My Books – Unlimited Library

4.1 (1.4K)
97.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Digital Press Publishing
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
11.2 or later
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User Reviews for My Books – Unlimited Library

4.07 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
2 years ago, sweetlilpsycho
An Explanation of Why the Books Aren’t Recent
People. Recently published books are copyrighted. The reason the books in this app are available and free to read is because they’re so old, there is no longer a copyright on them. You really thought you’d be able to read Harry Potter in a free book app? Seriously?
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4 years ago, Never complain
Great, but still can’t delete books or view a full page
Love this app and I’ve found many books that I’ve enjoyed. There were also some that sounded promising but didn’t capture my interest after a few pages or chapters. However, there are two problems that have been reported but never corrected : 1. You can’t delete any books you’ve downloaded. My library is become cluttered and I’m using storage space needlessly. 2. Often the lower part of a page is not displayed. I’ve found a workaround by changing the size of the font from the default 100% to something higher or lower. It is annoying when you’re really focused on whatever you’re reading. Otherwise how can you complain about so many free books!
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5 years ago, Samuraic4t
Good resource
I’ve had this app for a very long time. It is a good resource for classic old, older, and oldest books that are out of copyright. It’s great to have when something is referenced that you don’t know enough about. These are important works because everything we read has these as their foundation. Many are harder to read because they are on a higher, more intellectual level, as were most writings of the past. Also, the grammar, the way of writing and speaking, has changed dramatically in just the last 100 years. That adds another level of difficulty. This is an awesome app and every time I open it I am grateful that it is still working and being updated. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Nhv71
My library problems
I have had various versions of this app for years. In the past it has worked very well and i like being able to read classic titles. The newest upgrade however seems to have significant problems. For example, books get added to My Library i did not pick. The last time i opened the app around 100 titles were dumped in and more keep getting added. I did not search or pick any of these. Its time consuming to delete them and it makes it difficult to find the books i do want to read. Sometimes when i click to exit a title it exits the app. While effort was made to make the app look more attractive, the functionality seems to have gone down from previous versions. I miss the old versions of this app. Please fix the problems.
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4 years ago, #happyplace10
Doesn’t have many common books
I tried looking for about 20 books that I actually wanted to read and found nothing. I think that they should have books that people actually want to read. I am a big book fan, not that picky. My other problem is that you have to pay for audio books. I like to read more than listen to audio books, but some books you might want to read and you’re stuck paying $1.99 a month to subscribe to get an audio book. The only reason I didn’t give this 1 star is because overall this app is neatly set out and I can easily read with no problems.
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6 years ago, disappointedhunter6
Free Books?
I’ve started to read three different classic books. When I’ve read three to five chapters the book is no longer available, when I return to continue. So, I open another book. When I try to contact support I receive “403” or “404,” unavailable. Same with asking questions. “Unavailable.” For the past ten days to two weeks the phrase, ‘we are trying hard to ....’ Well, I don’t believe the app. will ever perform as designed. This is extremely disappointing, considering classic literature has provided so much enjoyment in the past. The lack of an explanation is mystifying. I would not recommend downloading or using this app. at this time. I can only hope whatever problem exists will be solved. The loss of such treasures is truly disheartening.
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4 years ago, TwilightZoneRefugee
Terrible app!
I’ve had this app for many years and admit I don’t use it with great frequency. That being said, I often have issues when I do. I purchased it in 2015 to remove the ads and open more audiobook options, etc. They want me to pay again to remove adds and open more audiobook content! There is no “sign into account” option either which is really strange. I’ve reached out to them twice by email and have had no response. I’m very disappointed because this app had great potential. I’ve given it 2 stars because I can at use it like a free app. Don’t waste your money if you want more from this app!
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5 years ago, feistyoak
Quirky titles
A real eclectic collection of historic and family books that gives an insight into real lives and documents. Love this app! Recently opening ap it wants to update. As soon as it reaches 63, it shuts down on my iPhone. I’ve done every update, so am wondering what is stopping this ap May be a lack of current comparability. Posting here as no other links to assistance are working. Fine on an old iPad that can no longer be updated. Hmmmm....
