My Bath & Body Works | My B&BW

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Bath & Body Works Brand Management, Inc.
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1 month ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Bath & Body Works | My B&BW

4.87 out of 5
1.8M Ratings
2 years ago, DN198018
Could be A LOT Better
This app works sometimes and then other times it just acts so weird and doesn’t do right. I definitely go to the website to purchase because I can’t always depend on the app working. Also, I have a bone to pick with bath and body works. I had my birthday coupon in my app and of course it’s for the free body care gift…okay that’s cool. Where I have a problem is that I have to make a purchase just to receive a free gift. My mom..who is not a regular shopper at bath and body works in any way shape or form ordered once this year and she received coupons in the mail, but not only that a coupon for free body care gift with no purchase necessary in the same amount $8.50 value. I’m not understanding what’s going on here?? I’m a regular customer and here I have to make purchases and by the way never receive coupons Lol. Yes I know this rant sounds petty and I need to get over it, but come on at least treat your paying customers that buy year round with better incentives and gifts. I’ll definitely be cutting back from purchasing with your store. Who knows…maybe finally I’ll start getting coupons too and a birthday gift where I don’t have to purchase anything 😂
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10 months ago, love my jeans
Cancelled Order
I ordered online from Bath and body Works for the hand soap that went on sale for $2.50 and within 20 minutes. I received an email stating my order has been canceled. I was planning on picking this order up from Bath and body and don’t know why it got canceled. The email stated that I had not picked up my items in a timely manner. I therefore called the store and told them about the cancellation and told them that according to the website, give them four hours to get the items. The manager said she had no idea what happened or how it happened. She also called corporate office to see what happened and to Annaville maybe a glitch in the system. She apologized and told me to re-order however, by the time I ordered quite a few of my items were no longer available to be picked up in the store. They had to be shipped. I decided not to get those particular items I’m disappointed and not sure even now why my order was canceled or what happened however, Bath and Bodyworks missed out on money. I suggest they find out what happened in this particular case because it could be happening to other customers and they might not have the patience to deal with this as I did by calling the store. I want to take the manager at the Short Pump bath and body mall for taking time out to handle this situation.
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2 years ago, ghoesrd
Ordering off line
I waited my turn in line too order candles.. when it was my turn it took over 3 1/2 hours to order.. after my order wouldn’t give me a confirmation number.. I called customer service.. while waiting on hold my confirmation number came thru.. so I asked customer service if my order was right.. customer service tells me that the order number is empty.. I say are you sure I don’t want too orders.. she tells me she is looking at it and it’s empty and besides it will cancel out when it sees too orders.. so not true.. because I got charged for too orders.. and too too it off they wouldn’t and didn’t cancel it.. customer service got my order wrong too.. and when I went too Belden to take my order back the manager Marcie was rude and could careless that I had this issue and only gave me a portion of my money credited back.. too top it off she dropped a customers soap on my toe.. no apology.. she asked me to leave and call customer service.. after I have already been on the phone with customer service 2 different times and they ensured me I would have no problem and I would get total amount refunded.. I will never order candles off line again.. this also happened too both my daughters and my 2 friends waiting for hours for there orders too go thru! This is ridiculous the whole reason you order off line is too not have too deal with this! Marcie’s customer service skills were absolutely awful!
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4 years ago, Sydneygirl6
App not available in my area
So.... several years ago, I downloaded this app only to find out that it’s unusable in my region or state. Not sure which. I’m in Oregon. I’ve been shopping at Bath and Body Works since a store opened in my town 21 years ago. You can imagine how much I’ve spent over the years. Plus I never get the emails with offers or coupons even though I’ve signed up hundreds of times. Anyhoot..I ended up deleting the app. During the early part of the pandemic, when all stores were closed, I started ordering online. No coupons or offers were available for months so me and everyone I knew was paying full price for new arrivals. Then one day I noticed there was an app. I got excited, and went to download it and noticed it was in the cloud. Hmmmm.. strange. That means I’ve downloaded it in the past and deleted it. Imagine my dismay to find that it’s STILL NOT available in my area. Really BBWs?? What gives? People on the BBWs lovers FB group just gloat about the great coupons they get and the rewards they earn. 90 dollars worth of product for 11 dollars and no shipping fees? Really? How is that equitable? Please include every area in the rewards program app, or discontinue it...
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9 months ago, CaptainAmerciaFangirl
Very easy to use
I love Bath & Body Works, but I don’t always love going out and about to stores. I use the app for probably 75% of the shopping that I do with them. The app is easy to navigate, I hardly ever have any technical difficulties with it. It’s super easy to apply your coupons or rewards when you check out, and it’s easy to add your payment methods. I’ve only ever had one problem with an order being lost, and that wasn’t Bath & Body Work’s fault, it was the postal service’s fault for loosing the package. Once I did realize the package was lost, I contacted customer service, and they replaced my lost items. They have a convenient customer service chat option in the app that you can text them on the app and they will help you with whatever the issue is. I love the great variety that the app always has; I love having seasonal things in my home, so their hand soaps and candles that change seasonally are great! Some of the items can be a little pricey, so I usually wait for a sale, and Bath & Body Works is almost always running some sort of sale, so it’s easy to wait until there’s one before buying anything. I’d definitely recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, brujo75
Excellent customer service!!!!
