NYC Bus Checker

4.6 (2.7K)
62.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
UrbanThings Limited
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for NYC Bus Checker

4.56 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
7 years ago, Linda Carrion
Great app - a must have in NY
If you ride the bus but hate it's unpredictability this is the solution. Tells you the time it will take pretty accurately and everything is displayed on a map that can geo locate you. Only thing I would like to see is an overlay map that shows you the route of a selected bus.
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2 years ago, MStyleFTW
1. VPN 2. font size 3. widgets
Great app, use it all the time. Three things that could be improved: 1. The app doesn’t load data when a VPN is on. Works after turning off the VPN. Please make the app VPN friendly. 2. iOS 16 has a per-app font size selector, accessible via Control Center -> Text Size -> Bus Checker Only. This app could utilize that feature so users can quickly and easily adjust arrival time font size to their preference - super small for those who want to see more at a glance, super big for those who can’t see smaller text, etc. 3. This app is a perfect candidate for a widget. Users could set their favorite bus stops in the widget (or maybe have one widget for each bus stop) so they’d be able to see the arrival times on each bus stop for let’s say the next 3 buses (to quickly decide if missing the very next bus would be a problem or not). Thanks.
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2 years ago, Eb1980
Bus checker
I was really loving this app it accurately tells you when the bus is coming but lately it will say no bus stops are there and I would go online to see where my bus is it still has army time I’m not in the army and I don’t know how to tell army time and when I’m waiting for the bus it’s not giving me the stop I’m standing at it’s giving me a bus stop down the block can these issues be fixed !!!
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5 years ago, dlcdlc17
Not accurate.
Sometimes this app works but most of y time it’s WAY off. For example, I left my apartment 10 minutes ago when the app said the bus was 8 minutes away. After 10 minutes of waiting the app still says it’s 8 minutes away. This happens every other time I use this app. Buses also disappear from the app. The app will say a bus is five minutes away and a minute later that bus has been removed from the cue and the next one is 10 to 20 minutes away.
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3 years ago, PersephoneXO
Lately it hasn’t been working
When this app works- it’s amazing! A must-have! The bus countdowns are accurate and super helpful for my daily commute. However lately (the last 3ish months), the app hasn’t been work properly. It shows the bus scheduled times - not the countdown of how many minutes away the bus is (real time)- and it’s not accurate. My commute has become a small nightmare just with this minor hiccup on that’ll app. Please fix it!
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3 years ago, item whn ready
I used to love this app, since u decided to change to 24 hours time it’s the worst. I wold suggest the people who decided to up grade it shld also use it in the Bronx where it’s 24 hour time. Nowhere else is this 24 hours but the Bronx. I come out it says the hour time and guess what NO bus and I’m waiting first 10 minutes then another 10 minutes I would still be there I decided to use the bus across then the trains. So where is the bus ???
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5 years ago, Schmactor
Best but could be better
Best bus app for NYC I’ve seen but doesn’t say much since the rest are terrible. Seems to have the easiest interface but wish the default was to zoom in closer to my current location. Bus times are mostly but not always accurate. Same with bus stop locations. I use it daily. Great customer service.
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3 years ago, 12HelloKitty
Very Satisfied.
I love live this APP I have used it in 2 Boroughs QUEENS, BROOKLYN and it’s wonderful. Once in a while you have system down. But when it comes to bus schedule they are 99% Accurate. Thanks for this APP. I don’t drive and this app has been a blessing and a time saver for me.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
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3 years ago, BJ hoop
Right on point
I gave my young adult daughter this app. She is able to leave the house and get to the bus stop and catch her bus right on time, every time. Now she doesn’t have to wait for any length of time standing at the bus stop alone.
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7 years ago, David Serrano
Not Accurate at all
Not accurate at all. If it tells you three mins it’s 11 mins. That’s not even close to correct. I understand that traffic makes it difficult to predict an arrival time but that’s why the app should track EXACTLY where your bus is. I should be able to see in real time what stop that bus is currently at and this app doesn’t provide that information. If it does, it’s not user friendly enough to be obvious. The ONLY reason I use this app is for lack of an alternative.
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7 years ago, MarieAngie_
Very accurate but..
I’ve been using this app for the past 3 years but this recent update where it says the time instead of the mins there is left is confusing please go back to the way it was or give an option to change it!
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6 years ago, Angeltrav
Not helpful
This used to be somewhat accurate and helpful but the past couple of months it’s been totally inaccurate. Buses show up when no bus is due and a bus that is supposed to be 2 min away takes 25 min, but says two min the whole time. I get things might get a bit off sometimes, but have come to realize this app is as useless as the timetables. As totally unreliable as the MTA.
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3 years ago, #•mlk•#
No More Countdown Time
This app was great but the recent versions have done away with the countdown in minutes and switched to scheduled military time. Needless to say this is useless and not in real time. I don’t know what idiot came up with this idea but they should be fired immediately. If this app doesn’t update and go back to the countdown in minutes in 2 weeks I’m deleting it. Why would you screw up such a great working app?
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6 years ago, gewald
Lately completely wrong
Used it a bunch yesterday and today and it was very wrong 90% of the time. It used to be good. Other apps were accurate so it wasn’t the data.
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5 years ago, gabriela ion
This app is on point
Never more are the days of running for the bus with only one eyebrow for no reason. Now I know exactly when it’s approaching and how much time I got to put my face on xoxoxo
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2 years ago, Roman XIII
The worse new app I’ve ever seen
This app is totally unusable, whereas before you could tap your stop and it would give you all the times of buses stoping there , this app give you none , impossible to navigate , can’t understand what they were thinking …. Really sad as it was one of the most useful apps even though it was not perfect this iterating is ridiculous
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3 years ago, Djrobotron
Privacy concern
The developer recently made a change to need “always” enabled in location settings to see bus times, versus just “while using”. Great app, but do not see why that is needed (other than revenue from location data), as the live arrival times worked fine without that earlier.
