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User Reviews for NJ TRANSIT Mobile App

4.81 out of 5
218.9K Ratings
2 years ago, LiaTassara
No one helps
What is going to take to help when one of you riders has a problem, I’m new to buying anything I was always scare, and sure enough I bought a pass of 30 days, because I got a one month job in NYC, so to make it worth it saving money I bought a pass, well apparently I bought the wrong pass, I try using it for the first time on Tuesday of this week because that was when the job start it, I got an Intrastate instead of a interstate, so the driver made me aware of it I had no idea, that same day I went to custumer service in port authority Ny, and they gave me a number to call and no one help they were supposed to call me back and no one did I sent 2 messages through the app and nothing, so now I’m here writing this message to plead for someone to help me or guide of what to do, my savings are not savings any more because I’m paying out of my pocket and I can’t use the up, I need a refund to buy the right pass
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10 months ago, CooganNYC
Buy paper tix until this app is fixed
App was fine before in early summer when I used it, as of Aug 25th 2023 is very glitchy, wouldn’t process my (easy) ticket I normally get and a friend traveling with me ended up accidentally buying 6 (!) of the same tickets because the app kept telling them the purchase didn’t go through and to try again. They did actually go through, even after refreshing things the app didn’t send a pop up notice the purchase was successful, and NJ Transit didn’t send a receipt promptly via email saying so. Being on a train platform or on a train running into ticket/app problems creates high stress and headaches for conductors who end up hearing valid excuses why you can’t show your ticket, or that you were just overcharged trying to buy 1 but ended up with 6. Apparently NJ Transit doesn’t like giving refunds (what a scam) so my friends forced to try to use the extra tix to a location she doesn’t often go. NJ has a millions of tech IT people who can capably fix app bugs I’m sure.. NJ Transit management needs to hire better tech developers to keep these problems from happening-do more test runs before releasing a new update. Amateurs should not be running an app that a half million people or so need for train commuting. Please stay on top of tech issues and fix asap! Or just go back to paper tickets til app bugs are sorted out.
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5 years ago, nanamili
New version looks nice but WONKY and nonsensical.
The new version of the app looks nice and modern. But it’s very annoying that my monthly pass pops up instantly when clicking “my tickets” because i actually have other tickets! Also it displays horizontally, which is annoying because I never asked it to rotate. If the ticket wants to display horizontally to distinguish a monthly from a single use, fine, but the functions should still remain at the bottom because I’m not holding my phone sideways, I’m holding it vertically. It’s very frustrating when trying to close the monthly pass to continue using the app or display another ticket. Also, the new version’s “schedule” feature got rid of displaying if a route has transfers on the results screen. I almost stayed on a train that had a transfer to get to where I was going because you have to CLICK the route to see wether or not you need to transfer to a different line or not. The old version said wether or not a route had transfers or not up front. It’s very misleading because I want to avoid trains with transfers if I can, and people who are new to NJ transit will for sure stay on a train instead of transfer if they don’t click to expand the route info because they’re under the impression there are no transfers if It doesn’t say so up front. Please bring that feature back. Everything else is fine I guess.
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4 years ago, PamF31
New version needs some fixing regarding how we log in. Why do we constantly need to put in our password except for when we’re using stored credit cards? And this new version doesn’t work well with saved passwords on the iPhone - I use Touch ID to retrieve my stored password and it deletes my email. In general I love being able to buy my tickets via an app and the new design seems fine. Major issue that persists in this version: I need to open the app when I first get on the train in Penn Station but because of limited connectivity I often have trouble. The app should be able to show active tickets without connectivity. It used to be fine in that regard but a few updates ago it became an issue. Conductors get very frustrated when the app isn't open and running but that is very often not the fault of the riders. (That's another customer service issue - many of the conductors are outwardly hostile about the app - they need to learn to adapt but I believe that would be enabled if the app were set up such that it doesn't make their jobs harder. ) Just this morning I had the app open just fine. Conductor came around 5 mins later and it had kicked me out so he had to come back.
