Our Groceries Shopping List

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OurGroceries, Inc.
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1 month ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Our Groceries Shopping List

4.81 out of 5
63.3K Ratings
2 months ago, WRMLD
Excellent app! Changed the way we grocery shop
No more getting to the grocery store and realizing you forgot to bring list. My husband and I have been using the OurGroceries app for many years. We absolutely love it. It’s not glitchy or weird. It does everything it’s supposed to. We love that it updates instantly in real time. We can be at the grocery store together in two different parts of the store or we can be at two separate grocery stores. If one of us marks something off or adds something on a list, the other one sees it instantly. We have a list for each of the grocery stores that we shop in. Multiple family members can share the account. Paying the small price to remove ads is worth it because you can scan barcodes to add things into your database of things you buy. You can create categories for the items in your personal database of groceries. We had a categories like personal care, frozen food, cold food, canned food, etc. that makes it easier to find things and add them to a list. Highly recommended! One of those game-changer apps that you didn’t even know you needed nearly as badly as you do.
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3 years ago, noname9000
Love it, BUT please, please allow different categories per each shopping list
This is by far the most useful app I have. It is easy to use and intuitive. I love that I can add ingredients from my recipes and just click the one item that I am out of and it goes straight to my shopping list. It saves me so much time. It would be amazing if the developers could find a way to allow you to change the categories for the individual items on different lists. For example I have grocery store list and a Target list. My categories are set up for me to easily find the item at Grocery store, but they don’t work for Target. For example, at Grocery store “dairy free cream cheese” would be categorized in the “Dairy” section, but at Target it would be categorized in the “fresh fruit/veggie” section of the store. The categories perfectly align to speed up my shopping at the Grocery store, but for Target it is a disorganized mess. I would love if when I got to select my item “dairy free cream cheese” it would offer the two options “Target list, fresh veggie category”” and “Grocery store, dairy section”.
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4 years ago, The Teaman
One of the best I’ve tried
I like a grocery app that has both a phone and a watch app. This one has that and does it fairly well. Going through the store checking your watch is easier than pulling your phone in and out and turning it on and off. This app lets you categorize products and it remembers the categories once you set them. It lets you add the same product to multiple store lists. I love the look of the app and it’s instant sync functionality. The areas of improvement the maker should address is that I find the flow for the addition of groceries to be clunky. It would be nicer if you could start to type an item select from the matching list and straight away specify how many and the category ( if it’s uncategorized ) without having to navigate around into the info screen for the product. I also find myself accidentally touching products to get to that information screen and instead it removes it from the list. This is counterintuitive. They should use a check box or a swipe left or right to remove the item from the list, which is more conventional. If you don’t wanna change now that you have a base of users, at least make it a preference setting for the newcomers.
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5 years ago, Slow Twitch
Perhaps the best app that I use
We have Our Groceries installed on all of our devices, and it synchronizes instantly and seamlessly. I will be at the grocery store marking off items on my cell phone as I add them to the basket. My wife will be at home adding items on her iPad, and they appear instantly on my list. Until now, the only inconvenience was having to frequently take my iPhone out of my pocket as I shopped. Last week I started using an Apple Watch, and discovered that there is a “companion app” for the watch that allows me to see Our Groceries on my wrist. Just like the phone and pad versions, the watch version works smoothly. Our Groceries is a flawless app, and is probably the most under-appreciated app on the App Store. It even has detailed and well organized instructions on their web site. I’m going back now to the store to see if this developer has any other apps that I should be enjoying. Congratulations to HeadCode on developing such a fine product.
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7 years ago, pagathaman
Best Grocery app yet !
