MTailor - Custom Clothing

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Bit Body, Inc.
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User Reviews for MTailor - Custom Clothing

4.63 out of 5
4.6K Ratings
2 years ago, BrianPhoenix
Now I’m into it!
I was slow to get on board. I received a gift certificate for a shirt as a Christmas present, and skeptically went through the process to have the app measure me and send the shirt. I ended up really liking the quality and appearance, but it was too tight in the neck. Mtailor automatically sent me a follow up email making sure I was happy, and I explained the fit issue. They were *incredibly* responsive. They had me take and send some pics. I had a live person immediately assigned to me to get it resolved, which took no time at all. They didn’t ask for the shirt back, and just sent me another that fit perfectly. It was so easy that I decided to try a pair of jeans. Those fit the first time. I got so many unsolicited compliments on the shirt (which had to be due to the fit as the color was not unusual in any way) that I decided to order another. I’m absolutely surprised to say that people consistently compliment how I look when I wear these clothes—I’m not used to that. I now have 4 shirts and just ordered two more. I haven’t tried a suit as I rarely wear one, but would probably do a sports coat if they end up with more casual fabrics. For the convenience, the quality of the product, and the perfect fit I am a huge fan. Couldn’t recommend the service more.
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4 years ago, UNC mike 111
Modernizing the apparel industry
I have had great experiences with MTailor. They deliver a solid quality product with exceptional customer service, leading to a strong overall value. Finding clothes that are stylish and fit properly has been a challenge my whole life. I have experienced everything from tailoring clothes off the rack to bespoke, and I found MTailor to be a nice middle ground between these two. First step is getting fitted. MTailors app and measurement process is very straightforward. I liked how I was able to do everything without the assistance of someone else and in the comfort of my home. Once purchased, clothing items take about 2-3 weeks to arrive which I view to be a quick turnaround for the service they are providing. The accuracy of the initial product is okay. I am a bit of an outlier as most tailors can’t even produce a perfect fit for me so I will not hold this against MTailor, but what makes them so exceptional is their commitment to their customers. MTailor will remake any items that do not meet your expectations or give you your money back. Additionally, they don’t wait for you to ship the previous item back before making any adjustments or charge you any type of fees, they get straight to work and they will keep working at it until they deliver the best fit. This no hassle, no fees, no excuses policy is simply remarkable. With all things considered (price, service, product), I find MTailor to be an extraordinary value.
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5 years ago, mcha12345
Fake customization
I was very excited to try this innovative idea. I got two pairs of jeans the fit great as well as a t-shirt that I do like. However, it went off the rails trying to get a button down that fit. The first order was a bit tight in the shoulders and big in the waist. I received communication that they would offer a remake. That’s when the system broke down. The service rep proposed alterations and after a few weeks I received another shirt. When I got this one it fit better up top but the bottom buttons did not connect; creating an odd tent out front. I replied with my concerns that this shirt was less wearable than the first. Again I got a very robotic response not addressing my specific questions. They offered to do a second remake. I asked if I should get remeasured but they said no and made modifications that were supposed to fix it. The third shirt was somehow the worst (the tent got bigger). At that point they said they would just send me an envelope for a refund WHICH HAS STILL NOT BEEN RECEIVED. I came to this app hoping to finally get a tailored shirt and upgrade my whole wardrobe. Instead I spent 2 months back and forth for nothing. I have no problem with the idea or price point but the tag line 20% better than a tailor is false. Best of luck to you.
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4 years ago, TJB007
Very pleased
I have to say like others I was very skeptical. It seems that people here either love or hate this company. So I started by purchasing two pairs of dress pants and a couple shirts. I have to say everything fit perfectly. I have even gotten compliments from people and noticed a lot of the women I work with look me top to bottom now. The dress shirts show off my athletic physique without being restrictive and I am very pleased. The pants fit absolutely perfectly. Only complaints I have is on one shirt my watch sleeve was a bit larger than the way they cut my other shirt. But after washing them they are acceptable so I didn’t mention it to them. The other is the collars are difficult to iron but manageable. My banana republic shirt collars are easier to deal with and stay in place partly due to being shorter. These are on the wider/longer side and try to splay out during the day. I will try some starch but this is why I docked a star. The fabrics all appear very good quality and I am very happy. I will see how they hold up but for now I will continue to do business with them.
