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OBD Solutions LLC
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11 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for OBDLink

4.75 out of 5
6.2K Ratings
5 years ago, ROCK-IT455
Updates my old car.
I drive a 1999 Pontiac Bonneville, and can now watch my fuel economy, watch what my O2 sensors are doing, MAF, etc., record all my trip data, create my own dash, troubleshooting codes, and many more. I just recently replaced all upper gaskets on that ole 3800 with 240,000 miles on it, lower intake gaskets, upper plenum and gaskets, valve cover gaskets, new water pump, new radiator, plugs, wires, and was worry free with the OBDLINK connected on startup. Absolutely no errors, and watching the engine basically retune itself was really cool. Highly recommend this device if your a nerd like me and love watching and learning the awesome technology in our vehicles today. It’s truly amazing.
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11 months ago, Pypical
Best Scanner under $300
Maybe even the best scanner under $1000, I was so impressed with my original MX that when the MX plus came out with the free add-ons i had to buy it and it’s already paid for itself 10 times over, it reads hundreds and some times even thousands of PID’s on most 2000+ vehicles, it’s great if you have the factory service manual and can follow the diagnostic procedures you don’t need a $5000 reader /software for every different car manufacturer this one does it all. Also I took a look at the negative reviews I got through about 10 of them and it was obvious that 90% of them are people that don’t know what they’re doing.
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1 year ago, ~Ward~~
Excellent app and Device . Free Advanced settings!!
Excellent device and app. Like they said if buy this device you will get the free advanced gauges/settings that in other apps you would have to pay extra for PER CAR!!!!!so 15$ for every car you test. BUT THIS APP AND DEVICE ITS ALL FREE. Yes all the stuff that cost extra is all free for all the cars it supports. Just because of that this device practically pays for itself!! Awesome purchase and by far best device imo since the extra features can cost tons with other manufacturers after you’ve already paid for the device.
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7 years ago, Kazsper
OBD WIFI just works
I wanted to reset the codes and see other OBD info and this device works great. I leave it plugged in and never have issues as it goes to sleep mode automatically. With the WIFI interface I also still have all the Bluetooth functionality of my hands free for phone and streaming music from my iphone over bluetooth. Great addition to my gadget collection and since it saves my settings only have to use one for all my cars. The guage function is very cool. Will buy the extended software to get the additional brand specific codes as well. Thank you for a great purchase!
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6 years ago, Indiucky DIY Guy
It helps my head not to hurt
I looked a bunch of other diagnostic scanners and apps and settled on this one. I’ve had it for several years, it hasn’t let me down, it’s saved me a ton of money, and the features just keep getting better. If something pops up wrong on my truck, that I’m unfamiliar with, a bit of research on the web clears things up. So, this tool, paired with a good service manual, will get me in the ballpark. If I can’t do the job, at least I’ll know enough that someone’s not going to screw me, when I take it to the shop. Thank you, and keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, Yeeehorse
Works Great, Enhanced Diagnostics are awesome
I have been a Torque Pro user for years and do really love it, but my work uses iPhones and there was really no equivalent for a long time. I just bought an OBDLink MX+ and decided to try this app again after a few years and it’s great. Very similar setup to Torque, but what really differentiates it is the Enhanced PIDs. I downloaded the 2014 Ford add-on for my F150 Ecoboost and the list of Ford specific PIDs just in the PCM section is huge. It can see all sorts of other modules as well. My only big complaint is that there are no add-ons for Chrysler/Jeep which I would love to have for my diesel Liberty. Also, if you made this Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatible it would be EPIC!
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4 years ago, drfter123
Awesome product
I am a former certified ASE master technician and as such I always want to know what’s going on with vehicles. I do have a high end scanner that only has manufacturer level diagnostics but it’s for euro cars and I drive a ford. So after extensive research I decided to buy the Mx+ version and I will say this. If you want to accurately and seamlessly know what’s going on with your vehicle don’t skimp. This product is so far the best 100$ I have spent. A small price to pay for such an enormous amount of information. Thank you for making this available at an affordable price.
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3 years ago, TheMortallyWounded
Loses one star since firmware update
After my OBDLink MX+ me as updated to 5.6.18, I have not been able to connect 100% automatically. Bluetooth link needs to be manually established prior to opening the app, and even then the connection is not guaranteed: occasionally the attempt will fail, or on rarer occasions it will be lost immediately after establishing. Once a Bluetooth connection is made, it generally seems to stay stable. The app then does connect upon opening, but it requires a minute or two of fidgeting to get the connection initiated. I have attempted a factory reset but no luck.