I have tried quite a few lists apps over a few years and I had an app called Grocery iQ that was similar to this but is no longer available so in my hunt to find a new grocery list app I came across this one and picked it because it was so similar and found I absolutely love it ! I almost gave this app a four star rating because at first I hadn't figured out that there is an add multiple items setting and at the time the setting had been turned off so that was bothering me but then I discovered the setting and turned it to the on position which is the first thing you should do if you download this app and now it is the most perfect well rounded greatest grocery app I've seen, I love how you can make aisle numbers a category and then it will put everything in the right aisle for you and I just can't say enough about it, I actually paid the $4.99 for the paid version and it was worth every single penny.
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6 years ago, QuackMeUp
Something new to learn and duplicate, duplicate, duplicate
The app doesn’t follow any kind of interface standards and doesn’t seem to have its own standard way of working. For an otherwise simple app, it’s not easy to items that you already input earlier. It may be in a named ‘list’ or in the Deleted ‘list’, both can be where an item ends up after purchase. If you enter a new grocery item - they all have to be typed in completely - then realize you made a mistake (typing or otherwise) making a change results in a duplicate item. The same if you want to change from breakfast bars with almonds to breakfast bars without almonds. And WORST is this is a “multi-user” app so you don’t necessarily know this has happened so when the spouse returns with groceries you’ll get both! OR every time you make a change you can go find the old item and delete it but that’s only if you can find it because, again, the app doesn’t follow the usual standards. I gave it 2 stars because it may be fine for a single user, but then again, if it were just me, I probably wouldn’t need a grocery list app that could probably be written on a mid ‘80s Atari.
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6 months ago, JMacL*
Essential Family Tool and Timesaver
Looked at a lot of grocery apps and ultimately selected this one, and have been so pleased. We’ve been using for about 5 years now. It lets all family members see the list, update the list, and have the update show in real time, as in instantly. I like how we can easily create different specific lists for specific stores. Additionally, for the large store where we grocery shop most frequently (Costco), it let me set up sub-categories in the order that I shop within the store (by numbering categories). After that initial work, it now automatically files any grocery item under the appropriate category,and thus for me in the right shopping order at Costco! That really makes the actual shopping quick. I love how if I remember an item I need to buy at some random moment in my day, I can just quickly go into my lists and add it. Lastly, it’s not a big deal, but I also like how items are removed from the list by tapping the item but they don’t instantly disappear. Instead, they go to a list below where they show as scratched out. You have to actively say delete that removed item sublist to completely get rid of those items. This feature—that I didn’t know I needed— lets you double check your cart or add an item back to the list if you tapped it accidentally.
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2 years ago, Thisismynickname!!!!
This app is so good, it has prompted me to write my first review of apps in my life
This is the perfect grocery list app. It’s simple and it gets to the point. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. You add to the list. You cross off the list. You add back crossed off items when you need them again. That’s all I wanted in an app like this and it delivers! Sharing a list with is as simple as it gets- you just use the same login on a different phone, no hassle for everyone creating a different one (how many more usernames and passwords so we all need??). Shopping in tandem with whoever you share the list with is also great because it updates almost instantaneously, so you can divide and conquer the grocery store effectively! The ads are unobtrusive. The app itself is unobtrusive! I had to go out of my way to write this review instead of ignoring a persistent pop up asking me to rate the app. I also love that the same simplicity carries over to its web version. Lastly, hooking this app up to Alexa (or google etc I assume) is also amazing because you an just tell Alexa to add a thing to your list when you think of it.. no need to write it down or remember it for later. I wish all apps were as straightforward, simple and effective as this. I would give this app ten stars if I could.
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7 months ago, goldiegirl65
Love this App
I’ve used Our Groceries for more than 10 years. I LOVE it, and I’ve recommended it to many people who now also love it. It’s so useful and well-designed. It’s incredibly helpful to be able to co-own lists with other household members. I also love being able to arrange the items in my list to coincide with my path through the store. (And it seems like the app “learns” to do this for me the more I use it for a particular list.) We started out using it just for groceries, but we gradually began adding more lists… hardware store, Target, farmers market, liquor store… I don’t even know how many lists we have now, probably at least a dozen! With so many lists, it’s helpful that the app lets me know, when I’m adding something to one list, if it’s already on one of our other lists. If you haven’t tried Our Groceries yet, I HIGHLY recommend it.
