Omaha Steaks

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Omaha Steaks International, Inc.
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10 months ago
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User Reviews for Omaha Steaks

4.73 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
2 years ago, The original dollyllama
So G-R-E-A-T!!!
We love Omaha Steaks soooo much that for Christmas we sent our daughter, son-in-law and 20 year old grandson a HUGE gift of meat! I added extras to which it had to be shipped to them in 2 Large Coolers! They were expecting something nice, but when it arrived they could not believe what was in store! I had ordered them a large package to begin with, then added extra deserts, sides, two packages of extra steaks! I believe some chops? They were BLOWN AWAY! It was wonderful and such a delight; along with them being so very appreciative. They are a terrific family and we are super proud of them. Our son-in-law is retired, our daughter has a fabulous career and our grand is an outstanding young man with a good head on his shoulders, great values, you name. His foundation has been good, outlook on life ahead looks nice. Life is great! My husband asked me “Do you realize we have a payment in the last week that went to Omaha Steaks for about $1600?” I replied “ I believe it will be a wee higher when another bit of ours arrives, Honey…I think our’s was split up somehow…” He was fine. “Just checking.” He smiled, then turned and walked back to his office to transfer a bit of money.
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3 years ago, graymatterdoor
Quality vs Price not what I was expecting.
Buying online is always a hit or miss. Sadly you don’t always get what you pay for, however sometimes you’re pleasantly surprised. That was not what happened when I received my first order, I wasn’t pleasantly surprised, I was shocked. The quality of the meat was understated in its description. By simply following the instructions careful my wife and I had some of the most delicious meals we ever cooked at home. We are both professionals and rarely cook at home, however due to the pandemic we were forced to change some of our spoiled habits. We’ve eaten in some of the most famous restaurants and steakhouses in world not just in New York and our home cooked meal literally surpassed any steak I’ve ever eaten, and we’ve been dining out for over 35 years. I never give reviews however this company surpassed our expectations by a mile. This is a good company that makes an honest effort to serve its clientele true quality and deserves to be acknowledged for it.
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3 years ago, barefoot gypsy
Over the top customer service
While I have been using this company for a few years now and have been extremely happy with the quality of food I receive, it was when I had a problem with a large delivery I had that the customer service came through and quickly. I had placed a large order, or stocking my freezer after I had moved the the delivery company didn’t deliver on time and the whole delivery was ruined by them. When I called customer service about it not only did they replace the whole order they thanked me for allowing them to make it right. What company does that, go above and beyond for their customers. I have had a few orders since and all on time as they always have been before. Not only do you get great over the top food but over the top customer service as well. Loyal customer for life and now so are most of my friends.
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2 years ago, Pockets1112
Great Meats
So first off I love their meats. I think the packages they put together are well thought up and really can fit about any meat lovers wants. My only problem with them is they will email you saying order today and get these free items if you spend over X amount. The last time we ordered there was an email that said order now and get 4 burgers, 4 chicken breasts, and 4 hotdogs. We were super excited because we love the hotdogs and burgers. I jumped in the app and made sure to pick a package that met the requirements for the extra goodies. When the order came there was no extra goodies… this was a bummer because had I known I would have used points to get the extra burgers and dogs. We planned our order around those coming with it. To me a seems a little shady to email someone saying buy 159 bucks worth of stuff and we’ll give you these items as a bonus then not getting said items. At any rate it’s not going to stop me from getting my meats from them as I mentioned we love their meats. Their shipping is always fast and everything comes well packaged and frozen.
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1 year ago, Lovethedeals!
Since I started ordering fairly regularly I went ahead and download the app. What really impressed me was the cook feature. I've always been hesitant about grilling steak because they never turned out, but this is grilling for dummies. 😊 You put in your cut of meat, add it to the timer and when you start cooking it literally counts down each step telling you when to preheat the grill, put the meat on, flip the meat & when to take the meat off the grill to let it rest, and when it's time to serve. The first time I used it my steaks were perfect! very user-friendly for shopping and information.
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4 months ago, SpectreGunshipPilot
App is complete garbage!
