NIV Study Bible

4.9 (1.8K)
268.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tecarta, Inc.
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.3 or later
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User Reviews for NIV Study Bible

4.91 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
7 months ago, DJP Starboard
Best Bible App Available
I have several Tecarta bible versions and love adding new ones as the app is so powerful yet simple to use. It has more than exceeded my expectIons. I have the paper version some of the study bibles. Tecarta versions are way less expensive and easier to of navigate yet have everything the paper versions have. Your study time will be way more productive with Tecarta as it is best digital bible format available - and I know, as I have many to compare. Tecarta is similar Logos as you can add commentaries, translations, study bibles, devotionals, etc. and have ability to add highlight, add notes, bookmarks to specific scripture and customize many different way, yet it is easier to use and much less expensive than Logos. You will love this app!
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5 years ago, CKirkH
NIV Study Bible
Having a full-featured NIV study bible on my phone is fantastic. Thank you for putting this tremendous resource at my fingertips! One comment (and one request), however, for your consideration: The 2011 version of the NIV is less faithful to the original text than the 1984 version. I realize some may be more comfortable with the more "politically correct" word substitutions found in the 2011 version but others (like me, I guess) think God's word is not "improved" when overlaid with our cultural preferences. In fact, the truth of God's word is far more likely to be compromised when we alter it to be more acceptable to the world. That said, I recognize some prefer the 2011 version. Any chance you might offer a NIV 1984 version of this app as well?
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6 years ago, Robbmcg
A complete resource for Bible study
Tecarta’s NIV Study Bible is technically sound, regularly supported, infinitely expandable and easy-to-use. Whether one wants only to read the Word or deeply study and compare events surrounding the scriptures, this application will not disappoint. Make side by side comparisons to other Bibles, navigate to cross-referenced passages, highlight verses, review furnished study notes highlighted by icons, organize and save personal notes, enjoy maps, illustrations, photos and videos ... so much but so usable for ANY user. Though I could write much more, I recommend reading the fact sheet to see if the features meet your needs .. and then having confidence that you can easily use this application even if you’re a technology novice.
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7 years ago, dreamn.jane
Very happy with it!
This Bible app is much more than I originally thought it would be when I first purchased it. And I keep discovering more ways to use it! It's great for just reading, of course. Easy to search for what book and chapter I want to read and easy reference for topics. Plus here's a bit of the "so much more": * A verse of the day, daily devotional, and tip of the day. I set these so that I see them when I first open my iPad, so I can read any of them, all of them, or none of them that day. * Very interesting and helpful charts that teach me things about both the Old and New Testaments. * Historical and cultural context before each new book in the Bible and, if you would like, a running guide to the chapter and verses that accompany any part of the Bible you are currently reading. I'm guessing that what I just wrote is already in the description of the app. But I haven't seen that since my purchase. So I'm simply telling you what I've discovered that is so helpful and enriching for me. There are likely more things I have yet to discover. :D
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3 years ago, a google maps fan
I’ve read about every Bible version there is. The NIV is at least for me, the clearest and easiest to understand there is. I’ve been a fan for years and if I experiment with any other version, I always come back to this one. The footnotes, maps, etc. on meaning, application, and historical context are perfect for understanding what the author was trying to get across to his readers / listeners. A real companion of cultural relevance to modern day. This Bible version has been the strongest companion of insight to my spiritual walk. You owe it to yourself to give it the chance to be yours!
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6 years ago, Marc&Ang420
What a blessing
This makes studying so much easier which makes it more likely that I’ll actually study. And after all, isn’t that what it’s all about? I have the devotional of the day turned on and read that every morning and that gets me started. From there I start cross referencing verses from different books with the easy to follow guides and read notes along the side that help clarify difficult to read passages or give information about the time period. Before I know it I’ve been reading for 30 minutes to an hour. I love it.
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6 years ago, Rdomercq
Amazing Product
I can't say enough good things about this eBible. It has so many useful features, and I seem to discover new ones or new combinations frequently. I particularly am impressed with how I can go through a chain of notes and cross references by finger touch and then return to my original location instantaneously. When I was having difficulty trying to use one feature, I used Help and got an email response within hours. Clearly a lot of thought went into this product.