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2 years ago, ESPNcrapwarenow
This app will not give you all the information advertised!! I wanted transmission temp and oil temp for my GMC, (wanted to verify readings for both dash gauges), well, so sorry it won’t display that info. Worse yet, my initial contact with “customer service” was a joke. The tech responded with “have you checked any forums”, well no, since you built the software. After escalating my questions, I don’t have any satisfaction. You will have to program PIDs yourself, even if you download OEM specific PIDs as advertised. Connecting the device was a little problematic as with most Bluetooth, but I was extremely disappointed in the lack of documentation on actually USING the device, all you get are instructions on how to connect it. Very poor customer support. Good luck….
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1 year ago, 3C auto
Professional quality and features
As the owner and operator of an automotive repair shop. This was given to me as a gift. I’ve been absolutely blown away with the ease-of-use performance and features with this brand device. I’ve used very inexpensive. Bluetooth readers in the past that were terrible. And the apps were very confusing or expensive. The app that comes with this product is intuitive and more in line with high end scanning features. Thank you
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4 years ago, Landy0523
So far I am happy
Got this scanner right after my car started throwing codes. This scanner was not only able to read the codes but able to give me more information about what’s going on in my car than I had thought. I have a 97 geo metro which is about as bare bones as it gets with gauges. With this app I was able to see what my RPMs, coolant temp, 02 sensor readings, MAF and much more. I’m currently using the data graphs it generates to troubleshoot a rough idle/bad fuel mileage issue. I am very very happy with this product and it’s app.
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2 years ago, Anthony11221
Solid Until Now
Been working great for multiple cars and a couple apps on my iPhone. However lately iPhone 13 Max PRO (iOS 15.7 and 16) just causes device to shut down when attempting to connect to vehicle. Bluetooth connects and can even perform firmware updates from app but querying the vehicle just shuts the MX+ device down. Happens on two MX+ units now and three different vehicles. IPad however was able to connect. Support has been a little slow in response/resolution but I feel the are stumped trying to figure it out. Will update when resolved.
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4 years ago, Dad.6
Great Device
Does what I bought it for. Evaluation before buying a bunch of parts is invaluable. I will have to learn more about how to use it, but happy with it. Just about to check the light on my Camry. I don’t have to run anywhere to read the codes. Bought this one because of the higher rate of transfer of info and because of the warranty.
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2 years ago, umnbvc
Too little information
There needs to be more information on setup for the non mechanic who wants to use this device. I have bought my first diesel truck and purchased this device to monitor def levels, regents status and a few other items. It would be nice if there was somewhere to find step by step instructions to set this up. Add to the frustration the fact that my device rarely connects and when it does the screens are blank and do not load. I am about 1 week more of trying to setup before asking for a refund
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3 years ago, Usafa1c
Obd2 protocol is obd2 protocol but I got nothing but issues and data that just cannot be read. It times out constantly from its own device. Elm327 works better than the actual app that’s supposed to be paired with the device. The PIDS offered are great, for us spec cars. Even with the same data and protocol half the offered options are incompatible. I don’t really need everything offered so what is useful is actually still beyond what I’m concerned with using but when I do need those extra values, I have to use other apps. Hit-and miss. Trying to update, confirmed connected, everything is working, click upload. Sorry not connected. Constantly. 3/5 because it never promised to be more, but still annoying enough I go around using the link app for the most part
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1 month ago, SeamusRNelson
Connecting is tricky, but otherwise works well
The tool is great. I’ve used it for diagnosis. I also enjoy the dashboard. That said, connecting via Bluetooth is not always easy/reliable. It usually takes multiple tries to connect even though the phone is showing a Bluetooth connection, the app doesn’t. Once it’s connected, it’s good to go though. I’ll give it that. I just wish the initial connection was simpler. I also wish the app supported Apple CarPlay.
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1 year ago, rhymeswithsilver
Great app, but you can’t contact support
I bought an EV, and this app has little to no support for them. I had to tell the app that I have a zero-liter gasoline engine. Scanning for OBD codes always comes up blank. I tried to email support but it refused to show me the email address, claiming (falsely) that I have no email clients on my device. Hopefully someone reads this. App Store users, if there’s a more modern app that works with the OBDLink MX+ device, let me know. I’d love to switch to something EV-friendly.
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4 years ago, Sophiapuppy
Perfect for peace of mind
The OBDLink was easy to use and install. It paired immediately and worked perfectly. While not as detailed as the Bluetooth OBD tool my Audi shop has ($5000 initial cost and $1000 a year to update) the OBDLink matched my trouble codes to theirs almost perfectly. Nd it gives me real time feedback as I drive. Also logs and exports data for you to use if you are a diy’er or for your mechanic. Fantastic for the cost
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3 years ago, RowleyVA
Great adapter
This diagnostic adapter works really well most of the time, but sometimes it will have difficulty connecting to the vehicle computer. I would also like to see and option to disable some of the warnings that can get very annoying when you know you wish to reset trouble codes.
