My College Bookstore

3.9 (721)
56.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Barnes & Noble College
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for My College Bookstore

3.89 out of 5
721 Ratings
6 years ago, Jh123216
College Change?
I downloaded the app about a year ago when I was a part of a college tour, and now I have decided on a different college to attend. I love the app, but I can’t seem to find a way to change the college I can’t seem to find out how to change the college the app is giving me info for... is it possible?
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3 years ago, ferrarofotos
App is either overloaded or just plain broken.
App doesn’t know you’ve signed in and empties shopping cart. I tried adding a product to my cart, then continued shopping for another item and when I put that in my cart, only the second item showed in my cart - the first was removed. This app also gets stuck sometimes and becomes unresponsive. I just used my laptop to shop instead and placed my order much easier. Also, I signed in to see the status of an order I previously placed, I clicked on the order and it wants me to sign in again. I’d also say that enticing students to download and use this app with a 20% off coupon, that doesn’t work on “online only” items - in your ONLINE store - is quite a ripoff and horrible clickbait. I’ve wanted one of your $70 hoodies for a while, but not a budget conscious choice, so I figured 20% off would be great. I guess my participation in using your app only gets full price. Oh, well. Ordered a keychain for my 6-year old daughter and got $1 off instead. Some serious programming help is needed.
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6 years ago, JadeBerry2012
Email verification-update!!!!!
I downloaded that app because I saw it in an email from my school when I bought my books. So I wanted to get it for future purchases next semester. Well I signed up and filled out everything, but it still says that I’m waiting for an email verification. I clicked the button to resend the email and a message pops up “failed” every single time I click it. It won’t let me send the verification email but overall everything else is fine....UPDATE- the app has been updated and I was able to verify my account!
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1 year ago, kmckeeman
Can’t even shop
Seems like there’s a decent variety of things but anytime I try to add something to my cart it never shows up in there. Can’t buy anything 🤷🏼‍♀️ Update: I have decided to delete this app as I still can’t do anything with it. Still can’t get anything to add to the cart and anytime I try to sign in to check the status on my books that I ordered it just takes me right back to the login. I don’t know if it’s a bug issue but until something is resolved I won’t be using the app.
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2 years ago, IHateThisNickNamePrompt
I can’t even sign in to my account
I got this app hoping it would make it easier to keep an eye on my bookstore order. I have tried over and over to sign in to my bookstore account and it won’t even recognize that I’ve signed in. It just keeps telling me to sign in if I click on the account icon. Haven’t even had it 20 minutes and I’m already deleting it. Trying to get it sorted is more hassle than it’s worth for me.
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3 years ago, Lindsaygee2011
Terribly buggy
If you leave the app and come back to it, it will empty your cart. Also, it doesn’t allow you to scroll through all of the items on some pages. For instance, I was looking for hats and had to swipe down several times for it to allow me to start scrolling through the items. It would just bounce up and down first. Several other bugs as well. I’m honestly not comfortable making a purchase for fear that it will not go through.
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5 years ago, AlyMonet2001
Doesn’t have my college
I’ll give it 4 stars because I’m sure it works great but I haven’t been able to try it simply because it doesn’t have my college on there. In case you’re wondering it’s missing Chaffey College and it has other community colleges just not this one.
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5 years ago, WinterWolfie
Love the App but...
I love the app! It helped me save some money on college gear however the app itself keeps changing my birthday, I don’t know why. I emailed you guys but haven’t gotten a response, is there a way I can put my ACTUAL birthday on the app and not have the app change it constantly? Thanks
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2 years ago, sayounan
So many bugs
Do you like to press buttons that are labeled something but do nothing? Do you like pop ups? Do you like bad UI/UX? Do you like using apps that don’t bother hiding that they’re trying to sell you something or sell your data? Do you love unreliability? Do you love running into three bugs per input? Well my friend do I have the perfect app for you! This app checks all those boxes and then some with so many examples of horrible UX.
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5 years ago, King Triumph
This app is garbage
This app is absolute garbage. It forced me to make some new account after updating and wiped my loyalty points. Tried submitting feedback through the app itself, but all I get is a blank white box that pops up. No text, no way to submit feedback. I've got a great solutions to this problem though: 1. JUST USE PUNCH CARDS. THEY'RE EASY AND THEY WORK. 2. DON'T BUY FROM BARNES & NOBLE. Seriously, this app is just here so they can get as much personal information from you as they can. Buy your coffee elsewhere.
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6 years ago, kween_j
College Change??
I like the app so far. Came in handy when I was attending a particular school. I have since graduated and about to attend a different school and I cannot find how to change schools on the app? Is it possible??