1) The app constantly refreshes while you’re attempting to order which results in having to start from scratch multiple times in order to complete the order. 2) Trying to add and/or correct your recipient address list is maddening especially when trying to remove a recipient. I had multiple entries due to the previously mentioned refresh glitch and it was damned hard to remove them. 3) Attempting to pay with Apple Pay was also crazy. Despite the fact that I was attempting to send steaks to a another address other than myself, the Apple Pay function wouldn’t permit me to complete the transaction since it was showing my address as the shipping address. Complete amateur hour! 4) Good luck attempting to find a phone number to customer service. I had to hunt for it. Not cool! This company apparently wants to hide behind its computer screens since it’s delivering a completely incompetent application for it’s customer base.
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5 years ago, CJ9880
Needs improvement
Great looking app, clean interface. I have yet to order via the app however it seems to be lacking in functionality... even when signed in you cannot see “my orders”, or “previously purchased”. You can see order history under the “manage account” however it is inaccurate showing a month old order still in transit. Also under “manage account” when selecting “order status” why must I enter and order # to see the status of my current order? One last suggestion, the back arrow in the upper left is too dark a color and hardly visible with the current background it sits on. Again, a nice looking app however developers should be double checking the functionality of every option to ensure it is working properly. You may also consider adding push notifications options for deals, and order status changes.
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2 years ago, ASO1988
App is terrible and doesn’t keep cart details and times out too early
This app is not well designed as when I have things in my cart and then I go to check out and get a credit card number and then when I go back to the app and I place order after entering all my information it says the cart is empty! that is so annoying and then when I go back to refreshing the app all my items in the cart have disappeared. I have to go back in the app to get it AGAIN.. also with the navigation on the app and finding things it doesn’t let you simply go back one page it goes back to the very beginning and you have to go back into all the different little options just to get back to the one item you want to add back to your cart. please fix this app-I am deleting it as soon as I get my order.
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1 year ago, Ladybug8870
Awesome app and great steaks !
I am not a steak eater , my husband is. So I’m not the best when it comes to cooking steak. He got Omaha steaks for Christmas and this app helps me cook them to perfection! It has a timer on when to flip them and when they are done. All you gotta do is punch in what kind of steak your cooking measure the thickness with the handy ruler that comes on the info sheet that’s with your steaks and how you like them cooked … rare , medium rare , well done and bam! It tells you what to do. I cooked 2 ribeyes and two top sirloin for him and they turned out perfect with the timer and instructions on this app! Pretty slick!!! I’m impressed!!!
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1 month ago, Karon’s Karona
The best of the best!
We hav enjoyed an occasional treat by viewing Omaha Steaks and keeping the freezer full. The online or catalog are presented in an inviting way. Items clearly jump out and are described very well. No doubts. Shopping is a clear delight. A large selection Is available with many opportunities to please all my families desires. For Xmas 2023 we sent a much welcomed order to our daughter and son. Gratefully received. They also appreciate the quality and variety🤗 Omaha Steaks will not let you down‼️
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4 years ago, snowy4343
Where’s the beef
As a new user who just recently received a large combo was quick to sign up and download the app. Nice clean easy to navigate. Was disappointed to see so many items not Available. I understand situation with the pandemic has effected us all. Hope these items will return in time. Really want to order up some great steaks for the summer. Aha lots back in stock as of last order. Will continue to enjoy great meats that Omaha provides.
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3 years ago, Spader James
Never disappointed.
My father used to receive holiday gifts from business clients when I was in my adolescence. Usually sausage and cheese, and then some years it would be steaks, Omaha Steaks. And that was over 40 years ago. I’ve been personally buying for at least the last 20 years. I really like that they have a major variety of dinners and dishes to serve. Makes it easier for me when I’m working 6 days a week with barely any time to cook.
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2 years ago, Mary#4
Love this app!
It gives me step-by-step instructions to cook the Omaha steaks perfectly every time! Just check the thickness and decide how you want the steak done (rare-well). It gives you a countdown to putting it on the grill. (That’s the only one I’ve used.) Next, it tells you how long to cook the first side, flip it, and finish cooking it. It also lets you know how long the steak should rest before digging in!
