momondo: Flights, Hotels, Cars

4.9 (32.9K)
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2 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for momondo: Flights, Hotels, Cars

4.85 out of 5
32.9K Ratings
9 months ago, Karlota joakina
Best traveling app
I absolutely love the Momondo app! It's a fantastic tool for organizing trips and finding cheap flights. The user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to search for and compare flight options. The app's ability to provide a wide range of flight choices, along with helpful filters, ensures that I always get the best deals. Plus, the price alert feature is a game-changer, helping me snag those unbeatable fares. Momondo has become my go-to travel companion, and I can't recommend it enough for anyone looking to plan their next adventure!
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1 year ago, leahu417
Be really careful where this app is redirecting you
I’ve loved the speed and ease of this app, but recently realized I need to be more vigilant about where it is sending you for the deals. Searched for flights, and upon selecting one we liked, was redirected to a different site, “Flights Mojo.” If this happens to you, DO NOT purchase a flight from Flights Mojo, they are absolutely a scam company. After completing our reservation, we received an email that it was not complete until we called them. The number took us to a call center abroad where we are informed that the flights we reserved are not available, and then the operator tried to extract more money for completely different flights through completely different cities. It was *extremely* difficult to leave the call with any assurances that we weren’t being charged, and we are still really worried about having given them credit card info. Other reviews of Flights Mojo online have nightmare stories about reservations cancelled and no refunds issued, demands for more and more fees as well as photos of identification and credit cards to be sent. Lots of people left high and dry when they try to use tickets. I have no idea if Momondo does any vetting for where it sends you with searches, but please be aware that in this instance they’re allowing a very sketchy company to solicit your financial information.
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6 years ago, Ghost rider 2.0
Horrible Customer Service
My husband and I contacted the customer service department because we used the Momondo app to book a flight and did not receive a confirmation notice that our payment had been received. We called twice because we wanted to be clear on what the system had done and if any further action should be taken. Both times, we spoke to a male representative. The second person’s name was Zack. Both gentlemen gave us information but hastily rushed my husband off of the phone before he could finish confirming that he understood what had been communicated to him. It was very impersonal and unsatisfactory. We had no way of knowing if the money was received or if an error occurred. I would suggest that the representatives for this company be better trained on how to inquire if the customer has a full understanding of what has been communicated to them AND how to ask the costumer if they have any further questions before telling them “okay, thank you for calling. Bye!” 🙄
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6 years ago, Fork33333333
This app has changed my life
I learned about Momondo years ago and I’m not exaggerating to say this app has changed my life for the better. When I was sad and randomly had a week free I found a round trip flight to Cancun for $160. I spent quality time alone, reflecting on the beach after a break up. When I got stranded at the airport after a fiasco with British Air, I found a super cheap flight out the next day using Momondo—the airline service staff couldn’t even find me a flight out, but somehow Momondo saved the day. But besides finding good deals, the app is elegantly designed. I study information visualization and I’m always coming back to this interface as an example of good design. It’s easy to filter and check prices using the price calendar at the top. I also love the explore features because I don’t always know where I want to go—I just know I have time and money free and I’d go anywhere with a deal. I can’t recommend this app enough :)
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2 years ago, aquamakk
Momondo Exactamondo ;)
I’ve been using momondo since 2016 that’s 5 year so ago and from the beginning I’ve had a love affair with it. User friendly and updates keep getting better. And couple of years I told my brother about it as the only choice for flight or Internatinal flights etc. Yesterday I referred my cousin to it. And I referred many others to the best online flight and hotel search engine Momondo has been my travel companion. ❤️
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7 years ago, bigred9teen88
50/50 chance
There’s a 50/50 chance that when you search a flight and it shows you the initial cheapest price that it’ll actually have it once you click for t to show you the results. The other half of the time you get really excited thinking there is a cheap flight to somewhere exciting and when you click to view the results, the price is no where near the amount it said it would be. Extremely frustrating. It’s worth checking with to see if there really is in fact a flight at that price, but mostly you just get your hopes up and then get frustrated at Momondo for tricking you. Hopefully this is just a Black Friday/ Cyber Monday fluke.
