Omio: Europe & U.S. Travel

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4 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Omio: Europe & U.S. Travel

4.88 out of 5
52.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Leona6666
One of the best app I’ve used
I usually don’t write reviews except to complain how bad it is. This app is one of the few that I wrote for positive. It’s so easy to use and made my two months travel in Europe less stressful. It paid attentions to so many details which was amazing! For example, the app updates the platform info once it’s available in the train system, the feature of locating the train station was especially useful for foreigners cause sometimes google map shows a different translation. Show all of tickets along with timeline made managing many tickets so much easier. The whole experience so far was smooth. Keep up with the good work!
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10 months ago, NeekzDaSneekz
Horrible customer service
Used this company to book two train trips. 3 days before my first trip, Omio sent me an email informing of a strike that would effect my travel. Being on vacation, I quickly booked flights to avoid dealing with any hassle of trip interruptions. A day before the strike was supposed to start, I had learned the strike had been called off. Omio informed me I needed to contact the train company to receive a refund. They blocked my credit card company from reissuing me my money. Omio customer service through email told me multiple times that the process for a refund can be done online, however, after asking multiple times for screen shots on how to do it, another agent told me it was not possible to do online and everything had to be physically mailed in. I had mailed my information in June to the train company and still have not received any word on if I will be getting a refund. Because of Omio’s email, they should have refunded me my money. The second trip I had booked through them went without a hitch. I would caution using Omio and book directly with the train company as much as possible.
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2 years ago, dpach018
Ok Travel
So it is easy to find and make train reservations, but when it comes to making changes… WOW! Omio is not user friendly. I had issues with my trip so I had to make changes for the trains and trying to figure out how to reach customer service was awful. They don’t have a chat services and then when I finally found how to email them it would give me an error that I couldn’t make changes to that confirmation which was frustrating but I could send the email anyway. Then, customer service doesn’t really until hours later. Just hope you don’t have to make changes on your trips because then it’s a mission and can’t get things done. I had to pay for all new tickets all over again. Just be careful if you decide to use Omio - if your for sure that your plans don’t change then go ahead but you can never plan for mishaps on the trip and changes but they don’t care.
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6 years ago, habdelra
This app saved our vacation!
We had booked a Mediterranean cruise that left out of Rome, however our connecting flight was 8 hours delayed because of mechanical problems. Which meant that we would just miss the boat. We asked the ticketing agent to rebook us on a flight part way thru the cruise so we could have some semblance of a vacation. The gate agent told us that no flights were available. With this app, I was able to book a flight to city that the boat made its first port while flying on my delayed flight. The tickets were actually really cheap for booking them literally 12 hours before the flight took off. This app saved our family vacation!! We didn’t miss any our our cruise! Thanks so much!!!
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4 days ago, Nolaboytn
SUPERB with Some Glitches
The Omio App is SUPERB! That’s the post! The only criticism that I have of the app is that sometimes the platform information is not accurate! For example, the app may tell you that no platform has been chosen for your train. Yet, when you look on the screen in the trains station, you will see that a platform has been selected. Hence, if you rely solely upon the app, you could miss your train. There was only one time that I noticed that the app, was accurate with the platform. Another issue is that the tickets that you add to your wallet, do not have the train number on them. Therefore, those who you share your wallet with, have no way of knowing the train number. They can see the time of the train, but without opening the app, you have no way of knowing the number. Other than that, the experience is flawless. I believe that I got the very best rate, booking at least a month in advance! I went from Rome to Venice and from Rome to Florence! I highly recommend using this app, on your visit to Europe!
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5 years ago, ThomWestNY
Easy to book
My first compliment is that this site is very easy to use and provides up to date comparisons between different modes of travel. A real life example happened to me while I was traveling in Germany. I missed boarding a train because the ticket booth had not yet opened and ticket machine was complicated to use and wouldn’t accept my credit card. So I unpacked my laptop to access this site to buy my ticket for the next train. The ticket was instantly sent to my iPhone. This incident taught me to check this site the night before travel.