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4 years ago, Deacon Tom Lang
Amazing Technology!
Incredible technology as the measuring by iPhone works superbly well! The customer service is the best too. If you prefer a change in a measurement to suit a personal preference, they work very well with you and are very responsive. I would have given in 5 stars if the app login interface worked better. It is an absolute nightmare when I have to change my password for one reason or another. I click “Forgot My Password” and then the link I get in an email. I change the password, but when I then go to use the app it tells me it’s the wrong password over and over. This has happened both times I changed my password and doesn’t happen with any other app, so it’s definitely not user error! I even delete the app, reboot my phone and try again, with the same bad results. Compounding the problem is the fact that you can’t go to a website and change the password there. Unfortunate limitation. I’ve given up on placing orders due to this problem with the app. If they fix it I’ll definitely be back.
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4 years ago, Chalky Studebaker
Excellent fit and service
I’m in a wedding that bought suits through MTailor and it was my first experience with them. I have to say, it has been a great one. The shirt fit perfect, which was nice considering most are either too long and baggy to get the sleeve length I need or too short of sleeves. The suit pants were spot on, but the jacket was a tad tight with the lapels flailing a bit. Eurish made a recommendation the same morning I requested a new jacket and had it out immediately. My new jacket came in about two weeks and was perfect. No fuss, no hassle, just please donate the old jacket and accept our apologies with the new one. He followed up to make sure it fit, which it did. I appreciated that there was a real person on the other end of the emails and not just canned one line responses. Unless Eurish is a product of machine learning, but I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole. Either way, the service was excellent. The product looks and fits great. I’ll be back again for more.
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3 months ago, Chrizzo46
Repeat customer!!
I rarely write reviews. However, I was compelled to do so in this case due to the professionalism displayed by MTailor. I ordered my first suit and shirt from this company a few weeks ago. I received it in a timely manner considering all of the custom details they did to the fit. Being a first time customer, I was very skeptical of the App measuring my body for a perfect fit. To my delight I tried on the suit and shirt and they were a perfect fit. I was amazed! I look awesome in this suit! I really can’t wait to purchase several more. The day I received my suit in the mail MTailor reached out to me via email. They wanted to know if everything fit ok. They also told me to write to them if I had any questions. I did have a question about the suit, so I asked. Within 24 hours they responded and answered my question. It is so pleasing to be 100% satisfied with both the product and performance of a company!
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5 years ago, saf_ron1
Perfect fit... very impressed!
I was very skeptical that the fit would be correct, but wow! Not just a close fit, but perfect! I’m 6’2” and 200lbs. I have wider shoulders than average so I’m never able to find shirts that are comfortable at the shoulders but fitted through the sides. I usually have to get larger size shirts for my shoulders and then take them to be tailored. I ordered two long sleeve shirts. Both are a perfect tailor fit. Fabric is very nice and they look very well made. I also ordered one pair of jeans. Also a perfect fit, which is a very difficult thing to find off the shelf. The measurement process was very simple and only took a few minutes. I did the measurement process only wearing tight fitting black boxers. Not sure if this helped but I wanted it very clear during the measuring process so the outline of my body could be clearly seen. I’m really looking forward to ordering more items.
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3 years ago, SanDiego2011
Makes me hot
So I just wanted to give a quick little review. At first when I started using MTailor, as a man who lifts weights and does not have the typical size u buy off the rack, I was not happy with the measurements when I received them in the mail. What I was happy with however, was how willing they were to work with me. It does take a little time to take pictures of yourself… But if you’re that concerned about your measurements, then you’ll probably be fine with taking pictures of yourself and emailing. Pretty easy really. Sure beats having to go to an actual building and having someone measure you. For some of the outfits the measurements still did not come out the right measurements the second time around… But the third time around was a charm. And when they get it right, boy do they get it right. I looked hot! Fit my body like a glove… Move over James Bond.
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4 years ago, DLRea
My special needs son has a unique body shape
My adult son has Down Syndrome. He is only 5’ but very heavy, mostly through the middle. I’ve never been able to buy off-the-rack clothes for him (other than short-sleeved t-shirts). Buying huge pants and my cutting off the legs leaves them looking like stovepipes. Buying dress clothes requires expensive professional alterations but they still don’t look custom made. Now he has pants that were made just for him and his hard-to-fit body. The measuring process was simple for us. All he had to do was stand in one spot, raise his arms and turn around. The order came quickly (with frequent updates along the way, and even a followup after arrival—-who else does that!). The pants were very well made and fit my son perfectly. I am anxious to try the custom long-sleeved shirts next because he has unusually short arms.
