Norwegian Travel Assistant

4.8 (14.2K)
21 MB
Age rating
Current version
Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
11.4 or later
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User Reviews for Norwegian Travel Assistant

4.79 out of 5
14.2K Ratings
4 years ago, Hook888
Antiquated check in system
Did you know that Norwegian cannot transfer your luggage to the next flight when you have booked separately a connecting flight with Norwegian? You have to take out the luggage in Oslo from Bergen and then recheck it again to continue with the same airline!! You also have to go through security again! Who designed this antiquated check in system? All other airlines can do this. Delta, AA, SAS, Southwest etc. it’s time Norwegian accepts there are 2000 century software systems available. I’ll try SAS next time
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4 years ago, Pølsemaker'n
Fairly happy
I flew from LAX to Bergen, Norway, with a layover and plan change in Oslo. I checked my guitar (Epiphone Les Paul) in a hard case as I couldn’t bring it on the plane due to size. Got to carry it to to the gate at LAX, but had to leave it there. I then did not see it until Bergen, Norway. When I opened the case, the rhythm/treble switch had broken off. I ran around town the next day to find a replacement switch and finally found one for 250 NOKs and had a friend solder it on for free. I paid $93 at LAX to check my guitar as “special luggage” and I thought it would get special treatment. Other than that, the airline is reasonable and efficient and well worth considering.
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4 years ago, Evelyne & Nolane
App and airline are the worst
It would very nice to be able to see past booking even if it already happened. That would be handy when the airline cancels your ticket, ask you to do a refund claim then disappear and the flight information no longer appear in the app. I received an email saying that I will get my refund, it’s been over 2 month now and still nothing. Obviously this airline did not go out of business since I’m receiving email to book my vacation. App is useless, airline with horrible customer service and basically just gives lies to customer to keep them quiet. I prefer dealing with layover with other airline co., than dealing with no stop flight who provides horrible business.
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4 years ago, Aliceinwonderlande
I was very hesitant to download this app due to negative reviews about not being able to check in through the app and inability to add boarding passes to Apple Wallet. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that both of these features have been added to the app. It was very easy to check in via mobile and to retrieve mobile boarding passes for all in my party. The app is simple and easy to use. Thank you for addressing these concerns, Norwegian!
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6 years ago, phaedrus poe
Does Almost Nothing
I downloaded this app in order to track the status of a recent trip to Europe. Almost none of the features in this app work. You can’t book a seat (which I already booked, but the status says I haven’t), you can’t change your meal, you can’t book your luggage, and you can’t even contact customer service for help. I have booked three different flights on three separate budget carriers for this trip and the other two have none of these problems. I am already checked in to the other two legs with zero issues. Due to where I live there aren’t many carriers operating out of the nearest airport, but navigating through Norwegian’s app has rendered driving an extra two hours more convenient by comparison.
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5 years ago, Steveshooman
Barely Functional for Use During Travel
The app wouldn’t let us add our boarding passes to the Apple Wallet, saying that you need to be checked in to do so, both ways. This was after we’d checked in. It had information updates after we received them by text message and had no new information on delayed flight times when the original delays had been extended. I don’t see the purpose of the app if you can receive texts with the same information. It was an easy way to access our confirmation numbers, but we never needed them as we had our passports. We had a pretty good experience with the actual airline—just not the app.
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Flew with them from Houston, lost both of my bags. One arrived week after, and it was broken, the other one arrived 2 months after, and it was also broken. After fighting with the company, and complaining, they refunded me with only 50€ for both broken bags. Also, I sent recipients for the stuff purchased while missing bag, and they did not refunded me at all. This company is a joke, not professional, and fraud!!!! And not to forget to mention, they did not accept my cash payment at the airport for 2 bags, I could only pay with a card. This information was not written anywhere, and put me in unpleasant situation. Will never travel with them again!! If I can I would rate this site negative!!!!! Very angry customer
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5 years ago, bigrkd
Good Airline, Useless App
Flew between Los Angeles and two European destinations on Norwegian’s 787 Dreamliner. Everything including the comfort, friendliness of staff, and tastiness of food was spot on. The one star review however is for the app. I am a big fan of adding my boarding pass to my Apple Wallet so it’s easier to get through airport, as well as having a record of all my flights. The app doesn’t allow you to check in so you must visit a kiosk or desk in the terminal which often require long lines. It then has a button to add your boarding pass to your phone after you have checked in at the airport. When clicking it however, it would repeatedly tell me to check in at the airport first, even though I had already done that.
