Midtown Comics

4.4 (1.2K)
25.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Midtown Comics Online Inc.
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Midtown Comics

4.36 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
7 years ago, Collector Dude
Works great except...
I loved his app because I was able to order all of my comics a week for advance from anywhere after 3pm. That was when I had my Galaxy Note 4 but it started freaking out now that it's paid off. I have an iPhone 7 plus now and I'm hating that I can't complete my order because of some glitch in the app with Apple devices. My iPad won't complete orders either. I have to use my old GN4 to order my comics by hotspotting it to my iPhone 7 plus to complete my orders which is frustrating because I have to carry two phones every Wednesday to make my orders. Can this completing order glitch be fixed? I hope so. I'll stop being a whimper now. I love the app because it lets me in on special books that may be gone by the time I get to my LCS. (Oh, I did miss out on the Venom#4 painted comic last week because of the glitch.) By he time I was able to complete my order they were all sold out! Argh! It's still a great app though. Thanks!
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8 years ago, WaLkByS
Lovin' It from Cali
Being New to Midtown for about 3 months now, I really like the app on my iPhone. Huge fan and really Love the Batman Theme! I get the updates for what is coming out a week in advance which, allows me to add pulls and Variants at my Local Comic Shop; "The Comic Bug/Manhattan & Culver City" Mike, Ben & Will!!! I love all the back issues and the daily discounts, the pre order discounts which are available and I get a good look for what new Comics I can Delve into. Also, the pre-orders and advance orders are a really nice feature! I also like how often the notifications for Newly Added Back Issues come in about 3 to 4 times a week. They also notify you for your wish list items as well. Super Huge when I am not at home to make the immediate purchase. A few flaws I get are that; I can't Make purchases from my iPhone 6 Plus or iPad; due to it having issues with my credit card, not sure why. However, I just go to make the purchases on the Mac. There is not a feature on the iPhone or Mac to do live Chat. One other thing is there is no access to view your Issues that are saved for later. Besides that, I love the access to Midtown I have from Southern California! Thanks again Mid Town Comics!!
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6 years ago, Ironrocker
Decent, easy to navigate
For titles that are in stock it works great. Easy to set up a sub , shipping, an payment options. Prices are pretty good as well, lot of discounts and sales.I’m not into digital comics so this works great for me. Easy to navigate as well. However could use a little work. If a series or book is out of stock there seems to be no way of back ordering it or adding it to a wish list through this app. Hopefully the website can be more helpful. Can be a bit laggy at times but nothing that bad. Could use a predicted search for looking up titles.
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3 years ago, LucidZimzallabim
Great selection HORRIBLE quality control!!!
I have spent more money here in the first month of becoming a member than I’d care to admit and the selection is awesome. However I pay for NM comics every single time and nothing less but constantly received torn, dinged, creased, and defective comics. The only option Midtown offers is 25% off or ship it back at your expense. Now I’m not an un-reasonable person if it’s a 4 dollar comic and this happens once in a while no big deal but when I’m paying $30-$150 for a variant 25% off is not acceptable and neither is shipping it back at my expense when it’s happening more often than not. Who is in charge of quality control that they see someone pay for a near mint comic and they bag a book with a tear? So sadly for midtown I will be taking my large bills to a company that ensures valued customers who are spending a lot of money are taken care of.
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7 years ago, Sputnik Stan
Great app! Almost too great. While my friends are scanning through social media, I find myself browsing back issues. Find something, drop it in your cart, and check out. Easy and simple. Thanks to Midtown's careful packaging, my comics have always arrived in pristine condition. You will have a difficult time finding comparable condition of comics on the shelf in shops. I have returned to collecting after 30 years and thanks to this app it is easier than ever. Of course the cover price is considerably higher, but with weekly discounts you can still save some cash. I find that when I order $20 worth of comics the discounts more than cover shipping. Convenient and dependable, collecting has never been easier.
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6 years ago, SDBigSchoe
The wait
I know I could have paid more for weekly, got them sooner by hire shipping, but so far I’m really please with their pull list. Can’t wait to get them in my hand😬🙏🏻 They sent it out on 6/30 and it’s now 7/13 they changed hands from UPS to the USPS and then it was said it was delivered but nothing on the porch. $70 Worth of comics missing after waiting so long😑 sent a ticket into them and will see what comes from it. It took forever, but I I found out they delivered to my neighbor and they held the package for like a week. Not midtown’s fault. I received like 5 other shipments. No problem.
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4 years ago, Nuwaver74
What the...
App is great, for the most part. I haven’t been able to order any books through it, and I’m using an iPhone. I keep getting an error message saying my card has been declined, and I have tried two other cards just out of curiosity, and it still says the same thing. My card is charged for my pull-list, but yet I can’t use the same card, or any card for that matter to make a random purchase outside of my scheduled pull. What’s even stranger, is that I’m forced to pay using PayPal when I use my desktop PC (Win 10) Yeah, what the....Anyone with similar issues? I used to be able to make purchases before, but it’s been like this for a good year or so now. Ditto with PC.
