Murphy Drive Rewards

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Murphy USA
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8 months ago
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User Reviews for Murphy Drive Rewards

4.85 out of 5
518.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Star0625!
I love Murphy’s, it’s pretty much the only store I go to. The only complaint that I have is that I saved and saved and saved my points to get to 1000 just to use so that I could take a dollar off for gas. I did not need a full tank of gas and was under the assumption that I could use up to 20 gallons at one dollar off I only used six dollars because that’s all I needed and then it completely started me over so I absolutely retained all those points for absolutely nothing for a measly little six dollars in gas. We should be able to use our points up to 20 gallons at one dollar off even if I don’t have to fill up my car at one time. So I completely lost 15 gallons at a dollar off in gas just because I did not have to completely fill up at one time and that was not fair so I was pretty angry about that. You got over on me on that one. You should’ve been very clear that I had to fill up my car at one time and you were not. This is a reason people don’t have trust in the world
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10 months ago, Big gamer too
Using Rewards Points
The rewards points are a nice bonus for drivers. I appreciate the discount. However, there is a downside to the 20 gallon threshold. Many of the vehicles on the road today will not hold 20 gallons if nearly dry. Further, fuel pumps are commonly located in the fuel tank. Fuel surrounding the pump keeps it cool and should be refilled when the level reaches 1/4 of tank capacity to prevent premature failure and expensive repairs. Rewards are available for discounts for a maximum of 20 gallons of fuel. If the vehicle holds less than 20 gallons the balance of points is lost, denying the customer of the full earned benefit of the program. One option would be to allow the use of points for smaller quantities of fuel. Another option would be to allow unused points to carry over toward future purchases. Other options may be useful as well. Some modifications to the system would be more fair to consumers who earn the rewards. The views expressed here are my opinion and worth what you paid. Personally, I try to fill my vehicle and my wife’s vehicle at the same time so that I am able to get full benefit of my points and neither one falls below the 1/4 tank refill point.
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5 years ago, StepzStylz
Love Rewards Programs!
I am new to the Murphy Drive App, but so far it appears to be pretty awesome!! I am a single mom with two teenage girls so we appreciate and thank you for the opportunity to save money and earn great rewards. Although like other loyalty programs I have had the privilege of being a member of, without sounding unappreciative, I only wanted to make a suggestion that could possibly make your app even better. I think if there were more opportunities and options to earn rewards, not only just by purchasing specific products that are great deals. I really like the rev game to earn rewards, but several days ago when I originally downloaded the app, of course when I saw it I just had to try it out and since then it hasn’t allowed me to play the game again, I have not read the rules and guidelines regarding this issue but it is possible that it may be on a weekly schedule or something like that. More games and other possible chances to earn more rewards!!! Although even without these suggestions I have already saved money and enjoyed earning these awesome rewards!! Thank you and I suggest everyone download this app today and start saving money!!
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4 years ago, mickey1757
Murphy rewards is worth it
Okay get the application and use it each time you prepay gas or buy food, pay attention to your points each time you prepay gas inside they will ask do you wish to use your points for gas say no until you can see how fast your points are raising up because If you shop enough you will get enough to get a dollar off a gallon that is the most they don’t let you use partial so wait til you wish to fill up I saved 16 bucks on gas a few days ago, all things in store count towards points even VAP DEVICES AND PODS AND ACCESSORIES, just not physical cigarettes but just imagine a hot summer day and you have 100 points and bottles of water on the app are 20 points you can get like 5 of them instead of paying the five bucks bigger stores offer hot foods you can get for free with points , rev up each week in the app for free points sometime only 5 others weeks 10 or even 15 to 25 but all and all you will love your Murphy app if you use it
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6 years ago, blessed*angel
App works well
For the most part the app works well, but it seems as though you only get points for gas and certain things on the Murphy deals. Which is fine, except for it only gives 1 point per gallon of gas and most of the Murphy deals that do give points I barely use. And not only do you barely get any points for Murphy drive, but the cashiers barely ask if you use Murphy drive or if you would like to sign up. On more than 1 occasion I’ve had to ask my cashier if they’ll let me put my number in. I also asked a cashier if I would be able to still get my points since I used a gift card, but didn’t no one know. I later went back and told them that it doesn’t give points when using a gift card (at least it didn’t give me any). But since my app is currently down again, I’ve been using my points at Brookshire’s to buy gas there.
