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National Car Rental
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User Reviews for National Car Rental

4.78 out of 5
215.4K Ratings
6 years ago, Dili-I-am
First time awful experience with National
I have been an Executive elite member of Emerald National for over 10 years. Been renting from National for over 10 Years. Never had any issue except this time around. The vehicle had no working windshield fluid, no fluids in the reservoir and after I added my own it did not work meaning it was not working at all. Here in Montreal and travel to QC I had to stop frequently to clean the windshield so I could actually see where I was going. Really risky. Also my very first time experience with CS at National to change drop off location CS rep and even the supervisor really played it ignorant and tried to push me to the rental pick up location in Montreal which the location never ever pick up their phone. CS basically tried to pass the responsibility to the location and they would not even stay on the phone to see if anyone will pick up so they could probably have a different approach if they did not. I guess there is always a first for every thing. I will continue renting with National but no longer at Montreal airport location.
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3 years ago, FL_MG
My rental car broke down and no one was able to assist me other than telling there was nothing they could do and could not give me another car. I was stranded somewhere in Fl about 3hours from my house and still waiting on a callback. Other than all the calls I made following the procedures in place with no luck, no offer to pick me up and take me to the nearest location which was 20min away, I’m just in total shock. I even got a courtesy call from one of the locations stating they were sorry they had no cars available and still never heard back from anyone. When the car was finally picked up the place it was towed to even called me asking what to do with the car. I have tried to call back after hitching a ride finally back to my home to close out the rental ticket and still no resolution. Given this type of service I feel really bad for anyone who would not have known what to do in a situation like this. I have been a long time customer and rent cars faithfully every month with National to the point I’m at the executive level and in disbelief this is how I am being treated. I’m gathering my thoughts this weekend and I really think everyone needs to hear of my ordeal because if this is how I was treated something tells me many others are and something needs to be done and this escalated to the highest possible internal as well as external contacts about what happened.
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9 months ago, Indefrost
Spencer at the Flint MI Bishop Airport location is by far the best employee you have at that location. I suggest you take care of him or another employer will. He always gives great customer service. One example is when I was talking about an issue I had with a car rental with his coworker, his coworker said he would not be able to resolve it, Spencer overheard and spoke up. Spencer said hold on a few minutes, let me finish with the customer I’m with now and I can help you. Less than 10 min later I was walking away issue resolved. When I walk in to get my rental I always prefer to go through Spencer. By the way rarely give written reviews. This is like maybe my 2nd or 3rd ever, I’m 45 years old.
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5 years ago, cinrock
stay in your lane
As long as you’re an Emerald club member and use Emerald aisle and quick drop off, you’ll be fine. It’s when you deviate from that by questioning a charge, vehicle problems, free rental day use or go to the counter for any reason at all that the problems occur. National customer service is the opposite of what it should be. They seem to find every reason to deflect responsibility and offer no recourse. I had one “gentlemen” at Charlotte airport tell me I was privileged to think the car I reserved should be available when I arrived. Also, arrive at Montréal airport later in the day. Expect to see an empty parking lot with 10 people standing in line. Not an isolated incident, twice in 3 months. Aside from those encounters, I always check to see if my destination does not offer Emerald aisle service or worse yet, is run by a franchisee for National. If so, I rent elsewhere. I’m a frequent traveler with Executive Elite Status for the last several years so my opinion is not based only on the experiences above. National has been fairly consistent in their arrogance and lack of customer service over the years. Emerald aisle is the only thing that keeps me from changing companies.
