2.8 (31)
11.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
New Mexico Department of Transportation
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
7.1 or later
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User Reviews for NMRoads

2.84 out of 5
31 Ratings
11 years ago, Mommylinn
Works with iPad, needs improvement
This app lists all rest areas in the state, info that is readily available in better apps, but the hope is that this app lets one know the status of the rest areas. There is nothing more frustrating than anxiously waiting for a rest area coming up only to discover it is closed. It is unclear whether the rest areas listed are in fact open or whether they simply exist. Further, other apps list rest area by both interstate number and mile marker number. This app does not. If you are driving on I25, you must open every I25 rest area listed until you find one close to you. Huge waste of time and so easily fixed. MM should be listed in the directory.
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4 years ago, Marileah
Need this app!!!
I drive long distances and require updated information on road conditions....This is the only app that provides that information in NM! However, recently it takes awhile to load the map???
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4 years ago, Pheobo12
As of Jan 2020, data is up to date.
I used the interactive map to confirm the road conditions in and out of Taos. I saw updates on rough conditions with crews working the roads in the morning followed by an update showing the trucks plowed, salted and sanded the roads.
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8 years ago, OtrDave
This app is never updated. And I mean the road conditions! Why did the state make this app if they don't use it? Why should I? Just watch tv for road and weather, just remember if there is a fatality accident the road will be closed for 12 hours(no joke) and if it snows, the road will be closed for 18(no joke)! Good luck!
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3 years ago, ekareed
very helpful information
the photos every 30 minutes of the highways really help when deciding if it's safe to go to work or not
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2 years ago, SimDan
Forgotten app doesn’t work
The app doesn’t load road conditions. The app has signs that it hasn’t been updated in years.
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10 months ago, JB211231
Just use the website
This app displays the same webpage as the nmroads website, except it does so in an app incapable of correctly rendering it.
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4 years ago, Screaming meanie
Horrible app!
Don’t bother trying to look at cameras for current road conditions this app is as bad as this states drivers
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5 years ago, bclee
No longer maintained
Hasn’t been updated in a couple years, no longer functional. Shouldn’t be in App Store.
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5 years ago, chris2007a
Update already
Come on update your app. Make it so that it’s more reliable. Doesn’t work well without WiFi.
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7 years ago, NM Girl
Winter 2016 Review
This app is not updated in a timely manner and can be dangerously unreliable for road conditions.
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7 years ago, turkey shoot
This app does not assist drivers; it facilitates dangerous and unsafe driving conditions in New Mexico. Shame on you.
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11 years ago, minutme
But slow.
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12 years ago, Clairaudient
This is better than the webapp my fellow Abq to SF commuters have been relying on for years. Works terrific on iPhone 4, so you should have good results if your phone is not obsolete. ;) Yes, it can be slow to load, but look at the level of detail you get on all types of road info and the granular control you have over that data. I'll show this to my whiny California friends next time they cry about "backwards" NM. Thanks NM DOT!
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11 years ago, rbdancer
Works Great on iPhone 5
I use this site all the time on my laptop, and the mobile app is a lot easier to navigate than the same site on a phone browser. I have not had any problems with it, and it’s great to be able to pull up a live picture of Interstate highways before getting in the car. Highly recommended if you live or travel frequently in our state.
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11 years ago, dnlvigil
practical & useful, a go to app
A personal thank you to the application designer, for the time and effort in creating this useful application... ~ layout of app was easy for me to navigate. ~ the real time camera info, as well as crash and road closure reports, is valuable information when i am making critical logistical decisions regarding my daily driving itineraries... ~ room for improvement, such as: … links from the information to maps & locations … a "go to mile marker" feature would be useful
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8 years ago, RoamingRotarian
Best Road Conditions app out for Any State
Use this anytime we are traveling to our home in RedRiver NM, especially in winter. Excellent for viewing winter conditions, icy roads, closures and accidents. Highly recommend. Wish TEXAS DOT would come up with a similar app.
