Modanisa: Online Fashion Shop

4.7 (29.6K)
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11 months ago
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User Reviews for Modanisa: Online Fashion Shop

4.7 out of 5
29.6K Ratings
2 years ago, eik29
Always the best quality
I have ordered so many times from modanisa. I ordered under my mom’s account, and let me tell you they have not disappointed even once. I love the clothes I bought from them they were very nice quality, I wish I could find that quality where i live. I always have problems finding comfortable shoes and so far modanisa has both comfortable AND cute shoes. They solved my shoe problem, for years I had problems finding a good place to buy shoes. I did a lot of online shopping from modanisa so i was uneasy bc i thought i would have to do a lot of returning (from my experience doing online shopping in america) but I have rarely returned anything that i chose and ordered online. I realized that when someone actually does their job properly like they actually care, you end up liking the product the moment you receive it. I cant go shopping where i live, there are no nice modest clothes like there is at modanisa. I wish I could go back to Turkiye and order more outfits and shoes. I have not tried their international shipping but I plan to. I don't know if you have plans to or not but please come to America 😢. Love modanisa and all of its products ❤️.
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4 years ago, Millionaire_mind
Always pleasant experience & great deal for modest clothing.
I have read some negative reviews, I do not understand why so? When you buy something online, you must keep open mind, as you’re not looking at the color life, not feeling the fabric in your hand, and you’re not trying it for fitting, They have size guide to help us, I never returned any item back to Modanisa, I bought lots of gifts for my relatives, cousins, sisters. Love the variety of modest yet trendy clothing, also thwir instant hijabs worth the money. I typically match the complete dress and buy. Love the sell time. I will definitely be repeating customer as I’ve been. They ship it super fast via fedex, I ordered an item yesterday, in the morning is showed preparing and now already dispatched via Fedex, so ordered on 4th and getting delivered on 9th including weekends. Love them so much. Salam
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1 year ago, bbcfollowme
I had to wait more time then they told me and bad quality
So I ordered my package in the beginning of April. They told me from the 18-21 it would come. This order was so important because it was my Eid fit. I was just hoping that it would come b4 the 20th. It didn’t. Not only that. It came in today. May 4. I was/ am so upset and mad. I opened my package hoping that the everything is good. When I saw the dress, it was not like the picture AT ALL! And it had a stain right in the middle. The hijab isn’t the Color like it described. So now, not only do I have a VERY late package, but i can’t even be happy about the things that I bought. I am returning it ofcourse, when I return it, i have to give a delivery fee of $12+. Im just wasting my time and energy. This is the worst, i tried contacting an assistant all throughout this, it just kept giving me the loading screen. I am so disappointed, especially because I saw SO many good reviews, and this is my first time buying. I really thought I would at least be satisfied with what I got. Everything is horrible. Never buying here again. A waste of my hard earned money and time. I regret ordering my Eid fit on here, ruined my Eid and now… i don’t even have the energy to write anymore but hope u get the point. bye. (If I could give negative stars I would Modanisa, you guys disappointed)
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5 years ago, Shima Mima
My order got cancel on its own
I spent 3 days browsing the website looking for bunch of maternity clothes as my clothes don’t fit and finally bought 12 pieces and placed my order on October 17th 2019. I kept on checking for my order status, on October 21st it said that waiting for supply, then on the 25th of October it said dispatching and today on the 26th of October I checked and it said order canceled. Then I did the live chat with customer service with a person named Burhan. When I asked him why did my order get canceled he said “sorry mam’ one of your item had a defect and because we thought you might want to combine two items of clothes together we canceled your order” I was so upset as I was traveling in 3 days and needed my clothes. I don’t understand why they didn’t contact me and let me know I would have still wanted the 11 items that is in good condition. But somehow they made and assumption that the piece of cloth with the defect need to be matched with an another item therefore cancel the whole order. This Burhan person was extremely rude and kept on saying different things. He was not apologetic at all. I’m so so so disappointed as I’ve been a customer since 2016 and have recommended this website to many.