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4 years ago, Another1234
First shirt fits well
Ordered my first shirt and I like how it turned out. I am short (5’6”) and normally have a tough time finding regular shirts in mainstream stores that fit me... either the sleeves are too long (but the length of the shirt is good) OR the length is too long (but the sleeves are good) etc etc. So I was excited to give this a try. First order turned out pretty good and I’m going to give it another go for a shirt in a no-iron style and see how that goes. I should add that there’s got to be some inherent acceptance of a general styles if I purchase anything like this... One doesn’t get to choose some granular details that make designer custom apparel made to specific trends and tastes... but the overall look of the shirt so far works for me... and if/when I decide to venture to pants or jackets, I know I’ll need to be cool with BASIC styles that FIT WELL.
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2 years ago, CM98765
Great pants
It is impossible for me to find pants in a store that fit. I have too much waist and my legs are too short. It has been many years since I found store-bought pants that I didn’t have to have tailored. I have bought a pair of khakis and two pairs of jeans in the past 3 years from MTailor, and they are the best fitting pants I’ve ever owned. The look slimming because they fit so well. The fabric and construction are excellent. The only thing to watch out for is the color of the fabric. My navy jeans are true blue, but the grey jeans aren’t a pure grey - there is some other color in there as well that are hard to identify. And my olive khakis aren’t a pure olive - there is some grey in the coloring. It has not been a problem for me to match shirts etc. to the pants, but if you need precise color to match your wardrobe, stick to navy and black.
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4 years ago, karynmaronde
M Tailor
I have been seeing commercials about custom jeans from M Tailor so I finally decided to give it a try. Well the first time They sent my jeans they were to big and didn’t fit quite right. It was partly my fault as I thought I needed higher waisted jeans. I was wrong. But I Emailed them and Trisha from customer service said no problem take some pictures so we can see how they fit and we will gladly make you another pair. So I did that . I sent the pictures and Trisha said okay and she wrote down measurements and said we will have them to you in two weeks. Exactly 2 weeks they were here and finished . They fit perfectly! Probably the best fitting jeans I’ve ever had. Try them you won’t be disappointed and the customer service is one of the best I’ve ever dealt with. Totally worth the money!
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4 years ago, Dh4tch3d
As advertised, a rare breed!
I was skeptical at first. Not sure if my phone camera could really give this company my correct fit. However, I was greatly surprised when the first pair of jeans showed up and they fit perfectly. Being the stickler for details, I wanted to adjust the jeans “just so” and asked if this was too much trouble. I went back and forth with customer service over email, shared some photos, and a second pair of jeans arrived at my doorstep.....wait for it.....PERFECT!! I’m not just talking about decently close to perfect, these jeans may have well been tailored to fit me direct. Very pleased. BLUF: I’ve only purchased jeans, I’m getting ready to go down the path of shirts and see what happens, but I’m HIGHLY optimistic and cannot wait to see what arrives!! VERY PLEASED WITH THE APP AND CUSTOMER SERVICE!!
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5 years ago, cornwellsb
Jeans fit horribly
I tho ought I would give this a try because I tailor a lot of clothes and almost everything I own is custom. I thought wow, this would be great not to have to go to the tailor. I ordered a pair of shorts and jeans first. I’m fairly fit but have trouble finding jeans that fit great. So I set this up and went through the automated process. The first problem occurred when I discovered I had an Incorrect address in Apple Pay. Literally within 5 hours of paying I contact support and they tell me I cannot change the address. They gave me some line that my order was already complete? I go back and forth over this and give up. 1 week later I receive a notification my order is finished??? Long story short it took many days to then track down the order and get it to my apartment. Once arrived the jeans fit horribly. I can’t really describe how they look but it’s as if I have no bottom in these jeans ... I’m a fit guy and I look like a flattened pear. The shorts were too tight. I gave up in discust.
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1 year ago, StorkUSMC
A legitimate Five Stars!