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3 months ago, Cannon4747
Absurdly Unclear Ticketing Schemes
I got a monthly pass for unlimited rides into NYC from Secaucus. I specifically selected NYC and Secaucus from within the app. The app told me to buy a zone 2 pass. On the pass, it says “interstate,” leading me to conclude it covers transit to New York. I’m here for a month, so I got the $100 monthly pass. I get on the 320 bus and the driver tells me I need a zone 3 pass. The app sold me a zone 2 pass. After arguing with him for a few minutes, I decided to wait for the next bus. Some drivers are sticklers, some don’t care. The next bus had a driver who didn’t care. I’m extremely disappointed with whoever made this app. It’s extremely outdated since it doesn’t even include navigation or live bus/train tracking information. But that could be forgiven if they had clear and accurate ticketing information. They should not be so misleading when buying tickets. It’s absolutely unacceptable that I can be guided to pay $100 or more for tickets and then be told “you can’t ride this bus you paid $100 to ride.” I shouldn’t pay for transit and then be told I didn’t pay for transit. If NJ transit reads this and decides to discipline the driver who didn’t care, YOU GOT THE WRONG MESSAGE.
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5 years ago, Liam and Corey Co.
Junk - Could be much better if they tried
To add to my prior review. Now I can’t figure out how to add favorites; that functionality seems to have gone. Also why have they changed the color of the Gladstone branch to be the same as Dover! Who would have believed they could actually have made this awful App even worse!! Original Review follows -There a myriad of problems with this app. Some seem to have been fixed, others not. Here are some that remain: There are no maps. The schedules are clearly not fed from the same database as website - they direct you to the website for service changes. There are no alerts on the app. - you need to go to website for those. They display train numbers in the schedules section, it would be logical if this were a "hot link" but it's not. Some trains simply do not appear in departure vision at all (on an intermittent basis). To sum up - it feels like "they have an app. so they can say they have an app." but they don't really seem to care that it is a crap app!! Update - while cancelled trains show up as “cancelled” on Departure Vision they don’t on the Schedules. This is trivial stuff to fix. Also the customized alerts feature is really poorly thought out. Do they care - absolutely not?
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4 years ago, Reader-25
Unreliable/unpleasant environments
I left my car near the bus stop (stuyvesant and Nye in Irvington, NJ)because I didn’t think I would be able to get parking around Essex county college but found there were spaces. GPS app stated 15 min for next bus at nye and Springfield ave. I went into store for 5 min and upon coming out saw a #25 bus pass by. Yet the bus that was for 15 min showed 11 mins I. The app before it arrives. All buses don’t seem to be captured by the gps radar. I finally get on the bus to find it almost full. Why do all the buses have to be packed up with people??? In just a few mi s on the bus that is what happened. And the people that got on left little to be desired looking and sounding like they came from a meth clinic with much noise, cursing and filling up the bus😣. It’s the people that have undesirable behavior that gives NJT a bad name. I could not get off the bus fast enough. I have not taken the bus since December 2019 as I brought a new car. I don’t miss the buses at all and plan to stay off of them.
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10 months ago, garcicat2
Love but…
I love this, i just wish they had a feature where u can buy or send someone the ticket that u bought for them because there have been situations were machines wont take money or my friends cant get the app to buy a ticket or have trouble signing up. One of my friends had miney but the machine wouldnt take it so i bought a ticket on the app and sent them a screenshot of it but it didnt work they needed the app and they dont speak English. The guy on the train was nice enough to let him go on the next stop to purchase a ticket. But i wish there was a feature for stuff like this. Also it be nice if they could let us go back in time to see the trains that came earlier, because my friend was on there way and i couldnt check the time they got on the train anymore because it updates the next train that comes and i cant go back or set the time back to the time they got on the train.