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10 months ago, Worthy of noting
Easy to use
This is honestly one of the better apps that I’ve used. It’s easy to navigate. The advertising is subtle in that it doesn’t interrupt use and only appears as options for how I could use my points. I like the chance to join proprietary sweepstakes and have never found myself inundated by offers after doing so. It seems that they aren’t reselling my preferences. And the points are great! The biggest thing is to remember to impute my ph # every time I get gas or purchase items in store at a Murphy’s. All in the app is helpful, saves me money, and is design as a benefit to rewards members being its primary purpose and as such it effectively entices me to chose Murphy’s more than I otherwise would. Two up and thanks for this straightforward tool that doesn’t clog up my space with unnecessarily, and that has a positive friendly tone. Keep it that way and I’ll keep on using.
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5 years ago, ntimuhgwhh,lfdpsmgoperth,
So happy
I always use the Murphy’s gas station for many reasons ! It’s super close to my home and my local Walmart which I go to about every other day ! I have a 2018 Chevy Silverado which I fill up quite often, I also have a 2009 Yamaha R6 (Motorcycle) that I ride A LOT ! So it’s nice to be able to use my rewards to get cheaper gas ! I believe Murphy’s gas station has the lowest prices on gas and cigarettes in my area ! Even with out the discounts or coupons, the cigarettes are cheap . It’s even better when I do get coupons for my cigarettes because it’s mostly $1.00-$1.50 off and they normally have a two pack special so it’s like a double savings for me ! The employees are awesome, and are always reminding me to put my phone number in so I can earn my points ! I always recommend the Murphy’s gas station ! They just have too many great deals , and I’ve never had an unpleasant experience with the employees or the gas station !
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2 years ago, Im On Fire :)
Troy Fleming
Wanted to say since 2020 the customer service in most places has fell way below decent service and I’m a quiet professional business owner. However I don’t ever do these reviews but felt obligated to say how amazing the service at our local Murphy’s has been. I always buy all my gas, snacks, tobacco or misc items from them because of their great attitudes and service. I have 4 places that are closer but have always felt welcomed when I walk in the door. We’re in a tourist area and it’s not easy to recall faces with so many new ones you see every day. However at Murphys here in Gulf Breeze Florida they make me feel like a regular every time I drop in. Thanks, a smile and friendly person at the counter sure seems to help these days when it seems like one storm after another. Thank you, just a loyal fan. :)
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5 years ago, Disappointed in NM!
What a joke!
I frequent Murphy’s 4 times a week. I travel 100 miles daily to and from work. In doing so as you can guess I purchase gas frequently and others items as well. I was completely excited about downloading the app and seeing where I could save my HARD EARNED MONEY. To much dismay from reading the reviews you are restricted to saving money on only 15 gallons of gas....REALLY?! This is a complete joke. This equates to a savings of $1.50 for every 100 gallons of gas purchased. I m better off going to the competition who has gas for 2 cents cheaper. Not only would you loose me as a gas customer but also purchasing food and drink items as well. The overall savings is not cost effective at all. I personally work hard for my money and am a very conscience shopper. Therefore I would advise Murphy’s to re-evaluate the incentives in using this program. The rate of return is worse than interest rates on a saving account from a bank. I don’t see myself using this app any longer after reading “the terms and RESTRICTIONS “. Good luck with keeping your customers loyal and interested.
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6 years ago, Countrysgirls
Doesn’t work!!!!!
I downloaded my app did the Survey about me and my purchases had drive deals and over 200 points I went to my Murphy’s store to purchase gas and cigarettes the only things I purchase from Murphy’s I prepaid my pump for 45$ and bought a carton on cigarettes go to pump gas and at 15 gallons which was 36$ it shut off and told me to hang it up wasn’t full went inside they didn’t have a clue why or what happened but it used all my points and I didn’t receive points for any of my purchase went 2 weeks later for another carton asked to use the coupon that was in my drive deal which wasn’t used last time which was about to expire she said put in my phone number and it would use it did so and nothing no coupon used and no points when I asked why the manager rudely told me they don’t have control over anything and cigarettes aren’t a part of the point receiving process. WHY??? Not completely understanding why I was asked about my purchases in the survey when you can’t receive points purchasing said items and why did my pump stop at 15 gallons is there a limit to how many gallons you can get??