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3 years ago, Oldorange
Worst ever rental company
Who cares about an app for the worst ever car rental company. Over 4 stars, ha! Is that just for the app? When you cannot keep a car for a customer of a confirmed reservation, you have no business being in the business. When National’s Fargo airport rental counter asst. mgr/manager has 120 confirmed reservations and only expects 30 cars that same day, a grade schooler could figure out the business problem, and probably do a better job of fixing it. And at the very least; 1.) have a backup customer service plan, 2.) notify your customers expecting cars THE MOMENT YOU CANNOT KEEP THEIR CONFIRMED RESERVATION, 3.) be professional at all times and have a contigency plan, have drivers at the ready AND PAY FOR THEM, to take your customers wherever they need to go, hire a tow/transport truck/trailer and bring in more cars, 4.) just saying ‘come back tomorrow’, or ‘call an uber and tomorrow I will reimburse you for it’ is not professional, and not enough to absolve your disappointing failure as a career professional, embarrassing. So maybe my solution is to just delete the app and account and just use avis, or enterprise. Bye bye.
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7 years ago, ¢ω
National Services
I have been with National Car rental over 20 years. Even getting to the top level I still don't feel National as a company care about me as a loyal customer. First of all cars are not very clean and when I complaint no one returns the call or send email as promised. You would think for a loyal customer get to the top level National would guarantee there always a car for their loyal customer instead that is not the case. They actually turn me away. As for the apps it depends on the time of the day you reserve your car the price changed so fast. Many times the apps gets hang up it wouldn't work right I called in National representative actually gave me a price is much higher. I told them I have the record trying to reserve the car at a cheaper rate and they wouldn't honor it even though it is their faults with their computer glitches. There are a few times I get to the airport trying to pickup the cars that I like the manager would not allow me to do so because it is not convenience for them to move the car that was blocking the one I wanted. And usually they have pretty bad attitude toward me for asking. Again I can't see National as a company in the end it is all about money and not customer service. These are the same companies that when they are going through hardship they would cry to the governments and customers asking for help. It is such a shame.
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4 months ago, SendingOutAnSOS
As a long time loyal Executive customer, I was shocked to discover that on a recent update of the National app, customers preference for prepaid gas was automatically selected. And here’s the additional criminal action of National: when checking out a vehicle, the desk or gate employee will not ask or confirm that prepaid gas selection. If a customer calls National customer service while still using the rental, they now cannot correct the situation. Customers can only have this reversed at the original location of the pickup. Also, National no longer provides any way for a customers to call locations. I am absolutely disgusted how National and many other travel companies (airlines and hotels) are blatantly ripping off customers with more and more tricks. Shame on you SOBs! It was just 4 years ago that taxpayers provided you with billion$, even though you still laid off millions of employees, and now you’re ripping off those same taxpayers. My loyalty to National, Hilton, Delta, and the rest of these villains is DONE.
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4 years ago, DP-1013
Intermittent Performance
1. On a number of occasions I have had issues with being able to enter the ‘return’ date on my reservation. I have to go to my PC to complete the reservation. 2. Additionally, I have had numerous difficulties with the mobile app when I want to make a new reservation for the same pickup/drop off while in the middle of a current reservation from the same location. Example - I picked up a car this past Monday, Jan 6, from Airport A and returned car back to same airport yesterday. On Tuesday of this week, I discovered that I need to be back at Airport A next week and attempted to make a new reservation for the week of the 13th of January. Once I was able to get the app to accept that I wanted to make a new reservation it would not allow me to modify the return date. See item #1 above. 3. Often, I am using the app at odd hours; that is, early in the morning, late at night and weekends to plan my travel. Many times the app is not available during these periods. As a frequent flyer, I have not experienced any like issues with other apps, such as, American Airlines, Hilton Hhonors, Marriott Bon Voy, etc. I rent approximately 25 +/- times from National Emerald Aisle every year and started experiencing issues with Items 1, 2, and 3 above in the past year. I have deleted and reinstalled the app on my iPhone several times in an attempt to remedy. Please fix. This is at best annoying! At worst, I will need to consider other rental car opportunities.
