Motor Club

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Current version
Allstate Enterprises, LLC
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Motor Club

3.9 out of 5
1K Ratings
8 months ago, Animehippie
Fast tow app needs work
The app was able to put in the order for our tow very fast, tow truck came faster than expected. Although app did not do a good job of updating that our tow truck was on the way. Very pleased but work on the updating of rescue steps :)
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6 months ago, MrKicks19
This company has changed
Like many others I called Allstate Roadside which I've been a member of since 1980 which is stated on my card. They sent Redline Towing who showed up in a reasonable amount of time but that's the only good thing I can say. The driver made me (68 year old) push the car off the driveway while he sat in the car and steered. Keep in mind this was on a sub-zero day. He loaded the car onto the flatbed truck and drove off. The driver then called me to come meet him outside. He demanded $75 because Allstate won't approve the claim. I didn't care to argue out there and would just call Allstate to straighten it out. Allstate said that Redline told them the car wouldn't go in neutral and they had to push the car because I refused to (I did and have a witness who saw me). If the car couldn't get in neutral, nobody would be pushing it! They said they had to use a wench to get the car on the truck. The starter was the issue and the claim was for a non starting car. How else would the car get on the truck? Bottom line these guys are liars and thieves and Allstate is just as guilty for not vetting them properly. I have read all the other reviews from Allstate members so this isn't a one off situation. I have opened up a case with Allstate and will do my best to make sure they drop this company so others aren't subjected to their deceptive practices and outright lies. If you have a choice don't use Redline Towing or Allstate Roadside!!!
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2 years ago, wontsubmitnickname
No internet service where my vehicle quit running.
I had a very bad experience trying to use Allstate roadside assistance. I have had a policy with them for over 10 years. I have not needed to use it in quite a while and have had good service in the past. I called the number and a recording told me to download the app. When I tried my phone showed no service available, I called customer service who said he had my location on satellite view and would transfer me to roadside assistance, after 1 hour they still did not know where I was, Allstate sent me a text for a local tow company they said would tow me for $250. I would have to pay them and submit the claim to Allstate. I called the tow company and Allstate had given them the wrong address number for my location and said it would be more like $450 to my house. I cancelled the tow and called Allstate back they had different info than the last agent and said they would try to find a different tow company. I asked the agent where they were located and she said she was in Jamaica? After almost 2 hours of dealing with Allstate I called a local company who showed up within a 1/2 hour and towed my vehicle. Very Very dissapointed in the service received from Allstate and their reliance of their app to aid their customers.
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2 years ago, sebeka211
App is no longer available!!!
So I’ve been dealing with the motorclub actually since November. I’ve been getting charged twice, by my auto policy from allstate and from the motorclub. Today I was charged again and I’ve been trying to get in contact with the “motorclub” for hours and was told to download the app!! The membership phone number automated also tells you to download the app!! When you open the app it says it’s no longer available and to go to the website. When you go to the website it’s NOT your account but only to get roadside assistance and there’s zero information on how to access your membership account!! Finally my allstate rep called the motorclub on a 3-way, who told us to download this app!! This is an absolute fiasco!! I’m absolutely positive I’m going to regret this policy. I just spent 45 minutes on the phone with the motorclub to access my account and for 45 minutes I can’t register or log in!! So you might want to reconsider this motorclub honestly!! I know who I’m going to call and I’m betting it’s not going to be a nightmare!!
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5 years ago, mbd403
Allstate Motor Club
First off let me say I have had the Allstate motor club towing service for about 3 years now and it is the best service I have ever invested my money, but this app needs MAJOR improvements. I have submitted different service requests with this app 3 separate times and my request did not get completed. Now when I call the 1-800 # the automated systems refers to this app for faster service and it should not because sometimes the requests are not even received and I need a guarantee each time I am submitting one! I prefer using an app because I don’t have to hold on the line for someone to pick up and sometimes wait times are long which I expect because this is a popular service many probably have. As I’ve stated I’ve given the app chances but because of the experiences I have using it I have decided to uninstall and just call for app service requests in the future.
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2 years ago, MLfromTX
Terrible app, very rude customer service rep. This app will open with a message to use the website for requesting roadside assistance, then if you go to the website the first message you see tells you to use the app for requesting roadside assistance. When I called to cancel my membership, once I told the rep that I was calling to cancel I was transferred to another rep who began reading a long script about why I needed this service blah, blah ,blah. When I interrupted his litany and said that I was not interested in continuing the service and that I wanted it terminated immediately, he became very rude and almost argumentative. Both of the reps had very heavy foreign accents, and the quality of the call sounded like they were probably located in call centers in foreign countries. Come on, Allstate, surely a company your size can do better than this excuse for customer care! I will be taking my business elsewhere.
