2.8 (85)
23.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for MilSpaceA

2.8 out of 5
85 Ratings
2 years ago, certified_zoomer
Good idea not great execution
Not bad but there’s issues they need to fix like changing the text color, when you registering the text is white with a white background making it impossible to set the correct date
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7 years ago, SpaceA Adventurers
Great App
I have used this app for two years. We are novice Space A adventurers and Take-A-Hop has made the sign up process so simple and convenient. I have the app on my phone and IPad. I keep the email sign up on my phone. We have never had a problem but if there is a question at the AMC terminal about our sign up date, the email with date and time can be shown to the pax rep. Twice I've had questions and used the in-app email. The developer responded expeditiously.
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2 years ago, Fearless Phooie
This is a great App
I find it interesting that a number of reviewers don’t care for it. The only reason I can think of is that they didn’t explore the app thoroughly like I have. It did take me a while, but it was worth it. It removes all the hassle of looking up each departure site individually and then contacting them all individually. The app has been a great asset in planning my SpaceA adventures.
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1 year ago, Kkkkkkkkkkkkkpppppp
False application
This app is a scam. As you navigate through this application and fill out all the information you believe that it is a form of registration through the app. IT IS NOT! All it does is generate an email for you and send the email with all the information you just filled in. You are paying $6.99 for an email generator… an email that is easier to just type behind a computer. It doesn’t even do it for you! You are still typing everything in yourself then it just organizes it for you!!!! Complete theft. Refund has been requested! Zero stars if I could
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7 years ago, Newsreader1213
Great App! Useful information
I have used this app on my IPhone for years! It makes signing up extremely easy. I don't have to send multiple emails and I always get a copy of my signup to my own email, listing all of the locations I've signed up for. I also use it to find local info, accommodations, and there is a place for me to make my own notes for each location!
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7 years ago, Scooter 82
Mixed bag
This app was semi useful at one time but since they still haven't added JBLM Lewis-McChord, even after today's update, I just can't recommend it due to its incomplete list of airfields. If you used this as your sole source of Space-A info you would miss out on countless flights due to this omission. All needed info is on the internet so making this app current shouldn't be a difficult task. Although I hate Facebook, I will use it as my source of Space-A info as it is current and up to date. But it sure would've been nice to go to one place, this app, for all my Space-A needs.
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6 months ago, Edhvoice
Works fine for me with a minor flaw
I have used TakAHop for years. It works fine for me. It works by saving my basic data. I select my departure airbases and target destination. countries. It then generates an email that is sent to the departure airbases. My only complaint is a small one. It will not update my wife’s passport data. So I have to go in and manually change it on the email before it is sent. Not really a big deal as the Air Force desk clerk will update it before a flight. It is not perfect but it saves me the repetition of filling out the same data over and over again. A thumbs up from me.
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7 years ago, Bvat27
Essential App
Great app for anyone using military space a. Loads of useful info on bases-maps, lodging, dining options, along with phone numbers and links, and more. Signing up to fly from multiple bases couldn't be simpler. Easy to use and I highly recommend it as an essential tool.
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6 years ago, RDK18501
Veteran owned and operated
This app has proven its worth on numerous occasions! As a fellow mobile developer, I know that he could charge more or charge a subscription for his service, but he does not and helped our veterans and service members take a hop in the most convenient way possible.
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7 years ago, Ac122023
Love this app
I feel that this app makes signing up for flights very easy. You can sing up for space a in different areas at the same time which saves so much time... I definitely recommend getting this app
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2 years ago, Rcortez911
iPhone dark appearance off
I was hesitant to purchase the app because everyone was saying they can’t see the text. Happened to me on my IPhone 13. Turned Darkmode off and text is now visible.