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5 years ago, Hgt355
Worst airline possible
So far Norwegian has made me purchase 2 flights because they closed the flight 2 hours before take off, they have dropped my bag off a plane cracking it in half as well loosing a Louis Vuitton shoe in the process. I wouldn’t fly with them after that until a friend just booked my flight with them recently and they just changed my ticket to standby when I purchased a confirmed seat. Oh and there was a cockroach at the ticket desk in Miami and the manager was a bad as he could be throughout the situation. Norwegian will make you feel like a prisoner in transport or a cow being taken to the slaughter house. They will have no respect for you, your stuff, your safety or your time. They are cheap, but not worth it.
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4 years ago, happy voiager
Norwigian air = classy , prestigious and reliable
The best airway for the reasonable price you pay.. device is good , pilots experienced with skills that shows in takeoff and smooth landing . I suggest to give bonus to loyal customers.. like free meal, extra bag or free seat to choose. It will be highly appreciated with joy.
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3 months ago, WantMoreChoices
Reserved and paid for seat changed during check-in
More than a handful of times, my partner and I have experienced that the seat towards the front of the plane we select, when paying for a more expensive ticket with seat reservation, is changed by the system automatically during check-in. This after validating that the seat is correct before tapping the checkin button (and we’re given a new and less desirable seat).
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6 years ago, pdubs01
Tried to book a flight to Europe with a combination of cash and remaining points. After confirming everything it didn't give me a flight, no reservation, didn't charge me either, but it took all my cashpoints. Had to wait a day to get my cash points back after spending an hour in hold they simply said I had to wait for the rewards department to open back up. After which I did receive my points back but the flight went is considerably and I wasted a few hours of my day.
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2 years ago, FernandoRojas00
I’ve been using the app for 5-6 months. They charged me one of my flights twice, and I got a charge that nobody can tell me what is it for. Customer service says that everything comes from the app, but the app doesn’t show anything (nor the web page). I am resigned to losing my $600 but be careful when using this app. Something or somebody can make a wrong charge and Norwegian will not respond to you. Awful app and service.
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4 years ago, Thatgrrl17
Couldn’t choose seat?
The app looks nice but doesn’t seem to work so well. It never showed me a prompt to choose a seat even though it was included in my fare, but once you have checked in you can’t change your seat. It also didn’t sync with their desktop website so I had to submit booking number and passport twice.
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4 years ago, Ann Ttavels
Easy Checking
This is my first time flying Norwegian. The app and online checking were fast and easy to use. No complications and very clear graphics and instructions! Thank you
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5 years ago, Buzzard Wing
Automatic meal??!
I like the app in general. But, Yesterday I tried to book a flight and it always adds the meal at the seat reservation page. There is no way I could find to remove them. Chat operator never heard of it and apparently not inclined to foreword it along?? Now there is a field for known traveler number. Seems they now participate in TSA precheck? PVD has Global Entry now.
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4 years ago, L. Bono
Luxurious travel
My friend and I were so impressed with our nonstop flight from Tampa to London. Could not have been more comfortable. First class is the way to go.
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5 years ago, njdinerboy
App is useless airline is great!
...except they charge for everything and they actually WEIGH your carry on when you check in. (You can’t check in using app if you’re carry-on only) It has to be 10kg and under. I was 2kg over. Instead of emptying out shoes, liquids and a hairdryer from my bag I paid the HUNDRED dollars to check my carry on. It’s 45 if you order a checked bag in advance. Wow Norwegian way to not pass up a revenue opportunity.
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5 years ago, Kohei n
It’s really easy website!
Usually, I need to think about something to do it. But this website is really easy! Super!
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4 years ago, Preacher4Life
First Timer
I’m new to Norwegian and it’s App. However I found it to be easy to manage which made my travel experience awesome! Thank you!
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4 years ago, qqwweerrtttyyuuiiooppaxvhfklnp
Check in process
So far changed in process is easy and smooth by app
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5 years ago, chihaidelray
Our last trip left from Miami to London Gatwick in June 11th operated by Spanish air lines. We were very disappointed that operated by another carrier instead of your own plane. Every thing looks very old there was no entertainment or TV. We flew many time with Norwegian. In Oct we will fly back to London should we fly with Norwegian any more?
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6 years ago, Misarje
Simple and easy!
Simple and easy online check in. We have always enjoyed flying with Norwegian!
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5 years ago, Displeased customer 215
Can’t check in, add bags or change seats
Everything for my flight was frayed out in the app within 24 hours of the flight (including checkin which I have to do now at the gate.) My mother flew with them tonight and said it was an absolute nightmare bc of their inability to check in using mobile.. improvements need to be made.
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6 years ago, mh miami
Great flight and service
Excellent flight, service and love the ease of the app for all our flights.
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5 years ago, Blue man true
App did not store my flight information
The App is OK, but does not seem to recognize or remember my data. I need to enter my data every time. Very time consuming and annoying. Other airline apps keep the data stored and make the process very simple.
