Mobile Passport by Airside

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2 years ago
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User Reviews for Mobile Passport by Airside

4.59 out of 5
112K Ratings
5 years ago, ldbmex
Mobile Passport: Time saved from kiosk
The only time saved with Mobile Passport is not having to fill out the forms using the kiosk screens. There was no special line in Atlanta airport for Mobile Passport users. Those who had used the kiosks were in the same line as Mobile passport app users and the lines were very long on that day. Perhaps if there were long lines at the kiosks having MP would have helped, but that wasn’t the case the day we arrived. Ive used the kiosks in the past and found them pretty quick to use. This was my first time using Mobile Passport. I’d probably give it another try, but I have to say that I expected it to be more of a timesaver than it was on this first try. The frustrating part was waiting in a long line while customs workers hauled people from the end of the line to form a new line sending them through first and letting people with problems at the kiosks go to the front of the line also. There was no special line for people in wheelchairs either. They were sent to the front of the same line. If Customs were interested in promoting the use of the Mobile Passport app they should encourage people to use it by figuring out a way to get passengers through the line faster. Pulling people from the back of the line to form a new line to go ahead of those waiting doesn’t help either. I liked the app, but it was hindered by the Atlanta airport process at Customs.
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6 years ago, Noobdude09
Worth the download!
I don’t even remember how I found out about this app but so glad I did! When we got back to DFW from a trip to Mexico today they didn’t say anything to us about going through customs nor did they give us the papers to fill out. They just made us get off the plane and go to a bus that took us to the international terminal. We saw one sign in the hall after getting off the bus that mentioned global express and mobile passport so we stopped and opened the app right there (I had downloaded it before we left). Super easy and fast to use! We used one account for both of us and it worked great! Once we got to the customs area we saw a small sign near global express that said mobile passport but it wasn’t really close to the actual line but the ropes were green instead of black and we asked the officer standing there if we could go in and she said yes. I think the signage could have been better but since we were looking for it we found it. They funneled us in with the global express people, which they seemed to not like, but it was so fast! The officer never looked at the app though. He just scanned our real passports. But that didn’t matter because being able to say we had the app got us in a short line and skipping the line with 200 people in it. We were through customs in less than 15 minutes. You need to download this app if you’re traveling internationally!!
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5 years ago, Skooch Dog
Fast and Efficient!
What is one of the worst things about vacationing someplace foreign and exotic? Yep, having to go through the grueling customs and security process after your already long day of the whole traveling, airport, and flight process leaving your vacation. How would you like to skip through the line of 300 people waiting in the herding lines at customs? GET MOBILE PASS! We just flew back from Cancun to Denver yesterday. After spending only about four minutes completing the process on the app, we got off the plane and entered the cavernous customs area. It was like a line for a ride at Disneyland on a summer Saturday. HUNDREDS of people shuffling along in the several queues for them to enter. We looked to the right and there was the Mobile Pass/Global Entry queue. How many people were in it? ZERO. My wife and I sauntered right through the straight rope lines along the massive zig zag maze of people. We got to the head of the line where the customs booth are located in mere moments. The officer motioned is over right away ahead of the other eight lines that had been waiting. She asked to see our Mobile Pass QR codes, which we showed her. We went staring to a booth, had the officer process us, and was on the other side in what I estimated to be less than four minutes from getting off the escalator into the customs warehouse. Such a fantastic app and way to enter back into the States!
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7 years ago, SusM
App, great; Airport (EWR) ridiculous
The app was easy to use. I quickly set up the info for myself and family member. At the airport, at customs I saw signs about downloading the app, however there was nothing to indicate what line to go to. I asked one airport employee (at customs) who didn’t know what I was talking about. So we were waiting in the very long and slow line. I asked another employee who said, “Oh right over there; you don’t have to wait here.” She was pointing to a booth with a customs official with no line at all. I looked all around thinking I may have missed a sign. There was nothing to indicate this booth was for mobile passport. I was not the only traveler looking for this booth. Next we go to get our luggage and exiting, we once again have to show the officials the “paper” showing we went through customs. Having used the mobile app we don’t have the paper. Again we wait, get to the official who, talking to me as though I’m stupid, says, “You used the app; you go over there,” pointing to another official standing at another podium. I look all around; nothing to indicate he was the official to handle mobile app. Newark Liberty is a very busy airport. I realize it will always be a bit crazy, but you’d think they would put signage that could help direct people.
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5 years ago, NCA_fan
Skipped a long line
Used Mobile Passport for the first time. We did skip a long line which probably would have an hour’s wait while we only had 3 folks in front of us. Still it took longer to get ready for the line than I anticipated. I hadn’t realized the free version has to be re-populated with all your passport information including a picture within 4 hours of submittal. So even though we were in the airport I had to stop to re-enter all the information. That doubled our wait time. I guess you could fill in information while still on the plane to not have to deal with this inconvenience. I just wish it had been more clear in the instructions as I got the impression it was just the 5 security questions that needed to be answered in less than 4 hours before landing. So be better prepared than me if you use the free version. I’m not sure if it was us, the agent at SFO, or the use of Mobile Passport, but we got almost a snarling reception from the agent and he asked us twice if we were bringing in food (as if that isn’t asked in the 5 questions already). I have never had such a cold reception when returning to the US. And we (I’m a 72 year old great grandmother traveling with my 17 year old niece) were returning from an ecotour of Costa Rica., so I didn’t think we presented much of a threat. Hope others don’t have the same odd experience with this time-saving app.