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1 year ago, Someonewhoisoverbadupdates
Nonstop pop up notification asks ruins use
I don't turn notifications on, unless I want to. Unfortunately, while trying to simply search routes, this app asks you if you want to turn notifications on ...Every. Single. Time. Hitting the "maybe later" option doesn't work. It's like a child that asks for a cookie every two seconds. You hit "maybe later," and the second you enter your our journey, it pops up. You hit your return journey, it pops up. You hit your date, it pops up. On and on and on, everything becomes double the process because you have to keep turning the button that says "maybe later" off. Being bullied into turning on a notification button doesn't make me turn on the notification button. I have just deleted the app. There are too many apps that let you book your train journeys throughout Europe. This will not be the one I use.
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8 months ago, AmandaLou83
Worst experience I had in Europe
Bought a train ticket from their app from Frankfurt to Amsterdam. Decided to upgrade to first class so that I would have enough room for me and my luggage and I could enjoy the trip and scenery. When I boarded I sat in the first class cabin but I did not have a reserved seat. At the next stop someone said I was sitting in their seat so I moved me and my 45kg of luggage with me to a new seat. Next stop someone asked me to move again only this time there were no seats left!! I ended up standing up with my bags right next to the bathrooms for two hours! I could not even see the windows to see any scenery. It just could not have been worse. I have written to them asking for a refund for the “first class” portion of my ticket since they apparently sold me something they did not have.
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9 months ago, LilianaDanielle
Will put you through hoops for a refund.
I had my bus cancel the trip 2 days beforehand. I never got an email or any notice of this cancellation and when trying to get a refund from the bus company they told me to contact Omio, since Omio took my money. I contacted Omio and was told that I needed to get in contact with the bus company for my refund which makes no sense. Seeing as Omio is the one I gave my money to they are the one’s supposed to refund me. Thank god it was only $14 wasted, but my time and effort was overall wasted. Their customer service is horrible, they just send you an email and want to rush you off the phone. No real solutions, they just have you running in circles to get your money back.
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5 months ago, Dana LaPeze
Using this app has been a horrible experience for my husband and I. We booked a flight through this app and then the airlines service canceled our flight. It has been six months and we have still not been issued a refund. Omio says they were waiting to hear back from the airline, but they have not done anything in the meantime to issue a refund. This is extremely poor customer service, and I do not trust this app anymore. I do not recommend this app at all, I would book directly with airlines and transportation companies and not use a third-party servicer as this has been an extremely frustrating and disappointing process. I have no trust that I will be issued the refund for a flight that was canceled outside of my control.
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4 years ago, Beblake12
So I use this app ALL THE TIME to book tickets within Germany. I made the mistake of using it to book tickets for myself and two friends for a day trip. The app has a problem with changing the dates you’ve entered.. so I assumed the dates I entered would be the dates tickets showed up for, but it regressed to a previous search and they dates were mixed up. I ended up booking our 3 tickets for two weeks AFTER the dates I entered into the app. When I got to the station (less than 72hours after booking) I noticed the problem and immediately got on the phone with CS. The woman I spoke to (Olesia) said there was nothing they could do sine it was “my fault” for booking the wrong dates (even though it was a glitch in the app). So I spent an extra 50€ booking 3 new tickets at the ticket counter in the station. The customer service representative only offered me a 10% discount on my next trip booked through Omio but it only works for up to 300€.. so I spent 155€ on tickets that I will not be able to use myself, refund or transfer to someone else to use. BUT HEY! I save 10% on my next.. I’m not booking with you again.
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7 years ago, Morimeh
Used it frequently, still needs more direct simplicity
I used this app extensively for travel in Europe. I found it very convenient to book trains directly in Italy, France, Spain and Germany. However with the rest of the railways and all the airlines in Europe, they don’t provide any “direct” ticketing. That feature is great. I think they are on the right track but Ned to expand their “direct ticketing” feature extensively. If nothing else it gives a great overview of all the available bus, train and plane schedule and prices all in one place. That was the most convenient and helpful part of the app.