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5 years ago, Nenaneen
Love / Hate My Books app
I love the app and agree with review above from August. However, some changes were made recently. The pages no longer scroll up; you need to swipe side to side. AND pages are missing!! When you swipe to the next page the page number progresses but the text is repeated. You swipe back then forward and the next page is skipped, losing a whole page of the book. This is happening on book title “Grace Harlowe’s Senior Year at High School” by Jessie Graham Flower. I ask that someone look into this. Thank you.
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4 years ago, ajlanna16
Doesn’t have popular books
This app doesn’t have almost any popular or new books. I wanted to read a very popular book that came out in 2018 and when I searched for it, it wasn’t there. Then I thought “okay well maybe it just doesn’t have new books” and so I searched up “the hunger games”, a book that almost every book store and app has, and it didn’t even have that. It’s great that everything’s free but if you’re looking for something newer then I would not recommend this app.
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5 years ago, nadel-1
My books
I really do enjoy “my books”. However, with the last two updates and using my iPad 2, it’s almost impossible to delete books that I have read or decided not to read. Fault is there are no instructions as to use the application. A year or two ago I had no problems with the application. Please help to make it better.
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3 years ago, Jwec3
Good when it worked
For the past short while, I have been unable to get the app to open at all. Half-way through Don Quixote (and loving it), but now unable to finish. I click on the icon, and the app opens up for about a half second and then disappears. I am using an iPad Pro, so it should not be an issue with out-of-date operating system In the app store, the link to support is broken - only get an error message. It is tough to fix a problem if you cannot get in touch with the developers….
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2 years ago, Armani 2107
The best and worst
Have been using it for years but this last month all it has been doing is giving “can’t’ reach the server” message. Despite all the updates and fixes that I did, the same message keeps blocking me from downloading even one book. I encourage you to download it and try. Please report the issue if you have one, so we can help their tech support team to fix it as soon as possible. Let’s keep reading!
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4 years ago, Book lover 79
Love the books, but needs to fix a serious bug
I’ve read quite a few books on this app over the last few years. I’m finally writing this review hoping they will fix the biggest bug they have. Every 20 pages or so, it will duplicate a page (sometimes more than once). When you scroll past the duplicate, it has skipped a page in the story. I wouldn’t mind the duplicates if they didn’t replace another page. I really love the ability to read classic literature for free, but I would like to read all of it.
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6 years ago, Staceyafaceylacey
Missing critical components
I’ve only had the app for a couple days and I was really happy about the “pay once” that was relatively cheap for all of the audio books. Having only gotten half way through one audio book, I’ve been REALLY frustrated by the facts that - I can’t pause the audio and can only stop it by closing the app - I can’t place book marks to save my place anywhere so I’m always shutting the app to talk for half a second then spending five minutes trying to find where I was - when a chapter ends, the automatic continuation skips a chapter and I have not realized that before and missed big plot points by skipping entire chapters. Even though those are the only things I’ve seen, they’re driving me crazy. I am NOT one to complain and be negative, but I really want this fixed. Why bother having a pause button if I can’t use it??
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5 years ago, say no to audiobooks
Disappointing changes
I had several books downloaded only to go back and found they were removed. Went to search, to replace them because I was ready to continue the series, and realized they have been replaced by audio versions, which I have to subscribe to. One, I don't like, want or need audiobooks and two, if I have to subscribe, it's not free. That was the whole point of adding this app, unlimited FREE access to Classic Literature. This used to be a favorite app, which is saying something because I prefer actual books to digital ones, but not so much anymore.
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6 years ago, Ccwtf7
Astronomical Battery Drain from this App
My subway commute is a little over an hour, I’ve found that watching downloaded netflix movies, playing phone games during that hour will at most take 10-15%off my battery. In comparison, an hour of this app for some reason - with cellular data, bluetooth and wifi turned off, and background apps closed - takes 50-60% of my battery life. This is devastating because I enjoy reading, and back when this app was Freebooks, it didn’t seem to drain as much of my battery life. 60% of battery life in an HOUR?! That’s ridiculous.
