4.6 (31.7K)
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Current version
Transportation Security Administration
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for MyTSA

4.65 out of 5
31.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Gambling Bob
Helps being on time
Little things that get you to your flight in time without waiting at your gate for hours, that’s what I got from using the app. The ability to get times on TSA check in wait times is great especially in busy airports during peak travel times. Being a known traveler I just assume there won’t be a long wait but when there is a long wait I need to know or I’ll be late.
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5 years ago, DabbleinApple
Not iPad friendly
I just downloaded this app and am impressed with its features, but I have not yet had the opportunity to try a real-world test of its functionality. There are a couple design issues that, to me, are major. First, the app inexplicably disabled the use of the Apple Bluetooth keyboard while simultaneously making the virtual keyboard disappear. Secondly, the app was designed solely for an iPhone. As compact as iPads are for the abilities they have, they are still heavy and cumbersome to hold and operate in portrait orientation. That is why most iPad users operate their device in landscape orientation and have it attached to a keyboard folio or a folio stand that holds and displays the iPad in landscape orientation. There are a great many of us who have eye problems that greatly reduce our ability to read the small print on a phone, and there are many of us who lack the hand strength to hold and operate an iPad in portrait orientation, which is why it is so critical for apps to function on an iPad in landscape orientation. I would greatly appreciate it if this issue would be rectified.
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6 months ago, MCSUSAN
Disregard for my belongings
This review has nothing to do with the app. It Hass to do with a total disregard for my belongings. My bag was searched, therefore lost in Philadelphia, and when I got it back, my bag was broken in five places, and all my belongings in my bag were thrown in like it was garbage, they even broke a very special oil that I have for my skin. I agree and understand that the bags have to be searched randomly, and I want that to be the case but to totally disrespect my personal items and throw my clothes and other items in like they had been tossed in the garbage can is unacceptable.
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4 years ago, Nick Jay jr
It is a pleasure to be TSA approved; it makes your flying experience so much more relaxing and enjoyable. I find it rather strange that, although I paid the renewal fee for TSA as well as the renewal fee for my GOES card, I have received neither of them. How do I contact them to make sure that these two very important travel assists are in good standing?
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6 years ago, Chrisconnellster
Thought it'd be better for checking security lines
Seems to rely on people uploading their wait times in security lines to give wait estimates. That's not a good model. A) folks not great at guessing wait times, B) I know I'm usually more focused on getting my shoes and belt back on than updating the TSA app with an accurate assessment of my wait time. Does TSA not track this? Why can't that info be made more accessible? I would think it'd make their job easier by giving people option to choose least busy security checkpoint, spreading things around more efficiently.
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10 months ago, Gamingmama79
I’m not a tester, but it seems there are some bugs in the app
Over all, I would recommend the app. Currently there are some bugs that do need addressed. Example: if you go to the tab for ask TSA on the iPad, if you click on the tsa website. The app crashes. On a cellphone it goes to the website. That is just one example. To me not being able to access what you need could be a problem. That is why I give 3 stars.
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5 years ago, Nasus35
Can’t change default airport
This seems like it can be useful, but I can’t find a way to remove the default closest airport, which I never use, or at least drop it below the ones I actually fly from. The what can I bring list is helpful; there are things there I wouldn’t even have thought to ask about. I’ll revisit this after my holiday travels and adjust the rating if appropriate. Three stars for now, meaning average.
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4 years ago, anesciaE
Wow!!! This new design!!
I love the new design! The airports map is really helpful! I wish you have implemented this feature before. However, the feature that I was waiting for is still missing. Actual wait times live!! Hoping to see this on your next update!
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6 years ago, jamesbondjr
Hey TSA - can you please make this app work??
This app seems like it would provide really useful information. I wouldn’t know though since it HASN’T WORKED from the day I installed it. I have faithfully installed all updates and still it crashes and closes the moment I enter anything (like choosing the airport I want info on). Has anyone actually gotten this app to work???
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5 years ago, BigDB1
AP great and really works
Started using this app while traveling over NEW YEAR 2019. Worked and was accurate on wait times. Also, shout out to all the TSA agents working professionally with huge crowds on Jan. 5 in Denver. They were polite and really helpful. No reason not to get this app if you fly to travel.
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7 years ago, Douglas1492
Valuable for one feature
I downloaded this for the TSA wait times, which sadly are not useful, at least for my home airport since it relies on user uploads (often days ago). If this gets tied into a live data feed this will become a great feature. But still very useful due to general airport status, including a map display. Let's you quickly see where delays are occurring. UPDATE: this feature was dropped in the latest update. (Or at least I can't find it). Changing my rating to one star.
