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User Reviews for Orbitz Hotels & Flights

4.79 out of 5
395.2K Ratings
3 years ago, Marksview
Agent booked flight correct and hotel dates wrong!!!
This is the first time I’ve had an issue with Orbitz and use them all the time this time I called spoke with an agent who booked the correct flight dates in my hotel incorrect out of the country. Thank goodness I realize before I left to go on vacation. I can only imagine going out the country and them telling me they have no room booked for me. I called to get the issue corrected I was on the phone for an one hour and a half and told a supervisor will call me back which was unacceptable because there should’ve been someone I could speak to right away then I was told they will call me back in 10 to 20 minutes I never got a callback until two hours later. I called back spoke to a supervisor for One hour and a half who had me on hold for 30 minutes never came back to the line never showed any empathy about my concern. When she came back to the line 30 minutes later after telling me she was going to review the call she tells me sorry I have to pay for anything extra. Which again is unacceptable because I didn’t cause this error she hung up on me and never called me back. This was a total of three hours that I spent trying to get my vacation rectified only to have to call back again to speak with another supervisor who then finally accommodated me. This was the worst service that I’ve ever had with Orbitz. It really has me questioning going forward if I will continue to use them.
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5 years ago, Chicky60s
Orbitz App Troubleshooting
After spending s few days researching the hotels, it became obvious that I needed to book soon. Using a wireless PC, I spent about 3 days in a row trying to book the trip, only to see error messages about technical difficulties. We had a power outage and I was using the phone app. It was working, except not showing where I could select “nonstop” flights. Again, having major problems getting the trip booked. Every time I’d go thru the process to book the trip, an error message would say that one of my flights just got sold out. This was in error!! What was happening was that the flights and 3 trips were charged to my card, when the message said they were sold out. Consequently, I missed out on getting the flight time that I wanted, because the others said they were sold out. Not happy with this at all. If anyone is able to rectify this (and now the hotel is showing as less expensive), please advise ASAP.
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3 years ago, Lifehouse SDA
Horrible Customer Service!!
First of all I’m a loyal customer to Orbitz I always use their services when it comes to my travels needs but not until March 17,2021 when I purchased car rental along with the insurance. When I tried to pick up my car at Payless in San Diego they said that they are franchise so they don’t take any car insurance from what orbitz has offer. They even told me to call orbitz to get the refund so I did call right away and they submitted the refund request. After 12 days I called them back to follow up on my refund the customer service from orbitz has no record at all on my case so they put me on hold for so long so they can contact Payless in San Diego they said that they never respond. I told them I paid orbitz why not just refund my money they said that they need to confirm with Payless. So they called again and emailed but no response. She ended up told me that once she receives an email from Payless they will refund right away just wait for an email. So It’s almost a month now I called them again to find out what is the status of my refund guess what same answer from Orbitz customer service no record at all on my 2 conversation and I had to go through the same process that they did before. This company is Horrible with their customer service!!!! they put me on hold again waited for more than 30 minutes still no refund.
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2 years ago, Liarac
Never using it again
I was told that I had a credit available that I had until March 13, 2022 to book a flight, but they never mentioned that my flight needed to completed before that date. When I called to book a flight using my credit, they told me that the flight needed to be completed before March 17, 2022 which it was a different date from the beginning and with the inconvenience that had only 5 days left to complete my travel, if I didn’t want to loose my credit. Then they suggested me to book a cheap flight that would supposedly cost me $45 from LA to MIA to not to loose the entire credit that I had in the beginning. And told to call back to book my real travel and to use my remaining credit. I never got a receipt of that amount and When I called back to Orbitz, they told me I used $72 instead of the $45 that I originally planned on using with the excuse that it would be better that loosing almost $400 of my original balance. I requested to talk to the manager or corporate and Ajpit (the person who I spoke to at last) or something like that refused to get me in contact to explain my situation that I’ve been going through the couple of weeks. I also requested proof of my remaining credit and apparently they are the only ones that can see it. Don’t put yourself into this headache and book your travels somewhere else.
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2 years ago, rhuntsma
Great location near Disney and clean and adequate overall. A bit run down and in need of a refurbish (it’s a pretty old hotel and the rooms are starting to show their age.) They had an issue at checkin where they listed us in a different room than we were in and then deactivated our door access cards on our second day telling us we were in the wrong room and that they had assigned our room with all of our belongings contained there in to someone else. Took a while to finally convince them of their error and for them to let us back into our room. This event was frustrating and a bit concerning as to the security of our personal belongings left in the room. Also we were there for 3 days and never once had maid service. I’m assuming due to the same clerical room issue mentioned above. We ended up just requesting fresh towels as they only gave us 4 to start and we were a party of 6. Hadn’t had issues like this when we stayed here several years ago so maybe was just a random isolated incident this trip. Again, the location was within a short walk to Disneyland so weighing that with the other issues I would have to give them an average rating as a result.
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3 years ago, Tourist?