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5 years ago, Premium missing
Syncing between iPhone and iPad.
I enjoy this study bible very much. The one thing I can’t figure out is how or if I can sync between my iPhone and iPad. I read the Bible in both but forget my place where I stopped reading in one or the other. I found the sync feature but it doesn’t accomplish syncing between the two to show me where I left off reading. I would love to have someone give this information.
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2 years ago, teresasletters
Can’t share devices
This app has great content you can add and you can study the words of scripture from multiple translations by easily switching between them. The issue is I put the same app on my iPhone and iPad. I bought multiple Bible translations on my phone. None of them are accessible on my iPad unless I purchase the same translation again. They do not sync between devices. I would prefer to be able to use whichever device has battery at the time. All other apps I have sync except this one.
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4 years ago, Allen Adkins
Great App! But update process is broken... please fix
I would give it 5 Stars if they would fix their update process. Customers use to see a notification that an update was available. Now you don’t know until you open that particular book. If you have a large library like I do, it makes updating monotonous... Please fix this.
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6 years ago, Weezyl65
Very easy to use and works well across devices
Love this app. Makes daily bible study so easy. I can see multiple translations and study guides at the same time while I'm taking my own notes. Fantastic. Then, later if I want to remember the study I did that morning on my ipad, I can open my iphone and read it there. Great job.
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5 years ago, Scootsco
So easy! Makes me so consistent
I have always loved the feel of a Printed Bible in my hand, but I am totally so on this e-Bible. I have had it for several years and it has made my reading so much easier and richer. I can take it with me wherever I go and read the Word anywhere. The notes are fantastic and the references very helpful.
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7 years ago, logosgate
Niv xref. and copy functions are not working with iOS 8
I absolutely love this app and its functions with multiple translations and study materials. I use it every day. Fantastic! If there is any chance for additional improvements, I look forward for that. Like to see hyperlink capability for the personal notes. God bless! J. Abraham
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6 years ago, WWFJANE
NIV Study Bible very helpful
I have used the hardback paper edition this study Bible for years and always found it useful. Especially on controversial passages it is usually quiet fair in presenting differing viewpoints. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to navigate the app version of this very helpful book. I heartily recommend it.
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7 years ago, Shelbylicious541
Love the app and what is provides. The capability for specific notes or folders is great. Only improvement item is better instructions for how to share multiple notes at one time. My desire is to "select all" to download all my notes but I can't find instructions to do this, versus selecting each not individually.
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3 years ago, dranner63
Love this and all the features....but
My husband and I have family share. All of a sudden this app on his iPad (that we got him with family share,) quit working. We delayed it and now it wants him to purchase it. Family share is set up on both devices. We both have that it's not working for him.
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10 months ago, Wi-Fi Guru
One Stop Bible Resource
Multiple Bible Translations available along with available commentaries really make this a one stop shop if your looking to really understand / study Gods word. I only wish they had an integrated Bible dictionary.
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7 years ago, Jane in sunny FL
Love this Psalm
I feel so blessed! Even though life is hard; knowing that HE is in the heaven waiting for His Own, makes it a great deal smoother. But, mainly I am thankful that you guys made the NIV Bible available online, so everyone who seeks comfort and truth can pick up an electronic iPad and find their God!
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6 years ago, Tombomojo
Blessed App!
This app is divinely blessed and a great resource for any person interested in learning more from God’s word. It is useful for beginners as well as experienced Bible students. The insights in the commentary are truly inspired and will help draw the reader closer to God if their hearts and minds are open to receiving the message!
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6 years ago, Burksjl
I truly love this program. The more I use it the better it gets. There is one thing that would be nice and that would be to be able to write notes with the pen or write in the margins.
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6 years ago, jj-il
Doesn’t maintain position
While using the app, if my iPad goes to sleep, any open resource on the right side will jump back to the beginning. I have the preachers commentary and some of the sections can be long. If I am teaching and don’t keep my iPad awake, when I resume I’ve lost where I am at. I’ve turn off the sync with bible and that didn’t help.
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4 months ago, Popster58
I’ve used for years and compared to so many other Bible Study App / Bible. None others have come close. The best and well worth the small investment for such treasures.
