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User Reviews for My Firestone

4.84 out of 5
25.5K Ratings
1 year ago, SoupPoop
Honesty is the Best policy
I worked on my own cars for years. Finally I found a place at Firestone at 680 montauk hwy, in west Babylon. I’ve been going since around 2018. The manager V is who I normally deal with, although anyone that works at this business is professional that I’ve met. I’m pretty familiar with auto repair and most times know what’s wrong with my cars before I bring it in. As far as my experience they are honest at this Firestone. I wish I could say this for other Automotive repair businesses I’ve been to, but unfortunately I cannot.
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7 months ago, Summers03
Downloaded and deleted within a day
I decided to try going to the Firestone by me for an oil change and tire rotation for the first time and downloaded this app. I made an appointment on it at night for noon the next day. I got an email saying it was set and if there was a problem they would contact me and it showed on the app the appointment time also. I show up the next day and the guy at the counter told me they have to accept it first and they are all booked up. So they open at 7am and apparently nobody checked the online appointments to confirm them or inform if there was a problem. What’s the point of having the option if the shop isn’t gonna follow up!!! He said they could get to me in 30min. Fine. But then proceeded to tell me I couldn’t use the coupon I picked because my car has to have the high end oil (which costs almost $100) and also proceeded to try and get me to sign up for their credit card. I turned and walked out. All he tried to do was take advantage of me and rip me off. I went to the Mavis that I usually do that same afternoon and they took me without even having an appointment and they did it for way less and didn’t try to oversell me on something my car doesn’t need and hasn’t gotten in the past but somehow still runs just fine. NEVER going to another Firestone again and will make sure to tell friends and family they are just money hungry that try to swindle you
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7 months ago, javiles007
Good reputation
I haven’t been to the shop yet, so I’m commenting on the App! I found it stressfull to use. It started out as my needing tires installed, tires I already have! But it wouldn’t allow me to request the service, so I finally selected the unknown service and left a note! The next issue was selecting a shop, I didn’t want the one selected but when I selected the one I wanted it would revert to its default. Somehow I was able to select a shop from a map, but the map didn’t let you make a selection/very stupid system! After skipping it and using it’d default I was able to edit the selected shop, but had to re -enter my instructions! I had at the start selected a Saturday date, which I thought was accepted, but again it defaulted to a different date! It gave me the option to change the date but the page didn’t give me the means!! Frustrated, I bit the bullet and went with the date it gave me! I had to make several changes so I could use their date! I just hope their work is better than their website!! They need a professional to fix the site, it’s bad news! I only wish I could have just called them and they handled the details! What a horrible experience, and I am not by any means a “Karen”!!
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1 year ago, KendallReviews
Not actually a helpful app.
Yesterday, I made an appointment on the app for today (6/9) at 1030 to get my oil changed. This morning i checked my email and had an appointment confirmation. I went to my appointment and then got told that my appointment had been rescheduled for NEXT WEEK (6/16) without anyone telling me and the shop said they did not have the availability to get it done today. I left and after I went home I went to look if I could move my appointment up a day or two and the app said there were still available slots later this afternoon at that store! I’m very frustrated. What is the point of having an app and being able to make appointments if it doesn’t actually reflect availability at the actual shop. This has happened to me before where I put in for appointments only to get told hours later when I show up at the shop that my appt was not approved and I’d have to come back. No need to download. Just try calling the actual store because clearly this app does not have information needed to function.
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3 years ago, JoseLuisLandivarS
My car record is not showing
At the store, they have a record of my car from using my phone number. I have updated my phone number on the app and there is no record of my vehicle. I’m afraid that if I add a new vehicle to my account on the app, I will have duplicates vehicles (at the store) and one with no record on it. This is the first time I have the Firestone app. I have never used before.
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1 year ago, Casey Chura
Reservations don’t work
This is the second time this happened so i’m writing a review. Don’t trust this app to make appointments. I made an appointment for 3pm at about 10am this morning for an inspection, alignment and tire rotation. Went into the store at 2:45 and they didn’t have the reservation, and couldn’t get me in that day. I got a confirmation email which (as well as the app) told me that i’d get a call if the reservation would have to change or cancel. I never got a call. This is the second time this has happened to me. Massive waste of my time, especially when i’ve been planning my day around doing this. I wouldn’t recommend going back to firestone again and i wouldn't myself if i didn’t have lifetime alignment on my vehicle that i paid ~$200 for.
