My H-E-B

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User Reviews for My H-E-B

4.53 out of 5
16.7K Ratings
3 years ago, sdenisey
I love the to go app and service. I save time and money. I have used the service since H‑E‑B began providing groceries, just about always! It saves time, money and calories! The part of grocery buying that I don’t care for is that I still have to come home, write the “use by” date on the packaging, and the putting things away part and the cleaning out of old or perished items! “On -the-go curbside-shopping”, does not solve all problems, but it does solve many other ones. Ha! “On-the-go curbside” helps me throughout the week. As I think of items I need for the next shopping time, I simply add them to my phone H‑E‑B APP! I usually do not allow substitutions but this has only caused a few problems, along the way. It is good for me to go into the store every few months, just to be able to see the new things the store has added. Additionally, I love fresh flowers, the plants H‑E‑B sells and the bar-b-que! I hope this has helped someone. Have fun shopping!
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1 year ago, NLA365
Some areas good, others not so good
I like the app in that it organizes your list by aisles, but the aisles need numbers on both sides. It causes traffic jams with people looking on both sides for a single item when they could know which side to look. It doesn’t take anymore signs than you have now. Only re-numbering. Also, left rear center back section of the meat area???? Just put a number on it. I’ve actually asked employees that could tell you exactly where an item is, but have no clue where that is. Make it simple with numbers. They agreed that numbers would be much simpler. Your new Pharmacy section in the main app. Is not user friendly to me. I liked portions of the old one better. What I would REALLY like is the ability to put my old, no longer used Rx’s in an archive location. It’s a pain in the but to have to sort through old Rx’s that’ll never be used again just to try to figure out which one to ask to be refilled. It’s a good app. But it needs a little refining IMO. Thank you I would like to add another thing. In the pharmacy portion of the app, there is no way to add a family member. How can a parent manage a child’s prescriptions, or an elderly family member that can no longer handle their own medical issue? There used to be an option in the old app to do that. Granted, it never worked, but at least someone attempted to provide that feature. Again, thank you.
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2 years ago, BetBet87
Transparency is lacking
I used to a proud H‑E‑B customer, but now I feel duped. I have always been a deal seeker and coupon cutter. I would normally not go out of my way for a better price, but due to the current economy it has become necessity. Recently, I had plans for a trip to H‑E‑B and another store. I was using both store’s app to compare prices and create my shopping list. I was surprised to see most of my items were higher at H‑E‑B. The variation was 10 cents to $2, with all the items on my list it would have added up to about $20. I went to H‑E‑B and purchased the items on my list, but started to notice some of the price differences. I looked at some of the items I had planned to buy at the other store and noticed the labeled price was about the same as the other store. Why??! It turns out that the “Free Curbside” is not free, many of the items include an up-charge. I have not been able to find a way to tell which items have an up-charge and which don’t and how much each upcharge is. All that I know is, is that I will never do curbside again with H‑E‑B; because if you are buying a cart full of groceries, it will probably be around a $20 “free curbside” upcharge , that is not disclosed whatsoever. I am also very disappointed on how the coupons are applied. There is no transaction history of your used coupons in the app. Several times I have purchased items because of a coupon to find out later it did not get applied.
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4 months ago, Forget this game!!!
Horrible app, it will not operate correctly on an iPad
The app has the current version, my iOS software is up to date, I checked my website settings and app access permissions, but yet the keyboard to login will NOT let you click on the “123” key to be able to enter any #’s that may be in your username/password, it stays on the letter keyboard. Whenever you try clicking on the “123” key it is unresponsive and the keyboard does this side to side movement. When you click to open the login screen in Safari it gives you an error message. Downloaded the app on my iPhone and absolutely no issues. —— I do not like being forced to download extra apps on my phone. Target/Walmart/Publix/Instacart/Doordash/Petsmart, NONE of those apps have an issue, but the H-E-B app does. Plus, like other reviews have mentioned, the app/website has issues saving the curbside pick up time, you have to do it multiple times before it saves —— I think the issue here is, H-E-B didn’t create an iOS phone versus iPadOS versions, they made 1 for phones that can be downloaded on tablets. The issue with doing so, creates the probability that the app will not always display/function correctly on a tablet. And when I contacted support, they sent me a copied and pasted troubleshooting guide of check your time zone, check your access permission, check you app/iOS version, ensure the device isn’t rooted, basically the app problems are not H-E-B’s fault or a faulty update, they are stemming from “user error”.
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2 years ago, DasDasCabaret
Completely Broken
Had my 25th delivery today and I’m done. I have had to call with damages or missing items EVERY SINGLE TIME. Coupons will indicate they are added, but the discount doesn’t appear in the amount charged. I often get items that expire the next day or produce that is clearly spoiled. Substitutions are completely random. I have also had items removed that were “out of stock,” called the store to confirm they were out of stock and no substitutions were in stock, and then gone to the store myself to check within an hour or less, and all of the items are there. Customer service is either super nice or incredibly rude. I can’t trust that this app is giving me correct information, so I’m not using it anymore. Any five-star reviews are just to support a local company. Update: “Developer Response” is obviously a form letter. Obviously no real person read my review. There are significant stock issues and coupon issues with this app that need to be addressed. Also, new complaint: when you order alcohol the app used to have you upload a live image of your license and face for verification. Now you have to meet them in person. What’s the point of safe delivery during COVID if you have to meet a random person face to face? Would downgrade to zero stars if that was possible.
