Nike: Shoes, Apparel, Stories

4.9 (1.7M)
190.5 MB
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Nike, Inc
Last update
10 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Nike: Shoes, Apparel, Stories

4.89 out of 5
1.7M Ratings
1 year ago, jay nasty og
Excellent app
The Nike app is excellent for shoppers, sneaker heads, etc. There are drops all the time that arent advertised so its fun to get on daily to see whats new and what surprises you might find. Ive gotten some rare sneakers just lookin out, its more fair that way then it is on snkrs because you cant anticipate the nike drops .so the bad guys arent waiting with a million bots waiting to buy up all the reservations . Nike app is also much more than just shopping , they post articles , education on retro products such as AF1 , Jordan 1’s and much more, they’re also always running some kind of discount like this week give them 20% off for Mother’s Day. I got a 10% off coupon for my birthday month and if you hooked up a cash app they’re always offer 5% off through the app. You cant stack em an the new drip is usually excluded but there’s so many other things that I buy off the app like undergarments , socks, backpacks gloves. Sometimes I spent an hour on the app just looking at stuff window shopping. Only drawback about is that if there’s something about to run out and you put it in your car so we can still buy it if you don’t sitting in your cart, you can go back to your cart five minutes later, and it might be gone that blows, but I’ll give you a warning limited quantity and you can lose out that way. 5 stars
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2 years ago, Bird Man 1
Excellent App and Company!
This app is one of my favorite apps and I have hundreds. I am constantly on it because it keeps me updated with all the newest sneaker drops as well as it’s frequent updates with the newest clothing. It’s also always showing what they do within the community and for the environment whether on short videos or visual pictures. It’s a very well thought out, user friendly and extremely convenient app as it has everything you would need pertaining to Nike at your fingertips. They even respond via messaging when reporting the few bugs that may show up(what app doesn’t have them). Overall this app gets (5)stars. My only suggestion would be to add some sort of sorting and grouping tab on the favorites page as I have over a hundred things saved and it gets old really quick trying to find certain things. Also, maybe add a search feature on the Orders page so as to speed up what you’re looking for. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Eq 876
The Review for Nike
Wassup Nike, this app is very useful and helpful, but there are some problems. First, you barely get enough discounts on the items that you actually want. Second, the items that you want are already sold out and for me I feel like if you have the Nike app you should get more opportunities to buy the items you want without them selling out fast or only coming to the app for like 2 times. Third, no that’s not it, loading issues. Whenever I try to get in the app, the Nike app always says an error has occurred, I mean like seriously can you get that fixed or work on it and then when I want to buy a item, the item is already sold out because I can’t get into the app. Fourth, please put the best seller items on sell and stop putting the the trash stuff on sell that nobody wants just so you can make money. Fifth, I MEAN COME ON NOW YOU WANT US TO BUY YOUR PRODUCT BUT THEY DON’T EVEN DELIVER ON TIME!!!! Sorry your package has been delayed, I mean like nobody is finna pay for your items and you can’t even ship them on time and they are overpriced because you just want some money. There is a lot more that I can say but I have other things to do, so imma keep this review on a short note.
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2 years ago, my mother told me
Rigged dunk raffles
You dropped dunks today, it was 7:00am and your checkout method wouldn’t let me proceed passed putting in my card info and hitting the get in line button. It kept me in a loop of resubmitting my order but nothing would happen when I would click “submit?” Just spinning and then the “submit” order button would uncheck Over and over again! I must have submitted my order 10-15 times or more. It wasn’t a new payment method either same card I’ve been using to purchase shoes recently. I also tried to refresh but then after a couple of min I had to open another screen to see what was going on? By then my sizes were sold out, as well as the rest of them. Here I am stuck not able to move forward after confirming my account, payment, address and just basically waiting for the order to go through but nothing!!!Not even a “don’t refresh” or “your order has been submitted?”. Your system is rigged, I truly believe that. This only happens when DUNKS drop. You also make people sign in before each new Jordan or Dunk drop on the NIKE APP or Online to purchase which is why I stand by what I say when I tell you that the NIKE company is selective with who they let purchase a pair of shoes!!! This company does have decent core values.