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5 years ago, ste3l83
Won’t show my benefit information
Every time I try to open the app it never shows that I have any benefits, even though I’m a premium member. I needed to use it just yesterday and I had to go online instead of the app. It still showed no benefits so because I was in a hurry I had to pay for a lockout service out of pocket and go through a lengthy reimbursement process. I spoke to membership services and Mike was extremely helpful, polite and apologetic it he shouldn’t have needed to do that. I signed up for this service because of the seemingly good app support but it hasn’t been for me. So long story short fix your app so paying customers can actually use your services the way it’s supposed to be used.
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3 years ago, Fun-w-Words
Terrible app- bad service to boot
Suffice it to say, on one of the hottest days in recent memory, I nearly had heatstroke thanks in large part to miscommunication by an Allstate Motor Club phone rep. This was compounded by the horrible automated menu (not a rarity these days, BTW). A repair that should’ve taken an hour or two, at most, took most of the day and required 2 road service visits- again, b/c of misleading info by a rep over the phone. Hope it gets MUCH better, and that they fully fix, replace or totally abandon this so-called app. BTW, we’ve been Allstate customers for many years, and have had excellent service from our local office, so this was a surprising disappointment.
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6 years ago, CalfStack
Great, with hiccups.
This has been a great time saver to replace calling in my request and I've had service delivered every time with updates and ETAs as well as a map to follow my 'rescuer'. My problems begin after I've accepted help. If I do not tend to the app immediately to prompt that the service has finished, the app gets stuck, tells me there is an error and gives me the option to either try again or call, neither of which resets the app back to home screen. To fix the issue, I need to uninstall and install the application.
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5 years ago, bee mobile
Bee Mobile Show
There is still no telling when someone will arrive ready with tools and the smart key to reprogram to the car on site easy removal of a Hugh overhaul piece of wait to uplift you with being stuck and up the road be gone with you all ready. The experience so far has been blessed by the app or company to fix the loss in wages. No one gets anywhere without payment.
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5 years ago, Kdr11112
Two calls in one day!
I had to make two calls in one day on two of my vehicles and they did an amazing job. First call I was locked out of one vehicle, and the other other car needed a jumpstart and I had no problem getting two different visits this day. Also, both rescuers arrived in less than 30 minutes.
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4 years ago, File app fan
I have had Allstate Motor Club for about 12 years. I was always so impressed and they had the app long before AAA did. It was so easy and the tow truck response time was great! The last year I have attempted to get help on three occasions and each time it was terrible. The app wouldn’t work, so had to call. The call takers were not very helpful and ultimately ended up not finding me a reputable tow company! On two occasions they had a tow company call me back and want extra money and they were extremely unprofessional. Very disappointed and I don’t understand what happened to Allstate Motor Club.
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5 years ago, e92_Dj
First time it only took maybe 20 minutes after my request
The app says where the driver is but it isn’t accurate but they get there exactly on time
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1 year ago, shorty63136
Awful app & customer experience
The app itself now redirects you to the website. The website AND customer service asks you to download the app. The entire system/database doesn’t re-batch to update & see your membership for 48 hours, so I’ve been stranded for 2 days (not everyone has access to help). Customer service is abhorrent, unhelpful & poor communicators. Looking to switch from Allstate ENTIRELY.
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3 years ago, StephenG75
Waste of time
Don’t download this app. I was stuck for 2 hrs on a freeway on-ramp waiting for roadside assistance. The police forced me to choose a wrecker service that was on-site because I was in an unsafe position for too long. Allstate toll number forces you to use this app for roadside assistance. The app itself is useless. It directs you to a website that is frustrating to navigate. App is useless, service was slow, and I’m out $200.
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3 years ago, mirandaj1223
App redirects to website
The app does not work. It redirects to the website. However, when you call them on the phone, the automated system says to use the app. There should be a text input when requesting service. There are times special equipment is needed for the tow and without knowing these requirements Allstate Motor Club cannot possibly contact a company that can provide the needed equipment.
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5 years ago, UriAbramov
Quick and professional service with a smile. Thank you!!
Quick and professional service with a smile. Thank you!!