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5 years ago, Marc0;)
Useful App but....
Really useful app precise and nice detailed engine diagnostics overall excellent however the power up to my IPhone XR requires manually linking Bluetooth each time and manually connecting should have an option to automatically connect to previously linked Bluetooth connection overall still an outstanding product worked with my ford 2003 f 250 diesel 7.3 when very few others would at all. Very reliable.
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3 years ago, Cheule
OBDLink MX+ with this app is awesome!
First off, the app is great. I used to use a Palmer Engineering WiFi dongle, but then I had no internet while using it. What a PITA. Then Bluetooth is much easier. With this hardware solution there is no hidden fees. Just buy the equipment, download the free app, and get additional car libraries for free. Best solution I’ve used (and I’ve used a few ELM327 kits in my day).
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5 years ago, KingCarroll93
Good product, could be better
Good product. Good be better. For what I use it for it’s great. I just needed a few gauges my car doesn’t have and don’t want to install gauge pillar for. Data logging is a bit confusing to use as are almost of all the features. However take time to explore it and it’s not to bad. Wish it had a few more things though. But not bad. I’m not upset paying more than double the cost for it because the speed at which it displays info.
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7 months ago, KAOS313
A must have app if you tow
I tow a small motorcycle with my Subaru and this app lets me monitor the cvt tranny temp. That part of the app is also free. If you tow at all you NEED this app. It also lets you know tire pressure per tire. So in the fall when your TPMS light comes on you know what tire to check. I only wish they had a lump sum lifetime option for the paid version.
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1 month ago, BEATS Cuts LC
OBDLink makes diagnosis easy!
I like the usefulness of the adapter and the simplicity of the app. Both really make common diagnosis relatively ease to manage. I also like how I can perform more advanced diagnosis and even bi-directional communication although that last one is a struggle due to my unfamiliarity with the console use.
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6 months ago, JoeC74
Love this thing!
Tell me what’s wrong with my car even before I take it into the mechanic! It takes a while getting used to all your options but once you understand, everything keeps your car in tiptop condition.
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8 months ago, DERFBOT
Works Great
This unit does more than I need. So many PID’s more than I can use. Work on many different makes and manufacturers of vehicles. My friends have asked me to scan there vehicle’s. To check for trouble codes. Love the options of different types and kinds of Gauges.
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4 years ago, Moto763
This Thing Is Awesome!
I spent the $120 on this whole setup after building a killer motor and transmission. I wanted to keep track of a few things. This app does a lot of diagnostic reading and has a great dashboard that is highly customizable and easy to read. However, I am giving it 3 stars because there are two very important items I wanted to monitor that it does not. Oil pressure and Transmission temps. I strictly purchased this to monitor these metrics but it won’t.
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4 years ago, Gardoglee
Sort of there
This app has some advantages, and some glaring holes. PROs - Easy setup and connection Covers many functions without extra purchases required Easy to read UI design for most functions CONs - No function to save data to device on IO/S version No function to retrieve codes after you leave vehicle (e.g. you can it scan codes, and then go inside to look them up) Data in extra packages for manufacturer codes are so sparse as to be meaningless. Some are missing altogether, even on older vehicles. App sometimes loses connection to OBD module, even though OS still shows connection to module via Bluetooth.
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6 years ago, Doctel
Could use some work
I find that under monitor Emission readiness does not update in real time. I would to go back to diagnostics the back to monitor in order to determine if the vehicle is ready for the Emission test. It is frustrating having to pull over on the highway to see if the vehicle is ready.
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4 years ago, sevenfacedsin
The software and adapter work amazingly well.
Long story short, the old lady’s Civic kept throwing P1129 (MAP sensor and MAF sensor codes). Replaced both to no avail. Using the in depth tools, I discovered that the throttle position percentage was way too high. I changed the TPS, problem solved. Saved tons of money trying to chase electrical and/or sensor problems.
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5 years ago, WFO-Performane
DIY guy
I do my own vehicle maintenance from engine building to spark plug changes. However the newer vehicles have made it tougher to diagnose problems. This OBD link has solved that problem and makes it very easy to determine what is going on with my vehicles. Very simple to use and very effective! Thank you
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5 years ago, Rieswanny
Not sold yet
Vehicle was set up. Get back in the next day and my info was gone. Had to go back in to vehicle editor and add again. Then it stated I have 2 vehicles supported?? Where is my first one. Also I wish it automatically gathered truck info like the VIN (BlueDriver does). Why do I have to add my gas tank capacity, engine size and so forth. You would think this OBDLINK MX+ would auto detect. Please advise if I am doing something wrong?
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3 years ago, Egoeb333
Must have
If you are a technician or a due it your self person you must have this tool and app the OBDLink tools are some of the best on the market for the price. I’m a professional technician and I use them for my personal use.
