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User Reviews for Nordstrom

4.91 out of 5
1M Ratings
4 years ago, OnlyMe&NotYou
Nordie Addict!
Great, no, excellent variety, great sales and super quick delivery even during Covid-19! The Nordie bucks you get in the mail are a SUPER bonus! I just got two $20 Nordie bucks checks and was able to get Dior products! I also love and have come to rely on the videos with tips shown with most products so you can learn more about the items features, sizes and how they look on real people in the videos!! For those that are complaining about shopping on the app or being sent to safari and losing where you were on the app, how about just shopping on the website and not criticize a fabulous store because it’s app has shortcomings?? Every app does. What other store ships super fast AND gives you store bucks to shop with? Answer? None. People rely way too much on apps instead of shopping on the actual website. You all sound like a bunch of infants. Cut it out. If you are saying customer service is not believing you returned something, then video record your return shipping process with your phone and keep the return receipt from the post office, circling the weight of the box. If they say the box arrived empty, the employees could be stealing the items so at least you have proof of the weight of the box noted. I do this selling for Mercari and Poshmark as proof of what I mail to customers and now tons of people have copied my idea.
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4 years ago, chlosu
Undeliverable packages
Please don’t put an extra line for apartment number and then not add the apartment number line on the package. I had several packages returned to the store because it was marked undeliverable. As a result I lost the double points I had used for that day, I had to rebuy the same items and either they were no longer on sale (originally bought on Black Friday) or the size or even the item itself were no longer available, which means I had to spend extra time to figure out a replacement gift. Not only that I can’t edit the address, you have to delete the address and then re add as a new one. And usually I send gifts to the parents. I would like the option to edit address so I can change the name to the child for bdays and Christmas. Instead I have to add a new address so now I have three of the same addresses for instance in my address book for different members of the same family . And if the post office is going to return to sender (the store ) what’s the point of having my number added as part of the address otherwise I can’t add an address to the address book? And if it’s undeliverable and sent back to the store, could you at least CALL ME first and be like yo, this couldn’t be delivered. Do you want to fix the address or just pick up in store? It’s no secret hot items sell out quick. I don’t want it returned when I obviously bought it for a reason and I still want the item.
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8 months ago, dbrazier10/4
Absolutely amazing service !
I was recently visiting friends in Connecticut. Unfortunately my suitcase was lost , I was a ball of nerves and had an even that evening. I have never been to Nordstroms, So, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My salesperson Ann, was amazing ! Just full of energy and she kept going until we found that one perfect dress and shoes too! She took it all one step further and helped me replace a few items that were in my lost bag. Ann really saved the day . She was also very kind and went out of her way to make sure i had what i needed. Of course I needed to have some items shortened, and no time to do it. Ann brought me down stairs too Dominique (i think!). Again she was great ,personable and friendly. I was able to get my items altered that same day. She was chatty and , kind. We shared pictures of our kids and dogs. It was exactly what I needed. Those woman took what was the worst day of my life, and turned it around. While it seems that everything’s going online , it was great to have actual people assist me. i really never ever do things like this , but these women truly deserve to be recognized for what they do, Thank you Ann and Dominique!
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2 years ago, MAP359
Missing the mark
Customer service is 5 star, but “plus size” selection is mediocre. As a professional plus sized woman, the options over the last several years have declined. I used to rely on Nordstrom for fashionable, moderately-priced plus size options for what would be considered a classic professional wardrobe (ie - suits). Nordstrom has seemingly taken a more “modern” approach to what is acceptable attire for professional women. I used to be able to purchase a great variety of suits from their in-house brand Sejour or even Halogen. However, suiting options for “plus size” have diminished over time to practically non-existent. Unless I want to pay over $1,000 for me minimal suiting options, the “plus size” department has transitioned to what I only can assume they consider a more modern option (read: “suits” with shorts, crop tops, exercise pants….nothing remotely professional for any woman in a career that necessitates a more conservative approach to dressing). While Nordstrom may now include what they consider “modern” attire for the “plus-sized” woman, they have still completely skipped over the career woman in her 30s-50s. I could dress like I’m 20, or 70, but the generations in between have been ignored. They may think the crop tops and skimpy skirts make them more “hip”, but the transition is an over-correction, resulting in the exclusion of a major demographic. I used to buy all of my suits from Nordstrom. Now I can’t even recall the last time I did.
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1 year ago, It doesn’t matter2
Returns now a PITA
I gave this 3 stars because I am a long time Nordstrom supporter (to the online tune of 2k to 10k annually for the last 30 years) and would have given 5 stars except for the new return change, to which I would have given one star. To want make a return and get a message saying something like “now returns are even easier, just drop off at your FedEx drop off”, then hit the “nearest FedEx” button and get a response saying “there is no FedEx in your county”. First of all, FedEx drop off is only available about 2 hours each day and the postal service is open business hours. Nothing easier about that! Secondly, MY nearest FedEx drop off location is 137 miles away, the post office is 7 miles. A massive inconvenience! Every town or county has a post office but not all have a FedEx drop off. Whoever made the decision to change the return shipping policy, and even more the PR individual who wrote the press release with such callowness, is completely ignorant of FedEx and USPS customer service hours as well as customer service in general. Unless the purpose was to alienate customers (former customers) where there is non or only one Nordstrom store in the state and, or rural communities. This has been a great disservice and cost for returns. If a change is not made, I will gladly find another high end shopping service and sell my Nordstrom stock.
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6 years ago, Devon B.
