Obi - Get the cheapest ride.

4.7 (1.4K)
87.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bellhop Technologies Inc
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Obi - Get the cheapest ride.

4.73 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
1 year ago, RamaRam64
Cool App with lots of ride companies options!
I am very happy I found this App for booking my rides with Uber and Lyft. It is a one platform app that gives me the best fares ranging between the Cheapest to Standard and Luxury. Not only that I also get the lowest fares(almost 50%off) sometimes when I need rides. With one click on Obi it takes me directly to the chosen company app and It also has other rides companies like the regular cabs and taxis and you get to compare prices and choose the best ones for your needs. Thanks Obi! I love your app!
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2 years ago, theregoesmyeye
Weird name but perfect app
I live in an area that’s split between two providers and I have to go back and forth between the apps to see which one is working at the moment. So I’ve long waited an app that could just show me the rides I can get with the providers I use and this app does EXACTLY this. I’m so happy I found it and I can’t wait to start using Obi to get around every day!
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7 days ago, Minhala
Not accurate. And Uber sent me a fraud alert as soon as I linked the accounts
I've checked this app multiple times, and the prices aren't even close to being accurate in many instances. Today they were off by over $40. OBI said the ride was going to cost $20, and when I pulled Uber up it was 63. and this discrepancy happened on previous days also so it wasn't just like sudden congestion pricing or something. Plus, today I did a stupid thing and actually linked my Uber account. 10 minutes later I had a fraud alert from Uber saying that they had signed me out of my account due to suspicious activity. So I guess the bottom line is you can use this app but don't trust it. And definitely don't link any accounts.
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4 months ago, Rubicon2026
Uber blocks usage
Seems that Uber has caught on to Obi. They have logged me out twice after using Obi, forced me to change my password and delinked Obi. The second time, Uber issued me a warning that allowing a third-party to use my login violates Terms of Service. I found Obi pricing of Uber to be inaccurate once the ride is actually booked. This is due to Uber dynamic surge pricing and additional fees they now add in certain areas. So far, no problem booking with Lyft through Obi but more convenient to just use their app directly. Lyft is more often less expensive than Uber, so why bother with price comparisons. The real differences are availability and wait time for pick up which Obi cannot provide.
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6 years ago, Cayla_Kautzer
Really like.
The name is a little strange (maybe they will do in car room service?!) but the app seems really solid. Never seen so many car choices. Hope they keep adding more and maybe other transport options too. I always used Google Maps but even that made it hard to compare, but this is way better than Google. Google should buy Bellhop!! (and no, I’m not a shareholder!).
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1 year ago, sounky1canobe
Obi review
I just heard about Obi through a friend of mine. I used it when I was in Vegas last week and it was way less expensive and compared all the prices between rides. It’s a wonderful app and easy to use. I’m thrilled and excited to keep using it. Thank you so much for creating this platform.
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7 years ago, ZacharySnader
Getting there
The design of the app needs a lot of love. Color schemes make little sense, ride queries will prioritize addresses outside of your current location, and UI elements are stacked on top of each other. All of that says, Bellhop accomplished exactly what it sets out to do. I am able to compare Lyft and Uber in one place which is really all I could ask for. Being able to book through the app is a seamless experience, even with the design flaws. I hope the development team can keep making the product better.
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1 year ago, Benign Tumor
Downloaded the app, but it’s still trying to locate me
I downloaded this app several days ago and when I open it up, it says it’s trying to locate me. And it still hasn’t located me. There’s no way for me to do anything except look at the screen with the little buffering symbol, going round and round trying to locate me. So I don’t know if anything will work beyond this, but this part is not working that’s for sure. Can the developer tell me what I’m supposed to do at this point? BTW, I am using an iPhone 11 Pro Max, and the latest software is installed.
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6 years ago, Meera
Saves time and money
This app lets you compare all the ride sharing options in your locality and the different services (i.e. UberX or Uber Black). It’s a quick 1 page view and then book it. Over time it can def save you a lot of money and time if you flip apps to avoid surge pricing
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4 years ago, alih4560
Excellent service
I been driving for uber and lyft for 3 years and I have recommend bellhop to all my customers and they love it. I’m glad this service is international and we can use this app in other countries. Thank you so much for great app.
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6 years ago, jktrades
Very useful app
Super easy to use and saved me a lot of money. I was going to uber downtown on a rainy day and didn’t realize how much they were hiking the fares compared to another company. As a business owner/entrepreneur, I’m always looking for ways to cut costs and time. Great app, thanks!
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5 years ago, MzApryle
Not seemless with uber
Constantly have to change my pickup point for my son to be picked up when I select uber over lyft. Lyft is seemless and keeps the addresses for pickup and drop-off, but not when I select uber. By the time I type everything in again with uber it's an extra 5min away than what bellhop originally said. That's another thing, the pickup times aren't the same from bellhop to when the uber/lyft app takes over. 2 stars
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10 months ago, cmalinow
Great Comparison Tool
I came across this tool accidentally, but so glad I did. In the first 3 days of use, I was able to find 4 fares that were more competitive than my original choices.
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2 months ago, Aahann
Great concept and if it worked reliably, it would be a terrific time saver and money saver too. The problem is that nearly every time I open the app it requires me to logon and link my rideshare accounts. Doing so obviously takes much more time than going to those accounts and checking prices directly. Obi has been a disappointment.
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3 years ago, matttogni
Amazing App!!!
Absolutely love the Obi app - makes finding rides easy (especially during a time when ride shares are more expensive than ever, and taxis are often the best option for riders)!
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6 years ago, Gracie_1087
Save time & money 🙌🏼
Finally, an app where I can quickly compare all of my favorite rideshare/taxi options in one place. Love that I can book directly through the bellhop app or be connected to the taxi app of my choosing with ease!