Easy to book, impossible to change
I don’t really understand Orbitz’s concept of customer service. Sooooo easy to book, yet impossible to change absolutely anything. Due to japan still not allowing anyone in their country, I’m having to TRY and make a simple change to a booking of a flight that we planned to use as a connection while staying a couple of days in that city before and after we depart for japan and when we return. Yet even though I purchased flight insurance (keep in mind, I don’t want to cancel just change) it is still like pulling teeth to get someone to talk to me and assist me in a simple change with the exact same air carrier. It will not allow any change in the app and only gives me a contact number to call to speak to a “customer service” agent. The first time I called, even though it said a 3 hour wait, I figured it wouldn’t take that long. 4+ hours later, after I cleaned my house, went to the gym, showered, and made and ate my dinner, I gave up. The second time l opted to get a call back anndddd they never called back. This is the third time, yet again waiting for a call back after I thought first thing in the morning might change the result, but still 3+ hours of nothing. I am coming up ON 12 FULL HOURS OF HOLDING AND WAITING FOR A CALL BACK. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Orbitz?!?
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2 years ago, Goldstandard1000
Inaccurate info on website/poor customer service
I had recently reserved a car with Sixt through Orbitz. The price displayed through Orbitz showed taxes and fees were included in that price. When my credit card was charged, it was about $118 extra than what I initially booked. Confused, I called Orbitz customer service who willingly canceled the reservation and told me I would get a full refund and that they apologize for the error. Unfortunately they penalized me by withholding $100 saying that Sixt policy withholds $100 for any cancellations. I pointed out to Orbitz that it was an error on their end (I sent screenshots and their receipt to prove the confusion). I then contacted Sixt, he said they do not have any funds, Orbitz is the one withholding the funds. Orbitz pointed the finger at Sixt and Sixt pointed the finger at Orbitz. The situation was never resolved. Been using Orbitz for years and I’ve been so disappointed in this situation which lacks integrity, dishonesty and zero care for the customer. Will make sure to never associate with Sixt again (there are plenty of other car rental companies that are way less expensive and do not have inconsiderate penalties) and Orbitz. I will give my time and energy to companies that operate in integrity and care for their customer.
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1 year ago, bboozer
Nice boutique hotel
We had a great time at this resort. It is not fancy, but clean and well maintained. We especially Loved the free morning coffee in the lobby. We spent most of our time at the smaller quiet pool and hot tub. As for our room, It was nice having our own refrigerator. The last day we were there the entire building’s AC went out, and this seems to be a common problem from reading other reviews. It made sleeping very uncomfortable. Hopefully they get this fixed soon. Other than that, the beach was lovely, perfect sand and beautiful water. Sunsets are amazing. We never snorkeled off of our beach, but it looked nice. Good ambience at night and a quiet resort, unlike the mega resorts nearby. Ping pong table in lobby was always occupied, would be nice if they added more stuff like this for families. Parking was much easier than other resorts too, but you do have to pay a resort fee of $25/night, like most places. Shout out to their maintenance workers who helped us more than once, they were amazing and went above and beyond. I would stay here again.
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2 years ago, 💔heartbreaker
I am extremely disappointed
To start I will say I knew going in that it wasn’t a fancy place, all I wanted was a safe and clean place to stay for the night, to say I didn’t get either one is a understatement, to start there was a lady yelling profanities in the driveway and nothing was done, I did not feel safe leaving my car in the parking lot, once in the room I noticed there was no security lock on the bedroom door, it reeked like an ashtray, the floor was stained and the bedding had burn marks and cut marks all over and there was graffiti all over the bottom of the bed frame the bathroom door was held on by the top hinged so I couldn’t even shut the door, i felt scared for my life and the safety of my family and my vehicle, I felt like it was a crime scene, when left there was someone leaning up on our door listening to us talk, I spent 5 mins in the room and felt so dirty that I would feel safer sleeping in my car then staying in that room, im extremely disappointed on how orbitz could allow this type of place to be rented out on their site, I expected more and when I mean more I mean a clean and safe place to sleep, I will never be using orbitz again for anything for their lack of concern over this matter
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2 years ago, Green eyed Latina
Thoroughly pleased
I just spent an extra $30 using the Orbitz app and I’d do it all over again. I tried using a particular air line’s app to book a flight. This isn’t my first rodeo. I’m quite familiar with several air lines’ apps and this experience should have gone just as smoothly as every other booking I’ve done for our family. After entering the flight info I was searching prices for an ad popped up instantly with “an invitation to join the savings club”. This cost a whole other fee & frankly that wasn’t what I was interested in. After closing the ad it spit me right back to where I had started. I tried unsuccessfully to get help from their little “help” bot who couldn’t understand “I cannot book my flight”. I simply hopped over to Orbitz & within 5 minutes the flight was purchased. I’m never looking back. From here on well use Orbitz for fast simple flight bookings.