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6 years ago, However,pause4effect
Without Equal
I travel often for both work and pleasure. Like any frequent traveler, removing bottlenecks and points of friction from my path makes my travels even more enjoyable. I’ve tried nearly every rental car company in the marketplace. With a spate of mergers over the years, it’s sometimes hard to tell if one company that your vetting from another for your business is affiliated or not. Over the years, I’ve noticed a National consistently distinguish itself from its peers. Like being an industry innovator in allowing you to reserve at a level that allows you to choose your own vehicle. A move, many others in the industry (clumsily) tried to follow. No organization is perfect and National definitely has some areas it needs to improve. I find the consistent area that’s 50/50 is the quality of customer service among staff at particular airports. I’m not going to name them (we & they know who they are), but airport rental customer service is either spot on or like a group of people serving out a karmic debt. Equally, whenever I’ve encountered a problem, the agents at customer resolution have always exceeded my expectations and quickly resolved he issue. That fact, coupled with the ease, quality, and reliability of the app, makes National my go to choice for car rental.
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4 months ago, midnight.x
I will never ever ever use National in a million years. They left me stranded at the airport after I GOT IN A CAR, HEADED TO CHECK OUT, only to find out they don’t accept the only credit card I had!! When were you going to tell me that??? Accepted my card on my file for the reservation but NOT in person as I’m leaving and trying to check out! Had I known that I would’ve prepared other options. But to be told that LAST MINUTE and offer nothing to help is INSANE! I will never in a million years use this service again. That is the worst customer service experience I’ve had in my entire life. Now I’m scrambling trying to find alternate transportation. But wow. I’m disgusted and angry. Nowhere on my profile, the reservation documents, etc. do they list there being an issue with certain cards. So good luck!! It’ll be Russian roulette as to whether they like your card or not. But they WONT tell you beforehand in any way shape or form. Happy traveling.
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4 years ago, SoccermamaNJ
Houston Hobby
Car dropped off 11/12 at 1030. Not one attendant came to check our vehicle thought I left keys in car but Discovered keys in my possession and went to take shuttle back to return keys- shuttle driver said he would take the keys to National for me - status remains as overdue. Unable to talk to a human direct at hobby all numbers received by customer service do not work and every call to customer service stated we have to wait for them they are busy - have requested this be elevated to the appropriate internal management oversite of Hobby staff for resolution- nothing yet 48 hours has passed they tell me to keep calling
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11 months ago, Dhamrick1818
Avoid National At All Costs
I have used this company twice while traveling for work. I have had nothing but issues with them. I first opened my account using my personal credit card as I had not received my corporate card at that time. After receiving my corporate card I went to pick up my first rental and verified with the agent that my personal card would be deleted and they would keep my corporate card for the charges. It worked for the first rental. Fast forward two weeks and I’m renting again at a different airport. As an Emerald member I simply went out, picked a car, and went. I returned the car without issue but found out two weeks later that they charged my personal card. I logged into the app to check that my info wasn’t there and it wasn’t, but neither was my corporate card. I called customer service and proceeded to be gaslighted by their horrible staff claiming they have no payment info. I informed her that they had to charge me somehow as I never gave my card once to any stuff during the duration of that rental. Essentially National will take your payment information, find a way to charge it, but also somehow lose the info. The customer support staff is horrendous, argumentative, and do not listen when you explain a problem you had choosing to gaslight instead. Avoid at all costs.
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4 years ago, SwitchingToHertz
I never want to rent from National again!
I rented a vehicle on December 29 and returned it ahead of schedule the very next day at 1:55pm. The attendant that accepted the vehicle was mysteriously unable to provide a receipt, simply a piece of paper that acknowledged the return date, time, mileage, and fuel level. It is now 9:30pm on January 4 and I still haven’t received a receipt for the return of my vehicle. I have called National a total of 6 times and wasted almost 2 hours on the phone trying to resolve this situation, each time being assured that I would receive a receipt within 24 hours. However, the National app still shows the rental as overdue and I’ve been unable to request a receipt or any other information online or with the assistance of customer service. This situation is offensive in the extreme and totally disruptive to my corporation’s requirement for expedited year-end expense processing. I can’t believe how poorly the accounting of this rental has been handled by National.