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2 years ago, Is 2
A Frustrated Nike Fan who wants a real chance to purchase
I have been a Nike’s fan since I started wearing sneakers. However lately I have had 1 disappointment after another. Today was the worse I really wanted the air Jordan 1 denim/ white/ Dutch Blue but of course I didn’t get them I’ve only been waiting to cop them for over two months when I first saw images on Nice Sneakers. What’s the point of attempting purchase them the moment they drop only to be told 5 minutes later that I didn’t get them. I am very dissatisfied and disappointed in Nike as a company. You make a few pair of the sneakers when you know millions want to purchase and the sneakers no one wants you make millions of. What kind of games are you playing? Whatever they are I’m done playing them and won’t be trying to purchase anything from Nike anymore, the disappointment is too much. Buying sneakers is suppose to be fun and you guys have sucked the fun right out of it.
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4 years ago, DiegoLdeA
Cancelled Order
I’m a huge Nike fan but I’m not a fan limited drops for shoes or clothes. I finally decided to get some of the shoes that I really liked (Día de los Muertos collection if anyone is asking) their official announcement said they where dropping on October 15th and I checked this app and the sneakers app and nothing. It wasn’t until I went online to Twitter that I find out they were not dropping until the 27th. So, I wait... Same thing. I wait and check both apps when the collection is supposed to drop nothing. Online says until the 30th. Third time around and part of the collection finally drops. I order my shoes exactly at 7:00am. Two days later my order is cancel with no explanation. I immediately contact customer support and they tell me they have sold out. Then I asked them about the other part of the collection that was never dropped and they claim it was dropped the 27th. It’s just so frustrating that they oversell and don’t have enough stock for those who purchased. I wasn’t the only one they did this too. More frustrating that there is no info on drops changing dates and have to get info from non Nike employees. Definitely deserves 1 star and truly disappointed with Nike.
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4 years ago, Tiger theory
Definitely Recommend
Been using this app for several years now. Easy to search/find, good selections, timely notice for sale, and recently added “new drop” list is very convenient. I like “notification” function, as sometime I overlook for a drop. Chat service is excellent. They are always friendly yet polite also. Response time is always w/in few minutes after posting. Only problem is some items shows video of items not available colors. (Sometime I like the color of video item better) One point I appreciate if can be done. Some clothing shows a model wearing top, bottom, shoes, caps, etc, but only listed for 1 item like hoodie. I have to look for the bottom, but can’t find it sometime. I wish sku number was listed for what’s in a photo. The same can be applied for cover photo of item, like shoes.
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3 years ago, prodamatt
Poor service
Very disappointing service connected to the app. I bought a pair of shoes with an expedite shipment, everything was efficiently confirmed via email. The day after I received a notification saying that the order was cancelled, no solution or alternatives given, kind of “sorry and goodbye”. I was supposed to receive the shoes the day after for a run I had organised. I called the customer service to have an explanation, the representative was not helpful at all and did not offer any solution. I asked to receive a call from a manager, the representative said that someone would have called me. No one has ever called me back. I placed another order for a half size larger pair of shoe, hopefully I will receive them. I selected regular shipping and it will take a week to receive them. I asked via chat to make sure that the shoes are available and if they could expedite the shipment. They said that they can’t expedite them, the solution was to cancel the order and pay for the fast shipment. If this is the service that a top US company is providing, well, it is very sad. In the era of the online service there is no empathy, understanding and problem solving skills.
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3 years ago, Rahman73
So I got the app a few months ago. I copped the Jordan 13s like in the middle of the week. Which shocked me cause I thought copping Jordan’s would b me that easy. Boy was I wrong. When Jordan’s drop trying to get a pair is IMPOSSIBLE. It’s a game basically. The app stores all your info; name, address, even card info. So you go to the app on the day of a drop, 7am, thinking you’re gonna get a win that day. You find the shoes you want. Confirm that you want them. Then you’re placed in a “waiting room” for 5 mins. They you’ll get an alert saying “we don’t have your size” WHO IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE. It’s like you go to the mall. Go into a store and pick out the shoes you want, size and all. You go to the register and give them your credit card. After they swipe it they tell you “go sit over there and wait before you walk out”. Then the person working in the store says “oh can I have your shoes back. This person who just walked in wants them”. I get Nike doesn’t really care as long as they’re selling shoes. But these guys with the “bots” are the ones that keep getting the shoes. Why not make those guys verify that they aren’t “bots”. Just my thoughts. I’m sure Nike couldn’t care any less about my opinion
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1 year ago, 9thandNorth Art&Fashion co
Received already worn shoes.