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6 years ago, bookworm9999999
Copy feature; page formatting
Many words aren’t found in the dictionary, and it would be handy to be able to copy foreign words or phrases to plug into Google Translate for translation. Page formatting (and chapters) leaves a lot to be desired. Just finished Middlemarch and found it impossible to figure out where I was in the book and how much remained. Page “breaks” seem to be in awkward places and errant touches on the screen can send you to far off chapters.
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3 months ago, tickmau
Downloading issues
I enjoy this app because I love to read older books but I recently decided to download some audio books for car rides but it won’t let me download any of the books even after I paid the monthly subscription. Please help me out if you can? Thank you
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4 years ago, AidynH
I didn’t relize that this app would be originals like divergent series doesn’t exist Harry Potter non-existent The maze runner not there I thought that this app would have those kind of books not the classical original books. I was very exited to read a book I’ve been wanting to read for a while and it wasn’t there I tried so many different searches and the books I wanted were not there I am sorry but u guys need to put more modern day books in there instead of classics.
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7 months ago, .d.a.f.t.
no books
I wasn’t looking for any book in particular, just trying to find a good reading app that doesn’t cost money. I found this and thought it was fine but there is barely any books you’ve heard of. If that’s what you like than okay but in my opinion it’s just eh. I would normally expect there to be some bigger books but guess not I dunno
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3 years ago, I love horses🐴🐎🐴
Great app but... one issue
This app is great! I especially love the Sherlock Holmes series. But when I’m reading, I found that every few pages, the book would repeat the same page for three pages, then it would skip a few pages. Can you fix this bug? It’s really annoying!!
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10 months ago, toonybrain
Frustrating App
I loved this app because I love old books, but many of the books I’ve read in the app have duplicate pages then missing pages. So I trudge over to Gutenberg or Archives, search for the book, then find the page that’s missing so I can read it. Now I find myself downloading books from Gutenberg to avoid the frustration.
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5 years ago, lulu5467
Really enjoy
I really really enjoy this app I don’t have a problem with that I don’t like reading but I need to so I downloaded like 10 reading apps so I could find one that fit me so this was the one as soon as I went on to the app I loved it I’m on my first book and it’s great!!
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6 years ago, surdnade
I can’t register
I would give this app more stars but it won’t let me register. Whenever I try to access the support and FAQ link it comes back with “403 forbidden!” I get the same response when I try to go to the developer’s website. I wish there was someone to contact for help and I wish I could use the features that come with registering an account.
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4 years ago, mstdancer
Well done
I enjoy the classic audio books here. The selection is good. I just wish there was a sleep timer option as I like to fall asleep listening to books but it don’t want them running all night as I sleep.
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5 years ago, Mr. Sadly Disappointed
Nothing is quite so annoying as getting half way through a book just to see it suddenly disappear from the list. Add to that the frequent and lengthy ads that get worse and worse. Initially, the ads were tolerable. Now, they are vexing. When I first downloaded this app, it was nearly a five star app. But it has plummeted down to two stars. I will be removing it and using the kindle app from now on.
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6 years ago, Kaela Clarke
I went to find a book that I was looking at that was $5 on Apple Books but when I went to look here it was never there. I am very disappointed in this book app and that it is more of old fashion books.
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5 years ago, lolmakeupcjfhf
Kind of upsetting
I downloaded this app because my iBooks app wasn’t working. I was disappointed to find out that a lot of my favorite books were not on there. It was surprisingly good. I would recommend this app if you want some quick reads. If you’re not the type of person who likes to read classics, don’t waste your time.
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6 years ago, Please let me write a review
Nice access to older books
Nice library of books by authors out of copyright. Numerous works. Easily read. Could use more features to make it more like iBooks - e.g real pages, time & battery shown as you read, more easily sorted personal library. Obnoxious audio book ad opens every time I open the app. No way to make it go away.
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10 months ago, rudikfojtjfjee
Summer reading.
