Nordstrom Rack: Shop Deals

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Nordstrom, Inc.
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9 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Nordstrom Rack: Shop Deals

4.86 out of 5
417.6K Ratings
3 years ago, LMcPH
Great new app for Nordstrom rack
I know that this app is new for the Nordstrom corporation. They have always had the regular Nordstrom store app. But now since the pandemic hit, corporate has added the Nordstrom Rack app. I feel it’s laid out really well. Not all apps are. Plus there are so many more items fir sale then you would see in your local Nordstrom rack. This opens the door to buying so many more products. Example: I didn’t even know they sold many of the pet, or home items. Thank you Nordstrom corporate for finally giving your rack customers a way to buy via an app. The big thing people should know is that even though you can look on the App at the Haute merchandise, that Haute is a totally separate store. You can mix in the cart the way you can with Gap corporate stores. So customers need to realize that when buying even though you can bounce between the Rack merchandise and the Haute merchandise when looking on the app-These are two separate companies. You can’t mix and match gift cards etc. I learned this the hard way.
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1 year ago, Gobacktotheoldapp
Not User Friendly
I have been almost exclusively an online shopper for nearly a decade now. I love the products Nordstrom sells, and it is great to get those products at a discount through Nordstrom Rack. However, the search/filter options in this app are limited, so you have to reserve quite a bit of time to casually shop for a range of items. If this were the only issue, I’d say it is worth it. However, the worst part of shopping on this app is that they don’t do price adjustments even when they have the item in the size you ordered available and regardless of how recently you purchased the product. I purchased an item less than a week ago, it has not yet arrived, and the price was just reduced by about 60%. I couldn’t get a price adjustment, and was offered to order a new one and return the one I ordered when it arrives. I don’t have a store nearby, which is why I shop online, and I asked to process the purchase without having a new one sent, and returning the other that was already on its way. That way, I won’t have to waste shipping on the new order and return shipments. The answer was, “No.”. I’m surprised such a large retailer couldn’t make that happen, especially one that claims to be eco-conscious. If any of you corporate folks are reading - you’d save a lot of business problem-solving this issue. In the meantime, I’ll be limiting my Rack shopping to avoid this kind of thing in the future.
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2 years ago, Jois Sarah
I will never purchase from this company ever. The order is always delayed and now worst my recent order got lost from the shipper (as per their customer service). After i waited for more than a week, i still have to wait so more days from the last “movement/update” it had before they can do something (by checking from their warehouse, to check at the shipper’s end, submit report, etc). Only after that process before they can do something and “see if they can send a replacement or refund me” and if refund is needed i will have to wait for another 5-10 business days before i will be refunded! After waiting, exactly 8 days, i will have to wait for another 15 days to see if my concern will be resolved. Their app is NOT user-friendly at all -WORST APP EVER! No update whatsoever, they will provide tracking but upon directed to the shipper’s website there’s nothing there either to keep you posted. You will have to initiate on your own to follow up your own order because they do not provide their customer the status of their order. This will be the last time i will use this app and do business with this company. I cannot blame the CSR for being unhelpful, because it’s the warehouse people responsibility to make sure that orders are being processed and shipped efficiently! With all the bad reviews and ratings, you would think they will do something to improve their busines but No.
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3 years ago, Seattle Tourist
Terrible app to replace Haute Look
This app is nothing like the Haute Look app that it will be replacing. Items are not organized by “events” so you better know exactly what you’re looking for. There are not appropriate filters. I tried to shop a NIKE sale but was forced to scroll through hundreds of men’s items because I could not filter by gender. I gave up and closed it. Similarly I can not filter by sleeve length for tops or dresses so again I have to scroll and scroll and scroll. Again, I just closed the app. Who wants to scroll through so many items that I’m not interested in buying? Size charts are incredibly inaccurate. Instead of including the manufacture’s size chart, all the clothes are linked to a generic size chart created by Nordstrom. And please stop listing items as “true to size” when everyone knows something runs big or small. Afterall, all the reviews for an item say that it runs small. So, because I can not filter by gender, characteristics, because I have to leave the app to go to the manufacturer’s website to get an accurate sizing chart, because descriptions of items are inaccurate, and because I can not shop by “events”, it’s going to be too difficult and too slow to shop with this app. I will probably stop shopping these flash sales and discounts all together. BTW.. the other criticisms that individuals have described are also correct. It’s a shame. I used to look forward to opening the Haute Look app everyday. But not anymore.
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4 years ago, Surely this one?
Maybe if enough people say it, it can change?
I will echo what others have said regarding ways this app and shopping with NR could improve so that maybe change can happen? These things need attention: 1. How quickly items “expire” in your cart. Today, I was shopping, had several items in my cart, had to keep re-adding them while I browsed. Then, at checkout, I didn’t realize one item had expired. Only later did I happen to look at the order and saw one item wasn’t on there. Had to go back and order. How much money does NR lose because of this? Surely this happens to other people and they don’t bother to go back and re-order. And why does this expiration “feature” even exist?! I can’t think of another retailer’s site that has this. If you say that it serves to keep inventory accurate, I call bull on that, see my #3 below. 2. SLOW shipping. Come on—it’s 2020. This slow service isn’t sustainable, people have come to expect more—better, faster. And this isn’t a Covid-19 slowdown, which is understandable—I’ve been ordering from NR for 2 or 3 years now. I pay for shipping on an order that takes weeks (plural) to receive. This is an anomaly in online shopping—and not a good one. 3. Items that aren’t in stock still showing up as viable items to order. For days. Update your website/app to fix this.