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4 years ago, Aimstertx
Improved but not 100%
I was so excited to see in store shopping was available in the new app. We used it this weekend and I was disappointed. Yes it’s easier to add items to my list, the coupons are easier to add, and the aisle location is still there, but that’s it. I don’t like how it’s organized by type because that’s not how my store is laid out. We had to do a lot of doubling back because, for example, cheese isn’t with dairy and ground breakfast sausage isn’t with the ground beef. I know the layout of the store to know this, but when we use the app to help us with the order and check things off top to bottom this isn’t helpful. It would be great to have the option to sort by aisle or by type. Also I would really love the subtotal (even if it’s just an estimate) in the cart total. Finally, it seems I have to delete my whole list or items individually. I admit there may be an easy fix I haven’t found yet but in case there isn’t I wanted to include. In the old app we could tap clear cart and I don’t see anything like that as an option. Not a huge deal but something that would be nice. But this is enough for me to continue to use the old app for now.
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4 years ago, critex
Guys... really?
So, I’ve traded a crappy app for a really crappy app? At least the old crappy app put the items I added to my cart in order of where they were in the store so I could shop efficiently and I wasn’t asked every GD time what list I wanted to put the next item in! Can I please just use the old app without it asking me to download this stupid thing every time I open it up? Yes, it was a crappy app, but it was WAY better than this one. You took away the only useful and redeeming feature from the old one and showed me once again you guys just don’t have a clue what you’re doing with this thing. Oh!! And!!! MAKE IT SO I CAN SHARE MY LISTS WITH MY SPOUSE!!! We’re one of those weird couples who actually communicates with each other and send each other to the store when one of us can’t. It would be nice to share a list with... I don’t know... iCloud!!! Maybe learn that little API. Each time I want to log in with her account on my phone we have to reset the password because it’s wrong. Yes, I know I could be putting it in wrong, but I’m using Keychain and it saves it for me when I reset. I’m gonna back Apple on this one. I’ve even manually typed it into a notes app and copies and pasted it into the new password field and it still says it’s wrong when I log out and log back in.
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6 months ago, LeaGirlyGirl89
Still some issues remain
The clipping coupon area has had issues for quite sometime. A lot of time it just buffers and an error will pop up that says “we’re having issues please try again in a few minutes” that happens multiple times every time I try and clip coupons it usually takes me forever to clip them all because I’m constantly stopped by the coupons not actually getting clipped and the error message. If there’s a clip all button please add that it’s too much to try and clip everything there’s too many bugs in the app to get it done quickly. I usually give up part way through on clipping coupons. I have to constantly close the app and go back in to see which coupons actually get clipped the error message also pops up like 20 times in a row I have to click out of the app to stop it. This has happened since the beginning of the app I’m surprised nobody has noticed these issues. My phone and app are both fully updated and good internet connection. Doesn’t happen on any other app with these kinds of issues. It becomes a hassle to even think about clipping the coupons it’s very finicky what it lets you clip or if it’ll actually work lately I don’t even bother.
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4 years ago, Harleydrifter
H‑E‑B & Hill Country Fair RESTRICTED
Apparently HEB does not want you buying their own brand of practically anything. It looks like H‑E‑B has made a conscious and methodically planned effort to eliminate Hill Country Fair especially when you go through the app thoroughly. I really like HEBs own personal brand for not only the lower cost of the items I am interested in but for health reason as well compared to big name corporate brands. From trying to shop from this app this last month I’m beginning to think that HEB is trying to quietly eliminate Curb Side shopping without coming out and just saying so. I feel like I’m being forced to spend more money on higher priced items that I don’t even like just to get something close to what I’m looking for. I was so glad when HEB began building stores here so I didn’t have to go to the unionized KROGER STORE but at least KROGER has the entire store on their app which has made the whole curbside shopping experience much more of a pleasure. HEB, you really need to put yours and even more products on your app. Get with the times and move out of the dark ages. One more thing, I didn’t start using curbside because of the virus, I started using it because I can’t stand rap music and hard rock being blasted in my ears when I’m trying to shop.
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4 years ago, Peiyu Lai
Delete checked items
I like the new app as it looked pretty and it’s easy to use. Also love that the app automatically organizes the items on my list by isles. And the coupons section in the new app is much better than in the old one as it shows eligible items on the same page. There’s only 2 features that I hope it could have. I hope there’s an option to “delete checked items” or even simply “delete all the items on the list”. I used to be able to clear the list in the old version H-E-B app but not in this new one. Personally I think “delete checked items” would be more practical since occasionally customers might not get all the items on their list and have to save it til the next trip. The other feature that exists in the old app but not this new one is adding weekly special items to the list when browsing weekly ad. In this new app the weekly ad is just an image with a zoom-in function. If I want to add something on the ad to my list, I’ll have to switch to my list then search for the item and add to my list.