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5 years ago, Jovaque123
Worst application ever
Tried using the app. Tried using the website and nothing. Forced to call and resubmit all of the information. App and website do not work! This is the third time in one year, I try to schedule a tow. Worst application and website ever! Over the phone, reps do not speak good English, hard to understand, and have old outdated account information. In an emergency, you want the best possible service.
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5 years ago, chak9
Too many hiccups
I used the app to request tow service. After completing the request, I was informed my request couldn’t be completed and to contact customer service. I later found out my request was complete and a driver was actually dispatched. I had no clue a driver was coming until I called customer service two hours later to cancel the request the live agent never really did submit.
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6 years ago, Algonquinmom
Allstate Motor Club this app is worthless. Won’t deliver service request electronically. Allowed app to make a call for assistance, need to listen to recording telling you can save 10-15 mins by using app! Continue with recording only to need to supply policy # in order to proceed! Really???? I’m in need of roadside assistance and you think I have my policy #! For a so-called first-rate company your technology is old-school. This is what I’m paying for?
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5 years ago, acd2014
App is awful, just call directly
I love apps, they are a big time saver but this app is awful. I put in for a jump start. It gave me an ETA of a service provider and then after about 30 minutes of waiting, I got a notification saying my service was complete and to please rate the service! I had to then call in wasting that first 30 minute wait. I’ll never use the app again!
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5 years ago, AlmightyB0267
Great service... great app
I needed a tow. Two minutes after my request the driver called. 25 minutes later he was there. Beats the heck out of those other guys
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4 years ago, Fluffer knuckle
Broke down on way to work at midnight 2/1. Nearly an hour it took from the time I first spoke to the rep to the time he told me the two truck was on the way. Left on hold forever. I even gave him the name and phone of the local tow co that was affiliated with Allstate to call. Once he got my member info his calling the towing company to send them to me shouldn’t have taken longer that ordering a pizza. Absolutely pathetic.
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5 years ago, shadenice
Best app !
I’ve used the app twice so far and it’s amazing. It’s really cool to be able to call help when you need it for as little as $7 a month ! It’s very accurate and useful! Best app ever !
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6 years ago, TPB11111
If I could give this app zero stars I would! I enrolled in Allstate Motor Club a week ago and the app still says I am not registered and wants me to be a visitor. Fortunately I am properly enrolled and would be serviced should I need it. My advice: make sure you have your Allstate Motor Club member number and their phone number available should you ever need service. And by the way, I am a fully licensed employee of an Allstate agency.
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5 years ago, Monikiux de NY
It works for me
I used this app because my car died. It took 10 minutes for the service to be at my house. I’m very happy with Motor Club.
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5 years ago, CTLASSOC
Forget It
I have tried to use this app on several occasions. In all uses it is woefully lacking. Starts out promising then falls apart with tracking and notifying you about status of request. Called customer service and was encouraged to use the app for faster service. Customer service is an automated maze you have to navigate. Entire experience is frustrating. And I pay for this?
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2 years ago, guthrien
What App?
The phone service says to use the app. Everything says use the app for all their benefits. However the app does nothing except direct you to their website, which is a lousy experience. Where’s the live tracking and the rest? How can you not have an app? Wish I had known this before joining service.
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5 years ago, 死と命
Excellent Service !!
Yes Commerce Towing Service Thru Allstate Motor Club In Henderson Nevada was Quick and Professional and Very Gental with our Vehicle in Towing it to our Repair shop... So Thank You Both Motor Club And Commerce Towing!!!!
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6 years ago, dave617
How difficult is it, in today’s world to create an app that works? Step it up! Copy your competitors site/ app and start realizing you’re way behind. 11/19. Update! Several months later I received a response from a “ developer”. “ sorry you’re having difficulties- please make sure you have the most recent version “. Give me a break. Why not just tell a user to use third left hand instead of their right, and maybe it will fix things. Your app is still terrible. Unfortunately your company isn’t focused on the customer. Why not ask customers in a survey ( in depth) what they like and dislike??
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6 years ago, dah-NEES
I have been a member of Allstate Motor Club since 2013. Their app is not working right. I had registered and why can’t they find me in member-look up. Even when I put my member number in the system can’t seem to find me. Please update your app. And for you say it, yes I have the newest mobile phone updated software and the current app for Allstate Motor Club.
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3 years ago, marshareinvention
Fake Business
I got a notification from my bank stating that these people were denied payment. I figured it as due to my debit card being replaced or turn off. I call and got a dead phone. There is no place to change the billing info on the app. I guess they don’t want my business.
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3 years ago, Sickofadkingvirus
They will leave you stranded without a care.