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2 months ago, anrosefa
have patience
I booked a flight with Omio a couple weeks ago and had to cancel due to my information being wrong- the refund process takes a while but if you are constantly checking up with them they WILL work with you- my refund took exactly a month to show up on my bank account but their team was so helpful (shout out to gabriella) and kept me updated on my situation!
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4 years ago, IriePat
Be Aware! Trying with Omio in emergencies is a nightmare.
It’s not trusting, I bought 2 tickets Valencia to Madrid more than a month before Covid19 emergency happened. When I tried to cancel before my trip because of Covid19 restrictions, I couldn’t do it because the app was saturated, when I tried to do it through costumer service emails, I got no answer, I tried from their Facebook page and just got a general message from a machine, when I tried to call it didn’t work either. So the week of restrictions came up and I couldn’t cancel nor contact any assistance from Omio. I spent $223 and one month and a half after they just refunded $88. So I’m deleting the app and unlike Facebook page, and I’m gonna leave all the worst reviews anywhere I see Omio, so they won’t do the same to other costumers.
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11 months ago, SoCal23
You’re better off buying directly from vendors
This is an incredibly shady app that takes advantages of its users in every single way possible. If you’re trying to change your ticket or request a refund they ask that you purchase tickets to the change you want to make then share that with them. If the pricing is not the exact same, they will not make the change for you and the will only give you a 45% off voucher (keeping 55% of your money). If by chance the ticket is cheaper, they may grant you that change but pocket the additional fees you paid but again, you need to run the risk of going in the hole of buying from them again and losing even more money.
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5 years ago, MatureGamer
Gives unrealistically short transfer times
Struggled for a long time trying to get round trip ticket from Florence to 5terre . Kept insisting on giving 5 minutes to transfer at La Spezia, even though that isn’t really possible with trains usually late. Going there wasn’t a big issue as one can just get the next train , but coming back that is a big problem. Decided to by each leg separately. Got first leg, tried to buy second and popped up error at end saying ticket purchase failed. Credit card was charged anyway. Tried again and again and app kept crashing back to search. Gave up and went to sleep and ticket from failed purchase arrived in the morning.
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2 years ago, mac11190
Incomplete Information
I was given 4 tickets for a 3-train ride from Paris to Bayeux which apparently were for the whole ride. When I went to scan them at the station, they did not work, and I was asked for the tickets for the first ride. It was only after I had boarded (after asking for help) and looked further into the app that I found the document with tickets for each leg of the ride, which weren’t in order. The fact that all I was given was 4 tickets that didn’t work (even when asking a train representative) is why I have given 2 stars. I will not be using this app again for international travel.
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8 months ago, chinyereigwe
Okay app
Truthfully doesn’t deserve more than 3 stars. Refunds are nightmare as others have stated. Great in terms of booking travel even last minute HOWEVER it ALWAYS gets the track number WRONG. Always check the screens at whatever station you’re at!!! When the track number has been posted, you think the app would update it to the correct number.. it doesn’t. This alone is the most frustrating thing and it needs to be immediately fixed or don’t put a track number in the first place since it’s never correct!!!
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1 year ago, WJY55
Be aware - Seat selections are the worst
Using this app has been very easy - we travelled all around Spain without a single problem. The one thing that has become apparent however is that the train operators must reserve only the least desirable seats for those who book through third party apps like this. At no time we’re we given a chance to select seats and every time without fail we either got seats with no window or center seats (where forward facing and rearwards facing seats meet) where we competed for knee space with another couple facing us (And of course the only seats without a table). Forewarned is forearmed.
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2 years ago, Euro Travel
Terrible Customer Service
Application changed ALL of my buses to completely different times upon purchase and immediately brought the issue to customer service. Was responded to days later (after dealing with the issue myself) and told what happened was a lie. Friends were stranded alone in cities as a result of this issue—a result of something I was told was impossible. The application also provides the incorrect customer service number and I had to hunt through google for the correct one. Omio is dangerous to rely on while traveling and I highly recommend buying directly from the train/bus companies rather than this terrible app and rude customer service.