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6 years ago, Love garba
Easy to access
I purchased books from UT book store. I download it because it is easy to use than web page. It loads faster than web page.
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4 years ago, Alisson✌🏻️✌🏻
Doesn’t work
The app doesn’t work I have a textbook for pickup but every time I click the pickup button it says error and that they can’t find my order. I even try manually putting in the pickup information but it doesn’t find my order even though it shows it under my activity feed. I’ve even gotten a confirmation email from my school that the order is ready for pickup.
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2 years ago, KweenPix8424
Not very efficient
I got this app so that I could have an easier time seeing and buying my course materials. However, the textbook feature has a bug or something and it complicates the entire process. I have an easier time simply getting on my laptop like I was from the beginning.
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2 years ago, future Mrs. Tomlinson
I had to delete the app because I was so frustrated. I log in and it immediately logs me back out, it’s difficult to navigate at times, it glitches and closes the app, they advertised a 10% off coupon when you downloaded the app, however it was nowhere to be found. I recommend sticking to your colleges bookstore website
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4 years ago, Jazzyhours
Doesn’t work
It doesn’t load anything. When I go into my profile it says it can’t load because my location services aren’t on, so I go into the app settings and there is no location service option available for this app. And it never asked permission while loading the app for location services. Completely useless. I’ve tried everything.
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7 years ago, Ubetta sabetta
Great and easy to use
This app is easy to use and offers a wide selection of great campus gear! They seem to always have the correct books as well for your courses!
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3 years ago, Katamari9
Hard to scroll
While it helps me figure out what books I need and such, when I look at my list, it won’t scroll. It just bounces up and down if that makes sense. It doesn’t do that with my other apps
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5 years ago, EmJay41
Responsive service
Developers are quick to respond when problems occur. Give them a chance!
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5 years ago, hanbanan1213
Update Issues
I loved this app and used it for discounts and free drinks at my school cafe. However, after it updated multiple times it deleted my two free cafe drinks and my recent purchases aren’t listed. It’s treating my account as if I just made it when I’ve had it for 4 months
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5 years ago, Rachelrrrr
Doesn’t give any instructions
I got up to check out and pushed redeem and the whole thing just disappears but she didn’t see me push redeem at checkout even though I did it in front of her and wouldn’t honor the 5 dollars off so I literally went to the bookstore to use the app and had to pay full price. Ridiculous. Give better directions. Literally such a waste.
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5 years ago, VG302
Superior Customer Service!!
Great app and service! I had a small issue with my loyalty points but the support team was extremely responsive. Thank you!
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5 years ago, bellcomstock
Only one school?
I like the app and would like to use it to track promotions and make purchases. Unfortunately, this is of limited use for me, as I am a parent with kids attending multiple colleges. I have found no way to switch schools once the first school is selected. Help!
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5 years ago, KarenMio
I commute between two campus , yet once I selected one campus, I can’t switch to another. The “send feedback” button is my profile does not respond. Not sure it is supposed to be a beta feature.
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5 years ago, TeeBee77
Can’t modify school...
Entirely IMPOSSIBLE to edit school selection after initial setting. Can’t even reach developers to do it manually. Too big of a pain for a pretty basic feature, I think. Disappointing. The app has been rendered useless for me. Might be okay for others who don’t need to EVER make this change.
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6 years ago, CalPitts
No issues
I'm a student at The Citadel (Charleston, SC). No issues with this app whatsoever. And because I don't have any problems, I don't have any reason not to give this app 5 stars. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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2 years ago, newzac
Grand Rapids Community College Not Listed
GRCC bookstore was recently acquired by BN. The school isn’t an option on the app. I received an email from the store stating if I downloaded the app I get 10% off my order. Well, I can’t register in the app because my school isn’t there. The app says to then search the “short name”, GRCC isn’t listed. Waste of time.
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2 years ago, Wheezer91
New updated App
Do Not. Do Not order college textbooks through this new updated app!! Used the old app for 3 years and it was perfect. New app double orders books and orders things that are not even clicked on. Wait til this fix this as they are extremely disorganized and communication with the local college bookstores is zero.
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3 years ago, MemeJunky
Why delete my cart?
When the app works and you shop around. You’re not allowed to shop for more then one item? I’ll add an item to my cart go to another section of the store. Thought I had a whole cart of stuff but turns out everything was deleted from my cart.
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5 years ago, scrapjan
Multiple schools
I can’t figure out how to have more than one school on this app. We went to different schools and would like to have access to both.