I am 6’6” and slender and have always had trouble finding clothing that really fits me, especially shirts, without paying ridiculous prices. If I could find shirts long enough I ended up looking like a flying squirrel ready for flight, if they fit my chest then I looked like I was wearing my child’s shirt in the length. I took a chance with this app, did the measurements (convenient and easy), and ordered a few different types of shirts. Right after I tried them on I immediately went back in and placed a larger order. The service was incredible, the measurements were right on, and I am able to feel truly comfortable in clothes made specifically for me without breaking the bank to do it.
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4 years ago, #SoHonestItHurts
So I don’t believe anyone has left a review after using this companies product for a year, so let’s dig in. I’ve bought 4 dress shirts with no front pocket and button down collars, 2 different fabrics. It’s now been about a year, maybe more and I’d like to now come clean with MTailors product. With someone who uses something they claim measures you with an algorithm, you’d think everything would be close to perfect, cause nothing is perfect. Problem is none of my shirts fit the same, some the cuffs are too small, or too big, the neck is the same. The torso of the shirts are either too light or spot on. So my thoughts were if I got measured shouldn’t the shirts all be using the same measurements? I guess not. Also the cotton shirts start falling apart after just one year, buttons ripping off, falling apart, and the fabric is so thin that the thread is still in tact, but the fabric ripped. I’m honestly never buying an MTailor product again and I highly suggest at the prices they are selling them for, THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT!!!!
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4 years ago, odej98
This takes forever! But totally worth it
I ordered a tshirt and pair of khaki shorts to test out the services of the company. It took about a month to get the clothes I ordered. To be honest, I waited so long that I almost lost interest; hence the 4 stars. They finally came in and the shirt felt amazing! I love it! The shorts couldn’t have been more wrong in terms of size. The customer support team was very attentive and made several adjustments to the shorts. Now I begin another month long the time I got my shorts, it has been two months since I i is Italy ordered them and I forgot I was owed a pair. Then one day, they are in the mailbox. I’ve never had such high quality and good fitting clothes. Totally worth the trouble. I’ll certainly order more (if I have the luxury of waiting for an outfit). You get what you pay for; in this case, great clothes
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6 years ago, BigOilWells
This works perfectly and the shirts look amazing!
A guy I work with said I should try the app. Getting measured was fun and quick. I love how I can customize the shirt to exactly what I want. The order was done really fast and shipping took 3 days. When the shirts came in they fit me perfectly and they look amazing. This is going to be the way we shop for clothes in the coming years. I will not go buy dress shirts anywhere in stores for now on. I’m getting these custom shirts made and shipped to me. Amazing app, tons of choices, good price, delivered on their promises. Highly recommend. I hope they come out with more designs and colors soon because I will be loading up on orders. 5 star service. Getting clothes like this makes you feel as if the future is now.
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4 years ago, ryansandphoto
Finally! Clothes that fit me!
I’ve struggled for years to find clothes that fit me. I’m mostly an XLT size, and I’ve only found a few shirts in that size that fit me well. I’m tall through the torso and overweight. I was skeptical of this app at first, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. The fit is much more accurate than I expected. I’m guessing they saw that I was larger and made adjustments to make sure that it wasn’t as form-fitting as it would be on a skinnier person and I love it. It’s not too large like some of my shirts but it also isn’t right anywhere. I’ll definitely be buying more clothes in the future. They’re a little expensive from what I’ve purchased in the past (I’m not a fashion guy) but worth it for clothes that fit.
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5 years ago, pbogen79
Didn’t work for me
The app is good and the measuring process was quick, easy, and fun... but it didn’t work! I have an athletic build with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. I also have a short torso. Thus, most shirts are too long and with too much fabric around the mid section for me. I was excited to give this a go and I started simple with a tee-shirt for a test. However, the shirt I got was WAY worse than most off the rack shirts! It fit okay around the shoulders but it was so long (it nearly came down to my knees) and with so much fabric around the midsection I felt like I was wearing a maternity shirt! I just didn’t have it me to go through the “remake” process, so I requested a return. Going to a tailor is way more accurate (not sure how in the world this app can claim they are more accurate) and less of a hassle for me. Customer service, however, was courteous and prompt, which is the reason for me not giving this just one star.
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5 years ago, dsimpson2
MTailor is fantastic!
I’ve had an iPhone since the first iPhone came out, I can’t remember the last time I wrote a review. The algorithm that Miles and his team have built is remarkable. I think they have at times had issues with production and not every order I’ve place is perfect, but they ALWAYS fix anything you need and overall they are building an amazing company that I really hope will continue to thrive and grow. My entire wardrobe is almost all MTailor at this point and I couldn’t be happier. As they continue to grow the only thing I hope they can improve is the UX in the app for ordering, and continue to improve the design and quality of the materials they can offer. Having custom fitting clothing is the best!
