My County Market

2.8 (14)
83.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Birdzi Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for My County Market

2.79 out of 5
14 Ratings
2 years ago, batjie
Sign up
Tried to sign up took picture of max card, loaded info, said invalid #…. How? I took a picture
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3 months ago, Cher5454
Not clipping coupons
Error message every time I go to clip coupon
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7 years ago, Lmgk4e
Love it!!
I love this app! I use it all the time & love earning the cash vouchers. You earn $3.00 per voucher that are needed to be used within a months time, which is easy to do. It keeps track of how much you have earned, then tells you when you can redeem them. It also keep a tally of all your total earnings you have earned so far. It’s also nice to get an email reminding me of certain products that I like, when they’re on sale with the sale ending date so I can add it to my grocery list which is also in the app. I’ve not had to use the aisle map since I’ve shopped at this store since it opened. I’ve not had any issues with this app. I also have it linked to the Ibotta app to save even more money.
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2 years ago, xyz xyz xyz nickname taken
Digital penny pincher bad idea
I hate using my phone to clip coupons and then have to stare at my phone while I’m trying to shop and navigate with a cart and kids. The paper penny pincher was nice so that I could plan the whole month. Now you can’t see the upcoming coupons for the second half of the month. What are the elderly that don’t have the tech savvy to do this on a phone supposed to do? When I asked the checkout person why I didn’t get a paper one last week - she had no clue. It’s almost like they don’t want you to use the penny pincher any more. Edit: once you user the penny pincher coupons - you cannot download them a second time- unlike the paper ones that you could pick up second set of you shopped twice in the same time frame.
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9 years ago, Tati708
Not ready for prime time
The infrastructure appears to be in place to support the app. It features a "cash back" type program where you buy specific items and receive a voucher for the cash back dollar amount you have accumulated in order to use on a future County Market purchase. The problem? None of the store employees know anything about the app and there is no way to retrieve the voucher (that I can find) within the app. So if you use this locate the specific aisle in the store of the items on your grocery list, it's great. If you want to use it to save more money, it's pretty worthless at this point.
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4 years ago, Blue Ky Girl
Worthless app
1 it crashes when you try to open the menu 2. You can’t order groceries on it—-why would you move that function to the website (and that process is a nightmare too). Way to cheap out on what could bring you more business. Hint: if you make it hard for people to use their cell phones to place a grocery order—we leave for another store that we CAN order from. When we order groceries, we’re often NOT at a computer. I couldn’t even see the whole menu choices to just order milk! 3. If people choose Dairy, why would you put Milk LAST?!? I’m done. Deleting this app.
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4 years ago, Q gal
Weekly ad
The weekly ad I’d like to see from time to time on this app is non-existent or at least I can’t find it. Take a look at Kroger’s app. It allows you to view the weekly ad page by page, enlarging as needed. Why not just download digital coupons to everyone’s member account. I don’t like spending extra time going through digital coupons one at a time. Most products I don’t buy and it’s too slow to have to “clip” each one online. I’d rather have paper coupons where you can see all of them at a glance. I like my local CM, but the app is not user friendly.
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2 years ago, PLB in IL
Clipped coupons IN THE STORE and the cashier could not sign in to my clipped coupons. I went back to kiosk to sign in again and printed the clipped coupons and she still couldn’t get her register to sign me in for the coupons. She asked if it could be under a different number?????? Uhhhh, I JUST signed in TWICE under THAT NUMBER!!!!!! Why would it be a different number over here 20 feet away? Left all the items and went to IGA. Not one problem there. Even had the Arby’s horsey sauce I was looking for! Thank you Westville IGA. Items were cheaper at IGA also.
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5 years ago, Fotomom
The latest update tracks your location
I used to love this app but the latest update is ridiculous. Once the update was installed, it asks if they can “always” use your location. I said ‘no’. I used the app at County Market and closed the app once I left the store. I went to another store and noticed the blue line at the top of my phone. I opened the blue line and it was the County Market app running in background. I was not happy about this especially after I said ‘no to location’. Fix this or I will delete the app!
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7 years ago, callahan18
Digital coupons
I preferred the old digital coupons better with milk,eggs, fruit, more of the things I buy and not all the personal items. I like the idea of the coupons, but, I go to the store to buy food and now there is rarely any that I use. I know you can’t make everyone happy.
