NY Waterway

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Bytemark, Inc.
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1 year ago
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13.1 or later
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User Reviews for NY Waterway

3.98 out of 5
627 Ratings
5 years ago, LenaC1311
This app needs serious improvement
I missed my ferry only because on a moment of activation my ticket the app kicked me out completely! It took me 5 min to log back but it was to late for my ride any way.
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4 years ago, Part-time mercenary
Does not activate my 7 day ticket after the first use.
I have never had issues with this app before COVID, however after the ferry started running again, I purchased a 7 day pass and it worked fine on Monday, for the trip into work and the return trip home. On Tuesday, I tried to activate the ticket and it left me on a loading page. No matter what I did (restart app, restart phone, connect to WiFi, connect to data, delete and reinstall app) it NEVER activated the ticket for the remainder of the week. This has now happened twice. I am furious because I am being forced to spend more money on tickets that I shouldn’t need. I am going to resort to buying paper tickets, but I will end up spending more money that way because they do not sell 7 day paper tickets, only single rides and 10 trip, both of which will be more expensive. I am also frustrated because getting in touch with anyone to assist me is nearly impossible since office hours are limited to 7am-11am. I love the ferry, it is the best part of my commute into the city, but if I cannot get the assistance I need, I will be forced to find an alternative means of getting to work.
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1 year ago, kabo98
serious issues but was able to make it work
First off, the bus schedule is the same user-unfriendly interface i saw like 8 years ago when i first got this app. its like constantly refreshing an updated PDF and literally every other transportation app i have seen looked wayyy better even back in like 2019z Second, the tickets were kind of hard to select. Instead of offering a round trip/return ticket after selecting your destination, it just lets you buy more of the same way ticket and i accidentally bought two outbound tickets. I should have read more carefully yes but its just not good design. Third- buying was a nightmare. When you are asked to sign in with Apple or Gmail, apple takes you to a weird sign in page rather than doing the quick FaceID that every other app nowadays has. The Gmail link didnt even work at all so i just made a new account. Then i wanted to pay with the credit card linked to my ApplePay/wallet and i had to put it in manually. at least it had the scan option but i havent had an app ask me to do that in a LONG time. i wish there was a way to buy tickets online from a computer and get them sent to my phone, but as far as i saw it isnt there.
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5 years ago, Mangiamo
Room for improvement
The NY Waterway app gives you the basics in purchasing tickets on the go, checking schedules and even checking the status of your bus. As a customer for NY Waterway for the past year and a half, I use the Bus Locator which tracks the status of your bus arrival. However, to my daily disappointment, the Bus Locator is inconsistent and inaccurate. For example, sometimes you can tell a bus is on its way but you can’t tell which street it’s on for sure. Other times, you see a bus arrive with no indication on the app. As I’m typing this, I’ve been waiting for a NY waterway bus for the past 20 minutes despite a tracking icon displaying its immediate arrival. It’s extremely disappointing to rely on an app that doesn’t work all the time. As I use this app everyday for work, it would be great if there was a fix for this! Thank you.
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3 years ago, MattTravels
The worst transit app I’ve ever used.
Let me preface by saying that the NY Waterway service (ferries, crew, etc.) is pretty good. They have convenient times and friendly staff and the boats are almost always clean. With that out of the way, the app is the literal worst. I’ve many times just waited in line to buy a paper ticket instead of using the app. It will constantly log you out saying that the time zone of your device doesn’t match the time zone of the ticket (I think because I use 24hr clocks instead of AM/PM). I routinely can’t get the tickets to purchase or when they do I’ve bought four instead of one. And it takes absolutely ages for a ticket to activate and be ready. All leading to a very frustrating experience. Not great.
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1 year ago, Matt.Penn
Clean graphic design but more steps and friction
I see you updated the app, because one morning I was rushing to the ferry and had to deal with a whole new experience. It now takes more steps to purchase a ticket, and you have to start from scratch each time you want to travel round trip because origin and destination are blank each time. It looks like it’s possible to do this from the schedule but I’m not sure, and it would not be my first choice discoverability wise. Please focus on reducing repetitive steps by allowing “Favorite Routes” with a route flip button similar to the schedule, or a way to store frequent purchases with a “Buy Again” button. This would be a big help.
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5 years ago, 85ZingoGTR
Elimination of 2nd bus on Lower River Rd.
