching out to me by any of the properties. As far as the app goes - utterly useless. Why even bother. It contains no useful information, is not user friendly, and does not even work the way it was poorly designed to about 40% of the time. Ditch it and start fresh. Use Caesars Rewards app as a model.
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3 years ago, Armando & Flavia Gonzalez
Customer Service
We called this morning frantic realizing we needed to add 2 more days to our stay. The women who assisted us was very helpful, kind, patient and understanding to our concerns. She deserves a recognition in all aspects....because she went above and beyond for us. I appreciate her calling us back when the line got disconnected as well. She took the time to also call the front desk and ask that we have 2 beds. She was very very accommodating and patient with us. She also gave us good advice as to where to take our kids in the hotel for some fun. Thank you for having kind people like her representing your company. We will always stay here for future stays. God Bless
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3 years ago, ryangkaye
This parentheses app parentheses IS caps off Vegas!!
I downloaded the app, use the app, generated a room key, walked to the elevator, and I am ascending to the 15th floor. An open elevator emerges for the correct floor but I will wait for the next one thank you the woman in the elevator says, “I love it.“ Of course, there are black people stocking me in this hallway. Not stocking, auto type on Apple iOS, stall king not that for the buttons depressed the buttons to press set a long day oh this is still recording and the elevator is full and there’s a line of 10 people OK I’ll go onto this one is this enough words for this review to be posted? I know whenever I write a review, it always says I need more text. Let’s see…
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2 years ago, Surprise 40th ruined
Feel deceived
I went through my employer which did not give us the early check in option so we called Signature and the young lady was really nice and said that she would charge us the early bird check in and that there was no need to reschedule our flight. So we got into Vegas at 7am(not expecting a check in until 11) but then was told another front desk employee that there was nothing we could except walk around. So we walked around for 4hrs and now being told can’t check in until 3. We have a surprise birthday party that we flew into from Columbus that we will now not be able to attend. Horrible experience. Now we’re staying at a place that feels like they don’t appreciate our business at all. It’s hard for me to write reviews like this because I am in the industry and I know how it is but we could have been treated way better. Thanks for a great start to my 40th birthday.
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5 years ago, Cagie
We have been part of the MGM family for about 15 years. When we first came aboard we thought “wow” it’s wonderful how much you get to be a member, or it’s great how they take care of even the little guys who put money into this membership. It was clean and inviting In the casinos and pools and dining. Somehow, along the years the big guy forgot where they came from and how to remember how to treat ALL members. Oh, I know the big guys matter, however the average person means as much. We contribute as much because that what we can afford. We are that loyal people who wants to be able to stay a part of this family without you changes the rules making it harder for us to get those comp dollars. Changing the resort credit and changing where you can use it. That is a big deal for the average person who relies on this. I don’t know maybe you saw that the change looked good on paper, however, it’s NOT! I can only hope that you are hearing me because my family loves being apart of this family. Here’s to ALL from the little to big, we ALL matter! Thanks for listening, Diane
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3 years ago, CMWPhilly
User Friendly APP and great Customer Service
Was due to check in May 3rd and my flight was delayed. Spoke with a wonderful Lady servicing the front desk and explained I am still at the airport and flight not due to arrive until 3 am May 4th early morning. She linked my M Life acct to my reservation and told me about this APP which allows me to gain access to checking in. So far I like the APP. I have not checked in yet but will do so as soon as I arrive. Thank you Bellagio staff!! Being frustrated, not with staff but the Lady was so caring and had a voice of calm which kept me relaxed. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Moral of the story, fly direct to enjoy the Bellagio experience
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4 years ago, CoDistrict
Almost perfect for checking in/out!