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3 years ago, سلمان وڑائچ
They are big liars I have booked a flight for five people from JFK to Lahore Pakistan for almost $ 3700, but in these days covid’s third wave broke out and I have called the orbitz that now we don’t want to travel so what options we have the lady told that you have two options that you can get credit vouchers and the second one that you get money back but there will be a deduction of $360 and you have to wait up to 12 weeks I said ok the second one is good for me just refund the money after whatever deduction you want made she did it and said that it’s done. I waited for 12 weeks and after that I called them again that I have not received anything can you please check it and now the lady said that you got the credit vouchers and and you have not called at that time to cancel the flight so you can’t have refund you can have vouchers only. She kept on lying that I have not cancelled at that time that’s why I have to accept this. Now I want to tell the people that this app is fraud totally don’t believe on them what ever they say you can pay a bit more but buy the tickets from airline directly and save your money.
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8 months ago, Thatbreezetho
Best trip of my life! Loved every minute of staying at the Sunbreeze hotel! It it’s so clean!! The staff are absolutely wonderful and I mean everyone. I don’t think a single person who works there, didn’t smile at us everyday. This is my second time staying at Sunbreeze hotel and it was just as perfect as the last time. The staff helped with any need we had on the trip, right down to giving us directions, helping me get my lost cell phone back, helping us schedule the puddle jumper flights back to the main land, helping us with all our luggage so we didn’t have to worry about anything when we arrived… and honestly so much more. The the divemasters were AMAZING!! We came here on a girls trip to just dive for a week I loved every second we spent on the water with the dive crew Ambergris divers. Scheduling a dive was so easy. We just walked to the dive stop in the morning to and scheduled our dives for the following day. The Blue Water grill AMAZING!! The food is incredible breakfast lunch and dinner. And the waitstaff are a so nice. This hotel is beautiful and welcoming. I’ll be diving here for years to come and this will definitely be the place I stay.
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3 years ago, orbitz cannot help
Will never use again.
Every time I called , I was told something different. All I did was change my flight to a later one and I regret it because it became the most complicated issue . I was told I would get my money back after 3 business days and after that did NOT happen , I was told a lesser amount than what was said before would be refunded . I was displeased with that so I was told a manager would call . Waited two business days and no call . When I called the 3rd time, they told me the money (the lesser amount) came back to my account within that day when again , it did not and the original agent said 3 days . Everyone had a new piece of information and was very unhelpful with the way they kept repeating the same thing . The sad part is the person who referred this app was so excited. Meanwhile I was excited to tell you all that orbitz MAY be good for travel in general , I wouldn’t know this is my FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE with them; but if you have any issues , I you may as well just take the loss because they tell you things that do not happen AND they avoid the issue by repeating what you already understand.
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4 years ago, fredolm
Orbitz did not refund the money on a cancelled flight
I have been a faithful Orbitz customer for over 20 years. I booked a flight on Orbitz for a May flight date. The flight was cancelled in the middle of the Coronavirus issues. I paid for insurance in case the flight had to be cancelled. My event was cancelled so I cancelled the flight expecting that my money would be refunded. Instead, Orbitz gave me a credit on my account which I had to use to book another flight through Orbitz. When I rebooked the flight through Orbitz, they told me that I couldn’t buy cancellation insurance on the rebooked flight. Because of the rise in Coronavirus infections, I have to again cancel my flight plans - so now, according to this new policy, I feel like I am screwed out of my money. This wouldn’t have happened if Orbitz would have sent my money back and I would have been able to book a new flight.
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6 years ago, MetaLakeJack
Orbitz - Horrible Customer Experience When Attempting Changes or Cancellations
Good luck anytime you want to cancel a reservation on Orbitz. I am currently in the middle of a two hour fiasco, handed off to four Orbitz agents now on hold waiting for a fifth - “supervisor” who can “sign off” on the simple act of cancelling the last few days of a hotel reservation in NYC due to a change of plans. NEVER book a hotel through Orbitz if you have any potential for needing to change or alter the reservation. They are good at taking the money for a reservation, they work very, very hard not to refund anything if you need to make a change. I have been a customer for 15 years booking travel at least 10-15 times a year for our large family. Today I say goodbye to Orbitz - for good. The lifetime value of this customer ends today because Orbitz would rather keep a couple hundred bucks than honor my need to make a change.
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11 months ago, annoyyyyeeeddddd
Woke Up to Baby Deer
This had to be one of the most peaceful and beautiful tiny homes I’ve ever stayed at. Nestled in a beautiful cottage with a beautiful garden camp fire pit. Extremely nice good size clean bathroom the tiny home had a fridge sink table. The owner left us an entire basket of fruit and all of the board games or card games you can think of. The ladder is steep, so make sure you’re able to climb a ladder to get to the loft, but it’s perfect for a fun couple like my fiancé and I. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, and the host was very nice considerate, and went the extra mile to make sure we had the perfect stay. The neighborhood is quiet there’s a lot of privacy. We absolutely loved our stay. We would come back for sure it’s right next to Mendocino Fort Bragg five minutes away from Glenn Blair Bar and the skunk train station. So many fun activities and shops in the area.
