NTTA Tollmate®

1.9 (378)
36.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
North Texas Tollway Authority
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for NTTA Tollmate®

1.88 out of 5
378 Ratings
3 years ago, DJ'er
New trip calculator is horrible
The old trip calculator was fantastic. Enter a starting and ending destination just like any other maps application, and it gave you route options with toll costs for each route. Very user friendly and helpful. With the new toll calculator, you have know your route already and zoom in on a map to select the specific toll gantrys that you’re gonna use. It’s extremely user unfriendly. Plus it’s even missing some toll gantrys! I35E Denton to/from Sam Rayburn ramps are rolled but they aren’t listed on the map!
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3 years ago, dk1111223457
It’s insulting how horrible this apps QA is
I normally don’t write reviews, but this “new” app is so bad, I felt compelled to. First off, this private company makes plenty in money to put some sort of effort into a quality check of their app dev. If you experienced their previous app you know it was a simple 90s style design. Well, they redid the look but took no time in actually focusing on the quality within. Be my guest, go add a new vehicle and look at the random jumble of manufacturers listed. I do hope this was at least some developers list of cars from top pics to least. Then, go add a toll tag you recently received. Did you have a temp tag initially? Well, gotta add a new vehicle. Is that temp tag tied to your new toll tag? Well, too bad you’ll have to request a new one. It’s that in-simple! Moral of this story is, if you’re going to take 10 years to develop a new app, at least spend some time making sure it functions properly.
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3 years ago, mmmoveit
New App Rocks!
First and foremost I’m a huge fan of the new website interface and the mobile app! The old system was straight up from the early 90’s-2000’s and this feels much more modern and easier to navigate. Everything I was able to do in the old app before January 2021 I can do today in the new version, and it seems much easier to find and update vehicles, tags, and payment methods which is what I access most, and the transaction list is easy to work with. To other reviews hating on the roadways, the company, or the fact that we have toll roads at all, just gotta say toll roads are a part of life in DFW (like most major cities), and they make the time/value of getting from place to place feel that much more bearable in an ever-growing metroplex. Just my two cents!
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3 years ago, Gibran1287
Kind of a step-down with the last update... or downgrade
Last update should be called a downgrade!! The most i use is the calculate my trip option and this last changes they make made that option so hard to use and navigate. Instead of typing the to and from address you are going, now you have to scroll down a menu and you better know the name of each of the ramps you will be jumping on the tollways because it doesn’t allow you to give it am address. Takes forever to navigate through all the options of the drop-down menu, you can zoom in the wannabe map they display but is also hard, if anything it could help you to know the name of the ramps you want to use. Still, i like notes the previous version because it would show you more options of what toll routes one could use and their prices. This “new one” only gives the very one ramp-up and ramp-down you select... no options and agan: SO TEDIOUS TO USE!!!
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10 months ago, Tollmad123
Both my fiancée and I received our tolltags about a week or so ago, and everything with them worked fine until we linked our accounts to this app. When we set up our accounts in the app, inexplicably both of our tolltags had their status set to “RETURNED” and without even realizing we were paying double tolls for over a week because setting up through the app deactivated our tolltags. Both of us called customer service, and there is nothing they can do to reactivate a returned tag despite the returns not being done on our own. Now they have to send us new tags (with obviously no compensation for being robbed on tolls for over a week), save yourself some money and a world of headache and do not download this app.
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2 years ago, VersaMax
App could use some polishing
I’m coming from TxTag, so for me NTTA is a god send. The difference between these two toll authorities is night and day. And I wouldn’t wish TxTag on my worst enemy…it’s that bad. Anyway, I would like to be able to clear the notifications presented within the TollMate app. Once I read them, they still persist. That’s sort of annoying. I also think the ‘Toll Perks’ thing is a little gimmicky. Does NTTA really need this type of side hustle? Other than not there’s not a lot to complain about.
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4 years ago, jessica.bennett70918
I have not been using toll roads since last December. I’ve also changed bank cards and did not update my new card with NTTA because I don’t use toll roads anymore. Received an email tonight saying that my card was declined. Why are you charging my account in the first place? Come to find out I have had charges on my account for several months back for tolls that aren’t even in my area! Either someone has my plate numbers, or you guys are really messing up. Why am I being charged for something I haven’t used? Not even sure I can get my money back since it’s been a few months and now I have to jump through customer service to get this resolved!