I truly appreciated this app for checking in & out to skip the lines when we visited in June during Covid. It gave perfect directions to find your room, elevators, & what amenities were open. I used it to check in to 2 different hotels: Bellagio x2 nights then MGM x1 night. My only complaint is the email containing the confirmation # to check in thru the app took a long time when we were ready to check in at MGM Hotel. I try not to call the front desk workers cus I understand they’re busy, but I ended up having to call them since I couldn’t get the confirmation # any other way. We did receive the bellagio confirmation # days ahead of check in.. Maybe it was cus we booked the MGM the night before?
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3 years ago, Sean and Nicki
We have been Mlife members ever since we started coming to Las Vegas 15 years ago. Many of our friends try to get us to switch to Total Rewards but we’ve always been happy with MGM properties. We always feel like we’ve been treated well and feel valued. We have tried to be loyal to Mlife and support them during these difficult times. We finally worked our way up on status over the years and made Platinum this week. We are excited to see what offers and benefits that brings. Thanks again Mlife for making Las Vegas an enjoyable experience every time we visit
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2 years ago, Blueprint 4D Guest
Everything nice except check in process for business guests
Room was roomy and nice. Pools were amazing. Casino was great with $15 min bet on Craps tables available most of the time. Many options of video Craps as well. The new Nelly’s was amazing food. The Avenue Cafe was good as well. I did not enjoy the Buffet at all but my husband loved the prime rib. The check in process for trying to use a company credit card was a complete broken process and extremely frustrating. Obviously the front desk and conference booking personnel do not work together well and they are unable to view a credit authorization. I’ll be happy to share more details if you are interested in fixing this portion of your business.
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3 years ago, nunziswife
Fiore suite booking
I booked a suite over two months ago for the memorial day weekend. I arrive at the Borgata to be told that I was downgraded to a classic room without mine knowing. IWas told at the front desk they would give it to me anyway after I complained. I waited over three hours for the room until I finally went to the bellhop to find out what happened and why my room isn’t ready. They said even though I booked that particular room months ago it was no guarantee that it would be available. This is unprofessional and unacceptable especially that I wasn’t even told about it. No email or notification alerting me if the change in downgrade. This has never happened to me. I’m extremely disappointed in their service. I’m not sure if I ever want to give my money to this establishment again.
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3 years ago, Markee60
Clean Rooms, Friendly Staff, pool not crowded
After reading a lot of negative reviews we almost didn’t book at the MGM. Glad that we didn’t listen to them. We stayed 4 nights in a double queen Strip View. Room was very clean. Everyday it was cleaned when we went to pool. The pool was not crowded. Very Pleasant. We stayed during the weekdays so no problem getting into the pool. (Monday thru Thursday) We didn’t gamble or eat at the restaurants other than Starbucks- they have a few. Lots of food options - fast food & dining. Overall we would stay here again. Very happy with our experience.
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5 years ago, bejeweled bewildered
Love MGM
My husband and I would not consider ourselves as large gamblers, yet we would consider ourselves fun junkies. We enjoy going and doing fun things. We find we so much enjoy going to nice places surrounding ourselves with nice people. We find being gold members give us the access to nice vacations or breaks and we are treated with respect and kindness that we really enjoy. We understand nothing is “free” but we enjoy the perks and exposure to deals that make it extremely attractive. We love the atmosphere at MGM RESORTS and the staff is so friendly and the food and drinks are great and the action and energy is downright fun. Well worth what we spend for the return. Thanks MGM.
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6 years ago, mrpicwidth
A small & packed powerful place!
A great place to have some serious fun! It’s really not small but close. Yet, it offers to all a place to dream big and simply have fun. Tons of slots and there are many to choose from too. Always keep in mind that when you go to the MGM it’s for entertainment and the hope you hit it big! All the get quick rich ideas are great but use common sense in the end. I say to all, go in dreaming and enjoy the reality of the ‘Here and Now’ because your trip back home will be filled with either laughter and a good time, or maybe a nice fat check from the MGM casino of Springfield, MA.