One of the bean counters at the "Worlds Best Ferry" decided this week that eliminating the second bus on the Lower River Road afternoon run was a fantastic way to cut costs and didn't think we would notice. So now, expect waiting 30 mins at Port Imperial for a crowded bus with no functioning air conditioning (provided there is zero traffic on River Road). The "Civilized Commute" has now become my most UNCIVILIZED option. It was bad enough they eliminated the second bus in the morning but the morning run is easier to time than the afternoon run coming back from work. I am very disappointed as this was truly a convenient commute for me but now with the elimination of the 2nd bus in the afternoon it just isn’t worth the $280 premium and I think I will be switching back to NJ Transit if I now have to deal with this major inconvenience.
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11 months ago, Daniel T..
New app - poor ticket mgmt
The most important function of the new app is ticket management. It’s a serious downgrade from the old app, which already wasn’t perfect. First suggestion is grouping tickets by origin and destination. Don’t include expiration date within the group. This will help with the most important function: finding the correct ticket and activating it. Second suggestion is within the group, sort by expiration date (earliest first). This gives secondary assistance with the most important function: activating the oldest ticket first. Third suggestion is give a count of tickets at group level. This will help with the 2nd most important function: managing the number of tickets you have left so you can plan your pre-tax transportation account spending (which has a 1 month lag for any changes). Other improvements could be made, but each of these three are critical to the app’s usability. These changes alone would take the app from 2 to 4-5 stars for me.
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1 year ago, Porfuse
Huge downgrade.
Latest app update is awful. The developers took away the route map. Why would you remove a useful feature? The new ticket selection screen is a nightmare of UX. The tickets are no longer grouped together by route, so now I scroll through 20 tickets of one route so I can get to the bottom of the list to find tickets of another route. How does this make any sense? It’s extremely confusing and the light grey text is hard to read in the sun. I don’t see any other “ease of use benefits” and it sounds like the security features are just features to protect NYWW, not app users.
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2 years ago, jsfnm
Issues with session and login screen
First of all it constantly signs me out and requires a new sign in to access tockets. So what happens is that I get on time on ferry just to find out that I can’t access tickets, because they signed me out. That’s annoying, but get this - the login screen is messed up, so the focus on password field is not working properly. Every time I select it the focus gets lost. So first they sign me out then they make it extremely painful to log back in, and all that when you’re in rush and ferry is about to leave.
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6 years ago, Julia656
Logs you out at the worst times
It’s convenient but about once a month or so the app randomly logs you out- usually right after you’ve purchased a ticket so you’re about to board. This week I and another person had to beg to be let on bc we couldn’t log in and the boat was leaving, so we had to do it from the boat. The crew told us it had happened to about five people the day before. And the worst part is, your password never works to let you back in!
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3 years ago, joseeight
Worse ticket app ever
You can tell the developers making this app have no idea of what they are doing. Besides logging you out randomly where it’s impossible to get a signal at the dock and NY Waterway crews don’t let you board, I’m no longer able to access my iCloud backup tickets of around $1000, and there’s not costumer support. The issue is so hilariously bad that I’ve tried to buy new tickets and because I have the iCloud setting, they magically disappear like your money. $1000 lost and now stuck buying paper tickets like it’s the 1980s. Great app.
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2 months ago, KQuinn83
App crashes when accessing schedules
I’ve held off on submitting this, hoping this issue would get resolved but it hasn’t. The app crashes as soon as you hit the “schedules” button, despite me deleting and re-installing the app many times. I haven’t been able to look at the schedules on this app for months, requiring me to go to the ny waterway website every time I need it, which is time consuming when I need the info promptly. Defeats the purpose of having an app.
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12 months ago, Zipbow
Improvements needed
Buying and activating tickets are fairly frictionless. However two major UX needs improvements: 1. Available tickets probably should be sorted by expiration dates, with earliest expiration on top (right now earliest expiration is at the bottom) 2. Buying 10-trip pass should show up as a singular ticket with 10 remaining uses in the Available section, instead of 10 separate 1-time use tickets
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5 years ago, DrixieDaisy
Faulty loading ticket page
This app is the source of my stress every morning. It relies on phone network to load your tickets, and many times when you launch the ticket page, it says you don’t have any tickets. And then keeps giving error message. As many times as you relaunch the app, it gives the same message, until it decides it will work. This is super frustrating. It should let you capture the tickets on your phone without needing a network. Please fix this.
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2 years ago, UnicornDadOf4
Zero Stars
Apple should reject this app as unfit for iPhone users. 1. User experience feels like they contacted lowest bidder 2. Native iPhone features do not work, or work poorly. Sign In with Apple uses a sketchy web view like Russian malware instead of the native prompts. Apple Pay isn’t supported. The device asks for location but doesn’t auto populate your dock location. Doesn’t use Apple Wallet passes for tickets like every other travel app 3. This shouldn’t exist. Just use a mobile website for one off ticket puchases. Or app clips.
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1 year ago, kwaninnj
Awful update!