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I ordered from this company on May 11,2021. There was three boxes sent to my house and three charges were made to two separate accounts. I kept one box and returned the other two directly to the FedEx driver. Since May 11 to now November 4,2021 I have contacted Modanisa SEVEN times for a proper refund. They refunded the INCORRECT ORDER and charged me for TWO ORDERS. I advised them to reverse the refund and charge it correctly to my account and provide the proper refund for the boxes that were returned and to charge me for what I had. Out of THREE boxes I only kept ONE. I am still being charged for TWO. I provided PROOF of a return label. Their associates had the audacity to ask me if I had the boxes in my house! I have returned them, provided you PROOF OF RETURN! I am showing you my order numbers. NEVER EVER DOING ANY BUSINESS WITH THEM. They act like they care but they truly don’t. It is not the consumers issue if there is an error with your shipping partners. That is your responsibility as a company to handle it. It should be handled without any expense to the consumer. What a waste of my time trying to buy modest clothing with an IMMODEST company
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3 years ago, rebmaayol
Love hate relationship
I love Modanisa and their affordable prices. I also love their wide variety to choose from. However, the sizes are often unpredictable. As well as the fabric. It’s like a gamble you never know what you're going to get until you receive it. Which is why I dont like to purchase anything expensive from their website because of the tricky sizes. I am also unable to leave reviews of certain items I have purchased from them on their App. The option is always greyed out so I am unable to select the “Leave a review” option. Not sure what I am doing wrong I have seen so many others review items but I am unable to. However, I must applaud their customer service! They have always helped me whenever my order has gone wrong and they are very prompt at responding! They do spam you with a tonne of emails to leave feedback to know if your problem has been resolved. So I’d give it 4/5 stars.
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3 years ago, Emina Hasancevic
Great experience
I had some Issues at the beginning, but it was a misunderstanding and still they did great and the Costimer service was great and so helpful. I like everything About them till now. For me most Inpotrant is Costimer service and to see people really work about your problem or Concerns that Maybe you can have. All people make mistakes and we are not perfect and the problem start usually when they need to fix it. And there you see really how is the service and the Management, how the company is working. And the clothes that I received are great with a even greater price. I love them will always bay from them. 💛
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4 years ago, Bella Abdul-Azeez
Customer service is TRASH! The worst I’ve ever had to deal with! Ordered a package over two weeks ago and have yet to receive it. I emailed them 5 times! No response. I’ve chatted with 6 different people with in the company and still they have done nothing. I have been ordering from them for years now and never had a problem but now that I see how bad customer service is I wish I Never spent a dime! Please please please do not trust them. The people are rude and will send you in circles. Giving you no information at ALL! They keep telling me “we will contacts you soon” but I have yet to get a email. ❌❌This website is a SCAM!! ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌ If something happened to your order on their part they take no accountability and act as if it’s your fault. They don’t seem to like giving you your money back even though I never received the package. The the Ups status hasn’t changed! This is very frustrating I spent almost $300 on them all for NOTHING!
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3 years ago, I want a nickname
Problem with the app
I love their clothes so much! But they need to fix their app. I am on diet so I have no more cloths fitting me. I started adding clothes to my cart on the app and I reached up to 700$, then I slept to finish adding other things and pay in the next day. In the next day was my disappointing surprise! The app erased all the items in my cart and I found nothing left in it!!! I thought maybe all items are sold out but NO they were still available on the website! I couldn’t do the search again bc already the previous search took almost 6 hours so I am not going to search for the items that were erased from my cart by the app again. Please fix this problem bc it is very frustrating.. this happened yesterday January 15th 2021.
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2 years ago, freebeegr8
Absolutely loving it!
Once I learned how Modanisa has different design names for different shapes and types of body, I never got the wrong dress size or material. You have to learn which designs are for girls and which are for women, also read the material and size under the display pictures. Use 2 size big if you like to wear comfortable fit. Use 1 size up if you like to wear modest and good shape dress. Use exact same size and it’ll fit you like made for you, but then plan to wear a cardigan or cover to be modestly presented as Muslim women.
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2 years ago, Entesar Mohamed
Modanisa Lost My Package and Doesn’t Send A Refund
I made my order month ago, but I didn’t receive it, I keep contacting the customer service every day, they say that my package lost and the cargo company is making an investigation and they can’t send A REFUND until the cargo company replies.. Actually, this is not the customer’s fault to wait for one month without receiving a replacement or refund because the cargo company lost my package. So bad experience and wasting money. Update: Until now Modanisa doesn’t send me my order or my money back, the customer service just asking me to keep waiting. They don’t take the issue seriously and doesn’t take the responsibility if the cargo company lost your package. I am really disappointed. Update: Two months passed and I didn’t receive my order or the refund.. Don’t Buy from Modanisa..
