Ocean Sounds FREE

4.3 (284)
15.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Victor Ren
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ocean Sounds FREE

4.29 out of 5
284 Ratings
1 year ago, debleero
Why is there not a timer so you can set app to play for a specified amount of time instead of playing until your device runs out of power? That’s all it needs to get five stars. Love the ocean sounds but I use other sleep apps that only play for a short period. ☹️☹️
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2 years ago, pisarro1
Great ocean sounds !
This has helped me fall asleep after having real sleep issues. I tried every over the counter sleep aid and nothing really helped, then I tried this app and it is like a miracle - I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. If I get up to use the bathroom- I fall back to sleep easily. Love it
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2 years ago, teca life
I wish
That you can shut off your phone so it charges while playing
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2 years ago, Amethystrose81
Needs a timer
I love this app except it needs a timer so you can set it to automatically shut off after a certain amount of time. Otherwise, it’ll drain your battery or you have to have someone be able to turn it off for you
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2 years ago, kavier1363
Great steady ocean sounds
The app is easy to operate and has a great selection of sound patterns to choose from. This is now my first choice app for ocean sounds that will go all night uninterrupted. Thanks!!
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4 weeks ago, KvilleMomof4
Not For Sleep
There’s no way to turn off the screen and no timer. If it were for pleasure or casting, not sleeping, then one would think there would be a video not just a picture. It is completely free, however, and a pleasant sound.
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4 years ago, Adicted to this app
Loving it
Only my 3rd night falling asleep to this wonderful app! But if I wake up in the middle of the night, this helps me go right back to sleep. So far, My Sleep Solution!
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4 years ago, ciao hound
Great sounds
The one thing they could do to make it better is add a sleep timer. I would use it more if it had one. Even my 1* ratings had a timer.
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4 years ago, Phill516
Great sounds
These sounds are authentic. Just shut your eyes, listen, and imagine you are at a beach.
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2 years ago, bueggi
The sounds of the ocean waves lulling me to sleep. Not a more relaxing sound in this world! The quickest way to unwind after a long tension filled day. Love It!!!
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9 years ago, Mimi99999999
Great sounds but no functions.
I like the sounds but that's all it does. There is no way to set a timer so it stops after a few hours. The app stops when you leave it. So what's the point?
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9 years ago, Swagga48
Ocean Sounds
I have stopped using it because until you clear the pop up ads (which can be 3-5 ads each time) you can't start the sound. It is very frustrating. 1st app I've ever thrown out.
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5 years ago, Deb-no-h
Love the ocean sounds!
I plug in my Bose speaker and put iPhone on charger, turn on the ocean, and then I sleep as soundly as when I’m actually sleeping by the sea!!! JUST WHAT I WAS SEARCHING FOR!!!
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9 years ago, SmartethanIwas
Love 'Ocean Sounds'
This is a great app if you want soothing background sounds. I use it to help my grand kids fall asleep, or to just relax.
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1 year ago, Edwinward
Good ocean sound. Needs timer. Need for screen to go dark while playing so you can sleep and so it can charge.
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4 years ago, Patti4403
On a short loop
Like the app- hard to find ocean sounds that include seagulls/ocean birds as well. This one has that but unfortunately it sounds like it’s on a 5-7 second loop. Not exactly relaxing.
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9 years ago, nikki_marie05
Would be great if the sounds still worked when I locked my phone, or switched apps.
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3 years ago, Kid Ariel
No sound at all!! Used to be great
Is that supported anymore. Was wonderful. Now NO SOUND. Used to be you’d tap the note symbol & sound would start & could use the clock symbol as a timer. What happened?!?!
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10 months ago, Ladyrav
I like the different ocean sounds. I vary them nightly.
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13 years ago, steffhey
I love going to the beach and ocean and listening to the smooth sounds. This app is great because it makes me feel as if I'm near the waters relaxing.
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8 years ago, Lion Laura
Music lover
Love it! Very soothing after a long day to listen to this to relax & unwind.
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4 years ago, mlevy2989
Weird app don’t install!
I don’t know if it’s spam or they haven’t updated it but I installed this, opened up, and it froze my whole phone. Somehow I was able to exit out and I immediately deleted.
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4 years ago, Beach comber 🐚
Ocean sounds
I enjoy the app for the peaceful sounds it helps me relax. I love this app.
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3 years ago, tgbbjkiyedcvbkltr
Ok not really good
It don’t let your phone stay on to sleep your screen got to stay on
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3 years ago, Juliemds99
I grew up on the beach. Real sounds, put me to sleep.
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3 years ago, Ritassa
Live ocean sounds!
Best nights sleep!!!!!!
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8 years ago, sarahlewis13
No sound
Downloaded it and the clock is the only thing that worked
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3 years ago, chjcfjj
Nice, however
I would love this app to have a sleep timer
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9 years ago, B Ritt Lin
Looks pretty but no sound
Looking for beach ocean sounds & excited to find but no sound?
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9 years ago, ElaineSharp
I love this app. Thanks for providing it.
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7 years ago, C-byrd
Not working
Not making any sound
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8 years ago, T. Fab
Like it
This app has nice sounds. It is very basic, no bells & whistles.
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9 years ago, Timmy451
Not working
This app used to work great now I can't get the sound too work!
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9 years ago, Goodthingitwasfree
Don't waste your time. No sound or timer. Plus has a banner on the bottom. BOO!
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9 years ago, BG Gamer
Sounds like stadact
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11 years ago, Lollollollol:)
Awesome app!!!
I love this app it is everything I was looking for!!!! It is very relaxing and sounds realistic. My husband came in the room n thought that it was really raining outside!!! The sounds in this app really do put me to sleep.....it is soooo relaxing!!!
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13 years ago, Sparkle T
This app is great! Just what the doctor ordered. It puts your body in total relax mode. The only draw back, it stops all sounds when the screen goes into sleep mode ( black screen) . No good when my husband and I would love to fall asleep with ocean waves..
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13 years ago, Oceanlover28
Great app!
Love this app, but wish it would not stop when my iPhone goes to sleep mode!!
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13 years ago, EmmaBreeGO1291
Just sounds of the ocean, no music. Different sound options. Great app!
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12 years ago, Country ocean
Cannot get any sound
Have downloaded it twice to my Apple 3G iPhone and got the picture but no sound, so what good is it. Would have been relaxing to hear if it worked.
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13 years ago, fivex5
Pleasant sound
But I'm also having the issue where it stops when the device sleeps so the app isn't convenient for lulling you to drowsiness as I was looking for.
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13 years ago, VA4US
This is SO relaxing! I luv hearing the ocean and this is as close as I can get for now! Thank You!
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11 years ago, Bell67
Love this app
Ok my dad sad it would put me to asleep but I was knocked out.💛💜💙💚❤
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12 years ago, iyiyi45
Sounds good ..
Btw Sound won't play when phone silenced. Once I switched ringer back on it worked.
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11 years ago, Mouthman
Doesn't Work
Terrible app. It doesn't play sound and crashes when you try to open the info page.
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9 years ago, Davidian35
Nice sound but no timer
Goes off too quickly with no apparent way to time.
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11 years ago, HAT GURL
Love it
The sounds are so relaxing
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10 years ago, Agflash
Great when it worked
This was great when it worked; app stopped functioning on iphone4 with new OS
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9 years ago, Dawntreader62
Cannot play in sync with other music :(
This app has to stay on screen to play
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12 years ago, Kementaria
Doesnt work!
Pictures but not sound!
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