2.7 (180)
14 MB
Age rating
Current version
CJ Olive Young Corporation
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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2.71 out of 5
180 Ratings
3 years ago, Evaleks7
Love the store but the app needs to be renewed
I love the store, I am happy to be able to order the products, the international delivery is efficient and fast, good discounts, some rare brands which is difficult to find in other places. Some prices are too high but it is easy to find alternatives in other stores. I made 3 orders and everything worked well (payment, delivery), except the quality of the app. I’d prefer the website to the app. The app itself is VERY SLOW... It takes very much time to download images. It is impossible to save the login and the password (!)... I do not talk about finger print possibilities (iPhone). So, I just wish the app to become better and be as good as the OLIVEYOUNG store is.
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2 years ago, JDCFOCIREVIEW
Glad to have the store but the app needs lots of improvements
I love the option to use Olive Young online after using Yesstyle for multiple years. Each item is a bit more pricey than Yesstyle, but I enjoy the free shipping over $60. However, the app itself is really not user friendly and needs a major improvement. Not to mention the scroll speed and having to rescroll after clicking "load more", the app does not save my log in credentials, which is really common in every app I use (except for TWG app but don't even get me started on that app 🤦‍♀️). Even if I need to log in every time, swiping out every item I added to my cart after logging in is just.. bad. I can't remember how many times, including now, I decide not to purchase and go for Hanpoom instead after adding 10+ items in cart and see them go away after logging in. I think it's something pretty basic and definitely needs to be changed.
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1 year ago, Blahmaka
User Interface is Garbage- Save yourself the stress and find something else
I downloaded the app after seeing how many more items are available than Yesstyle. After about 30 seconds of trying to buy a few products, I gave up The app never keeps login credentials even after you click “remember me” when logging in. Scrolling through the items is also a nightmare. The app tends to either lag constantly, or glitches and closes itself after 20 seconds of a frozen screen. I was looking forward to buying several items from the business, but after the irritating website experience of it refusing to calculate shipping costs along with this app refusing to work, I don’t think I’m going to be buying anything from them soon.
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1 month ago, Y. Príncipe
Needs improvement.
Love the apps division and main purpose. Very glad that I have the chance to be in the Olive Young store. I’m a huge aficionado of korean skin care, but the apps it’s kinda tacky and slow. I’m looking foward to a huge update. Keep up tue good work, Olive Young!
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5 months ago, dvisgs
I’m very confused
I ordered at the beginning of January and it said it should be delivered in 14 days. Which im fine with I don’t mind it’s out of the country so makes sense. But I straight up haven’t received anything for about 20 days now. I keep checking the tracking dates and everything keeps moving up. The supposed date that I ordered keeps changing to further in the month then I ordered and the day of delivery is changing to further into this month. I’m pretty frustrated. And honestly appalled. I thought I did good research and found a good company to buy from but apparently I was mistaken.
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1 year ago, molly emma
App needs a lot more optimization
The deals are nice and having an app is always great and are usually more convenient than using a website, but this app reaction time between when you click on something or scroll is so delayed. You also can add an item to your favorites unless you click on that item and are directed to the specific page. I think this app could be a great way for consumers to access Korean brands but not with how this app currently runs. Please make it better!
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1 year ago, Umipaca
Not so bad
Contrary to its rating this app is not so bad, the aesthetic is pleasing and it has a huge variety of products, The only issue is that the loading time leaves something to be desired. In my opinion still better to use the app than the mobile website. If it bothers you just use a computer...
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3 months ago, Uhndrea
Minor Inconvenience
I love the app but my only concern is that there is no English option for Japan. So instead of using the app, I’ve been having to shop on Safari with the Translate setting. Even having the app settings set to English doesn’t work. I love OliveYoung, but because of this small inconvenience, I have to utilize the internet browser.