Feature Loss, Background App Support
Hello! I just wanted to leave a quick review of this Nordstrom iOS app as a whole. UI and UX wise this app is definitley on par with a shared and abrupt positive experience especially when going back and fourth between your website and the app on a daily basis as I do. There is however on main downfall of this app that often causes me to use your website instead. And I honestly think that here we are in 2018 and this should’ve been dealt with awhile ago. Background resuming.. Essentially all apps these days support this feature however whenever I leave the Nordstrom app and return my current search, view, anything is removed and the app restarts a fresh. This is incredibly annoying. I could be knee deep into a style exploration and I get a text message that forces me to leave the app. Once I do not thinking bam my search and what I was looking at is now gone. I get that inventory is constantly shifting and things need to be updating in the background but every other app out these days can manage this appropriately so there must be a way. I think if you really want this app to truly be world class as your shopping institution is as a whole this is something that needs immediate revisiting and support from your development team. I hope that this will at least go into consideration as it really is a heck of a feature loss at this point. Thanks for hearing me out!
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4 years ago, 2543578753345
Working with a flawed system and ok with it.
They recently have had their 25% merchandise online. I ordered a pair of Dior sunglasses retail $495, discounted 25%. Extremely excited for my order I waited, and waited, and waited to see my order ship. After 5 days of “getting ready” I receive an email that states that basically their system does not interact with their inventory stock and therefore we have canceled your item. OK. I then call customer service which they pride themselves so much in. The associate calms me and tells me that as soon as the item is restocked they will price adjust and allow me to purchase them again. I of course check the app everyday multiple times a day (really wanted these sunglasses!) they became available so I repurchase again. Well guess what! They CANCEL my order AGAIN. I write in to customer service, and get a response that whoops, sorry our system doesn’t know how much inventory we have so please stop ordering and reordering. Even when the item shows up on the app we might not have it. And when it does show up we will not honor the discount price you purchase the first time. What a joke! I needed up ordering from a site called CETTIRE for 35% off. Ha! Taking my business elsewhere. Nordstrom, this cannot happen! Fix your system. Or when this does unfortunately occur, make it right! I’m extremely disappointed in how this was handled! (They filter out all their reviews, so hopefully the loyal customers see this).
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2 years ago, xrvw
I am disappointed in their direction!
I have shopped Nordstroms for more years then I can remember and have always been very happy with their customer service, until recently. I ordered some shoes recently and it was getting billed to the wrong account so I immediately tried to change it but couldn’t figure out how, so I called customer service. First of all I had a problem understanding the rep, who I figured was home since I could hear a dog barking, he said he couldn’t do anything about it because it had been more then 2 hrs, which I could not believe, but since I was transferred twice and waited a while it was possible! So I finally gave up and put money into the account! I just felt it should not have been such a difficult problem. I was very disappointed Then I had bought 2 eyeshadow on line for pick up! When I went to pick them up there was only one they said they must be out of the other, I don’t live in the area so I went to the makeup department to check, they did have it and after some changes this very nice person was able to get it for me.
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4 years ago, Keka90
Annoyed for some time now
While I enjoy shopping at Nordstrom and will continue to do so, I really hate the fact that items are not reserved for a specific time frame while I continue to shop my other selections. It is totally unfair that I have taken a long time to find my items and size through the long list of items, more specifically when it’s the Anniversary Sale, and ultimately my items sell out if I dont purchase in a millisecond. Is this Nordstrom Im shopping at or a Swap meet get it fast before it’s gone place? Nordstrom should definitely have these accommodations for its customers since we’re not exactly shopping at just any store. ( I know Nordstrom rack has it) Also, I agree with a previous review posted; there should be an easier way to manage items in cart! It’s frustrating and the whole process needs to run smoother. Update on review: Well, happy to see that a service team rep answered to my concern, vaguely, but answered. Felt a bit acknowledged up until I kept reading down the rest of the list of reviews and saw that a service team rep answered another review prompting the customer to send them their info in order to give them the VIP TREATMENT for a simple concern they had on their Wishlist display/ order of items? SERIOUSLY? VERY DISAPPOINTED TO SAY THE LEAST.
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4 years ago, Fashionable in MI
Unfair treatment of web clients!
I opened a new account at Nordstrom and have never been treated as poorly as I have been by this company! I have shopped at other high end department stores using their websites and no other store has canceled my orders as many times as this store. Even when I call and speak with customer service to make sure there’s nothing wrong with order and am reassured that everything is alright the order gets canceled and because nobody bothers to notify me, I lose the merchandise. My emails were ignored. This has happened on several occasions and when I try to get an explanation from customer service I get treated disrespectfully and nothing is done to help me replace what I lost or some how compensate me for the poor service I have received! My recommendation is if you want a particular item try to purchase it someplace else if you’re using the web because web purchasers are not respected by Nordstrom. I guess they would prefer to sell in their stores where their salespeople hold on to merchandise so they can get a commission rather than release items to web customers where they get nothing. This is very disappointing to somebody like myself who because of bad health does a lot of her shopping on the web. I hope this helps others so they are not disappointed when they lose merchandise they truly wanted!
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2 months ago, dboy Tilapi
I’ve been using this app for a while now and so far it was going well. As I purchased more items from the app over the course of the time I’ve been using it, some of the items were just a disappointment when I received them, other times the courier which Nordstrom uses to deliver my orders wouldn’t drop my packages outside my house (if I’m not home). But the main reason for my dissatisfaction is the issue of customer product review. I don’t know if Nordstrom is intentionally preventing me or thier other customers from writing product reviews for their orders but for some reason, I just can’t seem to leave a product review for most of the products I’ve received lately. I feel like Nordstrom has intentionally blocked me from writing a review after I left a poor review for a product I received a while ago. Since then I haven’t been able to write previews for my purchases which to me I find it extremely bad tactic by the company. People to be able to write and leave a product review that they’ve purchased so other potential buyers can get a sense of what they re about to spend their money on. This is such a coward tactics by Nordstrom. No wonder I never see reviews on many, many items I’ve come across on the app that should have a lot of reviews. SMH
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4 weeks ago, Jackie Haus
Michael Kridel - St. Louis, MO West County, Mens Dept
Michael Kridel has always been my go to guy when shopping for my husband and son. He has excellent knowledge of the brands and styles in his department and is always spot on with his recommendations on how clothes fit. He remembers my name when I come to the store and is always friendly and helpful. A few weeks ago, Michael went above and beyond as a Nordstrom employee. I had the unfortunate experience of getting a flat tire as I entered off of the highway, making it to the Nordstrom parking lot. I thought I’d see if Michael was there to help me with my situation, and was so grateful to see his smiling face when I walked in the door. He immediately called a tow truck service, using his personal connections. Michael told me to do my shopping and he would call me when the tow truck arrived. In addition, he gave me several recommendations on where I could get a new tire locally, as I live in Waterloo, IL and did not want to drive that far on a spare tire. Michael was such a blessing to me that day and I wanted to make sure Nordstrom knows what a gem they have in Michael Kridel. Thank you!