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3 years ago, Blahblablughblahblughhhh
Fix the app please
You know the blinking part on the bottom, sometimes, when you open the app, or let me rephrase, pull it back up from earlier, that blinking part on bottom doesnt work. It seems like not a big deal since you just restart the app and it works fine, however when a bus driver starts accusing you in front of whole bus that im trying to pass with a fake ticket, and telling me to step down from bus while im trying to pull the app back up, its freaking rude, not to say embarrassing. Can you please fix it so that we dont find ourselves in such a spot, and can rely on the app to work properly when we push the app icon , and pull the app up on screen? We pay tons of money for monthly tickets, i think we deserve smooth app service, let alone a little bit of human to human respect when boarding the bus. Idk this is really frustrating. Ive used this for years, i don’t remember having this issue before, it must have been with one of the latest updates, that this started happening. Thanks in advance
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2 years ago, fuuuuccccccooooooffffffffg
Takes my money but doesn’t give me a ticket.
The app would be a convenient tool if it actually worked properly. Multiple times this app took my money and didn’t not deliver tickets which I had to dispute with my bank.. multiple times I have had to argue with bus drivers cause the app won’t allow me to purchase a ticket and there are no stations around to purchase any and when you call customer service about this issue no one seems to know anything not even the tech department.. a lot of bugs needs to be fixed also NJT customer all together is horrible extremely nasty attitudes buses are never clean and no one ever knows anything or ever has any information even the people who are in charge of having the information.
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1 year ago, NYC Neurotic
Not for new riders
Downloaded this app to try to plan a trip from NY Penn to Teaneck. Google maps helpfully laid out the bus route and the destination stop and even gave correct departure times. This app however could not offer me any useful information. How would I know what bus # I need? The Trip Planner has bugs. Repeatedly says invalid URL no matter which destination I chose. There isn’t an interactive map to select your destination. The labeled stations from the app are confusing as it doesn’t coincide with cross streets on a map. You pretty much need to know before using this app what bus route and which stop is closest to your destination. In other words you need google maps. The only thing this app can provide is the schedule and alerts to delays or last minute changes. So, this app is for frequent riders only.
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2 years ago, Naro27
App is Garbage. UX is garbage.
Haven’t had to use this app in a few years due to Covid. Was pleasantly surprised to find a few new features added since the last time I used to be app. Well it looks like it is just front end gloss as the UX is utterly garbage. Navigating from schedules to get ticket purchases is non-intuitive and requires a multitude of clicks and for the user to remember which menus have which options. I should just be able to go to schedule>bus>purchase. Nope. You have to go to schedule>bus>menu>tickets>purchase. Then don’t get me started on the actual schedule issues itself. Their bus schedules are links to pdfs or something off platform that rarely work and continue to be impossible to read. Might want to hire some better app developers or at least pay the current ones better.
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5 years ago, Sassyjerseygrl
New App is very difficult to use- Monthly passes won’t load without internet
The old app would allow already activated single ride and monthly passes to be displayed when no internet. This is a MUST for areas where there is no cell service. Like Penn Station etc. It also constantly logs you out which of course you can’t display your pass when you are logged out and no internet to log in. Old app- put device in airplane mode - pass would display instantly if activated like a monthly. I never know when I will be logged out and have a train staff member standing waiting for me to display even when the app was already loaded when I was on the platform. If it’s loaded on your device for too long before needing to display - oops logged out again. Flash error. Needs to re log in with Face ID - hope you have data. Also Secaucus doesn’t show up in rail schedules.
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4 years ago, Xgirl0
So buggy!
The app looks great but it’s so convoluted and there are 2 problems that I see constantly and they have not been fixed. Daily I have to log in to pull up my monthly ticket and there’s always a flash error during this process. It looks like you can show your ticket, it says you have to login, then you have to tap the flash ticket error and then hit your Touch ID. Why? So many steps!! Also, if you favorite a stop number on My Bus it doesn’t save at the top of the list like it does when you favorite a route. Again, why??? So every day I have to remember and type in my stop number to see when the bus is arriving. It’s starred, so the app knows I have favorited it but it’s not at the top. Absolute silliness. Please fix this.