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1 year ago, Pacificsun
Nordstrom Rack Troy MI
2nd and last recent trip to this local Troy MI store. Stood in line yesterday with 10 people in front of me, many many more behind me. Two reps at registers & one of them served 2 customers in a 40min time frame. She socialized asked tons of questions & made sure to sign them up for a credit card while 15-20people waited in line. Never rushed never made any effort to work quickly. The person at the 3rd register managing returns finished with her customers & walked away rather than waiting on the line. Two other reps walked up to the registers during my wait but never assisted at the register. Finally another customer in front of me complained to the manager. My nearby folks waiting in line all agreed no one was going to fill out a credit cars app! This store is a complete mess. By far biggest factor is lack of consideration or any interest to really assist customers. Once I reached the register 45min later having to suffocate from the reps smell of cigarettes I also complained about the enormous and unacceptable wait time. This being 2nd time to this store as a recent transplant from CA, & experienced same insane wait times when there was far fewer people in line. This store needs training and additional coverage and to figure out how to hustle, work with any effort and act like they care about the customers. Or lose customers. Poorest service experience at a Nordstrom store!
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1 year ago, Rara6324
Very Disappointed customer
I ordered 14 items on line as gifts for family members and got some really great deals or things I thought were great deals. I ordered the items a little after Christmas and the items were listed as delivered on Jan 8th. I noticed I did not receive the items I had patiently been waiting for so I called customer care. When I spoke to the customer care representative, he stated oh I’m sorry your items were shipped to the Brentwood store so the carrier made an error with shipping. At this point I was waiting for the items that I were going to give as gifts so I asked if I could pick the items at the store. He said yes but you will have to pick them up within 8 days. It was a long drive to the store but I really wanted the items. I went to pick up the items two days later still within 8 days and I was told by the store. We do not have the items and if we received them in error they were returned. So of course I had to tell the family members I purchased the gifts for that I did receive the gifts. I am very disappointed and I can not believe no one I spoke to seem to care. This is the worst experience, I’ve had with a store because no one I came in contact with at the store seem to care. This was a terrible experience and the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced!
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3 years ago, D. Nive
Fell Off
I used to really enjoy this app. I used to find nice things consistently but this changed in the last year and a half. The selection isn’t nearly as good as it used to be and neither are the sales. You used to be able to put and hold items in your cart for 15 minutes,now this has changed and you can put them in your cart but unless you pay for them instantly,they can be taken and purchased by someone else. If they offered free shipping,this wouldn’t be a problem BUT since you have to spend a set amount to get free shipping,I order multiple things to reach the limit BUT before I can do this,on multiple occasions one or more if the items has been taken. Multiple items show up as available until you try to add it and it comes up as sold out. The app should be updated to eliminate and remove the item when it’s all sold out to stop wasting the customers time trying to add it. Over the last year several orders have been changed showing items I paid for as no longer available. I used to love shopping the app and looked forward to the daily treasure hunt,now it’s just disappointing, lackluster,with occasional good buys, overall DISAPPOINTED
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2 years ago, Hateofferupnow
Need to add Store Pickup
Recently purchased items and the only option Was delivery. Nordstrom Rack uses FedEx, and I’ve ordered before and hate the shipping process. It takes toooooo long, never arrives the date Nordstrom Rack says it will be there. This time, I was supposed to receive my items Friday. I got a text from FedEx saying there was a delay and it would be here Sunday. Got another text saying new ship date was Sat. On Sat, I got a text saying it was delayed until later that day, and finally another text saying the new time was 11-3. My spouse was home, and when I got the text it was delivered, called my husband to get it. He said there was nothing there. I had to wait 24 hours before Nordstrom Rack would even address it. FedEx said it opened a case and they’d ask the driver to retrace his steps, and let me know. It’s been 2 days and nothing. The Rack refunded my money, but what is soooo upsetting is that those items I got there was only 1 left of. I really wanted my items. If ship to store was even an option I clearly would have chosen that, especially now during the holidays. Everytime I see FedEx as a shipper, I click out of the store. At least with UPS, you can see them on live view to see where about they are so you’re not spending all day waiting.
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2 years ago, ecoloco1
Love this Company since 1987 norsrom
I Believe in this company from their starting of shoes to their empire of Nordstrom stores isnd Nordstrom rack this is help my career over many years of selecting business where casualwear thank you for all emails and coupons I just turned 60 this year and I look forward to the remaining of my life still shopping!! Kind regards Veronica Crosson ————————————————————————- Dear customer service manager department Would like to add a customer service all-star person in the store it’s an alteration lady name Ann NG She’s located in California Serramonte Nordstrom rack location I would like to recommend how professional and how really great customer service and is the best alteration my husband‘s suit that he wore at a wedding was absolutely perfect we even took another suit and she’s doing that as we speak this woman should be recommended as an all-star her personal touch and her professionalism in representing your company is by far extra because I’m in the same business it’s that detail thank you
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3 years ago, Syeda Nomaan
The Worst!