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3 years ago, LCnMN
Not accurate times
I use Atlanta all the time and it still shows busy times being under 15 minutes. 8:20 on a Friday it took almost 40 minutes to get through standard lines. If you know Atlanta, they had us lined up down the hallways between the elevators! I’ve seen no way to leave notice on the app it’s self. It would be nice if the app was in real time. This isn’t the pandemic anymore, people are flying. Let’s get accurate times on the app
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4 years ago, MwieandSeamstress
Amazing time crunch saver
The TSA app is amazing especially when you’re running late, it tells you if you’re going to be delayed and possibly miss your flight. Tell the TSA officers your timing can get you up front and you won’t miss that flight. 😀😀😀
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6 years ago, armaverick
MyTSA looks good at first glance.
I see several problems. The mayor problem is that this app is only good for application. Not to be used at the airport. It lacks a way to input your personal information. Get that part fixed or show me how to do that so I can have it alll handy when going thru the airport. I rated this as 3 stars, get some of this fixed and I will review it again and raise my rate of the app.
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12 months ago, Bbbutfggdtyhh
inaccurate wait times
was flying out of atlanta and the wait times are not accurate. I would not rely on this app for wait times! from my experience it seems that the individual airport website may have more real time information. i almost missed my flight, since the wait was around an hour, and showed 15-30 min on the app!
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5 years ago, Quagmire Hall
Get me to the gate on time
Well we can do it. With all this great info and my tired old feet, I’ll make it. Thanks for my TSA Ap. I’ll try it out tomorrow Am. And hugs and thanks to all the people working at ATL check in etc ... with out being paid. Bless you. Ckn
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6 years ago, ReesethePriest
Great App
I am impressed with the information available on the app. The one problem I encountered had to do with submitting my application for the TSA prelane. After completing the form and selecting an appointment I pressed the submit button and got an error message that the page wasn’t available.
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7 years ago, MrPoiuty
Great for knowing Airport/Airline rules
I originally got this app for the KTN information but have found it to be quite useful in knowing the ever changing rules. I also like to see the status of TSA line delays before arriving for my flight.
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5 years ago, JopopoJC
Decent app, missing a few things
This is a decent overall app, but there a few items that need polishing. One thing I wish they would address is leaving the TSA Pre-Check gates and times up 24x7. Simply listing hours of service, rather than not showing up at all, would be more helpful!
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6 years ago, blueiquana
Find something else...
Wait times are based on what users upload, doesn’t have historical data available(so accuracy can be not great) The what can I bring section tells you to review the “What can I bring” document but doesn’t provide a link. It lets you apply for pre check within the app, that is about the only useful feature. I thought apple banned apps that were just bad containers for websites.
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5 years ago, mohairrug
Not able to search airports
Looks like some helpful stuff in this app, however the airport add function is either not working or non-existent. This app defaults to an airport I do not use, and despite Following instructions within the app to ‘choose star to add’ it does nothing. Hope this is fixed or added soon. Others have mentioned the same issue, btw.
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5 years ago, falas
Now it’s working.- Thank you for your quick response
Version 3.7.1 fixes my app. Kn the previous version it crashed immediately after any attempt. Now it’s working good! Thank you
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4 years ago, rob radikal
Poor Service
First time using it. Used the ID number on my plane ticket. Went to TSA precheck. Was not registered on the list. Asked the attendant why? She replied “I don’t know, I am a federal employee.” Now that is government working for the people.
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6 years ago, Born2Party236
So Far So Good
I find using this app easy and informative. If there is an issue or question about something I want to put in my carry on I just email them. Usually within 24 hours I have an answer. A very useful to for any traveler.
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2 years ago, Xioapimg64654357642169
Inaccurate information makes it worse than useless
Shows generic wait times for security check (I.e. 5 minutes for TSA-pre and 25 minutes for regular)… got to my flight at EWR and found TSA-pre CLOSED, and a 55 minute wait time for regular. Numerous people freaking out about possibly missing their flight. Better to delete the app and just arrive 2 hours early like 2019.
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6 years ago, AngelM6
Stress reliever
I’ve never flown before and I found out yesterday I’m going to a conference less than a week away. Stressed to the max about TSA/ what can I bring, my dad told me to download this app and it has made my packing a BREEZE!
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4 years ago, sue's2cents
Drop off made easier
I live within 15 minutes of the airport and have lots of guests so this app is great! I can check to see when I need to drop my guests off.
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5 years ago, Demming Sennett
Birth Certificates
The setting up of the appointment was nice and smooth, however I fail to understand the statement of “your birth certificate is to old” which was the answer I received at my appointment to finish the application. This make no sense that an original birth certificate is NOT excepted. Please fix your system it’s a little broken.
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2 years ago, the underdawg
Smart idea that's not helpful
Why does TSA think that having the security wait times for the entire airport makes sense when it varies terminal by terminal? You're better going to the websites that have figured all this out way better and way more effectively than this app. The first time I used it, the prediction was so off I deleted it right off my phone.
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6 years ago, middendorff
Sac experience
Staff was polite, and friendly. Patient too, as I worked to remove (and then reapply) a walking cast. Probably be flying more, and thinking of going for that pre-flight option.