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2 months ago, K Zin
The app is so inconvenient to use and when you’re a first-timer trying out Olive Young, it really is a put-off and makes me not want to buy anything from them. The app keeps re-freshing me out, and therefore every single time I have to find things to put back in my shopping cart and when I log in, they tell me my credentials are incorrect, which is not the case because I have them written down. And at that point, I don’t even want to buy anything anymore
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1 year ago, Zeewin
Please update the app
I like the idea of the app and it does offer extra discounts, but the delay between clicking and item and it actually loading happens too often. Also, it’s incredibly difficult to click your cart to view your items. I find the app to be a frustrating experience
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1 year ago, blehblehhblehhh
Slow and glitchy
The app is pretty slow. Each time I click on an item and back out, it scrolls all the way back to the top of the page. So laggy, it becomes frustrating after a few mins, please fix soon!! But overall, great items with the occasional discounts and free shipping after 60 bucks
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12 months ago, Mpota30
App needs improvements
While I enjoy shopping at Olive young, the app is not very user friendly and could use some improvements. It is extremely slow to load, items aren’t categorized correctly, and daily mission does not recognize when all tasks have been completed.
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2 months ago, Ajjavatar
I’ve heard so many great things about this app and I wanted to give it its best shot but sadly the app is just way too glitchy. It’s slow, pauses a lot, has a weird loading interface, constant ads just pop up left and right I’m sorry but for now I’m gonna stick with YesStyle for most of my Korean skincare shopping, I also wish they excepted Apple Pay
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1 year ago, snap1096
Not Good
This app is not at all good. It doesn’t remember my credentials, and I have to login each time. It’s impossible to click on your cart and actually be able to view those items. When you hit ‘load more,’ you have to re-scroll and remember where you left off
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1 year ago, yangpanini
Sign in
Please fix your sign In situation. I signed up and got signed out 2 twice while scrolling through the products.
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2 months ago, Chaesyuns
Slow app
This app made me lose my patience. I never had a problem with an app before until this app appeared. I cannot delete an item from my cart easily. I have to press the button multiple times. Sometimes I cannot even go back to homepage because of this SLOW app.
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1 year ago, Midziz
Great app:))
Everything is well organized and categorized. The design is minimalist and clean. And they have great products. The product summary’s are reviews are great. And the shipping is fast and reliable:)
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12 months ago, Izene bean
Amazing store
This is the best store ever cause of the makeup and the staff I love this place and I hope I keep going to this place. 100% recommended
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1 year ago, lennn09
Just horrible
The app is very slow to load and the pop up telling you to write a review for your purchase literally cannot be dismissed. Pressing the X button does nothing and if you press on ‘write a review’ and go back to any other page, the pop up comes back.
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12 months ago, jiji review
Poor customer service
I forgot my password, I tried resetting but didn’t receive any emails I asked customer service for help, eventually I was told they couldn’t do anything and I’d need to make a new account. My Olive young perks status and points are all lost just like that.
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3 months ago, Ofo1
App is horrible
It freezes the entire time. I spend 10x time on this app compared to others because of how glitchy, slow and unsmooth this app is. You really gotta figure out all the bugs and fix this if you want to maintain your online shoppers base
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2 months ago, ayelien2499
I mean yeah it works. Doesn’t work well though. Annoying because they try to make you use the app for discounts but its incredibly slow and hard to navigate.
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1 year ago, Nolie77
Website is better
Downloaded the app because I love their products but app is very slow, scroll does not keep your position after you click on a product. Better to use the website.
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4 weeks ago, Kev FC
This app is very slow
I don’t know what tech stack the developers use, but this app indeed is the slowest app I have ever used. I tried to buy 5 items recently, I know what I wanted but it took me almost 20 minutes to search and order. Like what?
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6 days ago, GDCS M.
The app needs more work
I couldn’t place an order in the app, everything is very slow, sometimes it freezes and it makes the shopping and user experience not good in the app!
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4 years ago, Joheyun
Save my login
I hate how I have to re-enter my login every time I use the app. Please set up touch ID or face ID or remember my last login.
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3 years ago, DaftRocket
Love OliveYoung but the app is crap.
