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Opticsplanet, Inc.
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User Reviews for OpticsPlanet.com

4.87 out of 5
10.9K Ratings
2 months ago, JHowellNP
Absolutely love Optics Planet
I have ordered tons of items from Optics Planet and will continue to do so for as long as Optics Planet is around or either I’m in a nursing facility or have passed away. They literally have everything I need as an avid outdoorsman with unbeatable pricing. The ability to earn OP bucks to use on future purchases is a huge bonus and I have found that their pricing typically beats any other websites prices. The shipping is always extremely fast and the items are well packaged and arrive without any damage whatsoever. For years I have ordered from numerous websites, but for the last few years I continually find myself returning to Optics Planet to purchase my outdoor gear and supplies. Keep up the great work Optics Planet and thank you guys for providing amazing customer service and top of the line products at unbeatable prices. And also thank you for your support of our service members as well as our health care professionals across the country. Optics Planet truly is a top notch company with great employees that look after their customers. I highly recommend Optics Planet to all my fellow outdoorsmen and now have multiple friends and family members using Optics Planet for most of their hunting/outdoor gear. Thank you guys at Optics Planet for everything!
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2 years ago, Hunt for Deer
Outstanding Customer Service
I’ve ordered several items from these folks within the last year and that said, they continue to set the model of superior personal customer service. I ordered an item, a range finder that happened to be on extended back order, they not only monitored this status but also offered us an option to upgrade to an available unit ready for immediate ship that was discounted significantly. This would’ve been an excellent deal however for simplicity and much smaller in size we opted to stay with our original choice selection. When this deal was originally suggested I was notified via email, since I hadn’t responded in a timely manner a representative actually picked up the phone and called us as further means of follow up on our back order. These guys rock in superior A&B CS! Keep up the great work OpticsPlanet team!
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2 years ago, Corban.c
I wish all the companies I do business with other than OP had an app that is as user friendly as Optics planet. Bass Pro and Cabelas I can lost on the first page. Midway USA doesn’t have one, Midwest Gun Works needs one but don’t have one. Many things would be easier for me if user friendly things would happen. As a veteran that got hurt very badly in service and received a Traumatic Brain Injury, caught a bullet, torn liver, 28 screws and rods in my spine. I had to relearn everything. So websites get difficult. Simplistic Apps I can typically handle. My biggest complaint about Optics Planet is how the military discount thing works. I don’t understand how to get my discount added on to my ending amount owed. But places like kryptek or Sitka. Even Midwest Gun Works adds my price to each item I add to the shipping cart. Certain things would be helpful. The app itself it a great help though.
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4 years ago, MrComa
Excellent app from a great company
I have been shopping with Optics Planet for many years. I’ll agree with the reviewers that say this app is easier to use than the website. As has also been mentioned, the Optics Planet app and website allow you to purchase items that are on backorder without explicitly warning you during checkout. The in-stock/estimated ship information IS listed for each item. You must simply pay attention. With all of that said, I find their willingness to backorder helpful. Many items are extremely hard to find these days and I appreciate knowing that a purchase is locked down. OP provides updates via email for backorder items and has not ever cancelled a item with me. Dozens of great transactions with Optics Planet and consider myself a loyal customer. I may still shop around for price options, but routinely end up back here.
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2 years ago, Tmoneysmovee27
Phenomenal App
I have made quite a few purchases through Optics Planet, and found that they are the best company for purchasing firearm equipment. They give great deals, and give you “OP Bucks” with everything you buy. I saw the app and decided to download it. I was not surprised to find it works well just like the website, but seems to be more suited for iPhone. I love being able to save my info, cart, etc. I believe this is the only review I’ve ever given on the App Store because this app has made shopping easier for me. I would recommend this to anyone who plans to make purchases over a period of time or just browse until they have the money to buy what they are looking for, the benefits are unmatched. OP Bucks have equated to about $600 in gear that I didn’t “pay” for.