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5 years ago, EastCoastSomeone
Good but not perfect
The advertising that this is “20% better than a tailor” is inaccurate. However, once you do get the fit right, you can just order anything and it will fit well. For me, it took one remake on my first order to get it right for shirts. Pants were fine after the initial order. Fabric quality for the shirts is just ok; it’s not terrible but not really high end either. What they really need are a lot more choices on the fabric. The dress pants are good. Jeans fit very well, but mine shrunk horribly after one washing (they have really limited choices too). I like the concept of the app and would recommend for well fitting “business casual” shirts and dress pants. Assume at least one remake to get it right too (which can be a hassle since build and ship times are slow).
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1 month ago, ThehappyTexan
Best thing out there for men’s clothing
I can’t say enough about how great this is. Especially if you have unconventional proportions that aren’t conducive for off the rack clothes. I lift weights and am bulky, nothing off the rack fits. Too tight and too long. Enter M Tailor, problem solved! Suits, jeans, untucked dress shirts, all good. No going to the store, trying stuff on, paying more for alterations, etc. I needed a suit for my son who is a senior in HS and a lineman on the football team. He’s huge and nothing off the rack works for him. Had him download the app, order a suit, and he looked and felt like a million bucks. I have had to have a couple of remakes and they have been super accommodating both times and got it right.
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4 months ago, Lkaplan2
Pure Perfection
I was not sure about the site but I have long legs and a size 00. I don’t have a lot of options until I tried MTailor. I just got o e pair of grey jeans with ecru stitching. They are absolutely beautiful, amazing quality and they fit perfectly. The legs were not too short they were my exact measurements. If you are tall, short, fat or thin and don’t fit into the “off the rack” stuff, “THIS IS IT!!” My search is over and I couldn’t be happier. It takes less time than running from store to store and guessing about what size you happen to wear for the different designers as these are TAILORED TO YOUR BODY. I would give them a try if you can relate to anything I’ve said. Go for it.
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5 months ago, Jac1e.29
Must be magic
I’ve struggled to find shirts that allow the neck to button but don’t have a huge middle to billow out like a sail. MTailor has worked some magic and solved that problem. I measured at home and it was an easy process. I did adjust the sleeve length before I placed the order (I knew what I liked!). I ordered in early December and the shirt arrived about 3 weeks later, quick despite the holiday rush. It was nicely packaged and the fabric was as nice as I expected. The best part was the fit — it’s perfect! I received email the next day inquiring about the fit and offering to make any changes, but none were needed. I am very pleased with my MTailor interactions and will be ordering again.
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1 year ago, Steve likes this
Mark Arceo is amazing in customer service
Have to see in the company on Shark Tank many years ago I tried out with a shirt and it came out great and I’ll fast forward five years later I just bought a couple more shirts and I felt the sizing was a little off, so they are custom making it again with new iterations, and we are working very closely together. Mark and customer service is amazing. He is very responsive and very helpful and probably one of the best customer service member I have ever worked communicated. I will most likely be buying new shirts in the new year as I continue to go on my vacations and want to keep getting for new shirts and this company is great. Highly recommend!
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10 months ago, blueline_guy92
Great Customer Service and Quality Product
I came to MTailor after getting fed up with cheaply made store brought shirts. The process is very simple with easy step by step instructions. I will say I had an issue with my measurement video the first time around but staff reached out immediately and provided assistance with getting my measurements corrected. When my shirt came in it was very high quality and most importantly it was the perfect fit. If you’re looking for clothing you can count on and feel confident in look no further. I will definitely be purchasing more shirts soon and I can’t say thanks enough to the wonderful team that played a part in my first purchase.
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2 years ago, Gumdrop Thief
Fits like a glove!
Earlier I left a negative review and I’m here to correct it. While my first order was comically oversized and I was initially against the idea of giving them a try at fixing it, I gave in and what came back fits me like an extension of my body. As a big man finding good fitting clothes is just the worst, especially if you want to dress fashionably and with lovely colors and fits that make you look good rather than just hiding what you have. In the future while I will still buy from other brands for certain key items, MTailor will be my go to for the staples and I’ve already been recommending it to other big guys who have faced the same problems. Great job, MTailor!