This is good for summer reading and you don’t have to buy anything just give your child a iPad then let him read a bit then your done it’s a perfect app
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3 years ago, Wildsong
First Try, Already Disappointed
It would be great to actually get the book you chose to read… Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is actually some history book about Spanish monarchs. It was the first book I downloaded so I’m already a bit let down. Hoping it gets better from here. I don’t much like getting catfished by a book app.
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6 years ago, Oswellswan
Just found this
So, I haven’t read a book or listened to an audio yet. However I am amazed at the number of selections. What a golden opportunity to read the classics I have missed up to this point.
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6 years ago, yivyMaster101
Love but needs more books
Love this app! Only I wish they had more books. I started a book and figured out that it was a trilogy so I wanted to get #2 but I could not find it on the app.
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1 year ago, DWBBWD
Great source for classic books
I’ve read a lot of the old science fiction and other classics and I love the app. However after I read a few pages the app will repeat a page followed by skipped pages. The only way I can see the missing pages is to select a very small font, this needs to be fixed.
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6 years ago, Noe_Morar
Greatest thing ever!!
I buy alot of books used at library and what have you. This has saved me so many times from buying the same books!
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5 years ago, Demarcus loves ponhead
The way I feel about books
This app makes me feel so much better than buying books from the library
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3 years ago, yumyummygummy
Amazing app but I have a few book suggestions so maybe Erin Hunter warrior cats like bluestars prophecy and all the other ones had it but this one doesn’t so please add the series of warrior cats to it
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1 week ago, jimgamache
Not working !
Have used the app to listen to audiobooks in the past, but recently I have not been able to download new books. It will download print books. Rebooted my phone and I deleted the app and reinstalled, but no help. Can't find a way to get tech support. I guess I'll look for a new source.
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4 years ago, Djdjdbdbk
Want to love it.
Really appreciate the work put into this to have access to the books. However, it’s maddening to open a book to presented a facebook ad that will not and cannot be closed. The app has to be closed multiple times before I can open the book. I understand the need to make money, but this is idiotic.
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2 years ago, hdjshdhdkjdhdu
How bad it is
I don’t think you should get this because when I tried to use the search speaker it didn’t let me put more than one word and I was trying to search for comic fantasy books because I’m into that and it won’t let me search it because it only is a one thing so I think it should be removed from the App Store
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4 years ago, billy cnj
All books
I just delete the app after finishing a book and reinstall thanks for tip on getting full page
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2 years ago, Tasha Purdin
Nothing popular
If you like fantasy or sci-fi books this is not the app for you. They do not have any popular books that I could find at all. Now if you want classics or old fairy tales like beauty and the beast or a tale of two cities then this app is great.
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4 years ago, sirfz
Free? No.
I got this app because it said that I could have unlimited access to >50,000 books absolutely free. Somehow, however, I still have to pay them “1,99” a month (whatever that means) to borrow books. The description says the only cost is a “very small fee” for access to audiobooks! I would give this zero stars if I could.
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4 years ago, Unknown 5432
Nothing I wanted to read
I just got this app so I could read a book on my vacation and when I was trying to find a book to read I discovered they had none that I liked. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone like me who is very picky on what they read because they don’t read a ton anyways but when we do find good books they are over in a second
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5 years ago, Haydn88
New update fixed the problem. This is my favorite app for reading.
Problem has been fixed.
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6 years ago, Budge166
My Books
I'd say it's a great way to enjoy a little time to have peace. It's great for blank times and when you want to read. Easy to use yet fun. 10/10
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5 years ago, loulouireland
My books
I think you should put more scary books on there but you have so many nice books
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6 years ago, William A. Timmons
I can read my books anywhere!!I really enjoy this free app. So many different categories of books to choose from..
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4 years ago, Anon7558!(4)&
this is a sales app for an AUDIObooks subscription
You may find some regular books here. But by and large this is an AUDIObooks app. You can’t search books only, and the vast majority of hits are bleeping audio books that ask you if you want to subscribe. How incredibly annoying, I just want to READ. Also, totally false advertising as to what this app actually is.
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