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6 years ago, Rpach
Just paid for itself
I use this scanner for all my cars. I wish it did more, the the basic needs are there. I would buy this again and highly recommend this scanner.
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3 years ago, Doug7347
OBDLink Mx+
This scan tool is great I tried using other scan tools with no results. The first time I plugged OBDLink Mx+ into the port and got everything setup. I found the problem right away I had a faulty map sensor. I will be recommending this scan tool to my friends.
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1 year ago, FinallyRetired:)
Sick to the Max!
Well done every one. Obviously well engineered! The Power behind the ios app further increases the pleasure of using the MX+ I started with the ios OBDLink app first to get a feel for the quality and reliability of the MX+ The ios app and the MX+ are married with precision. It was worth the upgrade to the latest MX OBDC software/firmware/hardware. My next curiosity is to see how well the latest FORD Scanner software (ForScan) for win 11 works with the MX+. Excellent ios app and OBDC device.
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4 years ago, gone 2 live
Add Apple CarPlay Please!
Great app so far. Been able to diagnose a few issues with 2000 Toyota Tacoma super easy. But the dashboard that is offered in the app - please please make it available as a Apple CarPlay app!!!! This would help out a lot when you’re testing driving the vehicle or just want performance info on the go.
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2 years ago, Naam9
Good, but no CarPlay support
There is a huge opportunity lost for this app, supporting CarPlay would effectively make it way safer for most of us with OEM screen to watch over sensors instead to having to look at a small phone screen, which can be illegal depending on how one have the phone mounted. Please consider supporting CarPlay casting!
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4 years ago, busahaya03
Gives basic readings and more
Happy with the purchase of the hardware and software. I like having an onboard display with real time values. Highly recommend
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2 years ago, deicerman
I can’t get this thing to connect to my phone
It’s locked in on the last vehicle I inspected or checked and it won’t it won’t hook up to the next vehicle very frustrating I’m going through the prior parring process now if identifies the MX unit that I have but it it it it won’t connect
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3 years ago, misfire10101
Okay product
Overall seems like a decent app, but gets frustrating with how often it loses connection. Can be a little confusing to figure out.
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6 years ago, fxdc0820
Does very good!
This app works very good! I was able to verify my check engine codes and fix my problems. Once in a while it will disconnect and need to be reconnected but not a major deal. I would love to see apple carplay support added for use of the dashboard/gauges part of the app!!
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3 years ago, armando748282
Great, but....
This all is great and works with air of cars. However, they need to get an option like Bluedriver to download all the vehicles information, such as vin, engine size, manufacture location and date etc.
Show more
2 years ago, KWagnerGSXM1
Very useful!
This program is very useful… all the information it puts at a glance is AWESOME! If it was Apple CarPlay compatible then I would never touch my in the car phone at all!
Show more
6 years ago, SamG1989
Great app and device, saved me lots, need more!
Love the app and the device as I was one of the early adopters from their crowdfunding. It’s taken years but the app has come a long way with regards to reliability and even the device with connectivity. When will we get additional purchases for GM and Mercedes? Also if I buy for example 2018, will it include the older vehicles or we must purchase for specific year? It is definitely the best, if not one of the only best device that works with your smartphone and is affordable.
Show more
3 years ago, That Guy305
Fantastic Data Logging Tool and OBD2 scanner
Great tool and amazing app to accompany it. This app allows to accurately monitor, test, and scan your vehicle’s performance and health. The dashboard and data log features are my personal favorites.
Show more
5 years ago, Sealy Family
Needs new add ons
I bought this a while back and have used it on some of my other vehicles with no problems. I’m not sure what is taking so long to get new add on data uploads for 2019 GM vehicles. 2019 vehicles have been out for 7 months and it still only goes up to 2018. I will gladly update my review with 5 stars when they get around to adding the 2019 vehicles.
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4 years ago, It's Tim the drone guy
Great app , It should have CarPlay capabilities for Gauges
This app works great using it as gauges and scanning/clearing codes, if they made it available to use with apple CarPlay to be used on a screen it would transform this app
Show more
3 years ago, Jspin77
Was great when it connected...
But then it just stopped. I then told my iPhone to forget the device and I haven't been able to reconnect it since. I've been troubleshooting all night. Multiple resets of phone and the CX. I even brought my iPad out to see if it would connect. Nothing. It will. It show up under Bluetooth devices.
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2 years ago, Solava
Lost Support on ODBLink MX WiFi
New connectivity wizard removed option to use MX WiFi! Do not update to latest version or you won’t be able to use it. No option to connect thru IP or Port anymore. Terrible because the ODBLink MX WiFi still works fine and can connect to my Track apps. Used it as recently as November to read codes but no more! Please fix 😣
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