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6 years ago, JDCBF
Share my wishlist! Make reviews easy!
I LOVE shopping Nordstrom’s and I do 99% of my shopping through the app but I have two major issues. Leaving reviews; why on earth don’t you make leaving a review as simple as creating a link on the item in the “purchases” section and name it “leave a review”? You know I bought the item, you see I’ve received my item. For me to leave a review I have to go to my emails, search Nordstrom, search for “review your item” in the subject and then, because the item isn’t listed in the email subject....I have to open every single email, follow a link, leave a review, return to my emails and sift through the “leave a review” emails to see which email belongs to which item. Frustrating! I buy 20-40 items a month from Nordstrom’s...that’s a lot of email searching. Secondly; it’s my birthday month and everyone wants to know what to buy me. Why can I not share my wish list?? I cant even share my shopping bag items. There’s the arrow link to share on each item in my cart BUT when I share the item the color and size does not travel with the share so the recipient just see’s that I like a particular sweater but no idea of the size or color. These are really basic capabilities, I expect better from Nordstrom’s. I had to share my wish list items from another app.
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9 months ago, wholesaletherapist
Nordstrom’s, YES! Lasership, NO!
I’ve been a longstanding customer for Decades and I don’t think that will change. I Love the variety and affordability of products offered, and the fact that I can usually find something for everyone, from budget friendly to the occasional indulgence in a luxury brand, and I’ve Always had pleasant experiences with any customer service issues - by phone and in person. I Don’t know why Nordstrom’s uses Lasership to make its Deliveries, but Every Time, and I mean Every Single Time my order is shipped with Lasership, there’s A PROBLEM. Packages come up Missing despite emails indicating “delivered”, the tracking feature is fraught with Inaccuracies, and talking to a Lasership Agent is Useless. It’s like they are staffed by College students, and don’t get me wrong, I’m a Parent of A College Student and I know they are relative novices in professional dealings with the public, but the ones I’ve had interactions with over the phone at Lasership have had Zero People Skills. I’ve actually even complained to Nordstrom’s about the Poor Lasership Delivery Service and have had Nordstrom Reps tell me “Yeah, we know…we’ve been dealing with this for quite some time…” SERIOUSLY? USPS/UPS/FedEx - Make it Make Sense because Lasership does NOT!
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5 years ago, no love loss
Terrible returns and customer care!
I have been a long time customer of Nordstrom. I am a doctor and tell all my patients that is where I shop for myself and my 3 girls. As brick and mortar stores carry less items I have started shopping mainly online. I buy a lot which means I return a fair share for various reasons. Over the years Nordstrom’s return center has lost numerous items. At first it wasn’t much of a problem but it has become more frequent. I have learned to take photos of my items, return label and keep my post office receipt. Over the last few months Nordstrom customer care reps have accused be of theft and sending back empty boxes. I have had to track down “missing” items on my own and have been credited without apology. The most recent item returned has gone “missing” yet again. I was able to track it down and find out they received the item. However, another rep will not credit me for the item because I can’t prove the item was in the box even though it was the only item in the box! I have had enough and will never shop at Nordstrom again.
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9 months ago, Let'sgotothebeach
My Go To Store, Nordstrom
I still have the Nordstrom brown credit card from the early 80’s which is a keepsake to me as that’s when I first learned about the Nordstrom Company and lived near Seattle. Growing up a CA girl, I missed home and Nordstrom became a friendly place to visit and shop for my children and myself. It’s 40+ years later and Nordstrom is my favorite store to look for particular shoes as they have my size 11 in most shoes either in store or on line and are known for carrying varied sizes and types of shoes from on trend to comfort shoes. I shop Corte Madera and Stanford Nordstrom typically. I love the friendliness and helpfulness of Nordstrom, and you can always depend upon the quality of the brands in the products Nordstrom carries from cosmetics to shoes, clothing, accessories and fine jewelry, and everything in between, and returns if not worn are always welcome as well as fittings and alterations, and ordering your correct size if not available with free shipping. I always expect quality when I shop at Nordstrom and I aways receive it. I can’t say enough good things about Nordstrom. Karen Taylor
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11 months ago, tvrgirl
Shopping Nordstroms
For years when I need to find elegant dresses or one of a kind tops and bottoms as well as fancy sandals that scream oohs and ahs. It’s NORDSTROM I turn to! Great sales, discount notes and personal shopping days with the ownership of a Nordstrom card! Alterations for free also! I love love love Nordstrom. Shopping here online is a great experience in itself! Shipping is free on most items and it is received in days! There is no store like Nordstrom from everyday affordable prices and sales on first class quality clothes to extravagant clothing worth whatever the cost. Designers clothing and shoes and bags and even jewelry, purses and perfumes are found throughout! I enjoy every trip in person and online because I always find exactly what I need in Nordstrom. The only negative comment is that Nordstrom should push designers who sell their wares here to make the exquisite dresses they carry for plus size women as well as regular and petite. Size 18 and above cut the exact same way as 16 and below. Sales would increase tremendously for both the manufacturer and the store! MrsNaps23
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1 year ago, Briannabean
Service experience review from Yolanda t
Nancy Tomaras I believe she is in the downstairs shoe department at woodfield mall. Nancy handled a return transaction for me and had to leave her department to do so , she was kind and patient and understanding she went through all the steps to make tha transactions correct. I had originally dis a return upstairs and was told I couldn’t get a cash back return and it had to be put back on my credit card, then was sent downstairs to do a separate return and that’s how I met Nancy. I had asked her why I couldn’t receive my original payment with cash and she was shocked that an employee refused to give me cash so she took it upon herself to educate the lady who was not correct or friendly, then she proceeded to return things one by one and explained every transaction she was doing and all with a smile and was very apologetic on how I was originally treated! So I’m just thrilled to write this review so she can be recognized for be a wonderful employee she’s a diamond in the rough. I don’t usually do reviews but i really appreciated her kindness.