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2 years ago, MillenniOld
Used to allow me to show two tickets at once…,((
…but for some reason they decided to take that feature away? I travel with my fiancé who happens to be in a wheelchair. So I pay adult fare and she pays the disabled fare. I used to be able to buy two tickets in the same transaction and display them both on the same screen. Now it only lets you select and display multiple tickets if they’re the same fare type. My fiancé and I already deal with enough challenges trying to get transportation for the two of us. We don’t need this extra hassle especially when I used to be able to display both at the same time. Now I have to awkwardly fumble and show my ticket, close out my ticket and then open hers. She can’t use her phone because of her disability so this just gives us an extra obstacle.
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3 years ago, teechey
The New Jersey transit app is such an inconvenience. Is the bus is supposed to be there at a certain time but the bus comes early then the jersey transit app should allow you to know that the bus is going to be here early I have missed my bus countless of time thinking that it will be there at a certain time and it comes 10 or 15 minutes earlier than what it should have if a lot of people are relying on this app it would be best for the app to update in real time on when the bus should be there is it inconvenient to a lot of people. Fix it.
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2 years ago, JB MinhDuc
Convenient app for your daily commute
Every morning I used this app to purchase my bus ticket. I don’t have to prepare change, put them in separate pocket and don’t have to put the clanging coin in the machine and hold up everybody else for my lack of preparation. I only have to show the bus driver who is very nice and click a button as acceptance of my ticket. The app also showed me the time of my bus ride. And a history of my ride but I don’t use this function. I can imagine that someone will find this function very useful
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4 years ago, NJ Native Lost in NYC
Awesome customer service
My heart sank when I accidentally overwrote my account due to one of those annoying tech upgrades on iPhone! I was on a train from NYC to my hometown for Christmas and couldn’t remember my password to any of my app accounts including my personal email 😰. I had about 20 one way tickets saved in my profile history. I found a phone number and spoke with Pam after the holiday. Patiently she troubleshooted the account and was able to reactivate the old account finding my history! Great way to end the year! Thanks Pam! 🙏🏼🌺
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1 year ago, I110O
Opaque password requirements
When I tried to create a new account I tried literary 15 different possible passwords to find something acceptable to the app, and every time the password would be rejected with the same cryptic message about number of characters, upper case characters, numeric characters, and special characters, but it never told me which rules where not met or were violated, so I had no idea what was wrong or what to change, basically I was just guessing why my password wasn’t acceptable and making changes in the dark. I’ve never had problems creating a password with any other app, and I suspect that there may be additional hidden rules that aren’t listed. Regardless, the app is useless to me if I can’t create an account.
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3 years ago, IceColdRayCruz
Display Problems
App works great but this is the first time I had ever had an issue but my bus pass isn’t displaying properly. It’s only showing the month, QC box and a portion of the date, time and remaining time of pass usage. It doesn’t show the lower flashing bar which operators use to verify the authenticity of your pass. Hopefully this can be resolved because I don’t want to have to continue purchasing one way passes when I already have a monthly pass.
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3 years ago, John Gregorio
Needs to implement Wallet
The app is straightforward enough, but it NEEDS Apple Wallet integration immediately. How much simpler would it be to simply double press the side button to bring up your ticket instantly, instead of having to: 1) Unlock your phone, 2) find this app on the Home Screen, 3) tap into the app, 3) go to the tickets tab, and 4) activate your ticket. Those times where you might forget to activate your ticket is so annoying when the conductor comes around and you make the person wait for you to do all that. Just put it in the wallet app so we can show them our tickets instantly!
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4 years ago, I'm moving to Florida
NJ Transit is a joke
I love the option of “giving a review” as if a good or bad opinion means anything to this quasi-public organization. It is interesting to note that on this Saturday evening home literally every aisle that offers ticket machines was barricaded off, thus forcing patrons to buy tickets on their mobile phones. The “hard working” (neutered) police officers of Penn Station claim the barricades are to “quell the homeless issue we are dealing with”. I fully understand that the life of a NYC police officer (whether it be NYPD, MTA, or Amtrak) has become nothing more than that of a crossing guard so I put none of this on them. I just find it absolutely disgusting that we are still expected to pay full price for a train ticket home when we are literally unable to buy a paper ticket.
