Nex-Tech Classifieds Mobile

2.1 (8)
40.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nex-Tech, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Nex-Tech Classifieds Mobile

2.13 out of 5
8 Ratings
12 months ago, Weizenfelder Kennel
Pictures wont post!
Have to shut down the app and re start over and over! Fix glitches please! Then it would be great! Cursor will be hidden and you wont know where you clicked also!
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2 years ago, 5552448487
Nextech doesn’t care
Nextech clearly doesn’t care about making a decent app. It’s my first time using their app in about ten years and it’s somehow worse. Clunky, some buttons end up off screen, all the post photos are off screen, setting a location doesn’t do anything, you can’t simply look at your own listings (you must edit them or mark them as sold), and no matter what you do, you’re just looking at cars the whole time because dealers aren’t punished for not making their posts commercial posts. And then people just spam the feed all day anyway with the same item. They could spend relatively little money hiring some recent graduate to make a much better system but they refuse. All they care about is the ridiculous ad revenue from all the graffiti they put everywhere.
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2 years ago, Rufie75
Doesn’t work
I love Nextech and all it does, but this spp is complete trash. No matter what I do I have to choose a location every time I do a search. I’ve dome everything I cam from my account, but it still does this. Also, where are the notifications? Again, I enabled notifications in every way I can think of on my devices, but still no notifications. The only reason that I still use this app is for finding houses to rent. Otherwise I wouldn’t use this broken app again.
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3 months ago, Ian0.
Filter upgrade
It would be great if we could have multiple categories selected on the main filter instead of just one at a time. I also prefer if there was a toggleable option to show location and listing title on the main view, without selecting each listing.
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6 years ago, Parks73
Add push notifications and make some features easier to use
This app would be great if we could receive push notifications if we received a message or if items we had favorited were either sold or relisted. Also if an item we were looking for were listed. Let sellers reorder picture and pick the first/thumbnail picture.
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2 months ago, Irishfan03
Can’t even get all notifications. iOS doesn’t even recognize the app in the notification settings. Can’t see where the cursor is. Posts don’t post half of the time. Just terrible app development. Do better.
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2 months ago, kmart18
Cannot login
Can no longer login to the app. It doesn’t even show all the search results that a desktop computer does. Junk.
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2 years ago, Mbfi89
Did not fix Facebook login issues
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6 years ago, Raegan0424
Needs some fixing
Lots of pop ups, loading errors, and can’t zoom in on the pictures. Sometimes the whole app shuts down after browsing for a while and I have to go all the way through the app and the previous listings to find the listings I was looking at. Sometimes when I try to send a message it won’t let me and just shuts down. Also apparently doesn’t work on iPad.
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11 years ago, RHPamy
Much improved!
With the new update, they added a back button and made it easier to navigate. Plus, no more trying to push the right page number. Now all it takes is scrolling. I don't think there's anything left that I'd complain about.
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7 years ago, Smith House
Good app but the "Favorites " tab still crashes the app 100% of the time.
I like this app very much but the "Favorites" tab is unusable. I have the latest build and it crashes the app 100% of the time on my iPhone 6s. Would be a five star app if this feature worked and I didn't have to manually write down my favorite listings to follow. Fix it and I'll update this review!
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9 years ago, Lyhgubf
Can't access favorite users without crashing. Loading symbol stays on in the middle of the screen once in a while Every time I open the app my location is set on my city within 5 miles. I have to go change it every time.
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10 years ago, 60-69-1969
This is a very easy to use app, the one thing that's keeping me back from a five stare rating is that you cannot zoom in on pictures. I would rate it five stars if this feature was available.
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8 years ago, Dakotasdad
Had to reinstall after today's update otherwise it crashed. Works perfectly now. This is an easy to use app.
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9 years ago, Hayely Jo
Almost 5!
App crashes every time I trying to look at my favorite users. Make it so the app gives you notifications when you receive a message.
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6 years ago, Jma97
Crash, crash, crash
It’s been like this on the app for over a year now, but I don’t delete it because some things on here you can’t locate elsewhere. But this app constantly crashes, usually when you finally find something you actually would like to view! It’s extremely frustrating.
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11 years ago, Dfolland12345679
Great addition to the web site
Really like how I can check my messages and listings that I am watching. The search is great too!
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11 years ago, kahrox
Pretty Good
It's a great app but it would be better if you could make it so that when there was a new message we would get a notification!
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10 years ago, cdl5665
Limited-use features
Favorites cause app to force-close every time. Fix this, provide some message notifications, and you'll have a nice little app!
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10 years ago, bad9091
I love the nextech classifieds, and this app is pretty neat. It would be great if there was some sort of notification when a new message arrived though. That's my biggest qualm. If this was made a reality, it would be worth 5 *'s in my opinion.