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2 years ago, vinnie nicky and johnny
Good, responsive, minimal user investment
I’ve bought 2 plane tickets now using momondo and compared to the experience using other services e.g. KAYAK, momondo seems to have all the upsides and none of the downsides. The search API is responsive, searches don’t take terribly long (~1min), prices are legit and low, and the purchase pipeline is simple and streamlined. Only thing I don’t like is the purple background lol. All this, for free, is indicative of serious focus on quality. Nice job on this app guys
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6 years ago, Danivanlerberg
Love it! Cheap Flight Resource!
I always consult this app when playing my trips to Europe. It is a great resource for finding cheap flights and hotel deals. I learned about Wow airline and Norwegian Air through this app. Using Momondo has saved me tons on flights! Update: after the most recent app update, the prices seem to be more expensive and my app will glitch and shut down sometimes. I still think it’s the best for cheap flights tho!
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3 years ago, k-phone-kev
I love the features ! 😧
I've used Momondo before, but to be honest I've never looked into its settings. Today, I was about to erase the app and switch to Skyscanner, but luckily, I was bored in my house, and I decided to check the settings in this app. I was amazed by all the nice features I found 😧 1- I can change the currency, which is great! My wife in Colombia always asks me, how much is such flight in pesos, and I hate to google USD to COP every time. Now, momondo does it for me 💪 2 - I can link my previous and future flights, with Momondo. Is great to have all my flights organized in one place 🙌 3 - The Price Alerts widget for iPhone, is the best. I found it today, and I just fell in love with it. Today, Momondo became my favorite app for flights.
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2 years ago, Kaye25japrincess
I love using momondo to book my trips however I don’t appreciate multiple sites asking for my personal information like my passport number & Identification card info ; I have book with airlines and they never asked me for these personal information; now I’m thinking twice to use momondo to book any trip kiwi was one of the sites who asked for my info when I called them they said it’s the airline so I called the airline and they said that it’s not them it’s the site kiwi policy … thanks momondo
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7 years ago, Pakefromkonakona
Crystal Travel
Using this ap I tried to book a flt and kept getting kicked back. I finally called Crystal Travel and the rep told me I kept getting kicked out was the flt/seat was no longer available, so I booked another flt for about $200 more. I later found cheaper flts and called them back to complain. They would not give satisfaction until about 1/2 hour later they called and emailed me about canceling the flt and were refunding me the full amount. I later booked a flt with Hawaiian Airline for much more satisfying fare. Checking the Momondo ap again I found it still list the lower unavailable flts (typical bait and switch tactic)! Removing Momondo from my iPad.
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2 years ago, Netspend75
This by far the best app to me and this is just my own opinion someone else might have a different opinion but to me I like the way it’s set up in terms of breaking down time schedules and prices when you looking for hotels or flights no matter your destination been using for yrs it works for me
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6 years ago, Kathy9944
False advertising
We booked a flight to Florida for 348. It said processing and I went to bed. I woke up the next morning to a email stating I must call cheap air fare. I call and they tell me that price is no longer available and the new price is 1,000. I look up on momondo and it still showing the 348.. I tell this somewhat not nice person on the other end and he tells me if I try to book that then it’s not going to let me and I will have to pay the 1,000... WHAT KIND OF SCAM IS THIS? Btw.... here we are a day later and guess what??? On your app you are still advertising that 348... do not use this app... it’s a total scam!
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6 years ago, Jeeves_PDX
Momondo finds the best flight prices & fast.
Momondo is hands-down the best and fastest flight search app available in the App Store. Hats off to the developers of this fantastic app and service. I consistently find better flight prices than I do on Google Flights, so I highly recommend you try this out, whether you are a frequent or casual flyer.
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6 years ago, Moh67z
Well, in rating this app I gotta be honest. I compared Momondo with many apps and websites and found out that it’s the cheapest flights app. All the other apps and sites are more expensive than Momondo even the same flights differ in the price significantly!!! But Momondo is a great app for booking flights that I really recommend for everyone else. Thanks.
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2 years ago, lgewubvsk
This side is like the magic genie you wish you always had to tell you all the different flights and times and you can sort by anything and you do NOT NOT have to go through any shenanigans. It takes you directly to the airlines booking site. No shenanigans.
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1 year ago, camper&coder2022
Ushers you to Scam like online travel agency
Unfortunately, momondo has no protection for its users from booking tickets with scam like travel agencies like edreams, etc. If this platform kept allowing these companies to lure customers into their scam like businesses operation, it’s basically a culprit. ##For other users, please be careful for the third party booking websites momondo is directing you to, some may never refund your money even when promised. Read online for honest customer reviews before paying or book directly with the airline.