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3 years ago, Ahop68
Worse room I’ve had in Vegas
I have stayed in a MGM resorts casino almost every month of the year and have booked a room for New Years every year for the past 5 years. That being said, this year I decided to stay at the MGM. I booked a one bedroom suite with a strip view so I could be on the quiet side of the hotel and enjoy my stay. Instead, the room is located directly on a busy street with the sound of traffic and planes taking off continuously. I expressed to the host, as I was checking in, that I need a quiet room so she placed me on the loudest side of the hotel. The room is also dated with old and worn out furnishings and not clean. For this hotel to be a flagship amount MGM resorts they do not take care of their customers needs. I will not be staying on MGM properties in the future, I will try a Caesar property or one of the other options. Andrew Hopkins
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2 years ago, RedsOpinion
Great people!!
So I was trying to link my mlife account to mgm rewards and I tried everything to make it happen and just couldn’t. So I called them and talk to the most sweetest lady in the world and she helped me thought it all in a matter of minutes. Not only did she help me she helped me book my room found me the cheapest date got me free slot play and got me a couple nights comped. I couldn’t believe it I’m not used to help over the phone like that it was simply put “ Excellent” so I’ll se ya in September!!! Make sure there’s a slot machine with my name on it with a big win!!
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4 years ago, BandonDG
Mobile check in app
I’m beyond impressed with this new mobile check in app. This new app is customer centric and intuitive, making the check in process easier and allows me to skip the lines. Clearly the developer of the app thought this through as they created a personal experience and everything is at my fingertips. The card creator was a great additional option and easy to use. Thanks for thinking through the customer experience and making the process so easy!
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2 years ago, MegaDarkly
Missing some things
I’ve come to the app specifically to find the comps that I see in the little booklet that’s given every month. They’re nowhere to be found. There’s no calendar for the events either like the booklet conveniently gives. It also only shows slot FreePlay and no table FreePlay. While the app is better than the website, it’s still annoying that such simple things that would benefit the app are missing. A lot of things are arduous in their execution on the app. Also, it would be great to show the amount of drawing entries we also have. That’s also missing.
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5 years ago, DeanInDC
Poor interface design
In many ways this is pretty cool and belongs in every hotel to manage your reservations and keep track of your points. However, the interface is fatally flawed in that the component that allows you to use your phone to open the lock has very poor interface design. Even if you’re already logged in, to open your door with your phone, you have to click “book”, then you have to type in your reservation number (which for me involves opening up the email sent when I made my reservation), and THEN I reach a screen where I can unlock my door. I cannot imagine anyone actually used this feature in real life before it was released.
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3 years ago, TrendeeGirl
Great staff and service
We enjoyed our recent stay and had a fabulous vacation. The staff and service was superb and very friendly. Room was very clean and room attendant is very professional and accommodating. The only thing that would have made our stay much enjoyable is if we were able to acquire a room in a higher level or elevation for a better view of the city. We would definitely want to return and stay with one of the MGM hotels, for sure Belagio would be nice to experience.
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5 years ago, EMarie4712
Worst check in experience ever at Luxor
MLife app only checked in one of two rooms booked. Elevator card reader would not hold my floor number so took me 30 minutes to finally find an elevator that would hold my room number. Front desk solution was to change my room. How is changing my room going to get my room key to work in the elevator card reader. Walked what seemed like 3 miles from parking garage to front desk, back to front desk for correct keys to 2nd room then the elevator problem. This is the worst experience and way to start my family Christmas trip. Killed any holiday joy I had. Will never stay at this hotel again and am a professional meeting planner so will let everyone else at my company not to book this hotel until they have a guarantee the elevator card readers work correctly.
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2 years ago, vacay2022al
Luxor Hotel
The stay was nice, however a few updates could be done. First update website photos to current look because they are definitely deceiving. Also, take tint off windows so you can see outside, put a refrigerator in room, microwave, coffee pot since you don’t have complimentary breakfast also a lightweight comforter on bed would not be bad. water does not get hot enough to shower. The iron is so old and out dated it’s unbelievable. I mean come on guys we’re paying lots of money to come here to stay. I know you have the money it’s lots and lots of people coming and going. Enough about Luxor, Vegas is a wonderful place to visit!!