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4 years ago, mtwolff
Great App in Theory
Used Mobile Pass the second time arriving at LAX. The App works great but both times upon arrival the LAX personnel insisted I had to cue up with everyone else at the huge pass port control line, they didn’t even look at the App. Half way through another guy was yelling that Mobile Pass user needed to cue in a different line and I was allowed to move to the Mobile Pass cue further away where I wasn’t allowed to venture before. Just 3 people ahead of me and super quick here, however after picking up my luggage I again had to cue with everyone else at customs. When it was finally my turn after a 25 Minute wait I was told I had to cue at booth 6 - that cue was cordened off for everyone but crew members, so you couldn’t get there in the beginning. Some people however had been verbally instructed to move over there earlier and got upset as from their perspective I was skipping the line. But the custom officer waived me through, a 10 second scan of the App and i was done. So this was just a variation of my first experience at LAX with Mobile Pass - App works great and would save a lot of Time if LAX personnel was better trained, cue lines clearly marked, announcements actually clearly audible. Ideally you’d get a text upon arrival where to cue with your Mobile Pass - if you could have reliable wifi in the LAX arrival area which is yet another problem
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6 years ago, Moonbeam 12
Pretty great
This app is a great start in helping you get through customs quickly. Two areas where I think improvements could help are; you have to submit form within 4 hours of entering port of entry. Other than Mexico and Canada most international flights take more than four hours to get to states so you can’t do this ahead of flight . I was able to submit form once I landed in US and could connect to internet and did receive confirmation quickly so it did work but was a bit hectic at time of deplaning. Second area of improvement is the human aspect of app. We were getting a lot of misinformation from the airport personnel at OHare about where to go and which line to get into. They sent us to global entry which didn’t have mobile passport but a man there knew where to send us. But then after queuing through that maze they sent us to a numbered kiosk (which was seconded by another person) that was unmanned. A Customs Agent at another kiosk kind of yelled across to us that nobody was there and to come to him. But seriously, the second person who confirmed was within 30 feet of kiosk she said we should go to and could see there was no one there. Anyway, barring that, we got through customs much faster than other members in our party that didn’t use the app. I will use this again and be better prepared for what to look for. Learning curve :-)
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6 years ago, AlliBax
Almost too easy
I had first heard of this app while returning from a trip overseas last December, after hearing a guy on a train at Denver airport talk about how easily he made it through customs (meanwhile my boyfriend and I suffered for approximately 50 mins). I vowed to try it the next time I went abroad. Lo and behold, came back from a trip yesterday. I had previously downloaded the app, but forgot about it until I was checking out of my accommodation. In about 2 mins I was able to scan my passport, take a selfie (keeping a neutral face was the hardest part), ensure auto-populated info was correct (I did have to slightly alter my name), and that was that. Once I landed at Newark, the flight attended made an announcement that “if you have the mobile passport app, you can now complete the questionnaire and follow prompts” which was a nice reminder. You simply answer the questions you normally would have completed on paper, and then look for line indicating “mobile passport” upon arrival at border patrol. I was through the line in less than 10 mins. Had I waited in normal line, it certainly would have been closer to 30-40 mins. If I didn’t have a checked bag, I could easily have been out of airport in 15 mins. I will never travel without the mobile passport again!
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6 years ago, A_B3
So glad I found this app!!
Used the app to clear immigration for the whole family (mom, Dad, grandpa and two kids) on our way back from London into Newark. There was NO LINE and we zipped through. You can’t imagine how grateful I was, having just sat on the tarmac for an hour before finally getting in at 10;15 at night with two cart cranky little ones, not to be hearses into the long twisting line and instead went right through the completely empty global entry area - and from there kindly directed through the process by very helpful CBP staff. It was easy to set up (scanned our passports and took photos before we left), and easy to use. Interesting note - I tried to hit submit while we were still on the plane, but it wouldn’t work. I nearly lost all hope but when we got into the terminal and I managed to hit submit again it went through very quickly. Did I mention NO LINE at immigration?? Amazing. My only (minor) negative comment is that we had to rescan each of our 5 receipts upon exiting customs (which was not expected and took a few extra minutes). There was a bit of time lost figuring this out but I think not a big deal once you've done it once. Overall I had a very positive experience and would highflying recommend the app.
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6 years ago, Globetrotting Rabbit
A “Breeze” but a heads up about Global Entry
They’re not kidding. I arrived off a 12 hr flight from auckland to lax and went through customs in less than 7 minutes. I downloaded the app and filled it out an hour before landing and it was incredibly easy. My only complaint is there needs to be a better publicized warning for people who ALSO have Global Entry. When i watched the video (on American Airlines) re: the mobile app, it was presented as an app to be used in addition to global entry. The truth is this app sort of replaces it. I originally went to the global entry kiosk and my passport was “rejected” and told (on screen) to go to the regular passport line. As i walked to the line i asked a customs officer what could be the issue and they immediately asked me if i had done the app as the app “cancels out” global entry and they pointed me to the “MOBILE PASSPORT” lane— which i then breezed through. At first I thought I had misunderstood the video but I overheard several other people speaking at the baggage carousel about the same issue (but they didn’t happen to get the heads up so they ended up going and waiting on regular line) anyway, either the app or the global entry kiosk should have more signage regarding the app superseding global entry. aside from that this app was fantastic.
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5 years ago, Pookie Hoops
First time traveling international
This was my first time traveling international and I read about the Mobile Passport app a few months before my trip. I downloaded the app and set up the passport information for the travelers before leaving the US. Prior to landing back in the US, all I had to do was select the port of entry, the airline and the passengers traveling with me (all my family). I answered the questions, submitted the info and literally a few seconds later, the app generated QR codes for all the passengers. We got off the plane, showed TSA the mobile passport app and we were sent straight to the luggage pick up area. We actually arrived at the luggage pick up minutes before the luggage arrived! No waiting in the long lines going over the paper forms with Customs Agents like the other passengers. After getting our luggage, going through Customs inspection only required showing the Agents our passports, scanning the QR codes and answering some questions. The other passengers who did the paper declarations also had to do this Customs inspection as well. This could not have been an easier process. I think the Mobile Passport users spent a total of 10 minutes waiting in one customs line from start to finish for our connecting flight.