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3 years ago, Mounmoun93
Do not recommend
I bought from them several times. I agree that they have some nice clothes and some are very bad. Unfortunately, you can’t tell from images posted on the application. Be aware that the same size differs from one seller to another. The problem is that You have to pay to return the ones that don’t fit. Also, even though they say on the website you can exchange, in real life they don’t do that. I wanted to pay return shipment fees, it turned out I won’t get a full refund (it’s about half the prices I payed). Their customer service was not helpful either. When I told them that the website claims stuff that aren’t true, all they did was saying sorry we can’t help. It’s sad that they’re the only website for hijabies I know of. Still, I won’t buy from them again !
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5 years ago, sm 🙃
Colors weren’t matching with the pictures.
I still have not gotten the yellow hijab which I had bought. I had gotten a mustard hijab which I had not asked for. The label says harden instead of yellow like the postings. Most of the hijabs I had ordered from this site had issues with the colors. Grey came out to be green, muave came out to be purple, white turned out to be off white. They look nothing like the pictures. I was told the yellow hijab would be shipped out & once I receive it, & I should return the mustard one. But I have not received it. Nor have received a tracking number. It’s been two weeks. I was very upset with this issue since I liked this app because of its clothing and easy to find modest clothing. But I also had problems with abayas, navy blue came out to be black?? This app can be very tricky.
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3 years ago, banmoh
False advertisements
Sometimes you put discount coupons for some discounts or ads for free marketing and free returns, but it turns out that they are only to attract the buyer, and he cannot use them, and sometimes the pictures are more beautiful than reality, as the colors in the pictures are modified or different with the lighting, do not give the right impression of the product, And some products do not contain the details of the measurements as it is on the model and do not display the measurements of the model, we need them for all products, because the approved standard measurement table does not apply to all products, and sometimes the prices of goods are very high
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3 years ago, Rashmy🧕🏽
I like modanisa and I’m a longtime customer but the only negative issue is that there’s no exchange even if you buy the wrong size. And the sizes are not always the same for all the brands which makes people angry. And even if you receive a defective item, you have to add your money to send the item back (which is insane)so that they can do a refund. And the return is more expensive than the item itself: I don't understand why they do that to their customers. I just realize that they don't accept to lose. Yet I'm still their customer anyway. They have modest and cheap stuff.
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2 years ago, summar$
DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. Worst Customer Service
This is a Pathetic Company, with zero customer service. They lure you into buying but cheat you, the quality is also pathetic. i only bought here because they have modest clothing, sent pathetic wrong sizes so many times and then won’t return, won’t refund. Send you birthday coupons that never work. they reply in days and treat you like trash, they sent me a coupon, i had alot of stuff to buy but it stopped working, since it was past it expiry in turkey, but 6 hrs past midnight where i lived. thats absurd, i am not a time traveller and i had no idea i had to use it on turkey time even though i live seas apart. they never returned my coupon but gave me a stupid 10% in return for 50%. DON’T waste your money. You are going to regret big time.
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4 years ago, Umm Rayyan
Edit and cancel
Good so far, i enjoy shopping here but they need to edit their information about “cancel and editing” order because on the app it tells you you can cancel OR edit your order but when you try to edit it, you have to cancel the whole order and place a new one quickly and risk losing whatever you bought. I lost one shoe trying to reorder, somebody else bought it as soon as it was out of my basket. So either give people the option to edit their order as they wish or remove that option so we know we cannot edit once purchased. Other than that i love everything!🌸
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2 years ago, gh FF hug g if g
My Latest Reviews of Modanisa
I am writing my review of the products and I am sorry that the fabrics are not what they used to be, and the item shown on the site when I order it is not like the one in the picture, just worse. I have been ordering from Modanisa since I came to the U.S. four years ago and my friends have been asking for it as well and we are glad that it is a special site in terms of fabric and models for Hijab and the prices are also suitable, but in the recent period they did not return to what they were, and many of my friends did not want to order from this site and did not recommend it. I hope the products would come back as good as they were.