I have never been so frustrated from an order online as I was with Nordstrom Rack. I ordered 4 pairs of sunglasses (2 pairs per order) as gifts. First of all, all 4 pairs came on 4 different delivery dates despite being 2 overall orders. Secondly, the first delivery from each order came in proper packaging, while the second pairs from each order were the complete opposite with extreme minimal efforts. I contacted customer service via chat and the girl (Vanessa L) provided me with the direct contact number for Nordstrom Rack’s customer service. Having call them, the representative (Miguel S) provided me with NO SOLUTION at all. All I was requesting were for the proper boxes for the 2 pairs that were not delivered with full satisfaction. Rather making it more inconvenient for me by repetitively stating I return all items via mail or store and they will provide the refund. Misunderstanding my actual frustration. I then requested to speak with a Supervisor & after keeping me on hold for 25 minutes I was advised again with the same response. Mind you, I was not even transferred to any Supervisor. I will never shop from here again. They need proper training on how to provide legendary customer service & own up to their faults. I am very disappointed.
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3 years ago, Carrie1322
Have Been LOVING This app for years!
I am obsessed with beauty products and that’s how I first found this app, but now I use it for EVERYTHING!! I have even found cashmere for a quarter of the price that it would be on other sites! I have bought cell phone accessories shoes socks bras underwear sweaters T-shirts items for my home and a whole heck of a lot of beauty products from this site!!! I’m not gonna sit here and tell you everything fit me perfect because ordering anything online from any site can be difficult but 95% of the time it’s exactly what I ordered! It takes a little longer to get to you but if you’re saving hundreds of dollars you can wait a few extra days especially when you’re buying products like a Mac too faced urban decay Becca and I could go on and on and on!! I have never had to return one item to the them! They have Nike under armor and so so so so much more!!! Give this app/side a chance and you cannot go wrong!
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3 years ago, Zatomrain
Please Bring Some Of The Old UI Features Back Please
Nordstrom Rack and Nordstrom Just decided to merge accounts which is neat but in terms of UI design the Nordstrom Rack app (the OLD VERSION before the merge) was so much easier to use and and find deals! Things I am particularly upset about is that the Nordstrom Rack app looks like the Nordstrom app now which means 1) sales and events cannot be searched for in the search bar 2) the sort button is on the left side of the screen (I got so so so so used to it being on the right side of the screen and it was easy to use with the right hand) 3) the sort menu uses different language than was previously used in the Nordstrom Rack app before and to be honest, ‘Best Value’ was such a better selling point than ‘Percent Off’ All in all, I truly was a habitual user of the Nordstrom Rack app before mainly because of the sales notifications and being able to search for a multitude of sales in the search bar but most importantly because of the ‘Best Value’ sorting feature. Maybe this UI redesign will force me to kick my bargain hunting/shopping habit for good.
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12 months ago, Grtgatz
Nordstrom NOT interested in what we think
Did you ever notice there is no way to make product or store operations (Nordstrom or The Rack) suggestions? Did you know there is SUPPOSED to be a way to let Nordstrom (and The Rack?) know you are interested in a product? Yes, supposedly if you put it in your Wish List. BUT you cannot put in the correct size if they are out of it!!! Hmm, then what good is it? What they might learn that they under bought a product, and may want to get more! Or, be able to track this same thing across a brand’s products to see it is popular and trending. No, Nordstrom does not listen to the customer. I hear people in the stores telling sales people what they ‘would really like’ or cannot find, but there is no - at least not easy or known by most salespeople as I have asked - to let Buyers and Planners or Strategic people for the company know! How very sad this is . . . that they do not listen.
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3 years ago, Susi1977a
All they had to do…
…was adding the option “save your search criteria”. Sure, before the most recent major app overhaul, you had many, many search options and check boxes to consider. But once dialed in, the search results would give me what I was looking for. The only thing missing was the option to save my criteria somewhere. What happened instead? The latest app update took away most of these options, widening the search and bombarding me with results that fall in the general realm of what I’m looking for, forcing me to - manually - comb through possibly 10 times as many results as I needed or wanted to see, defeating the purpose of offering search criteria. When I’m looking for jeans size 27 and bras size 32C, do you think I’m interested in seeing pants sizes XS, S, 26, 27, 28 and anything remotely related to a bra ranging from 30A to 34DD and anything unfitted in XS and S? Needless to say that I haven’t placed one order since the app update and do not plan on ordering again - after having enjoyed and used the app for years. Nordstrom Rack: please notify me if you ever release a user friendly app update that doesn’t make me feel like digging through a flea market pile of “stuff”.
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5 years ago, skposton
App/Website Crashes A Lot
The Nordstrom Rack app and website crashes a lot. I placed an order last night and I kept getting an error prompt when I tried to check out and place my order. I attempted to place my order several times and continued to receive the error prompt and my cart would empty. I woke up this morning to two order email confirmations meaning my order was actually placed twice without my knowledge. I called customer care to cancel one of the orders but they weren’t able to as it was outside of their apparent 2 hour cancellation window. Now I have to wait to receive both orders (which are duplicates), call customer care again to receive a “courtesy return shipping label” and then ship the entire order back. Highly inconvenient for an error with their app. Don’t think I will continue to use it as I just keep running into crashes and issues that end up creating more work for me. Extremely disappointing.