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3 months ago, KristieMcV
Frustrating crashes
App used to work fine, but now it requires log in then flashes a screen that says “we are loading up the best experience for you”. Then it closes. It is completely unusable.
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5 years ago, chasemypaige
I signed up a year ago and used the app for months. Now I can’t log in. It tells me that the app has been updated and to log in with the original credentials. It also says if you are having trouble logging in sign up for an online account. It won’t let me do either so I cannot get and benefits from the app.
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5 years ago, micdenue
It would be a good app if it worked
I saw an ad that there is a promo/offer to win a giftcard and possibly an Apple Watch so I downloaded the app and went to go enter to win and when I click on it, nothing loads. If this worked then I would love the app. Hopefully this gets fixed.
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2 years ago, can you pls fix this prodlem -
Doesn’t work
I keep trying to purchase text books and other items from my school store. It doesn’t work. It keeps asking me to log in even though I’ve logged in. Search buttons don’t do anything and purchase buttons in sport wear don’t work.
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5 years ago, Hayli20……
Used books
I’ve ordered 6 books (some new, some used) and every book came used. It’s a little disappointing that they haven’t had any new books and each book I’ve had came with minor damage or writing in it.
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6 years ago, DatBlasian
Coupon Not Working
The coupon doesn't work in this update, it just tells you have to update to access the coupon. However, this is the most updated version right now🙄
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2 years ago, Avanure
Worst App ever
There’s no way of finding any books or any materials. App is filled with its own praises and advertisements, like why are you up selling the app when it’s already downloaded?! Couldn’t find the search option for anything. Literally the worst app ever
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4 years ago, _cloudofmystery
Waste of time
I got there on time to my arrival and it’s so funny they say curb side pick up for cars that by the side walk made out of concrete not the entrance of the school .. then no body picks up the phone the security that’s supposed to “help out” plays foogazie for me this app is piece garbage n Sonia the quality assurance backing it ... 2020 n is site 45 mins to be empty hand
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5 years ago, Dids237
Cool app
Really great app. Always looking for new gear from my school and they have some awesome stuff. Huge selection and seamless interface
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2 years ago, f00l1sh
Wow really bad
Just use a browser and the website. I know that’s not great, but this app is worse. The app tracks your phone use way beyond what is necessary. V hostile. Plus it won’t even show me the books for my courses. Dea BN: don’t tell me to contact you re issues. Just write an app that works properly. It’s not our job to fix your horrible app for you or to contact you I’ve by one re problems you won’t or can’t fix. BN is a big company. How come they can’t manage to hire people can’t write a usable app?
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5 years ago, dualmom
Only one school allowed?
When you create an account for the app, it asks you for a college name so you can get special offers but it doesn’t seem to allow you to add more than one. I have two kids in different schools. Bummer.
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5 years ago, requiring a nickname is absurd
Deleting, can’t be bothered
Makes me create a new account every single time I use it. I put some college merchandise in the cart, put my phone down for a minute, when I come back the cart is empty and I have to start over with what college I’m choosing my dob and all that nonsense. It’s getting deleted. Can’t be bothered.
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2 years ago, FireFin23
Downloaded the app to buy my textbooks to receive the 10% off and the app doesn’t even allow you to add books to your shopping cart. Go on the website just fine but can’t do it through the app.
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2 years ago, Dad5259
Very Buggy!!!
Loaded this twice. Setup a login both times. Would not recognize my login when I tried to sign in….. same ID/PW both times. It tells me that one or the other is wrong and to try again. Id give this a “zero stars” if I could
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2 years ago, Z and Peanut's Mom
keeps crashing
App keeps crashing each time I’ve tried to log in so I haven’t been able to use it to order my books this semester. I used to like how convenient this app was. Now it’s just annoying.
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6 years ago, sleeepyy09
College Change??
I download the app and accidentally put the wrong college but I can’t seem to find where to change it. Can someone tell me how to do it, please?
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1 year ago, jessicachung719446703
Log In Problem
I just deleted and reinstalled the app and it still won’t let me login into my account to order my books. I had to do it on Safari. This is ridiculous. Please fix this login situation.
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4 years ago, Chris_________________
This app is absolutely garbage. When you click log in, it will provide a circular loading graphic, but authentication is not performed. If you click sign in again, the same thing happens. Closing the app logs you in to an dysfunctional landing page that is a blank screen.
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6 years ago, OralFaith
Can’t access online shopping
After updating the app, nothing pops up when I try the “Shop Online”. I can’t see any books or apparel.
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6 years ago, cricket1993
Easy to use
Great and easy way to order new books for Lamar University. Not living in Texas, it’s my virtual bookstore.
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