I just have to say thank you for all of your wonderful products. I have no complaints whatsoever. I enjoy shopping online and visiting the store when time permits, however shopping online is just as convenient if not even better. I’m saying that because agents will help you with making decisions and making any necessary adjustments with any questions so on and so forth. I absolutely love this store or app because it makes me feel healthy inside and on the outside. Please keep up your best in class customer service and products. Looking forward to any new products Bath and Bodyworks launches in the future. People awaken your senses and treat yourself to something special from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. You will not be disappointed. If anything you will be happy and filled with joy from any scent or product you choose. Try something new for a change and I guarantee you will be elated. If your not so sure about the scent do not be afraid to mix scents and create your own signature fragrance. I do and people constantly ask what I am wearing. BBW you’re welcome and thank you. Life long customer since you opened!!!!
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2 years ago, Joyces Choice
Courtesy Counts
Every Bath and Body store I hv shopped in allows me to hv a comfortable and speedy shopping experience.... It’s great to hv a person at the door to great and ask if you were looking for something special.... She directed me to the 1st place I wanted... that was very helpful... The stores hv employees to answer a question stationed throughout the store and the people at the registers moved quickly ..and were friendly... During these COVID19 TIMES ... Shopping is stressful but necessary and I really appreciate the consideration given us that Bath and Body has staffed their stores so we feel safe and still enjoy our shopping experiences... I will not shop on line so going into a store is important to me... I hv family in different cities and shop in these stores and applaud your stores and staffs in : Santee, Ca..., Aliso Viejo, Ca., Followed by the stores in the Malls in Mission Viejo, Ca, El Cajon, Ca., Mission Valley, San Diego , Ca... Thank you for picking wonderful staffs and managers, beautiful displays, great smells in the store, keeping very clean stores, and terrific products ... I am a very busy person.....a fast and pleasurable experience in every one of these stores... Thank you, ~ Joyce S.~
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4 years ago, rainydayz25
Unbelievably infuriating
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. MAKE THIS APP AVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE TO USE. I’m sure this app is amazing IF you’re lucky enough to live in one of the few places you can access it, but I wouldn’t know. Therefore, I cannot give it any more than one star. I understand that there needs to be a trial period but this is going on for way too long. There are so many of your customers who feel left out and upset. I’m tired of seeing people writing reviews saying we need to relax and stop complaining about this. That’s pretty much saying “well *I* have access to the rewards program and that’s all that matters. I don’t care if you can’t get the discounts as long as I can. Stop being ungrateful.” Try living in a state where it’s not available and we’ll see if you still have the same opinion. I haven’t seen the company even responding to anyone’s concerns and negative reviews about this either. They’re vague about everything and have no answers when people ask when the program will be available in their area. I am a huge fan of Bath and Body Works, but to me, they are showing that they don’t really care about their customers. If you can’t give people answers, they will assume you don’t care and aren’t trying to fix the problem. I wondered why I had never heard of this app and now I know. I’m very disappointed. P.S. I never write reviews, so you know it’s bad if I feel the need to say something.
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3 years ago, Retired woman65
On line App
This app isn’t user friendly. I’ve been trying to order this since yesterday. I’ve tried from my emails & from my Bath & Body account. Every time I try to go back it starts me all over or puts me on the wrong order. Then it says my Rewards are in the negative & that I have NO REWARDS. I’ve had 4 orders in the last few months & now this one. Plus there was a reward I needed to redeem. Tried to Chat on line & with everyone of these issues I’M having, the app states IT’S having issues, to try later!! I don’t have time to keep trying over & over! I also received an e-mail that said I had returned a package with Room Fragrances in it & that y’all were giving me credit back! I never received that order to even send back, so evidently it was dropped off at the wrong house & THEY sent it back. When you go out to the Q&A’s & try to go on the search line to put a question, it never goes. I am very frustrated. I used to like ordering online from y’all but it seems to get harder & harder. Please help!!!!
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7 months ago, lailley13
Not easy to check out with a gift card
I love bath and Bodyworks, but their app is not super user-friendly. During check out, they give you an option to put in a gift card but if you have already saved the gift card to the app, you have to keep toggling back-and-forth between your wallet and the checkout page and copying and pasting the numbers and if you’re off the checkout page for too long, it automatically deletes the number you just put in so you have to go back to your wallet and copy it all over again and start all over again. I used a gift card for part of my order and I wanted to use PayPal for the other part of my order but after I had put in my PayPal information and it said click here to review your order, I clicked there and it took me to a different page where I lost my gift card information again. I eventually was able to get everything to go through but what should have been a less than five minute process, ended up taking me over 15 minutes. I think whoever are the app developers working with Bath and body Works need to be like every other company out there and if you have saved a gift card to the app, make it available at the check out or don’t have a place for gift cards on your app
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4 months ago, CJW12906
Over and above
I had ordered some things online to pick up at store. In my order I purchased a couple pairs of Easter socks the chick and bunny she’s infused. When I checked out it would only allow me 1 pair. I went to pick up my order and got to my car and wanted to see my socks, I just love the socks, and there was none in the bag. I went back into the store to let Megan know of the error. I showed her my online order and the socks were on the list of things to pick up. Megan called the Woodlands Mall and had them set aside some for me. I have severe Essential Tremor and will not go to a mall because people stare at me and I am very uncomfortable and tend to have panic attacks. So this sweet girl says that’s ok I will go pick them up for you after work. I said you would really do that for me? She said sure I understand. I went the next day and my socks were there! I was so impressed with her empathy. I just had to say BBW has some awesome employees at their Portifino Store. Megan thank you again!