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1 week ago, DrRDD
Great products and an easy to use app
We originally tried Omaha because of an ad that offered an introductory special and we were hooked. We love their products and load up our freezer about once a month. Their prices save us lots of money over supermarket prices. The app is great and makes ordering a breeze!
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1 year ago, thusjuan
App glitches
Been a customer for a year or so but typically order on the website. Decided to give the app a try and had some issues with the app where it refreshes or glitches and lost all the entered order/shipment information so I had to enter it multiple times but their customer service was amazing with one of the errors. Rating at 3/5 because I do think the app has bugs that need fixing due to these issues but this company and their products in general are a 5/5.
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4 years ago, Wdav
Nothing but Up-sale & Gimmicks
This is an impossible company to deal with at any level! Customer service should be listed as “NO CUSTOMER SERVICE”. Tried to talk with an agent who didn’t understand English, got transferred to “customer service” wink wink nudge nudge. Got put back on hold and after 10 minutes then was disconnected... put into phone hell for next 3 calls. Finally got customer service agent who didn’t know how to duplicate a previous order (she was nice) but simply told me to call back or go on line to place another order and see what happened!!! I have dealt with Omaha Steaks twice now! My FIRST and LAST time!! On line is nothing but trying to up-sale so much your order gets lost. They don’t honor their coupons and want personal information way more than is necessary, everything but your underwear size. 🤬 If you have 2 hours to waste to make a simple order you may love this company - not me, I’ll order from New Braunsfel Smokehouse.
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3 years ago, ik-me
Works okay, it would be nice to be able to scan gift cards
Works OK it would be nice to be able to scan and Bank gift cards as I collect them from my Discover rewards account. That way I would know what my total gift card amount is could do it on my cell phone and I could either continue the bank my points or no my dollar amount when placing an order.
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4 years ago, AlmostSilver
Easy to use
Have found this app easy to find items and to complete an order or review meats and special items to purchase at another time App also includes descriptions cooking tips and return later to purchase One of the easiest apps to use No need to purchase something to get details it’s all there to review. Definitely recommended
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5 years ago, Lisa T. N.
Wow, the prepped meal selection!
I’ve been receiving steaks as gifts from my dad for many many years. So when I googled looking to purchase prime rib for Easter dinner and Omaha Steaks came up, I slapped my forehead with an “Of course!” And checked out the website – which directed me to download the app. My my my. Look at what Omaha Steaks has gotten up to these days. Skillet meals. Slow-cooker meals. Buy two items and get steep discounts. Build your own special combos. It’s like those meal delivery services only ... better. Because it’s Omaha meats. Price per serving is right there, and it’s reasonable. Nutrition information, right there. The app is easy to navigate and entertaining to browse. Lovely plated meals. Yum.
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4 years ago, alicinau
Wonderful, especially now!!
We used to order from Omaha steaks & I have no idea why we stopped! It’s so convenient, top quality & so much more than steaks! The ultimate “no contact” delivery! Highly recommended by my whole family. Lots of deals all the time! Thank you, Omaha Steak & all your workers for making this quarantine time a little less stressful for us!
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3 months ago, Bunnyphonic
Saved my life during the pandemic
When all the local grocery stores ran out of meat, Omaha Steaks was a lifesaver. I am forever loyal to this wonderful company because no matter what the circumstances during a global crisis, their delivery system worked like clockwork. My freezer is always stocked with Omaha Steaks just in case the zombie apocalypse is next…🙂
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5 years ago, sskpscluff
Classy, gift giving made easy!
Easy to order, design my own gift package, add-ons are suggested and made easy to order and send all over the country! No more gifts that are returned or you “hope” your loved ones may like. Your gift will be their favorite!! And the app makes it all that much easier. And I even got a free gift with my very first order!!
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4 years ago, JuicyWorms
The app doesn’t connect to servers.