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6 years ago, TXDPS
Best app I’ve used of any kind...maybe ever!
I really love this grocery app! It allows me to create and list the different items I want at the stores where I shop AND I can share it with my family’s devices so if my husband goes to the store for me on his way home from work, I can easily transfer the list to his phone too (and maybe add an extra item or two while he’s shopping 😁) ...One of my favorite features is... when the store that I’m currently shopping at doesn’t have one of the items on my list, I just edit that item to move it to another store’s list. This app makes shopping so much easier and because it’s on ‘our’ phones...I’ll never be without it when I need it. I have an idea for another app that would be so easy to integrate into this program, if I could reach the app programmers. The new app would really be a great help to a lot of people as well!!!
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4 years ago, Onechunk99
Very organized
I got this app thinking I probably wouldn’t use it very long. That was a mistake. It is fantastic! I love that you can create multiple lists for different stores you frequent. It also saves the items once you enter them into a list for future use so you don’t have to re-type them. And then there’s the recipe feature. I entered the ingredients for my most used recipes and now it’s super easy to know what I need if I’m at the store and don’t know what’s for dinner! The app also stays open on the phone when using it, meaning the phone doesn’t go to sleep. I love this, so I don’t have to constantly wake up my phone in the store to see the list. If the developer needs an idea for improvement, it would be to place the “add item” at the top of list instead of the bottom so the user doesn’t have to scroll. I highly recommend this app!
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4 years ago, Wyrenth
Does sorting by aisle, just like I wanted
I have been looking for a shopping list app that lets me organize by aisle, which allows me to go from top to bottom in the list in a manner that matches my path in the store. I was very happy to discover this feature exists here — and it lets me arrange and rearrange the order of categories how I please! I use emoji to help me visualize this even more (💊Pharmacy, 🍊Produce, etc.). I wish I could change the group color to something besides green, and the $10 price tag to get rid of ads (plus other features) is a bit steep, but I will consider it worth supporting the developer once I have settled in and used it for a while. Addendum (Dec 09, 2020) - I decided I liked the app well enough to support the developer with the no-ads purchase. Thanks for having such great custom sorting options!
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11 months ago, NDYNAMICS
Great app, needs some small improvements
Need to be able to put a price in for each item, per pound, per each, etc and have that total per store for total spend/budget. I currently put the size (usually ounces) in the notes but I sometimes need notes too, so having a separate place for size would be helpful. Needs to tell you what device added the item to the list. We share with five family members and I always have to group text questions about the list because I don’t know who added it. It’s far too easy to accidentally take an item off the list. Needs to be a swipe or checkbox, or something that requires more effort. It takes more effort to press the “I” to get more info! This is the app’s biggest flaw. Change the circle I to a checkbox and have the item details come up when you click it and it would solve this.
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5 years ago, fla_girl
Simple, Fast, Flexible, Awesome
This is the first review I’ve ever written. Never saw a need before now. I’m so thrilled this app is still around and being updated. We have used this app for 5+ years. We’ve tried others but always come back to this. We’ve quit looking. It’s so simple that beauty and function lies in the simplicity. We use it for all kinds of lists - we have a list for everywhere we shop. We have lists for packing for various trips we regularly take. We have lists for things we need to do. Both of us can easily use the same list and it updates immediately. I’ll be home adding to our shopping list while my husband’s is shopping. I can see the items fall off the list as he updates what he’s added to the cart and he can see real-time what I’m adding. It’s nothing fancy but that works for us! I love it!
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3 years ago, Plazman888
Wish I could give it 6 stars!