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2 years ago, J11885
5 Stars across the board.
I love these guys. Always the best pricing, latest and hottest items in stock, fast shipping, great customer service. I’ve been very happy with every single purchase from OpticsPlanet. Great rewards program with “OP Bucks” and Exclusive “OPMOD” items only available at OpticsPlanet. The coupons, discount codes and “blazing deals” are the icing on the cake. Quickly becoming my one stop shop for all my outdoor sports needs and more. The app is fast and efficient. Keeps track of all my orders, account info, wishlists, cart etc. and coincides directly with the website in real time (which as we all know, it’s frustrating to lose a wishlist or cart order when shifting from site to app or vice versus). OpticsPlanet checks off all the boxes. I give 5 stars across the board. Thanks OP, JF.
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2 years ago, TrashPanda85
No more rainy day Bluez
From Covid to the rainy day Bluez it seemed like the magic 8 ball is stuck on outlook not so good. If you too are finding it hard to make ends meet let alone get awesome top line gear at anything affordable chin up . The optics planet app will hook you up with gear you couldn’t afford in your next lifetimes. I don’t know how they do it - none of the gear is damaged flawed or used. Next rainy day or time you’re down in the dumps start planning for better days out in the great wilderness at prices you’ll be able to afford. I love using this app for times my brain needs a vacation but there’s just no time for that. I can browse the gear plan to buy it my cart is never whipes out or maxed out it brings my spirits up.
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2 years ago, Frist1789
Best App since KillerApp
Back in the ‘00’s (naughties), there was a website called KillerApp that gave comparisons off all PC gaming components down to last detail and gave options on configs that marketing never did. Opticsplanet app is like that. If there is a variant of what u want, it will be listed under the green radio button “select version.” If there are reviews and comments on ur product, u will learn more that u thought u needed to know. Awesome feedback from staff on what to use on what item, customer support are real people answering phones, prices are awesome and return policy is as it should be, weighted towards the serious builder who wants the right parts and wastes no ones time. Look fwd to future updates!
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4 months ago, Fun fun fun!!!!.!!
My favorite, firearm and gear store.
I absolutely love this app. It has so much on here whether it’s accessories or parts or gear. I have shown my son and nephew who are both getting in the firearms. We had spent many hours together looking through things talking through things and it’s been really awesome experience. I am very appreciative to all those who are involved with it and make it so easy to use with such customer friendly service. I would love to do write ups on products and reviews and test them. Also, if there’s ever any type of spot for that, that would be. an incredible opportunity. So thank you so much and I hope y’all have a wonderful evening.
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4 years ago, TerhuneT
Outstanding App / Outstanding Company
I have been using various apps to purchase products for many years and OpticsPlanet is one of the best around. Not only is the app outstanding and easy to use but the customer support is equally as outstanding. I recently bought an item that didn’t fit my non-standard weapon and I returned it for a quick no hassle refund. I purchased the correct item and it arrived in a timely manner. Best of all, OpticsPlanet is a American company and not one from overseas that takes months to get your items. Look no further than OpticsPlanet because they are great to buy from and deal with in this modern day internet shopping market. This Army Veteran give OpticsPlanet app and the company 5 stars.
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5 years ago, Mark Wiz
A Good Choice - If You’re Careful
Optics Planet usually has as good or better prices than ebay or anyone else. I like that one can use PayPal Credit here and get their 6 month no interest on orders over $100. However, on the negative side, their value (free) shipping is pretty slow, so don’t expect anything to be delivered in less than 10 days. Also, MAKE SURE that you verify that every item you purchase is in stock Before you order it. I failed to do that and I waited over 2 months for an item that always showed a “2 to 11” delivery date. Finally had to cancel and get it elsewhere - BUT Customer Service was polite and effective when I called to cancel the item.
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2 years ago, xSK0RCHx
Great prices and service easy to use app
Very happy with this app. It makes everything from ordering to returning items easy. The backorder button is a very nice addition most websites don’t offer. You can get an email to let you know when an item is back in stock just like the others or lock in your purchase. Make sure you click on the availability link to see how long the item is expected to be on backorder though. If you find somewhere else before they fulfill your order it’s quick and easy to cancel it. Shipping times are quick and customer service is among the best.
