MTA TrainTime

4.9 (143.3K)
112.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for MTA TrainTime

4.87 out of 5
143.3K Ratings
1 year ago, New Rochelle Commuter
MTA service improvements are big plus for the riders
MTA service improvements in recent months have been a big plus to riders. The Train Time app is now very user-friendly and it is easy to navigate among the varied functions eg train time departures and arrivals, track numbers, train/train line status, ticket prices, best cost deal suggestions, and ticket purchases. Confusing graphics and ambiguous icons have been eliminated. The only issue is that the “window” for ticket purchases contains graphics that prominently display the icon for use of Apple Pay to make purchases which is clearly to the disadvantage of consumers. MTAs train service is very much improved insofar as on time service and absence of delays and sufficient numbers of train cars. Excellent improvements in the last few months have not escaped my attention. I’ve been an MTA rider on MNRR, subways and LIRR for 36+ years so I know when there has been a marked step up in general service.
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1 year ago, Henry pel
Astoundingly well-designed! Is this a transit app?!
This can’t be a public transport app. It’s too well-designed. It’s like competent programmers were hired who had a wishlist of design ideas that they wanted to implement from using the MNR and LIRR, and then they actually got to implement it. I feel like user feedback may have also been not only sought out in the testing phases, but also *gasp* implemented. From matching up potential tickets to the train time all in one place to carriage occupancy estimates to showing you any schedule info you might not need (including for the train you’re on, which many apps seem to forget you might need for your post-train journey!), this app has it all. This is a fine example of excellent UX Design, and I wish I had some improvement suggestions, but nope! Keep up the great work.
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8 months ago, More a Reader than a Writer
Great app, occasional wrong track
Train Time is great for listing departure tracks at Grand Central, but can be inaccurate at stations farther out. At Southeast, NY, commonly, Grand-Central-bound trains depart from Track 2 and Wassaic-bound depart from Track 1. Fairly often, Metro-North’s operations people reverse these tracks, causing inexperienced Wassaic passengers to get on an electrically-powered train on Track 1 - listed as Wassaic on the Southeast departure screens and on Train Time as Track 1, both of which are wrong. An experienced commuter like me knows that only Diesel trains can travel north of Southeast. This is not a software bug. It is an operations error not to update the Southeast screens and Train Time when the tracks are reversed. I commute through Southeast only about once a week, and I have seen non-posted track changes like this occur twice in the same month.
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7 months ago, Nicky Trains
Stress smasher
Takes the stress out of arriving at the train station and seeing lines waiting in front of those machines where somnambulists stare helplessly at their screen , their minds shorting out at the simplest of button driven choices, credit cards swiping and failing, forgetting they meant offpeak and starting over, while your train arrives on track 3 and you face a choice of maybe getting the ticket in time or just bailing and paying more for it on the train. Instead imagine a world where you float effortlessly, about 3 inches above ground gently driven by an imaginary summer breeze, and then just moments before boarding, you activate a ticket which flourishes quietly like lover’s gentle whisper.
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2 years ago, ecao1999
Non-Functional App, Incompetent Phone Agentss
Why is there no option to add a payment option outside of making an actual purchase? I cannot input credit card info on the final payment screen. As soon as I input all my card info, it always just freezes and the “Accept & Pay” button doesn’t work. I have tried every single remedy: uninstalling & reinstalling app, using FIVE different internet networks, using different card, toggling “save card” option, among others. Texted chat agent, he/she couldn’t help. Told me to clear SAFARI cache 😂 Called phone agent, within a second of explaining my situation and the remedies I’ve attempted, he assuredly said “there’s nothing wrong with the app” like it wasn’t even a remote possibility, 😂😂 rushing me off the line. An app that has been out for LESS THAN A WEEK has customer support agents that are instructed to advise users assuredly and definitely, “there’s nothing wrong with the app.” 😂 I then called him an ugly name, which admittedly I’m not proud of, before hanging up, but he undoubtedly deserved it.
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1 year ago, Love accuweather
Happy user!