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2 months ago, Ella Holland
Sneaky swindlers
I shop at heb every single week every Friday in store and buy the same stuff every week. So I know the prices very well. I tried doing curbside for the first time because I really don't want to bring my four little kids in the store with me, husband is working day shifts so it's hard for me to get to the store this time. They tack on money to each item thinking you won't notice or something.. for example a bottle of hydrogen peroxide is 99¢ in the store but on curbside it's $1.04. They put a curbside fee of $4.95 which I was fine with, but to tack on more money to EACH ITEM after that fee as well is just awful. Your employees are already getting paid hourly to do that job and it doesn't cost that much extra to bring the groceries out to somebody's car. I have done target curbside drive up a few times and they NEVER do this. They don't charge any fees at all to do curbside and they don't tack on extra cents to each item. I'd rather shop with a company that isn't trying to trick me or swindle me, thanks. Heb I thought you were trustworthy but maybe that's what I get for almost putting trust in someone other than Jesus Christ.
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4 years ago, mom9297
Organize by aisle
With the old version the app put my list in order according to the store’s layout. Blueberries were at the top because produce is near the entrance and shampoo at the bottom because that’s on the far side of the store. I could walk through the store & get each item on the list without doubling back. Now with the new version the items are categorized (which is fine); however, the categories seem to be listed alphabetically on my list which doesn’t match the layout of the store. Now, first up on my list is butter because that’s in Dairy “D” which is in the back of the store. Blueberries are further down the list in Fruits “F”. Worse than this, even items within each category aren’t organized by aisle. So if I have a long list of items in “Pantry” they aren’t sorted by aisle so I have to look at the category & then keep checking as I get to each aisle because 2 items on the same aisle in the store are not organized together on the list in the app! Very frustrating. Organizing the list by category/department is fine, but please fix it so that the list is in order of the store. Thx!
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2 years ago, Joshua-Jake
Major missing feature & problematic change
Since the COVID shutdown my family has used this to order our curbside groceries. Overall we appreciate the simplicity of the app. We use this every week so please don’t take this review as a hatred of the app. We are grateful but frustration have been building. There are two major areas that need improvement. Both center around the fact that my wife and I both work on the same order from different devices. There was some technical change in the last three months that makes this difficult. First the counter on the cart stopped updating when upon loading - this means the cart appears empty before we import an old order so we assume the other person has not added any items yet. Not true most of the time. The missing feature is the ability to see when and how the order was added to the cart(the how could be some sort of small icon over the image to symbolize the import) and at seeing when it was added would also allow us to know that the additional items were purposefully placed. Honestly at the core of the issue is that the app isn’t friendly for multiple users. It has even started glitching when we are both trying to work on the list when it never used to. Sure we can work around these issues but it makes us hate the process. Please consider heavily the frustration and anger this causes us and likely others every week, and recognize that a feeling of dread when we need groceries isn’t good for business.
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5 months ago, Outraged Old Woman
The pharmacy app
I am so angry about the pharmacy app. In fact, I am so angry that I am probably going to transfer every one of my prescriptions to a pharmacy that doesn’t expect me to do their work for them. You have become the Walmart of pharmacies. Next, you will have us all working your cash registers for the experience of doing your work for you but will probably ash your customers to pay HEB for the experience of working in your store. You may think learning an App is not a big deal but having to learn vastly different apps everyday makes me furious. Either make the apps all the same or get out of the app business. I live in a senior citizen I dependent living facility in Kingwood. Nearly every resident (all 135 of us) get our prescriptions at HEB. Guess what, there is talk of a mass exodus from HEB because of your useless app. Believe me, we all have some pretty expensive meds but you don’t care because if you did care you would have realized that you would lose business. I have no problem with your HEB online grocery purchasing but wow, you guys blew it with the pharmacy app. Say goodbye to my $400 a month in prescriptions and my best friend’s $1100 a month in prescriptions.
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3 years ago, Floyd Richmond
H‑E‑B Comes through
The app works great. I did have one issue which H-E-B solved. The story unfolded like this: The H‑E‑B app worked great until, apparently after an update, they installed a version on my phone that is incompatible with the phone. Then, when I would run the H‑E‑B app, it would say that I needed an update. When I would go to the App Store to update, it would report the update would not run on my phone, and would ask if I want to download an older version, which, of course I did, but it would never download. I had to switch to using their website instead to shop online. Finally their customer service figured out that if you MANUALLY delete the incompatible app, you can THEN download an older version which is compatible with an older phone. I struggled for a couple of weeks with this but H‑E‑B was able to solve it in a few days once I reached their customer service. Things are working nicely again!!! H‑E‑B curbside service is great!
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4 years ago, YorkieBully
Needs an option to search nearby stores
I live very close to 3 H-E-B stores, and many of the products that I want aren’t available at all 3, which makes perfect sense due to the close proximity. I shop at all 3 every week. Further, there are many additional H-E-B stores that I’d be willing to drive to to get a particularly desirable item if it wasn’t stocked at a nearby store. The old app allowed me to search for an item, then see the closest store that stocks it. With the new app I have to select a store before searching, then if I don’t find the item, I have to select a different store and search again. This adds an unneeded layer of complexity. I’d really like to have an easier option to see items that aren’t stocked in my selected store. I will keep using the old app as long as I can because the option to search nearby stores is important to me. I really hope this old function can be added to the new app with the next update, because otherwise the new app is great!