Terrible UI changes. Before the update, with a 10 trip you could see how many rides you had left. Now it has ungrouped the tickets forcing you to count each ticket and add them up to see how many rides are left. Also, I could easily order my 10 pack in a step. Now I have to scroll thru and select my beginning and ending route and then add the ticket. Who thought these were good changes?
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5 years ago, Vagabonder2011
App crashes and they won’t let you on ferry
Both my wife and I have experienced the app crashing right before boarding and they wouldn’t let us on even though we have 7 day passes. This is a known issue (see other reviewers) so they should let people on who can show the app has logged them out and let them do it on the ferry. I’ll buy a paper pass going forward but has seriously stopped me from recommending the ferry to people who ask me about moving to Jersey.
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1 year ago, Hazzardousduke94
Issues with iPhone 14
Just upgraded to a new iPhone and now I’ve got an issue where the app decides to occasionally not show my cloud tickets. Today was the third time having the same issue where I’m on the dock and can’t load tickets that I’ve already paid for. Even if I go to buy a new ticket, it won’t display as an available ticket to activate
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5 years ago, LR4104
Logs you out unexpectedly- employees have no patience for it
I’ve missed two ferries due to app logging me out before getting on. Each time employees have been extremely rude insisting they do not care to leave me past 10pm one time almost at the last ferry of the night- even though I pay for a monthly and am unable to sign in on time. Morning and daytime employees are very friendly but night time employees are very rude. So disappointed with my experience taking the nighttime ferries.
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6 years ago, lizardBBB
Great alternative to paper ticket
I like that I can purchase tickets via phone. This way, I don’t have to give myself extra time to go purchase the ticket from the counter. As another reviewer wrote, it does randomly log you out at times.
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5 years ago, Happy in Hoboken
Easy to use, clear and informative app
The app does what’s needed in a very user friendly way. I particularly appreciate the real-time bus tracker feature!
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8 months ago, NYC_Runner_
Purchased a ticket in the app, but it never showed up
There seems to be a bug in the app. I purchased a ticket in the app, but it never showed up in the “my tickets” section of the app. I refreshed that page many times and opened/closed the app many times—still no ticket. I had to buy a paper ticket at the window and will be disputing the charge with my bank
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8 months ago, nyc older women
I purchased 6 tickets for Port Libert’e and cannot use.
My Daughter -in-law tried to get back my money back to no avail. Why is there an expiration on a ticket for a short amount of time. I really would like my money back. What can I do?
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5 years ago, vfredcxswqaz
Slow, inconsistent and outdated
This app has not materially improved in years. The app frequently logs you out right when you need a ticket. The app does not function well with poor cellular connection, which is common in nyc ferry terminals. The only reason this app is even used it because it’s the only digital alternative to paper tickets. NY Waterway should seek an alternative partner if Bytemark chooses to continue their current commitment to excellence.
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2 years ago, khill9034
No Cards Added?
This app doesn’t allow you to add your credit card?? Not sure how I’m supposed to buy a ticket on the app in that case…. Also, doesn’t have to do with the app, but they don’t take Apple Pay at the terminal (or in the app), so it’s all very inconvenient If it wasn’t more or less the only way to get to Hoboken from where I am, I would not use this service.
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5 years ago, Di monkey
App won’t let me use tickets
First time in a while today where the app was totally useless. I have about twenty cloud tix in my account, but the app said there was an error and couldn’t load them. I bought another ten pack and the transaction went through but the app still gives me an error message. Both morning and evening commutes affected and ended up having to buy paper tickets.
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5 years ago, prag
Signs users out frequently. Doesn't support modern features such as Touch ID or Face ID. This makes it very clumsy to use and you are always at risk of missing the ferry if you can't sign back in before your ferry departs. Based on how many years it took the developers to add support for things like the iPhone 6 this situation is unlikely to get better.
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6 years ago, VectorW8t
Long standing bugs need to be fixed.
1. Dim the screen when switching off the app from showing your pass. 2. Never log someone out when they have an activated pass, it does it at the wrong time when trying to board a boat. 3. Use your own FQDN instead of ByteMarks
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12 months ago, Bb1842o9
Still needs lots of work
1. ….where’s the network map? 2. Can we please see real time departures from each location instead of having to play a guessing game as to which ferries are still running by hunting through each individual schedule timetable?
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2 years ago, Dan0142
Charged me twice
When purchasing tickets it told me there was a connectivity error and asked if I’d like to retry. The pop up explicitly said “you will not be charged twice.” Well, of course I was charged twice and have twice the tickets. The app has nowhere to go for help and the FAQ says all sales are final. Extremely terrible experience and borderline fraudulent.