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4 years ago, NYSpeeds
Helpful but some bugs
I order a ton from Midtown so the app is super useful. But I wish I could get a fix for two main bugs. First is that I can’t set notifications on on my iPhone X with latest iOS version. I am pretty sure I could before at some point. Second is that comic book thumbnails don’t load sometimes, maybe a slow pull from the image database, but I check the website and the pics are there. Also a slight annoyance is that when my iPhone switches to night mode, the app doesn’t support it well. The notifications are blacked out.
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2 years ago, Navydoc78
I cannot say enough great things about this app, it’s ease of use, functionally, constant updates on products, etc… If you need to contact any of the stores or general customer support, you’ll encounter exceptional service from knowledgable, passionate people. I truly couldn’t be happier. I live in Washington state, have TONS of other online and brick & mortar comic book shop options… I choose to get my comics from New York. From Midtown Comics. Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did!!
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3 years ago, kni44ght
Great app
I love this app so much, it really makes comic buying a lot easier to do. I can narrow my search to be able to find the specific title I’m looking for and with each search it gives you the option (if there is one for that title) to search for the comics they have or the graphic novels. It really saves you time especially when you know exactly what you are looking for. Overall the app is really easy to use and checkout is really simple.
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3 years ago, DLeM
The app is great for searching and placing orders. There are few things that could be improved or added. Covers should be visible in your cart. This would help prevent ordering duplicates in different orders. It would also be great to get a warning when ordering duplicate issues. Something simple like “it looks like you may have this already”. Lastly, the user interface is from a very early iteration of iOS. Updating the UI may help with the above feature requests. All and all the app does it’s job and could potentially be so much better
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4 years ago, KhonshuKid
Midtown comics review
Honestly I much prefer getting things from my local shop however sometimes they can’t order things I want and that’s where midtown comes in. They always have really good and cool collections of trades and singles. Love that singles come with bag and board and are always very neatly sent. My only complaint is the tracking system is semi strange and sometimes packages take a little longer than I like processing but honestly I’m always looking forward to looking at their variants and library overall.
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8 years ago, SuperJohnny#5
Comic Addicts
I love this app! You can navigate it fairly easy and being here in AR, I'm pretty dang excited I can finally get Midtown exclusives! Not bad at all. Usually store apps are a pain to use, but this one writes everything pretty basic. I wish the search engine worked better and I can't find the button to add to my wish list (which would be extremely helpful) but other then that, pretty good.
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4 years ago, MattSMaine
Very useful tool
Although I moved from NYC to Portland, Maine (shout out to Coast City Comics and Casablanca Comics), I still use this app weekly as a quick way to preview what I want to look for. My only “constructive feedback” is that it seems to shift to next week’s comics at about Noon on NCBD and I have to manually revert it to the current week’s books (and repeat that each time I look at another publisher’s lineup) when I head to my LCS after work. Not a huge deal but...
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5 years ago, Rubik's Enigma
Absolutely in love with the service
I've been ordering from midtown for a month now and it's incredible how easy it's been to keep up with absolute Carnage and house of x through ordering from the site. Back issues are always coming out and it helps me keep up all the time. App itself is great but suffers a bit of lag time to time and design for edge to edge displays would be great but overall a solid app. Must own for collecting!
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6 years ago, alobato619
Midtown Comics is Great!! But...
Midtown comics is an awesome place to get books, games and other collectibles. The discounts alone make up for the shipping costs!!! But that all being said the only problem i have with the app is that at times it freezes and logs out when I’m in the middle of trying to order. It’s a minor problem that could result in a major problem when trying to order books that may sell out fast.... other than that I will still purchase my products from the because of there vast stock of books!
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1 year ago, quizdragon42
three years out of date
Last time this app was updated is three years ago and needs to be updated, even back then iphone screens were larger than the 4” standard when this app was released. while the app works it may not work at a later date. all it needs is a screen size change and some tweaks as some reviewers noted no need to get fancy or what have you. just some modern features and compatibility to screen sizes
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3 years ago, JohnD7778
Nice App But
I would give it a lot higher rating if it were compatible with the IPad as all he tp’ed is squeezed in on my iPhone making it harder to read. The menu organization also leaves a lot to be desired. Rather than constantly having to surf through menus it would be a lot easier if all new issues were already sorted by type and character along with the scrolling menus. Also recently there has been a constant error message every time I attempt to place an order stating some issue ( unspecified) is out of stock. Having to start all over not knowing where the problem is has become a nightmare. Please fix this! All that being noted please do understand that I love MidTown Comics and I would not shop anywhere else for my comic collections!