I bought a pair of Nike air zoom flight 95. They took a week and a half to come which is fine. When I received them they had creases, scuffs and all type of debris in the bottom soles. I bought and received shoes that have clearly already been worn. I bought these shoes for an out of town trip and both options Nike gave me for a return either involved A- me returning the sneakers waiting for them to “inspect” them over a two day period and then sending me new sneakers in a grand total of an additional two week waiting time, or option B - making an additional order and waiting for a refund which is also an additional week plus waiting time. Safe to say I’ll only buy sneakers I can see in person from now on. How is there a two day waiting period for inspection when clearly there wasn’t an inspection BEFORE THEY WERE SHIPPED TO ME. they have a giant scuff mark over the toe of the shoe and dirt all on the bottom soles. I’ll be using my platform to suggest people buy only shoes they can see in person from here on out. Bad form Nike!!!
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2 years ago, Themarking
Huge security flaw! My accnt was hacked!
They NEED to get this security problem under control! My accnt just got hacked and the customer service informed me that it’s very likely the hacker got in thru the app. Someone successfully got into my accnt and made a purchase, but somehow, I didn’t receive one single email or notification until I saw the “order shipped” notification from the app. And still no email confirmation or notification at all! What’s making it worse is that the customer service rep told me that it was escalated to the fraud dept., and they are trying to stop the order being delivered. And just suggested I change my password. That was it. I asked if I were to given updates on the case’s status, like whether the payment will be refunded, or if the account was going to be safe to use, and what’s going with the email notification on my purchase or activity, the rep just told me no one is going to follow up or reach out to me. They are just going to resolve it (whatever that means?) I’m deeply disturbed and disappointed in Nike for both their security and their custom service!
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2 years ago, KSuave1911
Good but not great - Needs Improvements
The Nike app has potential but needs some significant improvements. First, Nike needs a barcode UPC scanner function to scan products using phone camera to look up products in retail stores that can be found on the app. Second, the search function in the app isn’t robust. Searching for a product by the exact product name will return results of items completely unrelated. So irritating. Third the filters do not work as designed. Predefining search filter(s) return results of products that don’t fit criterion. For example, If I select ‘men’ then search, why do I see search results with women and children? Fourth, applying filters after a search don’t function as intended. Results are inaccurate and therefore useless. Lastly, the search table should have predictive capability when search tag is misspelled or part of a phrase. This should be pretty standard. I need to be able to find items quickly and don’t want to scroll through the thousands of items when I should be able to search.
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4 years ago, drewbaeslayer 51
bad customer service
This is very disappointing, i love nike so much and all my family dislikes nike because of there political views, but that has never mattered to me. Nike usually has the best quality and time for shipping and receiving clothes. I love getting my shoes from nike and my clothes. This last time that i ordered clothes i did it on my moms account she is a nike+ member. A couple days later i received two shirts then a pair of socks, but we didn’t order socks, we ordered a hoodie and another t-shirt. we called Nike and tried to figure out our order. The Lady that we talked to was mean to us and couldn’t find our order for 30+ minutes. we gave her our order number 3 times before she typed it in correctly. This was very frustrating, but to say the least we still haven’t received our clothes, it has been 6 days sence we talked to customer service, this is some of the worst service i’ve ever received when buying online it really makes you think if you are an important customer. Too that customer service lady she needs more training to adequately use there own customer service operations.
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4 years ago, There was no other names
I’ve had at least three different orders where a week goes by and it’s almost the day that the products supposed to be delivered and they’ll send me an email saying it’s no longer available and I won’t be receiving my order. So with that being said, a lot of the time the app isn’t up to date on what products they actually have to sell you and it’s super frustrating. I get that stuff like this happens but they should at least have a waiting list or some type of system set up so you can receive the product you bought at some point. I just think that if you already transferred money to them for a product then you should be priority (on a waiting list or something) for when they are restocked instead of leaving you in the dust and saying “sikkke, yeah we actually aren’t gonna sell you that bc we messed up with inventory, here’s your money back tho, hopefully you get the product before the next time it sells out 😬”.
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2 years ago, dnic95
Worthless App
Unfortunately, I have no reason to keep or redownload this app. After placing an order a week ago, I get notification that it’s canceled. Customer service on the phone was inarticulate, unknowledgeable, and unhelpful. They claimed it was because my bank marked the transaction as fraud. I informed them that that wasn’t the case, as I am very familiar and up-to-date with my banking; not only did the transaction go through and was charged to my card, but I also never received an alert, which I always do in the case of suspected fraud. I told them I suspect you canceled my order because a pair of shoes that was listed as in stock (A WEEK AGO) is now out of stock. They assured me that that wasn’t the case. Lo and behold after wasting fifteen minutes of my life on the phone with this person, tHeY HaVe JusT beEn InfOrmEd that the shoes are (now, a week later) out of stock. Tl;dr: this app is great if you want to waste a lot of time shopping for stuff that will never make its way to your door. Oh, and multiple notifications every day. No more! :)
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3 years ago, Potbadger
Great App
Great app, user friendly and great deals to steal if you’re a random window shopper just looking to spend (haha) so truthfully I’m not a huge fan of ordering things without trying them on first or seeing it physically before making a purchase of, especially when I’m entering in acct info to order. However Nike has been the only website literally where they make me feel valued as a customer and safe to place and order. Also, return policy is AWESOME, especially during COVID, but before the pandemic, the satisfaction with your product is why I continue to shop occasionally thru the App or Online with Nike, beats lines at the outlet. Privacy is also guaranteed (through my experience) and if you return an item, the refund took less then a week, which isn’t bad compared to 10-14 business days. Thanks Nike!