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6 months ago, Lizbeth Trahern
Very very disappointed and frustrated!!
I’ve used Bath and body products for a very long time! However, I’ve had many many frustrating experiences ordering products online! If you look at my last few orders, you will see the chaos in which I have received your products! The challenge that I have is, I live way out in Keenesburg Colorado. The closest Bath and body is 45-50 minutes away from my home, so for convenience, I order online…. And “again” I just received an online order meant for Christmas gifts and I am unable to gift any of it!! All of the individual scents were thrown into one Ziploc bag, and during shipping, the bottles of scents proceeded to leak everywhere covering EVERYTHING with oil EVERYWHERE!!! I can’t even open the Ziploc bag, because oil would get all over myself and what ever is around me while unwrapping!! The box is covered in oil as well!! I have to wash my hands numerous times so not to taste it on my fingers or so not to get oil on myself and my clothing! Not only were these gifts meant for family but now because time is of the essence it's looking like they will NOT be receiving any bath and body products for Christmas and some have asked for your products as gifts from me!! Is there anything we can do about this? Liz Trahern
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3 years ago, chrisj31840
App seems ok
I’ve had mixed emotions about the app. For the first few days I signed up I couldn’t do anything on the app except look at my account and view my reward points. Yes before you ask when I signed up it was available in my area that wasn’t the issue. The problems were I couldn’t view anything in my cart I had a constant loading symbol and I couldn’t click on anything in the specific product pages on the app for instance I could view the 3 wick candles but if I clicked any specific ones like say stress relief anything on that products page brought up a white screen when clicked. But… As of late morning yesterday I was finally able to get full functionality of the app. I get bugs and things come up from updates and whatnot but from reading recent reviews as of the time I’m writing this I’m not the only one who has had issues with the app. So long story short I guess just if you’re going to use the app hope for the best hopefully it works just like the website for you and like I said as of right now it seems to be working fine for me now so hopefully that will continue moving forward.
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5 years ago, Anesthesia goddess
Love the app
Love the app and the ability to have the daily email coupons loaded into it for easy scanning at the register. The ability to earn free items/rewards is a huge plus. I just wish the value was upped a little bit for more selection and the sale prices counted for these (the possibility of getting a candle with my reward when they are on sale would be nice). I would recommend putting in a points/purchase tracker in the app. Sometimes the cashier has scanned my rewards barcode but later I do not see the purchase counted/credited to my points. However, I have no way of verifying this by opening the app since it just gives me my overall points, not a breakdown of each transaction. I also think the app should be used everywhere stores are available to make it fair for everyone. One last thing, even though I have loved using the app so far, I still enjoy getting coupons in the mail to use so I hope my app usage won’t start phasing out the mailer coupons for me.
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1 year ago, everyone disappointed
Point scale.
I don’t shop here like I use to because they changed the reward scale. It’s like doubled how much you need to spend in order to get something free. It’s not really worth it. Plus they don’t send or have as many couple offers like they use too. Christmas is the only reason they’ve been having good coupons offers here lately. My email address changed and they told me they would transfer my rewards and point to the other email address and while I’m doing so on the phone she told me she can give me the points for what I had, but can’t give me my rewards because it’s generated from the computer. What?!!! I just lost 3 rewards. She should’ve told me that before changing my email address. I could’ve went a spent the rewards and them changed my information or should could’ve given me my points… simple as that!! Also I haven’t been getting my birthday rewards or points. I inquired about that as well, to get no answer. Now I’m waiting forever to speak to a supervisor about all my concerns! Bath and Body what’s going on with good customer service??!! This is ridiculous👎🏾
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3 years ago, Mamiegattis
Experience in the Southern Pines North Carolina store
I had the best experience last week in the Southern Pines. 8North Carolina store. I wish I could remember the names of the store employees who were so attentive to me. They greeted me as I walked in the door and asked me if I was looking for anything specific and if they could help me find it. Then I asked them what the sales were and they not only told me, they showed me where the specials were. They even went so far as to help me pick out fragrances as I told them which ones gave me headaches. They were so kind and thoughtful and I just wanted to give them credit where credit is due. There are so many negative comments about employees and stores these days, but these employees truly deserve recognition for their attentiveness, professionalism, and outright kindness. I don’t live in this town, it is an hour away from me, but it will be the store that I go to from now on.