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4 years ago, Ahlam Soliman
Best modesty clothes
I have been buying clothes from Modanisa for 4 yrs now after I moved to the States. I was desperate that I might not be able to stick to Muslim women modesty. I came across the website and made few orders before I started to use the app. The app is amazing so easy and notifies me with offers and price drop. The shipping estimated in most cases is accurate. The measures are accurate. Their returning policy before was not great but now they made it so much easier. I wrote a feedback about their previous returning policy and I think they listen. Overall, I love Modanisa
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6 years ago, BilqisMakeda
Modanisa is great!!!
It’s been so hard to find modest clothing. I was really struggling to find clothes for myself and my daughter, then a friend told me about modanisa. It has been awesome finding modest and reasonably priced without having to look virtually everywhere. I would have given this app 5stars except...... I’m really annoyed by the fact that I can’t get to things from the cart. I would like if this was changed. Everything else is great though. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this app and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for more modest fashion.
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3 years ago, elsahaydee
Best dresses
You are the only website/app where I find the best styles in dresses, coats, anything!! I normally wear dresses and people would ask me where I find them. I always tell them to go to your website or get the app. I am in love with your products. My husband finally agrees to me shopping online. There is not a single dress he does not like. I love you and thank all the persons that craft these clothes. God bless you all. Thanks for making me feel so pretty and unique.
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3 years ago, mary_abu97
Never sent my items.
Listen I’m a Muslim who loves to support Muslim owned businesses but Modanisa’s customer support is one of the worst I’ve ever dealt with. I ordered 12 items from Modanisa and I was sent only 4 and it has been over a month and they haven’t and seems like won’t send me the rest of my items and won’t even give me a refund. They are just ignoring me. I’ve been emailing them and they reply once every week or two if even, I can count on one hand how many replies I’ve had in this past month. And to top it off they tried to close the so called “investigation” they opened for my case. They stole my money from me. It’s sad because I love the products that I did receive and I just wish they sent me the rest of them.
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3 years ago, ApertureQueen
Don’t do it!!!
I would give them negative 5 stars if I could. I orders some dresses for Eid and I still haven’t received them. FedEx said the box arrived to the US empty. I have been contacting Modanisa since before Eid trying to get my order reshipped. They refuse to send my order. They said they have to investigate this, even though FedEx said they reached out to the company on May 6th when they received the empty box. Modanisa still doesn’t have an answer as to what is going on or when they will be sending my order again. They just keep saying “we are investigating the situation.” This order was $238. $238 of my money is being held hostage for almost a month. I placed the order on 24 May and I still don’t have my items nor my money!
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3 years ago, saidayhamayham5311
Good quality
Ordered from them three times got the packages on time good quality everything was there and it’s really easy to navigate through the app the only thing that I have an issue is when you want to buy more than one thing you can’t for example I want to buy more of the same thing they don’t have a quantity I can’t buy but one thing at a time that’s the only downfall other than that it really is nice quality clothes they do have guide lines to help you figure out the size
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2 years ago, YulyaAzam85
I was charged twice and never got refund
I was charged twice for my one time purchase in June. When I tried to submit order the pop up message appeared that my submission has failed. I submitted it again as it failed first time. When two packages had arrived with same items, I checked my account and found out they charged me twice. I contacted support team with the issue sending them order details and explaining what happened . The response came asking me to provide order details which I already had done in my first email. After second email to them with order info they didn’t reach me back. I literally was robbed for more then $60.
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3 years ago, ikra javed
Overall great app- super affordable stuff
I’ve ordered several things from here and my friends have gifted me things/ a tunic, a skirt, dresses, even jeans and I’m going to order some underscarves soon. It really is awesome! They ship the order within a few days and it arrives in a week or two tops the whole process. The clothes are as shown. Make sure you get your sizes right. I always go a size up. Everything is super cheap!!! A gem for Muslim modest wear
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2 years ago, bobxdm
I absolutely love everything about Modanisa. They have a wide variety of sizes and all the clothes are cute. They even have extra things like makeup and shoes and accessories. They have different types of modest clothing so that it makes your journey and your comfortability easier. Everyone’s journey is their own and I would recommend this app to anyone Muslim or not. Also just to finish out saying that orders arrive at a great time.
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1 year ago, SweetlyYoursHadia
Love this app!!!