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11 years ago, Dandydwarf
Needs work
Need to be able to click on seller like on the website and see all for sale Needs to be able to zoom in on pictures
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11 years ago, 3x NHRA Div. 5 champ
Looks good so far
So far so good. Hope it stays logged in. It would be nice if you could scroll down the browse page indefinitely though.
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7 years ago, Bennnnnnnnnnnnyboooooiy
Great app
This app has found me many good deals on everything it's a fantastic app
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9 years ago, kikijiji
Why Have An App At All?
Really difficult to navigate. Logs out every time you leave the app. It is like the took the website and just squished it into an app...except you lose functionality. Just use the website. I deleted this after 2 minutes.
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10 years ago, Sja13
I got this app thinking it would be easy to post things directly from my phone. After several attempts I gave up. It never would post my information. So I guess this would be an app fail. Back to the good ole computer for posting.
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8 years ago, DowlingFamily8
Does not work after update
Prior to update would have received a 5 star rating. Now every time I open the app, even after uninstalling and then installing it again. It still crashes. Frustrating.
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4 years ago, Jack - Hays KS
Impossible to use
What genius had the idea to only show listing images and not titles. No one is going to open every single listing just to see what it is. Can’t find anything unless you know exactly what to search for.
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10 years ago, Truth in advertising II
Terrible app
Hard to maneuver, just a blown up version of the website, and can't use in landscape mode. Going to remove app after 30 seconds of use. Doesn't remember your login name and have to login every time in order to use.
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11 years ago, Kansas girlfriend 2
Great App!
Have been waiting for this app for my iPhone. It is easy to use. Just love it.
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11 years ago, Aheier
Not worth memory space
Downloaded it but deleted it five minutes later. Only made for iphone or iPod. Going online is better. You can do more they should of made it similar to the online just app friendly.
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5 years ago, 314Nicole
Just use the website
This app is outdated, clunky, possibly even shady, and won’t let me log in (incorrect password) even though my password works just fine through a regular browser
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7 years ago, nebkan farmer
Use to be a good app, but now with pop ups every two seconds and only partially loading my favorites it has drastically gone downhill. I hope the developers take note of these reviews.
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8 years ago, Truckboy321
Love the app but.........
I used the app to but multiple pickups over the time I've used the app, worked perfectly. Now it won't open.
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5 years ago, beyer75
New app
The new needs work hate that there isn’t a drop menu. Having to type what I want to look for every time. It won’t let me set a location ever time I try to filter my city the apply filter disappears.
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6 years ago, MT30062837
Needs an update
This app is insanely out of date and barely works. Shuts down constantly, some things go off screen. Not adapted to new phones. This used to be a great way to buy and sell but it’s useless now.
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8 years ago, That guy in Kansas
No longer works
After the update it has completely stopped working on mine and my wife's phone. Had to delete it.
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6 years ago, Rsold
Needs work
They need to figure out their ads literally every time you click a pop up ad comes up. Very frustrating!
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11 years ago, Melissads16.
The app is horrible. Crashes randomly all the time, loading symbol stays on the screen, and it is not very user friendly. Make some changes people!
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11 years ago, 74;gig
Hate it
Downloaded it and was excited to have a mobile version. It's not. It's the website except you can't zoom in or out or copy links. Not good.
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3 years ago, Aircrew1313
Crash often
The app crash quite often when you press on a listing
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10 years ago, FHSU student
Worst app ever
Terrible... Can't even open completely before it crashed tried multiple ways and failed every time!
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5 years ago, whit381
Cant log in
Cant click “log in” button after entering user name and password due to keyboard covering “log in” button. Pretty much useless app as is.
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11 years ago, DBS2005
Difficult to use
Loading symbol stays on the screen the entire time I'm using the app making it difficult to use.
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5 years ago, 91ga
New app
The new app is horrible, is there a way to get the old version back. There’s no description on any listing without clicking on it.
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8 years ago, rwerth69
Doesn't work
Doesn't work after update. Please fix. Still does not work is this going to be fixed?
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5 years ago, Awhale78
App won’t launch
I’ve got an iPhone 6 and the app won’t launch. Deleted it, downloaded it again, and still doesn’t work. Busted....
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11 years ago, Doolyunrooly
Not worth downloading
Won't let me login after creating an account. Then when I try to create an account again it says my info already exists-SO FREAKIN LAME!!!
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8 years ago, Kskg1
Was a 4 star app before update. Now crashes every time. Have deleted and reinstalled it twice. Useless app now.
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11 years ago, Tortis923
Need to make it so you can zoom in and out!
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7 years ago, front leaning rest position
great site, terrible app
The website is great, but the app is difficult to use and full of obnoxious pop up ads.
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