Neiman Marcus | Luxury Fashion

4.6 (1.2K)
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Last update
12 months ago
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12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Neiman Marcus | Luxury Fashion

4.59 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Little Black Dress Coat
Christmas is Coming!
My daughter has had a rough start to high school, so I am surprising her with a bundle of things to go under a tree she doesn’t think is coming…let’s just say she was skirting on the naughty list once or twice this year…but her grades are STELLAR. Just a little black dress and her very own first designer dress coat from none other than Neiman’s. A gifted and talented vocalist, my 14 year-old will be directed to sing for Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ—in a historic church in our Nation’s Capital. The ultimate gift is the Scotch Bonnet Coat in what appears to be a lovely velvety jet black puffer coat—I’ve been searching all week, so I am super tickled about my welcome 15% discount—I cannot WAIT to purchase it in the wee hours of tomorrow morning! Thanks Neiman Marcus, I’m sure it won’t disappoint!!
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7 months ago, Aa3739
App is crap and they became greedy beyond greedy
This company used to be great. They had a nice return period before and they were super service oriented. Now it’s shut and and give me your money and no discounts on the things you actually want. Their discounts now are just on junk that no ones heard of or such an esoteric selective group of actual high end items that have such gross prices that they’ve now drove off actual millionaires from shopping with them, it’s like they’re expecting everyone of their customers now to be a billionaire and umm Neimans there isn’t new billionaires every day like other wealth levels. Mark my words if you continue on this greed trajectory your business will be totally unsustainable and you shall go out of business but maybe that’s all your executives want they can drain the company of money and just walk away being richer than ever and just screwing the people of whom I promise they do not care about.
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2 years ago, sandisunshinej
Doesn’t work for me.
Over $1500 lost later I’m on here to warn people this company has a very short, very strict return policy. Even if you are a new user with verifiable technical problems or were out of town they will keep your money and not let you return a brand new, tagged, unused item with no exceptions. Even if it’s one day past their two week policy they will return the merchandise unused to you to gather dust in your closet or be thrown out, giving away etc. I have written extensively to the company before writing a poor review that was answered with a canned response. Also I would get text alerts for things I wanted, promptly respond within seconds and it’s out of stock? I traveled extensively for work and leisure Doesn’t work for me…
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12 months ago, smailovic824
Worse Service Ever and very unprofessional!!!
My first time buying from Neiman Marcus and definitely the last time! I bought a canali suit and paid for express overnight shipping but my order wasn’t shipped till 3 days later (although it said that it was available in store) and didn’t get it till the following week which was too late for me as I missed a very important meeting for my job. Costumer service were kind but not helpful. They kept telling they are sorry everyday I called but never did a thing. This is extremely unprofessional if you want to sell designer cloths and luxury brands your service has to be high quality too! I’ll never buy my suits from Neiman Marcus again.
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3 months ago, Timeless26
Customer service is always Top Tier
I enjoy shopping with my beauty Ambassador Michelle Bernal in the cosmetics department. She’s is totally awesome. She’s is very good at what she does . She is always very patient and she always take the time to work with you until you find exactly what you want. She will never force any product on you and she won’t stop assisting you , until you find exactly what you want. If you ever need to shop for anything in the cosmetic department, please stop by and ask for Michelle, you will be extremely impressed with her knowledge about the different brands within the cosmetic department and her overall professionalism. Her customer service is top tier and I promise you you will be very impressed and not disappointed . L. Johnson
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2 years ago, duanelux
First App review
I’ve never taken the time to review an app until now. For the longest time I shopped with other luxury retailers because Neiman Marcus failed with having an app that was as seamless as its competitors. Today that changed! Wow! …it’s fast, responsive, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, user-friendly. Very impressed and happy to see NM pull through.
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8 months ago, zazuro
Neiman made unauthorized charges to my CC
Beware: Neiman Marcus has been making unauthorized charges on my credit card. No my card was not stolen, Neiman Marcus literally is making unauthorized charges. Charging my credit card without my consent just because you have it on file should be illegal. Changing what I ordered and shipping things I did not order should be illegal. 1. I placed an order that had backordered stock. Neiman decided to cancel the order days later and drop the pending cc charge - without communicating with me at all. 2. Neiman then reopened the order - on their own volition without communicating with me and without my consent - and charged my cc for a 2nd time. I called them to recancel to order I didn’t reopen and I was told they would. So the 2nd pending charge was removed from my cc. 3. But they didn’t cancel the order !!! So then they made an unauthorized third charge to my cc and mailed me two totally different sizes of the items I had originally ordered!
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2 years ago, Fanastic day
Alex in cosmetics at Fashion Island so so attentive to my questions and provided excellent feedback on new products. Will absolutely work with him on future orders. Thank you Alex for suggesting Hourglass products. Love this new brand.
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1 year ago, erbicel502
Crash crash crash
Every single time I use this app, it crashes. Without fail. And every time I check out - crashes. It’s insanely irritating and completely user unfriendly. Also, why do I need to enter my full card number when I check out? What is even the point in storing it then? I literally have NEVER written an app review before this, that’s how much I dislike this app and it’s lack of functionality.