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4 years ago, Janetipie
Getting there!
I love this app! I’ve become very reliant on it. It helps to cut down my shopping time immensely, especially since there are 3 HEB stores in my area that I switch between depending on what I’m doing in my life that day. I love that you provide the aisle where I can find the product. However, sometimes the system seems to get “caught” between stores and the wrong aisle is showing. I end up having to wander the store to find products. I also love the options to purchase “curbside” or “delivery”. It would be nice if these systems were interchangeable with the app. Sometimes, I have the intention of shopping and I make a list in the app, but then time will run away from me and I’ll need to do curbside. As it right now, I have to write down the list that I have in my app. Then re-enter it in to the “curbside side”. Quite a time waster and mare than a little bit frustrating. Over all you all are doing a great job with your updates. Just a couple of things for your consideration to make it even better.
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3 years ago, Chase Lahrmann
Curbside will change your life
If you’re a mother of three and work full time like me, or if you’re living the single life and have all the time in the world, HEB curbside/delivery will change your life. I have been using their services for over a year now and have probably had less than 5 mistakes to my orders. Sometimes mistakes in my favor…. Like the time I asked for a tiny piece of ginger and was shocked to find a piece bigger than my hand. They are happy to help ALWAYS, take care in picking out my groceries, and read my notes (like firm avocados please). When you order curbside or delivery you save yourself time and you support other Texas workers. Thank you H‑E‑B for continuously being the best. My mom lives in Arizona and misses your brand and store so much. We plan to buy a new house this year and let’s just say the location will highly depend upon where the nearest H‑E‑B is. No store does more!
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4 years ago, Dralin Reshka
Great but needs work
I would like to add my opinion to the others that the app needs to have a delete checked items option because when I shop in-store if the item is not in stock I will usually wait until the following trip to get it. Also, the ability to print your final order directly from the app after a curbside or delivery order would be awesome. The printout could be in checklist form and organized just like it is in the app so I can go over my order after I receive it to make sure I got everything: the printout from my email was several pages and a big mess to try to check off. It was frustrating making sure I got everything when I got home. Overall, though, very impressed with the app and the ease of searching items and coupons. Several items do not seem to show up in the search, but I’m sure it’s a work in progress. Very much worth it! Thank you for the excellent app. I look forward to improvements so I can update my review!
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4 years ago, bdtdsddbj
Old App Was Better
This new app seems like it’s pushing customers to shop online and have their groceries delivered or picked up curbside. I’m an in-store shopper. I like that experience. I have a few issues with the new app. • The items are no longer sorted by aisle and it doesn’t group items that are marked off the list. This added an additional 20 minutes to my trip because my list was 30+ items long and I had to continuous turn around or take a break so I could thumb through the list. • I was just bragging to a friend about how H-E-B’s app lets you add items to your grocery list from an H-E-B recipe. The new app doesn’t. Thumbs down! The recipe finder is gone. • The old app let you add coupons to your list. In fact, I was able to add coupons to my list from my desktop, but they were gone when I got to the store and opened my app. I was disappointed because I couldn’t readily mark coupons off my list. • The new app makes it harder to add items to a list. I kept accidentally adding items to my “cart” for delivery or pick up. It’s a pain that my cart is on the home screen by my list is a couple clicks further.
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3 years ago, Calderon0808
HEB Home Delivery
Thank you for having a home delivery service. I truly enjoy receiving my groceries at home. Our new world (during a pandemic) has forced us to stay home for safety precautions and we’ve had to adapt to home deliveries. However since utilizing this type of service I’ve learned I would rather get home delivery even without a pandemic. Once our world in back in place I will still continue to use home delivery. The online service is very user friendly, the times slots available are plentiful, & the detailed item selections are as detailed as if I were shopping in the store myself. I love being a little pampered as my husband would say and the luxury of receiving your groceries at your door step in my eyes is a luxury. Thank you HEB for accommodating your customers with home delivery service and keeping us safe at home.
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7 months ago, Gabie Allocca
The Pharmacy part is real bad...
They require you to scan a prescription to even be able to create an account, so I can't even create an account to begin with if I'm not currently on a prescription. (So I guess I can't keep an up to date account of my travel vaccinations on there either, when this is where I get my vaccinations..?) Main reason I use the pharmacy is for my dog's medicine because he has lifelong seizures, and when I try to scan his medicine it says I can't connect a dog to my account either; so it won't even let me make an account with his information or my information either way... On another topic, I may have mentioned this elsewhere already; but it would be nice if this app were like the walmart app, where I could scan my heb receipt on here and save all my receipts without needing to keep the paper. Almost like heb go, which I also have, but just an additional option to be able to keep the order history on this app if I decide to not use heb go..