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9 months ago, Bigfoot569
I dont like being lied to
Tried to sign on to this app and got a pop up that says the site is “undergoing maintenance” and I could not access anything. This has been going on for two days now. Nothing on the app works and whenever I click on anything it says the site is down and “undergoing maintenance”. I find out in the news that the site was hit by a cyber attack and was shut down because of that. They could have just been honest and up front with customers and said that from the start. When they lie about it and claim it is “maintenance” it means they probably have something to hide. I will likely switch to Caesar’s because of this as I would prefer to do business with a more reputable company.
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2 years ago, Zee cares
VeryDisappointed starting at the VIP service the only thing they had in there was coffee no refreshments, the service desk employees not too crazy to work. We had dinner at the Tap restaurant two nights, the first night we had Chris our waiter that was amazing and the food was great the second day the food was lousy and the servers were not even trained did not know what they were doing. Our bedroom had a beautiful view of the mountains that we could not enjoy because of this screen on the window that was all patched up and taped it makes you dizzy when you look outside just very disappointing I definitely will not be coming back to MGM I will have to try the other resorts.
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2 years ago, kwishii
I’ve always enjoyed staying in Vegas, you usually get the best service around, however this time, I’m disappointed to say, wasn’t the case at The MGM. Shortly after arriving, we realized that one of the TVs in our suite, didn’t work. Then, I noticed that there wasn’t a coffee maker, and/ or a microwave either! Like, seriously??? I called room service and they were closed! We are in Las Vegas! I can’t believe they don’t offer 24hr room service. I asked for a pot of hot water to be brought up, but had no luck getting it. It’s the little things that make your stay memorable, so far, I’m not impressed! Only disappointed.
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2 years ago, SXAQQR
Too much reliance on technology without human supervision
No one is there monitoring the elevators when the card reader doesn’t work. When your app doesn’t load properly is that a guest cell phone issue or a hotel issue? Regardless, on a second issue when you are a paying customer it’s the hotel issue and you shouldn’t have to take rides up and down the elevator waiting for your app to load to the key and the to ultimately work to attempt to get to your room. Congratulations, you removed 20% of your staff. Likewise you’ve removed 33% of hotel value while increasing costs. You may have made money but your integrity is shot. Karma will come.
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3 years ago, thkosan
Have to verify identity, but identity verification doesn’t work.
I have to travel for business and want to avoid contact and lines due to Covid. Thought this app was perfect in that I could check in remotely. Nope. Verify your identity via phone number it asks, and I click the text link and get a response that “can’t verify your identity” even though it’s the same phone that the app is on. Try a different verification they say. OK, I take a picture of my passport. Says can’t read passport, check in at the front desk or try a different method. So there’s one left method remaining. I can take a photo of the front and back of my drivers license. I do that. Nope won’t take that either. Have to check in at front desk. So what’s the point of the freaking app?
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3 years ago, Explodingbarrels
Changed the format
So your team changed the format for how you book a room and I’m not impressed, bring back the calendar with all the hotels and the rates for each night, you’ve made it to much work to browse for a good rate which I know helps you in the long run because your frustrate the customer and they just choose a room which may or may not be the best rate for the said trip but this isn’t cool. Please change it back.
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2 years ago, Detroit Shadows
Great Casino / Broken Rewards App
I’ve had nothing but good experiences at the MGM casino/resorts as well as the online gaming apps. However I DL’d this app for access a detailed view of rewards as it’s not fully accessible in the BetMGM app. When clicking on the “Rewards” tab at the bottom of the screen I always get the same error message “We’re Sorry, something went wrong on our end. Refresh and let us try again.” I also get this same error msg when trying to access other areas of the app like “My Info”. I’ve seen other users mention this as well, you’d think this is something that would be taken care of ASAP.