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6 years ago, KMorton21
Super efficient
I used Mobile Passport Control for the first time on Aug 11th when I connected through ATL for a flight. With an international airport of this size, the immigration and customs area was completely packed with people. There were hundreds of people waiting on line and although my flight was 2 hours away I was concerned that I would run close to my boarding time. I spoke to one of the airport agents about my concern and they suggested the app. I had previously downloaded and setup the app months ago so I was happy to hear that it would shave an hour off my wait time on the line. I quickly processed the info for my current trip and then proceeded to join the line. To my surprise and delight, there was absolutely NO ONE on the Mobile Passport Control line so I was able to walk all the way through the line and right to the front. As I walked by, I was amazed that none of the hundreds of people seemed remotely aware about this app. As a person who travels fairly frequently - and with travel anxiety - I was delighted that the app was so efficient and successful for this task. I’ve recommended that my friends download it because it’s such a no-brainer to have it!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
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6 years ago, Disappointed theatre dork
Port Everglades Pier 18 Unorganized!
For the first time we tried to use the Mobile Pass to bypass the long lines and expedite check out at US Customs. While waiting for our baggage tag number to be called while still on the ship, we logged into the app, answered the questions, submitted the information and received our confirmation. After we picked up our luggage we followed the signs for the Mobile Pass and were let into a separate line that led to 2 Mobile Pass Lines. While in line we found several parties that did not have the Mobile Pass which explained why it was taking so long. The representatives that were directing people into open Custom Lines kept sending regular passengers into the Mobile Lines. When we got to the front of our line the lady told us to go to a different line and we told her we had Mobile Pass and she said it didn’t matter and to just go where she told us (she was a bit rude about it). So we did and when we got to the Line we asked the lady at that line if they could scan the Mobile Pass and she said she didn’t know. We got up to the Agent and he said he didn’t have a scanner and just checked our regular passports and we finally finished. I think this is a great idea, but the process did not work and the employees working the lines had no idea how it was supposed to work either. They just wanted to get people thru the lines as fast as possible. I gave this 1 star because there isn’t an option for no stars.
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6 years ago, BeaverLover2.0
Amazing how fast this got us through customs!!!
We had a short connection and this app saved us! I saw the video on the plane explaining the process, I downloaded the app as soon as we hit the runway, by the time we were deplaning, I had all 3 passports scanned into the app and we were walking to immigration/customs! At immigration, there must have been a line an hour long, we used the app and made it through in under 5 minutes. Clear signs explained where to go, helpful employees asked to see the passports, in the app, and through we went. Gathered our bags, and headed to customs. 3 quick scans of our QR codes, provided by the app, and we were through customs. All in all the process took about 30 min, the majority being waiting for luggage and a 5-10 min wait in line at customs. I’d recommend this app to anyone and everyone... shh don’t tell a soul, so I can sneak through customs this fast every time!! (Here’s the cherry on top... my wife said, after we made our short connecting flight, “I was quite upset that you were trying this new app last minute and was certain it wasn’t going to work. I will say I’m sorry that I doubted you. It allowed us to make this flight.”)
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5 years ago, CH-Mike
Fastest I have ever gone thru Custom
The speed at which I came through Customs at Boston Logan airport was amazing. My first time using the App. I had some trouble getting it initially to submit it to CBP. Coming from Switzerland, my 4G connection on my iPhone on arrival in Boston was not enough to get things going on mobile data. So I had to go through the normal line. However, as I was going through the line, I noticed Boston Logan advertised free WiFi. Once I got onto their WiFi, I was able to submit my Mobile Pass to CBP. I got a reply almost instantaneously. The CBP then directed me directly to the Mobile Pass line, I had to wait for a few flight crew members to pass through. But all I had to do once I got to the desk was show my Passport and I was done. I passed a huge line of people. I am sure that as Mobile Pass becomes more popular, the queues (lines) will get longer. The only disadvantage to Mobile Pass is that you have to be at your Port of Entry within 4 hours. So for an 8 hour flight from Zürich, you cannot prepare the Mobile Pass before departure. You have to look for WiFi at the Port of Entry. And, one other disadvantage, I got through Customs so fast, that it felt like forever waiting for my luggage 😃 Mike Switzerland
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7 years ago, Dakev
Great App, Signage Needs Improvement
This application works extremely well. We have reentered the country several times using it, and I've been impressed with it every time. Tonight, we entered through KIAH (our home port) from Heathrow, and had no problems. The app allowed us to pass enormous lines and proceed through the process with no difficulty at all. I would say, though, that the signage is poor. We knew what to look for and knew it was possible, so we were able to find the signs and correct line. If we hadn't known exactly what to look for, though, we would have been lost. It was almost as if it was intended that we not be able to find the one and only "bypass" line -- as if it was almost intentionally hidden. This is not an app issue, but if the intent is to help more travelers, better signage would help a lot. I'd call this a well kept secret that we personally benefit from -- but I don't really think that is what is intended. That aside, kudos to the designers. The app is simple, easy to use, and has never crashed on me. I would never return to the country without using it. I hope it lets CBP better focus its resources where they are needed...
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5 years ago, jonnywesterman
User error
On one hand, I am in shock that more people aren’t using this app. Especially my younger app-focused peers who seem content to pull out a pen at the kiosks and get to work after a 16 hour flight. Perhaps the word this app is a available hasn’t yet reached all audiences. I say this because, on the other hand, as useful and simple as this app is, it is only as good as the agents at your point of entry. While it saves time filling out the declarations form, this is the second year I’ve returned home, phone & passport in hand, to clueless customs agents and incompatible systems. I’ve been told to queue in the wrong line in the past and this time the agent was not only reluctant to use it, but he said he liked the old system better, only to tell me his system could not accept it. After asking the guard what to do I was shuffled to another agent. Then after another short wait, I was successfully processed and could proceed. I really hope that at some point soon the makers of the app can get together with customs agents that have to use it, and make sure each and everyone involved in the arrivals process is on the same page. Until then, get the app, but please do be proactive on arrival as you may encounter some uninformed or confused agents using clunky electronics and a lot of user error.