I’ve been using this app for a couple months and it is so easy to use and it’s always accurate (sometimes even more accurate than the arrival clock on the platform!). I love how I can bookmark/save trips. The Tickets section is really easy to use and it’s great to have all my purchased tickets right there and ready to be activated. My only piece of feedback is that I would be great to get more info on the tickets types and when they expire. It’s probably in a FAQ but if there was a little info icon next to the ticket types to just clarify the terms that would be really helpful. I highly recommend this app!
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11 months ago, Acleversn
An amazing app… from the government
Well folks.. I never thought I would see the day that a government agency, the MTA no less, put out a genuinely useful, thoughtful, bug free and intuitive app. I’m honestly shocked every time I open it. Finding trips is easy, buying tickets is easy, it will show you the trains location on the map, and your location on the platform, and the crowding on each car, you get useful and timely notifications about track changes and delays. Really couldn’t ask for more. Whatever team developed this app, please have them do all of your software MTA (specifically the dumpster fire that is MyMTA, woof) 🙏
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2 years ago, chacho2728
I’m a new traveler
I’m a new resident for Fleetwood I enjoy the the silence and peace in the early week days to work and coming back home the staff are very helpful when it comes to get the tickets and help others to get to their destiny , the only thing I don’t like is that I see some passengers using big scoters and take almos 3 or 4 seats at same time and they put theis bough legs in the seats like if they where paying for 4 seats is not fear for other travelers as well . Also I see how some people don’t pay for their ticket they hide in the bathroom and come out like 20minutes later avoiding paying .
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2 years ago, M1ster J
I hate the LIRR with every ounce of my being. If I could go to a wishing well and dump my life’s worth of pennies into it to wish for the fall of the LIRR, I would. It’s an embarrassment of a public transportation system and I’ve lost years of my life from the emotional rollercoasters this service has given me from their sheer incompetence. Worst part is, idk who to get in touch with to vent my frustrations. I just sit there, mad and amazed at how simple stuff like announcing the correct track for the departing train you’re trying to catch can be done wrong. Im a commuter for over 10 years sadly and I loathe this entire system and all the traffic NY brings in general. Maybe the LIRR will get me to go back to school and get a job that I can make a living off of outside of NY. I need to get as far away from all this horrible quality of life as soon as possible
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2 years ago, xx BER xx
Great MTA TrainTime Update
The new Train Time app by the MTA is a great update. By combining both ticket sales and scheduling it’s “one stop shopping” at its best. It is my go to app which has placed the numerous third-party apps on my phone performing similar functions on the “back shelf”. A needed update which will hopefully be addressed quickly is when purchasing a new ten trip ticket my remaining ticket from a prior purchase appeared at the bottom of “the stack”. The sort sequence needs to be corrected to have older tickets (which expire first) appear first. With this fix the app definitely deserves five stars.
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6 months ago, Ryan Paulsen
Serviceable enough, Apple Watch support needed
I am a daily Metro North rider, and regular LIRR rider, so it is great to have everything in one app. That being said, there are a few needed improvements. They could do better with showing faster connections at Grand Central of transfers between systems. Live Alerts is a nice feature, but currently doesn’t function at all for Monthly tickets. Most importantly, they really need to add Apple Watch supports, especially for Monthly Pass holders. It allows easier access for collection to activated tickets, and would let riders who purchased a ticket to have backup access if their phone battery dies.
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2 years ago, benjherb
Wish all public transit apps were this good!
MNR/M has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to apps and e-ticketing. But this new combined ticketing and status app is leagues ahead of any other transit app in this city, and perhaps country. As both an NY & CT taxpayer and frequent MNR rider, and a rider of other inferior metro-area rails, I’m so happy to see such great work being done by MNR/LIRR with this app and their overall rail service. MNR riders in particular — we are truly blessed with such clean, modern trains, great technology, and a beautiful hub rail station (GC). This app puts NJTransit’s apps to shame (no surprise, if you’ve ever ridden their rickshaws).
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9 months ago, NYC_sb_in_love_with_life_in_JC
Seamless Ease!