I always shop on here and the quality is amazing and the amount of modest clothing is incredible and it’s definitely worth it to spend more to get good quality clothes and I just absolutely love this app so much!! The only thing is the new update removed the bookmark to my list on Modanisa so other than that it is good. I hope that they add it back so that I can add items to my list again.
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3 years ago, christine27613
Beautiful modest clothing that you can’t find anywhere else
I love the clothes from Modanisa! When you wear hijab, you are so limited to what you can choose fro, especially living in the US. Modanisa offers modest trendy clothes at a reasonable price and the delivery is as quick as possible! I am very happy to have amazing styles in every imaginable color at my fingertips with the easy to use app! Thank you for catering to the modest women of the world!!
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5 years ago, Mo-kash
Great app and easy to use
Love shopping on Modanisa app but there are a few glitches that are frustrating. Seems like I can only have a limited number of favorites saved and if I want to delete, you have to delete them in the order they are in. So for example if I have 2 items in one row, I have to delete the item on the left to delete the item on the right even if I don’t want to delete the item on the left.
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5 years ago, Cool dani
Love it
Best place for modest clothing! I dislike some stuff about the site (some shirts are too long, i wish there were more diverse lengths of shirts. Also some shirts have short/tight sleeves which just dont look good. Some of shirts are “too much” or “too creative” and are not something a normal person would want to buy/wear). But otherwise i love the site, prices are reasonable (i buy when there are sales otherwise the regular prices are a bit too high).
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4 years ago, hcmhcfjy kgddjjcfjjvxdeadhjk
The worst company ever
You will be happy in the beginning like me with Modanisa but not for too long .. I bought lot of clothes that are not matching the pictures ,the quality was horrible and ugly even the sizes were not ok .. when I returned them I paid double price for the company of cargo more than one month am waiting for my money and each time I send an email they don’t reply .. I called them the people who work in the customer service don’t know anything they kept apologizing that’s all .... horrible service For more than one month am waiting to get my money back with no results... now 2 months waiting for my money back with no results BiG thieves that’s all
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2 years ago, Nazu_08
Payment problem
The clothes are good I guess. 2 days ago I was ordering. I went step by step, when I was doing payment I put my card information but it said it not correct information, I checked my card information 4 times everything was correct I don't know why they were saying information is not correct. Then I was I like let it be I don't want to order. In the app it shows the payment it not complete and also the order was not shipped but they cut the payment from my card but In the app there is no order. So please careful don't give your card information this app is not safe.
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1 year ago, gfhxrhg
I have shopped always from modanisa and I alway loved there dresses, but this past one month prices went too high like really high 3-4 time’s expensive than before and I don’t understand why , dress that I purchased before for 50$ now is $250 there is huge price difference, please drop your price and gain your old customers back ( first me;)) Thank you
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3 years ago, birselzengin
Missing belt and wrong website description
I had a suit from here they did not send the belt included in description and they wrongly describing the items in there I got a selma sari design tunic which is supposed to be cotton but it is 100% polyester. And one more item from them I even could not wear a one time. it just fell apart in my hands the fabric was so cheap and very low quality . I have contacted them through WhatsApp and via email in this matter , but they have not provide a solution yet for any of those issues . Do not waste your money on cheap quality and no trustable brands and peoples!!! Disappointed !!!!
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4 years ago, Mime Rahman
Excellent Customer Service
I read a lot of negative comments about customer service but I felt they improved their customer service. I have been buying online since 2 years form their website. Recently I ordered three items but they canceled one because the size was out of stock. I called their customer service, they refund my money with in 3 days, send me a gift and a apology note.
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2 years ago, yasmineameen
Better Than expected
Just received all my order . While they didn’t have some items they sent me a nice note and a small gift to compensate for it. The materials have gotten much better and size are true to fit. The dresses come alittle long so i do have to alter a few of them . Overall very happy with modanisa wishing them great success !
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6 years ago, nourjllw
The worst customer services
I have been always buying from them even some items dont like it but I never imagined I will have problem with them ,I ordered some items and they put the wrong adress it’s not my fault it’s them should be express shipping,but after 2 weeks I didn’t receive my package I emailed them 3 times no answer,I decided to call the customer services they said gonna fix the problem but after one month no answer on my emails or fix the problem or send me new package to fix them fault I just wanted to write a review and go to my PayPal ask to refund I will never buy from them.