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5 years ago, Blehka
Not very useful
I downloaded the passport app and added my wife’s and my passport information for our trip to Europe. It proved to be pretty useless when flying into Newark. When first showing our passports, it was just as easy to hand over our passports as my phone. When going through customs we still had to wait in line, and it was unclear if we could have skipped the machines where we scanned our passports and answered the usual five questions about what we were bringing into the country. Maybe we could have and it would have saved a little time. We then had to wait in line again with everyone else prior to getting our bags. People with mobile passports had to go off to the side after getting to the front of the line and it seemed to take them longer to get through, so we opted to use the slip of paper printed by the machines. So, we ended up not using the app at all and it doesn’t seem like it would have saved any time at any point, unless we could have skipped the machines as mentioned previously. If U.S. customs created a separate mobile passport app line similar to TSA Precheck that made it faster to go through customs, then the app would be worth it, but for now I’m giving it one star because it seemed completely useless. Additionally, since the app is unusable outside the U.S. and you have to have your passport anyway, it’s hard to see the point of the app.
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6 years ago, Ram1nder
Saw signs for “mobile passport” at airport
I was flying in from LHR to SJC and whilst I was walking to customs I kept seeing signs for “Download Passport Mobile App” “Save Time.” So we literally were at the end of a long depressing what seemed like a never ending customs line (typical) and I rushingly started searching for the app on my App Store. To be honest there were like 2 or 3 passport apps I had no clue which one to download so I just decided to download the first one I saw that looked legit and had a high rating. Thank God it was the right one. A nice customs man saw what I was doing as I was the only one in line that had my phone out. He helped me through the whole process. It was the quickest thing EVER!! Took like a minute. I scanned my passport numbers in using the app and all my info came up and filled in the form by itself. I manually took a picture of myself using the app and answered 5 customs questions (the same ones on the form) and boom the nice guy said go to the mobile app line and we were the first ones there, got out of the airport in 5 minutes. Quickest customs ever. I HIGHLY recommend this app!!! Thanks San Jose Int AirPort for showing me a quicker way and avoiding ling boring lines.
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5 years ago, J. Augusto & Claudia
Mobile Passport App
I did use the MP App for the first time this week at Miami International Airport. The app itself is easy to use, specially when it comes to filling out the customs forms. However, there should be more interaction between the agents at the airport and the newly arrived passengers. Signage was good, but somehow I got tangled within the crowd. I was actually at the furthest away point from the correct line for MP users.I asked twice one of the agents and he made me wait in line with everyone else. Perhaps it was my own fault that I didn’t explain that I was trying to use the MP line, but I couldn’t because he gave me no chance to ask questions. Luckily another officer saw my screen phone and guided me to the right line. The officer at the kiosk was extremely kind and friendly in the manner he explained to me where the correct line began and made me feel better. The App is useful, no doubt about it. It’s the customs officers that should be more helpful to those who are already tired and confused upon arrival. International airports should provide better directions to passengers. Good hospitality will guarantee more tourists return and invest in a new place.
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6 years ago, Okay for 2.99
If I could give it a negative I would
This was probably the worst experience of my life at any customs in any country, and I was traveling from a third world country. ATL needs to get their stuff together. We waited in that line for almost 2 hours with probably less than 20/30 people in front of me. What they don’t tell you is that if you start the mobile process, you can no longer get out of line and go to the regular which seemed to go by faster. When we complained to some of the CBH agents, the lady said that it was because it also served people in wheelchairs. There were almost no wheelchair people going by, that was such a ridiculous excuse. After the entire line got fed up and yelled at one of the agents, she came back and pulled everyone starting from a random spot in the middle and took them to a new line. All of us that were waiting in the very front for literally hours watched as people who waited less than us got pushed to a new line. This caused me to miss TWO flights and ended up staying in Atlanta for the night. The regular lines for customs were even more unorganized and seemed never ending. The staff is completely lazy and slow. Do yourself a favor and don’t even travel to the US if you have to go through Atlanta, it’s that bad. And for the love of god, do not use this stupid app there. Not sure how it’s at other airports but not here. I will never fly Delta or through ATL ever again.
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5 years ago, J.L. Haggart
Make your life easier... GET THIS APP.
This could not be an easier process. Used it twice April and January, and each time I breezed through the long lines of 150+ people waiting and filling out cards by hand. It takes less then 5 minutes to download and fill out the info and scan your passport. I downloaded it in the customs line last year and jumped out of line into the mobil line and it got me to make my flight, I would have easily missed had I waited in that long customs line. The custom receipt and questions are simple and takes only a minute or two.... really unless you bought over your amount to declare.... the answers are all NO... submit, get your app receipt and be ready to scan at customs counter. One thing... always have your phone opened to the app, and screen shot the receipt when it is approved on your phone, in app.... just in case it closes out or you swipe the app closed. No need to fill out those cards anymore.... and the wait time is so minimal.... this is literally like a like a theme park fast pass but through customs. Now if they would use it back and forth with other countries... THAT would be amazing!
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5 years ago, AryzTheFenix
Thankfully the passenger next to me told me about this app
Otherwise I would have never made my connecting flight in Atlanta. I came in after a 10 hour international flight and we were delayed at the gate leaving me only an hour to get through Customs, get my checked bag and re-check it then get through Security again. Thankfully another passenger told be about this app as it took me less than a minute to download it then another few minutes to answer the necessary Customs questions then take a pic of myself. As I walked up to the Customs processing line the "regular" processing line easily had 200+ people in it. But I walked right past that to the special Mobile Passport line which had about 10 people in it. I was through in less than 10 minutes. I'm sure it would taken at least 30-45 minutes to get through the "regular" line all the while I would have been stressing out admit missing my connecting flight. Thank you Mobile Passport for keeping me stress free and having 15 minutes to relax at the gate before I boarded my connecting flight. You should get this app if you do any international traveling!!
