My Currency Converter & Rates

4.9 (91.9K)
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JRustonApps B.V.
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2 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Currency Converter & Rates

4.85 out of 5
91.9K Ratings
5 months ago, horrble deals
We travel a lot and I always use this app , I love it it’s very easy to use and you can quickly switch back and forth to a new country or switch the currency.I say this is a must have! I’ve used this app in Barcelona, France , Istanbul, Hong Kong , and Singapore with some small stops in between like Halong Bay & Bangkok it’s super easy to use and it makes traveling so much easier and more fun. I feel very confident knowing what I’m actually paying and it’s even saved me from having been taken advantage of !
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3 months ago, tj-babbs20
Vacation Cancun
I absolutely enjoyed using this app, while on vacation, in Mexico. With it, no one could take advantage of me, because of my ignorance of the the peso. There is,however, a slight difference with the apps value of the American dollar, than the actual value of the peso. But not much. I was able to negotiate some of my purchases, by knowing the ball park figure of what I was buying. It was a big help having it, as opposed to, not having it.
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2 years ago, kingeid123
Amazing for people who order items online
I use this app to calculate the exchange rate of items I import from Japan, it’s accurate and updates the exchange rates frequently, I believe the app could be improved in a few ways to convenience many people, I think adding the ability to pin a currency so it’s at the top of the list so you don’t scroll through all of them just to find it would be useful, and possibly adding the ability to have three different currencies at the same time.
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4 months ago, Chile Bolita
Efficient &Accurate
We travel quite often my husband &I ! I love this app. It’s always accurate, easy to use , we’ve been in various countries, within a short amount of time Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Qatar, Malasia, Thailand ,Mexico, Europe and every time I had to reach for a currency converter this app. has been very efficient. It updates according to currency changes automatically. Highly recommend.
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5 years ago, Husband, Father, Repair Man
Easy to use, wish it had a calculator feature
Nice and simple. Saves the frequently used currencies for quick selection. Only wish it had the basic ability to do add, etc. For instance, when trying to figure out what dinner will cost while reviewing a restaurant menu, it would be nice to add the cost of an entree, wine, appetizer, maybe dessert and see the total cost in your chosen currency. This app only converts one amount to the other. You would need to add the numbers on your own and then enter the total into this app.
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3 years ago, Marpa47
Effortless, accurate and up-to-date
Ever since I started using this app it has never failed to show me the current prices, listing the time of the last update. It has also been very easy to switche among different currencies if desired with immediate responses. It is a great companion to a daily tracking routine, also offering charts over any desired time frame if needed.
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8 months ago, minar139
Best currency converter app ever
Love it! It’s the best! Use it all the time as I travel a lot. It’s so easy & quick to use, a no brainer! Only complain is that it only saves up to a few of countries we’ve used ever. All the currencies we’ve used should be saved so that we don’t have to go through the whole searching, typing the country’s & locating again. Thanks.
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2 years ago, Zeus28
Best exchange app so far!
Finally I am able to seamlessly go from US dollars to Mexican Pesos or Euros without losing the screen! Happy to pay for the upgrade. Been using the app 6 days in a row to convert tips, meals, compare values in a quick almost not noticiable manner. No hard sales. No games popping up.. I’m very happy with the interface.
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3 months ago, Martinassffhj
It's OK
The app is alright. It doesn't let me paste values, so I often find myself retyping a number I already have in the clipboard... Also the UI is slightly confusing, especially switching the currencies I often press the "switch" button subconsciously after I type in a value, thinking it's the confirm/equals button. Also it doesn't remember the currencies I frequently need to calculate. I always have to search manually when switching.
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8 months ago, Indy425
Favorites is bugged
Traveling through a few different countries and I’m trying to use the favorites setting to quick save the different conversions I may need. No matter how many different ones I add, they all revert to the current one I’m on. If I convert MYR to USD, then check my favorites. They’ve all switched to that conversion. If I add a new one, it takes the new countries currency and converts it to the previous countries currency, example: MYR to USD, then I go into favorites to check Indonesian to USD, all my other pre-saved conversions have swapped to MYR to USD. If I add a new one like Indonesian, it swapped to Indo - MYR. Not my construes currency I need. Doesn’t make much sense why it would auto convert the other country Im trying to convert from. Extremely annoying. So annoying it made me write this entire review, which I have never done in my entire life lol
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1 year ago, 728metz
Great tool.
