2.9 (50)
77.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nebraska Crossing
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for NEX App

2.88 out of 5
50 Ratings
3 years ago, Kclynne13
Love the app, fast cash a waste
Attempting to use fast cash, and I followed all the instructions, instead of loading card information it asked my for my bank account information. I have searched and searched to find out how to actually add my card and nothing. It is impossible. I used the card attached to my account but nothing has shown yet, I don’t know if it is to soon to show pending or not. I don’t know the point of this if you can’t go in to the app to make changes or verify card information.
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2 years ago, KCurrence
I love getting rewarded to shop!
I visited Nebraska in November and visited the Nebraska Shopping Center where there was messaging everywhere to download the NEX app to earn Fastcash for purchases made at the center. It took 30 seconds to download, create a profile and onboard my accts in order to get issued a virtual card which is where all the Cashback dollars get loaded and accumulate as more purchases are made. This is like a Mega Gift Card that keeps on giving. Wish this excited in a shopping center near me!
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5 years ago, Noble_Rogue
Change your font size
I was having the same problem as others - I couldn’t get past the “Thanks” screen. I went to the NEX office and asked for help. They suggested I change my font size, make it smaller, to allow the start button to be seen. It worked and I can now access the coupons. This is still something that I feel could be fixed in an update, but hopefully this may help someone until the app gets fixed. (Using iPhone X)
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8 months ago, Dirk Niblick
Don’t download this!
Just use the physical maps and the store rewards programs! This app is just scheme to get you to sign up for their shifty rewards program and harvest your information. You have to, for some reason, provide your credit card information to even sign up for their rewards program. Why?! And a lot of people online have had trouble using any rewards they do earn. Also the app tracks your location and shares it and your identity to third parties. On top of all that, it’s not even a useful map or guide to the shopping center.
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12 months ago, Jack Winfrey
Great app! I love fast cash!
this app is amazing! i got a notification for a deal on the morgan saddle bag from coach and i HAD to buy it! also, fast cash is awesome! 10/10
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3 weeks ago, Heart Lock
App is not working & cannot cash my rewards
It has been months the app connection with Facebook is broken so it’s stopping me from earning the rewards. I have not been given a day for this fix and I have not been allow to use my rewards either.
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3 years ago, Kpwebooks
Won’t load
Tried to use the app today and it just shows the logo. Yes, it updated to the latest version. Frustrating and the new fee to use the app is why I will be deleting after I use my available cash back-if I can ever get the app to load.
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3 months ago, maxwellyc
Non-existent Support
Fast cash has been unavailable for months, Apple login also not available, until they fix all this there’s not much point shopping at the Nebraska Crossing Outlet, the price isn’t competitive at all without the additional cash backs.
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7 months ago, Only if you knew
It’s a joke
Fast cash has been under construction for several months and no updates on when and if it will be back, the date keeps getting pushed back, what’s the point.
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2 years ago, SandraOnlyWantsPDMeaurement
Don’t ask me for login credentials
Why do you ask me to I agree to give you the password for my credit card and say that you can login whenever you want? No thanks.
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3 years ago, jhog557
Trying to use the cash back option and once I press the fast cash button on the app it just keeps refreshing the circle and doesn’t move on. Do not recommend.
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2 years ago, Viinnyyt
Unable to login after update
I’m unable to login to my account after updating the app on my iPhone. Keep saying to check email
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4 months ago, yeahsure
App doesn’t load
Downloaded the app and it just has the logo when you open the app. It gets stuck at that point so you can’t use it.
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2 years ago, StarryCowgirl
App is useless
The app is a waste of time. It doesn’t provide an easy to use directory nor a real-time interactive map. Cumbersome and needs improving.
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7 months ago, supinomaha
Can never get the app to open. What’s the point? Yes it’s the current version and I’ve tried all sorts of other things.
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7 months ago, MRT131313!
App won’t open
App won’t open past the initial logo screen. I have the most updated version of the app
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4 years ago, Dahveeeeeeed
Great update
New app looks great! Fast cash is awesome.