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4 months ago, Disco Kitty
Do NOT shop thru the app
Horrible customer service. The app said my items were already available in store for pick up same day. I received a confirmation email that my order was received and did not get ANY updates after that. I called the next day and they said it was delayed and would be in two days later. Called two days later after NO updates. They say it will be ready tomorrow but we will see.
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10 months ago, Dr pedo
Neiman Marcus fix your app!!
I love the store, but the app is just awful. It crashes constantly during use, for some reason you have to re-enter your card number every time (even though it’s saved and you’re signed into the app), the Circle rewards are not automatically applied to your account, and the filtering options are not great. This is a luxury shopping experience- step up your app! It’s been bad for a too long…
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1 year ago, bzkbzkbzk
Crash Crash Crash
I’ve never used a retail app that crashes as much as this one does, After setting up my search filters and scrolling through the results, the app either swipes off the page or reverts back to the Neiman Marcus Signature page. Extremely frustrating. I was on a mission for a dress, so I reentered my search parameters at least three additional times. Each time, the app crashed. The app is updated.
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2 years ago, review GOD 👾👾👾👾👾
Cheap app design
This app doesn’t stay signed in. When I add stuff to my cart while browsing and then log in at checkout, anything I added to my cart disappears instead of transferring to my logged in cart - like every other online website has figured out. It also asks me to enter/ confirm my store card number, like, the full card number, EVERY SINGLE TIME I CHECKOUT. So no point in storing. There’s nothing convenient about the app at all.
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10 months ago, free2b&
Continues to crash - no updates have addressed that
I’ve waited more and more impatiently as NM has rolled out updates to its new app. There has been no change to the frequency of crashes. Conducting filtered searches leads to more and more crashes. I’ve given up many times after being kicked out of the app AND the website
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1 year ago, 10 year chase customer 😤
Not worth it
They entice you with sales and gift cards to make a purchase then they put limits on the gift cards and you can’t buy nothing and then it expires within days of receiving it. It took months after promised date to receive gift was delayed for reasons of there own. Never shopping here again same stuff and better discounts in Bloomingdale’s
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2 years ago, nikkigoodwin10
Fast but missing features
Need a way to share listings!! I want to share so many items but there’s no share functionality. Can’t filter by sex assigned at birth either or click the brand from a sku page to be taken to all of that brands item
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10 months ago, Victoria78*
Consistently goes down
The app was doing fine, and then it started consistently going down. There was just an update a few minutes ago and it still just has a white screen. Deleted and added back and same thing. This surely is not an experience for a luxury store!
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2 years ago, bchfgshgkfuug
I always considered you a high end store. Your app is glitchy and slow. I have to login every 5 minutes. Your customer service team is horrible. I’ve had to speak to supervisors every time I call bc the regular ppl don’t speak English well and they weren’t able to find the item in my order that I wanted to return. One made me wait on hold for 30 mins only to hang up on me. You sent me the wrong item twice, and charged me for the second item even though the supervisor said it would be free of charge. Literally the same customer service level as Spectrum/Time Warner cable and any airline. Please be better
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9 months ago, 8-bit fit
No longer works
Outside of the constant crashes when using the app for more than 10mins, now the app no longer works. No matter if I uninstall and re-install, I only get a white screen. I’m forced to use the web browser
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2 years ago, cspangiliman
Shout out to my Beauty Consultant !
Just wanted to give an amazing review to my beauty consultant Ruella. She’s been treating me amazing. A true professional and treats her customers as genuine as ever ! A true and genuine person ! Ruella needed to be recognized as one of the best !
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5 months ago, Hazewritings
App Constantly Crash
Neiman need to address their IT and app developer. Their app constantly crash even the latest one. Sometimes it doesn’t open after the Neiman Marcus greeting. I’m surprise the app is rated this high when it doesn’t do what an app is intended to do. Most of the time I find myself shopping out of their website due to this persistent problem.
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2 years ago, Marcel Jordan Smith
Loving the update!
So sleek and beautiful with the new update. Loving it much better than the old version. Now it reflects a luxury experience comparable to service Neiman’s is known for.
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11 months ago, EM19781981
Great products
Great product but the app always crashes when I am doing a search .
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7 months ago, Penelope Pitstop 58
Shows items as in stock. Days later you’ll get an email that an item you bought is out of stock. A week later you’ll call on the status of other items in your order, only to be told they were also out of stock. How could I buy several things and they all be out of stock.
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1 year ago, Laurapwpr
Thank you, Vilma!!
It’s always a pleasure being able to shop with Vilma’s assistance at the Home Dept of the Lenox Square store. Very professional, customer service oriented and very kind. Best Regards, Laura W
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2 years ago, Sparklingthenights
Much Better
So much better than the old version. Works great, so user friendly!