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5 years ago, llNelsonll
I have bought 3 different shoes and they came in fine which was great happy with that but now I try to buy some more shoes the app either tells me that item is no longer available Which it was just like 5 minutes ago then it sometimes even kicks me off the app which I hate and then now for 3 days straight I can’t access my cart to buy some shoes then I spoke to someone on the app they told me to uninstall the app and reinstall so I did didn’t do anything still isn’t working which is really frustrating I’m really disappointed in this app right now the only reason I even shop from here and not at Nike stores it’s cause I can customize my own shoes which I love that feature but now I can’t even access anything and can’t even favorite shoes anymore please fix if you all want to make money you need to fix this problem and all other malfunctioning things on the Nike app I know I ain’t the only one complaining about something here fix this issue I’ll rate it 5 stars again!!!
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1 year ago, JRkingofkings
Good stuff
I’m a skateboarder so I really mess with the SB’s. I really miss being about to easily buy dunks on the website/app and my local skate shops. Now you either have to enter a raffle most the time. Also once they run out the resale is ridiculous. Then if it’s that hard to get them it’s hard for me to skate them. Dunk lows are such a good skate shoe. It would be nice to pick a basic color way that’s pretty much always available for skating in. As far as the website and app, I will always use them because you know you’re getting quality without worry and if there’s an issue their customer service will hook you up and make things right. I would skate them exclusively if they were easier to get. Either way I love my SB’s ✌🏽
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9 months ago, triztosterone
iPad. It’s time.
So I do love the app… and the Sneakrs app. Naturally I never get the drops I want but that’s not what this is about. This is about health and accessibility. I have had 4 eye surgeries in the last year related to muscle strain and strabismus. This seems to have come about through long use of small bright screens. Now I carry my iPad everywhere. When I get on to the Nike app, I am physically (visually) and mentally frustrated every time. The app is well set up so that it is not overbearing. However, it remains the iPhone size. I have not seen an app that still continues this trend in a long while. Please change this. It’s not a difficult fix, I’m sure. It would be quite helpful to anyone with anyone with the slightest vision difficulties… or even just those who have iPads. A lot of people have iPads.
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2 years ago, Swishplayground
Crisp, Cool & Clean
L I love everything about NIKE. I love the color Waze, the quality, and the opportunity to create my own style since there is such a great variety to choose from. I spend about an hour a day going through the app seeing if they snuck something in through the cracks because I love the company so much. but now the app will not work on my iPhone. I am unable to login no matter what I try. I cleared cache etc deleted app then added it again almost 20 different times. I rebooted my phone but I keep getting that they encountered a problem. My wife’s phone works fine for the app. I give this app 1 star and the problem is still not resolved. Please help
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3 years ago, Brad Gober
Processing/shipping takes forever!
Nike prepared my shipment for 4 days - 1 box, 2 shoes (1 pair) - 4 days. Thanks Nike! My shoes must be sooo prepared! The best part is… I didn’t even have to pay extra for all the preparation, nope, Nike just put my shoes in a 4-day time capsule free of charge! I can’t wait until I get to wear them for the first time (hopefully by 2027) and I rack up compliments like “Wow, those shoes look so prepared. Did you order those and let them marinate in a Nike warehouse for 4 days?” I’m estimated to receive my shoes 17 days from when I ordered them. Mind you, these are not limited edition, they aren’t new releases, they are very basic white Nike SB’s. My suggestion would be - if you’re thinking you MIGHT want a pair of Nike shoes in the distant future - go ahead and put in the order right this second. I mean, sure, by the time you receive them people will be wearing some sort of futuristic Tesla Hover Boots but at least you’ll have your extra super max prepared Nikes.