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5 years ago, icon level dissaponted
Terrible customer service!!!
I called to receive information about possible price adjustment on an item I just purchased. After ordering my item online, I noticed it went on sale for 50% off. When I spoke with the representative named Barbara, she was very nice when answering my call. As soon as I asked about possible price adjustment she immediately changed her tone of voice. She looked up the item and let me know with a negative demeanor the item could not be adjusted due to my size being sold out. I asked her where that is written in the Nordstrom policy and instead of letting me know why I could find it she hung up on me. I was very disappointed that she couldn’t help me answer my question and also just simply apologize that it couldn’t be done. I am at the Icon level and do spend a lot of money at Nordstrom. This isn’t the first time I felt Nordstrom customer service was terrible, but this time it made me sad that she was very unprofessional. I really need to think about spending my money somewhere else.
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2 years ago, pevedlady
So much work to scroll through items
First I always get stuck when scrolling. I can scroll through a couple of lines when looking at merchandise but then it just stops, I can’t move any further. It starts again fairly quickly but to get through any scrolling is extremely frustrating. I usually end up just moving to another site and buy there. Nordstrom is losing sales from me because this is an ongoing long term issue. In addition why is the viewing process so cumbersome? If I want to view an item I have to click on that item and then again when I see the item so I can get information about it. The information, details, descriptions are pretty bad too, most of the time there’s no sizing descriptions, length of garment, or what type of material is used in the garment. It’s like throwing a dart and hoping you get a good result. All this takes much too long so I don’t even bother most of the time to go to the app. And lastly I haven’t gotten credit for my notes even though I enter the all the information on my note it still doesn’t show up in the total as a credit. I will follow up with customer service and find out why. For the other issues Nordstroms needs a lot of improvement and streamlining for online sales.
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5 years ago, donnalisasmiles
Nordstrom Notes Pick up Order Payment Bug
There was an issue using Nordstrom Notes as payment for my Pick up order. While placing an order through the app for pick up in store, I used two nordstrom notes, a gift card, and charged the remainder on my nordstrom credit card. I noticed the confirmation email displayed the full total price, and was missing a detailed breakdown of the 3 combination payment options applied to the order at checkout. Also, order lookup within the app is missing the same detailed breakdown of payment options applied to the order. A few days after picking up the order, I checked my credit card statement, and discovered I was charged more than the amount shown during checkout because one of the nordstrom notes did not get applied to the order. Please test your app more thoroughly to include scenarios using multiple combinations of payment types (gift card, credit card, nordstrom notes) for pick up orders to ensure that the order processing system is functioning consistently. Also, improve your order details info in the app and email so that order totals remain consistent with the actual total displayed at checkout.
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4 months ago, Dr.Jill
Nordstrom customer service is number one
Every time I either go to Nordstrom or even make an online purchase, the customer experience is always so good. I’m never left feeling frustrated or ignored by associates who are a vital part of one of the few places where I still feel happy to go. I’m a lifelong shopper, and I’m quite picky, so when I have someone ask me for help, I always feel like my needs are made a priority- not in a selfish manner over someone else, but rather a priority to be able to ask someone for assistance. The only recommendation I have would be to give the associates an iPad for customers to make a purchase on the spot and therefore cutting the time it takes to check out other areas of the store. After Covid many people are ordering online. I find that Nordstrom has not lost its touch, but to level up I’d really suggest offering the opportunity to use the iPad or iPhone swipe device as people are valuing their time so much more than pre-Covid. I hope this helps. :) Jill
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2 years ago, Btowngurl
Please update the UX of the Style Ideas section
I frequently use the Nordstrom style ideas section because I struggle with choosing what to buy and how to build outfits. Although I will continue shopping at Nordstrom based on the large selection of brands, my experience with the app has often times made me want to stop shopping from online Nordstrom altogether. Could there be an option to reply to a specific style board or message that the stylist sent? It’s frustrating when the direct messages automatically scroll back to the most recent message which makes it hard to refer back to an earlier one. I wish there was a feature where you could “follow” your favorite stylists and also a way to keep your favorite outfit looks in your profile. That way the style ideas presented in the dashboard are less generic and more customized for frequent users like myself. My work around right now is screenshotting the outfits I like and then manually looking for each product. Another feature I would want to see are outfits that were derived from our wish lists. Right now we usually get outfit suggestions only from items in our bag/shopping cart.
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3 years ago, Kolapaw
Very disappointing experience at Washington Square store
I’ve have been a longtime Nordstrom customer (greater than 40 yrs). I am also at a level where I can shop the “pre” pre Anniversary sale. I shopped today, but won’t go back for a long while. There were almost no sales people, they were naturally all busy, and many of the departments had no one around. One young woman was staffing all of the fine jewelry counters, and while she was very friendly, she did not appear to be familiar with the different brands. Even the make up/beauty counters had only a few sales people covering multiple counters. The Mac counter was out of basic items, like loose powder. I visited the “sale” area of shoes….there was not one sales person there. Had I found anything I wanted, I would have needed to hunt for someone to help me. The yellow tape separating the sales from the regular items is so visually unappealing and confusing. I witnessed many customers having to ask which area was which because it is hard to see where the tape begins and ends. As someone who could shop “early”, it was a complete waste of my time. It did not make me feel like a valued customer. In this very competitive department store/clothing market, I think Nordstrom can and should do better.