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7 years ago, Angry Hispanic
Worst company ever!
Short story they booked me for a 5am car rental for a company that was not open until 8am. They refused to give me my money back for the car rental because hey failed to inform me that I would need to put down a 2,000 deposit for said car rental company. Then when I got to the car company not only was I unable to get the car I booked 3 hours past the time Orbitz advertised Orbitz also made me jump through hoops to get a full refund. Thank God for the amazing staff at the car rental company they where totally transparent they let me wait in the lobby for a ride from my sister and when Orbitz claimed they spoke to them on the phone and couldn’t verify my “claim” the rental company told me they never received a call. Thanks to the rental company I got my money back and they hit Orbitz with a hefty fine courtesy of me and multiple customers. Also while I waited in the cold for three hours the lovely Orbitz staff suggested I walk to the rental company being that it was only 7 minutes away from the airport, the rental company was 7MILES away. They also offered to book me another car for full price because they are always looking out for their customers.
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6 years ago, GinasGuy
Changes are a problem
I have used Orbitz for years , I have only encountered a problem 1 time, trying to change a car service booking because of a flight delay. The 12 hour time difference between the US and my destination didn’t help. I lost my booking fee, because my arrival time was not changed as I thought Orbitz had done when after I contacted them. Baron car service said they had not been contacted by Orbitz when I arrived and so I had no car waiting for me to take me to my hotel when I arrived in Manila at 12am. I’ve booked flights through orbitz, never had a problem, booked hotels, no problems, BUT I never had to make any changes to any of those bookings. Orbitz is good in all aspects of booking an event for you. Just keep in mind , as with any travel agency, changes could be a problem.
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5 years ago, Melanin_Unicornn
Terrible Weekend
I live in a location that doesn’t have any bodies of surrounding water. When I got the chance to take a trip to a hotel that would have a river view I was ecstatic. I made sure that through the application I followed instructions to contact the listed business for any requests or questions I had. I reached out to the hotel through the app to ensure I had a room on a high floor with a view. I was guaranteed this, told I was already booked for it. When I arrived, I was told by staff that I didn’t have that floor and in fact even though I had proof of the conversation, they said it never happened. I was given a low room floor with a view of a building. After reaching out to orbitz I was told that I should have contacted them..even though I was using their application the entire time. I literally spent over $500 to stay in a room and stare at a building. This was absolutely the worst vacation I’ve ever had and all orbitz was to do is give me a coupon that I won’t ever use . If I could rate this 0 stars, I would. I want my money back. I saved so hard for this trip.
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4 years ago, Gabettttt
Pathetic, incompetent service
Orbitz is great for checking flight prices and finding good deals, but I highly recommend NEVER ever booking with them. I’ve used them on multiple occasions and almost every time they’ve been disappointing, they owe me over $1500 in airline credit that they have used to “book” flights, and then when I get to the airport the airline makes me pay for it anyway because Orbitz is incapable of communicating with them, and with me. There service agents are very friendly and try to help the best they can, but they do not have the “authority” to really help you. If I didn’t have airline credit with them from my cancelled flights, I would never use them, I’d rather deal directly with the airlines.
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4 years ago, MtnBull
I went to Norway just before the COVID-19 got real bad early March. Our return flight was scheduled on 3/25 when the US was starting to close inbound travel. This being said there was lots of cancellations. I checked our flights and saw they were cancelled. I tried for 5-6 days to get a hold of orbitz. They just happened to have technical difficulties. I couldn’t get through so I called the airlines to fix this but they couldn’t rebook us because we went through orbitz. I purchased travel insurance and contacted them. These people did all of the work for us and I highly recommend getting this if you leave the country through orbitz because they left us high n dry. I only saved $200 going through orbitz but due to the rescheduling flights we paid more than that with baggage fees. If we booked through the airlines it would have been a lot less stressful and would have been cheaper in the long run. Fact is Orbitz is being deleted from this phone. Never again. It would be rated 0 stars if possible. Trust me they don’t care
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6 years ago, bernsie6
Don’t book a trip with Orbitz
I booked a trip to the Royal playa del Carmen resort. While booking I asked the agent what the cancellation policy was, he said I had until April 25 to cancel with no fees. I called back 2hrs later to cancel the trip and the automated agent said I owed a 50% cancellation fee. I called back and spoke to a human, I thought. She said that was correct. I told he I asked about the policy before booking and what the agent said, she asked me if the agent read the disclaimer, which he didn’t. On to the supervisor who stated that was the hotel policy and he would look into it. I called the hotel and that WAS NOT their policy. ORBITZ LIED. Still waiting to hear back from orbitz as the said they record conversations to prove agent did not state policy. The call center is in India and that should tell you something. They push to book the trip as fast as they can. Oh I forgot. They sent a confirmation message to my cell and 1 min later sent a confirmation email with this policy at the end in fine print again never stating it was there. BEWARE OF ORBITZ!!! ORBITZ HAS BECOME A SCAM COMPANY