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4 years ago, cindy lou whoo too
MLife is great, the app not so much
We downloaded the app to take advantage of mobile check in. The app made it easy to check in though I don’t think our special requests were even considered with the automated app so we ended up visiting the front desk upon check-in to get our room changed from the one automatically assigned. After that, the app rarely worked for us. Most of the time it would not load properly or only show part of the text or pictures which was frustrating when we were trying to find restaurants to eat at. We deleted the app as soon as we left the property.
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2 years ago, TT SF
Terrible customer service by management after ER alarm issue Labor Day weekend at 3:30am
There was an emergency alarm went off at 3 AM in the morning we went out to check out of the hotel at 4:30 AM the manager was rude to me as if there was a problem with me asking for a refund due to me being black he was racist treated me poorly, refused to give me a receipt after requesting a refund for my stay die to the ER alarm issue. Ruined our entire trip. I WILL MEVER STAY AT THE LUXOR. I don’t recommend that you stay there after this experience, and Luxor has been my go to hotel for over 16 years, I’m saddened to say I’ll never stay there again due to the alarm issue and the fact that o received such poor service from manage.
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5 years ago, mattzmud
It would be great if it worked
The idea of this app is great, however, a lot of the functionality just sidesteps the app and takes you to a built in web browser. If I wanted to use the MGM website, I would use my we browser. I want an app experience. That said, the true downfall is the check in process. I was so excited to be able to pre-check in, then check in and use my phone as my room key. The issue is that every time the app restarts, it clears out the reservation so I have to find the confirmation number in my email, re-enter it in the app, wait for it to locate my reservation and then I can use it. I ended up just getting physical room keys from the front desk. Again, if the app worked, it would be great.
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5 years ago, Viper Stryker
Bellagio for a Quick Concert Weekend
The Bellagio is clean but the rooms are small and a little outdated. The hotel staff we spoke with were always kind and helpful. For the price, our Fountain View King wasn’t much of a view. We went to see the Eagles at the MGM. The concert venue does a poor job of crowd management- lucky we were mostly too old to cause a problem. Excellent concert!!! A two hour line for a concert shirt is ridiculous. I wanted to give 3.5 stars but couldn’t figure it out- four is generous. Overall, a good trip. I will likely stay elsewhere when the Eagles come again!
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3 years ago, Smooth817
Great App for easy check-in
I used this app for the first time checking in to The Borgata in Atlantic City. Get this: no waiting in long line for a key!! I checked in through the app, got a digital key through the app on my iPhone, took the elevator right to my room and waved my phone over the keycard sensor and ta-da!!! Opened right up. Amazing. Just make sure Bluetooth is turned on. I don’t even want to stay at another casino until they get on board with this technology.
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6 years ago, Sandman6783456
Needs fixed!
This app needs a lot of work. There are some nice features about it such as checking restaurants and entertainment, but it also has a lot of flaws. First I couldn’t do the mobile check in for some reason. Then I was sent an email for mobile check in but it kept timing out. So when I was finally able to complete it I get to the hotel and their kiosk is down and I had to stand in line anyway. Then somehow the mobile check in had upgraded my room to an ADA room?!?! Again lots of issues within the app and the system as a whole. It would also be nice if the app provided property maps so you could find things easier.
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11 months ago, Dronescorcher
Needs Apple Watch add on
This is a great app. It’s all inclusive for your stay at a mgm property. I was checked in and at my room skipping a massive line. I was checked in 30 mins before arriving at the hotel. It has access to parking, elevators, and doors. Zero reason to get a key. But when I’m at the pool I’d often leave my phone in the room. If it had a watch add on I can then access my bio lock on my door instead of using my phone.
