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Trusper, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Musely

4.76 out of 5
6.1K Ratings
1 year ago, Ghcyjcdyhcssd
Tik Tok was right!!!
I started getting age spots on my face when I turned about 44 years old and I always had great skin and then with age spots it made my face look dirty! I felt like I had to use more and more foundation to hide my “ugliness.” I Was so insecure! Then I saw a Tik Tok ad for Musely. I thought is was too good to be true, (as most of those TikTok ads are.) I thought why not? And decided to give it a shot. Musely has literally been the best thing I have ever used, and it is the only product that I have ever tried that actually works as the ads claim! Because of Musely, I no longer have age spots and my skin no longer makes me feel insecure! I feel comfortable enough to not wear makeup to run quick errands or grab a coffee and I’m 47 years old!!!! If you are slightly hesitant on trying Musely, DON’T!! Start today!! You will NEVER regret it!!!
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7 years ago, Zona_G
Don't like this update
Trusper was awesome. Musely was ok. But this update is very difficult to navigate. Things were moved around to "freshen" the app - which would have been fine: if there was some indication about where things got moved to!! Rather than taking so much time looking around the app for things! Ex: it took me an excessive amount of time to find the "tip challenge" button/option. It used to be essentially right on the home page, but now it's been tucked away in a menu that it never was in before. Now apparently I've "missed a day" but God knows I can't figure out how to use a "kiss and make-up" because it's not obvious how to get to this option! Meanwhile days are now going by and I've lost my streak! NOT COOL!!! This app used to be streamlined, simple and fun. But now? Not so much. This is the second time I've had a problem with this app. And rewards? Not rewarding anymore. Get some good ones that make it worth it!
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4 years ago, Danielecv84
In love
Today I’m happy happy happy with my face again I had a dark spot or melasma on my face I didn’t know what to do but have spending lots of money on products that don’t work one of the product I was using works but I can’t stop using not even one week because the dark spots or melasma come back worse I was disparate couldn't be a happy anymore I stop using products on my face and I said for now going I'm not using anything to get rid of this evil from my face. I decided to learn how to leave with my dark spot or melasma and accept it that way it is until one day my wife show me this spot creamy and we give a try I see tremendous results with 2 weeks no I'm confident again and happy .i recommend this product
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3 months ago, Jakookie
App updates are constant & annoying
This app updates every 3-4 days, and I’m being serious, just check the update history. It’s extremely annoying and you can’t use it without updating it and you won’t see any changes. Why does it need to be updated that often? Are you seriously finding bugs every 3 days? Not even my banking apps update that much. I’m at the verge of canceling my subscription and deleting the app when this current order ends. The app itself functions as it should for the most part but its not the best, you can’t search for anything in the forum, I couldn’t find the sunscreen to buy on its own or see the ingredients. You have to get it with the spot cream or not at all. Update: thanks for your reply. But have you checked your own app? In what category is the sunscreen located? I click “shop all treatment” and there is no sunscreen listed. Please go look for yourself before you post inaccurate information.
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1 year ago, Insidneyous
Wasted 6 months on this product
I tried the Private cream for my underarms and Brazilian area. Before I get into cons, I did like that it never have me irritation in my sensitive areas, nor were there any harsh smells. Ive been using this product for 6 months with little to no change in my skin hyperpigmentation. (I will also say that I have black skin, so this line just might not be helpful for my skin type) Although there is a “60-day” money back guarantee, they also push you to continue treatment for longer to see any difference. Then, of course, you no longer have access to the medical staff unless you pay an additional $10 per month on top of your subscription, so you can’t consult to make any changes. The prescription creams were inconsistent in texture: one was separated no matter how hard I tried to shake it up, a couple were super gritty and difficult for the skin to absorb. I wish I could get my money and time back, but here we are.
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3 years ago, Nica91
App crashes
I love the product but the app constantly crashes! I missed my daily check-in last night because every time I tried to start the check-in, the app would automatically close. It is working today, but it’s too late for me to submit my check-in for last night and I don’t want to get disqualified over this. Additionally, I have to make like 10 attempts to upload my 3 daily photos because after uploading and hitting “next”, it crashes and closes. I am having a hard time keeping my daily logs due to technical issues. I want to try deleting the app and re-downloading but I am scared I will lose my progress and treatment check-up logs. Can someone from app support please contact me so I can fix this app crashing issue? I’ve already re-set my phone and app is up to date. Thanks.