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3 years ago, ProdigalSon08
What are you using our money for? Clearly not this app
The Dallas North Tollway was built in the 60s on the promise that they’d only charge tolls until the highway was paid off. Apparently the cost was in the billions because here we are 60 years later still paying out the wazoo for tolls. Adding insult to injury is this sorry excuse for a web app. It looks terrible, and somehow functions even worse. You can’t accomplish any actual tasks with this app, other than helplessly watching them pull money from your account. There’s clearly been no thought to UI or UX with this app (which looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2009.)
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2 years ago, ladyjustice5025
Quick easy way to pay toll bill
As my account is no longer on autopay and I have to go in manually to pay my toll bill, I’ve found challenges paying from my mobile phone. With the Tollmate app I was able to get this done within minutes from my phone, so I’d definitely say the app is worth having from that perspective.
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2 months ago, Steven3344
Temporary vehicle bug
I used the app to set my tolltag to a temporary vehicle for a rental car I had for a few days. After the time period expired, my tag did not go back to my permanent vehicle like it should. Instead it was de-activated. Fortunately, I noticed before using any toll roads. It’s not possible to reactivate the tag in the app, so I had to call and have it reactivated and added back to my vehicle. The temporary vehicle functionality needs to be fixed.
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3 years ago, Jaeboogie2
This App Needs Work
I’ve downloaded this thinking it would be an easy way to pay for toll bills. It’s been months and I’m still not able to login. It says that I have the wrong password, even after resetting it (I can log in with the same information through the website too). I am starting to think the app is broken and won’t let me log in. I will delete this now and pay another way. I gave this app a second shot but it is not working for me, even after an update. I would not recommend downloading this, it is a waste of time.
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2 years ago, A0emouse
Features removed…a step backwards
I used to be able to filter transactions based on date and toll tag. Now you can only filter on date and the option barely works. You have to add a day so you can see all the transactions. Otherwise the first is hidden. No amount of scrolling will let you get to it. You also could print that selection to a PDF for expense reports. No way to do that anymore either. The best new feature is the ability to easily access the toll perks. But seriously, they aren’t worth using so I really don’t care about that.
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3 years ago, Kuppo
I used to hate the old version of the app because it was clunky and needed to be polished. On top of that, it started to stop allowing me to log in despite my account information being right. The new update looks better and feels more polished to use, however it’s missing some of the conveniences such as adding funds and quickly calculating trips. I gave it 3 stars because I’m honestly just glad to finally be able to log in again.
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12 months ago, Ulysses S. Truman
Just call and talk to a human
This App likes to let me know that everything in my life is a lie. I only thought I knew my email address, my phone number, the city I was born in, and my mother’s maiden name. But apparently it is all a lie. And has been every time I have tried to log into this app for over two years. I have deleted it and redownloaded it twice, months apart. But the same result each time. In the meantime, when you call them, things usually get done pretty well. Just call and talk to a human, because this app is artificial stupidity.
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5 months ago, K9miie
Went from 4 to zero stars for me
It’s better do business thru the full website because the app is a downgrade . Besides you have to log in every time where before it will do the face scan or pin, the app is hard to navigate it’s in Spanish for me and I can find a way to change the setting even tho I speak and read both languages. To the app developers make some changes as this is causing lots of inconvenience . With all that money we pay it should be a easy to navigate app.
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1 year ago, esvin a
Replaced Tag invalid
I ordered a replacement tag and try to activate it and would not allow me with error “invalid tag” “car already exist” so inactivate current car in order to add it and made it worse now I can not add car, so called customer service and told me my car and new tag is deactivated, so I happens replacement tags go to the system automatically but the application does not tell you that your tag is already assigned, just call “invalid tag” or car already exist,
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3 years ago, TexasEagle777
Facial Recognition Does Not Work
In the previous version the facial recognition on my iPhone X worked great. Unfortunately, in the new upgrade facial recognition does not work. I hope someone from the NTTA will read this and fix the app. It’s much easier and safer to operate with facial recognition.
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6 months ago, malcatrazz
Incredibly and needlessly difficult
What a confounding app. Not intuitive or helpful at all. Doesn’t tell you password requirements till after you haven’t fulfilled them. The toll tag id number I need apparently is not on my toll tag or at least I haven’t been able to find a combination that is the correct toll tag id. I shouldn’t have to google information from your own website in order to create an account using your app. What an astonishingly pathetic app.