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3 years ago, fjlinmo
National Changed My Reservation Due To Staffing
With no notification, the Fresno Airport National office changes its operating hours due to staffing, closing at 11pm instead of midnight. Those of us arriving at 11:30am follow the sign for Members to Go Straight To The Cars only to find the two cars on the lot locked. Once back at the desk it says to go to the Enterprise desk as they are open. At the Enterprise desk is the paper printed sign that has hours of operation and with a pen the times are scratched out and re-written to close at 11pm. The web site still says it closes at midnight and opens at 7am, but my reservation now says that I can pick the car up at 8:30am which will put me two hours late for my meeting. Had I gotten notification I could have change to any of the other rental car companies at the airport as they were all still open. Looks like it is time to take my business elsewhere.
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4 years ago, Merl Van Zant
Charging extra days
I rent cars through National through the Executive Travel Desk and FBO locations at General Aviation airports. For approximately the last year National and Enterprise have been in the habit of not picking up the cars when the rental is over as shown on the rental agreement. They may pick them up a day or two later and then charge you for the extra days. They have also been in the habit of bringing them out early ahead of when you requested the rental time and charging you for that time. Then takes hours to settle the dispute. The most recent example happened at the Lexington Kentucky blue grass airport. I returned the car on November 7 as agreed to on the rental contract and it is now Sunday and I got a notification that my rental is overdue. Very bad service. Of course they will not answer the telephone when I try to call to straighten this out. Will probably have to start using Hertz.
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3 years ago, ghostrida420
I’ve been using this app pretty frequently for a couple of years. Lately it’s been hanging more and more, and there is absolutely no better experience than to watch the stupid app sit on the starting screen with two spinners going indefinitely. Oh, did you want to cancel or modify a reservation? Well, too bad, because something somewhere doesn’t load, and we here at National app team or whatever are absolutely against giving you any feedback in the app if whatever action times out. Keep watching the spinners! The app itself is really, really dated and the UX is inconsistent at best. Love getting a popup warning me about some California law thing that slides up EVERY time I’m trying to reserve. The app seems to rely a lot on web views so you have to wonder if a mobile page would work better.
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2 years ago, TJH 1974
Best Rental Experience
I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to do business with the company that actually still cares about my business and provides outstanding customer service that isn’t very common much these days. From walking right past the counter to go pick out a car in the Emerald Isle, to calling Customer Service and having them bend over backwards to make me a happy customer- to all the people I’ve interacted with being so kind and genuine and helpful -I wouldn’t dream of renting anywhere else. Thank you for being a bright spot in my day!
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7 years ago, JesusLovesYouToo
Island of Kauai
All their staff, from manager Matt, to employees Chantel, Jana, Harold, Justin, and the rest of their group have been so good to work with. Whenever I encountered a problem or needed help, they've been quick to act and provide the proper response. You will find there is a considerable difference between this organization and the rest. Rented from the other large organizations with varied experiences - mainly fair to terrible. Car cleanliness, quality of the vehicles, & the people servicing the front counters. I come for 4 1/2 months of each year; renting weekly, and can attest from personal experience that National is best.
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5 years ago, executive elite member
Terrible customer service
I booked a mid size car a day in advance. Upon arrival the counter said they only have compact cars. I am 6’5, I do not fit in a compact car. My only option was to take a suv(gas guzzler). I called corporate national to book a mid size car at the next location along my route, they confirmed that the next location had a few mid size cars and they reserved me one. So I drove 2 hours to that location. Upon arrival they said they do not have any mid size cars available only trucks, the only cars they have are for reservations, I said I have a reservation, they said they have nothing but a truck to give me. Now I am driving to the next location 1 hour away to see if there is any mid size cars available. I am executive elite, renting 45 cars a year, this is the first time National has had poor customer service with me.