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1 year ago, LukyItalion74
Awesome simple but helpful app
This app does the simple task of comparing Uber and Lyft fares in real time and organizes them based on both price and timing. Simple but extremely helpful way to save a few bucks and/or time!
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5 years ago, kevinjross
Love this app
Have used this app for at least a year now and couldn’t live without it at this point. As Uber/lyft continue to get more and more opaque, Bellhop is the only company willing to fight back and provide the world with price transparency. THANK YOU!
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4 months ago, Treasi
Great app. I use it first to book Uber or Lyft
..and I use it overseas. Why wouldn’t you use this app? To have the prices in front of you and be able to select the cheapest! Perfect!
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6 years ago, Logan_Phillips
This app is amazing.
The amount of money I've saved on trips being able to compare companies in one easy location is remarkable. Uber, Lyft, Curb and more are all here. Thank you, developers!
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1 year ago, Insured5333
App shows higher prices
Had accounts linked and was still showing higher prices. Also it is missing specific car selections that the apps themselves offer. Don’t see a reason for this app as it doesn’t do anything beneficial and allows them to collect data about your rides and your personal info.
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1 year ago, Danny19701
Saving Money
I love saving money by using this app to connect my Uber and Lyft account. You should get this you’re really be glad you did.
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6 years ago, GranvilleConnelly
Very cool
So cool. It’s about time someone showed us true price comparisons for ride hailing. It’s a free app, so you have nothing to lose by using it. Hope they keep developing the app as it has huge potential.
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5 years ago, Spendrew
Server issues
Servers always go down when you most need this service. Don’t even try it on Friday or Saturday nights.
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2 months ago, WP_Neo_2030
Great App. Please fix Lyft connection
Lyft needs be linked every time I use app. Please fix this issue. Uber works perfectly 😊 Once fixed I will change my rating to 5 star.
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2 years ago, Steviegmz007
Wouldn’t the whole point to this app besides the price comparison, is to be able to to book through this app. It would not only save time but phone data.
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4 years ago, karla loveee
Never came I was charged double the amount
I never got picked up and I was curved double the amount I tried calling the number provided never answers I also txt and they replied I had the wrong number I want a refund immediately and cancel my account also delete my information don not share my information with any third party
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6 years ago, Gogool
Best app for rideshare
Downloaded bellhop and I’ve probably saved $100 my first month using it. Simple ui and easy to use. Highly recommended!
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6 years ago, Jbradley0809
Amazing money saver!
This app is fantastic and has already saved me about $30 over the past two days!!
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4 years ago, Jordan D H
Really great. Would be better if also had busses
Really great app. Just wish also had bus routes as an option.
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2 years ago, Kiwicake666
Helpful idea
All the data about prices you need one tap away. 🥰
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6 years ago, Noah831
What a great concept!
This is the app I’ve been waiting for. I’m always switching between apps to find the best price and Bellhop solves that problem.
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6 years ago, R Rivers
Highly recommend this app! Great user experience and easy to select best option based on $ and availability.
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6 years ago, Caroline_Jackson
Good and quick service.
All the ride share info in one app, great idea and functionality
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1 year ago, vbkl
Tried it and it worked
Worth the download ! It got us the best price !
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3 years ago, hailey173615538
Great app highly recommend
I’ve been searching for an app to do this forever, it works great !
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4 years ago, KingofPhilly1990
Great app! It’ll save you a lot of money!
I would say this is one app I’ll never have complaints about!
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3 years ago, Sapphire hart
I’m obsessed
I love this app! I definitely have saved hella time and most importantly money!!!
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3 years ago, Moonartzi
This app is great to save time and money. So easy to compare options!
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6 years ago, TravisML
Great for figuring out cheapest option!
Great app. Easy to figure out cheapest ride option. Super seamless and slick interface
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6 years ago, Kingy987654321
This app rocks! I no longer need to check between Lyft and Uber it does it for me!! How did I survive without it?
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9 months ago, Loraine C
App worked
Obi found me low prices for Uber 9/10 recommend Lyft app didn’t work for me
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1 month ago, Camper420
Terrible App... Nothing works
Horrible App that never works... impossible to actually establish an account... linking doesn't work... zero customer support... much easier to just compare the prices on the actual ride apps...
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3 years ago, Abel 717
Can’t sync my Uber account
Haven’t been able to sync my Uber account since I downloaded the app. Lyft account did sync.
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4 years ago, Sailorsammy
Wildly inaccurate
I must respectfully conjecture that there are more than a few fake reviews here. This is a great concept, but my experience is that the app is hard pressed to predict within a factor of 2 the actual ride hail service fare. I’ve stopped wasting my time and deleted it. Too bad, nice idea. :(
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6 years ago, ricks39
Bellhop App
Awesome. To good to be true but it is! I saved over $40 on first try. Will now use for all rides.
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9 months ago, reyabnerb
App the doesn’t function properly
I downloaded Obi to link my Uber account and search for cheaper rides. Unfortunately, this app won’t allow me to link my account so Obi has turned out useless. 👍
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3 years ago, Iris Faith
It doesn’t tell me when the driver is booked. Had to pay twice for drivers showing up 30 min later without information on the app
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6 years ago, HgWellsEnuf
GPS tends to be inaccurate in Bellhop, but if I open Apple maps or Google Maps it is accurate. No way to rate drivers for Uber or Lyft in Bellhop. Other apps for transport, other than Uber and Lyft are slow to be added, if at all.
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1 year ago, DannyVillann11
App charges you for rrquesting Uber/Lyft
App adds extra $1.50-$1.85 per ride you get. Requesting directly with Uber or Lyft is cheaper, si what’s the point of having this app where you want tonget the cheapest posssible rate if they charge extra. Deleting it now.
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