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3 years ago, zbxivfjgxygbs163830
Positive experience
I never rate anything not matter how good/bad it is, but I felt like OpticsPlanet deserved a good review from me. Their app is extremely organized and easy to navigate, and their customer service is superior! I had questions one time about what particular scope to purchase for what my goals were, and they put me in contact with one of their specialists who walked me through what they would recommend and why. Sure enough, it was exactly what I was looking for! And I’ve had no issues with it at all! I love the app, company, and employees! I hope everyone has the same experiences I’ve had with it!
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2 years ago, Albert Jeffers / acidbaby
Everything I Ever Wanted
Gee, thanks for the new addiction guys. You've made it so easy to build a weapon I thought people only dreamed about or played in video games. I'm putting together the ultimate AR because you're prices are awesome, your rewards are plenty and I can pick and choose everything down to the tiny bolts and springs. Very extensive arms catalogue, easy to browse, great features like a wishlist. OP shipping is often ups so it can be a little slow but that would be y only complaint. You've got a customer for life here, never in a million years did I think I'd be building a high end rifle, but here I am!
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1 year ago, Veteran and Patriot
Awesome App
I’ve ordered from Optic Planet for years and love this easy to use app. I also love that when you place an order that if something comes up that you need to change your mind that you can easily go in and cancel your order while it’s in the normally 2-4 day processing stage, (Of course that’s if it hasn’t already shipped). Their return policy has been easy as well and in the only few times I needed it, shipping was free and I just added the credit to my account as I buy more from OP that I do from the other reputable companies; IE:(Brownells, PSA and Midway USA) that don’t have an app.
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2 years ago, StreetDocLR
The ease of use is outstanding
Obviously some apps are better than others. These days ‘most’ are fairly good in how we interface with them, however sometimes issues still pop up. Buggy, etc. OpticsPlanet is one of the few I’ve used where I cannot honestly remember the last time I experienced an issue. It’s simple, straightforward, yet gives you a ton of information when you’re looking for it - rather than dumping it ALL on you, requiring you to sort out what you needed. Very very well laid out and intuitive.
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4 years ago, JasonThomg21
Don’t waste your time or money! Go to Primary Arms, Brownells or Midway USA instead! I’m deleting this ridiculous app, what a joke! I ordered stuff (for a birthday grift) from this site that said “In Stock” and will take 1-4 days to ship out to me. On day 5 I get an email saying it’s taking longer than expected and no estimated time of when it will be shipped out. It’s been about 2 weeks now and still nothing! Tried calling and you only get an automated machine saying the same thing and instead of trying to do something to make up for it like rush delivery or throwing in a little something for the trouble or even a discount, nothing! Top it all off, if I want a refund it’ll take 3 weeks just to get my money back!!! I’m not the only one that this has happen too either! A few of my buddies and tones of people from a Facebook group I’m in as well
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4 years ago, LexLex4951
During COVID-19 crisis I was able to get anything and everything I needed. See I’m in Alaska and most specialty items are not readily available in our retail stores...which leads to online shopping. Well, I couldn’t find toilet paper but was able grab a couple extra mags for my glock, a new tactical stock kit for my mossberg, a birthday present (marmot jacket for my wife), some camping gear for our upcoming summer weekends—-ALLL SEPARATE ORDERS—-and people this place is legit. Mind you most places either: wouldn’t ship, were shutdown, out of stock, closed, etc all due to COVID-19 and this place kept me stocked up in Alaska with minimal wait times. Outstanding.
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5 years ago, Original RidgeRaider
Excellent company
Excellent company with a great selection of items. Free shipping and returns. If you don’t need or want your item immediately you can wait a few days and catch a 10% off coupon. I always shop around for items I buy to see where I can find it the cheapest. OpticsPlanet is not always the cheapest but they are more times than not. I’ve seen some people complain about speed of shipping if you want it faster you have an option to pay for faster shipping and occasionally the item ships directly from the product company and not OP which usually increases the shipping time.
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3 years ago, john moses stoner
Optics planet delivers!
