MoDOT Traveler Information

3.1 (268)
47.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT)
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for MoDOT Traveler Information

3.14 out of 5
268 Ratings
1 year ago, ShuttletrainTED
Modern tech not user friendly
The developers still haven’t figured it out that when we set a certain map feature setting we want it to stay that way when we return to it. The current format does allow it. You really need to have not tech folks review before going live. Other ststes are so far ahead of Missouri it’s so sad. Get with the program MoDOT.
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2 years ago, soccerkicker
Awesome app and smart idea
Glad MoDOT had this application created & appreciate you guys allowing us to have real time feed of the roads. I use it almost daily for rush hour traffic & accidents for the commute to work & weather conditions. After several years of using this app, can’t say I’ve ever had any issues with it. Seems like a lot of Missourians are unaware this app exists. MoDOT should consider advertising it more, I’ve recommended this app to several people I know and they had no idea it existed and have started it use it as well and think it’s awesome an application like this exists.
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5 years ago, Akeely
Great app except...
This app is so helpful and simple to use/understand. My only problem is that if you open the menu, there is no way to get back to the map. You have to completely close out of the app in order to get to the map again. Luckily it will save your settings (I was looking at weather info rather than the traffic default), but it’s still an issue. Thanks for creating this app though! It’s been very helpful many times.
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3 months ago, hellsing girl
It’s good…when you can get the map to work.
9 times out of 10 when I open the app it freezes, making navigating or viewing the menu impossible. If you’re able to make it to the menu, it freezes again and crashes. More often than not it won’t even load winter conditions when selected. I want to like this app but after so many attempts at closing/restarting I get so frustrated and give up. This issue has been ongoing for the past year and no updates thus far have fixed it. If anything they’ve made the issue worse.
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5 years ago, DarjoK
Having an issue with the menu
I have loved using this app for several years and will continue to use it. It’s very helpful! However, recently when I open the menu, I can’t close it again, or get back to the map. It’s like the menu gets stuck in the open position. The only way to close out the menu is to close the app and wait awhile. If that could be fixed, I would love this app again! Thanks.
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2 years ago, Cnlovellette
Great for winter weather
Love this app! So helpful when you are needing to know road conditions to make winter driving decisions. I let me teens drive if the roads are light blue. Also helpful that you can look at the traffic cameras and actually see what the roads look like. App updates on the hour. My go to for winter weather for many years.
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2 years ago, brinn1996
10/10 Recommend
So the menu issue everyone from 3 years ago was complaining about was fixed. You can get back to the map just by tapping on it. I love this app, the only thing is - either MoDOT doesn’t cover the inner city streets or the app doesn’t load the road conditions for it. Either way, it’ll show main highways and roads.🙂
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5 years ago, J.K. Hutton
Needs some updating
The map itself is nice to see and look at weather and traffic related road conditions. Once you click on menu, there is no way to get back to the map. You have to completely close out of the app and go back it. Other than that inconvenience, I think it is helpful.
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2 years ago, ComoSteve
Great app (with one improvement request)
I live in Columbia and regularly travel to KC and StL. This is my go to mall for quickly seeing if I am going to encounter any delays on I-70. There is one improvement that I would really like to see - have the app remember my last view. Thanks!
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5 years ago, LincMercLover
Great info, poorly built app...
I’m one of the many who cannot exit the menu to be able to switch traffic/weather conditions. Have to force close the app. Didn’t used to be this way... the screen shots of the menu not covering the whole map no longer happen on my device. The menu overtakes the whole screen. Probably not tested on older 4.7” devices. For this, only two stars because of the impact to usability.
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5 years ago, fixmymodot
Menu won’t switch back to map
I love this app but I’ve been trying to use it and can’t get it to go back to the map after looking at the legend! I don’t know what’s going on. I have to delete and reinstall to go back to the map. I ended up taking a screenshot of the legend so I don’t have to keep deleting/reinstalling the app.