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4 years ago, Girlie_girl08
Love the app hate basic economy
This app is the most comprehensive aggregator. With the advent of basic economy it would be great to filter out those fares in the same way we are able to filter out flights with stops, etc. I just want to know what a normal flight is not the stripped down version to more readily compare. Thanks
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6 years ago, MzGreta
The upgrade seems like a downgrade
This has been my number one go to app for all of my travels. The recent overhaul has totally changed searches. I can seemingly no longer pic a continent without selecting the “Explore the World”. Also, I can no longer save specific flights only specific searches. 😏
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6 years ago, Maddrhymes
Excellent for World Travelers!
As somebody who has been traveling quite a bit, I love Momondo. I used to use Skyscanner, but the prices on here seem to be even better. I love the price alert features and they’ll show you a graph of the ticket prices in the last couple months and will give you an estimated prediction of whether the prices will rise or fall. 10/10 would recommend
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5 years ago, Basstraveler
This app searches like I would!
This app is great. When I travel I search a lot of options before I go. This really does look at all the airlines, includes weird stopover combinations, etc. I like it's ability to gather up the bargains and give me usable info. Love it!
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3 years ago, rhsichehsucjd
Bait and switch
Lately I have started noticing the advertised price is generally not available once you are redirected to the actual provider site. Just fly being particularly dishonest about the price advertised vs the price that pops up just as you’re to hit submit. I do like the flexibility of search in momondo though, especially the explore feature.
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4 years ago, Free The Vision
One of the best Apps - but concern?
This is one of the best travel apps you can find. It has gotten me some of the best trips ever and it’s simplistic use is amazing. But I recently just did an update & I think it’s missing the price calendar - please don’t have removed that feature it’s one of the best.
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5 years ago, amomondo
How to erase multi city
Love this app, but do not like banner color for connecting airport- wait time- light blue with white lettering is not legible at all. Another feature- do not seam to figure out erasing part of a leg in multiple city search- keeps old search in and able only to erase new addition-3 rd one and erase that without allowance to hop ahead with the date of flight
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6 years ago, jacky🍕🍕🍕
Good app but with some flukes
Very good app to use to look for flights! The only problem I have with it is that when I go back to look at my favorites it seems to always switching the departure and return flight or have both departure and departure flight. Might be just a glitch though so I hope that gets solved. Either good app!
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6 years ago, Happy meal 21
Needs work
The app is a nice starting point for searching flight prices and getting ideas of where else to fly to based on the map search. HOWEVER, actual prices wildly differ from what is posted on the search map. So you actually have to use a pen and paper to list down actual prices and times yourself after tapping and search on each city.
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5 years ago, Keke194
Best Deals!
I’ve been using Momondo for years and it’s never let me down. All the app features ensure you are well informed when making a purchase. Price alerts are very valuable and have helped me score some amazing flight deals. Love this app! Highly recommend.
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7 years ago, HerFuzziness
Garbage App
When you select your flights, enter your contact and credit card info, and click book, a customer should be able to confirm their booking. NOT receive an error message that the price YOU listed and the customer AGREED TO PAY is no longer available. Say that from the beginning. In a world of flight apps, Momondo was one of my faves. Never again. Use Skyscanner, Expedia, literally any average app out there if you don’t want to be lied to, and your personal information compromised.
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7 months ago, pppgggooo
Have loved this Ap for several years
I have like this app for several years, ever since I heard about it, I’ve been able to search numerous fly to numerous states in numerous countries, always leave me in the right direction
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6 years ago, davy toucan
Best Travel Site Out There
I've Traveled all over the world using various apps and airline web sites. Momondo is not only the fastest it has the best user interface, keeps you posted for price drops and links you quickly to flight booking sites. NONE BETTER 🛬
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6 years ago, 10zink
Fake Fare Advertisement
In the year alone I have tried to book 4 different flights and every time I tried to buy the ticket, the price for the ticket goes up significantly at the checkout! First I thought maybe I was just late in purchasing it but then it happened to me the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time so it can’t be a coincidence. What a waste of my time! Ticket prices are never what the initial search shows you. What kind of crap is that??? This app is such a disappointment and waste of everyone’s time.
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7 years ago, TLCESQ
One App That’ll Save You Money
I’ve used this app to save serious money on three separate flights thus far. It consistently beats Google Flights and all the other apps in finding the lowest airfare available. It is now my go-to when planning a trip.