I have ordered an embarrassing amount of products from optics planet. I have had an inventory issue or two, I have had a manufacturer error, which optics planet resolved, and I have received the wrong item before. Optics planet has a huge inventory, and an even larger demand for said inventory. How they handle their website in conjunction with there warehouse, vendors, shippers, and customers is beyond me. It sounds like a logistical nightmare, yet they still promptly deliver, and handle any customer inquiries. All that, plus their discounts, keeps me, a return customer. Thanks optics planet! You’re my one stop shop
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1 year ago, SCAR 17 guy
Worth a try
I’ve ordered a few orders at this point promptness from order day to shipping day is not bad, shipping times can be lengthy depending on the item. My only complaint is the coupons you receive in your shipment, they are always expired by the time I have the coin to make another order. All in all pretty good app definitely better for someone with less experience trying to order something firearms related and in return getting something back that’s good quality instead of the hundreds of knock off and cheap quality items you see floating around the internet.
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7 months ago, JWMAK
Good app for outdoors
I have shopped with OP before and what really brings me back is the free shipping and coupons that are offered on their store. I had a rather bad experience from 3 years ago, but I went back to give them another shot and I won’t complain. Just be aware that the product you’re looking for is actually in stock and not on back order. While orders for back-order items are possible, but if you’re in a need for them, then wait until available or look elsewhere.
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2 years ago, Mookie mets
Highly recommend
Optics planets app is awesome. I’ve been so impressed with the ability of the app to consistently have items priced at lower than the actual company that makes the product. I’ve bought optics, slings and ammo at prices significantly lower than the company that produces those products websites offer. Idk how that even makes sense but I’m talking like 15 bucks cheaper than the manufacturer. Can’t recommend optics planet enough. One of the best sources for ammo as well. Great prices. Fast shipping. Great customer service as well.
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4 years ago, Sam526
The app is good, the service is upmost trash though
I have been trying to get ahold of any kind of customer support with help on my orders, all to no avail. Email after email are only responded with automated messages. Call waits are painfully long. When I finally do get ahold of someone, they regret to inform me that it is too late to change/alter the status or address of my order. Now I get it, we are all human and people make honest mistakes, but I have over $200 dollars tied up with optics planet with none of the products in hand. I really want to like you optics planet, but man do you make it hard. And please don’t blame Covid for all of your problems, yes we are all suffering from it, but really how hard is it to do a call back system or listen to voice mail.
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2 years ago, Mike D. FL
Great experience so far
I’ve been ordering stuff from Optics Planet since 2018. So far I have not encountered delays with shipping out my product nor have I encountered problems with my items being out of stock. Perhaps I’m not ordering highly sought after items or I’m just lucky. Items that are in stock tend to ship within 1-3 business days. I am very happy with my experience so far. The app makes it easy to me to place orders when I’m not at the computer. Nothing fancy. Just good enough.
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3 years ago, 164270
Best App/ Tactical Shop
I’ve been using OpticsPlanet while serving in the Military and still use them now after I’ve retired! There is no other place I will use to get the items I need!! It’s very rare if they don’t carry a item I am looking for but calling “Customer Support” in those few times…. Without hesitation helped me find were I could get the item I was looking for! I’m a loyal member and will always promote OpticsPlanet and get my buddies still in the teams to use them for their needs also!
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1 year ago, Patrick Irish
App makes shopping so much easier!
I accidentally ran across these guys while searching for a specific part for one of my rifles and then was introduced to there app! Wow!!! Don’t understand why all the outdoor suppliers don’t invest in apps especially one as well done as Optics Planet’s app! Because of this investment by Optics Planet (the app) I now use them and the app as my go too for all my shooting and outdoor sports needs! Well done Optics Planet!! Awesome App makes shopping so much easier than just a website!!
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3 years ago, self taught gunsmith
Fantastic app
Not only is this a great company with tons of great deals, it comes in an app that is extremely easy to use and makes buying needed products too easy. Probably a little too easy because i have spent waaaay too much money on here lol. But with fast shipping and tons of items in stock from camping to shooting, who says you can ever have enough gear? Keep up the good work guys. Just wish they would send more coupon codes and I might buy even more stuff. OP bucks is great but 10-20% off occasionally would be nicer
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3 years ago, Garbini408
Easiest ordering of multiple supplies!
I discovered Optics Planet last year but just learned about the app a few months ago. Thought I never had a problem ordering from he website the app made my life that much easier. It saves my orders across both my iPad and phone, saves my payment method and makes me ordering supplies enjoyable. I love just opening the app and seeing what i can find. Highly suggest downloading this app cause it will make your life so much easier!