For work I was sent on a company trip that went to two continents in three different countries. The tour came in very handy when I was converting money in some lesser known currencies to the US dollar. The app also helped me with tipping well tipping in many of these countries is not expected. It’s very much appreciate it.
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4 years ago, zty779
This app is by far the most used and the most USEFUL app I have ever had! When traveling I was at the mercy of the person who was telling me the price, if I really wanted it I bought. I oftentimes found myself feeling like I had been cheated and was charged a higher price because I’m “just another stupid American” I have heard that for the last time especially with Taxi driver’s. Easy to use and always gives you the correct information. Thank you
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4 months ago, jannyj45
So helpful when traveling!
We used this app recently when traveling in Mexico. It was so easy to use when we needed to figure out the cost of something. it is easy to switch back-and-forth between currencies when necessary also.
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4 months ago, JG46&2
Fantastic and easy to use
Used this app regularly in Mexico and it was super handy to get an idea of how much your paying for things in usd quickly without doing math in your head and trying to communicate in a language other than your primary language
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5 years ago, tygawoods1
My go-to currency app
I’ve used this app all over the world and it works perfectly every time. No glitches, no inaccuracies and it has conversions for every currency you will need. It’s also really straightforward/easy to use. I did my research before downloading and using this app, so I highly recommend it.
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1 month ago, GrayHackleChas
This currency calculator is as easy to use as any I’ve ever used! And quick & easy to adjust between different currencies. I recently downloaded it and have used it in five different countries with as many currencies. It has been a breeze to use!
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4 years ago, j&d386
Always Quick, Very Accurate
We’ve used this app for years and it’s been very accurate and only off on occasion, even when we are in Mexico. We love Mexico! The people are so friendly and helpful. When the cartels are gone we might even move there to live.
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5 years ago, ARAMISX1
Very helpful app...however it would be great if we can only obtain the foreign currency versus dollar as the app calculates it but most of the times the foreign currency we obtained is a bit lower then the app info provides us with...and yet having this app is very helpful in forming an approximate ideea of the foreign currency we will obtain versus the dollar....
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5 years ago, windboater
I’ve used them all, tracking daily movements against the dollar this is best.
Tried them all paid and unpaid. for my purpose , quickly tracking the dollars movements on a daily basis against the other currencies I’m interested in, this one is best by far and it’s free for now.
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4 months ago, Katiria Vélez
Best app for traveling
This app is so helpful when you travel and don’t know what exact is the value of the country you traveling so you feel like no one can take advantage of you if you don’t know how to cover the dollar to their money you will love this app 10 out 10 👍
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3 weeks ago, MAGA $
User friendly app.
I like it because is simple, quick and user friendly. The graphics and the layout are just pretty. It also quick and easy to reverse the conversion. 👍🥲
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5 years ago, That's all, folks!
Very helpful
Going to So Africa for first time...had no idea how many Rands were needed to buy tours or food or transportation or gifts... This app. became the beginning of understanding the value of each bill I obtained. I was relieved when I used it the first time and feel more prepared for the trip. Thanks!!
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4 months ago, Burlington Mikey
My experience
We recently used multiple occasions while we were on vacation in northern Europe summer of 23 and found that it worked very well. Make sure you do your updates.
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7 years ago, zalehabea
Currency Converter
This is the easiest currency converter i've ever used. Its fast its easy and its basic. Not hard to use, doesn't coast money, and you cant find anything better. I used this in Europe when i went to Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, and Germany! It was perfect and very helpful.
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2 years ago, SakuraYuki218
No currency symbols
I wish it had the currency symbols for all of the different types of currency’s they have. It can be a pain trying to figure it out sometimes when trying to go from one to another.