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5 years ago, cwpops
Menu problem
The app seem to work ok as far as I’m concerned. But my problem is the menu bar is almost unreadable with the info overlapping top to bottom. The road conditions can barely be seen. I have deleted and readied many times. This is on both my iPhone and iPad. What does it take to fix this?? Please address this problem.
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1 year ago, RadJohn
Good info but slooooow
App provides useful info, but it’s slower than a MoDOT employee on overtime. Prepare to wait quite a while for the road condition data (colors) to update - also, don’t scroll the map or the update process starts all over again. Missouri is the Slow Me State, so I suppose it’s about what you’d expect.
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5 years ago, Foxtrottin
Menu problems
Please fix the menu!! If you go to the menu, you can’t go back to the map. I have seen several people have the same problem with no response. I love this app and use it a lot but the frustration of switching between the menu and the map makes it very hard to use!!
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5 years ago, Buddy in KC
No way to get out of menu
App opens with a map with lots of helpful information and a menu icon. If you click menu you land on a menu with no way to get back to the map. You have to close the app to get back to the map. Seems like a pretty glaring oversight in design.
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1 week ago, Stlgirl74
To slow
After you open the app and go to turn on the camera option it take 3-5 minutes to open then after you click traffic cameras it takes another couple minutes for it to go back to the map. If it weren’t for that it would be a great app.
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6 years ago, Margaret Schep.
Great information
So far this appears to be great. I turned on all the features for the map and it’s fantastic to see real time traffic cams. Big ice storm right now and it’s reassuring to confirm which roads are ice covered and that staying home is the wisest decision.
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4 years ago, @@$$??
Reds updating
This app is helpful but needs a big update. The map doesn’t show hwy 364, also known as the Page extension, going past hey 94 in St Charles. It shows it stopping right there. Highway 364 was completed several years ago and goes on out to hwy 64 in St Charles county. Please update the map to show road and hwy changes.
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1 year ago, PrincessIngalls
App is great
I use this app a lot. I check the traffic cameras, but a few of them aren’t working not sure if it’s the app or the actual camera. This app helps when the weather is bad like snow and ice.
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3 years ago, TImU.
It never did load fast but since last update it is real slow or doesn’t load at all. Every time it does open I have to go in and change it from winter to traffic conditions and turn the cameras back on. Before the update it saved what I wanted to see. Update 3,10,21 - locked up again today wouldn’t load on first attempt to open it.
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4 years ago, IDislikeThisID
Almost useless
App is so far behind real world conditions, is about useless. Road that has been clear and almost perfect for about 6 hours, the day after a snow event. And the app still shows it as mostly covered. Maybe good for road work and/or cameras. As far as weather related updates forget about it. Another MODOT fail.
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1 year ago, garyrpalm
MODOT travelers map
I like the map but there’s mostly a glitch in the system where the map doesn’t show anything so I have to click off and then click back on several times before the map shows the road conditions.👎
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2 years ago, Meadh
Not updated
There are roads near me closed due to flooding and damage that have been closed for more than 24 hours that still are not showing on here.
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5 years ago, Mickeal33
Never loads any information
I have downloaded this app on multiple occasions as it would be helpful during the winter and flooding however the only thing that loads is a blue dot of me in a screen of white. I have reinstalled multiple times restarted phone multiple times. I’ll continue to try periodically as I have been doing since December of 2018.
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5 years ago, MissouriGurl
How to close the menu?
Once you open the menu on the app, there is no apparent way to close it. How do we get back to the map? Thank you, this is a great app if you fix this one problem.
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6 years ago, ram 57000
Suggestion for the future
Very good app. I just wish the app had the mile marker info like the full website does. Otherwise it is perfect.
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5 years ago, tnhall2
Great app!
Love this app but same problem as another reviewer, if I go to the menu to change options or see what the road condition colors mean I can’t get back to the map without closing & reopening the app.
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3 months ago, Mad MO Driver
No Good
I have deleted the app and started over agin and it still won’t update. Every time I check it, it shows the same information it did the last time I checked it even if it was days ago. I can’t even get it to refresh correctly on a Google search.