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2 years ago, ~~j~~
Horrible App
App glitch and shuts down easily. Chat with customer service not working (typed out a long message, hit send, and nothing. The message disappeared). WHERE IS THE INCIRCLE INFO!!! It’s not listed at all in the app, and the online website just sends you to the app. There no way to check or use your Incircle points. This company can do better.
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1 year ago, roverreview
Viewing orders -stuck now in Feb 2023
Was looking through my past orders and couldn’t go past March the other day. Now I am trying to view recent orders and it’s for everything prior to Feb!!! Please fix!!! I need to see my existing orders!!!
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2 years ago, Rc0685
NM App 👏🏼
Amazing upgraded NM App. It is super easy to navigate and shop with. I am very impressed with the new enhancements and I love that gold button that follows me through the app!
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2 years ago, teri sanchez
Excellent service
Rulis Serrano is an asset to Neiman Marcus. He is engaging and extremely personable. I was truly fascinated by the time he spent with me and his encouragement to try different product. A total star!!!
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7 months ago, NTGAC
So helpful and wonderful
Natasha at Topanga Mall was absolutely outstanding. She helped me with an issue and was so kind, caring and incredibly helpful. Such an asset to NM
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5 months ago, Sara_h86
Sooooo many bugs
There are so many bugs in this app. I am an affiliate marketer and trying to add things to lists is an absolute nightmare. Nothing is organized and when you try to look through your lists or organize them, the pages constantly crash. Pleeeeeeease fix it!
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1 year ago, JHJJJ0315
Overall Great Just Needs Landscape Mode
Was surprised to find Stefano Ricci here, not available on Farfetch, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Selfridges or SSENSE so that is definitely a plus. My 5 star when I can use it in landscape mode.
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2 years ago, 126rogue4
Terrible App
Poorly done and try using it to find clothing. They only refer you to their website which to be Frank is not much better. Keep track of your favorites, they sell out and you’re stuck because trying to unmarked the little heart is almost impossible. A waste of time.
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2 weeks ago, Mia.11
Terrible App
This app is the worst! There is no back button, which means after viewing a piece, you cannot go back to your search results. This crappy app will take you back to the home screen, literally every single time. NM lost my business. I'd rather pay more for convenience.
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2 years ago, this nockname is taken 69
Great app but…
When I scroll through my favorites it always brings me back to the top. Other than that, this app is great.
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2 years ago, kmb14*
This app takes forever to process when scrolling to view items. The delay to catch up really is frustrating. There is also a time out feature where app shuts off when allowing this process.
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6 months ago, michaeldnc
A luxury app it is not
When the app works it is fine, which is rare at best. Filters? Applied long-sleeve for men’s shirts, the first result and several others are short-sleeve. Not certain why I bothered since the app constantly shuts down on its own.
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2 years ago, Metatron32
Disappointing Degradation
This company used to be so stylish and had such class. Now I open the app and the first image I see looks like a young hooker! What has happened to this company and why has it lost its moral compass? They may still have many nice things but I'm not going to support a business who depicts women in this way? A SAD AND DE-EVOLUTION!!
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8 months ago, VictoriaL4567
App crashes
This app is easy to navigate, but when you run a search or browse it completely crashes after a minute or so. I’ve tried deleting and redownloading the app but I am having the same issue still.
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10 months ago, StrikingBeauty
The app was updated and it just shows a white screen. My profile also cannot be found within Neiman Marcus due to the crashing. FIX FIX FIX Is nobody trying to fix the app? It doesn’t work
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2 months ago, fifi69420
Terrible app, always crashing
Constantly crashes even after updating. NM, I like shopping at your store but it is very frustrating to constantly lose my place while shopping because the app crashes
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2 years ago, Stressed person
New improvements
These new improvements are awesome
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9 months ago, okrita
App is a white screen since ios 17.0.3 update
Doesn’t seem to be anyone discussing this in forums. Have done all the things (restart, hard reboot, uninstall/install) and tried fixes in old forums. No other apps have been affected. Help from the developers would be welcome.
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10 months ago, lalacalila
App crashes alot.
App crashes too much. Even when up to date.
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2 years ago, Julissahasan
The worst app
Wow this app is so bad! Never experienced an app like this from a store like this just wow! This app needs to be taken down and redone. I get so frustrated just using it many times I just leave items in the bag because I just don’t have the patience to deal with it.
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4 months ago, BergGoodie
Website More User Friendly.
The App first is too dark of a background. Also, is somewhat awkward to navigate. The website much easier to navigate.
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11 months ago, sp%}*+]
Crashes VERY frequently
The app has recently started crashing very frequently,maybe since the latest update to the app or upgrade to iOS, resetting the ongoing shopping settings (filter, sort, etc.).
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2 years ago, the.spin.cycle
Please bring back the previous interface. This feels so generic, no groupings like departments. No contemporary shop, at all. everything in womens is a jumble of price points. This is highly unorganized. I’m not a fan of this update. It feels like a very poor version Macy’s
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5 months ago, Foxafox
Always Crashing
While I like the set up & ease of use of the NM app, it ALWAYS crashes!! I can’t remember the last time I opened it that it didn’t end up crashing. So disappointing!
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