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2 years ago, jpchen10
Lost all of my input after asked to change the train
Try to book tickets from Brussels to Paris for a group of six people. Input six people at the beginning and selected the train and typed in all six names and birthdays but at the end it told me the ticket was all sold out and asked me to pick another train. Got back from the beginning and picked another train but asked me to re-input all six names and birthdates.
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2 years ago, Dmoney15/
Buy directly through the train company
It's a good app to schedule trains but if you have cancellations your troubles begin because the train companies won't give you a direct refund on your ticket because of using omio. They make you fill out forms in their language and your request disappears into a black hole never to be seen again. Again it's great if you don't run into train strikes or all your trains are on time and don't miss a connection. It's not so great if any of that happens. Seems buying direct throgh the provider is more difficult but if you run into trouble it's easier to resolve.
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6 years ago, ScooterUSA
For the traveler
If you’re not using this app, you’re missing out, or, you have really bad friends for not telling you about it. It was my first excursion into Europe. If I could do it over, I would not have purchased a Eurail pass and planned everything through flights and used local rail for short connections. What I spent on the rail pass, I could have flown much easier with much less headache, and had time to see twice as many places.
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5 years ago, Maureen225
Tons of info and options offered
This app is easy to use and is full of pertinent information. Various routes are offered via multiple train/tram companies, as well as air and bus options. It includes filters, number of stops, route numbers, timing of stops and length of trips & layovers. I don’t believe you can purchase tickets on this site, but it’s always the first place I go when considering my options for European travel.
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2 months ago, Mainiac2
Train booking
Tried to book a train ticket, chose the trip, added all my personal info, app then displayed my selected trip details, but the app wouldn’t let me purchase the ticket. There was just no way to complete the transaction. I signed out and back into the app to try again, and same results. No way to purchase the ticket. I’ve used the app before and didn’t have any problem. Not sure why it was difficult this time. Still not able to purchase a train ticket.
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7 months ago, Curtis1983
Do not use in Bulgaria/Turkey!
I have lived in Bulgaria and am familiar with traveling. It’s not easy so the best thing I thought was to buy tickets online. I am currently traveling throughout Bulgaria and Turkey and was happy to think my tickets were taken care of. I was wrong. I arrived at the bus station in Sofia to travel to Plovdiv. The Arda Tur agent that contracts with Omio did not have any buses for my ticket time and date. Wow. Now what? I had to buy a ticket from another firm. When I arrived to Plovdiv, my next stop was Turkey and then back up to Bulgaria which included two more tickets purchased online. Also NOT VALID. I had to rebuy tickets to Turkey and back up to Bulgaria for completely different times which throws my schedule off completely. I will never use Arda Tur or Omio online ever again. If I was a tourist that did not understand and speak a little Bulgarian I would have been royally screwed. Worst contracting I have ever seen. Thanks for making a part of my trip horrendous.
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5 years ago, Shatzee23
So much easier than navigating the guidebook!
Traveling with my 13 y/o son and have never been to Germany. We planned our basic route before arriving from the US but did not have much other than hotel nights reserved. This app made traveling between cities and towns so much more manageable and gave us real time train schedules and prices. This made day trips slightly off the beaten path possible. Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, isabel318
This is the WORST service for tickets I’ve ever used! Worst client support, and worst solutions for refunds, 7 days to reply a miss informed email and never replied calls! they DONT refund the whole value you paid for, if you don’t want omio credits they will charge you even more! And the omio credits only come as individual discounts so if you want to use it all in one trip you have to buy separate tickets and PAY MORE service fees and PAY MORE for the rest of the ticket yourself even if you have money from another refund. They ROBBED me 7 euros now and a lot more, tying me to keep using this HORRIBLE SERVICE.
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5 years ago, KemM1
Navigating the South of France and Italy with ease!!!
I would’ve been lost without a few apps at my disposal during this trip...Omio is one of them! It made getting around for someone who speaks NONE of the languages common to this region, so easy!!! Destinations are clearly mapped and times/fares are accurate and very helpful when planning what you can squeeze of this lovely area into the time you have. I’ll never travel to Europe without it.
