Michaels Stores

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Michaels Stores, Inc.
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2 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Michaels Stores

4.79 out of 5
270.6K Ratings
2 years ago, couchart
Southlake texas store
I am a commercial artist and often go into your Southlake store… I always have to walk to the back find an employee and ask them to get my canvas down from upper shelf. They then have to find a ladder and get it down. Rarely do they offer to take it up front for me 4ft by 5 ft canvas ! Never do they offer to take to car! So the other day my client has to have 3 by 4 canvas and the walls are bare. I can’t find employee so I go into stock room because door was open and this guy says ( I think he was mgr, not sure) if it’s not there we do t have it. So I head out. Well I have an in with one of the nicest hardest working employees you have named Michelle and I see her . She and I go to canvas shelf she scans it with scanner, she goes into stock room and comes out with my canvas. She has done this many times for me.. as a professional I am up against deadlines so this really means a lot to me!!!! I love checking out with Pam because she is just great also!!!!!! These are fabulous employees and I should know. Your frame guys are great too because I have to bother them every single week I go into store because you have horrible netting no one buys on the lower shelves and canvas everyone buys on the high shelves. Please re think this!!! Beautiful clean store!
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2 years ago, bsully1215
Atrocious and Buggy
I don’t know how people can give the Michaels iPhone app five stars let alone two stars. As someone who works in UI development, it is one of the worst iPhone apps I have ever seen and had to use. Most of the time I avoid using it and stick with a browser because of how long it takes the mobile app to load just the homepage let alone anything else. The app often freezes and crashes. Heck, I have gone from iPhone 12 Pro to 13 Pro and now a 14 Pro, and the app STILL doesn’t natively fit the screen. I can barely engage any buttons or navigate as a result. Is the team doing any QA on usability and compatibility? Because trying to use the app is painful. It’s especially worse when you’re standing in a Michaels on the Michaels store Wi-Fi and the Michaels app still fails to load product details or tell you which aisle a product is located in. I even tried to open it today, the Sunday after Black Friday, while on my home Wi-Fi because the desktop app is broken and won’t let me check out without looping me back to my cart after I submit payment details. The mobile app still fails to load and is over-blown on the screen. Michaels corporate should have never complicated the buying process by making online discounts different than in-store discounts. Otherwise I would just be going to the store to buy the same products at the same savings and not spend my afternoon wasting time trying to troubleshoot problems ordering over Michaels’ desktop or mobile apps.
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2 years ago, Ldybugholden
One stop for all! Priced right!
I Love love my store, the employees and managers are truly the best! Being terminally I’ll with special needs, the crew cares enough to stop what they are doing to make my secret stop so enjoyable! Pat goes out of her way to make it speedy! When I’m not able to make it to the store like today the app is the second best way! You can easily navigate to what you need and more! Plus it allows you to sign up for free zoom classes!!!! Michaels has re “Did” the way we can shop since the pandemic turned the world upside down! Never missing a beat listening to their clients needs! They definitely the leading edge in evolving with the way the world is changing. Giving us in store options to couch surfing!!! Thank you for caring Michaels, about us creators . As well as the disabled! Pat has never not has anyone on the team made me feel disabled…….. I call them my shopping secret (I always say if my husband comes in, this was a deal !!! And they never miss a beat. Then I get into the car and he says. One day they won’t lie lol for you! As we both chuckle!!!) please let Pat and the crew know i appreciate them like family!!! Michelle Holden
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3 years ago, TheGarz82
Great products, but phone CS....
Placed an order, was missing a set of beads, 1st rep very understanding and sent out replacement, which has yet to arrive. Noticed 2 days later that some of the other beads of a $96 order were now on sale. Called back and was told that they could not refund difference because I missed calling by one day. What? You can clearly see when I ordered and when the sale started. Ok... So, I had placed another order on Saturday and the item that I ordered had gone down by $2.40 and I had ordered 2, so I called back again, and was told that I had to wait until I received the items and if it were still on sale I could call back and get an adjustment. Oh heck no! So I insisted that he put in for the adjustment, that it may take well over a week to arrive. So then he takes his time verifying the difference, adding the difference because I ordered 2, but informed me that he could NOT refund the tax on that amount! ??? I REFUSE to go into the store as I am severely compromised and highly susceptible to this CoVid, or so I am told. So I have not left my house since last March, so I rely on everything being delivered. But if this is the kind of thing I can expect as far as customer service, then there are other stores that would be happy to have additional business.
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2 years ago, nea717
Decent, Could be better
The app is a bit glitchy. Not sure if it’s just my phone or not but it’s tiring to click on an item from the searched products to further explore it and then have to start over because I can’t simply back out of it and continue from where I was. The back button just doesn’t want to work for some reason. This makes it difficult to browse new items and instead I need to have a pretty clear idea of what I’m searching for. Which is a bit unfortunate since there are so many options that are available on the site that I’m unfamiliar with and would be interested in exploring, but if I’m looking for something in particular I don’t want to have to start over because I got sidetracked and have to start again. Also, more pictures would be helpful. And instead of just showing an opened palette, the colors could be swiped and even compared when they are unique in some way. Most of this information is available in other places, but It would be helpful if it were readily accessible from the site that I’m trying to purchase from. It’s more engaging and less overwhelming than searching on various sites. Checkout is a breeze. Glad PayPal was an option, made it clear and easy.