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3 months ago, To heck
Clear your rewards when you get near the store
It’s always worked fine when I’m anywhere BUT near the store. So when you have all these points and rewards and you go to the store to redeem it - it clears it and starts saying to turn on push notifications when you try to log in and confirm your profile and acts like it brand new account with no points. Like when it does finally first log in it shows your points for a split second before it wipes it back to needing 1k. It’s oddly suspicious that it works fine until you go to use your rewards and then it blips … can the people in the store look your rewards up. No. Can you do anything about it? Sure. You can try to stand in the store and call a 1800 number. This is a pretty large company to have such issues with a basic shopping app. I’m sure my rewards will expire before they fix it. Honestly I’m very inclined to just stop shopping there because I don’t appreciate being jerked around, going out on a special trip to the store to use rewards where I’ve spent $1000s and then getting to stand around and spend my time trying to work out issues for a company who I already give $25 for a candle. How about not.
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6 months ago, Average Customer #1200
Price adjustments and return policy
Terrible customer service staff. They struggled to explain the policy, and after I called to request a price adjustment on a purchase from the day before, to honor the existing sale prices I spoke with 3 separate reps. I assume I understood correctly that they are not allowed to honor sale prices on their own product even if the product was bought the day before. One of the reps informed that I can cancel the entire order if I want to, but not until the order is shipped. When the order shipped and I called to cancel it all because the sale price was not being honored, I was informed the order cannot be cancelled (contradicting the 1st rep info) but I can just wait to receive the order and then return it at the nearest store. I am amazed and disappointed that this company would rather a customer return the entire order of $119 than honor their own sale prices and adjust the price on the items the customer bought and allow them to keep the product they enjoy. The customer service is TERRIBLE!!!! And they really should learn how to explain the company policies, as terrible as they are. And to Bath and Body Works I would say - Put the customer first!
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6 months ago, bslajdlwjdlnf
Cart checkout is so bad!!!
I’m the person that likes to shop and add everything to the cart and then proceed to removed the items I don’t want to buy process of elimination and go from there, but the app makes it so hard to remove many items and it takes forever to load after just removing one item I have to constantly close the app and reload multiple times for it to load once before it taking 5 mins to load my cart again. It’s so inconvenient to only be able to remove one item at a time and it being such a slow process. There should be an option where you can select multiple items you wish to remove or save for later that you can het rid of or move with just one action instead of having to individually move each item. As well as the loading time or processing time for it to remove or move the item from the cart is too long maybe something to speed up the process currently it’s taking like a for than a minute to load an reload at times it doesn’t even reload my cart again and I have to completely exit the app and reopen it multiple times just for it to load my cart.
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6 months ago, Jeorad
Good luck
Good luck trying to get the customer support chat to work. If you navigate away from the chat, there is no way to get back to your representative. Which is cool, since they ask you your exact order number, some other personal data, and an item you ordered for verification purposes. If you're like me, you might not remember what order you placed a month ago that still hasn't arrived, and if you have to close the chat to find out, by the time you get the information you'll realize there's no way to recover the chat in the app. You get to do the whole thing all over again! Super fun and great! Then as soon as the representative ends the chat conversation (even if you still have questions), the entire chat will disappear so you won't have any record of it, nor any information on what the actual resolution might have been. Typing and searching boxes are messed up and cause more issues. B&BW has the money to afford to improve this app, but they haven't. You're better off skipping the app and just calling the company's customer support because the app is a pure waste of time. I’d give less stars if I could.
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3 years ago, missnkinder
What’s the point?
There’s no shopping on this app the only thing you can look at is your account and your rewards maybe find a location close to home and you already know where that’s at. So why waste space on my phone? Am I missing something here? This rating is not to rate their products it is to rate the app. Again am I missing something here?I’ve seen ratings asking why so many gave a negative review when it’s been in testing well I don’t know about everyone else but I’ve had this app for at least 3+ years! They should at least have shopping on it their partners do. Oh I get it I see the people complaining about people complaining it’s a rewards app but wait we get them anyway so it should be a given having an online account you shouldn’t need an app wasting space just to look at rewards or anything else I mentioned is available online or in store. The app has 2.6 stars as of this writing on Google play why did they get it right?
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4 years ago, Minecraftpsyco77
Why can’t I use the app?
I live in Michigan and my state isn’t participating in a rewards program thing that won’t let me shop on the app at all because it’s the first thing you see when you open the app. There is nowhere to exit out of that, so I can’t even get into your app because of where I live...I can’t give any more stars than one because I can’t remember any app experience using your app. I just looked in through the other reviews and to the people saying shut up about not being able to use the app, are you kidding me? Apparently it’s been THREE YEARS they haven’t been able to literally get out of this page that is shown every time you enter the app! That is so frustrating to see people saying to **calm down** and that the app is great because they live in the “testing area”, when probably more than half of us can’t literally open into the app and use it AT ALL. Bath and body works, we are in the middle of a pandemic and nobody can go out and just shop instead! Now I know why I didn’t remember using your app, I never did! I don’t even see responses to any of the reviews from them so I’m expecting they won’t see this. Kind of disappointing...
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2 years ago, ColeHoliday
Issues with B&BW App
I have experienced a number of glitches with the app that have prevented me from taking advantage of the sale opportunities. Unfortunately, when you try to bypass the app and go directly to the website this is only possible by using a device that doesn’t have the app installed; otherwise the device recognizes the app and automatically tries to link to the app. I tried updating the app and this has not helped solve the issues. Additional, there has been issues with the pick-up in store option. I placed 2 orders 3 weeks ago using this option, and 1 of the stores never processed the order; thus I lost the merchandise. The 2nd store never sent out an original email message advising me the order was ready for pick-up; they only sent out an email with a final email pick-up reminder. I brought this to the attention of the 2nd store and was told they had been experiencing glitches in the system.