I’ve purchased tickets under pressure the morning of, upon news for needing to make out of the ordinary meetings. And, I’ve purchased tickets at my leisure days before an expected trip. Either scenario being able to do so at 12a or 3pm in my pajamas is a treasure. It takes some of the stress off for the stress-pressed trips and adds to the joy of the fun trips. BONUS: The app is friendly to navigate and figure out once you’ve oriented yourself to it. So, even if you don’t want to link up a payment method, just for trip planning, route & schedule reviewing, delays & detours tracking…etc…it’s a super useful tool to keep in your back pocket. It lets you visualize and easily adapt your planning on the fly, as long as you have an internet connection or adequate data on your smartphone and a strong single. Though I still buy paper tickets too, this app just adds to my choices.
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1 year ago, Disayte
Great but could be better
I have not one reason to deter you from using this app. I am a student who visits his family every weekend and find it very useful in planning both spending my money and spending time with my family. Although, that dosent mean this app is perfect. This app could be taken to the next level by allowing a quicker and more accessible way to by the tickets, when activating or purchasing the tickets on the train you rarely are allowed service and the experience is slower.
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2 years ago, Widget84
A Great App for those in the New York City Metro Area
This revamp is stellar! You get train schedules, including in real-time tracking of trains-the previous Train Time app was spotty on this-and ticket purchase capability that is seamless. This app makes my life easier as I tend to almost miss my train-I catch it 9 times out of 10-so the ETA of trains is really convenient for me; and the ticket buying capability in-app makes me appear less disorganized. We in the NYC metro area complain a lot about the MTA, most of it well-deserved, but this app is stellar and worthy of praise.
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1 year ago, curefan87
Used to Be More Helpful
This app used to know, automatically, what station I was near. And it would, AUTOMATICALLY, select the correct station as my starting point. And based on my ride history, it would know what station I wanted to go to. If I were in Manhattan, it would select Penn for me as my starting point. If I were at my girlfriend’s in Murray Hills, Queens… it would AUTOMATICALLY select Murray Hills as my starting point. It was dynamic and helpful. This no longer happens. But my brain is USED to it happening. This has cost me several missed trains by this point. You guys sapped this app of an incredibly useful feature. And, YES: I have location features enabled.
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3 months ago, Theora Locke
When showing NOW, it doesn’t allow you to scroll up to see all available trains without changing to DEPART AT to an earlier time to see the train you are on and the departure and arrival times…I shouldn’t have to click “GO” ahead of time for the trip I am planning to take and have it annoyingly follow the whole trip just to keep track or have to change the Depart Time from NOW to see trips within the last hour. Even right now it is showing only one train ahead of mine and that isn’t even the train I needed it’s the one two before.
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3 months ago, jacobr7256
No complaints
The MTA has gone through multiple apps through the years and this is their best one by far. This is the only official MTA app that is actually easy to use, and it makes traveling so much easier and less stressful. I’ve recommended the app to some of my non-transit- and tech-savvy friends and family and everyone has been able to navigate easily and seamlessly. Hopefully we’ll see an app of this quality for the rest of the MTA network soon!
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6 months ago, Pbward
Incredible improvement on simplicity and functionality
This feels like a modern app - simple and good features. It’s a dramatic improvement over the multiple apps the MTA has had previously. Searching and buying tickets is easy with a couple clicks (on this should have been simple before). The thing I just noticed and love is showing where you are on route - everything from departure train track to status along route to adjustments in ETA. Way to go MTA.
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4 months ago, Dynamic Eloquence
Ileana conductor needs to realise that she is not a drill sergeant
Ileana obnoxious and rude we heard her on the speaker. She then came and beat the door in the bathroom. When I was trying to use the toilet and activate Ticket with her attitude. I just gave her another 20 bucks and told her to get away and then somehow I’m being rude and obnoxious and ridiculously out of touch with the normal customer service that MTA has had for 20 years. I will not be riding this and more. I’ll take an Uber and go into the city she is pathetic as someone who is in Washington DC more than Connecticut. We have a MetroCard that we use. We have actual people who assist us not people with attitudes just because she’s union doesn’t mean she should be speaking to the people the way that she did.