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1 year ago, WitchyOne333
New APP version is horrible
I updated the latest version of the Michael’s app for my iPad and do not like it one bit. The app will not allow you to rotate, so if you use an attached keyboard you have to turn your head sideways to see what you are typing. The font and pictures are gigantic now. It’s absolutely horrible. And if you click on customer care, it takes you to a list of ‘issues’ people have, but if you do a search of those ‘issues’ for FEEDBACK, it comes back ‘no search results’. If you search for how to e-mail customer service, it comes back ‘no search results’. Why that would be is unbeknownst to me. Especially, in today’s day and age of technology, I should not be required to physically pick up the phone and sit on hold waiting to talk to customer service at all. There should be an option to e-mail customer service. Why would anyone want to waste their time sitting on hold just to talk to a person on the phone instead of e-mailing the department? Why should companies have recordings stating ‘this call may be monitored for quality assurance’ or ‘this call may be recorded’, etc…. Yet on the customer’s end they have no record of what was said. I would much rather have a written e-mail to fall back on when it comes to contacting a company about an issue. Why is that so hard to comprehend?
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2 years ago, efrzrr
Great store, terrible app
I love Michael’s but their app and website needs some work. For the past two days I have been trying to look at the ad and search for items. Only the first few categories show up on the weekly ad and after that any categories you click on just shows a blank screen. This happens every week. Then I’ve tried searching a few items and the app will either give me an error message or shut down completely. I also was in the store recently and couldn’t pull up my coupons or rewards. It kept giving me an error message. I don’t shop there as frequently as I used to because of these issues. The website is no better either. I tried viewing the weekly ad and search for items and there was no search field or link. You had to scroll all the way to the bottom to find the weekly ad. As soon as you go to the website all you see are a bunch of sale ads you have to scroll through. Nowhere to log into your account, view weekly ads, or search. Normally these things are easily accessible. Hopefully a new app and website is coming soon….
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3 years ago, Tomgreen48
Phone customer Assistance.
I had a problem with my sign in today and was locked out of purchasing with Michaels. I called your help line and the woman who helped me was pleasant and courteous and avoided stress for me. She immediately found my problem and resolved it. Thank you Michaels for having a love person to contact for any problem rather then being sent to a recording. This shows that Michael does business for the customer and shows respect for your customers. Today too many business’ leave customers frustrated when having someone like I spoke to today was actually a nice experience as she walked me through easily to resolve my problem. Let me add that after getting a message that said I was locked out I was ready to not shop Michaels any longer. The one suggestion I would add is that a message telling customer that a live person can help them if they have any problems would result In many more happy customers. Thank you n Happy Holidays. Please thank the woman that helped me today.
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4 years ago, kperchal
Good but not so good
I actually really love this app and have used it often in the past. However today I went on to the app and add items that say they are I stock at my pick up store so I loaded them to my cart and attempted to pay. I received an error that said card cannot be verified. Thought I did something wrong so I tried to cash out several more times and then was kicked and my cart emptied of all my items. I called like the error message told me to it didn’t specify a number or where to call so I called my store and was rather rudely told to call the 800 number for help. I then called the 800 number and was asked about 15 times to (slight exaggeration) repeat my email address so they could look at my account. Then I was told that the reason my card couldn’t be verified was that items in my cart were not in stock. Really? That’s an odd error message for out of stock items. And why does the app/website tell me that these items are intact in stock at my location?? What a waste of my time!!! She kept telling me the same thing and I finally just said thank you and hung up. Don’t waste my time. If the items are not in stock then be sure your site it up to date. And if that’s really the reason I couldn’t purchase my items then say that. Don’t give a random error that makes me think something is wrong with my card!
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2 years ago, B3Girl
Useful, but consistently glitchy
The app works. However, I’d estimate that 25% of the time I open it, it gets hung up on the home screen, and about 25% of the time I’m shopping on the app, it freezes or takes me to pages that make no sense. Of the two purchases I made in the app, one was so glitchy, that it kept removing items from my cart. I had to figure out which items were missing, track them down and re-add them. Then something else would be missing. This happened four times in one attempted purchase. It took twice as long to complete the purchase than if I’d done it on my laptop. The app has discrepancies between the number of items in my cart, versus the actual number of items in my cart. I had to scroll through to count the items, to verify they were all there. During the purchase, after being redirected to PayPal, confirming the payment, and being returned to the app to complete the purchase, the app stuck me in a loop that prompted me to “pay” twice more after I’d already completed the PayPal portion. It’s just... a very glitchy app. Even with a reinstall, it doesn’t stop being glitchy until it’s ready to stop being glitchy. With that said, it’s very useful and convenient.
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3 years ago, AFictionalWriter
App Needs Work
I love Michaels as it has a bit of everything I enjoy doing but the app needs work. Whenever I look at an item and go back to the previous page, it kicks me all the way to the top of the page. It doesn’t matter if what I was looking at previously had been towards the bottom; I end up all the way at the top regardless and have to scroll all the way down again. This might be fine if I was only using the app like once a month. Also, I recently made an online purchase. It took a couple days for it to be updated that it had been shipped. However, whenever I go to click the Tracking button for the items the button doesn’t do anything. When I tried tracking it through the email Michaels sent me it brought me to the UPS tracking page. But the tracking number wasn’t correct apparently. It wasn’t until today, a week after I placed my order, that I discovered that it’s actually USPS sending my order and only because I get daily emails on what is being delivered by them to my house. I understand the wait times are ridiculous right now and I have no issue waiting since I wasn’t in a rush to receive my items. I just wish the information they gave me was accurate and useful.