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2 years ago, 🔨
Loads to slow
Loads to slow if at all. The app is junk and always has been. Yes it’s up to date. And no reason for all the updates, your just eating my memory. No it’s not simpler as advertised. Just mail out the penny pinchers as before, no issues there. Yes it’s going to cut into your profits, too bad. We all are taking a hit. We come first not you. we are the ones keeping you in business.
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2 years ago, tmwu26
Non functioning
Unable to clip coupons at all, also ignored when asking for support via the built-in messaging feature. Not only that, but the app sometimes refuses to scan barcodes to find prices when the store doesn’t have them posted. You would think with how overpriced this grocery store is that they would at least make their app useable.
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2 years ago, Ladyrabit
App doesn’t work!!! Worthless
Phone app won’t let me sign in in store machine keeps crashing. Advertised price not applied. You owe me $3.76 for the roast I just got that was supposed to be 3.99/lbs Not 4.99 as advertised with clipping coupon. Considering not shopping here any longer if you don’t fix it, or go back to max card only discounts. Digital clip is impossible. Amounts to False advertising!
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4 years ago, respond to the times
App is very poorly designed and very slow. I asked "contact us" for info about how to order for curbside pick up. Still, no reply. I do not know if this service is available. Given the coronavirus, there should be a way to order online and pick up, but if not, at least make the info obvious so I can shop with a competitor.
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7 years ago, Stoli33
Now Worthless
I faithfully used your app for over a year, and it was working fine - the $3 voucher system was great. Now, the app is giving me coupons which don’t even work. I clip coupons and get no money off, no vouchers, so... worthless. The lack of a functioning app is encouraging me to shop elsewhere. Don’t bother downloading unless you just want to be annoyed by looking at coupons you can’t redeem.
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2 years ago, ConservativeBailey
Love this app!
So easy to use and I’ve saved so much money with the digital coupons! Thank you county market for making shopping so convenient and fun :)
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3 years ago, Carlie1969
Not Available in my area
This app doesn't include all County Markets. There is one location less than 10 miles from me but this app only lists all the stores that are more than 90 miles away. Would I even be able to use this app at my local store?
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3 years ago, Rick450!!
I haven’t been able to search for items since the last “update”. Type in one letter, and the app crashes. Done everything in the way of troubleshooting short of uninstalling and reinstalling app. If I uninstall it, it’s gone for good. Not worth the trouble.
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5 years ago, Nocturna83
Can’t give zero stars
I downloaded the app to see if any stores carried a particular item I was looking for to save me time from driving around town. The app always freezes before I can even search for the item. It was a complete let down compared to other similar apps.
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10 years ago, ShekarRaman
In-store helper
The app we have all secretly dreamed of. A shopping app that helps you not just outside the store but more importantly inside the store.
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2 years ago, kennokyskin
The app glitches 90% of the time and I show that this happens and they won’t just give me the sale item. The app won’t even let me clip coupons and with prices right now, it would actually make a difference!
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4 years ago, bling of the midwest
No continuity
When I switch from one catergory to another the app kicks me out and I have to re open and start over again. I clipped my coupons, went back to look at flyer ad. Keeps kicking me out. Please fix.
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1 year ago, IDontWantANickname178240
Can’t even get logged in
The app asks for my email address with no field for password. When I try to continue, I get “invalid credentials”. But, I just logged into the store kiosk using the same email address with no issue.
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6 years ago, 1flyte
Digital Coupons don’t work
I’ve told the local store and corporate. The digital coupons don’t work. I’m using my max card from the app. Very disappointing and makes me want to shop elsewhere. No one I’ve talked to at CM does anything to resolve this, and they don’t seem to care.
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6 years ago, ozwald carter
App is only for certain locations
When I downloaded this app the county market I use was not on the app, Jacksonville Illinois. I contacted them about this issue with no response so after several months of a useless app I erased it. It’s clear they don’t care about customer satisfaction.
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5 years ago, 999Haunts
Won’t Let Me Sign In
I can’t even speak to the usefulness of the app as it will not allow me to sign in. Invalid email or password keeps appearing. I even had the company reset my password, which works on the website, but won’t work on this app. Completely useless.