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2 years ago, mjfamily5
Charged 2 times for a hotel I canceled weeks in advance with free cancellation
So I booked a trip through the app with Orbitz a few weeks before the trip plans changed so I canceled with the virtual agent so I go to check my account the day of the trip I'm charged for the hotel causing an overdraft so I contacted the hotel and Orbitz virtual agent hotel says the manager has to do refund so callback tomorrow Orbitz said basically the same thing except they would email me when the refund was processed in 24-72 hours so the next morning I look it's fixed still now I'm down 32 dollars in overdraft fees so then later that day I check my account and see they charged me again causing another overdraft so I call the hotel the say they'll fix it now 2 days later still waiting on my money to be processed back into my account no compensation for overdrafts they caused due to there mistake and the hotel says it's not there problem either so this has been my experience book with caution
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2 years ago, cletzerismyname
Orbitz cost me thousands
I booked a trip to Hawaii though Orbitz. At the last minute, AA delayed my flight by a day. So I booked another and called Orbitz to cancel the leg of my flight that had been delayed. They said they had done so, but instead canceled my entire trip (on the day I was traveling). So I was surprised to learn I had no connecting flight, no hotel, etc. It was as if I had gone to Hawaii for a week on a whim, and everything was so much more expensive. When I called they were first like, “Well we gave you a refund, what’s the problem.” Then they said there was no way they could’ve ever canceled just one leg of their flight because that’s impossible. I said, Well it would have been nice to have known that. So they said they would do an investigation, but then never did. Now when I call they have no record of the event. So now I use the Orbitz app to shop and then book my tickets elsewhere. My trip was $2,000 more because of Orbitz. But hey I earned $8 Orbucks.
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2 years ago, jackson03847
Fantastic getaway
We wanted an short getaway back to Bermuda where we went on our honeymoon and had never been to The Reefs. The staff was welcoming and accommodating of all our needs. We did not get the meal plan as we normally wander all over the island and didn’t want to be tied to a schedule. We probably made a mistake as the hours of the two restaurants accommodated our schedule and we are almost exclusively on property. With their cliff and beachfront setting, we enjoyed each meal. Snorkeling and kayaking right from the property was another perk. The room was not huge but the view was immense. In the evenings we enjoyed a bottle of wine on the room balcony talking about the day gone by and planning the day ahead. We will be back.
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6 years ago, Latina81
No return baggage
First i want start by saying that i never had a problem with Orbitz before. However, this last trip i booked two flights to Madrid; had no problem on the way there but on the way back we had no return baggage on the reservation. This made no sense why would i reserve a flight to bring suitcase there but not back. Air Europe claims that happens all the time when not booking through the airline. I’m not sure if that’s true or not but i did looked all over Orbitz and i never got a notice that the free suitcase was to Madrid not back. We ended up having to pay over $150 each for our suitcase. Orbitz should have been cleared on this so we could’ve made accommodations for this and not surprised when we got to the airport. If it wasn’t bc this was my first issue with Orbitz i would’ve rated less.
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7 years ago, Beaver365
Where’s my refund? 8 weeks really?
The app is easy to use, but if you make any type of mistakes and paid for it you will not get your money back for a very long time if you even get it back. I booked a flight within an hour I realize I made a mistake. After hours spent on the phone talking to customer service from another country they said they will send me the refund but it will take eight weeks. That is ridiculous. Customer service was nice but everyone seemed to have a different version of policy. And hard to understand. I booked nearly my entire three week tour from Orbitz, spent thousands, made one tiny mistake I caught within an hour. I will not use this to book anything in the future. Kayak, other sites, just as good and you can understand them as well as get refunded in a timely manner.
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3 years ago, Terriblehateit
Unreliable after all these years.....
I have used orbitz for years. I just had the worst experience ever. Tried to book after spending hours searching and deciding how to book. Clicked booking and it rejected a card that was fine. Went through it all from start hit book with another card. It rejected for no states reason. Went in again from scratch entered all again price went up. hit book rejected again! No reason given. So called by phone for help. The recording stated they would not help with nee reservations to go online to book. IT WOULD NOT LET ME BOOK OVER AND OVER. completely let down by orbitz called the airline. Had to wait 20 minutes for a call back but they were able to take care of us. Get the flights we wanted. Very friendly and helpful at the airline while orbitz did not even bother to provide anyone by phone. Really bad no Longer can rely on this service. GO RIGHT TO THE AIRLINE YOU WILL BE MUCH HAPPIER!