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10 months ago, storm2345
Day Cream
I love this so much. The clear is perfect for my light brown complexion. I feel it protects, but I still use my SPF 50 hats. It's not too oily, but gives my skin a nice healthy like glow. I don't need to ware blush, just some lipstick and eye stuff if I choose. I'm loving how my skin has cleared up between June- September 2023. Still have a few stubborn spots, but fading nicely. I always keep it in my bag when out and about, never leaving home without it. I order the large size, because the small size comes with my refills, and Musely says it plays well with all its products and is a good moisturizer, and I totally agree. I didn't really need to reorder, yet, but making sure I've always got it!!!!!
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4 years ago, C.Paris**
Game Changer
I have suffered from Melasma for several years now and I honestly thought there was no hope in recovering from it because I have tried everything. Even microdermabrasion only worked for a short time and my dark spots would come back worse than ever. I’ve been on Musely for 30 days now and my spots arent all the way gone, but man can I tell a difference!!!! I’m so glad I took that leap of faith and took a chance with this company because it’s changed my life I no longer feel like I have to go out in full face makeup to feel comfortable and I love that. Musely is little by little giving me my freedom back! And that is priceless for anyone who suffers with this condition...
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3 years ago, COTA99
Acne scars and Melasma
I never had skin problems as a teenager but, in my 40s, I was diagnosed with sebaceous hyperplasia(?) and had terrible, dark scars on my cheeks. In addition to scars, I began noticing melasma on my forehead. On a whim, I ordered Musely after seeing the ads and reading reviews. I used it, faithfully, and went through the sloughing of my skin. Some redness at first, but not terrible. My results have blown me away! I get compliments on my skin all the time. Going from crying in the car and not wanting to go in a restaurant with my family when I had acne to going with just sunscreen at 49 has been life changing for me. I can’t thank Musely enough. Highly recommend!
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4 years ago, PRMero
Let me start here, The Spot Cream product is absolutely amazing! I was not expecting any results since previous other products have let me down time and time again but my husband insisted for me to give it a try and let me tell you i have NO REGRETS. I am absolutely glad I gave it a try, my before and after pictures leave me speechless every single time. I am a customer for life now, I would 10/10 recommend Musely to anyone else struggling with dark spots! Permítanme empezar aquí, el producto The Spot Cream es absolutamente increíble! No esperaba ningún resultado, ya que otros productos anteriores me han deceptado una y otra vez, pero mi marido insistió en que lo intentara y le dijera que no tenía REGRETOS. Me gustaría 10/10 recomendar Musely a cualquier otra persona que luche con puntos oscuros!
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4 years ago, Officer Mac
E-Nurse Nowhere To Be Found... App Doesn’t Work!
Got my shipment today, but app won’t let me start treatment because the e-nurse is nowhere to be found. I logged in an out several times and on different devices. I even deleted the app and downloaded it on different devices. This is an annoying way to start a new program for the first time. I am already having second thoughts about this company because of this. Apparently, I’m not the only person having problems according to the reviews here. I don’t know how this app is rated so high if it doesn’t serve its main purpose to work properly. Fix it ASAP, or I will spread the word that this company is a scam because they have a dysfunctional app so you can’t get your money back if you don’t complete 60-day trial properly (via checking in with e-nurse). I will update my review if it works and if I successfully complete the 60-day trial.
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1 year ago, Lwwong1
Mustache Melasma and Age Spots
I can’t fathom how much this has saved me from feeling embarrassed or not wanting to go out of my house because of my dark upper lip. I’ve tried everything from peach concealers to heavy foundation only to look so cakey with a load of makeup on (which I honestly don’t like to wear any foundations) after using Musely from 10/22 my confidence has grown, I like looking at the mirror and seeing such a difference in my mustache Melasma disappearing daily and I’m absolutely in love with myself once again! Thank you Musely team! You all have made such positive impacts in so many people’s daily lives!!!! I am confident once again
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3 years ago, Grace&JAM
My journey
I have been struggling with these dark spots for the last 20 years …and in 30 days my dark spots have almost completely faded. I needed to write a review so that I could give thanks to the makers of this product… I wear almost no more concealer, which was making me look older due to the cracking of several layers, making me feel less confident. I am amazed that this worked. I still have a bit more to go and I will definitely continue with after care. My pics may not seem like my dark spots have faded but I guarantee they have!!!!