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3 years ago, Aleapoffaith
Review on products
I usually never review anything at all but the more I read on reviews the more interested I am in the products. I usually buy the perfume sprays which smell amazing, my two original go to are always a thousands wishes or beautiful day. Lately I been into the candles the watermelon is my favorite it smells delicious and last a long time like 3 months or so and I always light them twice a week for at least two hours so I love that the candles last well worth the price and the deals are what I look forward too. Like who doesn’t want to save money when you get two for the price of one. Also my husband and I love the foam hand soups we just ran out and he is like what happen to the soap there is no more and I really like the way they smell and feel on my hands. I just laughed because my husband usually doesn’t ask for things as far as what supplies I get for the house.
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2 years ago, Grandmaof 3
Any occasion!
Well, I am hooked, as is my family!…we have tried many many other candles and none of them have been as fragrant as yours and long lasting. No one ever asks me anymore what I want for Christmas or my birthday I literally have a cabinet that is filled with your candles for daily use. Every friend and family member knows exactly what they’re going to get for their birthday for Mother’s Day for Christmas etc. Myself my my two daughters and my granddaughters are also known to give and receive your candles for any occasion and everyone always seems glad to receive them. We wait for your sales because it’s so much fun for all of us to go to the store and all grab your shopping bags because we know they’re going to be full by the time we leave! Thank you again for your wonderful products and your helpful pleasant staff who are Always so helpful!! …Chris
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6 months ago, cutebailey
Order not on time
I placed this order December 3 is December 24 tomorrow’s Christmas like I had another order on December 3 too. It was a pack of sanitizers. I got that but I didn’t get my perfume or my handcream. I keep checking to see where it is they’re saying it’s shipping they’re saying it’s not going and they said it was going to get here December 20 it’s December 24. My order was supposed to be delivered December 7 or the 14th. This is unbelievable. I have been waiting forever and I have not got my order yet and I’m still waiting because they’re saying it’s getting picked up obviously it’s not if they’re waiting for it, I’m just done I’m probably gonna take a break because of what happened because this is just unacceptable because how are you gonna tell me that my order is coming but it’s not even here yet and tomorrow’s Christmas I’ve been ordered to December 3 so I’m not getting it because you said it was gonna be here the seventh to the 14th and it’s still not here it could be better.
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2 years ago, NanDawg74
Almost Perfect
I love to see all the new flavors of hand soap gels and all the other fun items in the store. I go frequently and never spend less than $150, most times more. Today when I shopped, I bought at least one each of the gel hand soap flavors, but some flavors were on a very high shelf, out of my reach. I was somewhat disappointed at that, but I asked for help, and one of the employees was very nice and pulled down the ones I wanted for me. So that was good. At checkout, the girl was nice until I asked for double bags and a larger bag so I didn’t have to carry 4 small, heavy bags, and she gave me a hard time about it. After spending my usual $150+ I couldn’t believe I was being denied double bags; as if the extra bag was going to come out of her paycheck.. Rude. I did end up getting the extra bag I asked for, but what’s this cheap attitude about? Is this something new?
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1 year ago, Skiguynyc
Needs work
App is quirky especially when you are trying to find a store that has all your items . I was updating quantities and when you change store, or change from shipping to pickup or visa versa it deletes all of your changes . It's not intuitive that you have to click apply changes after u change quantities before u make other changes. Making other changes shouldn't delete your work so far. I should be able to make all changes and then click apply changes Should also be a feature that suggests a store that has all your items . There are 5 or 6 stores in my area I am willing to go to and it seems each one was missing an item or two and it was annoying as heck trying to figure out what store to use. Should be a feature that shows how many of the items in your count each local store has like this one has all , this one 7 out of 10 and this one 5/10 Also , it's ridiculous to make $100 order and not get free shipping in this day and age , just saying
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5 years ago, Nani_026
Love the app but needs work
I noticed when I went with my friend to our local store that when she opened her app under offers she had online and in store offers ALONG with online and in store deals. I was excited as i saw a deal on lotions I wanted to take advantage of however when I opened my app I only had deals available and the offer for the lotion sale was not available to me. I read her deal and it was not a reward or a targeted offer from what I can tell. It seemed to be a generic offer extended to everyone. This made me start thinking I never see any offers on my app only deals and I started to wonder how many great offers might have passed without me knowing. Like i said I love accumulating my points and getting the notifications before hand on sales but this was a bummer for me knowing I’m missing out on my deals because my app doesn’t update and release them to me.