This has god to be the best purchase I’ve ever made on the App Store. My wife and I use it almost daily for YEARS. First off, it’s free, but to remove a little banner ad (and support the developers) you can pay a few bucks. And no subscriptions either, like so many app devs are doing nowadays. And it’s still being actively developed, with new updates adding features often. And it’s stable. It might be the only iOS app I have that has never ver crashed. AND (I have a lot of ands for this app) it’s on the web also, so you can add stuff to your lists if your iPhone isn’t handy. We use it daily for our shopping list, but we also have lists for Vacation Packing, Camping Trips and even keeping a list of potential names for our son (we chose Matthew)! Love the app, best investment I’ve made in an iOS app!
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5 years ago, dhysyebjahd
Been using for years
My husband and I absolutely LOVE this app. I’ve seen a review talking about if you make a typing mistake you have to renter it and then you end up with duplicate entries. I’m not sure why that user would think that. It’s actually very easy to correct. You can even move an item from one list to another very easily. This app has made shopping so much easier because whatever store my husband or I end up at (whether it be Aldi or Home Depot or any one of the other 20 stores we have in our list), we just open the app to see if there is anything on the list. The one that just happens to be at that store at that time pick the items up, crosses them off the list and voila the shopping is done and multiple trips are unnecessary!! Wish I could give it more than 5 Stars!!
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4 years ago, human2nova
Love this app.
Starting approximately two updates ago, one of my family members was struggling with this app. Like a similar reviewer, she would start typing an item we purchased in the past but when she tapped on the item in the list the app would add the partially typed item instead and ask her to categorize it. We deleted the app and then re-added it, and after signing in everything is great again. We love the way changes to the list update in real time, so when we are at different stores each of us can see what the other has added or crossed out. It is a very user friendly app and probably one of the best apps I’ve downloaded. I paid for the upgrade to eliminate the ads and support developers. Worth every penny. Excellent all around!
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6 years ago, Jillypooh
Super helpful!!
I do the shopping for my senior parents and I love how easy it is to categorize everything by the aisle number and then all I have to do is tap to add everything to their list. Then I’ve got my stuff in a separate list so I don’t have to try and remember what’s mine and theirs as I’m marking things off. I have a category called xyz for the odds and ends that come from other stores. I paid for the premium version and I love being able to add pics so I can be sure I get dad’s favorite scent of deodorant lol. My grocery store is remodeling and when something isn’t still on the same aisle I can just click the little i and update it. My favorite thing is the watch app though. My hands are free because I don’t have to carry my phone around the whole time!
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6 years ago, jjholmquest
Great app
Our family loves this app. I can add items to the list and if my husband or kids are stopping by the store they pick up whatever is on the list. I’ve seen some of the complaints on here. Most are complete BS! Just to address a couple, I’ve never once had a problem with items disappearing from the master list. The only way I can delete from the master list is to go INTO the master list. If you want to delete items off the grocery list then go INTO the grocery list. Must be rocket science, I guess some folks are not very savvy. The next one is a classic, they actually complain about typing in the WHOLE WORD, really? Are you really that lazy that you can’t type Spaghetti, only once, into the master list? Oh the horror, life is sooo unfair!!! Seriously folks, ignore the idiots, it’s a great app, give it a try!
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2 years ago, Frank in San Diego
App is great, but it doesn’t work on Alexa
The is great and exactly what I was looking for. I tried to enable it for Alexa, but it doesn’t work. I enabled the skill and linked to my OurGroceries account. When I use the command, “Alexa, Ask OurGroceries What are my lists?”, Alexa responses, “Welcome to OurGroceries, please use the Alexa to link your account”. I have disabled/re-enabled and relinked many times and it still never works. The use of Alexa to maintain my grocery list is very appealing and one of the main reasons I chose OurGroceries. Update It has been 1.5 weeks and only one response from the developer, when he just said it should have worked and nothing else. The app itself is exactly what I was looking for, but having Alexa support would make it near perfect. The developer support is sad.
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3 years ago, Tiggerrr!!!
Best grocery list app ever!