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6 years ago, Traveling Dave
Somewhat breeze through option
I used the app last night for the first time after a nearly full flight from Frankfurt. As soon as we landed, I switched on cell service, opened the app, quickly completed all the steps and question responses, and submitted my information to the Customs and Border Patrol. Within a minute I received the electronic entrance pass. After disembarking and making my way towards customs, I saw signs for traveler categories to include Mobile Pass which I followed along with about 15 ahead of me. I found there was only 1 agent managing our line, about 10 agents for people without Mobile Pass, and 3 agents handling travelers that pay $100 for 5 years of the Global Security prescreen service. My line move slowly as I still needed to show a passport and the electronic mobile pass form. Then what bewildered me was the agent asked me questions about where I flew in from and if I was bringing in several different types of items. Why is it he is asking me those questions when I answered those questions and certified my answers through the app. No wonder my line was not moving fast. With 10 agents setup for the general line, I suspect it would have been swifter for me in the general line.
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5 years ago, Sylvester P.
It works, BUT...
I’ve used the app in the past with success, but beware of a recent change requiring an expensive subscription fee to store passport details. Sure, you can use the app without the subscription, but you’ll need to enter passport details for and take a photo of every member of your party manually each trip. This would not be so bad, except if you do it too early the app will force you to delete the data and do it all over AGAIN. This is what happened to me. I did all the data entry during the flight (not ideal as it is) and then when I landed, I had to frantically do it all over again, on the plane, in the dark, for four people including two tired kids because the app decided it had stored the data too long. By the way, I would gladly pay a per-use fee for the app (say $5-$10) but I don’t travel internationally enough to justify the expensive subscription. I’m not sure I’ll bother with it again, especially since acceptance of the app at airports in the U.S. remains spotty, and implementation of the expedited process on the ground remains confusing and uneven. Too bad; there was a lot of promise here. The reality is the U.S. needs to revamp the immigration and customs process for the benefit of everyone, by default and for free.
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5 years ago, C Farber
A customs must-have
I can’t believe how few people seem to know about this. I first used it 3 years ago and it’s brilliant. You get to skip the giant line for the kiosk. Part of me wonders if CBP is prepared for this app to become popular though. Today at Miami international, I had never seen customs lines so long.. I went through the mobile passport line and it was amazing how quickly I got to an agent. But there was only 1 agent assigned to mobile passports. If another 5-10% of those people used this app, that line could take longer than going through the main line to the kiosks. Hopefully they can adapt if this app becomes more popular. Using the app is very easy, you enter your passport info and let it take a picture of you.. then when you land in the US port of entry you answer the normal questions regarding items brought into the country and it gives you a barcode.. simple as that. In fact the first time I used it, I heard about the app while in the customs line. I downloaded the app, got it set up by the time I got to the area where mobile users split off the line. That’s how quick and easy it is!
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5 years ago, dewcatcher
A pleasant surprise
After being on a long international flight, the last thing you want to do is wait on a long line to get through custom. But, I resisted downloading the app till I saw that there was a separate line for people using the app. And it was empty! The only tricky part with the app was taking your picture. The app needs to have it a certain way, just like your passport picture. It took a good few minutes to figure out how to take the picture. (There are 4 criteria and when it is met, a green dot appears next to it. Red dot when it is not. When you have all 4 green dots, take the picture!) otherwise, the picture will be rejected and you will not be able to complete the add passport process. I noticed most people on the line with me were having that problem. Anyway, I am pleasantly surprised, it saved me at least an hour waiting on line to get through custom. Definitely worth the download. And if you travel abroad regularly, definitely worth the upgrade to have the ability to save all your info on the app. Otherwise it deletes the info after 4 hours.
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6 years ago, mjwe
Only as good as the people who use it.
Great idea. Great app. I haven’t had any issues with it. My discontent is with the TSA employees that you must interact with in order to benefit from it. The woman directing people to the open counters at customs didn’t even look at me holding my phone up right in front of her face to point out the use of mobile passport. She called out a counter number and we went. We were immediately informed that mobile passport wasn’t accepted at that counter and the TSA agent directing people should have sent us to the other end. We walked back to her and were blamed for not informing her of our mobile passport use and sent to another agent. When we got there, he said he was not open and just sat there and stared at us. I explained that we were told to come here and was about to ask what we were supposed to do now but was cut-off by the agent so that he could explain the obvious which was that she must not have known that he wasn’t open. More silence and not a shred of help or even instruction. Finally, a decent human being employed by the TSA noticed that we were completely abandoned by the system and brought us to a counter to personally see us through. Great app. But useless without instruction or human support.
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5 years ago, Whit from Atlanta
Saved a lot of time with this app
There was a Virgin Atlantic airplane that landed at the same time as our southwest flight. The southwest flight had about 230 ppl on board. There were about 400 passengers on the virgin flight. The southwest flight attendants told us to hurry and get our things if we wanted to beat that huge plane through customs otherwise we’d have to wait behind 400 ppl. Someone on the flight mentioned this app. I downloaded it and had my information in it in 10 min. I was able to get through customs in 5 minutes. I have NEVER experienced that before. Thank you so much for the app. Only thing I could say is that it needs to be an easier, more intuitive way to change the airport in the app. I accidentally put that I was in Fort Lauderdale but I was really in Orlando. I couldn’t figure out how to change this in time bc the line moved so fast. The customs agent was nice enough to still let me go through bc my boyfriend had indicated the correct airport on his phone and we were together. All in all, I will definitely be using this again.
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3 years ago, DFW Aug21
Simplified Process, slower line
I’ve been a fan of the Mobile Pass option. However, I’ve been disappointed with the low priority users of the app has in line when being processed by customs agents. In DFW, the agents who clear US residents through customs also at the same time clear people who are in line with the Global Entry - so each time a global entry person steps up, they stop processing people with Mobile Pass and move Global entry customers ahead of those who have been waiting in line with the Mobile Pass. Yesterday, the general customs line was very long (hundreds). The Mobile Pass line had 20 people in line. I went in the Mobile Pass line and my friend who did not have the app went in the general line. I waited 29 minutes to reach a customs agent who was taking Global Entry individuals priority to me. My friend who was in line with hundreds of general customs individual cleared 5 minutes faster than I did… Excellent work to the agents working the general customs clearance on their efficiency. Very disappointed how the mobile pass line is managed and staffed. Many who were around me said it was the last time they would use this app if this was how the process was to be managed. I tend to be in agreement with them.