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4 years ago, Dr. TreyG
Points are hit or miss
Receiving your points when getting gas or buying items from Murphy’s stores are hit or miss. Out of every 10 purchases, I’d say I only get credit for maybe 2. At first, I thought it was the particular gas station I was going to that was causing me not to get my points, but I discovered I was having the same problem at different locations. I follow (the very simple) instructions at the pump but it’s still not enough. I even spoke to a representative about the problem and showed her my receipt as proof of purchase and she basically said we don’t have any record of your purchase so you’re just out of luck. If all you have to do is enter your number and then pay for your purchase, why is there such a disconnect with the app which won’t update your points?? If you’re okay with only getting rewords about 10% of the time then download the app. The rewards themselves which you can redeem with your points are pretty good so it’s worth getting the points. It’s just IF you’ll get those points is the problem
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9 months ago, FFDP2014
Poor customer support
So l contacted customer support because when l went to the pump and put my phone number in it stated l needed to finish my profile. Ok l thought l did so l doubled checked everything when l got home. Everything was completed. I contacted customer support and they even replied and said everything was completed and to make sure l was putting in the right phone number. Well l went again for gas and put my number in and again it said l needed to finish my profile. So when l got home l looked over my profile again and realized messed up and put two wrong numbers on my phone number. So l contacted customer support and told them l found the problem and it was my fault. I asked if they could fix it for me since l couldn’t go back into my profile and fix it ( once you input info, THAT’S IT! It’s locked in). After a few days l got an email asking me for the wrong number and the correct number. I replied with both and haven’t heard from them since nor have they fixed my number on my profile! Not worth the headache to kepp the app.
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10 months ago, chopchop_24
Murphy’s review
I only go to Murphy’s gas station💯loving employees,friendly,clean,and I want to give a big thanks n prayer to the supervisor they been working long hours n I appreciate them East Gadsden your the best just because that’s where I live but all murphy’s are clean n friendly n I Trust they gas but them rewards are extremely important to me because times are hard n I’m on disability and the struggle is real so I try to save all my points when my mom passed away in October last year we been struggling hard no Christmas no clothes shoes hard to pay bills but when you walk into murphy’s in east Gadsden they put a smile on your face and make you feel like you part of they family cuz it’s just me n my children but I want to thank murphy’s for a job well done 💯💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜purple for my mother
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4 years ago, TheSl0thy
App Itself is Crap
The rewards are solid. $0.10 off per gallon for every 100 points, up to 1,000 points/$1.00 per gallon. And they actually give you DOUBLE points on alcohol purchases! They regularly offer chances to earn bonus points on stuff you’ll actually buy, and conversely, you can use your points to directly trade for items which are fifty fifty on usefulness. So the rewards program is good. But. The app is garbage. I dunno when it started, but now anytime the app is open, you can’t have any audio from background apps, which makes no sense, and there is no need whatsoever for this app to use audio for literally any reason. Also, it takes a while to load which is a tad suspect in and of itself; what’s it doing on my phone that I don’t know about? Those are my primary concerns, but there are other issues that need addressing to streamline things as well. I would, were I MurphyUSA, consider an app redesign. This thing is clunky and not efficient.
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5 years ago, Wesley Little
Update - DO THE MATH - 2 cents per point! They cap your savings out at 20 gallons and you use 100 points for a $2.00 savings. Not worth the hassle. Only after I spent a considerable amount of time with the original customer service person AND her supervisor did they still refuse to give me the additional 20 points! Then the developer says contact me by email! Wow - that’s what I want to do, try to fix YOUR ISSUE with 3 different people. I AM DONE WITH MURPHYS AND WALMART! All over 40 cents. Lol. Thought I was going to get 40 points for buying the “Deals” listed in the app. Even though I entered my phone number I received nothing! It gets better.... I called Murphy customer service to learn I had to select the deal before purchasing it. They offered to split the points at 20 points. I asked for a supervisor and she held her ground shorting me the additional 20 points. I could not believe that we were at odds over 20 points (Worth 2 cents each). So - for FORTY CENTS they lost a customer. Wish the app would have been clearer. Good bye Murphy! I’m used to customer service level of Apple and Starbucks!