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3 years ago, Ksboo
Poor customer service
So I ordered online from our local store yesterday, May 28, 2021. I received a text confirmation at 11:15am that my order had been received and they will notify me when it’s ready to pick up. Well it’s now 8:15pm May 19, 2021 and I just got off the phone with the manager. This is how that conversation went down. The first person who answered the phone answered it by saying welcome to Michaels, this is (name given) how can I help you? I asked if a manager was there and could I speak to them. She said yes one moment. I waited a little while, not long then I heard a voice say hello? I said hello, is this the manager? She replied yes. So I asked her what is your name. ( Why did I have to ask a manager this?). She told me her name, then I asked about my pick up order I ordered yesterday but never received notification it was ready. The manager put me on hold and went to check my order. After a bit she came back on the line. Oh my gosh she told me they were in the middle of a reset so they didn’t get my all my order pulled. WHAT? This is the 3rd time I’ve had issues with the store not getting my orders pulled or shipping to the store and the store never calling me to say the order is there. I’m done with Michaels for awhile. The app is ok but it’s nothing without customer service.
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5 years ago, Lawsadriana
Best Craft App!
I got this app right after it was released. I remember having the app in my phone and the cashiers at my store unaware of the app: meaning -> I had the app before they knew it was out. The App is easy to use. You can create a wish list and keep track of the items you’d like to purchase. The app also connects to your Michaels Store using your location and you’re able to 1) easily located your saved items in the store using a “store map”; 2) know if your store has your item; 3) You can scan items at the store and read prices. The only time the scan didn’t work was if the item was on clearance (for that use the store scan reader): 4) find your Michaels rewards barcode. Just present the barcode to your cashier at the register and they scan it as an item. That way you don’t have to type your phone number for the rewards. Summary: This app is just wonderful! I haven’t had any issues w/ the app since it’s release (2018). Definitely recommend the app.
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2 years ago, LLliggins
Poor customer service
This is the second time I have placed a same day delivery order and not received it. I called on Friday about my order and the person could barely speak English and couldn’t help me with my delivery. I ordered the items Wednesday and this was Friday. I asked about refunded the same day delivery fee. The person who I could barely understand said it would be delivered that day and to call back for the refund. Now today is Sunday and I’m on the phone again with someone I can barely understand. This person is trying to tell me that some the items were canceled on Friday and it takes 3 to 5 business days to deliver the order. I explained to her those 3 items were canceled on Wednesday and it’s Sunday and that a person told me my items would be delivered Friday. I asked again about a refund of the same day delivery fee due to the items that were not canceled not being delivered Wednesday. Now she claims she is getting someone which I no is a lie because she put me on hold and picked up the phone 3 times to see if I had hung up. I have now been on hold 45 minutes because she is waiting for me to hang up. This is terrible customer service and I spend a lot of money in Michael’s it makes me not want to shop there at all.
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3 years ago, 6754qwert
Needs to have local inventory search
At best average. Let’s see, sometimes when you go to a product detail to try to buy it there is no back button (sometimes there is). Even when I filter to pick up only and my store is set I’ve just spent 20 minutes trying to find some paper only to always get out of stock in my store. I can understand the out of stock but I’ve given the store and limited the search to store stock. Apparently it’s potential stock. Grrr. Then to add insult to injury some of the product detail pages come up with no back button on the top and I have to restart the entire search. Why am I doing this? When I ordered last week for pick up something was out of stock, understandable that the inventory might be sold between the time I placed the order and when it was pulled. I thought I could get by without it but my options at home aren’t working as I’d hoped so I was going to buy more. After the amount of time I’ve invested in searching only to find nothing I don’t think I’m going to continue the search at Michaels and I’ll try another store
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10 months ago, Joelamos
I like the app, that said, what puzzles me, and my wife, I’ve looked everywhere in the app to see my balance, due date, available credit, and a “pay now”, which, In your app, are none existent 🤔 Shouldn’t these selections be what consumers Really need, in the app? Isn’t that why you download an app, for flexibility, transparency and ease of use??? Why make everything, But….paying, seeing your balance and available credit, unavailable??? Those things really are, a must haves!!! So 3 stars So UPDATE….I can’t find Anywhere on the app or in your Web Site, that I can pay my bill or even part of it!!! So I removed a star….2 stars🤦🏻‍♂️ Note…to be fair, I Did receive your email to pay, however, That is Ludicrously irresponsible!!! Even logging in online…I can’t find where to pay😞😐 I’m seriously considering paying IN FULL and canceling this card!!! Also, to be fair, I’m using my iPhone….but still….I want to pay when I want to pay, Except…LATE😐 PLEASE….can’t you Fix this needed information and access to your online as well as your app??? Signed: Totally Bewildered PS….I do appreciate how diligent programmers work, just….extremely frustrated….