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2 years ago, 1 Ram owner
Useful to a point
Tire inventory on selected store was correct at least for the tires I wanted. Would not accept the 9 digit credit card number even though it was correct with zero balance. Schedule said an 8:00 am appointment was available. I called the store because I couldn’t pay ahead the “out the door price” on the app. The manager informed me that he actually had no open appointments until the next week, but he asked which tires I wanted and invited me to bring it by the next day with the understanding that it might take a while to work my truck in. I arrived at 7:00 am, walked to a local restaurant, and an hour and a half later I got a call saying my truck was ready. The tire info on the app was available on the website. Store A+ App F
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2 years ago, Schroeder85
Inaccurate and dysfunctional
The scheduling system on this app is not compatible with the scheduling system at the local stores. For example, the app will tell you you can schedule for 11 o’clock the next day the store will call you the following morning and say “we don’t have that available.” Also, the hours of operation for my local store are inaccurate on the app. The nice people at the store even went so far as to ask me to call ahead and not to use the app to schedule because it has no idea what their schedule looks like. The systems in the stores need to be able to communicate with the app and vice versa. If a time is not available at my local store that I’ve selected, it should not allow me to schedule for that time.
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9 months ago, FillmoreRX
Doesn’t stand behind their product!
After buying tires and have an alinement (AT Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 3 tires 10 ply “quality” tires. 22,000 miles later 1. They would not rotate my “lifetime” paid and on receipt tires, 2, told me I needed to replace the rear tires.3, told me I have road hazard warrant and they would use it and give me a discount of wait for it, $100 each tire MORE than I paid for the original tires…. This truck is a pavement princess! I can count on 1 hand how many times she has been on a dirt road, and this inferior product needs replaced after 22,000 miles?? I’ve never even squeezed the wheels! I paid a lot of money for this vehicle and I wanted the best for it. But I guess I chose incorrectly. Don’t make the same mistake I did.
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8 months ago, bhayden1211
Firestone is Fantastic!
I absolutely love the service and attention I get when I go to Firestone, and being able to schedule everything I need right on the app is absolutely amazing! It is so user friendly and easy to navigate. I buy all my tires there and take all 4 of the family vehicles there for every service!!! They are 5 stars every single time!!!
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9 months ago, TellItStr8
The app works but is clunky. I have an unscheduled maintenace request and trying to fill out the info for other was difficult. I couldn’t see what I was typing, the screen wouldn’t let me pull the block about my keys. Also I was only requesting a quote I didn’t want to take my car in yet. Having a function to allow me to leave them a note to call me back when they have a chance is all I wanted. I hate calling just to be out on hold because I understand they are typically at the register trying to check people out and phone rings.
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2 years ago, Kevinmpg64
Aweful website and app
Firestone store told me they emailed me the receipt which for other places is not a problem- little did I know I’d have to create an account to get the receipt. The process included creating from scratch each car by year, make, model, body type, and current miles. All fields are mandatory. Then, a record search by phone number or store number, where you must verify if the records are correct for that vehicle. This process is for each car you put through Firestone. I stopped after the first car since the receipt I was looking for was not there. I will require a paper copy going forward.
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1 year ago, 1234rewq5678iuyt90po
Don’t go to Firestone, just a strong opinion
I went to Firestone to get my breaks fixed. They said I needed calipers which would entale break pads and rotors and a break fluid flush as well. Over the phone I asked what the price would be after labor and they said 775 and tax. At the end I got billed around 931 dollars. After a while of being pretty disappointed I ended up talking with a customer service rep, and 4 days later they made the guy who billed me in the first place call me to ask about what the issue was. I didn’t even pick up because I was very confident that they would simply refuse to help. Easy enough to say I am not going back 😅
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1 year ago, Bach80
Backup function and service history import broken
The app is fine, I can book appointments and search for offers and maintenance recommendations which is helpful. But I have tried every which way to import my service records and to use their back up to cloud feature and neither of them work. I get an error message on both; and I’ve even tried to import my service records using the store number and the invoice number and it still doesn’t work. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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1 year ago, M.V. Smith
Not all that helpful
Helps keep track of Firestone service, which is somewhat helpful. Has a feature to “request” an appointment, but all I get back is a confirmation email saying the request is received followed by a second email saying the appointment couldn’t be booked, so call the dealership. Not very helpful. Eliminate the feature until it actually works to schedule service. The app is designed mainly to make things easier for the business, not the customer.
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2 years ago, Cowboy214
Outstanding Customer Service
Bill is an outstanding customer service professional. He answered all my questions, got my vehicle serviced very quickly & schedule my upcoming services appointment in advance to avoid any delayed when it’s due for services. He’s an example for other customer services to fallow, he definitely deserve a BONUS. Keep us the good work :).
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2 years ago, GBatt
Not working properly
Two issues. One is when setting up appointments under your own account the store location thinks you’re a new account when your arrive. Why can’t the app communicate to the store correctly showing your info and a preexisting customer?? Second for years I have been able add service history records by phone number or invoice & store number to my vehicles on account. Now I get an error and unable to add. Tried contacting Firestone help support and nobody knows what I’m taking about or saying this was never possible. Well it has been peop. What’s the issue??