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4 years ago, $#>JUST JUDY$#<
I'm Nee to Bath and Body works
My daughter Amy lives in a small community far from a store and no internet so I often do her shopping. As I am handicapp I shop online often anyway. Recently, I placed a rather large order because of the BOGO sales and buy 3 get 1 free. I was terrified when the actual delivery was STOLEN😤🥵! I called the next day after searching for the box and reported it. To my HAPPINESS Bath & Body works replaced each item immediately! I got the order by a different carrier to!❤️😇❤️ Next week on Monday I packed up my Daughters box with Shower gel lotions and perfume mist. Plus threw in some hand soap for my grand children. The COUNTRY APPLE IS PERFECT FOR FALL. I like the Japanese Cheery Blossom to. I have wanted to visit an actual store for years but no electric chair and current a broken wheel chair...but soon I hope to go smell all the wonderful scents and products. I may be NEW TO THE WORLD OF BATH &BODY WORKS BUT IM ALREADY IN LOVE WITH THE PRODUCTS! Thank you again for taking such wonderful care of me! 😇🙏🙏🙏
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3 years ago, CS Groupie
Orders On Line
As an active customer of B&BW for 15 years I know this pandemic has changed our way of shopping. I placed an online order recently for promotional full size body care products (ordered 4 Japanese Cherry Blossom Ulta Cream) advertised as $6.50 each as a day sale. With this “Special” knowing stores would be crowded (avoiding large crowds) I ordered on line for pick up to avoid large crowds for an extended time. Received a confirmation email order was processed with order # minutes after confirming my order. Waited for email/text to pick up order at store for 3 days. On the 4th day received email order was canceled due to no stock. Same scenario happened with a candle order I placed beginning of this year. My question is other retailers are able to fulfill pick up orders in a matter of minutes. Why doesn’t B&BW use the same protocol?
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5 years ago, SaBora24
What a waste
This app is seriously a joke. If you don’t live in certain places (4) you can’t get the perks. Slow roll out for testing that has been over 2 years? How fair is that? I purchase in bulk every time I order for here or go to the store. GUESS WHAT? I won’t drop another dime on your products until you make it fair for everyone. You don’t even have a normal app for shopping. You’re upsetting your customers with this VIP members only nonsense. What this app has showed me, is your IT department is filled with idiots. The qualifications for the job must’ve been breathing. They shouldn’t test ran for a month or two max. Instead you all have dragged your feet and catered to a select few. How pathetic!!! Sad on your part really. Why keep advertising this mess on Facebook every day, all day. I’ve seen the perks in the sponsored ads you all buy into. It does no good if you all are not catering to all of your customers. I hope. That it hurts your profits to be honest. People can make or break a business. Your business motto here is unfair, disappointing, biased and to be honest a terrible way to do business. Get it together B&BW 😢
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2 months ago, 0Stephanie0
The new to me
I instead of ordering from online went to a store in Augusta Ga in the same shopping center as Brand Smart. Not only did it smell so delicious I wanted to chop up and bite every breath and eat cake at the same time. It was so well stocked and clean I was so insanely excited I wanted to touch every single thing! So I did!!! The sales ladies were so friendly and so eager to help I was impressed at how professional they appeared with their clothing and so neat and so nice. Your store should get a great overall rating from your GM my opinion what they are doing exceeds excellence. I bought 6 body creams, 5 sanitizers and a deodorant and soap. It was a gift for my children. Had 2 children with birthdays one turned 18 and the other 20. As a matter of fact my son is 20 today. I thank you for such a hospitable experience. Cecilia Stephanie Swafford
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10 months ago, MamaT64
Great app
I am really enjoying this app. It still has a few bugs such as when u use one of your rewards. It has a tendency to take an item off that is already on sale which if it is one of the sales where u have to buy 3 items or whatever the sale is for, then that throws that off as well. Now everything has jumped back to original prices and the reward coupon is taking off an item that u we’re getting on sale which, in my opinion, is wasting your reward. Then I have to remove my rewards and remove the item I wanted to use the reward on and make a separate order which increases your shipping costs. I would also like to see an option where we could combine rewards to get an item that we normally couldn’t get because it is a little out of our price range or use it towards shipping costs. All in all, still an awesome app.
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8 months ago, BIG CONCEITED
I love the rewards but app has its cons
So my favorite thing about the app is the convenience of having your orders stored in one place and being able to order online and pick up in store. especially when it's a seasonal item and they're going to sell out fast! You can clearly see all the deals & sales as soon as they are available. Also if you need to make any returns all your records will be on the app instead of having to have a paper receipt! I love the rewards points as well, you get to earn points to use for future purchases. Only con is, the app needs a drastic update.. it's always glitching for example I couldn't see my favorites for MONTHS & it'll just keep saying "oops nothing here" and moving slow like the app is always buffering. It functions like your on the internet and not an app if that makes sense! So that's why I gave it 4 stars
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5 years ago, ArtGal5055
This App is GREAT!