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4 years ago, jlcast915
Not exactly a replacement for a paper rental agreement
My plans changed and I had to change the pick up time by 2 hours and the drop-off date and location. The app gave me error messages when I tried to modify the reservation. I had to do it at the airport. COVID-19 — no one’s at the counter. The lot agent says she made the changes but with no paper contract available, I had to take her name for it. I assumed there’d be an electronic contract on the app. Nope. I signed out and back in, exited out of the app — still no contract (this is an hour after it was opened). Finally, after restarting my phone, I was able to see it — but only my license plate, and the updated pickup and drop-off location/date. Presumably the rate changed, but there’s no way to look it up on the app. Bottom line: glitchy, slow to update, insufficient rental information.
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2 years ago, Jhonesnaps
Not working properly.
I’ve been trying to make changes to my current rental agreement using this App and its been a dismal failure. For two days I tried making a day change using the app it has not worked at all. So I’m extremely dissatisfied and frustrated by the lack of response in the App. Also, the vehicles that I’ve been given on this contract have been sub-standard due to poor maintenance and exceptional high mileage. Making it hard to have trust in the vehicles I’ve been renting. I’ve a been a loyal Executive Elite and I’m feeling that for this trip I’ve been badly handled by the Managers and Staff personal, this lack of support is making me think twice doing future business with National. I strongly suggest that I be contact by corporate complaints department so I can provide details.
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2 years ago, SuperII
The intent for rating is for the APP, not customer experience!
It’s funny to read all these reviews of casual renters who have a mildly inconvenient experience and suddenly it’s the end of the world and National is the worst… My review of the APP is that it works. It lets you book a reservation, check on (future and past reservations, and check on reward status. It works as advertised. I did have a login/loading issue a short while back with the app but I deleted and redownloaded it and that solved the issue. 5 stars because the app works well.
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4 years ago, MKinn2112
Travelers Take Heart
There is still a travel based company that pulls out all the stops to help weary travelers. The National Car Rental at the Phoenix Sky Harbor is one such place. After this idiot traveler (me) forget to bring his renewal drivers license paperwork...needed to rent a car...the National staff went over and above to assist. From Taylor who helped me as I tried to leave the lot (told me to back up, gave me a bottle of water and walked me through options) to both Nancy and Woody at the front desk who happily worked to get my DMV paperwork faxed to their location. Saved my day. Saved my trip. Thanks should be proud of this team.
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5 years ago, GreenPrell
Working with National has been a pleasure — particularly since we joined the Emerald program. Our experience with National’s Customer Service is that they’re very professional, helpful, and expeditious. And, the Emerald Club is delightful: being able to get off your plane and just walk directly to an aisle of cars, choose which one you want (should we get a sports car this time? An SUV?), get in and just drive off feels like true luxury after a long air travel experience. If you’re reading this as you evaluate car rental companies, I think you’ve lucked out: this is a great one.
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2 years ago, Dp3NY
National located at Ft. Lauderdale AIrport has the best customer service out of all the rental companies on site. From the front desk, to the kiosk they get you in your vehicle and on your way. I have rented from them for several months and I always have new, low mileage clean cars. They have new BMW’s, all with less these 2k miles on them. It’s incredible. They also have the big SUV’s all clean and new as well, like the Tahoe’s. If you get a rental I would go with them without a doubt. Glad they are at that location.
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3 years ago, Dusteez1
Worst car rental mobile application
I have been a National Emerald Club member for a long time, and continually rent enough to achieve Executive status. I like National for its convenience in airport pickups without waiting in line, but making reservations is always difficult. The app is frequently updating, has bugs for the simplest of tasks like signing in, and is very slow. Lately I have attempted to leave my review with corporate office about both the app and availability of rentals at some airports. My calls have been parked for extended periods of time and inquiries have gone unanswered. Because of this, my normally loyal bookings are being spread out to those who at least address customer concerns, have availability of cars, and have addressed the bugs in the apps.