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3 years ago, AK Priorities
Spot cream
I been dealing with melasma for years. I done chemical peels and that was the worst pain ever, also multiple creams from a dermatologist. I never got results I still had the spots. I hated my face I felt ugly and dirty. I took a chance on Musely and the cream they offer. Let me say it amazing and really works great results my spots are gone and my face is amazing refreshed and I feel beautiful. I believe in any product this company offers. I would recommend them before anyone. I personally want to thank the doctors and team, company on their great products. Thank you
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4 years ago, BubbleWatcher
Hard to navigate
I was hoping for this app to help me manage my prescription, engage with clinicians for questions, and keep track of my skin care progress. Instead, it puts too much emphasis on upswell of their other products. Also the community feed is a nice touch but deeply unsatisfying when you are looking to get a simple question answered. I had a reaction to my neck cream and wanted to find out if that’s expected symptoms or I should contact the dermatologist. It took me forever to find the right customer service channel. Also, I didn’t realize the feature to chat with the doctor until I tapped around for a while and found it by accident. Visual hierarchy is also bizarre - some elements look tappable others not, so overall it’s a really hard to use app. Pretty disappointing start to the service I had high hopes for.
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8 months ago, ShaeMT406
I saw the 60 day trail period and thought this would be worth a shot. THEY DO NOT REFUND MOST OF THEIR PRODUCTS!! Very shady advertising. The hair serum made is excessively shed AND peel/flake. As soon as I stopped using it my hair stopped falling out. Don’t recommend unless you are a fan of being asked if you burnt your scalp. No refund because it’s a ‘prescription’ The body cream is aggressive and left sores and blisters on my arms/legs. I went from mixing it with lotion, to using it every couple days, to not using it at all because it made my skin look so awful and because of the blisters. I’m not on a correcting program to correct the little scars the product left. No refund because it’s a ‘prescription’ The neck and chest cream is the only reason the product deserves two stars. It made my skin very very smooth and soft. Not much change in sun spots after six weeks and if you apply it nightly you will get sores and blisters as well. I’m the end, I canceled all refills and would never recommend Musley to anyone. You will get much better results from IPL for close to the same price . I find their adverting abhorrent at best.
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6 years ago, michaela13
Musely Rewards
It seems like every time you turn around they take another thing away that you can gain their rewards with by doing the activity. That was always the fun part for me, and I would check the site often because of the challenges. A lot of the tips I would have never seen in another category had we not had the daily tip challenge. It seems to me like they are moving more and more into the direction of buy, buy, buy and we will reward you. It is like anything else, the longer it is around the more money centric it becomes. You can also do some activities now, like write things, but I enjoyed more the discovery of things on the app.
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1 year ago, ltrischler
Disappointed 🙁
I was super hopeful as I’ve struggled with melasma since my first pregnancy. I ordered the spot treatment and right away realized I would need the peel as well. Tacking on another 20 dollar doctor fee in such a short time period (and for the same treatment) seems really excessive. I tried to ask about it and get the instructions on how to cancel if I chose to, and my account was canceled because I received any response. I’d rather work with a different company with better communication but now im stuck with one month of treatment from you. As one month won’t make a difference, I’ve flushed a hundred dollars down the drain. I understand you need to make money and do it with the doctor fee, but this was just disappointing and left me with a really bad taste in my mouth.
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4 years ago, colhud
The spot cream
I have been using the spot cream for my melisma spots on my face for about 3 months now and I am happy to say the spots gave faded quite a bit of which I am very happy with. Tha spots have not disappeared completely, it’s visible when you take a close look, secondly they’re are a stubborn malisma spot on both of my cheeks. I would like to know if with continuous use the spots will disappear completely, also will the spots on my cheeks go away or is there something else along with the cream you can recommend for me to use on these stubborn melasma spots.