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3 years ago, #BabyHiss/Meowzer
Unsatisfied customer
Horrible!! I tried to cancel an order five minutes after I ordered it, and they have nothing on the app to be able to do this. Even on the website for Michael’s, there’s no place to cancel an order. I even called customer service five minutes after I placed the order, and they could not cancel it as well. They say they can only cancel curbside pick up, but cannot cancel an item that’s going to be shipped, even after five minutes that you place the order. I explained to them that I thought everything was coming from curbside or pick up from the store, and I didn’t realize a portion of the items were being shipped. Then they told me that you can cancel the order within an hour after placing it. I explained to them that within the hour I did cancel it, and they would not allow the cancel to go through and that it was not possible for items that are being shipped. I even called the store that’s shipping it, and they said they cannot cancel the order, even though they have not even packaged it. I have been on hold for over an hour calling back-and-forth, and still no results. Horrible app, horrible customer service for the 800 number too! Horrible horrible horrible!
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4 years ago, disapointed online buyer
Do not buy online, Their return policy is completely unrealistic
Do not buy online from Michael’s even if it’s an item that is only available online. If you make an error on your online purchase they will not do anything to assist you and say their system cannot change or cancel an order unless you contact them within 30 minutes. Yes 30 minutes of your order. Because of their app being difficult to use I purchased for Christmas trees online which were not available in stores and only found out that I erroneously ordered four because we checked the bank statement a couple hours later. Upon calling them the same day they told me their system would not allow them to cancel the order because I did not call within 30 minutes. This is not customer service whatsoever. Given the current state that we are all dealing with Covid, financial stresses, Christmas stress, etc. You would think that a corporation as large as Michael’s would have some flexibility in order to satisfy customers who clearly made an error in their order and it was not a situation of buyers remorse. Never and I repeat never buy online from Michael’s unless you are sure within 30 minutesThat your order is 100% correct.
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2 years ago, ygogdrc
They really need to improve their website and app
Both website and app are ALWAYS slow as molasses. SO many errors and things not working. Always freezes. I always have to put in my new address multiple times because it keeps defaulting over and over to my old address I’ve already deleted from my account. I always have to put in gifts cards or other payment info multiple times for it to work. When I pick “pick up at store” it changes it to ship when I add it to my cart and then I have to back into my cart and change it. It’s SO annoying that after I look at an item and I exit back to my search it always puts me back to the top of the page so I have to scroll back down to figure out where I left off. Same thing happens when making adjustments in my cart. It won’t ever let me look at my past orders to figure out tracking or if items where canceled. I’ve had stuff just not show up then gift cards sent to me with no explanation. SO many other complaints that I can’t think of them all. I always end up frustrated after shopping with them which tempts me to never shop here again. Oh and don’t get me started on shipping. VERY VERY slow.
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4 years ago, Dillon The Villain
Preview of its Grading!
Dear Michael’s, I have a favorite route I always take while visiting and going through you as well as finding all your products ideal and on sale every once in a while! Your business is as greatest as ever! I wonder if you could also sell murals, postcards, greeting cards and pictures of any type just like the puzzles. There can also be paint of every color for automobiles; for a wedding couple, for favorite characters and for a catchphrase! Do you ever sell the normal-sized canvases single-amounted? I guarantee there might be a machine that can allow anyone to create anything just like Photoshop. There may also be props for a train table (I am starting one already)! Would you also be willing to make images on clothing with a string weaver and applier? You can even make a brand icon with yourself on it! I enjoy new experiences! Your greatest customer, Dillon Parker Johnson.
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4 years ago, Jaldcnajaowkdnzsn
Great store, bad app
I want to love having Michaels at my finger tips. I want to be able to spend way too much on crafts and get in trouble with my partner. Instead, I find the app so frustrating I almost never make a purchase. I like to favorite a bunch of items and then go through at the end to decide what to purchase. To favorite an item, I have to click on the item listing (I love apps that have the favorite option on the corner of the product thumbnail for convenience), scroll down after waiting for the product page to load, and select favorite. Then it takes me from the product listing to my favorites page. If I hit back to return to the product page and continue my search, it automatically removes my favorite and thus undoes all of my work. If I want to keep my favorited selection, from my favorites page I have to re-enter my search parameters and begin my search all over again from page one. Please, for the love of crafters everywhere, just make the app more user-friendly. I taught myself how to design websites and this is the very first thing I have to work out for clients. The easier customers find your website or app, the more money they will spend.
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4 years ago, Smurfetteforlife
Poster a frame issues
I had to drive quite a distance( 30 minutes) for some poster frames that you had on sale. I bought 3 online no problem. The store had them waiting for us. However one of the frames they gave us had a broken corner which I would have thought would have been checked. While there my husband and I went to see if they had another particular size which they did. The problem was it was in the wrong price slot and not even part of the sale. The cashier was extremely friendly and tried to be helpful but the manager she was communicating with was not wanting to be helpful at all. After all of the issues came to a head the manager finally came up she came across as very put upon to have to help us or make any concessions with us. At the end I took the frame with the broken corner back to her and explained I wanted to swap it for one not broken. I even apologized for the difficulty of the pricing issues and she basically told me I was wrong and blew me off. I don’t think I will ever return to that store again. I would not ever recommend the Shawnee Mission store to anyone.