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3 years ago, SuperUser24
Great, but Missing Sorting of Shopping Lists
This app is great & easy to use. Since the COVID pandemic started, I’ve done all my shopping using the app. It has been a life-saver! I have created many different shopping lists for items grouped by categories, like Deli, Dairy, Meat, Fruit, Vegetables, Pasta etc. This makes it easy for me to shop by simply going through my various lists and reordering needed items. What’s missing is that the lists are never sorted in any logical order. They seem random. Please add a sorting capability so they can be sorted either in Alphabetical or Custom/Manual Order (by allowing user to drag lists up or down). Also need to make it easier to add individual items to cart from any shopping list by just checking individual or multiple items. Currently the button at bottom of list is for adding the entire list of items to cart. Please add a button to add only selected items to the cart.
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4 years ago, spy39
Great but could use some changes and additions
I am enjoying using the new My H-E-B app. There are a few changes and additions that I think would make it better. Shopping lists are ordered by category rather than by physical location. This is actually nice if I am verifying, for instance, if I have included all the beverages I want. But physically beverages are spread across the store, by the checkout, in Dairy, and in aisles 1, 9, 10, 11 and 15. When I walk the store, I want to know what aisles to visit and what is in each. Without an option to display the list in physical location order, this is difficult. There needs to be an option to delete or clear “all items” from a list. Right now if I want to get rid of all the entries for what I just bought, I need to either delete the whole list or delete each item individually. There needs to be a more efficient method to copy items from, say, my Wish List to this week’s shopping list. Right now one needs to copy one item at a time and each copy requires multiple clicks. If there was a “copy, move, or delete” option that lets one select multiple items then select the copy/move/delete operation, this would be streamlined. And it would be very nice if I could view and check-off while shopping on my Apple Watch. I know some of these requests could take quite a bit of work, but I think they would be do-able. TIA
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4 years ago, texasbuckeye
Unnecessary extra clicks
Why can’t I delete this stupid wish list??? I just redownloaded this app onto an additional device, and it’s a million times more frustrating! want ONE shopping list so I can add items at different quantities easily and quickly from the search results without picking an item...choosing a shopping list...confirming that I want to add it...dismissing the annoying ‘added’ banner that sits at the top of the page forever...then x-ing out of the product...then going to the shopping list to change the quantity... It’s an endless maze of never-ending extra taps to do what worked so efficiently before. For some ridiculous reason every time I click between shopping and my checkout list, it also just adds a page on top of the old one, rather than jumping back and forth, which I didn’t realize until I tapped out of one page, and found my entire activity history stacked in pages one on top of the other. About ready to delete this whole app and set my other device to never update. Or just go to Kroger.
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4 years ago, ttroaddog
Revised-as promised.
I use the app to make shopping easier. Since the new app, it “groups” items in groups that I don’t care about. And within the groups the isles are all mixed up. I’ve been shopping with it twice and I have to keep scrolling through the entire list to see if I’ve missed anything. Isle 28 at the top of the list. Then produce, then isle 9, 7, 4 then BACK TO 9. Please put them back in order so I can get in and out quickly. Fix it and I will update to 5 stars. I like the way the search works and the how the coupons work. It lets you know when things are in sale and if there is a coupon for something so it looks like H-E-B really wants to save you money. I asked (as did many others) and H-E-B listened. Now I can sort by isle. I love my H-E-B. Those who visit from places that don’t have H-E-B love it and wish they had one.
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1 year ago, SpartaK0s
Poor user experience
Please restore the Pharmacy app. The migration to the My HEB app does not provide as good or better experience for pharmacy users. 1. The my H-E-B app does not inform you of a problem with a refill. 2. The my H-E-B app does not have a feed back section contained within the app. 3. Biometric authentication is broken. The app redirects to the H-E-B website where I am forced to enter my password. 4. Overall customer experience with support teams pointing fingers to each other. You can tell they are tired of fielding customer complaints. ——— Following up to my original review. I am leaving H‑E‑B as a pharmacy customer. My medication are routinely not available based on the time the app specified. Even worse, the time and date will be changed and I am noticing that my meds will not be ready at the agreed upon time within the app. The entire pharmacy experience reflects on how poor overall customer service has become. If this company is going to front end the pharmacy experience with the this app, the entire process and procedures need to be reviewed and updated.
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2 years ago, ABarber22
Great app to keep shopping list sorted by location in store
Love the app to keep track of my shopping list and, as a bonus, items are sorted by location in my local H-E-B making shopping very efficient. I’ve even looked up an item while in the store just to see where to find it! My only real gripe is there is no option to hide or move “completed” items to the bottom of the list. I like to keep some of my mainstays on my list indefinitely so I can quickly uncheck them when I need them again but I don’t purchase every item every trip. The issue with this is my list is a mess of checked and unchecked items mixed in together. An option to automatically move completed items to the bottom of the list or hide them would be amazing!
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3 years ago, Galgs
Easy to navigate
Pros - H‑E‑B is awesome and overall this app makes online shopping and clipping coupons very easy! It’s great to shop the weekly ad and coupons and choose eligible items right from their deals. When shopping in store, I also love that you can choose which H‑E‑B location you are in and search for an item’s aisle/location. Cons - there are certain items, especially meat products, that give you an estimated weight per package that are way off. If you order 1 of a certain item you should be given something very close to the weight that is listed on the app. I’ve received items with almost a whole pound difference and that leaves me with not enough. Also, I don’t always get specific texts after ordering online telling me specifically what items were unavailable; not sure why it works sometimes but not at other times.
