NICE gomobile

2 (58)
45.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Transdev Services, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for NICE gomobile

1.97 out of 5
58 Ratings
12 months ago, Malone890
it’s okay
It works when it wants to. I haven’t been able to purchase a ticket in weeks. Calling costumer service doesn’t work either because of their options.
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6 months ago, TouchTone247
Subject: Feature Request: Apple Watch Ticket Import
Subject: Feature Request: Apple Watch Ticket Import Hi there, I’m a frequent user of the Transit app for managing my bus and train rides. I wanted to suggest a feature that I believe would greatly enhance the user experience. It would be fantastic if you could consider integrating a feature that allows tickets to be imported directly to the Apple Watch Wallet. This feature would simplify the process of accessing and using tickets for bus and train rides, making it more convenient for users like me who rely on the Apple Watch. I believe this addition would not only streamline the ticketing process but also attract more users who prefer using wearable devices for their daily commuting needs. Thank you for considering my suggestion. I’m looking forward to seeing the continued improvements to the app! Best regards,
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11 months ago, OddlyOrdinary
App cheats disabled people. Forces us to pay full fare.
I’m disabled and eligible for reduced bus fare and I’ve confirmed with this NICE. I’m already approved and there USED TO be an option to buy reduced fare bus tickets through the app. Months ago it randomly disappeared! And no, my eligibility didn’t expire. I’ve reported this to NICE multiple times for months, they’ve done nothing about it, and I’ve have been forced to pay full bus fare all this time. And if I do, so do other disabled people. This app cheats disabled people out of their reduced fare eligibility.
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4 years ago, Abelenda22
Its still needs improvement, but for the most part it’s a great app, I had an issue with it and the customer service briefly got back to me and help fixed my problem.
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1 year ago, drewhumphrey
App works fine but they should really just have OMNY
Purchasing tickets is easy and the same functionality as the Long Island Rail Road. It’s just a shame they won’t accept Apple Pay / OMNY and join the rest of the modern world when it comes to paying for transit.
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4 years ago, BroadwayQ
Worst transportation app I have ever used
Takes u so many steps just to see a bus schedule. And u can’t even see the whole schedule on one screen. When u move to the 2nd part of the screen it does not show you the original start time of a particular bus so u don’t know which line you looking at. Why can’t u simple put a bus schedule pdf in your app? I wish I can give 0 star.
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11 months ago, HiighFliier
Antiquated App
The fact that you can’t use Apple Pay to buy the ticket through the app is kind of ridiculous. And the fact that they charge $3.00 is also ridiculous, considering with OMNY it’s still the $2.75 price when you tap to pay. These Long Island buses and their payment methods need a serious upgrade.
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6 years ago, Eulipion9
Great app
I’ve used this app for three years, and have never had any problems using all the features included with the app.
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6 years ago, Mojo gaming
The worse app
Tried using the bus info function ( to get schedule, arrival time, etc), does not work, keep sending me to Apple Store to download another random app. Tried 10/10 times, 100% failure. Also, could not delete this app by holding it down for it to wiggle and then press x, had to delete thru settings. Do not use this worthless app.
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6 years ago, xihan124
The app keeps freezing and I can’t touch anything and it’s annoying since I don’t carry quarters around with me. I close the app and re-enter it and its completely frozen and won’t let me enter my ticket wallet.
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1 year ago, MC@NYC
This app needs severe improvements. It freezes and won’t let you know when the next bus is coming. It should have all the bus stops on the schedule so people would know what time the bus is coming at their stop. Very poor service app.
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2 years ago, angeltheone1213
I'd give It 0 If I could
The app took 14 dollars from my card after It froze when trying to buy tickets I needed for work , The app took my money without giving me the 5 tickets I paid for and I'll never use this trash app again
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6 years ago, Aly.Cas
I really wish this app had the bus tracker like the the 2.0 version.
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3 years ago, bybyhtvtg
This app doesn’t buy tickets half the time and doesn’t save credit card info. It’s also 2021, it should be able to interface with Apple Pay or take photos of credit cards.
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5 years ago, Guy12344grant
No schedule
Doesn’t show busy schedule only show route on map no information on what time the bus comes where, and this is when you click on “maps and schedule” under rider tools
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5 years ago, krisstyyyy
Account blocked for no reason
This app was so convenient until they blocked my account for no reason. I paid for all my tickets and never did anything. I would give this 0 stars if I could
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5 years ago, Arrivadeccie
My app won’t open
This app use to work perfectly but now it won’t open
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6 years ago, ELLIOTTBOII
I liked the 2.0, how am i supposed to track bus i really dont need another app
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5 years ago, Ron Deveaux
Total garbage
Doesn’t do anything except direct me to another app to download. That app is a trash version of Nice GoMobile 2.0. What was wrong with 2.0??? It worked beautifully. A bunch of jackasses created this app
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10 years ago, Kika424
Not that great
The bus schedule part does not work, I think that is a pretty important part of the app and it doesn't.
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1 year ago, Kira7767
It takes money and freezes I lost money buyjng tickets don’t fall for this scam
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2 years ago, tahseen asif
Doesn’t work well and it crashes a lot
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6 years ago, catlover101
App doesn’t include all routes. No schedules available. The app is useless.