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1 week ago, Skinlab13
Hooked on Health
My wife had been using Musely products for years and recommended that I try their new eye serum. I've always had tired-looking eyes due to bags under them. I've been using it for a short while, so I haven't seen any significant improvements yet, but I believe it's helping, and the health tips provided in the app are excellent. I regularly work out and do my best to eat right, and Musely has helped make doing so even more effortless.
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2 years ago, Jaysocrazy
Over priced and over rated!
$80 for a 1oz tube of hydroquinone that’s supposed to last for 2 months. Yes the prescription is for 12% hydroquinone BUT they tell you to mix just 2pumps a day with your lotion to make it last longer. I’m no scientist, but if you mix it 2little pumps with lotion then it’s not 12% anymore… so it you are using for larger dry areas like inner thighs, knees, elbows you use so much lotion it’s not worth it. Instead of Musely changing my prescription to fit my needs, told me I could refill early $60. FYI I used the whole 1oz bottle. No change. Not even a little. 2 stars because it MIGHT work over time, but I’m not paying $150 a month to test it out.
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4 months ago, Hmwzz
Virtually 0 customer support, item not sent
I ordered and had the virtual consult over a week ago. The shipping label was made within a day, and the tracking still says “awaiting item”. I tried using the app chat feature 3 different times this past week. No reps are ever available online. I sent an email twice in the last seven days. I got a reply 3 days later saying they would check on the order. That was a few days ago. Still radio silence and the tracking hasn’t changed. I have worked in business development and customer service prior to that- this company does not have good support. I’m going back to the other online derm company I used.
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4 years ago, Foxxybrown71
Finally, after over 10 years of melasma, I found an amazing product that rid my skin of the ugly dark spots that made my confidence dwindle. At first, I was hesitant until I kept reading all the reviews and then saw the product on TV. My husband was in agreement when I told him I may consider trying the product. Then, I use to have to pile up the foundation, which made me look FAKE! Now I use little to no foundation only after using this product 7 weeks!! I am a forever customer!!
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3 years ago, saravecina
Not sure how to thank you all for this magical product; at my age (66) and sadly thinking that nothing was going to give me back my original tone skin; found this wonder cream and help !! Being Latin and specialties Dr’s telling me won’t do much because of my dark complexion; I am very happy and grateful! Thank you very much for giving me skin back 😄 Please keep up with this fantastic work and keep helping everyone!
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1 year ago, Cattlefred
Social tab needs some work
I love the product and the app, but the social/community boards tab is frustrating. The same posts are always on top because of people commenting on them, but it would be better if new posts and not new comments were bumped to the top. It’s hard to get your posts/questions seen, because they get bumped down by people commenting on the same posts of dramatic before/after a. I think most people would prefer to see new posts rather than people commenting on old post. Thanks!
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2 years ago, nb000001
Bunk skincare co.
I chose a product without a steroid in it but didn’t find out the ingredients of the product that was “formulated” for me until it’s too late. I messaged the Dr. Who told me it’s probably too late since it’s already been sent. I specially did not want a steroid and now I paid $84 for a product I cannot use! Other companies like this one actually allow you to speak directly to a dermatologist for the same amount of $$ which I obviously should have gone with. I am furious to have wasted my money on this. I suggest other people not order from them to have some mystery potion sent to you without your input being taken into consideration.
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3 years ago, Jacquie TR
The face cleaner and day cream
I really like the face cleaner. It powers though your makeup leaving your skin soft and smooth. But it would be great if the cleaner came in a lager size. The day cream sunscreen, I don’t leave home without it. But, I’m constantly reapplying when going outside then reapplying makeup to cover the extremely white thick cream. Has Musely considered a sunscreen face spray that you could put in your purse or backpack, “SPRAY AND GO.” For the person who has to be out in the sun, running errands, working in the sun or jogging. Just SPRAY AND GO day cream.
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4 months ago, hhan01
The recent update makes the app even more difficult to navigate
While I’m excited to use the product, the app is very difficult to use. As a user, I mainly use the app to track my progress, talk to my doctor, track my order, and see how other people are doing (forum). Sometimes I also think about whether I want to add additional skin care product. The current app makes everything above very difficult to achieve. The new Home Screen is so hard to use, childish, and somewhat offending. (Why should nurse a female?) I just need something straightforward to get my job done instead of playing a game here.