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2 years ago, sgr91736
App continually crashing
My app is crashing more often than not. There is no update, so it is not a problem in terms of my app not being up to date. I cannot activate not purchase new tickets, and I keep receiving error messages when I try telling me to “try again later.” How does that help if my bus is coming now, not later? The app will also randomly decide to sign me out mid-transaction, and then I must sign in manually using a completely convoluted multi step process involving inputting my password AND using Touch ID, and half the time is will give me an error message and not sign me in at all. Please fix this, I need to get to work.
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4 years ago, FireStickUserNewbie
Departure View
The new updates are awesome! Very fast and convenient. It saves money when you forget to buy your ticket beforehand. The only issue now is that the departure view makes it impossible to keep up with your train’s progress in a “live” sense. You literally have to go to the departure view from each station (which isn’t helpful if traveling through unfamiliar territory). Once your train leaves you just can’t tell.
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3 weeks ago, Pzamz
A few enhancements needed
Much better than it used to be. A few things that would help is in rider tools you should be able to search for a previous train that had left already so you can track the status of where your friend or family is. Like on the map for example. It appeared to work once when I changed the time but hasn’t worked since. Also should be able to share a ticket, or buy and transfer to a family member if for what ever reason they can’t access their ticket, or there is an issue.
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4 months ago, Unamused & Ticked-Off
Fatal Bug Due to Apostrophe. Fix immediately.
I’m trying to set a route 165 bus stop as one of my favorites by tapping the gray star at the upper right corner of that bus stop’s status screen. The star never turns yellow and the bus stop never appears in my favorites. This same happens for the other bus stops that have an apostrophe (for “feet”) in their names like “Jefferson St 100’ E of Main St”, “Kinderkamack Rd 100’ N of Old Hook Rd,” etc. This bug doesn’t happen for bus stop names that don’t have an apostrophe. Your system is confused by the apostrophe. Please fix immediately.
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2 years ago, Op Siren
NJ Transit Apo
I like all it’s features. I can buy tickets from the app and see on live when is my bus. The only problem is when the app doesn’t update the current day every morning and I have to sign out and in and wait around 10 minutes to see my ticket show up blinking in the app because some NJ Transit drivers that saw me even daily, wants me to pay a regular ticket. This is happening to many users, as another NJ drivers told me.
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1 year ago, Runneryoshi105
Constantly need to re-sign in
As long as you don’t encounter the occasional sign-in issue, it does the job: you can buy the ticket you need to get where you need to get. The basics of app experience need some polishing, however, and it can be a little confusing for the unitiated in the Jersey transit network of options. As one example, the app constantly signs you out so that (in a time crunch) it becomes very annoying to open it, type in your credentials and password, and then try to get your ticket purchased in time for the train or bus departure.
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1 year ago, kenliu
Improved but still needs work
This app has been vastly improved in it's latest major overhaul. It's now much easier to purchase tickets and I use the electronic tickets now instead of paper ones for my daily commute. Suggestions for future improvements: 1) PLEASE make it so tickets can be activated on the phone without a data connection. Even though I've already purchased the tickets I sometimes forget to activate one before heading underground to the platform where there is no cell service. I imagine most commuters face this situation frequently and this creates frustration for both riders and conductors. 2) Please add a confirmation before activating more than one ticket at a time. I have occasionally activated more tickets than I wanted to because of accidental taps on my phone and those extra tickets were wasted.
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3 years ago, HarleyJoeyD
Fantastic App
This app is truly one of the best apps related to public services! I’ve been an NJ Transit rider for over thirty years and started using the app as soon as it was available. There have been constant enhancements. Departure vision is incredible! The ability to see how congested a train car is beneficial, especially in the age of COVID. Thank NJ Transit for such a great product. However, if I can make one suggestion, it would be to indicate which car has the restroom.
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10 months ago, AustinJMBormann
Most recent version has bugs and errors
Update: App bugs seem to be resolved on my end with the latest patch. Iv used the app for over a year and have never had an issue until the most recent version. The app has a sign in/sign out loop because the session expires whenever I try to use a ticket. The error covers up the ticket and makes it hard to show the operator when boarding.
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5 years ago, Les S
Finally! Brightness control has been achieved!