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5 years ago, Jamie Genius
App for comic lovers
This app is beneficial for the local comic shop and the best way to know what’s coming. As far as Midtown Comics themselves they offer incredible deals daily. I check this app daily and can’t recommend it enough. I find myself ordering two or three things a week but I spend hours looking through their books.
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7 years ago, midian879
Good, but could be better
Great concept and fairly decent layout. I ordered a variant of Venom #1 which went smooth enough. But when trying to purchase other comics I have to keep verifying for everything even after being "logged in" I'll be logged in, put things in cart, go to buy then have to verify all to have it say my card is invalid (which it isn't) navigating is good, but the whole checkout system needs to be reworked to be more streamlined.
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8 years ago, Sturgis in Rincon
Very handy app. A must-have if you love Midtown Comics too.
I use or reference the app almost daily. Very user friendly and easy to navigate. I hold back the fifth star because I really wish items put in your cart in the app would also appear when you visit the site via browser. I would also love to have the ability to research previous adv pur orders via the app.
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2 years ago, Bubbapoundcake
Dont leave your cart
It’s ok except for the fact that if you leave your cart for a few days and then decide to checkout, if an item is no longer in stock it just gives you an error but doesn’t say which item. So then you have to make a list and then go through every book again until you find which item went out of stock.
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7 years ago, Jmich033
OK for browsing, but...
The app is nice for browsing books, but it lacks one HUGE function that the web site has. The app doesn't show the grade of the comic that you're viewing. I won't buy anything lower than "fine", so I always need to go to the website to actually make a purchase. EDIT: It now shows available grades when you add to cart. PayPal is not an option for payment via the app, so I still need to go to the website.
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6 years ago, Robby0202
So far so great!!
I was just browsing and I came across some back issues that were at a low cost, where other sites wanted at least ten times more than the price here. Looks like I found a new site to order my comics from. A very happy and excited camper!! Plus the site is very easy to navigate!
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5 years ago, Cinaed335
For some reason Saved purchasing data doesn’t always save and I have to renter. Also sometimes back-issues aren’t available, but I feel like that’s more a publisher/owner issue rather than the store itself. Also sometimes the app is hard to navigate and not always iPhone friendly like it is with the iPad.
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4 years ago, chasgo3
It Finally Works!!!
I’ve been a Midtown Comics patron for decades. I’ve had the app for years now and all of the bugs are gone! I find myself using this app regularly now. It’s especially useful during the coronavirus quarantine! I haven’t been in the store for a couple of weeks but I’m still getting my comics! Great app!
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6 years ago, cloverkatie
Overall love
The only issue I’ve got with the app is when you go to check out and it tells you that you can’t check out due to something being out of stock but it never tells what’s out of stock so you spend forever either deleting half your order to find what it is or scratching the whole order
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4 years ago, Reallymadchimp
Great App!
Having just got back into collection comics this app makes it easy to know what’s doing out each week and stay on top of the titles I like. Also great to get your pull list ready for pick up at the Manhattan locations on the way to/from work. I use this as much as I use my seamless and doordash apps
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2 years ago, Height stick
Finalizing my purchase
The app is great. But every time I go to place my order. There’s a problem. It’s always some kind of error. I’ve tried for weeks. Even lost the discount rates. From 35% to 10%. I even asked a guy at midtown comics and he couldn’t help me.
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6 years ago, jwhite0564
Great selection but where is my order
Ordered several times without any problems but when one of my orders came in short a comic I tried contacting them. No response back. I’ll probably still use them but definitely would recommend staying away from the insanely expensive stuff they sell because if it doesn’t show up no telling if they’ll help you or not.
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3 years ago, Ernie Esp
Ordering Experience
Ordering books from them has been nothing but a great experience. Packages have been banged up but the comic inside is well secured and the package travels to Los Angeles. Another key factor that I really enjoy is I add a book that I’m looking for with the grade/condition and they send me a email when it’s available.
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3 years ago, Splendidmike
Don't download for the discount
If, like me, you downloaded this app because you saw their ad promising 20% off your first order, don't bother. What they don't tell you in the ad is that if the book already has a discount...and they're all usually already "discounted"...you will not be given 20% off. And if they happen to ship you a damaged book? Well, that's going to cost YOU to ship it back since they won't pay for return shipping. Avoid this app and avoid this company.
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5 years ago, The venom1986
Great app
This app would be even better if you guys would give your loyal fans some type of a program where you earn credit towards getting anything from toys to comics. I shop all the time at midtown I even come all the way from New Jersey to just visit you guys.
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6 years ago, retrojordans for life
Love from Vegas
Midtown comics app is easy to use and they have a huge selection of everything comic related that would satisfy your inner nerd. I’ve been a customer for several years and not once have had any issues with my orders. Awesome job and Thank you to everyone at Midtown Comics.