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9 months ago, K090a
Been using for years
I’ve been using optics planet for years and I love them. I price compare and trust me you won’t find better deals. Customer service is best through email, they will answer phone if you wait a little bit. I’ve used their return process as well and I’ve never had any problems. Give it time it’ll take a few weeks to process but the process is overall easy as heck. I’ve never came across a more legit company.
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4 years ago, KING NATHAN
Top Notch But Pay Attention
I’ve placed many orders with Optics Planet and the app is far superior to the web version. 100% on that. As for the buying and shipping, it is what it is. Pay close attention to the availability of what you’re ordering. They allow out of stock items to be added to your cart and purchased. Shipping in the past has always been quick. During the Corona mess it has been slow but so has every other gun related site. If you know how to navigate their site then it’s worth it.
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3 years ago, Uh72hunter
Great Company and Excellent Customer Service
I really enjoy this company. Their customer service is top notch. I ordered a CCO for my rifle, and it went one sale 24 hours later. I simply emailed the company through the “Contact Us” link, requested a price match, and it was in my account less than 3 hours later no questions asked. The only issue I’ve ever had is some of the products being sold out because they’re so popular. I definitely shop here too much.
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3 years ago, JLEELANG
Top Notch Company and App
No issues to report from this guy. These guys have just about everything and at competitive prices. Don’t like dealing with EBay to many scams, you don’t know much about what where and who you’re dealing with. Not the case with OpticsPlanet these guys are legit I’ve used them for multiple items on an AR15 build, converting my Remington 870 into a tactical shotgun and other miscellaneous items . Everything has been delivered timely and is exactly as advertised.
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3 months ago, yfnowkjnwjsodkjz
Long time customer
I’ve been using optics planet since the time before apps. They usually find good brands that are up and coming. Brands you’ll love for the price, the fit, the look, the function before the hype drives up the price and lowers the quality. Always something worth buying on here. With OP bucks it helps dampen the hit to the wallet too. But buyer be warned, you’ll spend money on this app. Might find yourself spending more then your wife would like.
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2 years ago, AresianNight
The app is lovely. I’ve always quickly found multiple options that suit my desires for parts and accessories… shipping and stock, on the other hand, have been less reliable. Once, product got lost in the mail (which, could be blamed on USPS, once, I actually forgot I ordered something until notified a few months later that I’m being reimbursed for the product. In either case, the reputation across the community is good, and the customer service experience has been stellar each time.
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3 years ago, sightking
Optics Planet iOS App
I have only been using app for maybe 3-4 months already and like that it’s much easier than using a browser. I like how it remembers your cart and keeps it updated. My only complaint is not with their app but wish that I didn’t have have to call in every time for military discount. I wish I could verify my status and have that discount permanently linked to my account like some others companies do. Anyway…great app overall!
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1 year ago, Amkeblvmr0n
More outdoorsman companies need to follow this example
This app has made it so much easier to purchase and find all the items I need. From hunting to fishing and everything in between. My addiction to the 2A related items has never been easier to fill. A must have application! More outdoorsman companies should follow Optics Planets lead and develop apps! 10/10 will recommend! Plus the east to file support claim and responsive teams make it absolutely a dream!
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4 years ago, bullpupghost
Best tactical online store!
Optics Planet is by far my favorite place to shop. They have the best selection of gun parts and tactical gear over anywhere else. Customer Service is top notch and shipping is fairly fast if the product is in stock. My only complaint is that there is a lot of gear that is not in stock and if you order it, it takes a long time to get here if it comes at all. But if that’s the case, customer service is there to handle it very fast. Great place. Definitely my favorite online store!
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1 year ago, Reaper2010eagle
Value and selection
OpticsPlanet has one of the biggest selections of overall firearms equipment and accessories along with anything hunting, shooting and tactical related. Available at some of the best prices around, they run constant deals and are honestly in my opinion the best value when it comes to shopping for any of said items in the categories mentioned above. They are my primary destination when it comes to anything firearms related.