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3 years ago, dissatisfied shooper
Michaels app and Rewards Account are a Farce
I attempted to place an online order this evening, but I was unable to apply the rewards voucher I received in an email and that voucher expired tonight. I called Customer Care and a representative named Maria attempted to help me to apply the $15 voucher to my order. After being placed on hold several times, for several minutes at a time, Maria told me there was no record of my account and I needed to open an account. I told her that I regularly got emails about my rewards and I am able to view my account in the app. She was not able to help me so I cancelled my order. A few minutes later, I called Customer Care in the hopes that a different representative could help me. Patricia also tried to help but said she was unable to. She suggested that I reorder and apply the voucher. I reordered and this time there was a place to enter the voucher #, but when I did, it said the number was not valid. Why bother having an account and accruing rewards when they cannot be used. Michaels account and app are not useful at all and are actually quite frustrating! I will do my craft shopping at aHobby Lobby from now on.
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2 years ago, Mr and Mrs Maker
Product selection and prices are great, website is very difficult and awkward
It took us hours to order nine items from your website. We started with hundreds of dollars worth of items, and reduce it down to nine so we could get our order done. Every time you go to look up at a picture of the item in your cart, it sends you back to the beginning of your card again. Every time you edit a quantity it sends you back to the beginning of your cart You are a great craft supply store, and your people in store are awesome, but your website is very primitive and needs serious work to make it a non-frustrating experience for shoppers. We would have spent a lot more money, but every time we got sent back to the beginning of our list we reconsidered those items and then eliminated some. Because we had to go over our list multiple times just trying to view our items in our shopping cart. Take another look at this, try to order something yourself, especially larger quantities of items, and you will see what we mean.
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2 years ago, biscuitflyer
Room for improvement
While I love to shop Michael’s , the app I’ve found has a few limitations that could use some improvement. A recent order has a status of shipped but nowhere is there a tracking number. Only the order number ( that did not work when I pasted it in the bar to track it ). I’ve found the search engine to not always be very accurate. Some brick and mortar stores are better than others. But this is about the app. If I’ve submitted an online order I’d prefer to see that status 1st or somewhere on the home page. Perhaps online orders could have their own tab. Currently I found my order history including a current one under the my account tab. 3 days after receiving a notice it shipped, It’s still not traceable. And there was no estimate of arrival. Not very happy about that. I don’t care that it’s not overnight , but I would like to know an estimate of time in transit. A week , two weeks ? Fine. It helps me plan to be home to receive it.
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2 years ago, upset in PSL
Poor customer service
I have been a customer of Michaels for many years. Today is the first time I have had a bad experience at the Traditions store in Port St. Lucie Florida. I submitted an online order for pickup as I’m busy with holiday preparations and just wanted to get some cards without going inside. I got a text telling me my order was being prepared. After nearly 4 hours I called to check on the order because I had not gotten a notice that it was ready. A young man answered and said it’s too late for a pick up order. The shift manager “Ray” got on the phone and said that they are not allowed to “pick” orders after 5 pm. Nowhere on the app did it say that store pickup ends at 5 pm when the store is open until 10. She offered to have it ready in the morning. I told her I need it this evening and asked if they could get it ready so I could come in and get it. She hung up on me! When I got to the store site said she couldn’t pick it until I was in the store. Not once did any of the people I interacted with say “sorry”. They could use some customer service training. It left me with a very bad feeling.
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4 years ago, valekenna
Online order wrong
I guess theyre struggling to keep up with other stores that offer pick up or curb side pick up because it really needs a lot of work. Theyre inventory is wrong because when i tried ordering a cart in a color that it said they had the after being in the actual store that same day and seeing they didnt have it, it said that they did in fact have it. After waiting 3 days for my order to be ready for pick up i get there and they just gave me whatever color that they did have and not the one i ordered. Then after asking if i wanted to do a refund and me saying yes she told me to wait for her to check out the next two people in line even though i was in front of them?? The whole process was a huge waste of time. I asked if i were to try again after they get their truck if they would give me the wrong color again if they didnt have it still and she said yes. Whats the point of trying to order things online then id rather them cancel the order if they dont have it instead of making me think they have what i actually want.
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3 years ago, theresnome
Hard to find items online
The search engine on the app and online is horrible. Usually putting in the SKU number would render the exact same item as the number, but that doesn’t work anymore. And even if you search for the item by some reasonable terms, the app rarely shows up with that item, even if you know it by name/collection or know where it’d be located in the store. Sometimes stuff in the store isn’t even online. This is all if you can even get the search bar not to automatically delete what you typed upon opening it. Regardless of any of those things, it has so many popups and other banners on the app when you’re trying to show the cashier the coupon, that makes it neither a fast or easy checkout. The website isn’t much better either. The best thing the app is for is having the rewards card easily available for the cashier to scan. But really the search engine needs a LOT of work and no one needs a thanks for shopping at michaels popup when they’re trying to leave the store.
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3 years ago, Aero gal
Four Star except New Icon
The app is easy to navigate and easy to checkout. The SEARCH really needs work. For example, I can type in an exact product name and it won’t be able to find it. Several times I fall into that trap. Sigh . . . As to the “Quilter’s Mat” app icon, IMHO that was a huge mistake. White with gray lines, when everyone is looking for the Red M, makes no sense to those of us who don’t quilt. And quilters are a low percentage of your customers, trust my experience on this. Why you had to change it in the first place is very questionable. “Don’t change what ain’t broken”. If your SLT insists you have a new icon (did the Business Analyst ask what is their reasoning?) then at bare minimum make it RED and an M. Using the science of Human Factors, this would never have been changed. Change the font of the M if you want to modernize.