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2 years ago, Rachel Rowan
Orbitz are scammers
I will never go through this company again I paid $1900 to fly OKC to Houston it’s stopped in DFW where my flight got delayed and then closed they offered me a 710 flight but said it was not promised and let’s three people canceled I had no choice but to rent a rental car for the concert I was trying to make it 7 PM I drove four hours to Houston to find out the Chris Brown concert was canceled so I was supposed to have a 5 AM flight but when I went to drop off the rental car they were closed so I’ve been had no choice but to drive eight hours back to OKC I did not get on these two flights and Orbitz does not want to refund me any money the person I spoke to was very rude very uncaring and could not understand anything I was saying due to the fact we were texting back-and-forth because a person would not get on the phone never ever again while I use y’all very poor customer service and y’all scam people out of their money
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5 years ago, Rey@@@
Credit card issues/ trouble booking
I was excited when I found a site that had low prices. When I Tried to book my flight and hotel that was advertised at a good rate, at the end of the transaction it stated “ room not available” and it advised me to select a different room/hotel. I encountered this issue multiple times. My credit card now has these pending transactions for the room that I could not book. To make matters more of a headache The package I tried to lock in was available. I get that the prices fluctuated but over the phone I was going to be charge a higher rate then advertise on the site. Customer service could not accommodate for the inconveniences or honor the price I originally tried to book it for since it was available the whole time. Orbitz wanted to offer a 50 dollar coupon towards a stand alone hotel for a next booking, but after this headache I’m not sure I would want to risk pending charges for transaction that might not go through.
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5 years ago, Miaomiaolovetalk
Potential fraud alert
Be very careful when you book international flight tickets with Orbitz. I booked two Turkish airline tickets from Izmir AFB airport to Istanbul IST airport from Orbitz. the flight ticket for each person is around 250 dollars. Then I tried to book another ticket and happened to check Turkish airline official website. The same day same ticket is around 60 dollars. I then checked with several other tickets within Turkey. It is not a single case. It happened a lot for other flights with very different prices. Not sure if it is a trick from Orbitz or Turkish airline, but be very very careful with the international flights. Also, never use its price match service which is 10 dollars. It is another trick which can never help you. Even though I found this huge price difference, they will not refund me because of price match. They do not match other websites. They claim they only match if they get lower price on their website, and who knows how they decide price.
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6 years ago, Pepper Dee
What happened to flight details?!!
Hey what happened? Used to be able to open flight details by tapping on flight date from My Trips page. Now it just opens a world map and won’t show you anything else. Did this happen with the latest update? FIX IT PLEASE! P.S. All these negative reviews for the APP: don’t blame the app or Orbitz if YOU don’t know the basics of booking travel - refund policies, hours of operation of the rental car place, the LOCATION OF THE HOTEL YOU ARE BOOKING. Orbitz follows industry standards when stating cancellation policies, refund requirements, and airline rules and regulations. You have to be an educated consumer to book your own travel. If you don’t want to get stuck or screwed for something YOU didn’t know, use a travel agent. “Do not try this at home.”
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9 months ago, Bernie21420
Wonderful location, excellent accommodations and impressive service
Given the room rates, we expected 5 star treatment and 5 start accommodations. We were not disappointed. We opted for room #354 which boasts it own private hot tub on a large balcony overlooking the grotto restaurant and the sea below. The room was relatively small given the price. It has a blue (and very slippery when wet) marble floor meant to resemble the sea. The tech is over the top and not always intuitive. But we recognized that we were paying for the location and that truly amazing vista. It is a spectacular setting to say the least. If your budget can tolerate the steep price, it is worth the experience for one or two nights.
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3 years ago, MurphyBitesMe2
Why is Talk to a Person Never an Option???
I booked a flight several months ago for a from Portland to Chicago, along with a return flight a week later. Yesterday I received an email from Orbitz telling me that my flight had changed to include a 7-hour layover in LA, and that since it was a different flight I would have to check with the airline to see about seat assignments. Frustrating, but the worst part is that when I called the customer service number provided by Orbitz for any questions, all I got was the endless phone tree loop with the ominous warnings about the long wait to talk to someone, and why I should go in line to solve my issues. What’s the point of providing a “customer service” number when it doesn’t actually result in any customer interaction? Remember the days when you had a travel agent whom you could call, one who seemed to care about arranging things for you? This is ridiculous.
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4 years ago, Military traveler from VA
The WORST customer service
So I called Orbitz customer care during this crazy pandemic and after pressing nine million buttons to talk to human, I finally spoke to someone in another foreign land. He was just as bad as speaking to a robot because he just kept repeating himself, now, I’ll give him 1% of credit by stating that we are in a pandemic but for me to wait on the phone for over an hour and 26 minutes to speak to his supervisor, to be just hung up on, is completely absurd. I will never, EVER, book another flight through Orbitz, Expedia, or any other company that is not directly linked to the air line specifically. Oh, don’t get the insurance, I’m still waiting on a refund and they keep asking for more and more documents delaying the inevitable. If I could rate Orbitz below a single star, I absolutely would. I hate this capitalism corporation, they hold you and your money hostage. If I didn’t like a shirt, and I wanted to return it, would I not get that money back? Why is this so difficult?
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3 years ago, 50th Birthday Girl
Will never use Orbitz to book travel again!