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9 months ago, CactusBlues
Must have App for foreign travel
Have used this app during two trips to French Polynesia. The XPF to US dollar conversion is accurate and instantaneous. Used it constantly to evaluate purchases, calculate gratuities we wanted to award, and aid in our trip budgeting.
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9 months ago, NYCDeke
Don’ leave home without it…
…if you’re going abroad, that is. Handy, quick, and easy to use. Intuitive and respectfully pleasing to the eye—this user friendly app is a must for the international traveler.
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2 years ago, 5th try to send a suggestion!
It would be great if the App could save, at least, 3 currencies recently searched for, so the user does not have to search through the list when changing currencies.
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10 months ago, SoCalUser1
Quick way to see what something costs in your known monetary denomination
This app is a quick way to learn what something costs in the denomination of money that you are familiar with.
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4 years ago, Pabidog
This app is everything one needs to stay current with currency exchange rates throughout the world. In my opinion it is excellent. All anyone needs to navigate exchange rates anywhere, anytime.
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10 months ago, ‘94 TransAm
This app has been a lifesaver. I travel for work EVERY month and would be lost without it. I highly recommend and wouldn’t be without it myself.
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1 year ago, Mykal Addi
Quick and Intuitive App
This app comes in very handy when I need to estimate the exchange rate for conducting business or traveling abroad. I couldn’t think of any improvements.
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2 years ago, Blo T.
Wonderful App
I wish I would have discovered this app sooner. I have a pretty good handle dealing with the currency but this provided a super easy way and fast way to double check.
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2 years ago, Picker Man
Very well thought out program. Easy to use and switch between currencies. Highly recommend.
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3 years ago, Ducatisfv4s
Good quick rate exchange check.
This app provides a nice quick way to check the daily and long term exchange rate for multiple types of currency.
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3 years ago, pilot28161
Good for small numbers
With currencies where there is a large numeric difference in exchange rate like USD to VND the app often fails to display the entire number for the less valuable currency which limits the use of the app to small numbers.
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10 months ago, Eggyork
Life savior
This app helps me to control my spending and the rate is accurate each day. Highly recommended. It was a life savior for me while I was traveling to Japan & Korea. Another country to go! Thanks!!
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2 years ago, jleojr27
Very Efficient & Helpful App
This app is free to use and does exactly what you would expect it to, with no adds or additional distractions. A must have for any traveler or someone that’s curious about world currencies.
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3 years ago, Sharannda
A great app for converting $$$.
I use this app almost daily to convert my money to local currency. I check out other currencies just out of curiosity. It's easy to use. You'll like it.
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1 month ago, Gr8owski
Everything works great with currency exchanges
Love the app been using it for a few years now. Simple to use and has all the currencies
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1 month ago, Runningman927
Great App for Travel
I use this app constantly when I am traveling. Quick and easy to understand the currency conversion so I have a gauge on my spending.
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3 years ago, Brainwalkerzinyday
Best app
This app is probably the most useful app I have downloaded. The apps functions are incredibly accurate and have so many different currencies and the exchange rates are never wrong. 5 stars
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1 month ago, WLH206
Currency App
Using this app is very easy to use and I change quickly change currency choices fast.
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5 years ago, Dominirican89
Good not perfect
This app is very simple and clean to use. However, it would be nice if they would add a calculator feature so I could add multiple items to get a sum of everything instead of having to enter each price one at a time.
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4 months ago, Francopac
Currency’s from any country
This app is helpful to people that need latest Exchange rates for business and personal information, thanks for the app.
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1 year ago, Labella1
Most accurate
I love this app, easy to use while traveling and always most accurate to my bank’s conversation rates.
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3 years ago, Fylicia
A must have!
This app amazes me at how helpful and useful it is. So user friendly! Thank you so much for creating this, makes traveling much easier.
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5 years ago, NC2CUN
Easy to change currency
Easier than a previous app to move between different currencies ✔️
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1 year ago, Comfortabe
This app is super handy.
Much easier than doing the math in your head every time you need to pay for something
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1 year ago, First Lady Lorna
The Greatest. Just flawless 💗
I actually love this app. Just flawless. However if you go on the ground let’s say in Jamaica you would get less than what’s on the app.
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