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8 months ago, Miz Luv
Nope. Terrible. Really.
Just does not work. Of course, the toll roads website is also virtually useless, so why am I surprised? You’d think the folks running a service that operates on an entirely digitized and automated process (tolls) would have sufficient tech competence to build a functioning website and a basic payment app, but nope. At least the support people are friendly and responsive. You’re just better off starting with them instead of ripping your hair out with this app.
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1 year ago, RupSethi
Not even able to login
I have a bad experience using this app, infect not even able to login to the app. I tried resetting the password. New password set successfully via email link but still i can not login using new password. I called customer support they simply closed the call saying we cannot do anything and do not have access to your account only the process is to recover password is to reset which is not working lol :).
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2 years ago, MisteryRider
Couldn’t log in
Hi! Could you help me please I can login from website but here in the app when I press button to log in progress bar shows for a less then a second and nothing happens afterwards
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9 months ago, Semo321
What a MESS!
If there is a rating less than one star I’d have given this business the lowest rating ever😡🤬. IT IS A MESS! since I subscribed I sat up to auto fill every time the balance gets less than $5 but never worked, every time I go to the airport the tag does it open the gate, I called the customer service many times and they are like answer machines none of the them knows how the system works, how to solve customers problems, and very rude.
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1 year ago, Othello player
Horrible app and in person service
Every time I call NTTA, I feel awful. The customer phone service is terrible, the app requires an account # that I never remember. If your credit card expires, no problem! We’ll charge you manual zip cash bills, force you to call to pay, and charge you large fees for small tolls! Horrible. What else can you do if you live in North Texas? Don’t live in North Texas. If you do, be prepared to deal with nonsense when toll systems don’t work.
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5 months ago, Peanutbutterjev
I never write reviews but why is it that whenever I leave the app to go find my toll tag in my car , it wouldn’t let me continue working on making the account I was creating. Instead it told me I wasn’t finished and had to contact customer service. Why do I have to contact customer service when my account shouldn’t have been locked for simply leaving the app Ridiculously complicated 0/10
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3 years ago, Btx_Fraga
The 2020 of apps
They have this app a complete downgrade of what we were used to. They added a pin for faster login. You can enter the pin in perfectly multiple times till it will say error. Then after it says it’s locked it will accept the same pin that you have type the entire time. And there is no longer the ability to have alerts when your account is lower than $10. Way to reinvent the wheel as a square this time 🤦🏻‍♂️
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3 years ago, DCDodd
The app doesn’t work
Two weeks to do a system upgrade and the app still doesn’t work. Tells you to upgrade the app but no upgrade in the App Store and the sever it redirects you to for the upgrade from the app doesn’t respond. As well the recovery questions on the website don’t work, and I suspect it’s because the database is mapped incorrectly or erased, so I have to take 30 min to an hour out of my day to call a busy over crowded call center...... but the NTTA is a necessary EVIL smh......
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3 years ago, Leptooners
Great app
What is up with all these negative reviews? I just tried the app for the first time yesterday and it seems to work great, does exactly what it should do without any noticable issues.
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1 year ago, LadyUser15
Dangerous App
It messes with the numbers. When I opened the App, I saw that I have a negative balance. So being a good customer, I reloaded my account with $20. Now, I see my account with $40 fund. Now, I don’t even know if I really had negative balance or if I still have balance and that their app is just messed up. If it’s the latter, they skimmed me with another $20 which infuriates me!!! 😤😤😤 Balance is a BASIC FUNCTION to have a bug!!!
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1 year ago, jmxhayward
Great experience with NTTA
I like this app, it seems very simple and easy to see all my info. I’ve had a great experience every time I’ve called NTTA with a question, prompt and friendly service.
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3 years ago, alizahid
Works fine
It’s working perfectly on my phone. Not sure why other people are complaining, maybe they need to upgrade from their old iPhone 3Gs.
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2 years ago, wksnskkaam
The app doesn’t even work
At first I thought it was just me but other reviews confirmed it wasn’t. Despite being able to log into my acct via desktop, despite the credentials being the EXACT same it won’t register my acct. It even says my acct # is invalid despite it being clear as day on my desktop so there’s no way I’m making a typo. Terrible app.
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3 years ago, hnbrink
New = worse
I liked the old system. I could see more transactions at a glance, and I could login with a PIN instead of my full id. Now I have to login each time and everything is expanded and blue. Everything is blue. I have to click on things to see more details, the login is more complicated and nothing is actually better or nicer. Over a week down to “upgrade” to uselessness.