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3 years ago, disappointed today.
I love Nordstrom and had a wonderful 10 year career with Nordstrom ( some time ago) so I know what to expect from Nordstrom. Today we drove two hours to bring my 3 year old to the children’s shoe department for a shoe fitting and fun shoe shopping (mostly based on the Nordstrom’s reputation for shoe expertise). The person that assisted us was very nice however I had to wait for someone to come out and had to ask for help. The salesperson was nice and sized my daughter’s foot in a quick and standard manner. I expressed the kind of shoes we were looking for and how my daughter has been hard to fit ( this is why we decided to go to Nordstrom for a fitting). I pointed out a few styles that I liked and she went back to get them and returned empty handed due to not having the size available . Nothing further was suggested and alternate styles were not offered , so we left. I’m a little crushed by this. I had such a difference experience in mind and this was just not what I had hoped for from Nordstrom, we all know this can be a special and different kind of experience. I can imagine why lots of different options are not currently brought out for trying with Covid and being careful. I just felt disappointed today. And we still need shoes.
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4 years ago, Colorado Graduation Mom
My “Go To” Online Store (& In Person When Possible!)
The NORDSTROM APP is fabulous. I love how easy the search engine allows me to find exactly what I want, but THEN, suggests other related items I might enjoy, just as if I were actually browsing in the store. When I have the time, I very much enjoy investigating the suggestions to learn about new items! Often I’ll end up adding something to my purchase, which I’ll be extremely excited to receive, because the item will be something new to me. Most APPS aren’t able to offer me that ‘browsing’ experience to the degree NORDSTROM does. I love the Women’s Looks offered up, w/ each individual item easily accessible. And of course I am thrilled w/ EARLY ACCESS to the SALE; browsing first, then access to purchasing. All in all, when it comes to the items I most care about getting high quality & value in—NORDSTROM is “my store” for myself and my family, and the APP makes shopping from the ease of my home, and driving less than 2 miles for curbside pick-up!! Perfect!!
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5 years ago, Mayao16
Extremely disappointed
I placed an order when the anniversary sale went live to cardholders and then 3 days later one item was cancelled and then another two days later EVERYTHING in my order was cancelled. I don’t understand a) what the benefit of being a cardholder and having early access does and b) why you list items on the site and say they’re available and then you oversell and can’t fulfill your customer’s order. It’s just so frustrating as a customer to have to deal with this. Other retailers had some of the same items but i didn’t purchase thinking that my order was confirmed by you guys via the confirmation email that i received and now the items are sold out everywhere. I did end up purchasing a pair of shoes that you guys did not have my size in from Macy’s and they were the same price and arrived on my doorstep in 2 days. I’m extremely disappointed in how you guys handle the sales during your anniversary sale as well as the customer care representatives that i spoke to. I spoke to a total of 4 different ones and was basically told that they were sorry but that there was nothing they could do and the items were now sold out. It will definitely make me re-think shopping any sale you guys have in the future.
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5 years ago, TeKeTiNi
Rewards Stopped Working With Nordy Club Rollout
Let me start by saying the app used to be amazing. Sadly, Nordstrom updated their rewards program and app approx. a year ago and renamed it the Nordy Club. Since that time, the app no longer tracks my rewards. For all you long-time Nordstrom shoppers, I was a Level 3 in the old program and now Ambassador level in the new Nordy Club program. The app permanently thinks I’m a Member level with zero benefits. That means i can no longer view or use rewards while shopping online. Based on a another review I just read, I’m now wondering if I’m even earning points while shopping with the app. I have no way of checking that. I have spent DOZENS OF HOURS of my time both in-store with customer service at the downtown Seattle Flagship store and on the phone with multiple levels of tech support trying to get this issue fixed. My information is current and my phone number linked. Tech Support gave me a ticket number and escalated my issue back in December 2018. Nothing has changed. I have been shopping at Nordstrom for 35+ years but now feel that Nordstrom no longer values my business. Consequently, I’ve all but stopped shopping there this year and will likely cancel my Nordstrom account altogether in the near future.
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6 years ago, furiousinmke
Abysmal customer service
12 hours after I spent $1500 online Nordstrom announced a $50 for $250 deal. I called Nordstrom to see if I could get the deal. The associate said only if he put some items on a new order. He moved $500 more than necessary to get the promo, causing me to lose most of the triple points I had arranged for the day before. He also - without telling me - lost items I wanted because they were no longer available. I did not understand how badly my order was screwed up until I looked over the written documentation. I wrote an email to customer service with no response. I called customer service just now and the solution was to let me use another points day that I had earned. When I said this is not a solution they suggested escalating. I gave up after 6 minutes on hold waiting for the manager. What happened to Nordstrom’s legendary customer service where associates are empowered to solve problems within reason? You have lost a great customer.
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6 years ago, BayAreaNativeFan
Updates not improving experience
Update: August 31, 2018 - newest issue I've experienced is the login page not loading so I can't even attempt to log in. I was advised by customer service to uninstall and reinstall the app which is annoying. Probably a server/API issue that should be fixable without requiring the user to do anything. Oh well. It works now but quite annoying. Looks like things in the Account section are finally working properly (opens natively in the app rather than opening a web browser window). This is still happening: anytime you go to the wishlist and hit edit, it takes FOREVER to load the functionality, we're talking 3-5 seconds on wifi or my LTE network in the US. Then, when you select an item, it's another 3-5 seconds before you know the item has actually been selected. These types of responses times shouldn't be acceptable. Go and look at industry benchmarks. The folks at Nordstrom who work on this feature must not actually use it in real life. Same advice, dogfood your app. Lots of low hanging fruit to help improve the user experience and help users spend money via the app.