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4 years ago, oversrquenc
Everytime I buy a ticket it take it from my bank and then it give a message ERROR AND IT TAKE THE MONEY
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7 months ago, caitrl
too complicated too much work NO APPLE PAYYY🤬🤬🤬
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12 months ago, osksnsms
despite their name being nice their probably the rudest ever.
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10 years ago, gt2416
Amazing. Makes life so much easier
As long as you buy more than 1 ticket, the price is $2.50 which is the same as cash. They upped the cash from 2.25 to 2.50 fyi. Also unlike the metro cards they expire in 6 months. So that makes them cheaper and Better than the unlimited as long as you do the math.
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10 years ago, n6/n25
waste of money
cash fare is $2.25, regular metro card far is $2.50, with the app it's $2.75 but you get a bulk "discoun"t down to $2.50. the commuters would be better served if we were able to buy a monthly or 30 day unlimited somewhere other than subway stations or hempstead. and anyone who tries to use the refillable cards is just asking for trouble. NICE just send you to the MTA if there'ss an issue with a card and MTA tells you too bad if you bought your card in Nassau County. I give this company another year at best before the whole thing crumbles
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10 years ago, Rich fn Wisneski
Just use your metrocard
Aside from the busses coming when they want, if they feel like it (which isn't the app's fault), I purchased 4 tickets, as a backup. I used 2. Today I tried to use another, but I had been "signed out". It didn't recognize my password. I submitted for a reset at 7:10. It's 9:40, and still no response. I got kicked off the bus. I tried to contact them online. The "form" won't submit. I'm seriously quitting my job soon, just to not have to ride this bus any more.
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8 years ago, Hav Heffna
Card details
Okay so as a iOS dev myself I want to know why there's no persistent storage for my card details. The app now logs me out if I don't use it for a undefined amount of time(which I have no issue with) the problems comes in when I have to log in AND redo my card info over...which is a pain when the bus is coming or already here! NSUSERDEFAULTS not that hard to use.
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7 years ago, jsguise
Do not upgrade
1) not unless you have no other way of knowing what time it is. There is no countdown timer on an activated ticket. 2) not unless you do not care to know how many tickets you have remaining. Last night it showed I have five remaining to activate. This morning. Five remaining. Have used one. Five remaining. I'd like to know many tickets will be expiring at 9:39 am. I think it's more than 10 but why should I be entitled to know. It's only my money.
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8 years ago, Cee N.N.
Times Disappearing
There are too many times that this schedule is not right. I have rushed outside to the bus stop only to see that the bus I expected is no longer visible on the screen. And it will have that "real time" indication. This is a problem when I have to go to work.
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10 years ago, DLB$
Outstanding app
Wish they introduced this sooner. Saves a lot of money and extremely convenient
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9 years ago, Quackshot
No longer have to worry about finding change for the bus! Just buy and go.
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10 years ago, erikagenghisjhan
This app is awesome
I don't have to worry about a defective Metro Card anymore. App is super easy to use. And Buds Hatian above is wrong...a single one way $2.75 fare is the same cost as a single fare Metro Card. in bulk and it's $2.50...same as Metro Card!
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9 years ago, vChrispyy
Terrible app for a horrible bus. As far as the app goes fares are more expensive unless you buy in bulk, the schedule is broken and this just ruins your planning. Almost nothing works aside from the tickets. And the busses are just horrible. I've been at a stop for almost two hours and no busses have passed. Really just awful.
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9 years ago, AllCarsEatGas
Would be NICE if reliable
Hadn't been on a Nassau County bus in years, even with the NICE name and NICE app it's just as before, except I'm sure a lot of money is heading into a lot of pockets over this. The app is miserably awkward, frustrating, designed by committee, one without much in the way of an idea to make use of the app intuitive so that use may be expedited.
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7 years ago, Biggz_
Wort App !
How the hell do you have an app that stops accepting the card information i have been successfully using for an entire year and when i have money in my account? But claim to have made bug fixes and stability improvements. Yeah.. right
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9 years ago, Mattygator
BS--T app
Tracking available ?? Where?? They should burn this system down and start over. Drivers R school bus rejects & have no oversight . Why do I have to b at a stop 15 minutes before scheduled time??? Drivers do as they please and don't get me started on weekend service😡😡😡
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7 years ago, CeleenaCC
Update Awful
It's aesthetically displeasing and hard to use and nearly impossible to navigate. The old version was 20x better at minimum.
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9 years ago, MVboy39
Just a question
Will the next update include buses that don't show up an hour late? What about drivers who won't skip my stop?
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10 years ago, NatBaggins
No schedules
Schedule option doesn't work
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10 years ago, ChèrLV
Nice just keeps getting better!
Dope App.
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9 years ago, Nish__Supreme
The app forced closed on me when I was on the bus, I couldn't pay my fare.
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10 years ago, Hospvisit
No schedule
Schedule does not work
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10 years ago, Kieron Madhoo
This app is horrible. Nothing works!!!!! Worse bus company and worse app.!!! B
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10 years ago, Tcho Laury
U crazy or wat?
2.75$ for a ticket that cost 2.25??? Keep ur app thank u!
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10 years ago, Nikk311
This app is as ineffective as the Nice Bus....
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