Stranded . They couldn’t help me because I could only give them the exit and interstate I was on. After 3 hrs on phone. He hung up because I couldn’t give him an address instead of the marker and exit we were on. His words I need an address I’m hanging up now.
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5 years ago, SLAl23
Paid for service unable to use
Couldn’t get the app to work and couldn’t get a live person. Wound up giving a friend $20 for gas and time...they gave me a jump. Today, I can’t seem to get a customer service number from the app...only rescue personnel. Would’ve been nice if the app would’ve given me that option yesterday.
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4 years ago, charlie Killstrom
Not available.
I signed up for the motor club and the app won’t work for me. It tells me to get this app and then I do but when I load it they will tell me they moved the app but won’t tell me which one I need. I don’t have insurance through them I just got the motor club and it seems to not help :( I’d love to give 5 stars but I can’t even use the app.
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1 year ago, SkippyJoe2013
Scam Scam Scam
I am tired of companies pulling funding for services they don't offer such as app that works instead of, app moved go to website or pay monthly for rude customer service like what is going on? I thought anything under the name Allstate was good to go and was of class. Maybe I need to go elsewhere.
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5 years ago, Bre 
Life saver!
Ended up signing up today for a just in case situation. Good thing I did.. I had a tire blow and needed a tow. Quick response and polite tow company. Thanks!
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7 years ago, Zoe's momnpop
POOR APP! Zero stars!!!
POOR App!!! Allstate MC, Buyer Beware! Only driver app recognizes is Margaret or Riadh! Why do their names come up when I am the one logged in? Why does it not even recognize me as primary driver. App wants to charge me as guest user for something I already paid a service for. App is useless! Allstate MC is useless! Waited on phone for over 2 hours for customer service, called my agent and got a service rep to call and request a tow. Finally spoke to someone and waited over 5 hours, no one came. Called again and we were not even on list for a request. POOR Customer service!!! Forget Allstate MC!!!
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5 years ago, KIMSMAC
I tried to like this app As a woman alone in a serious situation that app will leave u stranded or get u killed. The app is greatly flawed! It does not with properly) It gets stuck at tracking from the last use and will not go beyond the screen/ so powerful have to remove the app erase all info and reload it so u get a clean slate$$ SECOND YEAR IN A ROW.
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5 years ago, tanyarg
All state
I really like all state they were fast and quick. And friendly
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6 years ago, Darkageking
AMC app
Im not sure wether its this app or allstates roadside assistance, but every time i try to use the app it keeps saying it cant pull up my info, and try’s to get me to continue as a guest so i have to pay. This app looks and feels as if it was designed by a bunch of kids who were bored. Absolutely terrible, i would not recommend this to anyone.
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3 years ago, Mark(3.14159)
No app
I just signed up for the service. They were happy to take my money. Then I find out there is no longer an app, you have to go thru the website. Why is this on the “App Store” if there is not an app? Hopefully the service actually works.
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5 years ago, MIKE BOOGEY
Towing services
Driver was on time and professional everything wa great i love Allstate would recommend to everyone
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1 year ago, NepetaCataria123
App Leads To Website
When you open the app it says “we moved” and gives a link to their website. It’s a shame because their online automated voice tells you to download the app. I just wanted a tow truck and felt like I was being led in circles.
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4 years ago, natnola
Best money I will ever spend! Always quick and professional!
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5 years ago, Onlyamonk
Doesn’t work
When I enter my account number, it fails to find the account. Sigh. Useless. Had to call Delhi, in hold, a series off tedious menus, forced to listen to my biking information, and finally connected to an operator. These people “just don’t get it.” I want the name off their web developer so I never hire them.
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2 years ago, Claireelysee
App directs you to website, website directs you to a phone number that nobody answers. Impossible to cancel once you sign up. Doesn’t actually help. Incredibly disappointed as I’ve been a loyal Allstate customer for years.
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3 years ago, Gaanon
Why bother?
Every time I’ve need roadside assistance the app says there’s an error and will close. Or I can call. So I call and the automated service tells me to use the app. Or they can text me a link to a web site. Great. It was better when I could talk to a human.
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5 years ago, Blah all
App can’t login
IT DOES NOT WORK. Edited: developer responded. Recommended I use the most recent ios and version of the app. IT DOES NOT WORK. App won’t load. No ability to request service (which would explain the long wait time when calling for service). While the service is good the app needs work.
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4 years ago, thumphr1
Great service!
Great service when you need it most.
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