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6 years ago, Kqutie
Three stops instead of one!
First time using the app. My experience was frustrating. Entering data and receiving my QR was a breeze however at the customs window it all fell apart. First there was no internet service in the terminal so I could not get the app to open when in front of CBP so back to the line. Finally someone told me to pull up WiFi using the mobile passport WiFi access. Finally opened app and got through that check point. Note that a screen shot of the QR is no acceptable. Next we need to go through our final exit point. We show CBP the QR’s and they say that the QR on the screen is not what they need. They hand us an orange card and send us to secondary screening. Off we go to another line in another room where baggage and passengers are being heavily screened. CBP does not understand why we are there. We explain and they do not know what to do with us. They see our frustration as we explain that this was supposed to expedite and now we are at our third stop. Finally the pass through with no further questions. Clearly because they don’t know what to do Need to educate CBP at window level and put on faq that screen shots are not acceptable and app needs WiFi with CBP mobile access.
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6 years ago, noplanesonmap
Poorly managed line. Bad employees, too.
Came in from Paris last night into ATL at 5pm. The Mobile line was well marked to the right of the regular line. Except, I was shocked to see the airport employees were using the mobile line for all the wheelchair passengers and flight crews. I counted 17 wheelchairs and these were all passengers from the Qatar flight and glancing around over them they all were carrying non US passports. 1 CPB officer doing Mobile line while assisting regular line. The 3 airport employees who supposed to be helping the wheelchair passengers and keeping the line moving were laughing and joking around, not moving the line or paying any attention to the wheelchair passengers after they queued them up. Who, by the way, were not receiving care or attention from these 3 degenerate employees. I was in mobile line for 55 minutes. Is the process to utilize mobile line for wheelchair passengers and flight crews? CPB should have a dedicated line for the wheelchairs and passengers with needs so they’re treated with dignity and respect and can allow them to get them through customs as well, while keeping the mobile line open and moving and doing what it’s designed to do. Terrible first experience with mobile line. Just sign up for Global Entry and avoid this inefficient mess if this is how this line is going to be utilized by the airport.
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5 years ago, 🗻🏠🗻🏠🗻🏠🏩💒🏨💒🏩🏨
Missed our flight, terrible experience
We were in line but they were having problems with the system so they recommended we download the app to speed things up...bad idea. It seemed impossible to scan the passport with my phone, but once I finally got that done we exited the non-moving line but apparently the app only saved one of the 4 entries. You need to take a picture with each one, but I never saw that option til the end when the customs lady said I needed to start over. I wanted no part of that 10-15 minute frustration so she sent us to the kiosk where we quickly entered the data but my daughter got tagged randomly I suppose, so we were sent to a 20 minute line with only 1 customs person to do the U.S. citizens. Terrible planning by customs, we spent 50 minutes in customs and then missed our flight because we had to exit, recheck our bag, and deal with a 15-20 minute TSA line. Additionally, there were a few customs people standing around seemingly doing nothing, they seemed to have no empathy that many people were complaining about missing a flight, and they were generally grumpy/lethargic. Having just returned from Mexico, I can say their customs experience was much better. I am usually a staunch supporter of law enforcement, but customs now ranks down below the DMV in my mind.
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3 years ago, jeffkivo
Great App But Not Useful
I gave this app 5 stars because it worked great and was very easy to use, but I recently traveled from Liberia Costa Rica to Dallas Fort Worth and once I was at DFW airport we were shuttled into the usual lines to go through US Customs and once we got to the Customs window all the guy wanted to see was our passports. There was only one other line we could have gone through (where there was literally no one going through and that was the line for Prescreened Global Travelers and I did not want to get out of line to ask if this App would allow me to go through, so I did not find the app useful for me and my family. I did however fill out my declarations form for my family and used the app to transmit that information to Customs electronically and that was much simpler than the paper forms I have filled out before. Funny thing is that I was never given or asked to fill out a declarations form by either the flight attendant or a Customs agent. I don’t know, but I am very confused about its usefulness.
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7 years ago, Flying fly guy
Good app but very restrictive for Canadians
On arrival at Chicago O'Hare, I saw the signs and an agent encouraged us to use the app, for US or Canadian passport holders. As a Canadian with a green card, I thought this would be great. I went through the whole process with my Canadian passport, but at the final step it asks how long I'll be visiting. So I got scared to use it because of course I'm not a visitor but a resident. Nowhere did I come across an instruction that you need a B class visa. Now reading the description I see that it's mentioned, but I bet most people that use it, like me, are in the line, rushing to download, install, scan passport etc. So it would help a great deal to include a dialog if the scanned passport is Canadian, indicating that a B1 or B2 visa is required. Better yet, include a variation for green card holders. The app was very pleasing and it would have been so awesome if it could have accommodated me. Unfortunately it was a let-down for me. I ended up losing my place in the regular line as staff tried to help. So I gave only 4 stars. Thanks for reading the reviews and responding to some of them. I hope you'll be able to improve it this way soon.
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6 years ago, Rxo2356
App works, Service at the airport did NOT :(
Downloaded the app because a friend on our trip that flew back a few days before us tried it out and recommended it. App seems to work fine. Well designed, intuitive, and easy to use. I can see how it theoretically cuts down on time standing in line to get through customs. Unfortunately the four of us flying together who took the time to download the app scan our passports and answer the customs questions, didn’t actually get to see whether it cut down on any time or not at the airport (BWI) because when we got there the physical service was down and the line was closed off. It was a pretty big let down. When I asked the airport employees about it, three of them throughout the customs process had very strong opinions about the service and told us they hated it and it was more trouble than it’s worth. I can’t give more than 3 stars because no matter how well the app works, the service is very much part of the total package, so if it doesn’t work at all then as far as I’m concerned the app and service is not a success. 3 stars is generous. Best thing I can say is that it’s a good idea but the execution is poor.