I just placed an order using this app about 45 minutes ago. It gave me a confirmation number, which I didn’t write down because I normally get a confirmation email. I never got the confirmation email. I went back to the app, and there is no record of my order. I thought it was strange that the app only had me listed as a regular member, when I spent well over $300 this year with them. Omaha Steaks needs to get the dirt from the music industry out of their app. They are anorexic morons, who are jealous of people with healthy appetites.
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4 years ago, Orange Bowl 2009
Love the Omaha Steaks App
I absolutely love the Omaha Steaks App and use it all the time when grilling steaks. The timing is perfect. We love our steaks medium rare, and after setting the timing to the correct steak thickness, they come out perfect every time. It has never failed me. I don’t like their steaks because the last ones I ordered were very grainy and inferior, but I love and endorse the app.
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3 years ago, Naples Rob
Naples to Cincinnati
I’ve ordered in the past couple years for my two daughters & their families in Cincinnati Ohio, and have also ordered for my home in Naples Florida.. We have all enjoyed the selection of meats & side items, quick delivery and always satisfied with the quality of the food .. Rob R. from Naples
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4 years ago, lorijean d
Omaha steak app
Using this app is very beneficial when you are going into the main stores. It has all the new and up dated deals that you will be able to purchase. It makes it easy for you to shop with the deals right on your phone. I use it all the time.
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4 years ago, Jebrev
My Standby Online Butcher!
Omaha Steaks has been my favorite online butcher from the beginning. The tenderest, best tasting beef, chicken, and fish, I’ve ordered anywhere. I get offers for other beef choices, but after comparing them, I return overwhelmingly satisfied with Omaha Steaks! I guess the only way to beat them is to buy from Omaha Steaks! James Brooks
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5 years ago, scribepgg
Needs improvement
It loses your order if you go back to look for something. However, I have to start over which is a pain. Also it doesn’t want to show your order history for some reason? You have to keep fooling around with it. I still love the food and the service though!
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4 years ago, Angelina3706
Great App still needs some work
I love the app. Much easier to navigate and order than the website in my opinion. The only thing I would like to see (and I notice this on past reviews so they should really take heed) is a my orders or past transactions option so we can see what we just ordered. Other than that I love it!
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4 years ago, Mandybethd
Needs improvement
App needs to be made for ipad or tablets so it can go into horizontal mode better. Whenever I add something to my cart and click continue shopping, it doesn’t take me back to where I was, which is very annoying otherwise I am glad that Omaha has an app and the app is very appealing, nice big buttons.
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7 months ago, Ddornan
Omaha Steaks
Let’s face it it’s the steaks li love, but they always send along add ones which I have to say are always outstanding also. ( pork chops, chicken breasts , kielbasa sausage etc which is also tops. Can’t say enough good. If you don’t try it’s your loss honestly. Love Omaha products and company
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3 years ago, Your learner
Good Products-Good Service.
I’ve been with you for over a year now and have been very happy with your consistently high quality products. I have a personal shopper who facilitates everything for me. Thank you
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4 years ago, Dug
Really happy :)
We’ve ordered from Omaha and have been really happy. Everything we have had has been so good ! The meatballs were delicious, the rib eye was spectacular and tonight we had hamburgers. They were great. Well done and I’m happy a company like this still exists. Thank you
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5 months ago, Blond Donkey fizzle
This app means we’ll but just is so frustrating to use. We love Omaha steaks but it’s impossible to check out through this app. Erasing information every few seconds so you have to go back and redo shipping info, payment info and promo codes multiple times. Please get someone on the team to fix this! It’s vital for future purchases. When it’s all glitchy it dates the company. Makes me feel like they’ll go out of business soon
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4 years ago, happy grillmore
Terrible phone service, customer service and follow up!
Terrible service! Order never came. Called many times never getting through. Hold time over an hour. Finally tried the call back feature when on hold. After 65 minutes someone called back. She was confused, had no answer and kept putting me on hold. Eventually I was hung up on. We tried setting up ordering for a large order every two months. I guess we will have to try someone else!