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3 years ago, price wreck
Bonus points and discounts
The murphys app is simple to use! It’s as simple as registering your phone number to accrue points for discounts on gas. You also have the option to redeem your points on food/drink items. The more you shop here, the more deals you’ll come across. It’s already a win-win situation to save two cents off per gallon when using a reloadable Walmart card. It adds up on savings, especially with today’s gas prices at over 2.50/gallon. Once you reach to 100 points, the Murphys app allows you to save tens cents off per gallon. More monies off the higher points you save. You also can do a weekly “rev up” game to earn bonus points! Unless I’m out of reach/town for gas at a Murphys , this is the only gas station I’ll use! Join the program…you won’t regret it!! :)
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10 months ago, JEFE49
Murphy experience
The last few times I have been to fill my truck and or purchase anything , somehow I found the clerks a bit upset on something , meaning that whatever the previous customer did has made the clerk upset , and unfortunately that particular day that I was purchasing gas and ice cream 🍦 from the machine , on that day the clerk was having a bad day . I was told to not to make a mess before approaching the yogurt/ice cream machine , I said okay no po ; then at the time of payment I asked the clerk to show me screen where I can input my cell number so I can get the points , he said that screen was not available , ok . Then I was told to hurry up because he needed to take his lunch or so break . Then ever since 7 months I don’t go to that particular gas station on Lake Park , Florida . To bad ‘cause I will lose my points , but then , I do not hurry up my customer (s) at my work . Good day everyone . Thanks .
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3 years ago, feelingfine@49
Almost too good to be true
The above title is in reference to my recent trip to Dallas TX. While refueling in Texarkana TX at Murphy’s I forgot to enter my phone number, paid then pumped my gas. Realizing my mistake I asked the clerk once I was finished about getting credit for my transaction. I was told no in a most condescending manner. Upon my return home I asked the staff at the local Murphy’s about this and was told the truth and it was explained how easy it is to do. The point loss wasn’t huge, my purchase total was less than $60. It was the attitude that was directed at me and the fact that I was lied to. In no way did I feel the clerk simply didn’t know either how to or if she could do what I asked. Too bad, otherwise it would truly be too good to be true. Overall I’ve had nothing but great service at every Murphy’s everywhere!!
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5 years ago, Thekidcmh83
Getting there
Maybe I’m just not the best at reading all of the instructions before starting something... I really don’t fully remember if there were many instructions that were listed so I can’t comment on the start up. I was in the heat of the moment at the gas pump and just signed up on the screen. Maybe a week later I remembered I did and so I downloaded the app. I probably rushed through it when I downloaded it, but here we are about a month later and I love it! I didn’t realize the “Rev up” feature until today so I’ve probably missed out. I also didn’t realize I was to answer questions to get points until today. After actually taking a few minutes to understand the app, I realized it’s super simple and easy to use! So again, I love it!
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6 years ago, txbamaboi
Months Now & Still can’t log in even after reporting problem!!
So, would think that after months of waiting for this to be fixed, SOMETHING would have been done, would have been notified that they are trying to resolve problems but nothing. Did the first review below, for the “Sorry about your problem, please call” - Dear John response. Called - having to research the issue, called again & gave ticket # regarding problem - still not resolved and was told there have been a lot of problems with the app. Lovely. Still typing in my number every time I purchase anything at a Murphy location but have NO idea of did I get credit for points or current point balance or even get to earn points using system questions. At this point just feel no one cares, app is worthless and shouldn’t even be offered. Thought this would be a great app since I shop a lot but NOPE! Got to log in initially, earned points - used them on next purchase and NOW - EVERY TIME ... “INVALID ZIP - please REENTER”. Very very disappointed in functionality of this app!!
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5 years ago, ruamess2
Do The Math!
Be mindful there is a limit for gasoline, 15 gallons! After that, the pump will shut off or it will convert back to the full price of the gasoline. Murphy wants you to put in a lot more than they are willing to allow in savings, which is fine, business is business and businesses have to make a profit. However, gas stations make very little (to nothing) of gasoline sales, so why cut the consumer off at 15 gallons? I have also found that the app will show a particular item has a sale and it be bogus at the store. The “Rev Up’s” on the app never give you more than 15, maybe 20 if you’re lucky. I have gotten 5 for the past 2 months. So 8 times in a row, 20 “Rev Up” points in a month. That’s shameful. The only reason I’m keeping this app is that it does really well when traveling and needing to know where the next Murphy is and how much that stations gas price is. Other than that, this app needs to increase its incentives to match those of Murphy’s competitors.