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1 year ago, 50 Next Year!
Happy with Results
I am so pleased so far with the night cream! I can see my skin both tightening and brightening. Haven’t seen much improvement with the wrinkles around my eyes so I have purchased the eye serum . I’m hoping for the same results that I see from the night cream . I’ve purchased the entire system so we’ll see …
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2 years ago, ncard005
Ready to Purchase but system errors and no e-nurse
I spent too much time trying to make a purchase via this app and even tried via my desktop. Nada nothing! Unable to login to account to start processing order. What is the process? I keep getting an system error message. I’ve tried resetting password but keep getting an error and tried Apple ID login and SMS but keeps asking for password. Please advise as I don’t want to keep my HERS bc I’m not seeing results BUT at least they can process an order and send a password reset link. At this point I’m not sure I trust the app and website stability. Frustrating
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2 years ago, prettyhurts333
Wish there was a text search option !
Since there’s multiple community forums and the products are used for different reasons and areas on the body I feel like there should be a text search option instead of having to go group by group (forum by forum) to find reviews specific to your issue. Like for example : if I want to order the body spot cream for dark elbows I should be able to search the word “Elbows” and then see reviews and pictures on this topic . That would be super helpful !!
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2 years ago, BarrBeast
Didn’t work
I have dermal and sub-dermal melasma and this spot cream didn’t work for me. Sadly I will have to cancel. Just as a word to the wise pet my dermatologist- you shouldn’t use this cream for months on end. It’s very strong and can have adverse reactions. Just saying- Update: I heard from the developer regarding my review stating that their dermatologists don’t recommend using this product for prolonged periods of time. My answer back to this is if this is the case why does it keep auto refilling and shipping me out the product?
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4 years ago, Mpoudel
Worse service and product
I bought Musely spot cream after reading and watching people’s stories. I used as directed on the bottle and It instead made my dark spot worse and when I checked with them they asked me to consult and buy more subscriptions which I did not want to and contacted back again to costumer service and they said I won’t get my refund as promised before as I did not follow the rules. This is ridiculous and I understand some products does not work for some people but false promise of refund is fraud. Hope this does not happen to anyone else. Good luck everyone.
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6 months ago, Agryvh
Product works, customer service is terrible
I didn’t get a chance to talk to the doctor before a shipment was sent. I ask for a refund and for the correct formulation. After a lot of back and forth and fight with Customer Support, they gave me a reward to be applied to the shipment of the correct product. When the correct product shipped, they charged me anyway and after reaching out, refused to give me a refund. They told me I did take the actions for the reward to be used and they aren’t automatically applied. What?! Make it make sense please…
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2 years ago, Michelle Gann
This is an awesome product! I’m hook for the rest of my life on their products and their app is great!!! This is one of so many products that actually works, I would recommend this to anyone, absolutely anyone. I love it! I’m 53 and drive a truck, the sun is constantly beaming in, not counting of many years of sunning and tanning beds. My spot are gone!!!
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3 years ago, Jvrydy
I still don’t find any means or link to ask a specific question about a product I already use (4% niacin toner x niacin syrum) and how it would interact with the Spot Cream. Also the products look travel size, not much in them. Until I get questions asked and answered, won’t purchase more. Thx
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4 years ago, Dating in LA
This app is absolute garbage. My first couple of days were so frustrating because the calendar and eNurse would never show up. The app kept making me log in again and again and again. I contacted support and sent screen shots and repeatedly asked for assistance. They requested for me to reset my password, uninstall and reinstall, all of which I had done a few times. Needless to say, I never got it to work. It still does the same exact thing. I even updated my phone to the latest software. I’m assuming my 60 day guarantee is no longer valid. Such BS.
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3 years ago, Sen2ments
The real deal!
This is the best product that is on the market. My skin tone and complexion had improved drastically. I’m 58 years old and get compliments on my skin. Before Musely I had pigment discoloration in addition to large pores developing on my t-zone sides of my nose that have diminished. Even the texture of my skin tightened and no longer feels flimsy like ages skin. My neck is smooth and very soft. I’m a Musely customer for life.