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4 years ago, LizAllen116
I got this app because I actually really like nike shoes and was interested in purchasing some, as I had recently started getting more active. I generally get my shoes from a retailer like Academy, but i thought I’d have better options directly from the source. It was working great and I was really excited picking out “favorites” to store for future use. I had this app less then a day and it does not work. It locked me out and continues to say access denied. ????? Ive tried logging in, trying to create a new account, using wifi, using my data, using the web browser, clearing my entire data. Nothing works. I deleted the app and redownloaded and that worked for all of 5 min and then it shut me out. Honestly super annoying. I went to file a claim with there online chat support- and after filling out all the info i hit submit and what do you know? It did not submit and sent me to the same access denied page. So i had to call for support and the lady said they would email me in 3-5 business days on ways to fix the issue. I asked what do i do if it still doesnt work and she said call back and they will follow up with another email. Not much help. At this point I’m both disappointed, frustrated, and annoyed. I literally JUST wanted to order some shoes. But if the issue is not resolved after this first email i doubt i will be calling back again.
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1 year ago, Jezlias Maysonet
Rare sneakers
Love this app but can’t stand the fact that you have to download another app to get rare and exclusive sneakers. Then when you do it’s nearly impossible to grab a pair. While 3rd party vendors sell them online for 10X the original cost days before we even have access . You’ll jump through hoops for a 1 in a million chance to get a sneaker you really wanted. Then on release date the exclusive show is sold out in literally a minute. These bots ruin the chance for an everyday customer to have a chance. Unless you’re willing to risk it with a 3rd party vendors for inflated prices hoping yo avoid being scammed. Nike should be able to fix this problem. Besides that they only way I orders sneakers. Nike is the only brand I wear .
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2 years ago, tasha22286
Bad customer service!
I tried to order some shoes for my daughter that cost $200 and the app or the website wouldn’t even accept my payment. I was using my debit card and I have more than enough funds for the shoes. The first time I put my card info in and it wouldn’t accept the payment. I also have my card on Apple Pay so I tried it that way and it got denied. I then tried to go on the website and it wouldn’t process my card still and gave me an error message and to call customer service. So I called and they told me my account has been locked and they were going to expedite me to get my account unlocked and that somebody from Nike would contact me. I called this morning at 7 am and it is 5 pm now and nobody has contacted me still. I found the same shoes on finish line for $50 cheaper and they are on the way with no problem. I deleted the Nike app and you lost a customer.
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2 years ago, Ty-1661
I Love Nike
Who knew that I would become a sneaker head? I love the app and although it took some time to understand how drops worked, I finally have it down. There are sometimes lags in accessibility during drops but that is just par for the course. The app is basic user friendly and provides a variety of options. There are two things I would like to see. First, I love the “Got Em” pop up and wish it can be viewed in the order status as well as once you move from the page, it’s gone. Second, I would like to see options for auto populating big kid sizes. Overall, I love shopping via the Nike app and will continue to add to my collections. Thanks!
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11 months ago, PWB IV
New drops
Today I received a notification from Nike saying a new pair of low dunks had been released and members get first dibs I immediately went on and added the dunks to my cart but when I went to my cart to check out it said item no longer available and so I went back to the item and it said exclusive access only so I went back to the notification and clicked it and it wouldn’t let me buy it again so I went through this process a couple of time but it still wouldn’t work so I reset my phone and went back in it then said that the app was not connecting to the server so when I eventually got back to the shoe after around 5-10 minutes they were sold out of almost every size. You seriously need to get the app fixed.
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4 years ago, Cinci B-Ball Mom
Big & Tall air ball
Nike, shop-by-size is a standard feature in all clothing and shoe sites and I would expect far better Tall assortment from the #1 basketball brand. My son is 6’7” and it is hard enough finding clothes for him. You don’t have a lot of selection in the channel, so buying direct is a must. On your app, I must to go into every single pants page within Big and Tall to see if you have his size and 90 percent of the time you don’t carry Tall sizes (or you are not producing enough inventory). Pants selection is consistently lacking (styles, colors) as is long sleeve shirt selection. I rarely complain, but going through this a few times a year is painful.
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4 months ago, elbows2nose
Orders Constantly Canceled
I would like start out by saying that I have NO idea how this app has 5 stars. My experience would have been nice if I’ve received a single order that I have placed. Upon ordering, my bank account is charged accordingly, and I receive a ‘preparing shipment’ email, and a message in the app. Okay, cool. Two weeks later, I get another email and message saying that my order was cancelled without an explanation or an alternative. This has happened three times in a row. Three different pairs. Six weeks I’ve been waiting for running shoes. Six weeks I’ve been floating $150 dollars for shoes that have not come. I have ANOTHER order in that has been awaiting shipment for 5 days now, I can’t cancel this order or modify it, so I need to wait another week and a half to even get my money back. I haven’t had an issue with New Balance, this should teach me to not stray again.