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9 months ago, JH, Jr.
User Review
There are two MurphyUSA stations at the two Walmarts in the area; they both provide the service I appreciate. However, one provides exceptional service compared to the other. The employees at one are very pleasant and at the other they give the impression they could care less if you shopped there or not. The only criticism I have is both are too small and hard to access, especially during busy times. Having pumps out of order or no receipt available can add to the congestion. It has taken me awhile to learn how to capitalize on the special deals that are offered but now I enjoy many of them. And the best part is I get points as well as great deals.
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3 years ago, D&B Hawaii
I go to Murphy all the time. There is a tall brunette that is a cashier I don’t know her name but she is a outstanding young lady. I think she deserves a raise as she has been loyal and always there. Y’all seem to have a issue with hiring and keeping your employees but she has hung in there when times are tuff. I am 64 and had a par time job at Town Crier as a cashier. A job as a cashier is extremely important because that is who is representing your company. Usually people come back because of the service they get. Please be very kind and generous to her because her role is very important. I wish I knew her name but she is a tall brunette with long hair at the Murphy in front of Walmart. 🙏Thank you.
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3 years ago, Lacey Poe
Great rewards.
This app is a great way to save on gas, drinks, chips, tobacco products and much more. It’s free so why not?? I’m grateful for the Murphy app, especially during the toughest of times we are all enduring. Thank you Murphy USA for helping me when I need it most! The only downside is, you have to use all your points at once while getting gas, if you choose to use them. It would be greater if we were able to use a smaller amount at a time, rather than having to use them all while getting gas, and having to start all over. I am still grateful for the savings. Hassle free and no purchases necessary to download the app and start earning your rewards. Much appreciated. Sincerely, Lacey Poe and Miranda Williams.
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4 years ago, Lisa Bibby
Most apps “promise” you will receive rewards....eventually. Not so with the Murphy Drive Rewards App!! I downloaded the app, and every time I purchase gas or anything at Murphy, I just enter my mobile #on the key pad. I accumulate points quickly. I used points recently to receive $0.20/gallon off of gas. Have saved a lot more in the past!! Also great for checking app for closest Murphy station, as well as the great deals I can earn extra points on or cash in my points for free items. I recommended to all friends & relatives to download & use app. You have to purchase gas, why not get Rewards? Plus, can earn extra points weekly on the app by “RevvingUp”. I HIGHLY recommend this app to anyone & everyone!!❤️❤️
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4 years ago, scottixxxxx
Rev Up and Earn Don’t Live Up to Hype
I’d have to go back at least a couple of months since I’ve earned anything over 5 points with Rev Up, which I do weekly. When I first got the app, it was fun because you never knew how many points you’d earn with Rev Up. It was all over the span of potential points. Now, without fail, I know it’ll be 5 points. This is starting to feel like a bait and switch. Lots of Rev Up points (or at least a variety) in the beginning, but now it only rewards 5 points each week for over 2 months. Supposedly, with the latest upgrade, you can now earn points with surveys, etc. I have yet to be offered any survey or other earning potential with that upgrade. I used to thoroughly use and enjoy this app and would’ve gladly rated it a 5 star app, but I am now discouraged and losing interest.
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6 years ago, Brina1970*
App issues
I have been trying to use my app since this started and I am unable to.. went to the store today and she told me that Monday is a day I can earn 15 points with the app but when I try to sign in it will tell me unable to authenticate error retry.. so I go out and do it again and it gives me the same error... I deleted it off my phone and download it again and it gives me the same error... Well I said one more time and I downloaded it again and it worked fine his time, let's see how long this will last.. hopefully for awhile because I believe this new points system is a great idea I just want to see my points and have a good experience..
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4 years ago, Shibby_Dude :D
Won’t Verify Email
Seems like a promising gas rewards app, and I’m all about those; however, until I can verify my email I can’t do much with it. I have double checked and triple checked the email on my account. It is correct. It has told me it is sending an email days ago. I have been checking every day and nothing in my main inbox nor in my junk folder. I have told it to resend multiple times but it won’t. And like I said, until I verify my email it won’t let me do much of anything. I don’t really understand the purpose of verifying my email either... doesn’t seem like it serves much of a purpose. Why close off a lot of features behind that wall, especially if you’re not gonna send the verification email? I love my rewards app with Shell and Murphy’s tends to be cheaper than them, so I could give them some business if they’d fix this app.