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2 years ago, Erratto
Happy commuter
The app functions well, very few glitches and has all my commuting information, schedules, tickets in one place. I love the function to add a train time to your calendar (too many apps need this and don’t include it) and purchasing tickets is simple with an option for Apple Pay if you don’t have transit dollars to spend and don’t want to go digging for a credit card when you realize that too late! All in all, makes planning my commute seamless.
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2 years ago, MK270BK
Everything you need in one place
This new app is such an improvement over the prior apps. First, it’s very easy to search the train schedule and buy your train ticket directly from the schedule - no more having to go to another app. Second, the app shows all of the stops your train will make, the scheduled arrival time at each stop and, most importantly the estimated time, which is critical if you need to switch across lines during your trip.
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2 weeks ago, East Hampton Tourist
Easy to use and very informative
The app feeds you the information you need in real time. It tells you the track that is assigned seconds before it is announced which tells me the information is correct and quick. The cherry on top is the live ‘seats available’ chart of the train you’re on. It tells you where there might be sears available if the car you get into is full and you want to sit down.
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2 years ago, uncle_robbie
Not Ideal Changes
Don’t like the new app too much. Colors are not appealing. Graphics could be a little more eye catching. Doesn’t tell you how many minutes until the next train will arrive at your station like it used to. Or how many minutes can mail the next train leaves (it just says at the station or departed which is not helpful). The current train ticket page is worse than it was. Wasn’t clear that you have to expand to see all your tickets. The app icon should stand out more. There are some nice changes, but the old app seemed better overall.
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10 months ago, WillieD33
Best Transit App
This is a great app. It has schedules, prices, great information so you know which tickets to buy/train to catch. It also shows you the track number when it becomes available so you don’t have to stop at the board to look. You can buy your tickets in app which saves on the line. The app also shows you how full each car is. I use this app all of the time. I highly recommend it.
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2 years ago, lxybar
Please fix the search
So far loving the new app and the fact that the tickets can be showed to the conductors without waiting for them to load is really great. My issue is with the search function for trips - if I say I want to arrive by 7 a.m. the search for the new app gives me a train that arrives after 7 a.m. and then all trains after that. The old app’s search would start with a result that would get you to your destination way before and then show you other options.
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2 years ago, NachoDaddy321
You can’t plan ahead
I just tried to use this new app while trying to use the old LIRR app. It linked me to this. Looks nice but it only gives you a limited time frame based on your current, real time use. I want to know what time to take a train tomorrow morning. I have to wait til tomorrow to schedule my trip. I can’t change the calendar day like I used to on the old app. Maybe it works for regular commuters, who already have a general knowledge of the schedule but I am disappointed. It did give me a chat option to get someone to tell me the trains available from 9:30 am -12 pm, as I requested. This person confirmed that I was not able to do so on the app.
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1 year ago, EliHoya
The Best Municipal App of All Time
The MTA proved that you can go in-house without sacrificing quality. This app is a stunner. It boasts an attractive, very intuitive UI and it’s packed with features. Its developers are clearly rail *fans,* not just employees— they load up easter eggs and always anticipate service changes and respond well to interruptions. My favorite feature might be the car capacity monitor— it saved my life during peak COVID. This app makes me look forward to riding the LIRR!
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9 months ago, ProgrammerG
Actually Good
This app has an incredible UX that is easy and intuitive to use (as well as actually working). It is not only the best transit app I’ve used, it is one of the best-designed (and implemented) apps overall. It seems that the developers that made this actually put some time and effort into it (!). I especially love how I can click one button (one!) to add it to my calendar, and it just works. This app is incredible!
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2 years ago, A Kitsune
Shockingly great
Traveling with the app now and it has loads of useful features: a minute by minute accurate train delay clock - showing for each station, updating as the train makes up time (or doesn’t), an easy to follow route guide that unbolds the stations you stop at in precise real-time, accurate track locations. And including a wallet, easy to activate your ticket and show to conductors. Truly a magnificent transit app. Well done!