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3 years ago, St. Louis Gal
App Has Its Faults
First, I absolutely LOVE Michael’s, BUT their app drives me crazy! First, every time you click on an item to check it out and then go back, you are always returned to the first page of the search results instead of the page where you stopped to look at the item. So you are forced to page through the entire list every single time you click on an item. Also, if you filter the results for your searches for “shipping only,” you still get items for store pick-up only. And again, if you find something you want to look at on pg 17 of the results, when you go back, you go back to the beginning and have to page through everything again! Finally, it would be IMMENSELY helpful of items that are sold out are not included in searches!
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5 years ago, Popatop15
Pretty handy, but has issues
I'm currently running iOS 13 on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and the app constantly spams an alert stating there was an issue that had occurred. It pops up several alerts layered on top of each other about 10 times. It will do this every time I open the app, and it is not fixed until I completely reinstall the app. After I reinstall the app it is fine for a few days, and then it starts again. This is particularly annoying because I work at Michael's and use the app quite often to help customers locate something I'm not sure if we have or not. Finally, the pop-up that thanks you for shopping at Michael's is annoying considering it waits a good minute before actually appearing. I'll be in the middle of searching something, it's just like "boom in your face." Load times are also a bit slow. Other than that I love the fact that item locations are included on the app with a map. That's amazing. The app has a lot of potential!
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2 years ago, TheApolloKid
Works for me lol
I think it works fine! I find my coupons alright, it tells me where things are if I can’t find things in a particular store and it runs a smooth checkout! I haven’t had any issues with the app aside from an occasional lag, sometimes it feels like too many steps may overwhelm the program of the app and you might need to close the app and open it again. But it saves your cart, your likes and things along those lines. I think it’d be pretty neat if it had a feature where it can filter the type of paper to go through. I was buying journals not too long ago and I wasn’t able to find any graph lined ones and I had to search every page of product they offered. It might be a little too much narrowing but something along those lines would be a big help for me since I use multiple kinds of paper and media for art.
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10 months ago, SkipAFew99100
Strengths and weaknesses
Michaels customers will be overall happy with the app. I prefer it over the browser experience obviously. I’ve got a which list though: Devs: please add ability to filter by yarn weight (dk, worsted, jumbo sizes, etc). Also please change the UI to indicate a sold out product so we don’t have to click on them repeatedly. If I am looking at a yarn that has 20 colors, I cannot remember which of those I’ve clicked on to find out if it’s sold out. When a use in browsing the product’s details page, please outline in-stock item icons in a solid black line, and remove it / grey out items that are out of stock. We can click on the item to see its real color, but I having to check individually what I can buy stinks. It’s a good app that runs smoothly but there are key missing pieces that I run into most of the times that I use it, mainly because it’s hard keeping things in stock so it’s more noticeable
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2 years ago, hdyand
I ended up using an internet browser instead
First, I think there used to be an option to not just see what’s available in store, but specifically in my local store, but I can’t find that option now, so despite filtering for “in store”, I kept finding items that then weren’t available in my local store. Then, when I’d find those items that weren’t available, I’d hit the “back” link and it did nothing, making me start my whole search over again. Finally, I got to checkout, put my PayPal stuff in, only for it to ask again for me to log in to PP after the “text me updates” screen; I logged in again, got back to that same screen, only for it to keep not letting me get to the “review” screen. I’m the end, I couldn’t complete my purchase and am too frustrated to go through the whole thing again in the browser, so I’ve given up. I wanted the ease of just walking in and grabbing my purchase, but will either go somewhere else entirely or I’ll have to go in and find the items. What’s even the point of this app?
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2 years ago, Colliebug
Not a big fan of the app
First I find it slow. Then sometimes when I select something and try to add to my cart it will get stuck and I will have to go out to the main screen and go back and research the item and try again to add to the cart. It will usually take it the second time around. I adding 10 items to my cart this glitch happened three times. Lastly I the search engine doesn’t work as well as I would expect. If I go in and ask for a specific brand of yarn and the select that yarn and the scroll through the colors I can usually find what I want. But scrolling through all the colors can be cumbersome. If instead I type into the search engine the brand of yarn and then right the color the search engine cannot find the color do I’m stuck having to do the long way of scrolling through the colors. I just wish they would make it easier to find what you need.
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2 years ago, PattiRoseman
A transaction from …. Well …. It was!
I must let you know I have been a customer for many many years. I ordered online a Cricut Explorer 3. I Made A Mistake I was supposed to have ordered A Cricut Maker 3. I took the item back to our store here in Morehead City,NC. And I was given a run around by your store manager. She was very unhelpful. She said my item could not be returned because of the extended warranty. And indicated she had tried to refund my money but your computer system would not allow her to do it. I am disabled and it is hard for me to get around with this item and she did not even offer to assist me to my car. This simple transaction to purchase an item and have to return it should be an easy correction to be made. I am also elderly and this was a mess to try to get all finalized. I have ordered the correct item and took the one I did not want to ups to be returned. I hope I can get my online order today without any further problems. I am sorry my review is so long but I felt it important to include all details.