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5 years ago, Crashed727384
All I wanted was security wait times...
Hey thanks for making me download this mediocre app to get information that should be easily made available on your website! It’s way nicer to have to open YET another app just to get what seems to be no more than crappy crowd sourced time estimates for security line wait times. Strong work.
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6 years ago, Dalevic
Love TSA Pre Check
So happy when I have TSA pre check. Makes my life so much easier since I have had 3 back surgeries and neck surgery. It’s so difficult waiting in lines. Thank God for TSA Pre Check!
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6 years ago, Smell15
This was a good app at one point
I downloaded this app years ago. Initially it was a fantastic app and I used it all the time. Then as I have upcoming trips and I need to used this app...there is an error on everything from choosing my airport to what can I bring. Clearly I am not the only person who is experiencing this issue and it needs to be fixed.
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5 years ago, Jg90069
Doesn’t do much
I had hoped this would be much more helpful; however it just doesn’t help much. It doesn’t tell you which security line at the airport is the fastest. It shows you a graph of relative wait times at the airport. However there is no scale on the graph, so you can’t tell if the longest wait time is a few minutes or a couple of hours. And as mentioned before, it doesn’t break this info out by the different security lines in an airport. It does show you what items are allowed / prohibited in your carry-on. However, I don’t see this as a big selling point.
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5 years ago, martin11011
Wait times non existent
The option to input wait times never shows up even when I’m standing in the TSA line. Always says less than 5 minutes even if the line is snaking around. Also never reports accurate location of the open lanes. I’ve walked to one terminal only to see the TSA line closed.
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4 years ago, -Addy B
Was helpful but I wish they could give more info, I would recommend downloading your airlines app, I love using the delta app! I do like that you can see what you can and can’t bring.
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6 years ago, PartyLady09
Needs more current information
I am hearing that there will be limits on powders starting in the next few days. It would be nice (competent) if that information was included in the app. Why can I only get this information from magazines? Shouldn’t I be able to get it directly from the TSA?
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4 years ago, Epiccritic19
A good UI design
Finally! More apps and websites need to do this. It really helps your company out-an attractive design can do nothing but draw in more users.
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4 years ago, LT7490
User Friendly and Informative
The My TSA app is so helpful when preparing for travel. The Ask TSA portion provides real-time information.
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6 years ago, pmccurley
I opened the app earlier and the interface looked good, but now it appears to be crashing. Is this a temporary issue? I would like to see it work more frequently and during peak travel times.
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4 years ago, EFINSC
Never Accurate!
During this time of COVID air travel, many of the TSA Pre lines are shut down due to lack of volume. The my TSA app, however, consistently shows these lanes open even though week after week they are closed and have been for months now. The app is worthless for actually showing your true status.
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5 years ago, Fierce Visual
What does it do?
I’m happy that TSA decided to make an app, assuming the purpose is to reduce frustration. But what I see instead is an app that tells me little more than I already know. Not sure why I should keep this app on my phone if it does no work that it could use when traveling.
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6 years ago, Marileemed
This hasn’t really helped me yet
As an executive platinum on American I fly several times a week. So far this has been relatively unhelpful. How do I input the wait times for my fellow travelers? Maybe if we have more people using it, it will be more beneficial.
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6 years ago, LuckyNavyGuy
Free? Still not worth the time or the money
This app has is sorry excuse to justify the $85 fee for “tsa precheck”. Save yourself the heartache of learning a new app interface and download something not government endorsed. -and no, I’m not a antigovernment liberal. I’m anti-TSA. The same the agency that fails 10/10 inspections and tests. Hell, even the weathermen are right half the time. TSA, the illusion of security and wasted time for the 99%.
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5 years ago, ieee
Could be good
Not being able to select airport and having to use location services ruins the app. And this even before getting to information it provides which may be inadequate/inaccurate as others say.
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3 years ago, dom-i-nick
Consistently inaccurate wait times for some airports
Beware!! It showed DIA wait times as being “15-30 mins” two different times several weeks apart. In reality, the wait was about an hour each time. I don’t trust this app at all. Shame on you, TSA, for providing wildly inaccurate info.
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6 years ago, traveling nixes
Always right! Helpful for getting to the airport on time
Always right! Helpful for getting to the airport on time
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6 years ago, Shik Shot
Awesome, but needs a stability.
Great app! I travel a lot and the app helps me to plan my trip. But, overall the app need to fix some speed bugs and performance bugs.
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5 years ago, Shane49
My Airports function frozen
This app is most valuable in getting current info on specific airports. But in the current version 3.6.2, this function is frozen. So, it is basically worthless for me until they fix this problem.
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5 years ago, 749643
No numbers
This app would be useful if it provided actual wait times. Instead it graphically tells what the wait is compared to “peak” with no numbers. Might be useful for a local with a lot of experience with their home airport, but not anyone else.
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