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3 years ago, MajBod
Just sitting here happy because Nike once again put a smile on my face. All my life Nike has been such a great brand and company. Products would come out and I would only dream and aspire to get them so that I could feel cool going to school. When I was fortunate enough I would get a pair of sneakers from Nike and feel like a million bucks. Now I get the opportunity as a mom to see how happy I make my kids when I can buy them Nike sneakers to go to school in style and share such an amazing experience with them. I even got sweaters and some accessories. Just love the brand. Thank you for being so diverse and keeping it always 100 with your customers. 😌
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4 years ago, kazzyrockstar
Worst Customer Service
Some of the clothes are nice though, if you even get to purchase some of them because the app or the information from their warehouse is inconsistent because it’ll show you stuff that’s in stock (that’s actually not in stock), stuff that drops (that’s also probably not in stock) and stuff that’s unavailable. Then trying to ask for help from any of these people is like playing a child’s game. For starters in the CHAT they’ll spend from 10-60 mins trying to answer one question, then on top of that you’ll probably chat with 5-6 different people who either giving the same useless answers or different useless answers. It’s like a constant game of tag of just straight up nothing, literally no one is gaining anything. I thought it was just me but apparently this is a constant. I mean at least they’re consistent in something.
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4 years ago, Daria Y.
Amazing Customer Service
I’m so thankful for Nike’s customer service. After I purchased a pair of shoes, I had a personal crisis that required me to pay a lot of money. I contacted Nike’s customer service past the 60 minute mark which I was unaware of and was put through a wonderful customer service representative with the name Annabelle. There she told me I’d have to wait for a return, but after a certain amount of time came up with a plan that would work for me in a shorter period of time. She was creative, and incredibly patient, kind and helpful with me. I will be a customer of Nike for a long time because of their great customer service, quality, and care they put in their products and consumers alike.
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4 years ago, ouznk
Just ridiculous
I have ordered two separate items on different days. I ordered when I had money in my account and it was deducted from my account at the time. But here it is a week later money was just now taken out. Should have taken it out right then and there rather to wait for items to be shipped. Which cause my account to become overdraft, and have to pay an extra $35 actually twice because this happened to different occasions. Really upset about this I’ll never buy anything else from this app. Worst app I ever experienced with. The adidas app took the money off that same day as I ordered my items
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2 years ago, B-rad IYAOYAS
new release service, app service
I updated my payment info 30 minutes before the release of a pair of Jordan’s. Within seconds of release, seconds I say again, I ordered and and tried to pay for them. I understand a lot of people were waiting and doing the same, but within the first few seconds I was trying to pay for them only for them to not go in my Q. Did Nike only have a couple pair to sell? If so how many? What number was I on the list? These are the questions that I inquired about over chat and those questions can’t be answered. It’s just a run around. Additionally I tried to call, but it’s just a crap computer you get to talk to. Extremely frustrating. I am active duty military and the entire process seems like I was trying to get answers from an E1 who can barley spell his name right. JS.
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1 year ago, Im_That_G
SNRKS and Nike app
First off, I love the Nike app hands down. Very helpful and very dependable when looking for anything that matches what I’m trying to buy. I like the Nike app so much I check it daily just to see what I can wear and ask random questions to the customer service just because. But the SNRKS app has went down hill. It was fun but over the past 3 years. It has gotten terrible. I only want any OG Jordan’s so that’s very hard to come by from a app that I used to win All the time. Whatever the issue is can you at least pick me on some of those drawings because I haven’t been able to win anything that I actually want.
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4 years ago, mylastpair
Unsatisfied customer
At one time the only athletic shoe that I bought was Nike. Then they started to charge astonishing prices that I had to go to another distinguished brand. Just to let you know how Nike quality is. I have a pair of Nike golf shoes. The third time that I wore them I couldn’t understand why my feet felt wet. Needless to say it had been a wet summer so I didn’t think much of it. When I went to my car to change I noticed that the shoes had cracked completely on both. I was upset to say it mildly. I get back home and call Nike and they asked where I bought them from. Why? Does it matter? Because I bought them from a non Nike store they said that they could not do anything about it. Sorry pals you lost my business for life and I tell everyone I meet the crap that you sell. I suppose maybe if I would kneel and not walk on them I wouldn’t have had a problem. Must be why kapernicks shoes last so long.