You’ll get 5 stars when the passes are available in the wallet. If you ever make the pass available on the Apple Watch I will personally petition Apple to give me the option of assigning you 6 stars!!! In all seriousness a much improved app. It’s nice seeing you guys embrace competence. And I can barely believe the words I’m about to write but … I actually enjoy using the app now as opposed to cursing the devils that put me through countless conductor eye-rolls as I would try in vain to show them my monthly pass.
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3 years ago, Dragon Knight rocks
Great little app!
I’m from Texas and we drive everywhere, so taking a bus is just not something I do in my normal day. But I was staying in NJ so I needed the bus or go broke using a car service. I found the app amazing. Told me exactly where the buses are, if they are full or empty, and most of all I could buy tickets. I didn’t use the other features like light rail or train, but the bus segment of the app was a game changer by saving time and money.
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2 years ago, badhosts
Monthly Ticket
The app has been worse since the beginning of CoVid it no longer keeps you signed in when you have the monthly pass. You have to resign in to the app then go to the ticket then sign in again and then most times it gives you a flash error and you have to sign in again. It takes forever. It use to be even when you didn’t have service you were still signed into the monthly app. This issue has not gone away with the updated and causes delays especially when there is very little service in the tunnels at Penn station.
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10 months ago, Mesengel17
Quick Buy
Overall a very good app. I do have one request. Can you add a delete function for the Quick Buy menu? Its nice to buy my tickets through that menu as it is quick and I don’t need to run through the whole process of selecting origin and destination but every time I get a ticket for an out of the ordinary trip it clutters this menu. I would like to have just tickets I frequently use on this menu. It would be nice if I could customize it.
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7 months ago, Unbaised journalist
Don’t take the NJ Transit if you want to be on time
1. **Unpredictable Delays:** NJ Transit is notorious for frequent and unpredictable delays, which can significantly disrupt your schedule and cause unnecessary stress. 2. **Inconsistent Schedules:** The schedules provided by NJ Transit are not always reliable, making it challenging to plan your commute with confidence. Trains may arrive late or early without notice. 3. **Overcrowded Conditions:** Rush hours often result in overcrowded trains, leading to discomfort and sometimes safety concerns. Passengers may find themselves standing for the entire journey or struggling to find space. 4. **Lack of Communication:** Ineffective communication during delays compounds the frustration. Passengers are often left in the dark about the reasons for delays or the expected wait times, making the experience more challenging. 5. **Maintenance Issues:** NJ Transit has faced criticism for its maintenance practices, leading to breakdowns and service disruptions. The frequent need for repairs can impact the reliability of the service overall.
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12 months ago, Lilmissknoitall
Only plus is having your ticket on your phone
The only thing it’s good for is purchasing tickets. The bus app is as good as the employees half of the busses are not even listed on the app. The drivers say it’s the offices fault and the office has never done anything to fix it in almost three years. Same thing with the train schedule. They show estimated times which aren’t even scheduled times. You’re better off using google maps. The rewards program is a joke and a wasted effort. No one is buying extra tickets to receive a discount on discounted gym classes at a location you can’t even access via public transportation
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4 years ago, last g I'll le
Please make the bus section of the app more user friendly. Add maps and a way to find bus stops that aren’t main stops. How would I know what line to take unless I knew the stop I had to get to. Use google maps as a framework but they don’t always have all the right times and all the info I need. Only 4 people take my bus so it’s hardly worth paying for operating a bus. But if you make the app better people might consider using it.
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1 month ago, Lorifran
Needs serious update
App is helpful and buying tickets in app convenient but it has been crashing a lot in the past couple months. Cannot ‘favorite’ a specific train number/schedule nor check status without it crashing and closing. It has done this sure ticket interaction too. With the newest Apple IOS update, the NJ Transit app really must have an update to match ASAP. ALSO…your rewards program is useless. It offers nothing in a person’s sights of normal NY to NJ to use a discount or coupon towards. 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️🤔
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2 years ago, antonio.chadha
I’m not really sure you are only allowed to log into a device with one account. My dad bought me a ticket on the train and I tried to log into his account to access the ticket and it wouldn’t allow me to so I had to pay for a brand new ticket. The system needs to change. To start you should be allowed to buy a ticket with a credit card like every single other train I’ve ever been on. You should also be allowed to log into more than one account on a device. So people don’t get accused to theft and kicked off the train like I did
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2 years ago, Why not all the bus routes??!