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2 years ago, tonto tichs tasty review
Honor the customers needs 1st
I had purchased a jp enterprise 9mm silent captured spring with the nickel bcg and it was a final sale believe. We’ll long story made a short I had to return it and not only was it passed the allotted time for returns the item wasn’t supposed to be taken back in the first place but they did and gave me a full amount in store credit. The only bad thing is it’s hard to spend this $400+ too many options. Just saying…….
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3 years ago, 11BravoVet
Everything you need
I’ve shop with optics planet numerous times they have stuff when other websites or out of stock or don’t have anything. They have anything for your AR platform or rifle anything for shooting. I look here before I go anywhere else when looking for scopes, parts,anything for my AR platform and I will say the shipping has gotten better, very pleased I continue to do business with this OpticsPlanet and they sent me a hoodie this winter👍😂
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2 years ago, DevinS098
Keep coming back
I fall in and out with building new weapons but every time i get back into it i come right back to this app. Never fails me to find a part i need cheaper on here then many other sites on top of being able to using the points from previous purchases to knock the price down more. OP will always have my business. Fast shipping, easy to use app/site and never had a shipping issue.
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5 years ago, BCW100
Great Service
When I’m looking for a firearm or hunting related item I always check OpticsPlanet first. Their prices are great and the service is outstanding. Recently I had to return an item after the 30 day deadline. After a couple of email communications with the service department they worked it out in such a way that they excepted the item back with a restocking charge and they shipped the replacement item to me. I can’t say enough about their great service.
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1 year ago, Sierra Delta.
True American Company!
My personal experience with them is nothing but positive. Was traveling for work and had the opportunity to stop in the store. Within minutes me and a couple guys working there had a $10,000 thermal looking at turkeys @ 1100yds away in a field you could see from the parking lot. They support the PRS through 30% off certs that I personally used on a Vortex HD 3 scope (do the math on that!). In my opinion, best all around!
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6 years ago, xArchangel79
Excellent Company and Great App
I’ve been a customer for 9 years now and OpticsPlanet is one of the top vendors I shop with for my major purchases. I’ve rarely had issues with products or orders. Those few times I did, it was taken care of quickly with no additional cost to me. The app is easy to use and makes the shopping experience even better. I will continue to support OpticsPlanet as long as they keep serving their customers this well.
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5 years ago, Thaskin
Worst company ever
This company is a joke, I have a hard time believing the reviews on here are accurate. I’d look at the reviews online, more people share the same experience. I’ve used this company two times now and both times have been a joke. They say items are in stock but there not, once you get an email saying your order was complete they’ll say it will ship in 1-3 days, then you’ll wait a week before you wonder what’s going on call them and be on hold for an hour tell you finally speak to someone, for them to say it’s on back order it’s expected to ship in 2 months. This company is a joke, not only did this happen one time but twice and the last.
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2 months ago, T.Worrell
The only place I go to buy my red streaks of glorious 9 mm ammunition! Very easy to use and the app is so easy to configure and move around within while checking out all kinds of cool stuff! I really regard this company as one of the top grossingcompanies on Google because of their love for optics. Thank you once again and good job when the end of the world comes, at least we know which way we're pointing our guns.
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1 year ago, Shaggs 25
I love these guys!!
Well, I haven’t been doing much in the last few years as a purchasing in building AR’s like I usually do, but I decided to get back into it to keep myself occupied with this crappy weather lately. They have some of the best prices around excellent selection and free shipping. You cannot go wrong. You guys are awesome. Keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep coming back. Thanks again guys!!!
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5 years ago, Mr. Munchausen
On That Bad Review
I've ordered from OP several times for several different things with a high degree of satisfaction. I order mostly optics for firearms and all but one were perfect. I had a mounting ring break during installation. I contacted them and had an apology and two new mounting rings in two days. It's not the most high -end optics but it's better than I can see. I personally think that this is a reputable company and I'll continue doing business with them.
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5 years ago, Goodolboy74
Excellent prices and great communication
I joined optics planet just recently and I’m sorry I didn’t find them sooner. There prices are great and communication on orders is superb. There app is incredible and never have a problem finding what i put in the search field. There promotional sales are like no other and i will be purchasing many items from them in the coming years. Thank you so much for being my favorite and new number 1 company.
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