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4 months ago, PhotoLawyer
Great experience buying a suit
I was skeptical but this turned out to be a really cool experience. The app was super easy. The first suit delivered was a little too big. I sent them a few pictures and within a day their group responded and made a few sizing tweaks and sent a new suit for me. I didn’t even have to return the other suit. The second suit fit like a glove and was perfect. The beauty of that is they saved my measurements so my next suit should be perfect. This was a great way to buy a suit that fits and looks great. Nice quality and construction. Excellent customer service. And I never had to leave my house. I will buy another suit from them for sure.
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4 years ago, Solano Steve
Satisfaction Guarantee Makes for Positive Expetience
I needed a new pair of jeans and decided to try M Tailor for the first time, especially with retail clothing stores closed due to pandemic. The ordering process was straightforward but when the jeans arrived they were baggy in rear and too long. Although disappointed I decided to take advantage of M Tailor’s offer for a free remake. The customer service representative was extremely helpful and allowed me to ask for the new jeans to be made in a different color as I was did not like the lighter blue color I originally ordered as much as I thought I would. The new jeans arrived this week and they fit perfectly. And I love the new dark blue color. Very happy with my initial M Tailor experience.
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4 years ago, CT Prof
Good service corrected a style problem
I thought I would try this out because I was intrigued by the photo measuring tool. I ordered a pair of jeans. They arrived and fit, but the style was a problem. I am 5’ 10” and 240 lbs, so pear-shaped. The standard jean style has a short rise from crotch to waistband; on me that all stayed parallel to the ground with my belly hanging over my belt. I contacted Customer Service, sent a few pictures and they offered a remake increasing the rise by three inches. The remake jeans have arrived and I couldn’t be happier with the fit. So I just ordered two more pairs. (My wife is very complimentary that these fitted jeans look much better than the baggy ones I had gotten used to wearing.)
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4 years ago, Shredder3067
You Will Look Good
I had a great experience with MTailor. For me, I can not find shirts that fit in all aspects 100% from regular retailers. Those one-size-fits-all approaches are not comfortable and not designed for someone who loves the gym and also wants to look good in the office. MTailor got it right. My first cut was not exactly correct. Customer service was excellent. I got a new cut with professional measurements and improvements. They measure everything and ensure you are happy with the clothes and do not charge you more to get it right. Once your measurements are locked in, you can order more based on that profile. I’m looking forward to purchasing more, feeling comfortable, and looking great.
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6 years ago, Dangerclose69
Unbelievable and Quality Second To None
I saw Mtaylor on Shark Tank and I was impressed but somewhat skeptical of the accuracy but decide to give it a try. Hands down the best pair of jeans I’ve ever owned. The quality is unbelievable and the accuracy and fit was spot on. I was so impressed with the whole process that I told my neighbor who’s a dentist about it. Jordan told me he had been buying his dress clothes for work from a company that was charging him upwards to $500 a month when he made a purchases. After our discussion Jordan told me he made his first order of shirts so I’m hoping he has the same experience I had and we both continue to buy. Great Product People!!
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3 years ago, Rc1908
Just got my jacket
I will start this out by saying I’m a difficult fit. Large man broad shoulders so when i buy from the big and tall stores I’m buying a bigger size then getting it tailored down but the quality is limited at my size. Then I heard about this company but was skeptical about the computer sizing. Well the first try was a little tight but the quality was first rate. Called and spoke with service (they were great), I retook pictures with the jacket on which reminded me of Chris Farley big guy in a small jacket skit. I got the new jacket today and it is perfect. 5 stars for fit, quality, and service. Worth the wait
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7 years ago, Cowbell Cult
Solid service, great products
I have been an M-tailor customer from the beginning. I rarely write reviews but felt compelled when I saw some of the reviews that were less flattering than the way I feel about M-tailor. I own 5 M-tailor shirts and a pair of the jeans. Quality is the type you find in higher level designer shirts and jeans and these wash up very well. Yes, I do have to iron the shirts but this is no big deal for me. Fit is perfect. I am impressed that the shirts and jeans fit so well. By the way, I am NOT an employee nor do I have any affiliation with this company except that I am a happy and satisfied customer in Seattle. I will continue to be a loyal customer!