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5 years ago, rotten Camaro
LA rental
I rented a car at the LA airport and was very disappointed with the team that worked there. I had issues with the car and left several messages for a manager to contact me. So that we could work together but after calling 3 times I turned it over to the national headquarters. Never did I receive a call or email from the LA location. Very sad. My company rents from national every day of the year. All over the world. And this is not what I expected from this location. Every other location is great to deal with.
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3 years ago, Quirkyosity
Best in Class
I am changing my car rental company based on this app. I have been Hertz for many years but it has offered very few cars in the airport I fly to most lately. I checked National and was pleasantly surprised on the variety, including high end cars in the small airport. The prices were very good. I needed to extend my rental and found I could do it on the app. I hate calling. Extending my contract took mere seconds on the app so now I am a huge fan of National. I’m heading to Denver next week so I’m canceling my Hertz reservation and booking with National.
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4 years ago, Juratlanta2
Extremely frustrated customer
I have 32 rentals with National so far this year, more than 220 days. I am trying to book a car for a 10 days vacation, but for some reason I cannot use more than 7 free days at a time. I would be charge almost $400 for the 3 additional days, which is ridiculous considering I have 14 free days. I’ve spent over 4 hours over the phone with different agents and supervisors since Sunday, and there is no way around. This is just not fair!
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1 year ago, North Park Bill
Select your car is the best
I love that you can go pick your own vehicle and just drive to the kiosk to check out. I had to use a different company and honestly I just totally dislike that I ended up with a car I didn’t enjoy driving. Yes you get used to it but I also that’s why I choose National when I have a personal trip- I love choosing a car that fits what trip I’m on and I don’t ‘get stuck’ with something that absolutely doesn’t work for me!
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6 years ago, SE Dan C
Great Customer Service
Birmingham, Alabama location Customer Service is an awesome experience. I would like to take this moment and recognize a couple of representatives that go above and beyond for the Executive Club Members. These representative are Mr. Donald, Miss. Gwen, and Mr, Darrin.. These representatives of Nation Car Rental take great pride in their roles and go the extra mile for customer satisfaction!! Please take a moment to share this information with these representatives so they know the important role they participate in each day respecting National Car Rental. Thank you! Executive Club Member, Dan Cook
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3 years ago, couv1
I rented a car for two months and after just one month the headaches started when the car showed SERVICE DUE. Needed the oil changed. I called and was told to take it into my local National rental; which I found out does not perform this service. I was also told that I could take it to my local Firestone Service center and was provided an address. It was closed seven days due to Covid. I simply drove to the next nearest Firestone service center where I was told that the wait would be two hrs. I then began trying to call my local National Rental center, where I picked the car up. I kept being directed to the National call center that lied and said they could NOT provide me with a direct number and could not transfer me. After two days and seemly a hundred calls, I finally reached the National location that rented me the car. They provided me with additional options. I can only hope to get this matter resolved soon. Still reading I failed to mention that the first car that I was given did not connect to my phone as promised. Location Pasco Washington
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1 year ago, Mosa29
DO NOT sign up for emerald on app
I like National, but this app is unbelievably frustrating. In order to sign up for Emerald Club, it opens a pop-up window from within the app that forces you to enter ALL information before saving anything. The last step is to accept terms and conditions. If you select “read terms and conditions” it will open up a PDF that you can’t get out of without closing the whole window and therefore exiting your unsaved progress after entering ALL your information. I have now done this twice thinking the first time was user error wasting valuable time at the airport. I am going to go take a walk and cool down before trying again FROM THE WEBSITE.
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5 years ago, SumStarbuck
Great service!