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3 years ago, Shorty_67
So easy!
As a young American who’s never traveled before, living in Europe and being able to get good deals on buses, trains, or planes literally anywhere around me (I get the student discount for the under-26 year-olds) it’s easier than the station tickets because it’s all in my language and it has every method of travel organized by cheaper or fastest, I love it.
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5 months ago, werdstredyuvfedyyggy
Good starting point
It gives a good idea of trips. Be aware that you can’t plan bus trips far ahead. And train traveling through Germany is so crappy (100% probability of missing a connection) that it shouldn’t even be offered as an option. Hopefully in the future they can add some flexibility, e.g. date -1 or +1 (now you have to make a new search), and location (nearby cities as an alternative).
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1 year ago, 90210 Dr tooth
Support is non existent
I bought train tickets for traveling in Italy. ITALO tickets are “exchangeable” I wanted to change departure times. They only have an app/online support form. It’s been a week and I haven’t heard back. Their “phone number” does not work. Otherwise getting tickets are easy just don’t expect any support from them.
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2 years ago, Megablast66
Omio: If you want to be unhappy while traveling
Imagine setting the return date a week from the day you arrive, showing all the same train numbers and services, making it nearly indistinguishable from the prior week. When booking a day trip I bought a train ticket there, and when I bought it back, it was nearly indistinguishable between the same day and the week after (my friends got same day). I accidentally got the week after. The people on the train made me pay TWICE the normal price AND Omio wouldn’t give me a refund. I am currently fuming.
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1 month ago, Cclcl
takes forever to load anything. half the time i’m waiting for awhile for anything to load for it to just say that there’s no results for my dates (train, bus, AND flight) thought it might be because i’m picking dates close to christmas/new years but tried looking at other days just to see and having the same issue. do trains not work on days next to holidays? i didn’t pick any actual holiday. wanted to plan a trip to a few different countries in europe but won’t be able to if i can’t find travel within the countries
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1 year ago, spaesthetice
This service changed my life
I've never booked with Amtrak, but I know this is the better option. I started using this app to take the train, which is scary when you're alone and a teenage girl. This app provides all of the answers for taking the train. It's convenient, easy, and budget friendly :) <3
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2 years ago, Mbbyrd
I have been trying to cancel my tickets since 10:00am and the webpage isn’t working on any device or Wi-Fi connection. I also cannot seem to get in contact with anyone for help. I have also message you on Instagram and Twitter. Your cancellation website does not work. Your phone number does not work. Your help center does not work. Your email does not work. We tried multiple phones, Wi-Fi, even from Spain and the U.S. We have to cancel due to very unfortunate events, please help. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Jdhdhensn
Creates unnecessary problems that made me miss my train
I bought tickets for the train online, then it made me download the app, but the app didn’t download in time because my service was bad so I couldn’t get the tickets. Then when the app finally downloaded, to get the tickets it takes me back to the website I was already on! Why did I have to download the app if it’s just gonna send me back to the website???? It’s wrong to create unnecessary issues that cost your users valuable time and money because you want to get a download.
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1 year ago, Southerngal:)
Booking train in Italy. While it’s easy to find train schedules and book, the pricing when compared to the train’s website was $40 more for the exact same tickets. Seat assignment was so random, not according to our preferences and not together even though the train website shows multiple seats together. You cannot change seats after booking and cancelling forfeits $$. Wishing I would have researched before booking here but app was recommended by place we are staying.
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2 years ago, JayZeeDubs
Customer Service Not Helpful
Inevitably there will be hiccups with travel and what you need in those cases are compassionate customer service reps. This is not the case with Omio. I missed a train due to a delay at heathrow but because I didn’t re-book my train before it departed (which I believe they didn’t get right because of time zone difference) they would not consider reapplying my funds to another ticket. Would not recommend this app if you don’t have money to lose. Just wait until you get to a train station and pay there.