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6 years ago, gilsmak
Inaccurate info
I was trying all weekend and waiting to see in the app when the SBLII ALPHA ROS patriots jackets would be on sale. To my unfortunate surprise they sold out online because the app was not synced with the online inventory. When I saw that they had become available I tried buying them and I wouldn’t let me. It kept saying customer had item in shopping cart. Also really frustrating to lose out on this item for the 2nd year in a row. I would contact customer service and they would keep saying item had not been released. Any ways the info was faulty all the way around. Been a Nike plus customer for years and this is terribly frustrating.
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4 years ago, AndreCEO
Have a setting for family members!
I think it would be a dope concept to have different family members sizes saved under your profile so when you go to order you can buy their pair with ease. For example, when selecting kids shoe sizes for my kids under the kids section, there should be a tab like who are you buying this for? Ayden or Grey (my sons names) right? Not to mention have their sizes saved in settings with their relationship to me (son, etc.) so that as they grow I can update their shoe size which would sync while I’m selecting their shoe throughout the store on the app and even website.
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6 months ago, KeithHollywood
Order fulfillment
Why won’t you guys fulfill my order? I paid 156 and some change on the new premium black and green Halloween Air Force 1 when they were well in stock. I’ve waited 3 whole weeks or so for my order and the only update I got was a message saying MY ORDER HAS BEEN SHIPPED…..we’ll that never came and you guys didn’t even have it in you to send me out an email or something to let me know my package is lost, stolen, hasn’t been labeled or actually shipped out to me. I’ve waited like a sitting duck for those shoes, just so I can wear them next October. So what’s the deal with the let down? Why can’t the company just make my shoe? It’s not like I ordered them when they were out of stock….I mean how could I?! 🤨😩 I love Nike because of the Air Force 1’s an Ima collector so you can imagine how hurt I must feel about this. Anyways I’m done talking now 😓🤦🏾‍♂️!
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6 years ago, waht??
Ease of use
I thought using the app was great when I first logged in it had the items I had in my cart that I had put there when using my desktop but the amount of times I had to enter payment and shipping information was frustrating! You have the second line for the address line that states where you should enter your apt or suite number but that isn’t accurate and I found that out after 3 times of trying, it also delete my promo codes several times and luckily caught it before placing my order. I also didn’t like that When I wanted to change the size of an item I had to delete the item and then find the item again and put it in my cart. The features of the app could be way better, just feels old and clunky.
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2 years ago, pizza_dough
30-minute cancellation window hilarity
So my first experience ordering was this: 1) Order something late in the evening 2) About an hour later, realize I should get a different size; go to cancel the order on the web site 3) Find out that I can't cancel because it's been more than 30 minutes (?!). Customer service (very friendly but useless) confirms that the cancellation window is closed, that they can put in a cancellation request, but that cancellation isn't guaranteed 4) About 18 hours later, the order ships. Hilarious. They'd rather waste the time and money having customer service standing by for inevitable cancellation requests, waste time & money to ship, and then waste the time and money to receive and restock returned products. All of that has to be rolled into the cost of Nike products. Because I ordered late evening, I imagine a human actually went and picked my order from a warehouse, labeled it, then shipped it, almost an entire day after my cancellation request. Nike can integrate Apple Pay with their web site but can't figure out how to cancel an order placed more than 30 minutes ago, if nobody's even looked at it yet to pick & ship items. It's almost like they're dropshipping their own products.
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5 years ago, ncmtngirl60
Good But Heart Feature is Glitchy
The app is great, and I don’t know if it’s a glitch or specifically designed this way, but when I go to my profile to look at my liked items, it only ever shows 15. It doesn’t matter if I have 50 liked, it only shows 15 total. It shows only the newest 15 liked, which makes it really difficult to find shoes that I’m interested in again since it’s only showing a fraction of the ones I’ve hearted. When I type the specific item, it will show that it’s been hearted but won’t show up on my profile unless it’s one of the 15 most recent (which I can add by unhearting and then hearting again). Please fix this, there shouldn’t be a cap as to how many I can have.
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2 years ago, rtdoug
No good shipping
While I did receive my shoes earlier than listed ship date my problem is the app said the order was processing but I received a message from lazer ship saying they attempted to deliver my package not knowing it was even out for delivery. The next day I stay home waiting for the shoes to arrive so I decide to go look at the shipping to see if they are updated and find out they have been sitting outside my door for a while not knowing they have been delivered. So the first time the shoes were not delivered because nobody was home but when I was home nobody even knocked on the door. I’ve heard lazer ship wasn’t a good shipping service but it’s the first time I’ve had a delivery from them. The communication is bad i’d prefer to have them shipped to a store and pick them up from the store.
