My PaintBrush: Paint and Edit

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12 months ago
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10.9 or later
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User Reviews for My PaintBrush: Paint and Edit

0 out of 5
0 Ratings
12 years ago, Thy Person
Not a Fan
I tried to reopen a picture, and all i Got was a game of checkers. Save your money folks.
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4 years ago, MKEWaldo
unbelievably frustrating
This application is, hands-down, the most frustrating app I have EVER used. In particular, when trying to create a new file from clipboard, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get the image to stay the size it is when pasted. When you click on the image it inexplicably zooms-in on the lower left corner of the image and you lose about 80% of the image. It simply doesn't work.
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3 years ago, Taptic_Apple
It's a MS paint rip off and that's what I wanted
I just wanted to draw some troll faces and what do you know a MS Paint rip off is all you need for that
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4 years ago, Bingel3405
as other people have said in reviews.. as soon as you past a picture to edit it, it will not stay the same size and zooms in wayyy to much and you cannot zoom back out to even edit the photo. Complete waste of money. go get another app that actually works.
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3 years ago, bhogan85
absolutely terrible
this has to be the worst paintbrush app on the market. nothing stays the same size, the text i cannot move nor adjust it goes in a general area and you cannot move it. been trying to make a simple logo for 2 days now and was determined because i paid money for this app but ill count my loss and just delete this worthess program.. frustrated is an understatement
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10 months ago, tried_once
Not worth to try it
The application is so user unfriendly. It it not worth the time to try it.
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3 years ago, Rogerver
This app used to be great.
Now it crashes any time I try to add text to an existing image.
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4 years ago, derf/lizr 5ny[o qhe'
used to work just fine. now it won't even allow me to select the color or a line.
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3 years ago, PDXMamaOne
So worthless it smacks of scamming.
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11 years ago, Chuck42181
So Easy a Caveman Could Use It!
For someone with no artistic talent like myself, painting apps are scary! I can’t seem to make things work, but this app is very self-explanitory. You have a lot of fun options and I was even able to create a real piece of “artwork”—or at least a cartoon drawing—with minimal effort. The ease of MS Paint combined with the conveniences of working on a Mac and with many of the same options that an amateur Photoshopper would use make My PaintBrush your painting app of choice. If I, a non-artist can make this work, I’m sure you can create a masterpiece!
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11 years ago, surf10000
This application is fantastic! You can create REAL art! This application should be litterley a MUST for all Graphic Design majors to practice artwork on the computer and the price is an added bonus. I've tried several PainBrush style applications on the market and this is by far the best with all the features. Its almost like photoshop for a micro-fraction of the price! A+
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11 years ago, Antonio525
Great app that I stumbled upon to put some ideas that I have and bring to life. With all the tools that you have at your disposal it's incredibly useful.
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10 years ago, Scott7564
this is a joke of an application
if there was any easy way to get my money back I would try. The app almosts seems unfinished, like they built half of it then forgot about orther features. It’s not intuitive and easy to use and lacks simples things like being able to copy paste easily, make objects, etc. how does it have more than one star???
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5 years ago, apqmz,akjsjdhrtua573jdn
I would rather be kicked in the balls! A slight exageration I know but only slightly. There is nothing good about this. Nothing can be uploaded even from things I have created and Microsoft paint from 1993 is better and comes free. I paid for this. Very disapointed. If there was a way to get my money back I would. Gggrrrr!
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6 years ago, Monterenee01
wish i could get a refund :(
It worked good at first but now it’s not even letting me start anything. its not responding at all after i set a canvas size. irritating because my money could be spent better on an app that actually works >:( thanks for nothing etinysoft Inc.
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5 years ago, LissaMarieHoneyBee
use to have no problems in the past but after finally updating the app it is terrible. can no longer do the simplest of projects on it.
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10 years ago, Haert
Extremely Buggy and frustrating
I have tried to do the simplest project with this app on a brand new Macbook Pro and it is EXTREMELY buggy. It won’t change the sizes of fonts.
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12 years ago, desaen
Same problem as other reviewer had
When I open a picture it does not show it fully, only small portion! Please fix it! Thanks
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9 years ago, Myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is horrible
The first thing I try to do is insert a picture. It will insert only the bottom right quarter of the picture no matter what I do. I am so dissatisfied.
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11 years ago, Five_mouths
Crappy! Similar problem!
Too bad! Only a small part of the image can be shown!!!!!
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12 years ago, Wilaquino
Simple but nice to learn!!!
Very nice app to learn digital drawing !!!
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11 years ago, Panksasf
Hate this app.. cant believe I payed for it.. Dont buy it.. has tons of bugs.. Shame Apple autorized it to the public.
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12 years ago, Embarkwithme
Do Not Buy
Worst App. Completely useless. Would give 0 stars if I could.
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12 years ago, Ms. G vs Mrs.Y
how come it never opens images in the correct size!!!!!!!!!!crap!!!!!!!!!!!!
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7 years ago, NO COLOR 123
No colors
this app is a joke!
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9 years ago, stephenpeak
A complete waist. This is a joke
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