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4 years ago, Thack09
Delete checked items and Wish List
I like the new app and love some of the new features, like being able to place curbside orders straight from my list. I feel like there are still some clunky aspects to the app...I have to tap through several options to actually add something to my list when it seems like simply selecting “add to list” should suffice. Also, I would love to see the option to delete checked items made available. I usually have one or two things on my list that id like to carry over and right now, my only options are to delete each checked item individually or delete the whole list. I’d also love the option to delete the “Wish List” from my lists. I never use that and always having to select which list I want to add things to creates more tapping requirements. Overall, I think it’s a great app and will continue to use it for most of my H-E-B needs.
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3 years ago, Rdwngfn
Cannot Access My Order From App
I placed an order last week that was to be picked up a week later. Whenever I try to look at my order on the app I get an error telling me something went wrong and I have to have an account to place an order. I am already logged in and can start a new order but to look at my order and leave notes I have to log on from a computer and not the app. Also when placing an order it only allows you to choose items that are currently stocked in the store. Why not show everything that is carried by that location and allow it to be selected. That’s one of the reasons ‘allow substitutions’ exists. When orders are being placed a week in advance product availability will be significantly different. Today the store is very well stocked compared to last week. And I cannot even access my order (see above) to request specific brands that are now in stock.
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4 months ago, TME83
Coupons don’t work in Add-ons
I love this app and use it weekly, BUT there’s an ongoing glitch that I’m surprised hasn’t been fixed. After I’ve placed an order, if I want to add items to that order, the coupons are unavailable. All of the coupons I had seen while shopping, before purchasing my cart, then disappear when trying to add items to the existing order. Often I can see a little banner, indicating there is a coupon available for the item, but there is no button to click to add that coupon. Sometimes I set up a whole second cart and create a second purchase during the same time slot as my first order, just so my add-on items can get the coupons, but this is only a work-around and a poor one, at that. Please fix this problem! Considering how well the app works otherwise, it’s surprising that this glitch has continued for as long as it has.
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2 years ago, opinions are like
Needs some basic enhancements
1) Out of stock items are often listed as available. I’ve been in the store, saw zero stock of an item, yet there it is available for selection in the app. 2) Needs a toggle switch at check out for switching method of payment. Specifically, at the “Place Order” screen. Most other apps that allow multiple forms of payment have this option. The current method of having to go into my profile and update it, then place order, them remember to go back into my profile and change it back is klugey and behind the times. 3) Should be able to update tip AFTER delivery. Sometimes I forget to set it and the default amount is WAY too low, so I’’d like to increase it after delivery. Other times, I’ve tipped high but the delivery person has done things like dump expensive organic blueberries all over the patio, and so I’d like to adjust the tip down.
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4 years ago, NikkiChristmas
Caution!! Doesn’t apply Coupons!!!
The past few times I’ve gone to HEB I made sure to check coupons before going to the store. When I’m there in line the barcode on the app always showed no coupons could be used when the Cashier would scan. I figured it was because I may have duplicated the coupons with the in store yellow coupons (no biggie). Well after the 3rd to 4th trip where the scanned app coupon didn’t take off anything I knew something was a miss. My last shopping trip I separated my in store yellow coupons from my App coupons and PID separately. Long story short the app coupons should have saved me $25 (for 2 coupons) and when the app barcode was scanned (multiple attempts) it SHOWED ZERO $ DISCOUNTS ($0.00)!!! I was furious!! This means this whole time this darn app is scamming me and not applying coupons as it’s supposed to be doing!! Rip off!! Will start looking for in store yellow coupons until the app is fixed! I have the iPhone 11plus purchased in October 2020 so it’s not because I have an outdated phone or app either.
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4 years ago, tjp10905
What an upgrade
I love all the new features this app adds. For example looking up your coupons. It’s so much easier now. Like that my coupons are actually working as well. One of the little things I wish it did, but can like without is 1. Let me know which coupons I used just because I was trying to figure it out at my last visit. Ended up being able to figure it out on my own, but would be cool to match the coupon with the receipt and 2. If an item is not in store I would like to be able to communicate that thru the app if it shows that it is in fact in store. In the past month there has only been 2 items that said were in store and turned out not to be there, so I just think that would be cool to have that option, but again can live without it.
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3 years ago, Shanna The Listener
A Lazy Shoppers Best Friend
I’m not the type of person who sits down and plans out my grocery runs! Random groceries will pop into my head with no warning and all I have to do is open up my HEB app and add that item to my cart! All week long I’m filling my cart with random items! Then at the end of the week I do fridge inventory and type in my resupply items! I choose one of many available timeslots either same day or a few days later for free. I put on my favorite podcast, drive to the store, pop the trunk, confirm my name, say thanks and drive away! It’s simply THE BEST!! I also have created my resupply list that is saved in my app it contains all the items I buy weekly: cold brew, oat milk, bananas, kale, chocolate and popcorn! Thanks HEB for making my life easier than it needs to be, love you guys!