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2 years ago, MarcoPoloCali
Buggy and annoying
The app shows my name up to so I assume I’m already logged in. However, certain pages say they’re logging me in and then fail. Oddly, one of the pages that failed to log in was the page that shows the terms of service I was supposed to agree to. How can I decide whether to agree to the terms if the app won’t show me the page? Since this app wouldn’t show me the MGM Rewards program terms, I looked them up in a separate web browser and decided against signing up because the document felt like it was 100 pages long. Plus, on the off chance I ever have a disagreement with MGM, why is MGM requiring me to use arbitration instead of a court? If arbitration is a good option for me, make it optional. Since MGM requires it, I suspect it’s good for MGM and not for its customers. Something like 80% of the app worked as expected so I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 star, but the app and terms definitely haven’t given me a good feeling about my upcoming visit.
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3 years ago, Frev Chev
Odd to not find directions to elevators for our room
We found it odd to not have been told or helped by any one to find our room, nor did we see any signs to the elevators, seems almost like you’d rather us be stuck gambling and spending money in the lobby after our long trip from Missoula Montana this AM .... luckily we saw some other guests carrying their luggage , we asked them and followed them. BTW- by now most common sense people know there is no imminent threat of the Scamdemic out there- nothing going to come and attack us - we should be adults - strip off the masks and tell the local govt that their mandates are null & void, there’s a huge difference between a mandate and a law.... ask any Attorney. Let’s all get real it’s a hoax and it’s been perpetrated on the American people! I find it offensive that we should have to where a mask in a Hotel we are paying to stay in ..... I’m sure 99. Percent of Americans agree with me ....
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5 years ago, LYL studio
Mobile check in is trash
I was told I could use mobile check on the day before and could get my room number. I needed this a day in advance to schedule hair and makeup with a mobile company... the app offers the option to change the card on file before you check in so I chose to do that and I really wish I hadn’t. I am not able to check in bc I did that and when I called they said there was nothing I could do I would now have to wait until the next night when I arrive. If you can’t use the mobile check in once you change your card then you shouldn’t have that available as an option at all. Really hope this is the only bump I run into with this trip
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5 years ago, Mad M B
Mobile check in errors
I attempted to check in and obtain my mobile key about 10 times. Each time it recognized my reservation, located my credit card, then failed on final step with error message that I’m not allowed to check in because the reservation is not associated to my account. Getting help for this error was impossible. Reservation desk says they are not able to assist with the app and transferred me to the front desk. Front desk gave me a new reservation number saying the app doesn’t recognize alpha characters. Same error with the all numerical reservation number. The app is not allowing the convenient mobile check in I expected.
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3 years ago, Luciana Barra
Terrible hotel
Please, DO NOT STAY at Vedara Hotel. You are gonna stay forever in line for check in. Your room won’t have any amenities, even shower caps you will have to ask for. The bath time is gonna be a disaster with the shower flooding all the floor. The blinds don’t close appropriately, leaving the room extremely light, So when you go to cassinos and night clubs you won’t be able to have a good sleep. To finish the nightmare, when you ask the front desk to change room (after waiting 3 minutes in line) they don’t have another option for you. Please, if you want a 5 stars hotel, spend your money in another one so your won’t be suffering the way I am now.
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2 years ago, go aj
Nothing special with some flaws
This app is simple app to check your mgm rewards account and doing in app check in to skip the lines at the counter but that’s about all. Every time I have purchased a late check out option via the app the hotel never seems to actually be notified I have opted for that option and have to confirm with the front desk each time. The mobile check in is good but you cannot reliably use the mobile room key to use elevators and make it up to your room.
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2 years ago, Bulldog232
Reset password doesn’t work for a bunch of us
I use this app about a year ago and was happy with it. A large group and I just rebooked at the Mandalay Bay for a conference and no one can reset the password to login to the MGM app. We have tried in chrome on the laptop, an incognito window, via Safari on new and updated iPhones, and other devices. No one is able to click into the text boxes to change your passwords. It’s a shame that MGM continues to have such obviously simple bugs in their app. We had a dozen people today that were trying to pay MGM money to check in early but cannot even access the app to see the reservation.
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