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2 years ago, for bogey
I downloaded the app. I see there is a red section of road. Now what? Tell me what happened, tell me what to expect, suggest an alternate route. Do something (pokes it with a stick) I try to view a traffic camera but it doesn’t work. I see no purpose for this app and no reason to leave it on my phone.
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2 years ago, crapfinder
Map ok
What is wrong with the menu? Why is the menu so large it cannot be read? It might be a great program at the menu could be readable.
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3 years ago, stexanie
This map is not updated enough. It doesn’t give out enough detail. They made it so it won’t load at all in your phone’s browser. Now we have to download this app which doesn’t function. Just make the map compatible with mobile browsers.
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5 years ago, 2concerned parent
Menu to map
There seems to be an issue going from the menu to the map. The way back is gone. Must be a glitch with the update. Please fix this. With children living all over the state, we use this app almost daily all winter long.
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6 years ago, PatrickAFox
This app used to work well but frequently does not provide the camera stream as designed. It also is formatted to fit older screen iPhone and looks bad on anything else. MODOT should redesign this entire interface as it looks and works as something designed many years ago.
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5 years ago, KGD_mo
Menu issue fixed
App works as it should now. Thanks for the update!
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5 years ago, RWJJR
Good Ap, please fix the menu
This is a good and important app, but like so many others have said once you get to the menu, there’s no way to get back to the map. Please fix.
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3 months ago, sdswss
iPhone 13 Pro won’t show purple
My iPhone 13 Pro won’t show purple. Only shows orange when roads are icy. I uninstalled. No change
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5 years ago, jhwang
Rotate to exit menu
Good app but there is no way to close the menu. Be accident, I found that rotating the device closes the menu.
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2 years ago, BobbyLogger
App is broken
The app has been broken for so long and at this point they refuse to fix it. Used to work great but no longer. Locks up as soon as it opens. Reset the app multiple times and it still won’t work.
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2 years ago, CatBeggs
Roads won’t load
If this app actually worked as it should, it’d be great. There is a huge delay in the roads loading and takes forever or won’t load at all.
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5 years ago, Hmmmlemmethink
Menu needs to be fixed
When using the menu there isn’t a way to get back to the main display map. Used to work but the new version doesn’t have an option to close the menu.
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5 years ago, Like_Itunes
Menu problem
After the last update, how do you get back to the map after looking at the menu without closing the app and restarting it?
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4 years ago, CYANHOHA
No map
Used to work fine until last year. Map cannot download since. Have several friends who have the same problem. Have deleted and reinstalled the app several times. Now app is useless.
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5 years ago, iPhonedale
No Return From Menu
Maybe I am completely missing something here, but if you use the menu to change the map display options there is no way to return to the map! Kind of need to fix that, eh?
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3 years ago, Linda K D
Cameras not working
2 of 4 cameras haven't worked in months. I've reported to MODOT a few times but never get fixed. If one gets fixed a different one goes down. I don't know where else to get MoDOT's attention.
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5 years ago, Mlt59
Last update.
After last update I cannot return to the winter travelers map after using the menu tab.
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4 years ago, Pezzy343!
Map Never Works
This app would be great if the map ever loaded. Super inconvenient, especially since their website through my phone will not let me look at a map either. It tells me to download the app.
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3 years ago, pissbabylord1000000
This app is so useless 9 times out of 10. When you zoom in even just SLIGHTLY, all the colored roads disappear due to some weird glitch or lag. What is the point of the app if it can’t show you which roads are closed/covered in snow.
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5 years ago, LOSTnowFOUND2
Forced to download
Instead of making a phone accessible map online, they make you download this app. Having an app is good, but making it the only way to view the map is stupid.
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5 years ago, JHL0891
Doesn’t show anything
Downloaded the app but doesn’t show anything just a blank page tried deleting and re-downloading and still didn’t work
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2 months ago, Bubba bob6725382
Still garbage
Updating for new version. No changes to garbage app. Doesn’t save setting about what’s on or off. Cameras don’t work most of the time. It focuses as a PR tool for how much road work MODot is doing.
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