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2 years ago, rishelli
I have been using these products for a year and I love my skin. I get so many compliments on how clear and smooth my skin is. I love when I get wow you don't look that old. I would never leave the house without make-up now I can go and my face can breathe and I feel and look good.
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8 months ago, M3rryPhotos
Spot Cream
I have gone through a number of creams and spendt a great deal of money but this was worth the time, patience and money to review my sun spots. I spendt a great deal of leisure time hiking for the past 15 years and exposed my face and body to the elements now it’s time to heal. Thank you for this opportunity.
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4 years ago, LB_Marietta
More about selling stuff than providing medical care
The app will send me reminders to apply my prescription and alerts for social media posts or to sell me stuff but it won’t alert me when my evisit is due. I’ve missed the last 3 and it doesn’t alert me or let me reschedule. Just pushes the date out. The last time it pushed it out almost a month. Very annoying. I would think they would be concerned and want to know how things are going with your medication and treatment....
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2 months ago, Smurfythesmurfette
Shipping Penny Pinchers
CHEAP when it goes to shipping. Get your shipping together. This place needs to start sending orders out earlier so people don’t have to go without their medicine. Changed my script date two weeks prior; and my package is still late 2 weeks later because they are cheap on shipping. We pay good money to keep up with ourselves, the least you can do is send medicine in a timely fashion. Get it together or sell the company to someone who can actually keep up with it and proper customer service.
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9 months ago, BigTexasHair
A review for the actual app and not the product
One of my biggest pet peeves is that the app is updated nearly every day. I have updated 2 times in 36 hours. They clearly are constantly having to fix security issues and that makes you have to update the app. I wish the app was a little bit more user friendly in its navigation. I wish it focused less on the forum elements and more about your treatment and your e nurse check ins.
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6 years ago, callahan18
Issues with receiving text after installing
I hadn’t really used this app yet, just installed it last week. I did notice the last couple of days I haven’t been able to receive text messages. While investigating online, one suggestion was to check any newly installed apps that might be interfering. I deleted this app and had a long list of messages start coming through. Strange, but, it solved the problem. Now I’m hesitant to reinstall.
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2 years ago, niki64545
Frustrating you can’t update later
There are certain days to post update photos. If you don’t update on exactly that day you can’t upload photos. It’s incredibly frustrating that I can’t update because I missed that day. It’s not every day so you have to check the app to know. I’m not getting notifications of updates.
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4 years ago, Bubble bottom
Beware of hidden fees when refilling you prescription. DO NOT extend your consultation because that will cost $10 then if you change your prescription another $10. The website and app is not as easy to navigate through if you need a prescription change and you will not be offered a refund if you make the mistake I’ve made. But I will dispute the charges with my bank. $10 is $10 I didn’t need to be charged. So disappointed...
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3 months ago, 1NaMilyon
I had bad dark marks
When I tell you this stuff works baby it WORKS!!!!! I’m so glad I gave it a try from a ad on tik Tok I seen my dark marks on my cheeks lighten after just 3 weeks of using it.I’ve always had to wear makeup now I wear none at all I love the dark spot cream so much
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10 months ago, Fasing Mustache
These products are amazing. I have tried so many OTC products to help fade melasma and nothing has worked. Tried expensive vitamin c serums and the FADE cream so many are raving about and nothing. After 30 days the melasma over my top lip is fading. Love these products!
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2 months ago, Lovemajane
Need help
I ordered my set of Musely when i saw this on Facebook. I'm turning 48 and noticed this melasma growing on my cheeks and top of my nose. I been using it for 6-7 months now. I thought i will get rid of this dark spots or even just lighten up after using my 1st set but i didnt see any result. So i gave it a chance i thought after my 2nd set i will see a result. But its still the same. Im thinking about unsubscribing now. I need help!
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4 years ago, FebruaryTea
Couldn’t believe it!
This Creme really works! It takes time and your skin may feel like it’s getting worse before it’s better but it’s soooo worth it! I didn’t realize how many spots I had until they were diminishing and now I’m beyond thrilled!! Thank you!
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