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4 years ago, Kat Time
I love Michaels!
I have shopped at Michaels for years. You have a wide variety of products. I can always find inspiration for my next craft. Your sales are great as well your coupons. I really appreciate the fact that you offer curbside pickup during covid. Many of us are at home more or quarantining, and being able to keep busy working on something has made this all of this easier and more bearable while keeping safe. . I have used curbside numerous times since March. The process time is very quick. And the workers are always very courteous when bringing things out. Hobby Lobby unfortunately does not offer curbside, and it feels they are not appreciative of their customers or in tune to the value they could be offering. Thank you so much for being the craft store we can count on.
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5 years ago, Skaldlglf
I love Michaels as a store, but their mobile app and their customer service on their website is awful. I am a michaels rewards member, give my phone number every time I am in the store, but can never log into my michaels rewards to check my rewards. On the mobile app, there is an option to “sign up” for rewards but NOT a “sign in” option. I already have an account, so I don’t want to sign up. When I type my phone number I to sign up (because that is the only option) it says the number is in use, but doesn’t give you the option to sign in. I asked in store for help and they said they didn’t know and dismissed the issue. I went online to their actual website and tried to email customer service, but when I hit submit, it goes no where and it won’t send. I also got an email this morning with a coupon, but when I clicked “get coupon” it took me to a page that did not have that coupon on it. This all needs to be fixed and I’d like to be contacted to fix my rewards, since I can’t get help on it any other way apparently.
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4 years ago, kjanedoe
Needs MAJOR work!
I have never written a review on apps before but this has me FRUSTRATED! With what’s going on and not being able to shop in-store at Michaels, I decided to do curbside pick-up. The app was fine the first order, HOWEVER, the service was poor. I was given the wrong item and didn’t realize until I got home, had to call and let them know and they told me to return back to the store and exchange it. The manager had to come out and verify. At first he said it’s the right one, but I told him it’s not, he then read the serial numbers and finally agreed that someone had given me the wrong one. Smh! So that was that, but currently I am trying to place a new order and the app keeps crashing on me. I have to constantly exit the app then go back in every time I add an item to my cart. It is frustrating me to the point where I want to call the store and place my order that way! Please fix this issue! Due to the circumstances I have to order online, otherwise I would’ve went in-store!
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11 months ago, happy student 2021
When ever I’m there the employees *CHEFS KISS 😘 * The employees are nice, and happy to be there! They are also genuinely interested in what your doing or making! I am decent (might even say good) at crocheting so I do it every once in a while and get yarn from here! Not to mention sales 24/7 and cheap prices! Not to name names but Joann Fabrics up charges yarn soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and everything at that!! 100% shopping at Michaels forever (not to mention my location is right next to a target and ima target kinda guy [ I’m there 24/7] so it’s really convenient!!) also it’s about time to start getting the early Christmas and winter things for really good deals and I love love LOVE Christmas so they might at well just send their whole stock to my house because I’m going to buying it!
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5 years ago, Jordyn🤓
It’s great! But...
The app is really great! It’s very helpful when figuring out what isle you need to go to or to figure out if they sell a certain art supply. They also give you very good coupons! There are often deals and you see it right under the “buy online” option and it shows you what the deal is, if it’s only accessible online, and even will tell you if certain items are only available online or out of stock. Although, there is an issue. the problem is the app has random issues having your item lists don’t load. I try to access my list and it has a pop up that says “Alert! Not found.” Then I hit “ok” and it makes my list blank when I know something is there. This alert also pops up for trying to access my coupons / card. It’s very difficult and frustrating. I’ve restarted my phone, everything. It just doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, J Keohane
There are some things they need to work on.
Let me start off by saying I like this store as a whole and I love the fact that I can do curbside. BUT I’m the past 3 years things have gone downhill. It’s very hard to get someone to speak with about online orders. When you use a voucher and the order is cancelled due to out of stock items they don’t refund your voucher(this is the second time this has happened.). Chat button doesn’t work on the website. Coupons you are sent don’t always go to your account. I have several instances where 40% off coupons didn’t show up on my coupon list in the ap despite being valid. I think these issues wouldn’t be too hard to take care of us customer service was easier to contact. It shouldn’t take a customer 3 hours to reach someone via phone or email.
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5 years ago, kalgal2
Wrong language
About a year ago I downloaded this app and at that time got emails in English as I asked for. Before Christmas, they started coming in French, which I did not request, or cannot read! I contacted the company more than once, since this became an almost daily thing in my email. Was assured it would be fixed, but to wait 10 days or so. Well...here it is August and I am still getting them in French! I deleted the app. Didn’t help. Have downloaded the app again to see if it helps. Sad to have this complaint. I live in Montana. Although it borders Canada I seldom have gone there and never studied French in school. Luckily we have a Michaels store in town, and shop there often, but sure would like to be able to read the emails!