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5 months ago, yaicara
Excelente app, excellent app service poor shipping choices
In the past I have received all my packages without any hesitation. This new company ontrack ( laser ship) have never delivered my packages to my door. On my last 2 deliveries they prettended to leave the items with a person I did not authorize. As per delivery person. And I never got my package. Today my package was not delivered to my apartment front door. It was left downstairs by the mail section just left on a counter that anyone will be able to take it. I find this very disappointing because the items supposed to be delivered at my front door. This is the only company that has done that I have never had a problem with USPS, UPS or FEDEX. I would like to have a choice of shipping whenever o buy from you. Please I hope you can make this an option even if I have to pay for my shipping but I do not like ontrac to be the choice to deliver. Thanks
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3 months ago, Laurie B21
If they all could be like her
I returned three dresses yesterday to the Fair Lakes Promenade location. Normally my experiences at this location are uneventful and unremarkable. However, this experience deserves some attention. The three dresses I returned were potential wedding dresses for my small ceremony in April. The cashier took one look at the dresses and looked at me wondering if they were wedding dresses but didn’t want to assume. I confirmed the event and said that they were too small - and in my usual self-deprecating way - I said I looked like a “fat cow”. Her immediate response was not only one a good friend would give but she continued to ask questions and make recommendations. Then she said she was from San Francisco and asked me how I felt about my Baltimore Raven’s chances in the playoffs 😂 THIS is what good customer service looks like. Unfortunately I didn’t get her name but, she absolutely deserves recognition.
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5 years ago, yardgirl75
App has ongoing issues
Ongoing issue with items being canceled for low stock! If I am able to purchase, it should be in stock. Purchased three bras and all three were canceled. Not one or two canceled. ALL THREE! Then there is the issue of the 15 minutes after which item is removed from your cart. I don’t know about anyone else but 15 minutes is not enough time for me to shop. If I am adding items to my cart, the items should not be removed. After 15-30 mins of NO ACTIVITY, then yes, I would understand if the item is removed. Another issue I’m experiencing is that I am adding items and then go to the cart and it is totally empty. Try to add an item and get the success, item has been added but nothing is in cart. Called customer service and was told to wait two hours, tech is aware and working on it. Still waiting 48 hours later. App needs a lot of work.
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4 years ago, Mama Mia 17
Major Gift Card Issue
Unable to use my Nordstrom Rack gift card on the app and I tried the regular website. Called and they said gift cards beginning with 8024 are defective and they’ll need to issue me a new one. BUT that would take 24 hours. On top of that they told me since my items were going to expire to contact the gift card department and they could place my order online. So I call and they’re unable to place the order because I have a mix of Hautelook and Nordstrom Rack items in my cart. They transfer me back to the website help desk and ironic enough I spoke to the same person I originally spoke to. Keeping track this is the third phone call. She tells me the same thing that it’ll take 24-hours to get help with my gift card. Out of desperation I chat to someone on the website chat and they tell me it’s because I need to add a debit card to my account, even though I have a Nordstrom card on my account. So I add my debit card and guess what....the freaking gift card still doesn’t work!!! I gave up and just paid even though I have $200 DEFECTIVE gift card that’s just sitting here.....ridiculous. So annoyed!!!!
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4 years ago, Laur~~~
Apple Pay will give you no confirmation on Shipping Address
Be warned! It’s nice they integrated Apple Pay but there was no confirmation for shipping address and order details after you press Apple Pay. You may think it will just enter the payment information - WRONG. It will proceed with the order and use the default address from Apple Pay. Oh do you now want to change the address? Well you have two options: you can spend 30 min on hold with customer care just for them to tell you there is nothing they can do and the items will be processed by the fulfillment centers and sent to the address that isn’t your correct address.... or you can spend 30 min on hold with customer care to be told to wait and call back and be on hold for 30 min again once you have a tracking number to return the order! But wait, your 3 items will be sent by 3 different distribution centers so get ready to repeat 3 times!! GREAT. Think about all the time wasted from the customer care team and the fulfillment center team just to work on an order that will be cancelled. I will be deleting this app - thank you.
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6 years ago, BeatlesFan128
Not satisfied at all
I’ve spent a lot of money here and I’m really disappointed and frustrated. My last three orders have had serious issues. Five out of seven items in one of them just didn’t arrive, one pair of pants I needed for work was not as pictured (a different BRAND of pants, even I thought I was getting work pants, I received cropped cargo pants with an odd asymmetrical zipper) app said there was stock on a pair of boots when there was not. I just looked at my order and the cancellation is now pending. You shouldn’t be able to purchase items that don’t exist, and now I still have that pending charge on my debit card. Have yet to see my refund. It doesn’t seem to matter if you spend extra on shipping at all. Customer service was nice and did what they could, the problem seems to be much deeper. I was a very loyal customer and I regret recommending Nordstrom rack to others.