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2 years ago, Goldee45
Needs updating
Buyer beware. I brought this app about 5 years ago. I never actually took a flight that’s another story, but checked it frequently. Now it’s just dormant.. I looked up an air-force base a couple of weeks ago for a trip, and not it’s just stuck on that air-force base. Can’t change it, can’t shut it down and restart it to go back to home page. It doesn’t nothing at all 😒
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5 years ago, ke6fzi
A web browser is easier
Contrary to how it is presented as a stand-alone source of military SpaceA information, the app is essentially a front to Facebook links that must be used to obtain flight status and information. As I don't have/want a facebook account it provides no utility that isn't similarly obtained using a web browser and is useless to me. I have removed it from my phone and will not be able to make use of it.
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1 year ago, NovaDogg
Good concept, poor execution
I love the idea of this app but the interface is difficult to navigate, white txt on white background makes reading the sign up form difficult and most critically, the sign up function does not appear to work now. Should be free considering it’s lack of functionality and limited information value.
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6 years ago, JohnnyAvo
Amateur app
This app needs serious help. The early 2000s style UI is difficult to use and didn't provide much useful information. Everything of consequence is available only via FB passenger terminal pages, yet the app's FB function cannot link the user to the correct part. iOS 12 is not properly supported, as I can only find one passenger terminal under any search option or list. Not recommended and a waste of money.
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7 years ago, tempsite
Great Space-A app!!
My wife and I just traveled Space-A and the app was one reason for such a successful traveling experience. The app was easy to use and I found that it successfully sent my registrations to all our destinations. Love it!!
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2 years ago, Goober III
Up until Space A died a couple of years ago, this app was fantastic. Great time saver worth every penny. Now most recently (Aug 2022) since Space A has come back, I’ve attempted to use it but much information esp email address to sign up, must be updated. I’ve written to the Developer but no response.
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1 year ago, seakin123
Could be good
Some good information but many broken links to local bases to look at flight schedules. It appears it hasn’t been updated in awhile.
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7 years ago, Silver1962!
Works Like A Charm!
So far, everything has worked like a charm. All numbers and sign ups at every location have worked. Excellent App! Highly recommended!
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3 years ago, Rangerblucammo
Very limited use
The paid App is very basic and has limited use. It’s primary use is for signing up for Space A flights. It doesn’t provide any schedules, or where flights fly out from to the country that you would like to go, which is always the biggest question for those wanting to travel.
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7 years ago, Luvrunning2
Love to hop!
This app has been extremely helpful with information about bases, locations, ground transportation available, etc. I'm grateful to have it and reference it often.
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3 months ago, BubbleHeadSSBN
iPhone Issues
I downloaded the app on iPhone and when trying to fill in the fields, the text color is white and you can’t see your entry to confirm they’re correct. It’s especially frustrating when having to do dates because you can’t see the selections and it defaults to todays date for my birthday.
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2 years ago, GhostBustingUSA
Abandon ship!
This app worked when I used it in 2016 but looking at it now I can definitely tell this app has been abandoned by the creator. Certainly do not pay for this. Google and Facebook will serve you far better than this app ever could now that it’s been dismissed and not updated in over a year. IMO apple should remove this app.
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3 years ago, Ski999
They took my money and gave me garbage app that doesn’t work. You cant register, text in the bix is all white just like background. You can manage to type your name but when it comes to setting your date of birth etc, its just impossible because you can see the controls. BASIC! BASIC ! NONSENSE AND THEY CANT GET IT RIGHT. YOU WILL BE CHEATED OUT IF YOUR MONEY.
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7 years ago, Bob9125
Great App!
I am a long time user of this app. Whenever I plan a trip I always use this app for signup. Never had any problems with app.
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7 years ago, thheath
Excellent tool for Space-a travelers
Makes signing up easy and is a source of great information.
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7 years ago, Boris the Great
It's a Winner
Makes Space A travel planning and re-planning a real snap. Wouldn't plan or travel without it.