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2 years ago, caittav
The app freezes constantly, especially when trying to go “back”. There’s no way to filter what is currently in stock at the specific store selected which is pretty annoying when you can’t go “back” after looking at each item. I paid for same day delivery, got an email from the store saying it was ready to be picked up. When I called to ask if it would be delivered, or if it somehow got changed to a pick up order, they confirmed that a third party delivery service would pick it up. I called again at 7 pm because I had yet to hear back from anyone and If I needed to come pick it up I could. They reassured me that it would still be delivered. Nope… now,the store has closed and nothing was ever picked up or delivered. There’s no way to reach customer service after 9 pm, and it is now impossible to complete the project I ordered these items for in time. What is the point of same day delivery if they don’t bring it or even let you know it’s no longer coming?
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2 years ago, gymnasticsprincess
It’s ok
Navigation is not user friendly. The back button should take me back one step, so if I am looking at a product page and want to go back to The list of products I should be able to press the back button to get to the list not all the way back to the menu where I pick a category. When I type in the search I want to see items to shop not a whole list of topics and categories, specifically cricut. When I type in cricut I want to see cricut products to buy not a bunch of fluff to scroll through about videos and projects. I want products. My main reason for this review is to say add an option to check the balance of gift cards, or an option to save gift cards to my account to use at check out. I’ve had the app a few months, it’s frustrating to use but I manage.
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2 years ago, f1nsoup
App is unusable
When trying to shop thru the app, there is no button to take you back to the previous page. Meaning if I’m searching for something, and click on an item to get more information, if that item isn’t what I’m looking for I have to start the search from the shop tab. None of my filters or page history is available to continue where I left off. Also, the app often doesn’t save what’s in peoples carts. Many times I have put together an order and realized that half of my cart got deleted because I closed out of the app for a second to google something. It’s incredibly slow and if it lags even the slightest, there’s a good chance it is going to refresh the app and take you to the main page. This is incredibly annoying both as a customer and as an employee when on the floor and at the registers. It’s not 2010 anymore, it’s time to catch up. Do love that the vouchers show up in the app. That y’all did right 👍👍
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3 years ago, Prince no name
Happy with curbside option but not perfect...
So I was glad to be able to order curbside pickup to stay out of store. I spent an hour making sure the frames I wanted were in stock before driving 30 minutes to pick them up. Only to get there and get 1/2 my order. No note saying they were out of stock at that store. I would have ordered it all from one store that was a little further of a drive if the in-stock quantities were updated correctly. So, I was forced to order the frames from another location and enter a whole new order there — driving 30 minutes in opposite direction. I am worried that this other michaels may have a similar problem and won’t have the frames, even though they show they have them in stock. The “in-stock” items need to be updated daily to prevent this problem.
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3 years ago, Mandi38NC
Horrible Checkout Process!
This is the 3rd time that I’ve tried to make a purchase for multiple days in a row, only to be told one of the 50+ items in my cart are either out of stock or the quantity I want isn’t available.. ok, fine. But it should TELL ME WHICH ITEM THAT IS! (IE: the quantity of that particular item turns red, or the item description is highlighted, or otherwise distinguished from the others.) Instead, I’m going thru the cart removing item(s) or changing quantity, resubmitting order, then repeat.. over & over again until I finally find which ONE ITEM was holding everything up, BEYOND FRUSTRATING! Not to mention that the site limits how many items can go into your cart. Well if I’m buying beads, stones & charms for jewelry making, I tend to hit 50-60+ items in a blink.. which just exacerbates the issues w the checkout process by 1,000! I spend quite a bit of $ at Michael’s, but if they don’t resolve these problems, I will be taking my business elsewhere!
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2 years ago, COURTlolk
Buy In Store instead :(
I always order online because I need larger quantities, as I have a business I buy supplies for. The last 3 times I’ve ordered they’ve sent my the wrong product but my invoice is correct and corresponds to the product I actually wanted and selected in my order from the app. Had to go in store to do a return and they said they couldn’t refund me because it wasn’t the right item on the invoice ??? Okay so what am I supposed to do if I ordered the item I wanted and the invoice reflects that, and I’m stuck with products I did not want/order and don’t have proper invoice reflecting that I did not order that product. The store tried to do what they could but I wish the online orders shipment procedure was a little more careful. I don’t mind waiting longer for my orders if it means they will be the correct items, and maybe not come in 10 different packages as well. Now I’m stuck with items I didn’t actually order and can’t use
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2 years ago, Lise P.
App NEVER works while in the store
Why does this app never work while inside any Michaels store? I can’t access coupons, my rewards card or use it to locate products when I’m in the store. Because of this I have missed out on eating rewards which is wrong. I have had the person at the checkout tell me they can’t give me the coupon if my app won’t open. I know they have something they can scan at the register as they have done it in the past but I was told that the manager said not to do that anymore. ??? I asked how many people have problems with the app and she said pretty much everyone. !!! So wow, that’s crappy. I can’t use my app in the store & can’t earn rewards and can’t use the digital coupon. Seems slimy to me. Also when using the app at home (the only place it works) when you search for an item and get a page of say craft paint to review; if you scroll down and look at something then get back out of it to keep looking the app sends you all the way back to the top. So frustrating and inconvenient! Get you app to work in store!!! If you can’t get your app to work you need to honor the digital coupons at the register because YOU/MICHAELS choose not to fix the app. It looks like you are trying to rip customers off by jamming the Wi-Fi in your stores so rewards aren’t earned and discounts aren’t given. Not a good look.
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