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1 year ago, ThtLvlMdnt
Welcome Bonus Pending
Fast cash is great idea- unfortunately the welcome bonus has been pending over 2 months.
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7 years ago, Wil Z
Still waiting on reward system return
v4.1.0 Individual store search is back. That's a start. v3.0 promised a revamped reward system for upcoming updates. We have still yet to see that and frankly, I'm not sure our hard earned points from the the legacy version will transfer over to this new one. They could've at least warned us so we could've redeemed our points prior to the updates... I'm still giving this a 1 star rating as it is nowhere near as good as it used to be. v4.0.0 The previous version allowed the storing of points gained through either games or via checkins while at NEX outlet. The point/reward system was abruptly discontinued without notice to its users. Not only that, but you can't even search individual store deals anymore. Pretty useless app all around now in this current version.
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5 years ago, Bringing it back to life
Font size
I changed the font size and it worked. I see the next page. Im a little disappointed the developers wouldn't address this. Its not ok to ask people to change the overall settings on your phone to get 1 app to work. Im giving it 4 stars because the mall management is great and they are always on top of updating the sales and promotions. Not their fault the app is flawed. Please fix for people who need larger print size on their phones.
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10 years ago, nicole_marie
Half way there
I love the concept of this app. Can track sales and get coupons while shopping. However using the search function is horrible! I type one letter in, say an "A" and it gives no results found. Fix the bugs and this would 5 stars from me!
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7 years ago, Ash76894
Went from great to horrible
I used to love this app. I would get on it daily to collect my point so I could cash them in. I was at 2,000 points, and then the app went down hill. They completely deleted the section of the app were you can earn points, and I lost all of my points. Also, when I wanted to find an offer for a store, I used to be able to choose from a list of stores. Now, I have to scroll through all of he offers from every store to find the one I want. I used to love this app but now I am very disappointed.
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4 years ago, the person who sent the review
Great so far!😊
It works pretty well so far. I haven’t had any problems with it yet. The only thing I think would make it better would be if you could look at just your favorite stores so you don’t have to scroll down an entire list of them. So far so good, I would recommend it.
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7 years ago, Carbrobrent
The Nebraska Crossing app keeps getting better!!! I love the savings I get as a valued customer when shopping at the Outlets. I now can choose my FAVORITE BRANDS for an even better experience!! Premier Brands I love!!! Savings I appreciate! Thank you! From one of many of your loyal customers!
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10 years ago, Tspaldin
Great coupons and clean interface
Very simple to use app that provides great discounts at Nebraska Crossing Outlets. All of the coupons are sent directly to the app and you just show the cashier the digital coupons to redeem in store.
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9 years ago, Jenmit
Coupons, flash sales and more.
What's not to love about the Nex Outlets app? I've saved hundreds of dollars this year with the amazing flash sales. It's so great to have all of my favorite stores offers in one place. The Nex App is the only shopping companion I need .
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9 years ago, atthegreat1
Great coupons, prizes and deals for the mall
Love the NEX app. I save a ton every time I shop at the Nebraska Crossing Outlet Mall. Best shopping app ever with awesome deals on Under Armour, Nike, Kate Spade, Gap etc. 💓 Plus everytime I shop at the mall I get points for their rewards program with free prizes. I wish every mall had this.
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5 years ago, CarinaJ
Can not access promotions because this app never works.
The app simply doesn’t work. I’ve had it since it became available. It used to work on occasion, but hasn’t even opened for a year. Deletes and redownloads do not work. Considering customers MUST have access to this for promotional discounts - this presents a major problem and annoyance that makes me think twice about where I go when shopping.
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9 years ago, Al3x G
Saved a ton :)
Within 5 mins I used a coupon at Carter’s to save 50% on clothes for my son and my wife got 50% off a Coach bag. The app is easy to use, looks nice and clean and it’s easy to find the stores you want.
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5 years ago, NJESPINOSA
Finally works
Haven’t been able to open app in months. Deleted and reinstalled again and now it works!