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6 years ago, Dharris721
Only the best
You want to find the best travel deals? This is the site to use! Momondo searches more airlines domestically and internationally to bring you the best deals. The app is super user friendly and helps you find the best flight for the best dollar possible. Love them!
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6 years ago, Th big troll
I would like to thanks
I found this website from my student and used it couple times when my ability to fly somewhere wouldn’t be impossible without this webpage. So it give chance to have my dream became true. I would like thanks someone who design such great tool for traveling!🙏🖐🌷
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5 years ago, brethart7
Review about 3rd party links
This review is about the faremart which is listed as one of the most economic site in momondo while searching for air tickets.. Faremart is a scam. When you book they let you wait for 2 days and cancel the tickets unless you pay premium price - jacked up to 200$ or so.. Because of the low quality referral sites on momondo I would not recommend. Please save your time and use sky scanner or google flight. Skiplagged is another choice..
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1 year ago, teacher cjc
Only one airline shown to destination?
I have been looking at multiple airlines who fly to me requested destination and This app is only showing one option. Totally not correct
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5 years ago, Tracy from Boston
Best prices for international travel
I have purchased all of my international flights (several) through Momondo over the past 2 years. They have the best price options and I really like the website format too!
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7 years ago, The man who never was
So I searched for and found flights, then when I tried tapping on one ... nothing. What is this app supposed to do? Just tell me there are flights without giving me details like where the layovers are? And most of the flights are labeled "Major US Carrier" ... now you won't even tell me the name of the airline? How am I supposed to look that up? At least I know it's not Delta, because this app can't find any Delta flights. Really??? What use is this worthless app?????
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9 months ago, Müller655
Hamba Vangeli
I love this app. It gives good results for every search I conduct. The fact that I can track flights makes this app even super. Will recommend it to all interested in traveling.
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1 year ago, Allston-Tollcross
Still nearly the best
This search engine has great options and comprehensive listing of fares and itineraries. Excellent filters too. Very good if you need to search for for mildly complicated transoceanic routes.
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2 years ago, could try harderer
Sold me useless rental car insurance
Just like the title i bought insurance the rental company did not recognize and i had to buy a completely different insurance. Don't get car insurance until you pick up the car. Otherwise momondo can be good at saving about ten$ per flight reservation.
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6 years ago, micnbubs
Great trip prices
Love this site. My family and I have traveled all over the world using flights we have bought from Momondo. Easy to use and navigate. Thanks to all who make this site happen! ~micnbubs
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2 years ago, Ram2014sbp
Best Trip Planning App!
I have been using the app for years and have booked all my vacation during that duration using this app! The prices are not too good to be true they are legit!
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5 years ago, YouAsked4It
Never Use This App Ever!!!
I just purchased a round trip from Denmark to Paris France and combined it cost $97. When I went into my credit cards receipts, I got an extra charge for $113 as a commissioning fee for using this. That is the worst thing ever and I’ll never use this app again and no one should ever use this also. P.S. The app changed into Danish like 1/4 of the way through purchasing the ticket and never gave an option to change back.
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5 years ago, luay butrus
The best app and website ever
I just want say for the teams they really bring great and cheap prices on this app momondo it’s the best ever I buy all my tickets and my family and friends tickets I swear it’s best thank you so much momondo
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5 years ago, bleurrrrrggg
My favorite
Absolutely love the seemingly endless ways to filter/sort/build your own ticket. My go-to app for finding the perfect plane ticket at a great price. Thank you for all the work put into this app.
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1 year ago, Eric Mossa
I love it
Wether it’s a room or a flight you’re looking for, I’ve found, by far, the cheapest and yet high quality places and airlines through this app.
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2 years ago, mr.coolguy of the game
Listen!! I love to travel and this is my favorite app to check flight prices! Amass The cheapest and updated you on flights if goes lower
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5 years ago, dahank
My Favorite
This app is definitely my favorite for finding flights. I prefer this app over Google Flights. I find it the easiest to use. The filter option works great!
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2 years ago, sonofahealth
This app allows scam websites to collect credit card purchases but never deliver the purchased fare
The website allowed “fare bubble” to post flight search results. The company is an absolute scam. They don’t answer their phone, email is bounce back, and IM has nobody on the other end. I also have found it impossible to notify them of this serious issue.
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