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3 years ago, zcardenasbemo
Incredibly useful
I love being able to make my shopping list on my phone. And not just in my notes app but being able to put specific products on my list with a picture, and it tell me which aisle! My husband is lactose intolerant, so it’s handy when looking for dairy-free items across different HEB’s in my area. The coupon features are great too.. if I remember to show it at check it out. It’s great to be able to look through all the coupons in the store and on the items I’m already buying. Some suggestions: -It would be fantastic to browse products by aisle. Say I’ve never been to a certain H-E-B before or I’m not familiar with the products they carry, I’d like to be able to browse them all without searching a specific word/product. -MY BIGGEST SUGGESTION. It would make my heart so happy.. put a subtotal feature in the regular lists! I can only get a subtotal if I’m using curbside or delivery but I WOULD LOVE to know my subtotal while making my in-person list. Right now I just add the items to the curbside/delivery list to figure it out. It’s an extra step, kind of annoying, but I want to make sure I’m getting what I need and staying within my budget. It’s such a great app— it looks great and it’s easy to use.
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11 months ago, macardinal
Shopping List Print Option
I love the H‑E‑B app and find it very easy to use when creating shopping lists. However, there’s one thing that would make it even better. I would love to see the ability to print out a shopping list, with the choice to print it out by aisle number order and also product category order as if I was looking at my shopping list in the app. I have an HP printer that supports air print. I print out things all of the time with other apps that have a air print option from both my iPhone and my iPad. Having a printed out shopping list would be very helpful on those days that I don’t have time to charge my iPhone before shopping because when my iPhone dies, so does the H‑E‑B shopping list. Having a printed list would eliminate that concern. Please consider. Thank you!
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1 year ago, wulfeman
Stop Making Pharmacy Section a Pain to use!!!
Access to most Pharmacy tools are a serious pain to use. Password login EVERY SINGLE TIME, sometimes with the addition of one or more Captchas??? Get Real!!! I’m trying to either reorder or check the status of my prescriptions. I use secure, cryptic passwords, generated by a password manager (the app doesn’t integrate with password managers, or even the built-in iOS Password Management System, so I have to exit the app, open my PW Manager, search for and copy my H-E-B PW, so that I can go back and paste it into the app.) Can’t H-E-B find an app developer who is capable of adding an option for FaceID/TouchID authentication? Again, what’s the deal with Captcha’s on a phone app, especially an iPhone. Apple is working to make their software capable of supporting a password free environment (fully biometric), H-E-B seems to be moving in the opposite direction with this app. I Love H-E-B stores, I only wish I could say the same about their services software.
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4 years ago, Disappointed customer 152
Digital Coupons don’t work correctly
I added about 12 coupons to the app and at checkout only 4 of them worked. The cashier said the coupons worked but only took off about 4 dollars off of total. I had over $20 of additional coupons that it did not register. I had to go through all the coupons on app to see if they applied and was difficult to ensure all were accounted for. This is unacceptable. With old paper coupons the cashier would know which ones did not take and could enter them manually to make sure they were all accounted for. With the app it is difficult especially with a large cart. I almost want to avoid items with a coupon b/c then I don’t need to worry about getting cheated out of a discount b/c the app has no accountability for missed coupons. This needs a fix fast, or you need to bring back paper coupons. For the elderly that don’t know how to use smart phones, I’m guessing you don’t get H-E-B coupons anymore unless you learn how to use the app. Disappointed customer.
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4 years ago, dcarolt
New App is Not User Friendly
I can not describe how much I dislike the new app. While the old one could have used a few other features, this new one is just one confusing mess. Earlier this week I stood in an aisle for several minutes with a stocker while we tried to figure out the coupons. Then I help up the check out line because the cashier and I were trying to figure out how to scan the coupons. Thankfully they sort of added the aisle numbers to the shopping list since my store recently rearranged every aisle. As a customer, HEB as a whole has been very disappointing lately. From fewer checkout lanes because of the new self-checkouts, to getting rid of multiple items I have been purchasing for years, to an increase in bulk-only items, to rearranging the store so I can no longer easily find anything, it takes me so much longer to shop now. They are becoming the things I hate about Walmart, and that is highly disappointing.
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4 years ago, Jentropy
App is worse and worse
Downloaded the app to try curbside delivery because of the coronavirus and my compromised immune system. Except a bunch of items can’t be added to a curbside delivery and can only be picked up in person. This is probably no big deal if you’re healthy and don’t have food allergies or diet-related illnesses, but that makes this app useless to me. We’re picking up an order tomorrow that we placed 2 weeks ago and I’m terrified you’re going to force me to bring food into my home that I’m deathly allergic to. I just tried to place a second order (soonest pickup nearly 2 weeks out), but now there’s a limit on how many bags of frozen food we can buy? I don’t get it. Medically necessary diets, plus a ton of allergies, and we are vegetarian. We’re not buying your bacon or cheese, so let us buy extra broccoli. Forcing substitutions is understandable to a certain extent, but you need to remember that for some of us, your forced substitutions could be deadly. Honestly, the disappointment is severe and keeps getting worse, H-E-B. People are staying out of shops to protect people like me, who were already feeling unsafe in shops even before the pandemic, and were already regularly utilizing delivery and pickup services. How the heck are your disabled customers supposed to buy food? Please rethink your app features and center your disabled customers. I promise, if your app works well for disabled customers, it will work great for ALL your customers.