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11 months ago, loves86
Friendly service
I love the savings I get from our local Murphys store I’m always buying my gas through them because they are always giving you points when you buy from their store once you receive 100 points you earn 10cents off a gallon and if you have 200 points you earn 20 cents off the gallon and so on. I also buy my cigarettes there too and I get two packs for the price of one i definitely recommend Murphys gas station if you want to save money oh also they do contest to earn cool stuff there’s many other things you can do with this app don’t believe me download it and you will see 👀
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4 years ago, Angel Sweet Tooth
It’s great for gas , I wish there was a tracker to see where you have used your points ? With so much fraud it would be nice to know if someone else was using your rewards!? I have had points disappear and it doesn’t make sense . Lose or disappear 600 points is a concern. The other issue is that the stores do not carry the products on the reward program . This happens more then it doesn’t. Can’t use or get reward points because the store doesn’t have or carry the products you have for us to buy ? It’s frustrating to say the least. Besides this the gas points and discounts for tobacco are great thank you
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4 years ago, sprygirl1
Cards Won’t Work
Every time I choose Existing Member at the gas pump, my Walmart reloadable card won’t work and I end up having to go stand in line at customer service and get the funds put on another card. The attendant at Murphy’s couldn’t get the card to read at their register either. This happened to me so often I ended up getting 4 different cards! After that, I quit choosing existing member at the pump and don’t even acknowledge I’m a Murphy Gas Rewards Member. Once I quit choosing that, my card worked fine. This happened to me at 4 different Murphy gas stations, 3 in San Angelo, Texas and 1 in Del Rio, Texas. Plus the only rewards I ever got were for buying snacks or sodas. I want gas rewards not snacks. So if that’s all the rewards you’re going to offer, it’s not worth having the card or being a member to me because I use the card so I won’t have to go stand in line to pay, so I rarely go to the attendant’s window.
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10 months ago, Walter Joh
I love Murphy’s, I go there almost every day to pick up a quick snack, or a pack of cigarettes, or some thing that I feel I need quickly. The clerks usually know me by my first name, Sambi, my full name, and I often see them pulling off the back counter something that they know that I’m going to probably buy, which I do, L O L. The manager is simply the best. She treats her employees so well, and when she’s on the register, she treats me equally as well. There’s usually a feeling of goodness in the store, and I enjoy a brief chitchat with some of the sweet girls that work there, and the manager. I wish Murphys much success. They recently remodeled the store and it looks fantastic.
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5 years ago, Tsc&Autism momma
Fort Wayne Indiana Lima road
First I want to say that I really enjoy using this app . Months ago their wasn’t a app so I was not getting points for anything so this is a plus . But most importantly is the man that works the gas station that I see almost daily . He is so kind and sweet . He told me about the rewards and helped me sign up and every time I come in he tells me to enter my number with a smile :) I’ve gotten free Red Bull’s and free snacks drinks and energy shots . I like the rewards like I said months ago their wasn’t any so this is definitely a perk . But wanted to also give the man that works there a good review because he’s a very sweet man . We need more people like him in this difficult world !
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3 years ago, JulieBird21
Best rewards program!
I absolutely love the rewards program at Murphy’s. The app is easy to use and there’s always super easy ways of racking up points, you can even get points without spending a single penny. I personally like to save my points and cash them in for a big fuel discount but you can use them for other things too. With gas prices rising I figure might as well get rewarded for something that I have to do anyways. I also love that Murphy’s is always cheaper than anyone else. The employees are more than helpful and friendly and the station itself is always clean. These are just a few of the reasons why I keep going back to Murphy’s.
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9 months ago, bigheads247
The Murphy’s Reward Experience
With my job, I travel quite a lot each month and when I arrive at my destination, one of the first things I do is locate the nearest Murphy’s USA. I not only save money by using Murphy’s USA Rewards for fuel, etc., but I honestly cannot remember when I’ve had an unpleasant experience with Murphy’s USA staff! The Murphy’s USA team are always friendly and informative. The Murphy’s USA team have always let me know about ongoing discounts and promotions, which save me money! I feel like that’s very important with the ever increasing prices in today’s economy. As always, I know that I can trust the quality of Murphy’s USA products.