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2 years ago, dncr91
Coupons not clipping
The current version is not allowing me to clip coupons. I hit clip like I always have, and it just spins and doesn’t add the coupon. This needs to be addressed since penny pinchers are all through the app now.
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4 years ago, Noabcd
Once again
Stopped by Sherman store to get lunch Chicken livers one of my favorites. Get them home and half are gizzards if I had wanted gizzards I would have bought them, I know this sounds petty but it a problem with this store.
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4 years ago, Brown Suga82
App keeps closing.
App will load, but when I click coupons to try and clip them, the app closes.
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2 years ago, Grammy of 3 Mullers
County Market
This app has been a disaster. I am currently avoiding CountyMarket because whenever I go, none of this works on the app, someone is always trying to help creating lines. This needs to change
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4 years ago, Emsk42
Almost any button I press it crashes. It runs way too slow. I like the idea. I wish it would work smoothly and then I wouldn’t feel like I should uninstall it. Hopefully it gets updated soon...
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5 years ago, jlschultz02
Very excruciating slow, when it finally catches up to what you clicked it loads that page over and over. Hate the “ad flyer”. Just let me see the weekly ad, not have to click through a dozen categories.
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2 years ago, Jsouther
Bad bad bad
This app is bad. Nothing I typed into search bar came up. First I typed in stick margarine. One item came up. Then I searched stick butter. First it wouldn’t let me type it in, then some butter flavored spray came up.
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8 years ago, Jables2
Wallet support for Max Card?
Would like the ability to add Max card to Wallet. The in-app card won't even scan at the checkouts.
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2 years ago, Bigred 51
Tried and worthless
Loaded told store address and could not locate items I needed so I deleted! Does do scan on prices!!
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5 years ago, CtyMrktsux
Waste of time now
Used to be fine but since latest update app won’t stay open & crashes right away. No reason to visit store anymore because of this.
Show more
6 years ago, 88626
Not there yet
Employees not aware of ap. Lots of what I take the time to add are the same as the shelf price. Waste of time. Can’t print a shopping list of items I’ve checked. Amount saved not worth the time it takes.
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2 years ago, itsbullshit
Customer soon to be X customer
Can‘T figure out how this works. The store clerk said she knew how to do it but didn’t offer me any help. Very frustrating I gotta find a different store to shop ATT!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, issadummkopf
Freezes phone does not work
I downloaded this to get a promo for the store but the phone kept freezing and wasted gobs of my time fix it or remove it.
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3 years ago, Briank469
Fix it
If you try to search something, it closes app, still runs like crap. I can’t do anything on here with out app closing in the middle
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4 years ago, cheater4ratingd
App crashes every time we try to look up by search or by scan, check messages, either weekly ad, add to wallet, my list,
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4 years ago, Paavani Sachdeva
Bad bad bad
No stability, can’t search, can move to the next page to see coupons.
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5 years ago, ZI2
Clipping coupons is not easy
I loved the old app. After they redesign it it’s difficult to clip the cupons, it takes long time now
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5 years ago, Blackrose1917
Terrible App
Love the store, hate it’s app. Because of how hard it is to find the sales I’m interested in, they rarely get my business now.
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6 years ago, Reneefromillinois
Can’t use coupons SCAM
Stupid store. Stupid app. Coupons won’t work in store. Told I had to clip Then wait 20 minutes so I couldn’t use in the checkout lane.
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4 years ago, pkc01
Disappointed in this app. Can only use it as a guest, even after registering.
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9 years ago, VoteOutObama
App won't open
I was perfectly happy with the previous version but now this one wont open. WTH?!
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10 years ago, EKB16
Please fix!
It froze up when I tried to register.
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4 years ago, Belvidon
Cool Idea But....
App keeps crashing!!
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5 months ago, marissalenee
App Deserves More Reviews!
We’ve shopped at County Market for quite some time and I don’t know why I waited so long to download this app! The lack of reviews made me nervous that the app wasn’t legit; however, it is leaps & bounds more convenient than using the website or coupon kiosk in the store! (I’ll update my review if anything changes, but as of 2/19/24, 10/10 would recommend!)
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