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2 years ago, Mirkywater
Needs updating
Just bought the app Need to fix the part where you register when I go to enter anything u can’t see dates or the information I had to go by the clicks when I registered the website I think needs updating
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3 years ago, Bkcoughlin
Needs updates
I’ve enjoyed using this in the past, but it appears to be neglected now. Using iOS 14, there are white-on-white text boxes and disappearing number wheels (for selecting dates) which make it essentially unusable now. Will revise rating if it gets fixed anytime soon.
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5 years ago, Hummingbird95928
Amazing App and SO APPRECIATED!
This had made taking hops so much easier. I don’t know what I would do without this app. Thank you for making it!
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7 years ago, ifly64z
Not user friendly
No in app directions. No way to search for flights originating from a location or going to a location. Very dissatisfied with the product. You are better off going to the facebook pages of a lot of the bases now.
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7 years ago, Mcpins
Take a hop
It just works. And very well. It is all you need to sign up for travel and to secure transportation, & lodging
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7 years ago, Shanna808
Easy to use, with lots of information. Use this app every time I travel on SpaceA flights.
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2 years ago, ndowifjsmw
Blank date
When ever I go to set information in the register section it’s blank and impossible to see
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2 years ago, Freeda76
Many broken links
When clicking through to flight schedules many links are no longer functional.
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2 years ago, Mancusomom
I downloaded this app to help me plan a trip overseas and it looked like it was going to be good but filling in the boxes was a major guessing game, off white background with white letters. Right now I’m really sorry I wasted my time and money. I’d love to hear from the developers…
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9 months ago, Space a user
No longer supported or working
Defunct app. Save your money. I bought this this year and it doesn’t even send me a copy when I add my name to the BCC line. I checked with multiple bases none of them got my registration seven dollars eaten with zero benefit.
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6 years ago, Disgrunteled Grunt
Lacking Many AMC locations
I had high expectations for this app...unfortunately it is missing MANY major AMC locations...additionally, if you are 100 DAV dont bother...its not updated to support you either..USE facebook save $$$$
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6 years ago, glly
Dear Sir
I did pay this app. Why I have not all the locations? Like I don’t have Andrews in my app?
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5 years ago, ScreamingEagleCPT
Waste of $6.99
This app does nothing and provides nothing. Near as I can tell, the only aspect of this app remotely useful is that you can see what Air Force bases are out there.
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2 years ago, tyoung81
Doesn’t work
I can type in my name but it doesn’t show up. When I try to input my DOB the page is blank. This app is awful for inputing data. Best to just use the website.
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6 years ago, walksonbeach
Far from pleased!!
Ok, I choose a departure airport, and every time I tap on a destination, it always ends up being the same as the departure location. Please help.... anyone. Thank you! PS my iPhone has the most current updates.
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7 years ago, shancamacho
Unable to Use
I can't even use this app. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it several times. As I open it, I can only see any info in it for a couple of seconds and then it goes blank.
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6 years ago, Kaylamom
Awesome app
Love the TAH app. Very useful both signing up and off-line info
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5 years ago, Galena Nightfire
Wasted Money
I used this app. to send (supposedly) space a signup requests to 5 passenger terminals. A week later, I called each terminal to confirm receipt. Only one of the five had received the request. MUCH safer to just send emails myself. VERY DISAPPOINTED in this app.
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2 years ago, Chris~C
Isn’t usable anymore
This app isn’t usable. The date field on any of the fields doesn’t show but still scrolls. Not worth free much less 7$
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7 years ago, Stars0405
Great app.
Love this app. It's my go-to when traveling space A.
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5 years ago, Ihytfrec
What app
What exactly does this app do. I can select an airport but to see any flight info it takes me back to Facebook where I initially searched space a. Can’t see any worth in this.
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1 year ago, Kristind8vis
Seeing how nothing is updated for this app, it’s pretty much garbage. However, if PAX ever did make an app that worked it would be incredibly helpful!
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6 months ago, Hopper8fg
Can't see any flights or data. Entirely worthless app and should be removed from the store
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