I had two tickets to Las Vegas for tomorrow for my 50th birthday celebration with friends. My travel partner was unable to travel so I had to cancel their ticket only. After three hours on hold or calls, two two different agents that went able to help me. Then the entire flight was accidentally cancelled. I have now spent the last 30 hours stressed and anxious about getting to Vegas for my special event with little sleep. After five more hit hours with two more agents who have investigated my claim, they still haven’t corrected the issue and won’t confirm that it was their mistake. The same ticket now costs double what I paid two months ago. I was supposed to receive a call back yesterday after my claim had been sent to management. I’m supposed to fly out tomorrow morning and I still have to ticket reinstated. They are still investigating to see if it’s my fault or theirs.
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5 years ago, Kim464464
Don’t use this company
This is an awful fraudulent company. I made a purchase for a hotel for my up coming trip and they never sent me an email confirmation or saved on my app. There’s a tab on the app that supposed to save your upcoming trips and this app did not, so I didn’t think my purchase went through. They don’t even notify you of your upcoming trips. I tried to call them and they put me on hold saying that the hotel wasn’t answering but I called the hotel before I called orbitz and they did answer them they said they would call me back tomorrow and they never did they also said that they would email me and they never did. I used chase to pay for this trip and chase if refusing to refund me so I don’t recommend orbitz or chase. They are both bad companies. If you need an app use Priceline because they will email you a confirmation they will save your trip on the app and they will notify you more than once of any upcoming trips.
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6 years ago, wanderlustpa
Book on the go
I started using orbitz just to book flights. I found them to be the most competitive with pricing and their customer service was pretty good. Then one road trip when searching for airbnb with none in the area I liked, I remembered I’d recently loaded the orbitz app to my phone. I pulled it up to search for lodgings and it’s smart & efficient design made it great to use. The map feature is my favorite. But the whole layout from search to booking works as it should and now I use it whenever I travel. We’re currently on our most recent road trip and I’m sitting in a king bed with great bedding waiting for continental breakfast - toasty and comfortable. Thanks to the Orbitz app; thanks team orbitz 😊
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2 years ago, No longer using Orbitz
Terrible service
I have been on the phone now for 3 hours and 52 minutes trying to rebook a flight. The rep and I agree on a flight. They put me on hold for a minimum of 25-45 minutes only to come back and say that flight is booked. One call I was on hold for 45 minutes. The call dropped and I never received a call as they take your number in case the call is cut off and she even took my cc info the the price difference. Third call I’ve been on hold for 55 minutes. They found me a flight but ask me to hold. And I. Having to tend to my mom here at the hospital… the reason I’m having to rebook. I will never use Orbitz again and you can be sure this will be on social media. A person by the name of that ren was who assisted me last. She just came on the line said it would be two hours. She wanted me to stay on the line for an additional two hours. So now she’ll be calling me at midnight…insane!
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6 years ago, invadercupcakez
Poor car rental service
Orbitz can do better by not taking my money for a car rental, just so I can get all the way to the airport in Norfolk, VA, to be told that they cannot give me a car because I do not have a Virginia license.. umm this is an airport, not likely people have a Virginia license because we’re TRAVELING! But excuse me, ma’am, you took my money, two weeks ago.. Left us stranded at the airport for an uncomfortable amount of time. The car rental staff was not very kind, basically told us it’s not their problem. WE had to pay for transportation to the hotel. And had to stay an EXTRA night at a hotel that costs $130 a night! I am extremely unhappy with the car rental experience. Other than that, there are no other complaints. Orbitz gave us a refund for the car rental $400 plus an additional $200 for reimbursement on the hotel & Uber.
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1 year ago, nonits not
Check in
There were several people ahead of us to check in. There was only one person helping them. It basically did not move and several other employees were wondering around not helping anyone. Finally one other person started helping people and we went into that line and we were helped fairly efficiently. One other person had come to us and was very nice but told us to have some coffee and relax. We didn’t have time to do that. She said that the people in front of us were part of a group and that was why it took so long. We wasted a lot of time and all we wanted to do was get into our room . Perhaps the people could pay attention to the lines and start helping others
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2 years ago, Sgrtyui
Don’t book here
I booked a mini vacation for my bestie and I to celebrate the end of one cycle of cancer treatment. I checked beforehand to make sure I could change or cancel and even paid extra per person to insure the booking just in case something came up that I couldn’t foresee. After booking my friend decided she would rather pay a little more to fly from our small airport instead of a Minneapolis for convenience. I tried to change the booking but was told that Orbitz couldn’t do it and that I had to go through the airline directly. I tried that but apparently they don’t take phone calls. I keep getting a recording stating to try some other time.. which I did many times to no avail. I called Orbitz customer service again to ask what my options were only to be told “ I’m sorry, you have no options”. Avoid this at all cost.. book through your airline people!