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4 years ago, cookie 363
This is the “go to” app” for the bus.
It tells you exactly how minutes it takes your bus to arrive at the bus stop. Syncs w/ the Apple Watch which is useful. User friendly.
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7 years ago, aussiecupcake
Saving me a fortune
I can now leave my office and know the bus will be there in 2 minutes. No more waiting for ever and giving up and taking a taxi.
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5 years ago, BusriderM
Usually the closest to target
When waiting for a bus, my estimate (from this app) is nearly always the closest to reality among all those waiting. If there’s a lot of traffic, it can be a bit over optimistic.
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6 years ago, Testing 564787
I have tried different apps at the same time as this one to compare. Every single time this app has proven to be more accurate than any other.
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7 years ago, Pen Gwyn
Very accurate
Tells me when to leave home, whether to seek alternative transportation. Makes life easier!
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5 years ago, PMR77
Inconsistent and often inaccurate, especially in my almost daily experience in Queens. Times are incorrect and buses frequently “disappear” from the tracker. It will say the next bus is 10 minutes away, then five minutes later it says 30 minutes.
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4 years ago, Kwsbank
Don't get rid of this app!
Still the most reliable second only to the text the bus stop number!!!
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7 years ago, rgh71
Works very well, been using for a few years
Works very well, been using for a few years
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7 years ago, Liyah the only
Thank you
I have all different kinds of bus tracker apps but this one actually works and I get to school on time
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2 years ago, MarcinC
The new version is terrible
It used to be simple, easy to use and reliable app. Now it’s difficult to find bus stops, saving favorite stops means nothing as I can’t find the list of saved stops, and the adds are relentless… The app no longer shows scheduled buses that are not yet on the move…
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5 years ago, Bill613
Very helpful for NYC
This app is very helpful when you are in NYC and are planning to catch s bus and want to see when the next bus is coming
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3 years ago, sharper500
No longer a good app
This used to be one of the best NYC bus apps available. No longer. If commuting before about 5:30 am, it no longer shows times for approaching buses, it just pulls data showing scheduled times - which is useless in NYC. It’s a shame, this used to be such a useful app, with a good interface.
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10 months ago, Hardy Z
I Really love this app
I got this app and I am using this more ,whenever I get to my school I really love it.
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2 years ago, Ty_boss33
Why fix something that doesn’t need fixing?
The time switched from countdown time to military time and that’s not helpful at all. Military time for busses to arrive is at the bus stop, bring back real time and location of the busses. Until then, this app is garbage. Will delete it.
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6 years ago, Prissyjaa
Bus Checker is awesome
I found this app while checking the the railroad schedule. The LIRR was running very poorly and I decided to get the bus checker. It’s been a good ride. Thanks Lots
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7 years ago, Carmelia5
🚎Could see the Stops.
I could see the bus motion while it's getting on the stops.
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3 years ago, Daredevil986
Great app must have in NY
This app is incredible. I always need it and it’s always here. I highly recommend this app.
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2 years ago, MVC525
The update is awful
I’ve used this for years and it used to be such a good app. It is now terrible after the recent update. It’s difficult to use and filled with annoying ads. If it doesn’t improve very shortly, I’m deleting it.
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5 years ago, Manishabk
Not as good as it used to be
Accuracy has gone down. It will say the bus is 7 minutes away and then a minute later say it’s due. Or the bus will disappear from the list entirely.
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5 years ago, Nessa983
Love this app
I use this app everyday. It’s very helpful making my day stress free when it comes to commuting.
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6 years ago, lockswil
Big time saver!
I can coordinate my travel plans with this app. As it’s said, knowledge is power.
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5 years ago, mccookers
Starts my morning
I rely on this app to budget my time early in the morning A game changer
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7 years ago, Johnpaul pagan
Thank you
Definitely on point precise
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7 years ago, Bbenja1362
Great app!!
Very accurate I highly recommend using this app if you're in NY. I use it everyday.
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4 years ago, Gilbertoiron
Awesome app!!!!!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Awesome app extremely reliable, the GPS is always on point. If you ride the bus this is a must have app!!
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5 months ago,
Time is always wrong
Today it said the bus was 6 minutes away for about 10 minutes
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1 year ago, Barry2016
Nothing on the Lock Screen
Still can’t see anything on the Lock Screen. And there’s no widget.
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6 years ago, Qzgrigmrm245
Often wrong
Both misses buses that come and predicts ones that don’t. Both are majorly problematic, especially in terrible weather. I guess I don’t understand how these apps work if they are so inaccurate.
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5 years ago, Twon26
Bus tracker
Hands down very accurate app on the time schedule of the bus
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6 years ago, Cthoxie15
Perfect, reliable
Easy to use, super reliable
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6 years ago, dizzy froggie
Easy to use and accurate for bus only
Would be nice if same accurate system works for MTA trains in NYc
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2 years ago, Nerual888
Fix it!
Please please please fix the app. It use to be my #1 go to app when taking the bus. Now it just makes me mad every time I open it and see it still isn’t working right.
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3 years ago, SoulDude2852
Bad update.
This used to be my go to app. I loved the real time bus checker. But then the update to remove real time and go to army time in when the bus SHOULD arrive killed this for me. Hopefully there’s another update to fix this.
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