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10 months ago, Moknows617
App does not work as expected
the app does not allow you to update a password and address information on your profile. The online website does not send out password reset links as expected so you can not log onto the website to reset account information.
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3 years ago, TexanBoomer
App says update then freezes
I went to use my app this morning and it has overlay saying to update. When I click to update(only option) it will not load. I deleted app and reloaded and it does the same thing. How does it need an update if I downloaded a fresh copy just now? Fix your app!!!!!
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2 years ago, Me
Crap App
I just got charged $80 when my account/statement clearly said I had enough to cover my tolls that I gathered today(5/28) I don’t even live in an area that I constantly have toll charges. There is no where on the dang app to check the settings to where your company isn’t taking anymore than what they are supposed to!
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10 months ago, MimiJaninee
Useless Updates
This app updates like once a week. These updates are the most useless things ever, and it's super inconvenient because even though all I want to do is check my balance I can't without updating! These updates don't even help, it just makes the app worse.
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3 years ago, jrod39420
Login takes like 5 times
When I try logging in it takes me about 5 tries. It says it locks my account then the next time I try it shows my balance. Please update. Better than last version but as the reviews show there’s a lot of work needed.
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4 years ago, PresidentSugar
Lost brain cells
This app is so outdated, it works but doesn’t save my login information, gets nothing done and worst of all, the website is so much better to use, which in itself is horrendous. Your best call is to just login to the website ever so often to make sure everything is in order rather than downloading this app
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1 week ago, TBaz80
Worst app in the store. Zero stars! Use the website
As much money as we pay in tolls, you’d think they would at least have an app that works. Much less have features you can use! The app hasn’t worked right for years! Use the website if you want anything done!!
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1 year ago, mcmurry1
Limited use
It’s good at showing you how much money you are spending on every toll segment. But you can not update your toll tag preferences. Specifically it won’t allow you to select if your toll tag operates at airports.
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12 months ago, IconicFlow
Not user friendly
I reset my password 5 times on my old account & couldn’t login online website or app. Then I created an entirely new account & experienced the same issue. Must be convenient to create a system that isn’t user friendly & charge me time & money for it.
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1 year ago, LA dfw
Can’t do absolutely nothing in it
Man I have reset my password , try to log in through fingerprint etc. I don’t even know what’s the point of this app if I can’t add / removed car to account or pay my tolls or set up a bill payment. Not even check the status of my tag
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10 months ago, CalsCorner
a blight on my state
Not only is the app pointless, arcane and buggy, the only thing worse is their customer service and call centers. Everything about it is a cancer I wish would leave my life and my state alone. Horrible horrible horrible, go away! Worst business in the world!
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2 years ago, Sharkinstx
Sliders are confusing
The sliders under Settings / My Preferences / Preferences are confusing - it’s hard to tell whether they’re on, or off. Maybe make them green when turned on?
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3 years ago, CasualInTheTrees
Doesn’t recognize PIN
I’ve had a pin set, worked for a few months, now it only recognizes it 1/100 times you try. The outdated username/password requirement makes it extremely difficult to check on the go. The call center is NO help, they have NO WAY to change the PIN. So yeah.
Show more
2 years ago, gglevelbb
You can never login
I wrote down my password and account name and it says it’s wrong every time even when I create another account you have one time access and that’s it! So prepare to have to sign up for a new toll tag every time it decides to forget your card info!
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2 years ago, rei pei
App is currently not functioning.
I am trying to manage my toll tag using fave id. That doesn’t work, so I am trying my log in. Just gets stuck on the log in screen. Very inconvenient, since o o my have my phone available to add funds. Not very easy to use “full site” from an IPhone.
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9 months ago, W#eat
Horrible Interface, Locked out constantly
This app has never ceased to amaze me with how inefficient and dysfunctional it is. I get locked out and gage to constantly change my passwords. Half of its features don’t load and random periods. It’s clunky and glitchy and always stresses me out.
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5 months ago, tmcdonald46
👎 can't log in
It just does nothing when I click submit to log in. Uninstalled and reinstalled, still doesn't work. Gave up on the app and went to the website. It's awful but at least I could log in.
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3 years ago, Kai_mahabad
She said we connect you to some one to close your account she never did that and also she said after 60 days we return your money back to your account , holding my money ? Why I don’t have car any more and I have my plate number cutting
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