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1 year ago, 11Mess
Much better than previous versions!
This app has come a long way since it’s incarnation. The ability to view schedules and buy tickets in the same app is a great upgrade. My other favorite feature is the ability to see which cars are less crowded. It doesn’t always seem to work unfortunately (maybe not all trains have the technology installed yet) but it is useful when trying to figure out what car might have seats.
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9 months ago, Mur54321
Easy to use !!!
Sometimes your Amtrak is delayed so you’re running through Penn station to catch the last train out east and you don’t have time to stop and get a ticket! Enter this app. I downloaded the app, found my train, made an account and bought tickets in the 2 minutes it took for the conductor to come to my seat! As she looked over my shoulder, the eticket activated! Incredible. Thank you !!!!
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2 years ago, annoyedmtarider
Device blocked
My device is blocked from purchasing tickets via MTA App. I submitted a request for refund for $61 for tickets to east Hampton. The train that I was on to east Hampton was canceled - the engine failed and it had to go back to original station. I sent an email asking for you guys to refund this trip as it was canceled. You never answered my email and therefore, never refunded me. I called my bank to cancel this charge. I had to take a $300 dollar Uber from the original train station to east Hampton. MY TRAIN RIDE BACK TO PENN STATION - THE TRAIN’S ENGINE FAILED TOO. How does both trains’ engines fail within 48 hours? please unblock my device ASAP so I can continue to purchase tickets. This is ridiculous.
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2 years ago, SpotTrader
Ticket display is backwards
If you have a 20 trip purchase and purchase additional tickets, the old tickets appear at the bottom of the list with the new tickets on top. Logically speaking a user would want to use old tickets first since they expire sooner than any new ticket purchased. Instead the user has to scroll all the way to the bottom of the list to find the ticket they want to use. Counter-intuitive. Also wish they had auto-refill options it is a pain to keep buying more.
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1 month ago, Travis barkers blue eyes
Gets you there faster then walking no doubt
As a New Yorker, you know, I’m always on the go. Traveling to and from the city walking is crazy. If you take a train you get there faster. You do have to pay about 20$ to do so but overall, if you’re choice is to walk or train , I think it’s worth it. For sure. Also, the trains do have bathrooms on board somewhere on the train.
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2 weeks ago, Baldr_ragnarok
I find it absolutely shocking and unacceptable that there is no refund policy for single tickets, or that refunds are only available for purchases over $10 or $15. On five separate occasions, I have bought tickets in advance, believing I would be taking the Metro North, only to later realize that I wouldn't be using the service and thus losing $5 to $7 each time. This may not seem like much to you, but for hard-working people, this can add up to a significant amount. It is crucial that you implement a refund policy for all ticket purchases, regardless of the amount.
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2 years ago, joshyyy914
So if you’re accidentally running late and just making it on the tracks and seeing the train arrive you can use this app to buy on the platform without having to wait online to buy off the ticket machine saves you time energy and money instead of buying it on the train if you do run late. Easy straight to the point app ,love it
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9 months ago, Cheruvim
Great improvement!
When I started using mta apps on my phone they were clunky. The interface was hard to read, hard to navigate, the views I needed were hard to find and you had to schedule your trip in one app while buying tickets in another. (Full disclosure, I use the app mostly for MNR transportation). Now the interface is way easier to read, interact with and use, in general and no need for two apps. Great work, MTA!! Bravo!!
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2 years ago, moneeguru
Train Time
The train time app is very efficient and effective. It helps you to do all your train transactions, trip planning and information all at the same time. No more worries of missing the train because you have to buy a ticket. What we need now is to get a discount to use the app and then more riders will use it and make less work for the conductors.
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11 months ago, MBLLLA
Good schedules no real time schedules
This app is fine for seeing the train schedule and purchasing tickets. Opportunity- wish it showed real time when the trains are running and what track. Would love for it to indicate delays! Note - make sure your phone is charged well before you ride. The activated ticket QR is in motion and the conductor will want to see that and not a photo. This process makes it harder to save on phone battery life!