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6 years ago, QueenZee1
A breeze though customs
While returning from my trip from Jamaica we ran into some storm in Miami so landing and deboarding. After we deboarded the plane I realize that there were several planes that were boarding the same time due to the storm and by the time we got to customs the lines were so long. I had short period of time to go through this process and get on my connecting flight to my final destination. The lines were super long we were ushered into a different line which was a mistake by the Officer. Another officer came and ask if we were already processed and we responded no. The officer was so upset he then asked who had the mobile app to come with him. I didn’t have it at the time, I quickly downloaded it and scanned my passport and my kids passport and went through the questions on the app and I went through the line and I just breezed through leaving hundreds of people waiting to be processed. The officer didn’t even look at my phone he just scanned the passports and he were done. I highly recommend this app.
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5 years ago, Mohamedh15
Travel Must-Have
I’m an avid flyer, so I frequently leave the country and always struggle with planning long enough layovers to accommodate the customs process. With the addition of the kiosks, I was waiting up to two-three hours depending on the number of flights arriving at the same time. Recently, I had a two hour layover in Dallas and arrived with two other flights, so naturally I worried about not making it in time. In a panic, I downloaded the Mobile Passport app to see if I could get into the shorter line and was pleasantly surprised to see that it took less than five minutes to fill out the form for me and my sister. The longest part of my customs experience was waiting to see and agent. It took me less than an hour to see an agent. The agent swiped my passport and my sister’s and sent us along. No questions, no stamping, just swipe and go. I would definitely recommend this app to streamline the customs process for eligible travelers, since it eliminates the need to wait in two lines, one for the kiosks and the other to see the agent. 5/5!!
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7 years ago, emjae
This is a great app!!! I was installing it when I went through Immigration when one of the ushers said I couldn't use the cellphone, then he realized I was finishing up setting my profile. He pulled me out of the line and helped me finish my profile, then brought me to another line where there was no one in it. I went through and the officer asked me where I live and scan my phone. That was it, then I went to baggage claim and my baggage was already there. Got my baggage went through the customs line and he asked for the picture. I said I don't have one because I used the mobile app. Then he directed me to between 5 & 6. I went there and the officer asked me what I was doing. I answered "I don't know, he told me to come between 5 & 6. I used the mobile app." Then he said, "Oh, go ahead and scan your thing". I scanned it and I was through. I never zipped through the airport like that. The guy said, next time I can do it while I'm on the plane before I disembark. I barely was awake when I got through!!!! This is really a great app!!
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6 years ago, Gary the Gracious
I am Truly Mystified
I cannot understand for the life of me why more people, or everyone who travels, doesn’t use this App. It has shortened my customs walk through to about 30 seconds in most cases, from beginning to end. The whole customs process takes that long. Seriously. I even hesitated to write this review for fear more people would start using this app and the lines would grow. But alas, I owe it to the app makers to attest to the fact this is one of the most valuable apps I have. I travel overseas often and encountered a couple of glitches when I was first using it a couple years ago, but since then it has been smooth sailing, or flying. People are morons. That’s the only reason I can think of that more aren’t using this. Skip the lines. Use this app. Free up more time to sit and wait for your luggage or, if you’re a genius like I am, to not wait for your luggage because you packed everything in carry-on and just go through to a nice lounge on the other side of security. Don’t be a moron. Be a genius. Use this app.
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5 years ago, NewVeganite
Skipped the longest customs line I have ever seen
Even though I have Global Entry ($100 fee + interview), my family does not. So, I set up the (free + no interview) app for myself and my family before we left the country. Upon returning from holiday, we initially encountered the longest customs line I have ever seen at O’Hare. It wrapped into hallways beyond the already large customs area and, by my guess, must have 300+ people long. Then a customs official called for anyone with Mobile Passport for which I eagerly raised my hand. We were then escorted right up to the front of the line to an agent designated just for Mobile Passport users. My only complaints are 1) there were no clear directions for where MP users were to go and not even the agents we passed could tell us even though we were TELLING THEM that we had MP, so we initially had to get in the long line until someone pulled us out and 2) we had to both scan the codes in our app and show our passport anyway *TWICE* before getting out of the airport, which seemed like overkill. Still, massive improvement over what we would have endured otherwise.
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5 years ago, Yusuf Talal
The Real Deal
I’ve been coming back home to the USA from business trips abroad for years. If I’ve noticed one thing, it’s that more people travel by air. As a consequence, lines at US immigrations are getting longer and longer at every airport. I started using the govt’s GOES Pass ID three years ago and it was wonderful. But Mobile Pass outdoes even that because you have to use a kiosk in the airport and now you have to line up to use them. But Mobile Passport lets you skip all of that. No lines, no waiting, no worrying about connecting flights. This app is the future, and the future is now. I can’t say enough about it. But I will. Yesterday at the airport when I walked into the greatly-populated immigrations hall, I saw the Mobile Passport sign, strolled over, and found only two people ahead of me while, only yards away, several hundred of our fellow citizens stood in a line that snaked back and forth for the length and breadth of the hall! Thank you Mobile Passport! I was through and on my way in less than three minutes!
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5 years ago, Unhappy&Unsatisfied
Great app, horrible airport
You would think, since the JFK Airport receives so many international flights, there would be better communication between this app and whoever handles checking for mobile passports at customs. The app itself is user friendly, instructions were easy to follow and all my information was accepted easily. However, once I landed and was ready to breeze through the checkouts, as many other reviewers attested that this app was helpful in saving time, I was rudely stopped by an employee who told me that there was no one to check my app. Took her 10 minutes to walk to the back, talk to someone, and give me that information. Did not even try to find a qualified person to check me out, just left me to go to the machines. So while the app itself works great, what is it’s purpose if there is no one at the airport to utilize it. Again, this happened at JFK Airport. Also, while I am making this review there are a couple of employees just a couple of steps away gossiping and no one at the customs counter, of which there is only one open to process hundreds of people.