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2 years ago, mxhoneyd
I absolutely love the H‑E‑B app! It’s so helpful and convenient to always be able to find the items I want while in the store as it tells the aisle. It’s also incredibly helpful to be able to add items to my curbside throughout the week so nothing is ever missed. LOVE IT!! The one thing I wish the H‑E‑B app had was the ability to have multiple carts. As I add items throughout the week for the big shopping trip, sometimes I need to make a smaller order in the middle of the week. In order to do this I have to remove all items out of my cart and create a list, create a new cart, then move all the items from the list back to the cart. It would be a much smoother process to be able to have multiple carts so I can have my main order and have a small immediate one when needed.
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4 weeks ago, Suziekc
Minimal Information
While I am grateful and appreciate having the option to order online for pickup, I wish there were complete nutritional information for the products. Even a photo of the label would be helpful. I would spend way more money if I knew what was in a lot of the items. I need it for diabetes control but there are tons of other reasons these days to have the complete data on hand. Some need higher protein, some are limited on sodium intake, some like to know the fat, while I need to know the carbs and fiber. It’s so annoying finding a product you’d like to try and have to go on some fact finding mission to find the nutritional information outside of the app. Please update your items. I know this is a huge undertaking but it would help so many of us with dietary restrictions. We’d also spend more money with you instead of a competitor that does list the full values.
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3 years ago, H.E.B. Shopper
Easy to use and budget-friendly
The app makes it easy to quickly put together your order, view past orders and even find items when you are shopping in-store (as the app tells you the in-store location for each item). The app and curbside pickup are helping me save money because I do not spontaneously/mindlessly add items to my shopping cart, as I do in-store. The app also keeps a running total of the cost of your order as you are adding items to your virtual shopping cart…even if you “shop” over the course of several days. Knowing that total price before I place my order (and then being able to adjust my order) is another way the app helps me stay on budget.
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4 months ago, JimmY_01
Pharmacy App
I like the pharmacy app. It’s very helpful. The problem is that I initially set it up for my husband’s prescriptions. Now that I have several myself, I really want to track mine there also. There is no way to set up a secondary account for mine. Never mind that I am the one that takes care of his refills and everything. I can set up an account for my dog but not myself! I understand the hippa process, but there needs to be a way for a spouse to set up a separate account in the app. That is the reason why I rated the app a 3, instead of a 5. Update: I finally downloaded the app on a different device with a different email and was able to set up a separate pharmacy account. It’s a shame that I had to go to such lengths to get around the issue, but at least I can now take care of all of my and my husband’s prescriptions.
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8 months ago, PeanutLuvah
Love…but file crossed off items
Your app is great and after my other general grocery list app was discontinued I started using yours full time. There is one major flaw and it’s driving me nuts and has to be bugging others. In the list view for items I am coming in to buy, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE move the checked off items to the bottom. I miss buying stuff all the time because the actual list has everything in it, is super cluttered and I have to scroll like crazy to make sure I’m not missing anything. I should only be seeing the things I want to buy on that trip. Don’t remove them, just put the checked items at the bottom so when we make our list we can find the stuff we usually buy at the bottom and move it up to our active list. We all usually buy the same stuff each week anyway. Thanks!
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10 months ago, xjawmeex
App is disappointing
For as much as I love the store, I just only have problems with the app (browser on pc and phone are fine!). I have deleted the app and reinstalled and no better. Here’s what happens: I try to login with my credentials — get an error my password is incorrect. I follow steps to reset the password (I’m getting very creative now bc of the multiple changes and password rules - great security tho!), and then go login to only get the error that no account with my email address (that I got all the password reset instructions to and ads as well) exists and I should sign up. I have tried the “create new account” for fun from there, but then have to go through the same steps and still not be able to login. Again, I’ve logged in on my browser to the site fine and that’s great! But the app — such a headache it’s not worth having in my experience. Certainly won’t deter me from shopping there, but the convenience is lackluster.
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3 years ago, Suraza
Could use some helpful features
I don’t usually do the shopping- in the old days, I would write the type of product on a list and my spouse would get it from the store. I spent 30 minutes trying to find the right kind of string cheese. Please highlight the kind I usually get. Make it easy to search my purchase history the same way we can search for items to buy and easily add them to the cart from the search results. And let me search my shopping cart! When I finally found the string cheese, it turns out it was already in the cart… I had tried to look through the cart and didn’t see it, but I did look for a search field and couldn’t find one. Please add these features for my sanity. I’m sure they’ll be helpful for other people too.
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4 years ago, j_dawgg7
Easy to use
I really like the app. I always take way too long shopping in store, so it takes up a lot of my day. Curbside pickup has changed grocery shopping for me. I pick up my first order tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier. The reason I rated 4 stars, however, is because I opened the app back up to add an item to my list (which I love that I have that option), but there are no items on the app. It’s as if you’re sold out of everything. I’ve tried searching many things and going through the categories, but I can find a single item. It’s much more than 4 hours before I’m supposed to pick up the groceries, so I know it’s not too late. Even if I try to make a new order, no groceries. I do understand that this app is new and probably in early development, so of course I’m patient. I’m just glad the app is here at all.
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