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9 years ago, Lego's in my soup
I use a lot of road condition tools as I travel for a living. This is one of the best. If every state would adopt this model, travelers would be much better off.
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8 years ago, DuckFan007
Go back to the previous version!
The previous version was simple and easy to navigate. One or two clicks got me to the info I wanted. This new version isn't designed for a phone- tiny links requiring multiple clicks to get to the info.
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12 years ago, heirloomorange
Excellent App
Handy info at your fingertips - exactly what an app should deliver. Kudos to the developers and to NM Roads for putting this together. I use it every time I travel in the state.
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9 years ago, Andyarch
I use it frequently.
Good app! When are you going to put out one for Colorado and other surrounding states?
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12 years ago, lpa2284
Works well with iPhone 4
Works well with iPhone 4 and presumptively iPhone 4s. The 3GS is 3 year old phone tech, don't complain if it can't run newer apps.
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11 years ago, John in Santa Fe
Nice app
Nice app. Works on my iPhone 5. Stable and usually accurate. Glad to see a state agency deploying mobile technology.
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12 years ago, Hotrod07
Great app
App works great on my iPhone 4. Lots of useful information for people traveling all across the state.
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8 years ago, Weekend Road tripper
Great app!
Took some time to adjust to new layout, but I am loving the map view
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12 years ago, Bob's your uncle in Idaho
Was cool when it worked
The current version doesn't have the cameras working.
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8 years ago, New Mexico Coastal
Camera update is awesome
I now know exactly where the cameras are! Thank you!!!
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9 years ago, Pyroman3388
Use it for travel works great. In the winter its helpful to know road conditions.
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12 years ago, Momofmany5
Excited at First
Been waiting for this app for awhile. Now its here I am underwhelmed. It DOES NOT work on the 3GS. I only thing I get to load is the "Do not use app while driving" warning. And that is super zoomed and you can't see all of the image. Bummer. Go back to the drawing board.
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8 years ago, NM Pilgrim
Toady Bummer!
It will not function on my iPad. The previous versions worked very well. A classic case of an update not performing as well as the older version. If it ain't broke- don't fix it!
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8 years ago, James GT
Nothing works
Ever since the update nothing has worked. Terrible layout and not user friendly.
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8 years ago, streamanic2012
Zero stars
No data on the app or the website. Blank page on both. Don't bother downloading or bookmarking in browser. App used to be great. What happened?
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12 years ago, Underblog
Surprised that Apple allowed this not 3GS compatible app squeak through. I guess they'll have to redo everything when the 5 comes out!
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11 years ago, Jlh88001
Not useful
Road information is not useful if it is not updated periodically. There are closures listed on this app that expired almost 2 months ago. Worthless.
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12 years ago, Monqeeisawesone
Not worth it
Not updated daily. No real information that you can't already get from the radio or news.
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8 years ago, mfinnm
Worked before, now just a blank screen. I guess they shouldn't have "fixed" it. Deleting now. 😠
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9 years ago, Cookie. (Deborah)
NM Roads
This app did work when I first got it. Then, suddenly it quit and now it's just one useless app. It seems very helpful....but only if it's operable. What's wrong with this??
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8 years ago, run2tunes
Only get a white screen in iPhone 6 after update.
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8 years ago, Thunderbird 5A
Blank screen
App does not work. It does nothing. Screen is blank.
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8 years ago, Duke city traveler
Great app
This is a great too for travelers
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12 years ago, magic queen
Okay... I guess
It's slow, and it crashed. So right now first impressions are not that great for this app.
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8 years ago, basketweaver879
Disappointing update
Does not work!
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12 years ago, DJ$27
Not compatible
This ap is not compatible with the iphone 3GS as indicated.
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12 years ago, Tsa4539
Great app. Keep up the good work NMDOT
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12 years ago, Scratchnm
Bad app.
App dose not work.
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11 years ago, ChefDon16
Not updated
As I am stuck in snow in my driveway, the program states "That here are currently no weather events reported" .Other Internet sites reporting snow packed roads with icy conditions.Nuff said....not reliable information .
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