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5 years ago, Mommaof3boys
It’s good
The app used to only give you five or 10 points per spin but now they made it a lot better, around 25 points each spin. Their so called deals are pretty bad, you might save a dollar. The other one they do is you get points for spending more money on the merchandise then the gas which doesn’t really make any sense. You need to be able to favorite locations, and check prices in multiple areas not just one. Create more surveys that are simple that people can fill out for extra points. I do not, and I do not mean the fake surveys that lead to more surveys collecting email and passwords. There should be legitimate surveys that grant you simple points. This would be an amazing boost to the app because then there would be another reason to come by on the app rather than just getting gas. Overall overall functionality of the app is well executed and simple to navigate.
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5 years ago, dsnGA.
Murphy Drive Rewards App.
I saw advertisements about this app at my local Murphy gas station. It seemed like it would be a great App. to have so after returning home, I pulled it up in the App Store. While filling out the REQUIRED personal information on the application form I found that in addition to your full name, residential address and Email address it also mandates your birthday. It doesn’t just require the month and year of your birth but the complete month, day and year! In the times we find ourselves living in with personal identity theft and fraud rampant, and frequent “hacks” into corporate databases I find this requirement completely unacceptable and unnecessary. Since the App. would not accept your application without the required FULL date of birth I promptly deleted it from my phone. Thanks, but no thanks!!! Any advantage I might receive from the App. is not worth the potential exposure to identity fraud in my opinion.
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2 years ago, ejwelchel1984
Best store in town
Gas in good quality and you vcan earn points for $$ of every gallon of gas and they have the cheapest price on cigarettes and Copenhagen then anyone around. All you h have to do is inter your phone number and that warns you your points and. I smoke Marlboro Red 100 in a box they are almost $10 a pack every where lease but for 2 packs I spend $12 ya that’s correct they are a little over $6 a pack when you inter your phone I will never go any where ssd for those things a If they had a trans fund ATM that would be perfect or a BancFirst ATM seeing how there’s one right down the street
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4 years ago, SwtSouthernBelle
Love Murphy’s competitive gas prices
I don’t purchase items at the pump because I do all of my shopping within the Walmart store so it’s disappointing that that’s the only way I can build up my discount gas points other than the weekly Rev up on the app. I appreciate Murphy’s discounts on my gas, it has helped me many times when my finances were very low. It takes several months though for me to get enough points to earn .10 off and then we are only allowed 20 gal when using the discount. If Murphy would create some other options for accruing gas points it would be greatly appreciated by their consumers and they would create more dedicated customers as well as increased sales. Thank you for the discounts that I am able to get they do help.
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1 month ago, Bri Thaxton
Overall fine, just a couple of things not working for me.
Overall the app is fine. I just can’t ever press the earn button to earn points and i can’t set a pfp because the “avatar server is under maintenance” and this has been going on for about a year between two different phones. (Both the earn button being out of whack and the avatar maintenance thing) Other than those two things, the app is great. Tracks points and everything fine and shows you the rewards and how many points they are. It stays on top of where the closest location is and all that good stuff.
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5 years ago, Mr.Dabsworth
App was good but now the rev up game won’t give more than 10 points max. I don’t see why put higher numbers on there if you already know you’re only going to give me five or ten. I believe the first rev up I played I received 25 points and from there it’s been garbage 5 or 10 point spins. Buying gas doesn’t qualify for enough points. You would think their main product they sell would get you more points than one per gallon. The price in points for the rewards are steadily increasing. This was a good app initially but has since been ruined. I suppose all good things do, in fact, come to an end.
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10 months ago, pistolero8
First bad experience
Your pumps were not accepting card payment outside. I mentioned that they were not working outside to the black male attendant. He said he didn’t care and implied that people are too lazy to walk a few extra steps and come inside. I come here mostly for the ease of payment and location. If I have another bad experience with him I will go elsewhere. No other attendant has ever had a bad attitude at this location. Being black is no excuse for rudeness. If you hate your job find another one. There are plenty of similar jobs available.
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3 years ago, Adam AKA Elbaby
Why not right?