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4 months ago, Ben Niemczyk
Round Trip No More
The app started as a major step up from previous attempts. The euphoria from that is now gone and it is puzzling as to why the MTA has eliminated the round trip payment option. At first I thought it was an error, but sure enough, it is gone. Now you must make two transactions, which is not the end of the world but…why?!?!?! The MTA needs to leave it alone and make improvements where improvements need to be made, like on time performance and safety.
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1 week ago, lsjuebrnjif
Accuracy and convenience
This app comes in handy for any traveling by train in NYC and the surrounding areas. By far better than the previous option that was the MTA website. Navigating through the options and finding the right times (and affordable combo tickets between LIRR and MetroNorth) has been such a relief for me as I commute to work and travel for pleasure.
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9 months ago, You Zhou
Great App!
This app does everything I need when taking MTA trains: check time table, track a specific train, buy tickets and use tickets. I’m surprised by the quality of the app. The only feedback I have is to change the name of the app to something more recognizable. I had trouble to find the app a few time but of course I got used to it now.
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2 years ago, li lirrer
Almost but not quite
So you finally integrated the schedule app and the ticket app - great! But from a trip that I find on the schedule, when I click to buy a ticket, the app does not carry the peak/off-peak designation to guide ticket choice! I have to either remember or back out and check what fare I need and then click again to purchase. Seems pretty basic to tell me what fare I am gonna need for the trip I have picked.
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1 year ago, Bodhi65
Excellent app
Easy to use; seamless integration of all the tasks you used to do in two apps. The real time updates to the train route, indicating where you are, how long to the next stop, rider density in cars (though this last one: not so sure how accurate that is or *can be*, but no matter—it’s great to see it tried), clear indication of peak/off-peak… great job, team!
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1 year ago, willymayberight
Not for quick purchases or transactions.
Casual users beware. This is not a good app to use in a pinch. gives you useless info that you cant skip and have to go through before you can get to what you need to do. Then once you get through there are too many steps to get done what you need. You have to rely on the lirr ppl to let you finish already on board which is not how it’s supposed to work. It’s designed for Long Island residents who use it daily.
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2 years ago, SojournerTruth7
Good Service
I started riding the Metro North train in Nay 2022. It has shown good service the entire time, even when the trains were late. lThe reason being is because of the people who who the system. I must admit I have only experienced good professional service from the conductors to those who walk the aisle and take the money. I’m giving you guys/gals 5 stars.
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2 months ago, GRUNTKILL3R
Trains Made Easy!
This app makes it easy to find the train that gets you where you want to go when you want to get there! And once you’ve found your train, the app makes it easy to buy your ticket! Frictionless! The UI is responsive and modern. I don’t have any complaints. The dev team nailed it with this app.
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2 years ago, chuckhebert10
One rider’s review
The integration of ticket purchase, train schedules, etc. is terrific. The “best value” feature is nice to have. The train details are not consistently accurate. For example, the app indicates the train has departed when, in actuality, it hasn’t even arrived. The track number indicator often displays a non-existent track—especially at GCT. The “number of cars on the train” feature rarely works. Overall, the app is better than nothing. But it’s not stellar.
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1 year ago,
App selling tickets based on prior rather than current selection
Twice in the last week, TrainTime has loaded tickets for stations filled out in the ticket purchase UI, but when I loaded the e-ticket it listed the stations I had used for my previous trip. Case in point: Today I filled in Grand Central to Hicksville, and it completed searching and let me move on to purchase. Once I purchased, I saw that I had a freshly purchased ticked from the Appalachian Trail to Grand Central - the ride I’d taken Saturday. On that trip, my morning purchase to the Appalachian Trail had loaded the correct names of stations, but when the purchase was done I received a ticket to Beacon - my previous TrainTime purchase. Needless to say, I want the app fixed and I want my money back. (I tried to update the app, but I’m on the latest version already.)
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