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5 years ago, OmaColt
No longer accessible
I was using the app on an iPhone 7+ and then using on my current phone (iPhone X). Now, all of a sudden when I open the app it stays on the welcome screen (white background with the red N in the middle). I’ve even deleted and reinstalled the app to no avail. I thought the app was delayed in opening so I kept my screen on and let it “try” and open also to no avail. Please fix!!!
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10 years ago, maxkwh
Simple, fast, works great
App works as advertised. Looks great and easy to use. I’m glad that they moved the paper coupons to the app - much easier to get the discounts!
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7 years ago, Sunnywalker13
Nex app
As a retailer at the Nebraska crossing, I have to say thank you for being back to store search by brand. Many of our users were frustrated that they could not search by brand and said the app was harder to follow
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10 years ago, Steveopp21
Save money the easy way... no papers to forget
Can't get any easier to use. Coupons are right there and at the ready.
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7 years ago, Akhound
Terrible design
Not sure who they contracted to make this but they should get their money back. No way to search for a specific store. Multiple coupons for same store which should all come up when you pick the store. Not user friendly at all needs to go back to previous version and start over.
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7 years ago, MissyS36
I think the app would be more beneficial if we could open up the store, and look at what they carry. It's great you can view deals however; it would be more beneficial for us to look at merchandise. If I could view availability it would entice me to make the trip out there.
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6 years ago, X-Rover
Nice app, but no map :(
Nice app, but no map. It’s, basically, why I downloaded this map hoping to see all stores on the map. Otherwise I’m not a that kind of shopper to keep tracking deals
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9 years ago, HuskerTom1088
Saves me money every time
I just check this app if I'm going to Nebraska crossing and I find deals for stores I'm visiting. I check it every time I go.
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5 years ago, frustrated gretna shopper
App won’t work
I have the app and it says I have it yet I haven’t been able to open it for almost a year !!!!!!!! I get the notifications of the sales but when I try to open it I get the “wallet “ screen and nothing happens !!!! It is time for Christmas shopping and I need this to work for me !!!!! Any suggestions ????
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9 years ago, JamesL1789
Can easily sort and view coupons. A must have for anyone who plans on shopping at Nebraska Crossing Outlets.
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9 years ago, Zaidos
Very useful!!
I used is last time I was at the mall. The coupons were pretty good and helped me save a lot of money on Valentine's Day gifts.
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10 years ago, xentek
v2.0 is awesome!
Love the new look and the login issues that plagued the old version seem to have been fixed. Good job NEX team!
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5 years ago, Donatello's Mate
The app does not work.
I had had this issue for months... let me know once you have fixed it. I usually buy quite a bit at outlet this tome of year, so this has cost you my shopping dollars ☹️ It just stays in the logo screen... doesn’t load, no matter how long you wait.
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5 years ago, banderj
App won’t open
Have used app in past but recently when I try to access all that appears on screen is the full res N and complete white background. There are no words or options to reduce screen etc. Been trying to trouble shoot on my own. Can’t find answer.
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5 years ago, DD DISCOUNT LOVER
App needs to be bug fix.
Me like other users can’t access the App I use to have the app but off loaded because I didn’t have enough space on my phone until I got more space than try to reload but can’t open it at all. Please help us with this issues 😩 thanks
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7 years ago, CameraCrop
App that only pushes sales and not user experience
When downloading the app, I was hoping to find a map, directory, phone numbers, etc of each store. Instead I find only ads and general info. Totally useless to finding my way to/from individual stores.
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7 years ago, Crazyjoey1234
This app is a must have if you are doing any shopping at this mall, I saved big time! Thank you
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10 years ago, Stefonzee
Great idea
Good idea and a great way to find deals that wouldn't have seen unless you had the app!
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11 years ago, BrianSmithKC
Love this place!
Been there about 10 times in 15 days!
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4 years ago, MommaHogie
App update????
I haven’t been able to access this app in over a year. I’ve changed font size and it doesn’t work. When will they fix this bug so we don’t have to change phone settings to get the service?????
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