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2 years ago, E22O
Love your products
Please Nike please make a cruzrone but with zoomx. Zoomx is one of the best things I’ve ever experienced specially with the invincible it’s amazing comfort. That being said please make them wider and more stack it would be so comfortable. I loved the cruzrone but it had so much potential but it wasn’t as soft as I’d hope. So please please make it with zoomx walking shoes should have so much more cushion just with width other than that I love your products just please make them a bit easier I get hype but it needs to be more obtainable. Thank you God bless idk why I can’t see what I’m typing so sorry if it’s hard to understand
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3 years ago, christopher steele morgan
I’m so sorry for being late and not working with you guys and I’m so glad to see that your dad is well aware of it being in your office and I know your thoughts will help me to get a hold of your friend for you to help you get to work on the rest of the family and help me with the rest of the day and I will see you soon and I hope you know how I am sorry for being so sorry for being such a pain in your heart and I just need to help you with your help and help me help you with your help and help me help you with your help and help me help you with your help and help me help you with your help and help me help you with your help
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3 years ago, el macho prieto510
I need help!
I’ve not been able to get into my Nike app for 4 months now. After I updated my phone a few updates ago already the Nike app literally doesn’t leave the screen that says find products faster. Every time I try and press the next, nothing happens at all, I’ve called apple about it and also spoke with Nike and I just got a new phone and still haven’t been able to get into the app, only only works. Is there anything you guys can do to help me I literally live on the Nike website and this is so inconvenient to only be able to get on the app from the web.
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3 years ago, dielopez07
everything is wrong. the product and care.
I bought a retro 3 a couple of days ago and what they sent me was disastrous. The shoe looks as if it was a 3-year-old who made it. It had glue all over the edges. it was also badly painted. It didn't look like a real shoe at all. when I called to try to solve the problem, they told me that they could not send me other shoes that the only thing was to return the money. that is not a logical solution. because I only wanted the shoes there are no acceptable solutions for customers. Nike is very bad now. they only have excuses for COVID. it's kind of stupid for a big Yam company
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4 years ago, PPHVRVXH
cool, but...
i like nike and like the app a lot.. but it's kind of annoying that every time i'm browsing the women's clothing, the photo will show a slim woman, and then only show me the "plus size" sizes when i tap on it. sure, i can fix this by changing the size to a regular one, because that changes the photos.. but only if the item ISNT out of stock. if it is, then the button that change sizes isn't even there... like cmon man. also Nike, when are plus size men gonna get some love? i think it's awesome you have women of all body types on here, but i would like to see some husky men on there too, so i can have someone closer to my body type modeling my potential purchase.. rather than a bunch of super cut guys wearing mediums.. like i know that sweater won't look the same on my 3XL self.
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6 years ago, Vudoo doodoo
Just one request...
I really do love this app. My only request would be that when doing the guided runs, when it ask you to rest, why not instead of completely stopping to rest and the app stop tracking, why not walk it out, but continue tracking. (Does that make sense?) I measure my distance & pace and graph my runs, but when I do the guided runs I don’t like to just stop running on the rest parts, I walk on the rest parts, but it throws off my speed and averages, even my distance. If you can make it so maybe I could skip the rest parts and just keep going and tracking. Love the app though and the guided speed runs. I don’t really use the guided runs because of this annoyance.
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2 years ago, The fittest one
Disappointed with current options
I’ve used this app for many years and the customizable training plans prepared me for several 10Ks and half marathons. The current version of the app offers only two training plans: a beginner 4 week plan and an intermediate half marathon plan. The loss of the customizable plan is a huge downside. I can no longer set a distance goal, select my current activity level, runs per week, etc. I want to train for a 10k two months from now and have no training guide with this app. The guided runs and run tracking are great if you just want to get out and do a run, but it used to offer so much more. I’d love to see them bring back the personalized training plans.
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2 years ago, duotriple
nike is honestly a joke. i’ve ordered 2 items from nike over the year. i’ve ordered a hoodie and won a pair of nike dunks. both of which have not been delivered to me. you’d think that your i formation would be safe with such a brand but you’d be incorrect, and when i tried talking to one of the team members they always tell me the same thing. they always tell me they’ll try whatever they can to get my package to me. they would be lying about that because my packages never came to me. at least i got a refund on my hoodie and i hope i can get it on my dunks as well. i encourage everyone who sees this message to be cautious when buying from nike. i won’t say stop buying from them but to just be aware that there’s a possibility they will screw you over and just take your money and give you nothing in return 🤷🏻‍♂️.
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