It’s easy to download. I never had any issues with this app. It gives you notifications and whenever I go pay the cashiers always let me know my coupons and especially my rewards. I sometimes forget that I have rewards when I am so busy purchasing other items. But they always let me know what’s going on and that’s what customer service is all about. Sometimes the reward will take a few minutes to get to you. It depends on your phones service and how fast you receive them. It usually takes a day for me but I still get my rewards and you are the first one to know the promotions and sales going on. I also receive email notifications. Every point Is $1.00 and every time you go in and purchase your points accumulate and start making your points to get to you free reward! It’s so WORTH IT!! :) thanks BBW 💙
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3 years ago, melly mel💕
Lovely smells honest about the candles
I simply love Bath and Bodyworks I’ve been a customer for at least 20 years I can say that their fragrances change as I get older and I care for as many as I did back then unfortunately with this I must also say that the fabrication in regards to the candles has changed tremendously I was a big candle buyer for a very long time and in the least the last two years I’ve seen a decline in my candles the way they burn do I smell everything that I no longer purchase them which is a shame because I would easily by 5 to 6 at a time I am have yet to find a different type of candle that I care for I wishFor I wish they had some type of thing with their candles because they’ve thrown so my way at least in the past couple months I lost a lot of candle in a lot of money
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1 month ago, Steeler 66
Got to love GCS
Everyone that knows me knows that I have a addiction to B&B. They know my lotion, body wash, favorite fragrances and wallflowers. I love the convenience of the app online the only thing I wish is to use multiple coupons or offers like they do in the store. I believe my record for savings was $275 worth of product for $80. With our economy, that is so helpful. If I’m in at my home store, they know me by name and they know what I love. Sometimes they even had my usuals ready for me, If I’m buying something off my beaten path or a gift, they are eager to help and very knowledgeable of all the products. but do not stalk you like a car dealership does. Lol now that is customer service if you love B&B as much as I do…… You have to love GCS. ❤️💜. It’s a gift that keeps on giving all the way to the rewards.
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6 years ago, Thephoenixlights
LOVE B&BW rewards but the app needs work
I admit I am one of the people sad that it took Bath & Body Works so long to start a rewards program but it’s better late than never, right?! I think it has a TON of potential but it still needs a lot of work. I can’t tell how much I’ve spent or what exactly I’ve earned. I had a $94 order in a store, a $76 order online and another $35 order online yet my app says I’ve spent $65 in total and the only “reward” I’ve earned is a welcome gift for $10 off of a $30 purchase which isn’t an actual reward, but a loyalty program welcome gift. I did use it and that was nice to have, but where are all my reward points? Where are my free gift rewards advertised in the app? I called customer care and they were very sweet but absolutely clueless, stating that this is app is in beta testing and that they couldn’t help me with issues, only pass on my feedback. I think once they have everything polished this is gonna be amazing! Just not there yet.
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7 months ago, remisnism
App and website is not very user friendly.
Poor design when trying to change an item from pick up in store to shipping. Would not permit the change and the error message generated stated that I exceeded the quantity for the item selected. Only selected 1 so not just poor development logic but poor QA testing. Removed the item in order to continue with the other 14 items in the bag. Also had an issue increasing the quantity number from 1 to 2 using the + next to the quantity. It just simply did not work. Third issue is that I thought maybe the issue was with the browser, so I tried logging into my account with another browser but it returned with an error that my credentials were incorrect. Finally logged into the App with the same exact credentials. Still had the User interface issues that occurred using a web browser. It took longer to checkout online than it would have to drive to the store and pick out every item and drive home. Most frustrating online experience ever!!
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7 months ago, CookMom03
Bad app & horrible quality shipping.
I placed a giant order of 49 items that “got lost in transit” I called and placed a second order. I received that order today and there was 14 of the 49 items that I ordered in the box. It’s obvious the shipping company opened the box and took what they wanted out of my order. Aside from that, every single item that was in the box is unusable, it’s all ruined! Customer service was very kind and helpful and I realize it’s not their fault but corporate needs to make sure the quality of their shipping is better than this. I typically don’t have this kind of money to spend so when I do I expect the items to be of good quality and delivered properly. I received a refund but what I truly wanted was the items that I purchased. The app had a detailed summary of my order which was also not correct. It’s like they didn’t have what I ordered so they just switch it around on their own or something. I’m just so upset because I truly wanted the items I purchased for my girls for Christmas!
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1 year ago, xoilovemycatxo
Great app but an issue
So I was on the app shopping for the spring sales and it asks me if I’m a human, this is normal I know lots of apps do this. So I press and hold and it starts to load and I load in and it deleted my entire cart. I got over it and went to shop again and added stuff to my cart. It asks if I’m a human again, (this is about 10 minutes later) and I was fine about this. But this time it wouldn’t load, it just kept loading and loading and I kept going out and into the app, closing it completely when going out. I tried switching my Wi-Fi’s and were my position was in my house. Nothing worked. So I just turned off my phone and went on to do housework, I come back and hour later and it finally works. It deletes my cart again. Then it asks if I’m a human again and the same thing happens. I can’t get into it right now currently so please tell me if I’m doing something wrong.
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4 years ago, ilovedavid1224
can’t use the app
i’m kinda disappointed. i get that people are saying that they start with a smaller group, and then expand, but it’s kinda unfair to all the people who can’t use the app, and they all can. don’t hate on people giving the app a bad review, because it’s been 2 years and there are still barely any states that can use the app. all the people writing reviews to hate on the people giving it one star already got their free item, and can ACTUALLY GET INTO THE APP!! it’s been 2 years with new york not available. how do you not have a big state like new york available? i know there’s rewards programs at the bath & body works near me, yet they don’t include it. there’s only a few states on there. anyone from new york can’t use the app. it’s just unfair that some people get to use it, and some people are not even allowed to get in it, because of their location. i’m not satisfied at all, i honestly don’t know when they’re gonna add more states, so i really don’t even wanna try and get it again. it’s been 2 years and they haven’t added any new states, cmon man.