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2 years ago, shoppingalicious
I cannot believe as many times , I have shopped online with Nordstrom Rack , my son Christmas is now ruined .. I ordered several items , for my son late November.. When you check the status it tells you being prepared for shipping. Or it’s out for delivery with no tracking.. Now 2 days before Christmas. I received an email in reference to me returning the items . And I will get a full refund.. What type of company will do this to a hard working essentials single parent .. I am extremely disappointed with Nordstrom Rack .. Ive never had this problem before.. You really need to hire a better delivery service that is more responsible.. Now I have to run out after work and buy items that are out of my price range. Just so that he will have items under the tree .. ☹️😔 I really can’t believe this
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2 months ago, Friggle fraggle
Two very poor sales associates
I went into a Nordstrom Rack today in Lone Tree, CO. I took my items to the front checkout where three employees were behind the counter. One was obviously working, unpacking boxes of stock. The two other girls were having a very loud conversation. One was drinking from a soda can so I thought maybe she was on a lunch break. They both looked at me standing in line but never acknowledged me or called me over to checkout. I watched them interact with each other for a little bit longer. They were extremely unprofessional. I finally got so irritated due to the disrespect and took my items to the girl who was working, handed them to her and asked if she could put them back as I had changed my mind. When I left, I called the store back and voiced how disappointing the customer service was. The girl on the phone confirmed that the two who ignored me were in fact on duty. She apologized for them. These two girls have no business working in customer service. I will not return to this store. Totally a waste of my time and money.
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1 month ago, mellvaden
Today was Sunshine on a Rainy Day
Thank you, Nordstrom Rack for coming to Snellville. We’ll make you proud and buy your wares and Enjoy our time in your store. I have been sick with Covid and today was my first time out driving and shopping. Y’all were wonderful, cordial and I met your manager, front manager, Joss, the DM with those sexy eyebrows that someone at Nordstrom beautifies ( I sure hope that is his name). The clerks there were wonderful. The snacks were an added pleasure along with the wine/ seltzer water and there were some smokin moves next to the disc jockey. Thank you for a fun 3 hours of shopping where I used $180 of Notes and a $20 gift card and still had $170 to put on my card. I made my 2 friends come and they spent several hundred too. Welcome to Snellville. I am thrilled
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2 years ago, creepedout16
Pretty garbage
Used to be pretty good app/online retailer, but that seems to have changed recently. I’ve made 3 orders in the last 3 months. Each one of those orders has failed to have the primary item. Confusing? Yeah, they sell it to me and two weeks later I’ve gotten an email saying that an item in my order is out of stock. In all cases, it’s been the primary item on the order, so they don’t mind sending you junk, but the good stuff that gets you to order won’t be shipping. Also, no email to customer service. I’ll be deleting the app I received a generic response like all of the negative reviews saying they were there for me (at their customer service number) and to call with concerns. Thing is, I called to complain already and was told my complaint would be sent to a manager. A month later, no response…so I’ve reduced my grade from 2 stars to 1 for attempting to make it look like they care about concerns. Worse than just a janky app - deliberately deceptive PR disguised as customer service
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3 years ago, Bozzykitty
I am elated to see the time clock has been taken off!!
I have been using this app since the beginning. I would put items in my cart, only to find at checkout they had been timed out and if I was not quick I would lose items after all that work of scrolling through pages of items. I used the app tonight to make a dress purchase. I was on for a couple of hours and what I put in my cart, stayed in my cart, no time limit I had to try and keep up with. Thank you, I will definitely use this app more often now I know you can spend time and not feel pressured to go back and forth to your cart. This was a really big deal for myself, so hats off to whomever took that clock off. I feel as if I am shopping at the original, Nordstrom, again which is a class A Retail Store.
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3 years ago, DaniTPierce
App Glitches
I honestly love Nordstrom rack as a whole but this app is constantly screwed up. Half the time it won’t let me add favorites to my wishlist. Anytime the app updates my wishlist is completely emptied without personally doing so and my most recent purchases are no longer within the database. Excuse me, but I would like to track my purchases since only some of the items arrived from my most recent purchase (1-2 weeks ago) and I apparently no longer have proof of purchase for the other items… Nordstrom rack is great and I love the ability to purchase Nordstrom items for a discounted price but the app and online purchasing is so glitchy. The last time I used the app I was so excited that I was able to add items to my wishlist again. Yet after the most recent update, I apparently have zero items in my wishlist (which shouldn’t be the case since I added items not to long ago) and the last items I purchased are not recorded in my purchases. Please fix the issue.
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3 years ago, PamelaBeaz
Nordstrom rack is where to get the Best Deals
I’ve been buying from Nordstrom rack for several years and I haven’t found better deals on high quality clothes anywhere else. Their response to delivery is outstanding and if there is a reason for delays they are extremely quick to keep me informed. If I need to make a return, they are outstanding in their Customer Service to assist. I have recommended Nordstrom rack to my family, friends and Associates; they have continually been amazed with the prices as well as their Customer one has yet to be dissatisfied, but many are disappointed that they hadn’t began purchasing from Nordstrom rack prior to my recommendation. Kudos to Nordstrom rack, it’s the first place I go to purchase online!