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6 years ago, TyB i3
Great Bible App
This is a very easy to use and intuitive study Bible. Took me less than 5 minutes to figure out and use the study features and there is so much more.
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6 years ago, Jim Dunny
Limited useful app
In iOS this app is terrible. The interface does not allow easy change between translations. If there is way to change Bible translations, it is not intuitive. If don’t need to use more than one translation this is a very good app and access to different books of a particular bible is easy.
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6 years ago, sriley226
This is a wonderful bible app. The cross references, definitions, maps and images, and study notes/commentary - it has everything. Very thankful and worth the purchase.
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6 years ago, rncsooner1940plk
Do not like wheel for book, chapter and verse. The old method was much better and a lot faster. Otherwise very good. Is it possible to change back to the previous method of selecting book, chapter and verse?
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6 years ago, Cyndy10
I love this app.
I love this app. The only improvement I would like to see is the ability to use my Apple Pencil to write notes. It is awesome to have the study notes to look at as I read the text!!
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7 years ago, gugagirl55
Te carta study bible
Once you get the hang of it you can maneuver all over the Bible study notes, etc. These folks did a really good job in putting this app together!
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2 months ago, mobley margie
This is the easiest to use app
I love this app especially how easy it is to use and to move from scripture to scripture!! Great for Bible study!
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6 years ago, Bergy023
Love the app
A real blessing in my life. Struggling with indifference in my life...I thank you for this ‘gift’ of the Bible on my iPad, phone and computer. I really like the new audio reading of the scripture.
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7 years ago, Wagner junior
I use my iPad Pro for all reading. This app gives me everything I want to keep in touch with what is most important.
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6 years ago, Prickly Pig
Always with me
I use this app several times a week to check references in scripture. I love that it is always with me.
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7 years ago, Sheenelee
Amazing app
This app is truly an amazing tool for all Christians to use in their daily Bible reading & study. The ability to add different study bibles & devotionals into 1 app is truly exceptional.
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7 months ago, P. Ish
A Great Investment
If your a student of the word it is with out a doubt that you need this tool to be more effective.
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4 years ago, Renee5051
What took you so long
I absolutely LOVE this app. I’ve been looking for something like this for a very long time...I found it!
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2 years ago, freight10
Love this Bible!
I got this bible for my bday 3 years ago, I haven't put it down! No matter what bible u have don't put it down .
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6 years ago, STSwish
Must have for podcasts
This app fixes what Apple broke when they separated and the podcast and audio apps
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6 years ago, ka'omeahokulani
My walk with god
To open my bible app and see exactly what god what’s you to read. Thank you god. I am grateful for everything
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5 years ago, McKenzie0707
Great app BUT
I love this app! The major downfall however is the fact it doesn’t sync between devices. Developers: please update this to sync between devices!!!
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6 years ago, bikwai
Sole electronic bible app used
This is the best study bible out there, and I've tried several. The regular Bible app is a good freebie, but this beats the Glo Bible app if you're willing to pay for the extra resources.
Show more
6 years ago, nkhSea
Needs a help section
If there is a way to see more than one translation at a time, I certainly can’t find it. Using an iPhone X, I can only see one version at a time. I find no access to any help features. Basically, this is not useful to me.
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6 years ago, Al of mr.m
Live and love the word
I love having this bible in my phone and it can tag so many of my good things.
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6 years ago, USMC2502
NIV Bible electronic version
This is an excellent application for phone use. It allows the user to access to the Bible any and all times of the day.
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7 years ago, DanRvw
Really enjoy using this app
I have really enjoyed using this app. Has good features and good commentary.
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4 years ago, monzola
I love it because it is wonderfully laid out and no glitches
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4 years ago, Adam Yeshua Jesus Satan
Beautiful digital version of the original premium linen paper NIV
Nice work
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6 years ago, Dicky8033
NIV bible
I have been having problems with my eyes, this is a great app to have. I love the notes. Great.
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7 years ago, bjjpr
This is a blessing !
If u need to study the Bible, don’t look further, this is it!
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5 years ago, Rexsurveyor
Books of the Bible
The book title drop down no longer works after the last update, making it difficult to use. How do I contact the developer?
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6 years ago, Mike Yeoman
Niv Study Bible
Love the verse of the day and daily devotion
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