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8 years ago, Bookard
Enabling my comic book addiction....
I've been using this app for a few years and even though there've been some hiccups along the way, it's been great. Whether it's the sales or the hard to find issues at great prices, I'll be using Midtown for a long time.
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5 years ago, 768494)
What happen to wishlists
So now I can no longer access my wishlist either by website or app. This is how I keep track of what you have and what I need. It allowed me to quickly view what I wanted and add additional purchases, creating a larger order instead of purchasing 1 issue per visit. Now I have to search an entire run to see what is available that I need every time I want to buy something. Not good. Big fan of you guys but we are going backwards in terms of accessibility.
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6 years ago, Geo2121
Don’t bother paying for faster shipping
I did the 3-5 day option on 22 Mar 2018 hoping to have the comics here for a special occasion and just received a tracking number stating they will arrive on 2 April 2018. Well that is more than 3-5 days. Moral of this story save your money on extra shipping costs trying to get them faster it won’t happen. I am upset about wasting money I’ll never see again. I’ll update this when I finally receive the comics and will post condition and actual arrival date.
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3 years ago, CAndS75
Could be better…
I use the iPad app for the site but the app isn’t made for usage on an iPad. It appears to be made for iPhones/smartphones. But regardless, the app does give me the info I need. So it’s ok..visiting the webpage is a much nicer experience than the app on the iPad/tablet. I hope there will be a change to the foreman. If not, it still provides information.
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5 years ago, The_bill84
This app is legitimately fantastic. Any books you want, delivered to your door. When I moved from the city I was horrified that there weren’t any book stores close by. Then this app came into my life. On any given week, I don’t miss a single pull. This app changed my life.
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4 years ago, GiullianoPo
The app search function is terrible
It simply does not allow you to search for comics, you search for a particular title and it takes you to another screen where it breaks down how many results there are in each category, once you select the category you want it then shows 0 results even though the previous screen stated there were multiple results Also the app seems to be optimized for an iPhone 5 or something, it has the small screen and looks very outdated Has made my experience very unpleasant so far, as I am still waiting for a tracking number for a purchase I made a full 7 days ago Most likely, will not ever shop with them again, may cancel my order if no information is received soon
Show more
7 years ago, mbauer32301
Great app, but some suggestions
I wish there was some sort of save or wish list for items you are interested in but not ready to buy. Second I wish items in the cart were linkable Lastly, the search function in a little frustrating because it seems to have to be the EXACT title for it to find the item.
Show more
7 years ago, flyerfan76
Minor flaws
They have a great selection of back issues, the only issue I have is updating shipping info on the account page. I either never get a tracking number, or get the information after the package has been delivered.
Show more
7 years ago, AnaheimDude
Great app, few suggestions
I'm giving it the 5 Stars because Midtown is the only major national comic shop that actually has an App like this. Easy to find what I want, most of the time. Do not like when I get a "can't use the Internet" message, even though I'm online. Very frustrating. No ability to use PayPal in the App stinks. Apple Pay would be great too. I'd like to be able too see Independents broken down by Publisher. I'd like to be able to just see Aftershock comics for example. Otherwise, I love this App.
Show more
8 years ago, chickenlip
Good, Not Great
Overall a good app for Midtown customers. There are some annoying quirks, like clicking on My Orders, being taken to the sign in, then back to the same menu (once you sign in, it really should take you to your orders). Also some functionality from the website would be really nice in the app, like adding off-list titles to upcoming orders.
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6 years ago, Rndw54
Minor critique
I love the app and midtown comics but for some reason the app spontaneously shutdown while I'm scrolling thru the issues. Other than that great app might want to add the ability to change or cancel an order without having to contact customer service.
Show more
7 years ago, MolonLabe76
Would be 5 stars if the payment system wasn’t broken...
The app is easy to use. Everything is laid out perfectly. My only issue is that every time I try to buy something, the system rejects my credit or debit card as payment failed. I can jump on my pc, and use the very same credit or debit card and the order goes through perfectly fine.... fix the payment system and it will be a 5 Star app!
Show more
4 years ago, Midtown Fan 4 life
Pull list option
Would love an option that shows my pulled titles for a given week! Otherwise, excellent app, just like the stores.
Show more
5 years ago, Tomamy96
Long time fan boy!
I’ve been a Midtown customer for years, having purchased my comics from their website. But using the app has made my buying so much easier and convenient.
Show more
8 years ago, JoeandTanya415
Best online comics store there is!!!
Easy to use app, great customer service. Fast delivery and if you spend $75 (which is easy to do) the shipping is free. I pre-order books every week and they always arrive like clock work.
Show more
5 years ago, Ria Tard
Website works easier.
If you create a wishlist to try to get particular book be advised that this app doesn’t accurately tell when something is in stock. You won’t know until you finalize check out. This app also doesn’t give a PayPal option—for those that would like one.
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