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6 years ago, Bahamat
Nice timer, but push ads are a deal breaker
I used to love this app. But somewhere along the way they decided to start sending ads as push notifications in violation of Apple’s terms of service. It used to not be so bad, but lately I’ve been receiving several per day. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could opt out or silence them, but local notifications are used for the timer. So no ads, no timer alerts. No thanks. There are lots of other great steak timers on the store. Do yourself a favor and pick something else.
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4 years ago, 101st dalmation
Great steaks, great app, and great price!
I love the steaks. The marbling, the age, the size, it’s all perfect. Totally recommend! Just grilled the fillet mignons and I’m impressed. First time buyer and not last. At least one good thing came out of grocery stores running out of meat. Thank you Omaha steaks for your fast shipping and ease of purchasing.
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4 years ago, Barkerfam05
Go To Gift
Our family loves Omaha Steaks! This app makes it incredibly easy to customize the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Customer service is top notch, they quickly adjusted an order to allow me to redeem my steak lover points.
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2 years ago, MommaJ50
Greatest Steaks Ever
We buy most of our beef from Omaha Steaks and we’ve always been very pleased. We also share their packages without families when the holidays are here or special celebrations for the family.
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4 years ago, mikeranza
In- App Settings
While using the app to browse products: there have been no issues. While going through settings: there have been countless issues that after using this application for awhile become very frustrating. To go through setting I am having to click into a category only to have to go back and then twice again repeat that process.
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5 years ago, GringoRican
Great product!
But app needs work. Discounts or coupons usually don’t work in the app. Several of the products are advertised with excessive % off which are exaggerated..Many times free shipping offered but after you review the billing they charged anyway. Or they raised food product price to sneak in charging for “free shipping...” shame.. canceled many many orders on principle.. but Love the food!
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4 years ago, Skindoc51
Most accurate way to guarantee a steak
This app includes the most accurate steak grilling timer I’ve ever seen, based upon meat thickness. In my hands over 8-9 years, it has never failed to produce steaks (and other meats) at exactly the desired color and doneness temperatures.
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5 years ago, CoachRalph
Functionality better than most.
I’m an Omaha Fan. Find everything to be easy to view with exception to my available reward points. I can live with that from phone usage, as I can always view via IPad.
Show more
5 years ago, CashMoneyLLC
Prep Instructions Hard To Access
The app easily provides the ability to search for products. My only major issue is accessing preparation instructions for items I’ve already purchased. To do this in the app, one needs to select a “quantity” first. This seems absurd.
Show more
2 years ago, Med School D Student
You’re at the right place!
Been a customer for years! Never any challenges … food always consistent! App makes it easy & love the extra rewards!
Show more
6 months ago, Cyndal2
Doesn’t work
Cant get the website to load pages , so downloaded the app. The app downloaded OK, but when I try to use it the pages wont load and when I click get help it brings me to the website help page which has nothing to click to actually get help, because it wont load. Very frustrating. Tried my ipad, my phone , and laptop. Will not work on anything.
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6 years ago, chaos1275
This app
I would give this app five stars but the fact is after I’ve made my order I tried to log in numerous times and he tells me that I’m not created an order which I know is false because I have food coming as we speak that I ordered last week. Someone needs to fix this app it’s not working correctly.
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3 years ago, mr folgers
Awesome app!
Finally found an easy way to learn how to grille great steaks and other meats. I have already learned so many simple tricks to ensuring a great meal. I wish I found this website and app a long time ago. Not to mention the products on here are 🔥
Show more
3 years ago, JeffMeister123
Very frustrating app!!!
Have to continuously enter my information in. I have 2 gift cards. It'll only register one. Then it asks me to do the stupid captcha thingy, several times. Won't let me click on Apple Pay. Then, when I try to put my debit card information in, the gift card has disappeared, so I have to input that in again. THEN, when I try to submit, it gives me some utterly stupid message saying the "myself" address is incomplete, even though both my mailing and billing address are there! It shouldn't be this difficult to make a purchase, Omaha Steaks!!!
Show more
3 years ago, RobinSuzette
Great gift
I ordered a gift box for a family member and they were so excited to receive it!! They loved the breadth of the selection snd already had 2 steaks last night and write to tell me how delicious they were. Thank you!
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