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2 years ago, kook48
Shipping Method/Customer Service
After being a Nordstrom cardholder/shopper since 1986, I’m seriously considering canceling my account. I recently purchased an item on line from the Rack. Upon tracking the shipment & examining the delivery photo (Lasership), I discovered that the delivery was made to the wrong address! I contacted the Rack’s customer service department with the issue at which time the associate checked the delivery photo & acknowledged that the “busted” up pkg. was not left at my door! I was then advised that a “resolution” would be forthcoming within 3-5 days! After speaking to a Manager, the same policy was stated! My question is simply….If there’s visible proof that delivery was made to the wrong address, why should I have to wait 3-5 days for “resolution”, i.e. the Rack’s evaluation?? Not only has the Nordstrom product quality deteriorated over the years, so has their customer service department & policy areas! How disappointing to see this happen to what once was a great corporation that was #1 in Customer Service!
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2 years ago, AllyBally5678
Customer support is non-existent
Nordstrom’s app had a promotion to purchase $150 in gift cards in order to get $25 bonus card. I purchased a $50 card and then $100 card but didn’t receive any confirmation emails. My wife did receive the two gift cards and was able to shop for Mother’s Day. However, I never got the bonus card so when I called support the first rep indicated I had to purchase a single card of $150 or more. When I pointed out that I had a screen print of the promo showing that it indicated $150 in gift cards (plural) she asked me to call back the next day. I called back the next day (today) and another rep (illiana) put me on hold and never checked back on me for 40 minutes before I decided she forgot about me. I had to call back then spoke with Daniel who asked that I call back 5-7 days later for payment processing. I keep getting a run around even though I can show the two transactions for the gift cards that were charged to my PayPal acct.
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5 years ago, jazzzy314
Shipping was horrible
I was not home and couldn’t stay home all day for my package and left the door tag with instructions to leave with my neighbor. I received an email saying package was at a ups drop off location and I rushed there before work only to find out it wasn’t there and the store owner said he received an email stating it has been shipped to another ups location for pickup. I had to break the speed barrier to get to work that day and that was not the way I wanted to start my day. I contacted customer service and was on hold for about 28 min while they tracked my package and still had no results and had to get into work. I called customer service back and was given the address of the location of my package after again being placed on hold for 14 minutes, of my fifteen minute break. I will say the return was easy breezy but the beginning really put a BAD taste in my mouth. I should be given reward points “just because “ on this one.
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2 years ago, Sandraaf
Worst return policy
Nordstrom rack changed the return policy without informing anyone Ive always bought things from the rack and return a bunch of stuff from different orders in one box and shipping label, We now have to pack in separate boxes and pay separate shipping labels which price has now increased. Thats unfortunate, this new change makes online shopping so much harder, for every item you try on and return you have to pay 10$, that’s very unreasonable for frequent online shoppers cause we sometimes have to order different sizes of same item. We cant leave items very long in the bag cause they are not on hold and they can be sold out as youre checking out. So the only realistic way is to put several orders and now you have to pay 10$ for each item to return. I will be deleting the app and will look at other options of online shopping which offer free returns and luxury items at much discounted prices than the rack, like the outnet.
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3 years ago, ram43826
Unusable Features
I don’t write reviews, ever, but the frustration I’ve had with this app has forced me to. As someone that works as a product manager at a software company, I understand what it means to have bugs in applications and the process of dealing with priorities. I’ve been using this app for awhile now, and the bugs within the Favorite feature make it unusable. This is a primary tab in your app. It should work. And your users have continually complained about this in reviews and it still has not been resolved. Nordstrom is a large corporation, and to have an app with so many bugs and issues unresolved for this long just shouldn’t be. Fix your tech debt.
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10 months ago, Phychowaffle
Customer must fix company’s mistakes
I have been shopping with this company for over a decade. Sadly after repeated mistakes on there billing and shipping department over the years I have to delete this app. Today was the third time I have been sent the wrong item. Their policy when this happens, customer must drive to store, provide wrong item and paperwork proof, store will refund you, then if your original item is still available online you can reorder it then. They do not allow customer to mail wrong item back. They provide no options to Fix the issue they caused. So if I don’t drive 30 minutes to the store to return $15 earrings (ordered a $70 necklace) I get stuck with earrings I didn’t order but paid 4x the amount for and will never wear. It’s a scam. This is one of the many issues I have had with there self serving policies. They get your money but do nothing to make sure you receive their product. Company has really fallen.
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2 years ago, bilja12345
Not Good
I have been a cardholder with Nordstrom for more than 10 years. I don’t know if it’s the trying times we are all going through, but in the past few months their customer service has really gone down. On two different occasions when I contacted customer relations one was downright rude to me and another kept repeating the same sentence as if reading it from a paper the whole time. In my opinion, Nordstrom was one of the stores that in the past took a lot of pride in their customer relationships, but it’s not like that anymore. I assume for the really big spenders they are still great, but a regular cardholder that makes fewer purchases a year feels really underappreciated. I am willing to still give them a chance because their actual store employees are always great and amazing with people, but I am also willing to walk away if I am made to feel less than one more time.
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1 year ago, Boop294
Customer service is horrible!