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4 years ago, Cdl13
I bought a pair of jeans and a polo shirt using this app. MTailor allows a lot of customization and I’ve learned you can even make some specific changes to your taste. Just like a real custom tailor! They arrived in less than 3 weeks and I can’t believe how perfectly everything fit. It’s hard for me to find jeans that fit just the way I want and these are the best I’ve ever had. I was a little skeptical that turning around in front of my iPhone would provide anything like a close measurement for a good fit but I’m a believer now. Easy to do and lots of choices. Plus you don’t have to spend a lot of time trying stuff on.
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4 years ago, Ol123eg
Good customer service, terrible product
I was very hopeful to try out these guys after all the reviews, and the promise of better fit vs tailor. Especially with most tailors closed during covid quarantine, I needed to upgrade the suit collection for a new job. Completely not the case with this company. Wait time about 6 weeks. Price point not justifiable considering - cut, fit, fabric quality. Cut not great at all (both pants and jacket), pants bad fit on length and waist, jacket saggy. Fabric very poor quality for a $400 suit. Maybe if this is someones first suit they won’t know the difference. At least customer service was quick to process return label and refund. Do yourself a favor - go to to your nearest Macy’s/Neiman Marcus/Century 21 and get 2-3 suits (huge sales now). Then got to your local dry cleaner/tailor and pay $50 for a perfect fit for you. Will take you quicker than 6 weeks, 100% wool, and cheaper..
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4 years ago, hhsksbd wos
Amazing Concept
I just ordered my first set of pants and shirt from Mtailor. A pair of jeans and a long sleeve button up shirt. I have NEVER had clothing fit so well. I was impressed with how easy the measuring process was and how quick. Then in a little over a week they were in. You also get Email updates along the way of every step your order is going through. I will definitely be ordering again. Also customer service is EXCELLENT. USPS lost my first order the FIRST day they got it. And without any questions Mtailor customer service offers me a full refund or a remake. I asked for the remake and it was done quickly and correctly. Thanks Mtailor.
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3 years ago, DCMorrison
Wish I could give higher
But I just can’t right now. I have purchased four items from MTailor, two polo shirts, a pair of chinos and a pair of shorts. All arrived in a timely way and three fit well. Sadly, the shorts were way too big and have to be remade but hey, they are doing that. However, the reality of getting clothes shipped from wherever has started to ruin the party. Currently I have clothes on order from MTailor that are already late and I have just been advised they may or may not arrive by October 8. Since I was planning to wear them on a trip that begins October 9, this is less than ideal. I get it that this delay is not MTailor’s fault, but it does represent a flaw in their business plan. As of now I can’t recommend MTailor until they find a way to address the shipping issue.
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4 years ago, Kingofcool999
Pleasantly Surprised
I’m oddly shaped... Finding jeans that fit is a challenge. So I gave this app a try. First go was close, after a couple adjustments they are all but perfect. Customer service has been great. You might feel a little silly working thru the measurement process, but it’s worth it. Update- Jeans are holding up fine. A few thoughts... I wish the front pocket openings were larger. If you have a big phone, you might have some minor difficulty getting it out. I’d like to see more options for the denim. Different weights, distressing, etc. Also, custom back pocket stitching could be neat... Maybe via a sketch tool in the app?
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5 years ago, Wendy1602
Go to a real tailor & spend less time
My son wanted to try this so I bought it as a gift for him. The first button down shirt that was shipped made him look like he had large man boobs. He’s 6’2 & about 185lbs - no man boobs here. We reached out to them & they offered new measurements based on a picture we sent of him in the shirt. #2 shirt came a few weeks later & still man boobs. They offered more measurement changes or a refund. We were about 6 weeks out from original shirt so I gave it a 3rd try. The 3rd shirt fit better but I wouldn’t call it a custom shirt. Customer service was prompt & always offered a refund. They let us keep the shirts that didn’t fit. Would I do it again, no. Too much time back & forth sending pics. Go to a real tailor & get a tailored shirt if that’s what your looking for.
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2 years ago, Meat 1
Save the day
As a professional educator there are times I must where a tie. Buying shirts off the rack was always a problem because of my body’s composition. If the neck fit the arms were too long and the torso would be for that of a much larger man. MT Tailor eliminated that for me...I cannot express more the pleasure of wearing a shirt custom made for me and monogrammed. I only wish they had wider variety of patterns and colors to choose from? Moreover, the new wave of no tuck shirts are as competitive and attractive as higher priced items of the same name. I'm sold on MT Tailor - more so because they stand by their product.