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4 months ago, Dedeetx
Bath and Bodywork’s website much better
I’ve noticed the Bath & Bodywork’s website has become much easier to navigate than in past attempts. The Promo Codes and Rewards were easier explained and much simpler to apply than before. I’ve been a very loyal fan of this store, their products and the additional merchandise they’ve added to their store & website and am always thrilled to see both old products returning and the opportunity to try new scents, like one of my new favorite scents: “Chasing Fireflies”, that I discovered with my adult daughter last September and we each bought the whole line. Happy to see all the products online again today & available to pick up at store nearest me now! Thanks again Bath & Bodywork’s for keeping this loyal customer happy!
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2 years ago, TeresaChr
Customer Service
The girls in my family love Bath and Bodyworks, so I went into our local store to do some Christmas shopping. There was a young lady working in the store, her name was Bri. She was so very helpful. She showed me where all the different candles were. Told me about the candle sale coming up. And she even showed me how to download the app on my phone so I can start getting the rewards. (I am a senior citizen, and I needed help with this too). I’ve done some Christmas shopping in a few other stores this season. By far, this was the best customer service I have received. I just wanted to give her a shout out because I felt like she went above and beyond the call of duty. She even remembered me when I came back in several days later for the candle sale. Super nice! Teresa Christian
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7 months ago, mexicansuzita
So frustrated!
I love B&BW but their online ordering really needs updating! I tried from my home computer and it would not let me change my store. It kept wanting to give me a store in CA when I live in PA! So I go to my phone where I have the app. They have the correct store but you can’t remove anything from your cart! So I gotta go back to my computer. Luckily the app saves what’s in your cart on the computer! I want to pick it up at my store. It says all items are available for pick up then I’m charged &6.99 for shipping! For what? It says all items were available for pickup now one isn’t! So now I’m paying over the full purchase price for something I could’ve gotten on sale bc they now I have to ship it! It took me well over an hour and a half to place an order and now I’m very upset about the shipping costs and I don’t think I’ll be using their BOPIS service anymore!
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11 months ago, Lili. O.
App crashes
I’ve used this app for years! Just this past year there has been an ongoing issue. I’ve talked to customer service sadly there’s nothing really they can do since it’s more of a technical issue. It started with my app letting me log in but not showing me my rewards/offers(coupons), it would freeze on that tab. Now it doesn’t even let me log in. Once I type in my information it loads & refreshes on the same log in screen. I’ve tried deleting the app, reinstalling. I made sure everything was up to date & nothing. I’ve not received any coupons for about a year & thus haven’t been shopping here as consistently as I use to. I know it’s the application since I can log on fine through the browser page however my coupons don’t pop up on there. Desperately wanting this to be fixed & not knowing how or guided towards the answer
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7 years ago, Lady.CF
A Day Late and a Dollar Short
I’m somewhat miffed that it is now that Bath and Body Works is coming about with a rewards program. Practically AFTER countless shoppers as myself have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in buying their candles and body care. What took them so long? I want credit for my past purchases. I’ve been buying their product in store and online for years and I want credit for it. I also find it suspicious that my entire purchase history gets wiped out each time I place an order - as if they don’t want shoppers to have proof of past purchases. I called and emailed customer service about this, wanting an explanation and they couldn’t give me a straight answer. Shady!! Also, if this app is simply just going to lead us into the website each time we click to view a product and want to add it to our favorites list, or to place an order for it, then the app is useless. Why have an app if it is simply just going to have the user open up the website? Um, I could have done that on my laptop. Straighten up, B&BW and get with the program. Many shoppers are more likely to place an order via an app than they are through a desktop website. Life is too hectic and busy to be chasing down rewards and to be re-routed to websites. Make an app that we can place orders with and give us credit for prior purchases. We’ve supported your company for years, it’s your turn to support us.
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7 months ago, mayyyyyveeee
There’s nothing like these products they are always on fire
I have been using Bath and body Works since I was a child. It goes back to the satin old glass bottle lotions so I have been using their products for 20 years the original cucumber melon that you would put in your little bag for high school and then, as I got older in my teens, they started dropping the lip glosses, and everyone had to have them, every girls purse had a lipgloss from Bath and body Works in them hand sanitizers dropped, and everyone had to have a matching hand sanitizer. This has became something my child has to always have on her. There is nothing better than Bath and body Works, candles, lotion, body sprays. All of it has never failed. Keep being on fire with your amazing products B&BW !!!
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8 months ago, Terbsrve
Bad service
I had a candle when, and was inside their candle holder. For some reason, the candle broke in a small triangle kind of position, which also broke the candleholder. I took it back to the store. They absolutely refused to give me a store credit. At least they commented the candle was old, they still sell the same candle but in a different label I didn’t know that their candles have an expiration date so be careful when you buy these and the reason I buy a lot at one time I don’t use them on a daily basis I have to use one and finish it, but the point is they absolutely refuse to replace it even as a store credit so they kept my candle to throw away and I brought me back my holder but it still has like a V shape missing piece. Well good luck people and check the expiration dates on the candles which I think they don’t state so they should comply, but they don’t. as many years as I have gone, this is the first time it ever happened. They’re losing a customer which is no big deal to them 😪
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