I ordered an item Free ship to store and they charged me $9.95 to ship it to the store after giving me the option to have free ship to store. I asked the cashier at The Rack to help me she was short with me and rude and called a supervisor who said there is nothing they can do because their policy changed. I called customer service who was just as rude to me and not willing to help me at all. As a long time customer of Nordstrom and a card holder I feel I need to close my account. The Rack should not be representing Nordstrom because Nordstrom customer service is the best. Nordstrom Rack is nothing more than a glorified Ross and their service is horrible. Who pays $10 to have something shipped to the store 30 minutes away from them when they can just pay the same $10 to have it shipped to their home? It’s a scam and I feel scammed and I don’t want to do business with The Rack because if it. Beware online shoppers!!
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1 year ago, Teammills4
Disappointed and frustrated customer
I have been a loyal customer to Nordstrom Rack for many years. However, recently I was extremely disappointed and frustrated when a gift I had received could not be exchanged for a different size due to being over 45 days past purchase date (it had been 75 days). I had the gift receipt and all tags on items. If I had bought the items myself, I would have accepted this with no issue. But given the fact that the two blouses were gifts, and there was no way for me to exchange them for a smaller size, I was completely shocked by the poor customer service being a Nordstrom affiliated store. Unfortunately, I now have a gift that I cannot use as a result of Nordstrom Rack’s inflexible policy for gifts. I will not be shopping at this store any longer given this extremely negative experience.
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3 years ago, ReenaBina
Save Your Money
In the last year or two everything about this app and the service provided has gone downhill. My last 3 orders: 1) Wrong color, not a big deal who knows what “dusty purple” is anyway, but it took me 3 calls to get my return processed correctly 2) Dress was the right brand and color, but not the style or size I ordered. Wrong size cardigan. And there was something else wrong with the order but they deleted all my purchase history with their “app update” so I can’t recall the rest. Two calls to fix this one. 3) Just did this one, only have received one item so far, their shipping lags compared to other retailers so we will see how much of this I have to return. Shoes came scuffed up on the bottom, and still had the foot funk (let’s be real happens to everyone’s shoes but I wasn’t trying to pay $60 for what I could find at Goodwill) of the previous wearer along with a nice amount of scuffing. Shout out to Yessica for getting my return right the first time around (or maybe now I know what to ask for specifically) but this is ridiculous. Company is worth $7 billion and y’all can’t figure this out? And charge $5.95 for a return? I have had to haggle to get my wrong orders returned for free. I like the deals but it’s become not worth the hassle and time it takes for me to straighten things out.
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3 years ago, R116
Unstable Favorites Function
I love scrolling through The Rack products and marking items as “Favorites” when they catch my eye. I’ve noticed the “Favorites” function in both the old HauteLook app and the new The Rack app is super buggy and unstable. Sometimes I get an error that says the item couldn’t be saved. Sometimes the item shows up in my favorites as sold out with no picture even though I can see there’s plenty in stock from other views. Sometimes when trying to remove an item from Favorites it will duplicate itself in my Favorites view. All other areas of the app function well. Please fix the Favorites function!
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2 years ago, DD Von Cordes
Delivery Issues
Ordered on 12/28 before the same day cut off time, and I paid extra for Standard FedEx Overnight Shipping so that I could be home when the package arrived. The Nordstrom Rack website said my package would be delivered by 12/30. While FedEx is the shipping company Nordstrom sub-contracts out to; my contract is with Nordstrom Rack, who has not met expectations or fulfilled their obligations. The package should’ve been delivered today 12/30, and when I called customer service to request a refund on the expedited shipping service I paid for but didn’t receive, the customer service representative said to “give it a few days and call back later.” This is unacceptable. My delivery did not arrive at the time we agreed which is a breach of contract. I called to claim for this consequential loss, as is my legal right, but your representative didn’t know how to handle the situation. Nordstrom Rack needs to make this right.
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2 weeks ago, imadeyourday
The store literally stole $209 from me
Tl;dr I HIGHLY recommend you SKIP ordering from the app. You might get your money stolen. I ordered around $500 worth of clothes and shoes on this app. It arrived in three separate shipments. The first had one shirt. The second had two pairs of pants and a shirt. The third was supposed to be a majority of the items to be shipped, 8 items including shoes, pants, and shirts. I received 3 of the 8 items from the last shipment. I took a picture and I went to the app and found my way to send in an issue on my order. It asked for no details, just what items were missing. I selected the items and submitted. One day later I get an automated response REJECTING MY REFUND. What is the point of the process if you provide no avenue for a conversation or evidence and you’re just going to categorically deny a claim on something you screwed up. My money is literally being stolen by Nordstrom and the refund process offers no avenues for communication or remediation by the store or their representation. I have to do the follow up, I have to pay attention to my email, I have to wonder if I will get the clothes I paid for or my money back, and frankly that is just plain unacceptable. I am currently waiting for a reply email on my order to figure out what in the heck is going on.