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8 months ago, Grammy’s Wheels
Love Firestone
I am elderly and live close to my Firestone store. I have used them for all my auto service needs since moving to Lincoln. They are very conscientious and courteous. I always know they will check out my car, perform the work I okay, and never miss anything. They all are great representatives for Firestone and very knowledgeable. I’d adopt them all if I had the room!!
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3 years ago, mmoose01
Worthless app
Advertised functionality that doesn’t work at all. Made an appointment on the app and show up at the store only to find out they have to be “approved” first. Still haven’t gotten a rejection email for the appt I booked online if that’s the process. The app listed a few next day appts when I looked the night before but came in at 11 to find out they were all gone. The soonest time slot was 3 days away. If you can’t actually make an appt on the app it shouldn’t be an option. The service associate was not helpful at all suggesting I Google another store’s number to see if I can get in there. Terrible service all around.
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2 months ago, HerrMond
Easy and Convenient
I’ve never experienced an easier way to obtain service and repairs for my car until I found the FIRESTONE app. I can request an appointment time and date, let Firestone know what I need, and someone calls to confirm the appointment or adjust and I receive my service. It doesn’t get any easier.
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8 months ago, Kathleen R K
Reliable and honest mechanics
I had a emergency with my Subaru and had it towed to Firestone Brookfield Connecticut. They were prompt and gave me full explanation of what was broken and needed repair right away. I have used this store before and I do trust the knowledgeable people at this location. they have always done excellent work for me in the past.
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6 months ago, Pete in Tosa
Why offer scheduling option
If local shop always rejects the requested appointment the scheduling option is useless. I made an appointment for oil change and tire rotation. App showed the appointment as scheduled. App reminded me of my appointment for next day. I go to service center to drop off my vehicle and they have no record of the appointment or request. I open the app on my phone to show them and the appointment has disappeared. Firestone just wasted a few hours of my time. Why do you have a reservation system if you do not honor them?
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2 years ago, mwibbs
Easy to use great for scheduling
The app makes it easy to schedule an appointment for my car. Great to get appointment scheduled without having to bother the shop. Easy service options to select from and available time slots show up right away.
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6 months ago, Wilsmom09
App keeps freezing!
I’ve installed and uninstalled this app at least 3 times trying to set up an appointment just so I can use the Firestone Credit Card so the card won’t be closed due to lack of activity. Really annoying getting almost finished with making an appointment and the app freezing. Almost not worth keeping the credit card in case of a car emergency repair. After the 4th uninstall and install, it lost all of the info keyed in for my husband’s car and the appointment I TRIED to set up.
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3 days ago, stephenGreg
Easy app and navigation
I am a workaholic and no matter what time of the day, I can schedule an appointment without the wait. I come in drop off the keys, have a friend to meet me there and take me home. They call me with any recommendations needed and / or when me vehicle is ready to go. Super easy!!!
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1 year ago, mwgusaaf
Car over heating
Lee was very helpful and advise they very busy if I leave the vehicle he would make every effort to fit the car in. He did fit it in and fixed the water pump in a very timely manner I am very satisfied with his excellent service, Thank you Lee and staff at this location. Thank you Michael G.
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2 years ago, Lukiliko
Mostly satisfied
I have been using Firestone to maintain my 5 vehicles for 8 years in 3 different areas: Houston, Portland and Oklahoma City. With a few exceptions, I like the quality and completeness of their service. Especially with keeping records of the maintenance of all my cars. It’s good to understand the history of your car for future reference.
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1 year ago, Bigbou2
Very well designed app
This application is very well put together and user-friendly. It works efficiently to make sure you understand what’s happening. The only thing I would add would be prices based on what store you are looking to get service.
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1 month ago, Hector@0227
Great service
Man I take my community coffee vehicles here for service they are always very nice and helpful and never make me wait long. This place is so good on service and everything else that I started bringing my personal vehicle here for service as well.
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4 months ago, Etroberi
Not syncing
Hello, this app was working fantastic but the main functions do not work now. I cannot sync my cars service history, I cannot schedule appointments(they don’t show up in the brick and mortar) and it no longer lets me access my credit card from the app… it is kind of useless to me, if those things can get repaired I would change my rating. Have tried basic trouble shooting and uninstalled and reinstalled, have been a customer for years.
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2 years ago, red4too
Kirby Fire stone and Texas
a first day I went to fire on KirbyI really like taking my car there they is very patient and they do take care whenever I need if it’s the problem they do take of it I will always love to come to this location thanks for your service 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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3 months ago, Jbnyokc
Use the app. More streamlined.
The phone app is much easier than online. All data is populated and their is no need to fill in blanks on car and contact information that are already in your account.