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6 years ago, Katbody10
Speedy process - FREE
Very efficient - great option over Global Entry if you haven’t paid for that option. Mobile pass is free and can be used again and again. Retains all passengers traveling together on one device (family members, couples traveling together). No need to fill out the paper form when returning to the U.S. Download the app - use your cellphone camera to scan your passport. Take a selfie and your information is stored in the app. Be sure to have it downloaded before you travel. No need to re-enter your passport or picture on future travels. Upon landing - just select which travelers are going through customs with you, and the airline you’re traveling on. The receipt in the app is good for 4 hours upon submitting. That’s it! 😍 Hit the mobile pass lane(s) and you’re through customs before you know it! We were through customs and collected our bags within 30 minutes of landing at Washington-Dulles (IAD). Sure beats standing in line behind 300+ people from your flight and other flights arriving at the same time!
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6 years ago, Acroplis2
Must have travel accessory!
I’ve been on vacation to Europe twice now. The first time returning from Italy seeing people with this app quickly breeze through customs as we waited in along line to hand in our customs form. I saw posters and such about this app. The ones with this waiting! Fast forward to last night. We returned from London, used the app and we too were the ones that quickly breezed through customs; only one person ahead of us. There were hundreds in queue waiting to hand in their paper form and get processed through customs (NYC arrival both trips). However there are special lanes for users of the Mobile Passport app. As soon as you land you fill the form out on the app (while on plane taxiing to gate) and it generates a receipt for you and if necessary your entire family. Then you’re ready to be the envy of those other weary travelers. I setup at home however a friend traveling with us did hers quickly on the plane while taxiing to the gate (after I told her about it). I’d pay for this app.
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6 years ago, savvyshopper2022
Easy, breezy entrance through customs
I used this app for the first time yesterday. I had read the instructions (and many reviews), and I was able to set up my profile before I left on my trip. The hard part is scanning the passport into the app. The scanner is sensitive to glare, so give yourself plenty of time with that part of the process. The great part was getting through Customs so quickly! The lines for Mobile Pass at SFO are clearly marked. I was the 3rd person in line and got through the entire process and out to baggage claim (including wait time) in 5-6 minutes. One thing to be aware of: after the agent reviewed my passport, he slipped a laminated paper pass inside without telling me. It was supposed to be handed to the final customs agent at the baggage claim exit, along with showing the app on my phone one more time. Not knowing this, there was a minute of confusion, but we got it cleared up quickly. I had explained to the first agent that this was my first time using the app, so an explanation about turning in the paper would have been appreciated. All in all, a big time saver.
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6 years ago, rggmeg
The concept of the app is great, to save paper and time, but when you arrive at customs it isn’t at all clear what you now do. It may be set up differently in each airport so I’m describing our arrival at Boston Logan airport. There were sections labeled for Global Entry, regular lines and then a sign for Mobile Passport with a lot of kiosks set up. That didn’t seem like what we expected so I asked an agent and he pointed to the MP kiosk area and said just be sure to scan the barcode, which implied you went to a kiosk. There was no place on the kiosk to scan the barcode and in fact you were just doing the same thing standing at the kiosk, scanning your passport, having a photo taken and answering the questions, as you had already done on the app. We did that and it spit out a paper to take to the next agent, following the usual routine. Doing a lot of searching it sounds like we should have just walked past the kiosks to that agent, showed him the app was completed and he would have sent us directly to the next agent to scan the app and look at our passports. It would get you through faster if that was all clearly explained.
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7 years ago, masterdad7479
Almost as good as Global Entry
I've used the app numerous times at EWR, IAD and ORD. Sometimes signage of exactly where to go has been weak but in recent months better--like sometimes at EWR and IAD they had the nylon fabric barrier extended between the pylons like the way was closed, but when I asked they opened them. Sometimes at EWR you're directed to a couple agents who also deal with special cases like diplomatic or special visa entry, so although the line is short it can take longer than you expect -- worst case was 15 minutes, though still shorter than the regular line. But usually like today the delay was a minute or less. My last comment is that at ORD, my experience the last couple months has been that they just direct you to walk where everyone else goes, so your only benefit is you pass by other people who have to stop at the kiosks to enter their data. But if other flights have arrived just before yours, people are already past that step and stacked up, and the app is of no benefit. Summary: app is great; government partners are ok at EWR and IAD, but ORD has been disappointing.
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6 years ago, nightcrawler1215
App itself works fine but maybe I’m more upset with the fact that we certainly didn’t “breeze” through customs. The blame should maybe be on Newark airport, which yet again, was another joke coming home from an international flight. Signs could be better. If it’s your first time using it you expect a dedicated line and may not assume to just walk past everyone wasting time at the kiosks that don’t have the app. Then you’d expect a dedicated line and a much faster line for mobile passport users to the customs agents but we didn’t really experience that. We did go in a shorter line but so did people without the app and then like only Newark can, the hundreds of people waiting to go through customs have just two lines open, with each agent mysteriously taking breaks or walking travelers to another area....I mean the entire process is laughable. Again, the app works but what’s the point if it barely saves anytime at the airport? Just my two cents. Maybe it’s just my experience, maybe just Newark, who knows. All I know is it didn’t save a ton of time so until things improve I wouldn’t get my hopes up.
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5 years ago, bskcndiskenxixn
Mobile Passport actually made me miss my connecting flight
I knew that an hour twenty minutes wasn’t a huge amount of time to switch flights when entering the US from an international flight but felt it should’ve been sufficient considering I didn’t check any bags. I entered all my info on the app when landing in Ft Lauderdale. However once in the building the app wouldn’t open up. I kept trying and it was just frozen. I eventually had to restart my phone. By this point I was almost to the kiosks. So I move onto the line for passport control. As I was on a short connection they called out my flight to get into a shorter line. This line ended up being longer as I watched the people I was behind and in front of fly through their line. By the time I get to a CBP Officer I’m told I’m in the wrong line and have to go back to the original line I had been informed Mobile Passport. I finally get through the security check just in time to see my plane at the gate with the doors closed. I’m now stuck in Ft Lauderdale overnight with no compensation as it was not the airlines fault. Somehow this system did not help me. In theory it should and I hope it can be a smoother process in the future.
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