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5 years ago, L1987
Perfect for the best Eurotrip ever!!!
I’m just crazy about this app because it shows you not only buses and flights, but also trains!!! And you can book from it too! I’ve been planing the perfect trip all over Europe and this is making everything easier and better! Highly recommend if you wanna see more without spending more.
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5 years ago, GondorGold
Glitch resulted in charges and no refund
I really liked goeuro and had been using it for about 6 months while living in Europe, but last month the app glitched and charged my card for a bunch of tickets I didn’t buy- customer service admitted to me that the iPhone app had glitched and the problem had been solved, but only refunded the most expensive tickets despite my own app showing me a bunch of archived trips for tickets i hadn’t used! I still have charges on my card that don’t make sense. If you download keep very careful track of the trips you are taking! I’ll be using Trainline now
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4 weeks ago, Thumper8da, winning!
Love but change for iPad
I love everything about this app, it’s use ability for keeping all of my reservations in one place is GREAT. My only request to the developers is to please let it go horizontal so that I can use my iPad with the keyboard. It makes it hard to toggle between apps when everything is horizontal and I have to crane my neck to read this. Thanks!
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8 months ago, X2CAP
Failure to launch
Do not use this APP! The worst! Customer service is a robot. We lost $100 on tickets we purchased but could not download. They tried to make it seem like it was our fault but it was not. We asked several people to try and even people at the train station. No one could get it to download our purchased tickets. We had to board train so we bought new tickets. I complained and sent new tickets but never heard from company again. I will never use this APP again and recommend you don’t either!!
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4 months ago, COOOL! BUT NEED MORE
Beware of Fake Prices
I have tried multiple time to buy a train ticket form this app but everything I find a price that’s reasonable it up charges $50 because of “price changes” but then when I close and reopen the app the ticket prices have not actually changed form what was first advertised. Update: The developer told me this was a connectivity issue. I’m not an app developer so I can’t comment on that but all I know is I tried on multiple different days both at home and on my school Wi-Fi. So do with that as you will.
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8 months ago, Jurassic park2
Good app, needs work
Good app overall, but needs to be more clear on some info about bus locations and where the bus is located as this has occurred twice; where the bus didn’t specify where they are located and that led to me missing the bus. Either provide more detail, and clearly have a place that shows the address or have a place where we can contact the bus driver or bus company directly. Other than that, it’s a good app
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9 months ago, B-boy E.
Aerial Map Needed
So far it works great. However, when visiting from another country, and Italian is not your native language, and your not familiar with the location, it makes it challenging to trust the routes it is given you after you submitted your locations and times of arrival and departure. Side note, I’m English speaking from the United States of America and visiting Italy for the first time.
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6 years ago, NYC Mamasita
Found a last minute super cheap fare in Italy
Tried to book a train ride from Milan to Portofino on TrenItalia but it was sold out. Couldn’t believe the super cheap fare I found on GoEuro! And it also had the time I needed to travel. The same time was sold out on the TrenItalia site! I downloaded the app and pulled up my reservation. It was easy peasy. I just hope it works tomorrow at the station!
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5 years ago, dyltravels
Haha this is actually the worst app ever, if you look at any prices for trains the app will purposely sky rocket in price later during the week. For instance I’m looking at the exact same train on the exact same website online through safari but because I already looked at the prices before on the app it’s a lot more expensive
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5 years ago, BeckyBee28
Easy for an American
I did a two and a half week trip through Europe and this was by far the easiest way to do train tickets. Most lines had digital tickets so there was nothing to do other than bring my phone! I almost couldn’t believe how most people still had power tickets. Highly recommend.
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9 months ago, Lilah Dellure
Doesn’t work on airplane mode!
Thank god I tested this before I left. It’s supposed to work offline, but it doesn’t. 1. You have to be online to make sure your tickets are there. 2. If you put it on airplane mode and try to open a ticket that you loaded ahead of time, the app crashes! You should download all your tickets/barcode ahead of time and save it locally on your phone. If you don’t have good data or Wi-Fi, this app will be useless to you on the road.
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