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3 years ago, slendj
Latest app not compatible with my older iPad.
This note is specifically for your IT department Nordstrom. I am a long time Nordstrom shopper, since the 1990s. I am also one of your higher shopping level customers. This morning I received notification that the app is now updated on my iPad and that I must update to the newer app. So I go on the App Store and try to upload it but I get a message saying that it’s not compatible with my iPad. My iPad is older and will not update to the latestVersion of iOS that is required to upload this app. So as a result, I’m not going to be bothered with having to log on and sign in every time I want to shop at Nordstrom on my iPad to view my Wishlist items, etc. It was so much easier to have the app on my iPad with the older version and just click on it to shop. You should’ve done something to allow people who have older versions of the app to still keep it. Now I have no Nordstrom app on my iPad so I guess I won’t be shopping online anymore. I also wasn’t impressed with the way you changed the look of the website last year during the pandemic. It made it look like a cheap retail store site that I see on some other retailers as opposed to the way it used to look years ago.
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3 months ago, Bobbie Shoppie
Why I Love Shopping Online at Nordstrom
I always loved shopping- even though my career was in the retail industry both buying and selling womenswear. And if truth be told, I always loved wearing the clothes I owned. There was fun in changing my look by changing the way I put them together and then adding different accessories to change the way I looked. Now that I’m no longer working and I’m almost too old to be going from store to store to view the new fashion, I save my energy by looking at “what’s new” online. And the best online store to visit is Nordstrom. It doesn’t disappoint-ever! There are always new items and old items put together in different outfits, so there is always something new to see. And new ideas emerge for me in how to wear my own clothes in different ways. I guess I’m just an old shopper who discovered a new way to shop - online at Nordstrom. And please enjoy the experience as much as I do! Barbara Katzman: info a/dreamgoods,com
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Worst Sale Execution EVER!!
This anniversary sale is a mess. I put items on my wish list. Half were sold out the day I was able to shop. Those still available were not allowing me to order because of another error. Customer service then confirmed remaining items were available. Placed order for me. Notes were not showing up anywhere so she had to track them down too. I then only received 1 of 2 items ordered to find the other was cancelled 2 days later as it ran out of stock. Well maybe if it was pulled when ordered it would not have been. I called customer service and no one was able to do anything to help me. I will now no longer shop with you. I will be canceling my Nordstrom credit card and shopping elsewhere from now on. Oh not to mention that 1 item I did receive, although I love it. It’s getting returned. So disappointed. I didn’t realize Nordstrom was doing so well they could treat their customer’s so poorly
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3 years ago, MayadaBatota
Worse sales rep experience
For the first time since two years today I went to Nordstrom to shop after having a baby I literally grabbed almost everything from A-to-Z that I wanted with clothes shoes and clothes for my baby my sister-in-law called me while she was in another store to give her her wallet I told the sales rep her name was Karen to please hold them and I will come back for the clothes because we parked on this level can you hold them until close and she said yes couple of hours later I came back which was an hour before closing and the lady that was there said to me your clothes were put back by Karen when Karen came by she told me that oh someone else put them away I only have a couple of items left and she said we are not putting anything on hold anymore. Well first you’re lying second if I had known you don’t put things on hold I would’ve cashed out because I needed clothes I need every day clothes basically I had to renew my wardrobe I’m sorry that Nordstrom lost a sale but it seems like she did not care for it and she was very rude and did not even apologize for what happened This was done at Nordstrom at Somerset Mall in the genes department her name was Karen I hope HR takes care of it.
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2 years ago, Tashiki222
Where Did The Saved Bag Go? Hate The New Saved Bag Update!!
So I rarely leave app reviews, but the Saved Bag change is such a hassle that I had to. In the previous version having a separate tab for the Saved Bag was perfect! You could easily see everything you had saved & move it over to your bag or the top of your Saved Bag. Now it’s beneath your bag - which would be ok I guess. But it only shows you 5 items at a time. Then every time you make a change or update an item in the Saved Bag it takes you All The Way To Top Of Your Purchase Bag!! Then you have to scroll down to the bottom of your Bag to your Bag to reach your Saved Bag and then you’re at the top of your Saved Bag again with it only showing the first 5 items - even if you were looking at items 3 or 4 tabs down!! You have to individually open up every one of those 5 item tabs AGAIN every time you want to get there to make a change like move it to your Bag or the top of your Saved Bag. It is such a hassle & takes so much extra clicking & time!! It was not worth creating a Store Tab AND removing the Saved Bag Tab.
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2 years ago, YMILikeThis
The Best
I’ve been shopping with Nordstrom for over 40 years and rarely shop elsewhere. Their policies have never changed; I love that you can return items regardless of the length of time you’ve owned them. I don’t shop ‘in store’, not my thing! I DO like shopping Nordstrom on-line and also Nordstrom rack as I always find high quality items at reasonable prices. I think Nordstrom is pretty choosy about which name products and designers they will sell as I’ve never seen junk or fad items for sale. I am saddened to hear that some stores have had to close due to fewer people shopping in store as it’s about the only store I will step foot in! There has always been stellar sales persons both in store and online and that consistency of customer care along with the same policies that were in effect when I began shopping there 40+ years ago is why I’m a loyal shopper: Nordstrom has been loyal to me.
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5 years ago, laurafromli
Nordstrom Feedback!