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6 years ago, fishmat
Too many clicks required to show ticket
Too much time and too many clicks required to get my previously-purchased 30-Day Pass displayed on my iPhone. Just about the only good thing about NJ Transit is that their app brings up your activated monthly ticket immediately upon opening the app. NY Waterway needs to incorporate this functionality into their app.
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4 years ago, Kyle8743572
Horrible App with unauthorized use of your information
There is something extremely fishy about this app. I installed it and only used it one time for a one way ride and it took 11 GB of my data use for just that. I uninstalled it the next day. I don’t know what type of weird app this is about now I have a privacy concern. I wonder what they do with your private information?
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9 months ago, deuelpm
Used to be worse…
On the upside, they got “sign in with Apple” working as expected, instead of gathering the credentials via keyboard all the time. Thanks! On the downside, they keep invalidating my purchased tickets. 🤞they will reactivate them without hassle.
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4 years ago, ex caviar
Whiles all my history, cc info receipts and TICKETS
Is like I never used it. I purchased 10 tickets sep 8 and I am not sure I used them all. As I was using uber or subway. Today is all disappeared and I do not have any purchase history Weird and there is is no way to see the records! My bike ticket dissaleresti also - i definitely did not use that. How can I see transaction history ? What do I do?
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10 months ago, Derick Melander
Was trying to use this to buy ferry tickets from Governors Island back to Manhattan and there’s no map. There’s no indication of what terminals are available in your location or their address or how you would get to them. Unless you understand the system and are an old pro you will be baffled.
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5 years ago, poorsevcie
Very very poor customer service
The customer representative required a professional training. They need to learn to listen to the customers concern first before relying. My transactions was denied and I called to understand what was the reason for denial. But instead listening to my concern the lady started screaming that we don’t do anything related to payment, it’s your bank, you need to contact them. We don’t have your money. I wasn’t saying that you have my money. Just listen to what the customer was asking and if you don’t have knowledge, then contact your supervisor or just have technical person talk to me.
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11 months ago, rmcq1000
It was easier to select routing in the old version.
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10 months ago, richardk32
Less than functional
Currently stuck in a loop with a purchased ticket that is locked away from being used. It says to contact customer service, but the app gives no way to do so.
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6 years ago, IzzetA
Excellent service, flakey app
There isn’t a more civilized way to cross the river than with a regular, consistent, fast, comfortable, service that is not susceptible to traffic and tunnel/bridge vagaries than with NY Waterways. The however, is the opposite. And when it doesn’t work, the crew members have been told not to give passengers the benefit of the doubt.
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6 years ago, Freedlyuser
I wish it work more consistently
App is great when it works. However, often, it cannot connect to the server and you stuck in line buying tickets missing your ride. Lately it seems to happen more often. Annoying.
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10 months ago, JingjinW
Hard to find ticket with new UI
After a UI update this year it becomes very difficult to find ticket, especially if you have purchased the 10-ticket one with multiple routes.
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12 months ago, Tired o bugs
4.064 version useless
Just downloaded this new version and it does a weird glitchy thing when choosing origin and destination where it requires you to go back and insert origin again after you choose destination.
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5 years ago, thisreviewisfromkimberly
NY Waterway is absolutely the best commute to NYC. The boats are clean, the crew is kind and accommodating. The Captain Vincent LuCante is fabulous! He went out of his way to be sure the customers were safe and comfortable! I will ALWAYS use NY WATERWAY for my commute to NYC! In and out is for me! Not a city girl!!
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2 years ago, URC Programmer
Bus locator needs improvement
Bus locator is horrible. Buses randomly disappear, or a bus icon freezes on the screen and is nowhere to be found. I’ve seen reviews from 4 years ago that indicate the same issues and clearly yet to be addressed
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6 years ago, CJ11Eleven
Bus locator needs work.
App bus locations are often different than the website bus locations. Bus indicator arrows sometimes just “disappear” from the app map. So you may be rushing out to end up trying to catch a phantom bus and having to wait 25 mins for the next one.
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7 years ago, TJS33*
Convenient App
The app makes commuting easy. Able to purchase tickets via my smartphone and continue walking to board the ferry.
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1 year ago, Waterwayward
Not happy
The app is going downhill compared to the last couple of years. Slow, crashes, logs you out when you need to use it, occasionally destroys purchased tickets
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3 years ago, Anyaroz
Nice app but I wish they would improve the bus finder
The bus finder really does not work, for the free ferry bus, and it is very difficult to see where the bus is or when it is coming to your stop
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3 years ago, Dubbed 35264
Logs you out, no Touch ID
This app always logs me out and I can never remember my password because I am constantly resetting it. There is no option for Touch ID. This needs to be fixed. A commuter app should not be this difficult to use quickly.
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