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5 years ago, MWmC_NYC
Lazy app developers
Ridiculous that the iPad version of this app won’t allow the view to reorient to a landscape format. Basically just a resized iPhone app. No use to me, since i use my iPad with a keyboard and don’t care to twist my head to read a screen that displays at right angles to the keyboard.
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6 years ago, Gio_stop
Arrival date not listed!
App shows departure date with a take off time and a landing time. But it doesn’t tell you if you are not landing on the same date. Please fix... if you land on the next day all other apps have a +1 day sign next to the landing time.
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4 years ago, Astro64677
Nice App !
App was a breeze to use a year ago during a flight to Paris - very convenient!
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5 years ago, NotnormalNorman
Terrible Airline
Wow this is theeeeee worst airline I have ever flown on. I really hate writing reviews but I had to warn others about this terrible airline. I flew to London, I wasn’t expecting a meal but water would have been nice. The flight attendant looked at me with scorn when I asked. Late fights, poor customer service and uncomfortable seats.
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5 years ago, Lauren87
Newest update crashes
The newest update is awful. It keeps crashing and logging me out. I use it to monitor my Norwegians flights as they are constantly being delayed. This new version logs me out so I am unaware of any modifications to my flight. Very poor app. I hope they improve it.
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2 weeks ago, JillBuett
Phone number glitch
I’m an American traveling in Europe this summer on Norwegian Air. I downloaded the app, but cannot create an account because the phone number parameters don’t accept numbers from the U.S.
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5 years ago, Tim2dive
Great App
This app has provided me with everything I’ve needed. Very clean simple to understand
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2 years ago, Vicd77
WORST airline
Rude customer service, unhelpful and scammers. Booked a ticket through Expedia. Because I used a “third” party, they will not let me add baggage to my flight. I have to wait to do it at the airport where they charge 3x the price. Customer service was rude and condescending. NEVER AGAIN
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6 years ago, Denver Vier
We love Norwegian
Norwegian has become our favorite airline for travel to Europe, and the app is very helpful.
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4 years ago, The Arthurian Legend
Delays never communicated
At no point will Norwegian contact you if there are delays on your flight. They also won’t alert airport systems. You’ll have to ask others or get on the internet. They also funnel passengers to longer more expensive layovers with a promise of a day trip, but then they change the length of the layover to make your plans impossible. Finally, you cannot check in online. This is a 20th century airline somehow magically operating in the 21st century. Avoid at all costs.
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5 years ago, SweetyPru
Best Airline App
This is the best airline app I’ve ever used. It’s easy and you can do so much from it!
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6 years ago, mjmtgtvvvnjmkilytryu
Michael Miller
Working well with Norwegian- wonderful airline, easy to use app
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6 years ago, Mmiikkee4354334
App does nothing, Norwegian in general is worthless
This app couldn’t even be the bearer of bad, updated news when Norwegian canceled both my long haul flights making a 10-day round trip experience to London into an origin story for my fear of non-committal airlines and cancelled flights.
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2 years ago, MauraandKeith
Poor customer service
We have been trying to add two pieces of checked baggage to our flight tomorrow - 20 hours from now - the app won’t let us. (And no one picks up the phone.)
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6 years ago, mag91105
Piece of garbage
Just let me use a website for crying or loud. Total loser move making me download your craptastic app only to have to delete after my flight. Next time I have a choice I’ll not choose Norwegian for this reason. Annoying as 4uck.
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6 years ago, kønsept
Just had the worst experience checking in on a flight from JFK to Oslo. Erica the manager at JFK couldn’t be more arrogant and nasty. It was literally racism. So don’t be fooled by false advertisement of being best low cost carrier as in reality is the worst. Use to like Norwegian but now completely disappointed.
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4 years ago, 12345woody$
I have tried numerous times to add my profile. Site always says “not available “!
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5 years ago, Scanmydocuments
Service was very slow. Flight was late. Seats are too tight for such long flight
The food was good and staff was helpful.
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5 years ago, gplain58
Absolutely Worthless
This app does nothing in the iPhone. It does not add to wallet and only once did I get a text on my iPhone. The text essentially did not work as the link was worthless and only showed error.
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4 years ago, sgf36
App does not allow me to sign in
The app no longer allows me to sign in to my Norwegian account. Please fix!
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5 years ago, Chuckzgoodyoclash
Easy to use app
Love the airlines app it is easy to use
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5 years ago, Pilotstandingbyandwaiting
Unable to check in
The app didn't let us to check in, so the magic disappeared.....
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6 years ago, Rujimbob
Worst airline app EVER
Seriously almost nothing works in this app. You can’t add flights reliably. You can’t check in for flights. You can’t contact Norwegian. The app is as bad as their service (cheap and bad)
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5 years ago, shlomko
Not worth anything
U can’t check in on this app as u still have to go to the check in counter so basically this app doesn’t add anything to Norwegians service
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