Why show only some bus routes???
I usually find the NJ Transit app very useful. However we are from Philly and were in North Jersey today. I tried to use the app to buy bus tickets and it only showed me South Jersey buses. This makes no sense to me. We’re a neighboring state and often travel to NY. I can see all the train lines. Why not all the buses??? I kept thinking I was doing something wrong. When we arrived in NY I asked customer service and they said that’s correct, if you have a South Jersey location they will not show you North Jersey routes. Please fix!!!
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5 years ago, gavparkour2018
Njtransit app
I just love this new version of this app because it makes it very easy to get to your bus, train passes. The old update made it very difficult to get to your bus, train passes. NJ transit keep improving this app for all users to use. In the future updates can you please add a feature that has dark mode like Apple smartphones, and other devices have so people can use their passes in dark mode all the time.
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1 year ago, Acucons
App works well for purchases, but Hblr schedule is crap
I have been using the app to purchase tickets and it works very well. However, the schedule does not match that showing on the reader boards at the stations. Not sure why the reader board, the text messaging service and the schedule here cannot give the same information. And, of course, accurate information would be what we want.
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12 months ago, Maxr35
Not intuitive with wrong or missing information
Good luck using this app and njit to use 126. There are two buses that they go different hours but they have the SAME number and use different gates. You will have a hard time to figure out your gate and and then at certain hours your gate will change without any sign or information on the app or whatsoever. If you click to get the info about the schedule it takes you to their website
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4 years ago, Duke7dlf
Better but still glitchy
I’ve been using this app for a while. I love the departure vision. It’s the main reason I use this app for my monthly. It consistently errors out at the worst possible times. I’ll have the app loaded for Secaucus exchange or when the conductor is near. No big deal it it would recognize the Touch ID but when kicked out of the app somehow it forgets I have Touch ID previously enabled and now I need to type in my secure password and hope it does not time out at one of the busiest stations. Very frustrating.
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3 years ago, sumaxd
Super helpful/ life saver
This app has helped me out so much in a wide range of situations. From letting you know schedules ahead of time, to being able to instantly buy tickets right on your phone whenever you want without having to worry about losing/getting a physical ticket stolen, this app is truly an extremely reliable must-have for daily commuters.
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9 months ago, rimalovski
Getting better all the time
Give NJ Transit credit for an app that gets better every couple of months, even if the trains can’t run on time. Please fix one very broken thing: when you select Departure Vision to a specific destination, don’t just show the one next train from to that destination but show them all for the rest of the day, or at least the next few hours!
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3 years ago, Albin wuken
Times are not accurate
It’s unbelievable just how in accurate the information on this app as when it comes to busses arriving/departing . I have your drivers need to be retrained on how to pay attention to the time so I can actually depart or arrive to destinations crackly instead of being 45 minutes late and I’m skipping over people because they’re trying to make up for time we’re leaving 10 minutes early and everyone misses the bus because their incompetence your app is useless if your drivers are going to be driving the route at the correct time
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2 years ago, ShawnH23
Now normally I want to give it higher rating but I got a bone to pick with it mainly due to the fact setting up rides so I have off work on mondays so I have league night bowling and when I try to set it up it acts funny and says failed to connect to server like really nj transit I mean I have access link for couple years now and this has to be the most frustrating thing ever and idk it the app is being stupid on purpose but it need fixing plz asap Ps update the app too jeez
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2 years ago, *EVIL4LIFE*
Still needs work
Compared to years before this app has gotten better but lately I seem to run into non stop issues where I’m arguing with bus drivers over this app’s incompetence. If I pay for a monthly pass, the app should naturally refresh daily without me having to login and if there is some kind of error such as the wrong day showing or the app not flashing than the app should naturally log you out. I don’t understand why this is so difficult
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