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3 years ago, gtcc0319
Handy app
I have been using this app since about 2015. I use it to keep track of the maintenance I do on my vehicles or when they’re serviced at a garage. I like the cloud back up option being available so I don’t lose my records. I would recommend anyone who wants to keep a record of their car maintenance to download this app.
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1 year ago, 88 hut hut
Great service
I’ve been coming to Firestone in Mansfield for many years with several different vehicles and the customer service is outstanding! They always take care of my truck, the technicians are the best! Customer for life
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10 months ago, JoJo/Doris
Deserves 0 stars
Users of this app aren’t told that it’s a 3rd party service . I was scheduled for an appointment, got their and was told they were booked for the day and upon telling them I was confirmed he then told me “third party booking” and that he sent an email to me. Had I know that you’re not really booked through this app unless you receive an email from the store I probably wouldn’t be writing this review. The guy at the Firestone store was a complete jerk! And that’s a nice word for him.
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1 year ago, patriot1776z
App doesn’t work …
I’ve been a Firestone customer for years. Used the app to make an appointment at harbor village Firestone in midlothian va, the appointment was never recorded at the store. This should be a simple app operation- an appointment request. But it completely failed. I had to call the store directly (like the usual method) to get “worked in” for the appointment. A wasted two days trying to get the app to schedule an appointment. Either the app or the business process needs more work.
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3 months ago, PV Builder
Customer Service
I have been going to Firestone ever since they opened close to my house. I have never had a bad customer service experience and now my kids take there cars there as well.
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2 years ago, Beached Jacob
Very Convenient
It’s good to know that my technician/store will know all my concerns before I show up. The app helps connect all my data with every Firestone across the country, which is big because my partner and I travel often.
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2 years ago, klugo8900
Service records
Seems like either they updated it or I just simply didn’t see it, but there Actually does seem to be a legit place to upload or pull via phone number service records.
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9 months ago, Firestone app
My Firestone app
When trying to access my Firestone credit card through the app, it says “error, try again.” This has been going on for months.
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3 years ago, Grantham Turner
Not happy
I downloaded the app with the hopes of being able to see and manage my bill. I hate having to call every time I need something about my bill or having to tell someone at the service desk my address is wrong, they say they fixed it but only to find out the old address is still on there! We have had 4 addresses but the very old address is still there😡. I hope y’all fix it where we can access everything from this app
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2 years ago, friendlynme
Can’t retrieve past history or recommendations
I have over two decades worth of vehicle history in Firestone between two states and was looking forward to trying out this app but unfortunately I cannot seem to figure out or get help with importing my historical records. App already has my phone number, which I’ve had for the same amount of time I’ve been a Firestone customer, but I guess the app just isn’t ready for prime time.
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3 years ago, Reviewer HB
I have screenshots of older service history
Out of 5 cars I can only pull up records of 2 them, one of the cars has over 10 years of service at Firestone, and using the exactly screenshot from app I cannot pull up the service record by phone number store number and invoice for any of the 3 even when I restore on back up have tried iPad and iPhone for almost past year they don’t show up.
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2 years ago, DJLouieM
If I could give 0 stars I would
Downloaded this app to schedule my appointment for an oil change. Appointment was scheduled then waiting to be confirmed. Called the store after not receiving any word only to find out the available time on the app was not actually available. This is the second time this happened. Don’t trust or download this app if you actually plan on following through with appointments booked on the app.
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8 months ago, R6Rider
This app is horribly written.
And the credit card link to your Firestone card I ALWAYS broken. This app is useless! **Update- Response to developer- already did that several times it still does not work. **Update2- the failure of your app has now cost me money, for me to help you develop your app is going to cost you. My next next move is going to be to pay off the card and close my account. I am done with Firestone.
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2 years ago, Gk1993
Easy to Use
Very simple app. I like the fact it recommends services based on mileage and last visit. Doesn’t mean you have to agree to them but they’re pretty much spot on.
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1 year ago, Bombadil-o
I’m confused by the point of the app’s appointment function. If I make an appointment through the app and a Firestone employee calls me almost every time to cancel it because the in-store system is not updated (so that appointment was never available in the first place), then there really isn’t a point to using the app unless you enjoy wasting time.
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2 years ago, megtrego
Won’t let me choose store
I’ve been trying to schedule an appointment on the app but when I have to choose a store no stores pop up. I know there’s about 3 stores around town and there’s nothing asking for allowing the app to use my location. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but it still does the same thing.
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2 years ago, Wants Better
It’s 2021...
Update: They gave access to link your Firestone Credit Card which is awesome. Still not sure how to view certain account history though such as past service. Original Review: No app for the Firestone Credit Card? Get real.
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2 years ago, BrianEE93
Service Records Stopped Updating
I use to really like this app to track my maintenance and check when I’m due to take my cars in again. For the last several months the service records won’t update. I’ve tried every phone number I’ve ever given Firestone. It just quit.
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