I was asked to randomly complete a survey. Nordstrom is my go Store whenever I need something. I purchase absolutely everything I can for my son, his father and my ex-Mother in-law who currently currently battling has lymphoma. Being disabled myself leaves me peace of mind that if I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for I can speak with or meet with a Concierge specialist and they always seemed to find exactly what I need! I love Nordstrom for helping me over the years with items I had difficulty finding, everything I have ever wanted I have managed to purchase. I have had my Nordstrom credit card for just over 22 years. I love Nordstrom and trust them so much I have added my son to my account and we’ve never had a problem in all these years. They employ the absolute best Customer Service representatives as well as concierge employees in the business. I want to thank everyone very much at Nordstrom for listening and realizing that your customer service agents set you apart from all your competitors and your business and your earning are not suffering like your competitors. I think Nordstrom has been in a league all there own and I sincerely hope it stays that way. I have been and I will remain am extremely loyal Nordstrom Customers as I have had my credit card since 1997. Sincerely all the best, Laura A Leonard, Levittown, Thank you again for everything, Sincerely, Laura Leonard
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5 years ago, Ronniered4
5 * company
I have been coming to Nordstrom’s since it was first opened at The Lloyd Center in Portland Oregon when I was 17 years old. I even bought my wedding dress there! I am currently 64 and continue to be as happy as I was with purchases as I was then! When we were raising four young children and on a tight budget I would still shop at Nordstrom’s for the kids during their clearance sales! You could get the highest quality clothing at huge discounts! When our kids became teenagers they would go in the day before the sale and layaway what they wanted to go buy the next day. The sales team always knew them by their first names! If you aren’t happy with something no matter how long you’ve had it ,they will fully refund you. Shipping is always free both ways! I truly believe that Nordstrom has remained a mainstay because of their incredible customer service!
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4 months ago, WonkaMar
Unpleasant order pick up service
I recently had a disappointing experience with a pickup order from Nordstrom Tyson’s corner. The customer service was far from pleasant, its not first time!!! as the staff member who assisted me seemed disinterested and unfriendly (Yaso, Her name tag) To make matters worse, when I received my order, the item was unwrapped and not even placed in a Brand bag, leaving it vulnerable to damage. Upon further inspection, I noticed that the item was noticeably damaged, which was very disappointing considering it was a gift for a special occasion. I had no choice but to return it immediately, which was an inconvenience and a waste of my time. Overall, I was extremely dissatisfied with the handling of my pickup order The lack of care in packaging the item, combined with the poor customer service, the lady didn’t hand me the Bag she just tossed the order on her desk wich I found this unrespectful and left a negative impression on me. I hope that the store can improve its order pickup process and customer service to prevent similar experiences for other customers in the future.
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2 years ago, straz12345
Unfortunate shopping experience
I went to Nordstrom to shop on Tuesday . Unfortunately, they lost power like most of Columbus. When I walked in the associate said that I could still shop and return like normal. It ended up being way more complicated so I decided to put my items - women tennis shoes, and baby native shoes-on hold. The associate said that he would call when they received power . I called Wednesday to let them know I wouldn’t be able to be in until Sunday and the girl kept telling me that was fine my items would be there . I went today, Sunday, and none of my items where there . Fortunately, my size was still available and I was able to find the LAST native size that I needed. I got home and realized that the associate NEVER checked out my child’s native shoes even though he had been waiting for me to return to purchase everything together. So two attempts to purchase something and I still do not have the product and will now be ordering from another site .
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12 months ago, The Download
Terrible Buggy App with No Support
History of purchases should be the most basic of functions yet this app constantly has significant problems with orders not showing up on the app for certain months causing purchase review, additional purchases, order tracking, and returns much more complicated than they need to be. Nordstrom service in store is not what it used to be (i.e. not as good as it used to be) so was attempting to use the app as a means of self-service but doesn’t work well. Terrible. Nordstrom delivery service has also worsened over time as their delivery service provider loses packages, states delivery before actually delivering, and has virtually no support re tracking of such packages. Some purchases go by the wayside as “lost in space.” Nordstrom employees are aware of the issue. Nordstrom seems to be using cheaper delivery services-Some delivery services are cheaper for a reason (i.e. poor results). Nordstrom used to be known for great service, but now seems to be challenged in this regard. One last plea to Nordstrom - please dedicate some resources to fix your app and improve customer service including delivery.
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6 years ago, jrziggy
Scanning Feature
I mainly use this app while shopping in the store. While I purchase online all of the time, I basically never purchase anything through the app. Besides the fact that it constantly resets itself, the scanning feature drives me CRAZY. I will be walking through the crowded store and see a dress on the “reduced” rack and say, “ooh, let me scan it and see how much.” Nordstrom app will say, “sold out.” Um wait, I am STANDING inside your store holding it. Then I’ll walk over to fashion jewelry and see a cute pair of earrings lying on the counter and think, “I wonder if it’s on sale.” Nordstrom app scanning feature returns, “sold out.” Seriously, the Macy’s app will tell you the in-store price of the item whether it’s in stock online or not. Fix your app to do the same. Macy’s also saves your last 25 scans until midnight in case you want to go home and comparison shop or check for more colors online. Nordstrom app also does not allow me to check other zip codes to see if the item is in stock like Macy’s does either. I think this is Nordstrom’s way of trying to force you to speak to an employee but honestly, why bother waiting in line?
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3 years ago, Neeter Lou
It’s good. The site itself is problematic.
App is quite good. Site undergoes maintenance on no discernible schedule. It takes an indeterminate length of time. I shop late at night, compared to the rest of U.S. I think they know when the fewest customers are on line. Understandable but frustrating to get error messages every time try to take a step. In these periods of updating and upgrading the site, links and other features don’t work. They take you to a page with a non-standard message. Where you’d probably should see a 404, it’s something custom. Since going with custom message anyway, they could explain the state of maintenance and when to try again. They need to either go off-line or have a splash screen of roadwork ahead. I do believe they know their frequent on-line shopping customers and our emails and phone numbers for txt messages. They text me all the time when an item is back in stock. Customers could sign up for updates on system status so as not to bother those who don’t want a text. This vagueness about updates and upgrades and ability to shop and compare makes me think they don’t have a robust test environment. These difficulties and sluggishness should be resolved before migrating to production mode. If they do this to themselves during a shopping season, it will mimic a DNS.