You guys got to spend some money on developing the native iOS APP. Currently, it is so laggy and UX is worst than any other shopping apps I ever had. You are gonna lose many customers because of this inconvenience. Think smart. Don't be cheap on this.
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1 year ago, angelas9697
Terrible experience
Tried to purchase three times but the order kept not going through. I’m going to have to keep buying from yesstyle because I can’t even order!
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5 years ago, dandanshe
Doesn’t support US?
Look like the app/website doesn’t support the US?
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2 years ago, Ta kaa
To bad
I have been using this app since last year. But now the big problem is unable to checkout, trying to pay for 10+times. Now I am giving up. :(
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1 year ago, GingerRen
Awful app experience
I think the company is ok but this app is horrible to use. Super slow and glitchy. I am very frustrated and am deleting this app. Better use the website to shop
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6 months ago, ناروتيي
Can you deliver to kuwait please ??
I really want to try Korean skin care
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2 years ago, Lexi80843
No way to input credit card info
you select to pay by credit card but there’s no way to input credit card info,.
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1 year ago, Leonardough
Love their products hate the app
As advanced South Koreans are with technology why can’t they develop this app more efficiently? So frustrating that I have given up and used my laptop. Shame on the developers!
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3 years ago, thanhnemily19
Cannot make payment
I tried so many times to pay at check out but it never worked.
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5 months ago, SuperJiyoung
Cannot order online from the USA
I tried to buy some products from this web in the USA. Either website or App does not work.
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3 years ago, 肉片加香菜
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3 years ago, KJㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Trashy app
I love olive young but this app is literally trash. It is so slow and crashes every time I use it. Just use the web. Web is so much better
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4 years ago, Killerreviewsqueen
Glitchy as heck
Basically can’t get anywhere with this app. It’s not formatted in a way that is smart-phone friendly and freezes constantly.
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5 years ago, PurplePants2301
Do Not Buy From Them
I brought from this app and I wasn’t able to get my package and when I tried to email them they would email back such a scam.
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10 months ago, The_tats
amazing app!
olive young has many good deals. app is easy to place orders with, and is easy to navigate. i recommend!!!
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9 months ago, Xarxesbreak
I ordered for more then 200$ and have zero updates from them for the few days.
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1 year ago, kyuakyuas
needs intense improvement
can’t BUY ANYTHING. try clicking on the items that i want and legit nothing pops up..
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1 week ago, Awesomegurl013678
slow app and can’t check out using paypal
it’s extremely slow and needs an update desperately. i am not able to check out using paypal either. not sure if that’s a paypal issue or the olive young app issue but its like they don’t even want my money
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4 years ago, hayun park
Worst customer service ever
This app does not work properly. Worst customer service as well. The staffs are very unprofessional. I rather buy the products somewhere else.
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4 years ago, Jessicbhdhxb
Payment error
I couldn't pay with my card I tried many times, but the same result.
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4 years ago, Sivhab
Do put as a global, if you can’t afford to accept Visa card or Master Card from the US.
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2 months ago, 8y___t8
Excellent customer service
Excellent customer service
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1 year ago, Yuneeehh
제발 앱 개선좀..
진짜 리뷰 쓰는거 돈 준다고 해도 안쓰는데 올리브영은 별 하나도 아깝다 돈 벌어서 다 어디다 쓰니.. 제발 앱 개선좀 해주세요 제발.. 제품 보고 뒤로가기 하면 누르기전 페이지 상태로 돼있어야지.. 이건 기본 아니냐고.. 페이지에서 바로 장바구니도 안눌러지고 자잘한 버그는 진짜 수도없다.. 돈 쓰고 싶다가도 다른 곳 이용하고 싶어짐
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1 year ago, fuzzy pawboy
이거 개발자 누구임?
앱 개쓰레기로 만들었네요 UI/UX 엉망에 크레덴셜 버벅이는것까지 총체적난국임. 요즘 세상에 face id 안되는게 말이되냐 못하겠음 계속 로그아웃되게 만들지나 말든지.. 어휴
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