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2 years ago, mehjbij
I feel total content
Modanisa makes feel completely modest and cover, this how women should be fully covered, humble , you don’t need to do anything to be noticeable at all ! It’s not just opinion it’s FACT. you will be noticed anyway, us each individual women is like a treasure, what is hidden is a true beauty , so cover fully for sake of ALLAH SWT. You will find contentment !
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3 years ago, hsgsyb
We need close ups of the clothes
I wish there was a close up and that we could make the photo bigger and see clearly when we close up! This will help with identifying the clothes type and the cloth materials! I ordered dresses a while back thinking they are silk but when they arrived I was very surprised to see the cloth type so rough and gets wrinkled easily; so I had to return! Other than that I love it
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6 years ago, Mervolution
Easy to use app
Great app. Very easy to navigate. Sometimes it’s hard to narrow down on categories because there are so many options but that’s ok. One big issue I have that prevented it from being 5 stars is that I can’t click on the items in my cart to review again so it’s a very annoying process trying to search and find the item again to review and compare to another item I am thinking of buying.
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3 years ago, Umu Issa
A happy costume!
This app help me so much with my daughter clothes especially where we live is hard to find Muslim clothes. I’m so thankful for this app. My only concern is that sometimes the size is off, but overall they have excellent quality and amazing dresses for AFFORDABLE PRICE. I have ordered items multiple times and everything has came on time.
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4 years ago, stop taking my
An honest review
Customer service is terrible. I tried emailing them because i bought a skirt which was basically deformed... the sewing was very off. I wanted a replacement and still do. They didnt reply. Otherwise good clothes at reasonable prices during sales. Tho i dont like how a lot of the tunics are too long, wish they had more variety when it comes to length. I dont like that the shipping price increased which discourages me from buying as often.
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4 years ago, Sophie.kq
so good!
i'm in love with this app! my mother and i bought hijabs for the first time on this and they cane so fast! Hijabs are so beautiful, in good condition, and are what they look like on the pictures. I had no problems with this app. What so ever, when you order something, you do have to call your bank if your using credit since it's safety and is a Turkish app.
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3 years ago, lovespeace99
Not very happy with the customer service
It’s a hit or miss on this clothing website. I’ve purchased a few outfits from here. Some were great and with others the return was a nightmare sorry. The return policy is not easy. There’s no local telephone number listed. The number on their website is from turkey (remember you will be charged for international call🙄)If you are not satisfied with their clothing all you can do is donate to goodwill😂
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5 years ago, It's favorite translator ❤️
Don’t trust them
I do text them on their page on facebook and customer service since three months , they didn’t help , I did not receive my shipment because customs did not recognize this company then they returned my shipment to Turkey . I told them I want my money each time they just sent to me the same message that said I have to wait 14 days. After 14 days I text them again and they just kept sending to me the exact same message 14 days again they do nothing they can’t help you . you will lose your money. I live in United States, if you live there be careful
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3 years ago, UmmSafiah
Great styles, affordable prices!
I've purchased a number of items (dresses, coars, hijabs, accessories) over the last few years, and have been very pleased every time, mashAllah. I enjoy shopping Modanisa because I find styles and colors that I like, the service is wonderful, and the delivery is amazingly prompt, even here in the USA!!
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3 years ago, Puzzled171919991
There’s lots of work to be done…
Modanisa site and its app need lots of improvements to be shopper friendly. For starters the item description boxes are empty or aren’t accurate. They use a single* measurement guide and their garments range in size and fit across all their brands and even within brands the sizing is varied (ie a size 14 in Arkan as a brand can range from standard to very large) You can’t sort in the app by price and the filters you can sort by are not what a “typical” American shopper is used to. Will still use the app over the site though.
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2 years ago, Ayeshasub7
Hi, Love and very excited about my purchases. I’ve never in the past had a good online shopping experience with clothing. Material and delivery was not what I expected I’m a good way honestly. Very happy with the clothes I bought and will definitely be placing more orders. Thank you Mondanisa for an amazing selection of modest clothing.
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5 years ago, Violettay
Love it but one issue
I love Modanisa and the app is usually great! However for literally weeks now I can’t add anything to my favorites because it says there is a connection error. Even when I’m on wifi or data connection. It’s a little annoying because if I can’t add it to favorites I either forget about it or can’t find it later :( Please update this, it is frustrating
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