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2 years ago, epdagro
Expedia orbits is the owner of car reservations not you when you pay
I learned the hard way that when you rent or prepay a car rental the car rental company’s in this case FOX car rental says that orbitz/Expedia is their customer on that reservation and not you, so you are unauthorized to call and modify when flights change. I could not request change in app so I called and hold for hours AFTER I received the callback from Expedia/orbits They refused on chat to call fox to request later pickup time next day with flight change to next day arrival They also refuse to refund any mo et or even give me credit to use on orbits on a new reservation later
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3 years ago, Whodareswin
Horrible customer service
They will not give you the refund back. They keep saying that hotel has to approve. They left so many messages to hotel, I personally left messages to hotel, but hotel won’t return calls. Orbitz doesn’t even have the power to refund the money back to you without hotels approval who wouldn’t even return calls.. so why would you book with orbitz?? Why wouldn’t you rather just book with the hotel directly... I have been calling them everyday for 20 days now... same answer each day that they are waiting on the hotel.. I am so frustrated with orbitz!!
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5 years ago, pm414
Good & Bad
I find the app to be very easy to use to book travel; I can book an entire trip in minutes! However, if I want to review travel later, it is very cumbersome. It took me forever to find how to get a list of my past trips (it was super easy to get a log of my Orbitz points, something I don’t really care that much about). And then when I finally found my past trips, I could look at one but then it would return me to a place where once again I had to struggle to find that list. And as a final insult to injury, when I’d find a trip and click on “receipt,” it will not tell me which credit card I used (in my case, mine or my employer’s); that seemed utterly bizarre not to be able to see the method of payment on the receipt!!! Please make the trip history more user friendly!
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2 years ago, No Privacy Pete
Travel As You Are?
Who at Orbitz agreed on this slogan? Today, especially, you can absolutely NOT travel as you are. These days, let’s not forget, you are forced to wear a “mask” when in any airport or on any airplane (I assume boats and trains too, I don’t travel that way to know). More and more places these days you are forced to pay for, and “show proof” of a negative c-vid test, and still “show proof” of an experimental shot (c-vid jab), that has still not been proven to work as advertised. All these measures being forced upon us to comply with so that we are ‘allowed’ to travel. Orbitz is, as well, complicit in this act. “Travel As You Are”??? How about “Travel As You Can According To Local And Federal Mandates”, or “Travel As You Might Never Get To Travel Again”, or “Travel While You Still Can Before The US and Global Economy Implodes, Before The Great Riots Start, Before Marshall Law Takes Over”, or “Go Travel Now While You Still Can!”
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3 years ago, EdwinDelg
Horrible customer service
Booked round trip flight through Orbitz. More people decided to join the trip and I checked my flights to reserve more. Found out one of my flights got canceled and no one notified me or gave me a refund. Called Orbitz customer service and was told they can’t do anything and to call the airline myself. I called the airline and no help. I called Orbitz and same thing happened. I requested a supervisor and they said they would return my call in an hour. No call back ever from anyone. I tweeted about it and their customer service team reached out and basically also did not help. I had to bug the airline into giving me my refund. A lot of wasted time, I booked through Orbitz not the airline why do I have to do your job? Do not recommend using them, just go directly to the airline since you’ll end up doing all the work anyways.
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2 years ago, LeoGotFried
Don’t Use Orbitz
I feel like i’ve been a customer with Orbitz for quite some time but i’m now deciding to step away from using them as a booking agency. When it comes to finding easy and cheap flights, orbitz is great but the second you have to deal with flight change/cancellation it’s a nightmare. They make it so it’s impossible to do it yourself, you must speak with an agent to change flights or cancel flights. Most of the time the agents are extremely challenging to understand and almost always seem confused. It takes for ever and you can spend hours on hold. They explain things very poorly and make it really unclear when your trying to understand how to go about changing a ticket date, time and location. I spent the last few days dealing with different agents on the phone and every single one was challenging to deal with.
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3 years ago, the real republican
Hotel reservation
I booked a hotel on this site. When I arrived, the hotel informed me that they had no rooms. I said our room is prepaid, they still turned us away. Since it was booked by a third party, they could not refund my money. All of the hotels in Fort Wayne Indiana were sold out that night so we had to drive 2 hours to go home and then drive back 2 hours the next morning. I filed for a refund thru this site and was told you give no refunds. I had Amex investigate and we’re told the same thing-no refunds. I have been unable to get a live person on the phone to help me. Meanwhile they still have my money
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3 years ago, KLP/KPGee9
New traveler Alert!
LoL! I never traveled more than after our country was put into a lockdown but that’s always how it is with me & my life; if there’s any “exceptions to the rule” that’ll be me(!) I don’t know why but I’m always the exception so... Being new to travel I’m new to using the Orbitz App but so far I booked, confirmed, & got all pprwk via the App & I’ve even checked in for my flight already sooo... for the first time using the App (+ doing all the things you must do when you wanna travel).. so far it’s been a pretty sweet & easy thing to do considering it’s all been done with the app and added about an hour to my sleep(!) sooo again, it’s been just Okey-Dokey so far but should this change so too will my review. Until then TTFN ✌🏼🙏🏼🧿
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