When I rented my car I reserved a convertible but when I showed up to pick a car, I was directed to the rows without any convertibles; figuring they didn’t have them and being in a hurry I picked a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Nice car but not what I had in mind. Anyway when returning the car, i mentioned this to Kathy and she said she would see what she could do for me. Because a Jeep just isn’t a convertible! She walked over to Matti, and they worked it out and gave me 2 free days! Great and friendly service! I love national!
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6 years ago, Njay328
Syracuse Hancock International Airport Staff
You can’t ask for a more kind, generous, understanding, patient group of people. Those folks at the Syracuse Airport are always prompt, productive and ready to handle anything thrown at them. I’ve seen them make accommodations with very few cars in the lot to taking an uncleared car to get cleaned, gassed up and pulling it to the front for customer satisfaction. That’s what I call Quality customer service. This team is a 5 Star team and I am happy we do business with them.
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11 months ago, Sunshinesonme
Excellent trip thanks to National.
The car we rented was a Cadillac XT5. The car was clean and great on gas. The seats were quite uncomfortable compared to my Cadillac CTS that I drive daily. This of course is not the fault of National. The reservation and rental process was a efficient as, I feel it could have been. The return process was even more seamless. Good job to the clerks at the counters and the app for making the trip more easy. I would recommend the agency but jot the car.
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10 months ago, snakebitmac
Executive Elite member treated like crap
I have rented from National as a weekly business traveler since 2011. My grandmother passed and I tried to make a last minute two day reservation. The app would not let me. I called the number on the app, gave my info and they said nothing available. Asked could they check Enterprise if they had anything. Yes, but you have to rent for a week. I explained it was last minute for a funeral. They said I still would have to pay the weekly rate. When I asked for their name, email and number, they hung up on me. I turned around, put in rental for a week on the app and they magically have a ton of rentals available. I’m done with National!!! Cold hearted company.
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3 years ago, jbigjoe
Fort Smith Rental location
Today. I returned rental. Bright Red F-150. To the front row. I placed the keys in the drop box on the National Rental car counter at approximately 455am. I departed on flight at 610am. I need a receipt for claiming business expense. Problem is the car has not been checked in in the system. Indicating that the rental return is over due. I have made 2 calls requesting receipt at the Nation phone number. I had a friend go the desk in person. To find no one there on multiple occasions. Who ever is working today. Failed to pull keys from drop boxes and process returns. And is absent from the desk frequently. This issue needs to be addressed. There is a low number of vehicles to manage at this location. Please manage them and process them timely. Bottom line. I still need a receipt
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4 years ago, jc on paycor
Can’t get a contract closed out
Turned the car in at south bend airport Saturday. No one at the counter at 12:25. Left key and contract in drop off box. Today is Tuesday and still not closed out. Called customer service in the morning on Tuesday to get it closed out . They said it was showing closed and they sent a message to South bend location to expedite a closed contract. 3 plus hours later I still have nothing and my National app shows car over due. What a joke for service.
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3 years ago, BamaTG
App hasn't worked in last 4-5 updates, and for what seems like years
I'm currently at iOS 14.4.2. The app will not load on iPhone 12 Pro Max or iPad Pro. The app pulls up and a grey circle spins. I usually give up and just log into website on a laptop. However, today I was in the mood that I determined to see if it would ever load... 15 minutes later the iPhone app was still spinning at the opening page. Bottom line, if you like watching a grey wheel spin you will LOVE this app. Otherwise it's a waste of memory space on my device. Even more frustrating, if you try to go to the website on the iPad or iPhone it automatically takes you to the app... and back to the Spinning Circle of Eternal Frustration.
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6 years ago, ERBlocker
Rental in Mexico City
My reservation for a small SUV (Equinox...) was a hassle. , we waited over 90minutes at the airport, the offsite rental office did not pick up calls, and so I finally went to the offsite rental office. They did not have the same size car and Instead put us in a smaller car at the same rate. They said they will give me a discount at check in but have been vague about t. Very frustrating after it was so easy to make the reservation online.