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5 years ago, kenwils01
Love Nordstrom and am a long time customer, but I do have a couple of complaints. One is that the app does not make good recommendations. If I’ve been a customer for years, surely there’s an algorithm that can predict recommendations based on previous purchases. The recommendations now are based off the exact item I just purchased, i.e. if I bought underwear, it recommends underwear. It should aggregate all my historical purchases and make recommendations accordingly. Second, their inventory system is not good ESPECIALLY during the anniversary sale. Many years in a row I have purchased items within the first hour of anniversary sale, only to have them canceled. This is very frustrating. Nordstrom knows which items they’re sending to influencers, they should be able to predict which items are going to be popular and adjust inventory accordingly. It’s really just not that difficult to do the sale right. It would be great if they could address this recurring issue for their card members.
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4 years ago, Gamesmom
Don’t use this app to order
I was using this app the other day and had 2 items in my cart. I moved the items from my cart to order them and when I did that, the order got sent. That may have been ok, unless I didn't want to ship to the default address (which I didn’t), or if I had wanted to change the payment method, like to a gift card. When you order from the web site, there is a step called REVIEW THIS ORDER. I guess with the app, that isn’t an option. So if you are ordering a gift or any deviation to your default information, the app won’t work. I then called the store to make the correction and the woman told me she was able to fix the ship to address, but the order shipped this morning to the default address - So thanks for lying to me Ms Customer service. Right now I don’t ever want to waste time or money using this company again!
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5 years ago, Cat and Flash
Exceptional customer service!
I wanted to compliment the customer service I always receive at Nordstrom located in Columbus, Ohio at Easton Shopping Center. It is always over the top friendly sales people even when I come close to closing. A few times I have not been able to make it until an hour before close. I shopped in beauty one day and the representative assisted me so patiently with color matching the Le Meir makeup. Even as is got closer to close she continued not to rush me. I had to do a quick return last night 10 min before close and I was assisted with buying a pair of boots and trading something else. Everyone despite how busy they have been was kind and friendly. You don’t get that kind of service elsewhere— it’s why I never mind to pay a little more. Part of what you pay for is the experience. Thank you Nordstrom Columbus!
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5 years ago, hulakathie
Shoes! And More Shoes!
I wear a woman’s size 5. Nordstrom is shoe heaven for me. I shop online as there isn’t a Nordy’s in my town. Nordstrom’s is great with returns. I buy my walking and sports shoes, my comfy work shoes, my booties and boots. I just treated myself to a pair of Frye boots! I ♥️ them. I like to read the reviews regarding the fit and can usually find what I’m looking for and Nordstrom’s is a trusted source. And my granddaughter loves Nordy’s shoes too. Great for all her shoe needs and I love to spoil her. She’s a size 6 and there are trendy options for her. Once I was laid over in Seattle and took a shuttle to Nordy’s. I went so crazy in the shoe department. And the sales person was so helpful. She arranged the shoes to be shipped. And she helped order the ones I liked but weren’t available in the store. I was set for shoes! And rewards are a plus. Life is short. It’s so nice to have shoes in my size. Thanks to Nordy’s!
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3 years ago, Bundysmom
Awful app
Nordies mishandling of my Orders, disgustingly stupid number of shipments used to complete an order, Orders that say shipped but aren’t and are later cancelled arbitrarily, and shoddy service aside.....unlike most of these reviews, mine is strictly about the app. It’s gorgeous but the use is hit or miss. Pages don’t load, any page, and the perpetual circle spins nonstop forcing a full app closure only to reopen and try to pull up the page again.....which is successful but the process starts all over again after 3-4 page changes. Address/billing address changes made don’t stick...even when made on the website or phoned in. Deleted address shows up as the default shipping address which prompts a call to fix it...and you still don’t get the item. Clarification for sold out sizes vs items would be helpful for items on the wish list...too many items state sold out when the reality is it’s just that size or color option.
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3 months ago, Skates92651
I like using the app…
BUT I love to see and touch what I buy before I buy. The app is great bc it shows everything Nordstrom sells + sale prices if on sale and has a wish list. I narrow down what I want/need and add it to the list. When I get to Fashion Island or South Coast Plaza, which are, in my opinion, above average Nordstrom stores, distractions are inevitable and I normally do not have extra time or money or focus to spare. I think the app streamlines my shopping and makes life less difficult for sales associates. They appreciate being able to help and are able to suggest relevant items based on what’s on my list as well as check stock for exact items from my list. Piece of cake. Win-win. I don’t feel exhausted or upset I bought things I don’t need but forgot what I really did need. You know what I mean. The app makes it super easy when buying repeat items I already know work well for me - staple items like make-up or Birke’s things I know I love, just order and poof, like magic, items are delivered - no extra time, or gasoline, or energy wasted I just like Nordstrom - can you tell? The app, the store, the Rack. The app is the most comprehensive and covers everything Nordstrom has to offer. Candace
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6 years ago, yennington
Mostly good but error with checkout
This app is usually pretty good and definitely my preferred way to shop Nordstrom, especially with my Nordstrom notes and order history being available. In the last month or so there was an error pop up in my bag that was pretty annoying. I couldn’t see what was in there and it wouldn’t let me check out, even after uninstalling/reinstalling, off/on, calling customer support (they said to login online instead). It started working again in the last week or so, so that’s good, but having the main purpose of the app not functioning with no explanation was pretty ridiculous. Also, wish that I could better see how far along I am when scrolling through a page of items, to get a sense for how much more I need to scroll to be at the end. It also seems to require me to sign back in a lot, compared to other apps.
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