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2 years ago, Mary James' Strong
Completely Disappointed in The Rack
I purchased 5 pairs of shoes for my daughter in law, all the same size which was her standard 7.5 size. Two pairs fit but the others did not - too tight, too big and way too big (mis-sized?)! Gave her the receipt to EXCHANGE (not to return) for something that FIT, and Nordstrom Rack refused. These are brand new shoes gifted to her in her regular size and due to the irregular fit, she cannot wear! I have purchased thousands of dollars of merchandise from Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack and never have I ever not been able to exchange something that didn’t fit that’s never been worn! I am completely disappointed with this treatment. I can see if we were trying to return for $ but we don’t want our $ back, just need shoes that actually FIT! Buyer beware! Nordstrom Rack, I am completely disappointed in this response and find it unacceptable for me to spend $ in the future.
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2 years ago, Janisl28
Great Quality for a Bargain!
I love Nordstroms to death! Their products and customer service are out of this world. At the Rack; you can get the same quality at a bargain price! I’ve been wanting a robot vacuum but the cost was just too much. When I saw them at a flash event at The Rack, I nabbed one quickly for such a great price! I also love the Nest products but they have gone up in price so much it’s hard to justify paying for a scent for my home. I can always find this high quality product here at The Rack for a substantial savings. They also have the same great customer service that Nordstroms has which I love! It makes shopping here a no brainer!
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11 months ago, Ex loyal Nordstrom Rack
Poor customer service
I ordered a shirt for my husband’s birthday and paid for expedited shipping. I received two additional items from the order but not the shirt. I called customer service to ask about the delivery. They were not able to provide me with an update, and also refused to refund the expedited shipping cost, citing that I had received two of the three ordered items. I stated that the item that I paid to have shipped quickly was the shirt. The only response from customer service was “I’m sorry”. Not happy to have paid $15 for expedited shipping for a shirt that was supposed to arrive yesterday..with no shipping update.
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2 years ago, dat_gat
Shipping address issues
I’ve been a “Nordy” member for almost 10 years. I moved from my “default shipping address” 4 years ago and have repeatedly called customer service to remove it. I’ve lost items, had them stolen, or simply never received them because I was assured that they would remove the address. Now, 4 years and 3 new addresses later they still haven’t fixed it. I ordered an item for my niece, it was set to ship to the wrong address (the one on file I’ve REPEATEDLY asked to be taken off) so I cancelled the order. This forced me to cancel and re-order. NOT EVEN 2 MINUTES LATER the item was sold out. I am beyond furious and have spent a fortune with Nordstrom and their affiliations. I can not believe that I’ve had to make over 20 calls to them over the years and have been assured that the address has been taken off and the new default address is set.
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3 years ago, svh
Barely functional
I like browsing on this app because you can flip through the additional images (if there are any) without going into the product page. Saves me so much time and I buy more and quicker because of it. But this last update has ruined the ease of shopping on the app. I get error messages when adding to my wishlist, adding to my cart, flipping through images on the product pages (only works in full screen!!!)... I couldn’t check out multiple times and had to resort to my laptop eventually. I missed out on one item I really wanted due to this. Part of the problem seems to be the actual website source/host. Some items, in stock on one page, goes to a dead link (“whoops, this is awkward...” message). The app went from being a A to a C- in a day!
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4 years ago, #%¥£!!!
No probs -- ever!
I'm flabbergasted at the bad reviews! I've never had a problem with the app. Maybe the issue was resolved since I ordered? But wait, I bought things quite a while ago for our 2 year old grandson with no problems -- at all. Have the problems arisen lately? There are times when I can't find what I'm looking for, but The Rack doesn't carry everything at all times. I agree that extending shopping time before cart goes to "empty" is a great idea, because it is currently too abbreviated an amount of time in which to shop. I am a Nordstrom card holder since 1989 and it's a card I wouldn't be without. Free shipping at Nordstrom and Rack too, if I'm not mistaken. Both have competitive pricing and price matching. The Rack offers luxury brands, which do sometimes sell out before I can nab one on the app (Rack). But that's too be expected, as many people compete for items. I'm admittedly slow on these sites, and not the most tech-savvy Boomer. Maybe I'm missing something here, but the app has worked fine for me. Wonderful for sending gifts. Thank you, Nordstrom!
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4 years ago, Never trust you
Very disappointed
I bought a jacket more than $110 that said Final Sale can’t return. My fault was not pay attention about “Final Sale can’t return “. However, when I received the jacket which was big and tooooo thick to use in California weather. I tried to call customer service and spoke with a customer supervisor and was hoping that they could accept my return with a credit store refund but they denied. I insisted them to receive the jacket other wise I could not do anything with this jacket. I really love Nordstrom Rack. I has been a faithful customer in store and online for more than 10 years. Now I am very disappointed with the way they treated me. They will lose this customer forever.
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1 year ago, Tina415
I used to always shop from the Rack when it was on the HauteLook app. Now that it is independent from HauteLook it will not work. Crashes all the time. Will not add anything to favorites and will not link up/ accept my Nordstrom card. It’s so annoying and disappointing. I used to used this app for purchases at least twice a month. I have bought nothing since the new app appeared and has now been updated. I am deleting this app as soon as I submit this review. What a complete waste of time. It may be time. UPDATE 12/22. The app is still absolutely horrible. I had re-added it after I received an email from Nordstrom. Try adding something to your cart. Just watch the loading, loading, loading symbol spinning without ever adding the item. I have to shut it down and leave the app. Complete waste of time. I am deleting this app Again !
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