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6 years ago, Hollendeeziac
With a little effort, “Could Be Great”
This is a great idea & push towards modernizing the way we buy clothes. However, it lacks basic options and style to make it useable in my opinion. For example jeans, I have every option to tailor a pair of jeans, “other than the most important”. Style. No option for tears, wash style, & rise. These are all things you would find in a trendy, modern jean. I am 38 and feel like this is an app for “the elderly” dresser. If you worked on the modern touches and gave the custom options, this could be a game changer. Don’t limit yourself to “the basics”. Any high dollar model can make your clothes look great, but let the clothes look great by themselves and you will have accomplished the new way to order clothes.
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6 years ago, Grumpypariah
I was skeptical but now I’m a believer
I have an athletic build, so off the rack stuff always got fine in some places, but we’re too tight in others, or too Goldilocks and the three bears....I finally found the third bear The measuring process was very quick and easy, and the result is my items were dead on. Feel like I had no idea how clothes were supposed to fit me until I got this stuff I’m now a loyal customer of theirs, definitely recommend checking them out. Do what I did, give them an order for a shirt or something and see how it goes. You won’t be disappointed
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5 years ago, dd@**
Beware ... see update
My experience: Order arrived in around 2 weeks, which I think is reasonable for a custom shirt. I am completely satisfied with the fit and fabric. The but is for the overall value. Why are they offering standard white dress shirt for $89 when some of the other shirts they offer are $69. FYI they on Shark Tank and pitched the company as being able to sell shirts at $69. You can buy a comparable quality shirt from Nordstrom Rack for $35. Three stars just because price is on the high side... better pricing and I would give it 5 stars. Update... they were offering 3 white shirts when I wrote my original review, all priced at $89. Now there are 5 shirts offered at guess what? ... $89. Update. I bought a white shirt heavy weight fabric and is shrunk to the point where I can’t wear it. Beware they have a very limited warranty/return policy. When I inquired about a return I was told that I was past the 90 day warranty so they would not be able to help me. Do not order the heavy weight fabric and make a note on your calendar to double check your shirt prior to the end of the 90 day window.
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1 year ago, Greeneyedgirl0511
Women’s Jeans
My husband has loved MTailor for a while now and when he told me that they expanded into women’s jeans, I was excited!! Especially because I do not like high rise jeans, which is all that is being sold in stores these days. I went through the sizing and my first pair of jeans did not fit me at all. I contacted customer support and they were EXTREMELY helpful. I sent pictures of myself in the original pair and they identified what needed to be changed. The second pair arrived and they fit perfectly!! Will defiantly be buying again! Thank you so much!
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2 years ago, Johnson R Hollywood
Love it!
This seemed like there is no way this would work. M best fitting shirts would be an ‘athletic’ cut because of my shoulder… good luck finding those. What I was left with were sleeves slightly too long and a bunch of extra shirt to figure out where to hide around back. I tried it out with a pair of jeans and a shirt. Tommy surprise, they fit perfectly. I have since gone back and basically did a wardrobe overhaul with some 30 items. They all fit perfect and fit nicely. Simply put, no disappointments and this is where I will shop from here on out!
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5 years ago, Joseph C D
VERY difficult time finding clothes that fit because of my build—6’2” and 235 lbs, bodybuilder, so broader shoulders and back and smaller waist, always problematic finding shirts that have enough room in arms and upper torso while also being taper to the waist. I was incredibly skeptical, but pleasantly learned that these are the best fitting clothes I’ve ever purchased. By far. Same goes for the jeans. Difficult to find them with smaller waist but room for thighs—these were phenomenal. Best part is the quality of material. Sharp. I doubt I’ll ever buy any “non-gym” clothes from any other source. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
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2 years ago, akdennis
I finally found my source for custom shirts
The M Taylor sizing system using the iPhone got my measurements very close. Working with one of the representatives from the company made some final adjustments, and the shirt turned out perfectly. I’m very happy with the final product. It only took three tries to get the measurements correct, which is much better than other online tailors I’ve used and certainly better than purchasing off the rack. My measurements are a little unusual so purchasing a dress shirt off the rack has been impossible for me. My new shirt from M Taylor is perfect. They have a satisfied customer in me.
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