I mean we need gas that’s a fact, and to get any reward however small it may be just feels nice. Sure it could always be better or more but a little of something is better than all of nothing. Super convenient and easy to use app sure does come in handy when needing fuel an or the occasional snack and drink. Daily cruises with the fam is better when the queen has her snack!! 😎oh and the customer service for the Murphy App are hands down some of the best people to have on the phone when and if you need help making changes to anything dealing with the app! Thanks Murphy USA 🇺🇸
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5 years ago, Cody McK
Bait and Switch
Multiple times I have loaded the app to see the current price, drove to the location only to realize the prices are higher. I brought this to their attention and they asked for me to send a screenshot of the app with the advertised price and a copy of my receipt which shows the price per gallon that was paid. After the headache of doing their job for them and expecting a resolution, they apologized and stated that when they change their prices at the pump, the app doesn’t always reflect the new price for some time. With this day and age of internet, there should be no reason that once the price is changed at the pump, the app should reflect the new price simultaneously. Only logical explanation that I personally could come up with is that it isn’t necessarily ‘human error’, but human laziness. PERFECT example of Bait-and-switch!
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4 years ago, Saywoww
Worst Gas Rewards App Around
It’s a joke. You can “Rev Up” (aka earn points) once a week and it’s rigged to only give you 10 points or less. 100 points = $0.10 off a gallon. You can watch a couple videos by clicking “Earn” but after you’ve watched a few of them (and I do mean few by definition) that button grays out and you’re left with just being able to “Rev Up” once a week. It’s not worth my time. It’s funny because I USED to always get my gas from here but not anymore. If I take the other route home, which is the exact same distance, I can hit Speedway, where I always get THE lowest price (usually $0.30-$0.40 less than Murphy) and I earn free drinks and snacks without even trying to! When it comes to $$ - Speedway is more convenient and puts $$ back in my pocket. I give Murphy 👎👎 all the way! Go back and try again!
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5 years ago, Real_Review_Tx
Stolen Points
Ok so I downloaded this app to trying save some money I have been slowly purchasing items and fueling up, trying to get to the hundred points. Once I was there someone stole my points and unfortunately I was never notified by the app of my redemption that I had supposedly done, now I’m out 100 points and I feel like just uninstalling. The app shows me what location I did the redemption at supposedly but I didn’t visit that location at all in fact I had visited the nearest Murphy to me that same day. It’s very upsetting that there is no way of stopping somebody from redeeming my points at the pump.
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3 years ago, 00k7vin
Murphy USA is the Best!!!!
I was trying to save money by pumping gas at a Murphy USA since they have the cheapest gas. And I set up an account with my cell phone number and I started earning points. At this point I have had the app for a week and I have already received 2 free lighters worth 25 points. A free 1 liter water worth 100 points and 10cents off every gallon worth 100 points. And I have a truck so every time I fill up I earn more points. Every 2 fill ups I can save 10 cents of the next fill up. So this app and a Murphy USA is the Best!!! Plus when I set up my account in the app I received 100 free points!!!
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5 years ago, Kattle man
Convenient and competitive
I drive a lot through the week to not be a travel type employee. And of course gas is a great part of that travel. So convenient and competitive is what I look for so Murphy is my answer. I don’t go out of my way as I’m traveling home and now that Murphy has brought me and all its customers their competitive edge it’s even more inviting than its ever been. Now the other companies who have had insurance companies join them for their plight to gain gas sales have a genuine competitor. Murphy gas and convenience store. I’m glad you’re doing such a great job. Thanks Murphy
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6 years ago, Basilboa
VERY stingy with points. Not worth the effort.
Earning points within the app is a complete joke. The “Earn” button has never re-activated since the initial install. Plus, the “Rev-Up” points awarded are programmatically fixed and they are definitely NOT generated randomly. The “Rev Up” button only activates once a week, and when you do get to use it, it ALWAYS only gives 5 points. What a very cheap ploy. With only one spin offered a week, at least make it fair! Considering it takes 100 pts to save the consumer only $1.50 max total at the pump, it all just seems very petty and is beginning to turn me off this app as a cheap ploy for Murphy to get into the mobile app world without offering much at all. Developers should check out their parent Walmart app as inspiration, much more available there to help the consumer.
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3 years ago, TreyMartin
Simple to use
So the app is very simple and easy to use and I’ve never had an issue EXCEPT you can only earn reward points on the app once a week and it’s usually never more that 10 or 15 points. I’m trying to eat healthier so I don’t buy snacks or drinks from the local store (they rarely have all the products to get extra points for in stock anyway). I’d love for there to be another way in the app to gain points. Maybe a simple game or watch some product ads twice a week or even be able to boost your points more than just once a week. The points system is the only reason I gave it 3 stars instead of 5.
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