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2 years ago, Wethegreat
Barcode Scanner Broken
Picked up a rental car from IND location and tried to scan the barcode, both on the windshield and on the key, but it was never recognized and scanned/read in the National app while I was trying to complete Emerald Checkout. After trying both barcodes for few minutes, I eventually gave up and headed towards the checkout gate agent. Please fix this barcode scanning issue in your app. Also, cannot add an additional driver in the app to an existing reservation at least. These two things need attention.
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5 years ago, SLT06
Less than thrilled
First time I have ever had to clean a rental car I just received. Arrived this morning on a tight schedule, proceeded to my car class and no Premium SUV were present. Found a car I thought was National but turned out to be Alamo. After some time, and verifying my rental agreement, the gentleman from Alamo advised me to take the Alamo suburban. Not the brightest in the garage and when I am driving home I noticed how filthy the car was. Not Happy but had no choice to clean it with my kids so we can get on the road and stay on time.
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9 months ago, hrodwilly
Impossible to use, first time login
Want to change to National as a preferred provider for my company but CANNOT get logged in on iphone. Registered and logged in fine on Web UI and iPad app. Have tried everything I know. Deleted and reinstalled. Tried email instead of number. Need phone app to work for travel. Same Error message EVERY time. “Error has occurred. Please try again.” Will have to change to another rental company if this doesn’t work.
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9 months ago, Allolsd
National is great
I’ve had great experience with national aside from their Scottsdale location where I had to pay extra on top of my normal reservation and barter my free days to get a base gladiator. Everywhere else I’ve rented the gladiator was a normal option for an executive member. Their Maine location in Portland doesn’t have a great selection. It was really small and didn’t get what I wanted there either. Otherwise I like everything about national and the selections at the other locations.
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6 years ago, Moo Mo 65`
National used to be a good company
I used to enjoy using Nation Car rental, I am a business professional & executive elite member for several years, the past year I have problems with cars being returned and not scanned, having to call to get receipts, there app never has past rental history, they seem to have lost the customer service that made me and over 200 other employees I work with ask our corporate office to change rental companies. It’s a shame to see a company take such a downward spiral.
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12 months ago, Brownowitz
Rick Brown
I have been a loyal National customer for years and had the absolute worst rental car experience of my life today. The level of ineptitude was beyond belief. I had a tire blowout in a National vehicle. However due to a long line of screwups i am still stranded on the side of a busy highway 4 hours later. Things happen. I get that however the way a company responds to a customer in distress speaks volumes. Very disappointed
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6 years ago, Elite member LA
Vehicle was not ready to be rented
The vehicle was smoked filled which got worse when I drove. The SUV wasn’t cleaned or washed properly. It was in the luxury isle. I couldn’t take it back after I left LAX because of work constraints. I had to clean the interior my self and have it washed on the road, plus take it to a tire place and have the tires aired up they were some under inflated and add washer fluid. Very dissatisfied with this rental. I’ve never experienced this at national before.
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9 months ago, SADNESS IN CALI
Flew out for work from PA to Fresno today. Both connecting flights were delayed and we arrived after hours. Since I’m an Executive Elite I went to the lot to grab a vehicle per my reservation. The entire lot was closed and my hotel is an hour from the airport. Will need to take a cab/Uber to hotel and deal with this situation in the morning while missing important meetings. Customer Service stated they could not help me whatsoever and I would need to wait till they reopened. They provided no assistance whatsoever and were not very considerate of my situation or need. Highly disappointed considering my status with this agency.
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10 months ago, KTTreat
I have been a National customer exclusively for the past couple years. The staff every where is great. I wouldn’t choose another rental company. I am sorry to say that I get a card from the National rep just about every week when I rent and I don’t have time to send in their names to give them kudos I hate that . However, I happen to one on my desk for Brady in Tampa. So kudos to Brady.
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