My wife and I have been using this app for a couple of years, and we LOVE it. It is very intuitive and having shared lists makes tag-team shopping really easy. I recently discovered the Add Multiple Items setting and I was amazed how easy it is to use. When we are both shopping at the same time, we found that using the Star feature to indicate out-of-stock items helped keep us from doing double searches. Also, being able to move items from one list to another allows use to shop in two stores simultaneously and put out-of-stock or overpriced items on the other person’s store list in real time. The developers are actively adding even more great features. Keep them coming!
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1 year ago, G of Maine
Add Transfers Between Lists?
Seems it would be simple to add the function of either moving or copying an item from one list to another. This would make it possible to keep a Favorites list and copy items from it to another list as you look through Favorites in adding items to, say, this week’s grocery list for a specific store. The use of a favorites list to move things to new current lists is the only feature I really miss about grocery apps I have used before. As it is, I keep a Favorites list, but using it is awkward, because I have to switch to the target list, and manually add the item(s). Thanks for making one of the easiest-to-use apps on my iPhone. My suggestion would make it even easier.
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6 years ago, Aymles
The whole family uses this app!
No more magnetic tablets on the fridge! No more old lists at the bottom of my purse! We have Alexa in every room so whenever something crosses our mind that we need, any member of the family shouts it out to add it to Target or Costco or wherever. Then we have the app on our phones. If we are at the store we don’t need to call and say “now what is it that we needed?” Plus it remembers your usual stuff. So you can check your normal groceries before you go - hmm do I need soda, milk, bread? It’s simplified our life and I am all about that!! Now if I can figure out how to add more than one item at a time when I yell it to Alexa - that would be awesome! One of these days I’ll figure it out. Or they will say “do you want to add another one?” Then I will jump for joy!!
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4 years ago, UpNorthEMT
Fast,simple, but lacking
I have a pantry inventory app that’s great. The only problem was it only scans food items, so I was looking for something where I could scan all grocery items and make lists for different stores quickly. Within minutes of downloading this app I decided it was exactly what I needed and made the upgrade purchase. The app is simple to use, easy to create multiple lists and the scanner is lightning fast. But it lacks the ability to scan certain barcodes. Nothing I have from Aldi will scan. And since I do quite a bit of my shopping there, this is very disappointing. Had I known the scanner wouldn’t work with certain major stores barcodes I never would have purchased it. But you can’t know what it will scan until you purchase it. The light version should at least allow some sort of scanning capabilities. Because now I’ve spent $5 on an app that is virtually useless for half the stuff I buy.
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2 years ago, Jelleebean12
Thank You! Best Shopping List Ever!!!
I don’t usually put down the reviews for abs because I don’t have a lot of apps that I can brag about.I needed to write a review for this app because I have been looking for a shopping list app that I was satisfied with. They were confusing and didn’t give me the options that I really needed. Over the years, I have probably downloaded 20 grocery list apps and deleted ALL of them. I heard about “Our Groceries.” I wasn’t expecting a lot, and when I opened the app I could see it was so easy to use. I don’t like having a lot of apps for different subjects so I have added folders for other things other than just groceries like ☎️ calls to make now ☎️ calls to make soon 🎄 Holiday Gifts
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2 months ago, Dianne Patrick
I live with my son and his family. We had a note pad on the refrigerator to list any thing that was needed but we never seem to have the list when we would go to the store or if one person took the list and didn't buy everything listed and they didn't rewrite what wasn't bought we would find ourselves running out of items and then no one would want to go to the store at the last minute. I love this app because all three of us know at all times what is needed. This way we always have stocked selves and no money is wasted from over buying and no one has to rush to the store at the last minute. Who ever thought of this is a genius. Thanks for making our lives easier.
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6 months ago, Jaquaropa
Perfect for shared grocery shopping
I write app reviews close to literally once in a blue moon. OurGroceries is easily one of the best apps I’ve used on any platform and on par with my other all-time (and categorically unrelated) favorites Apollo (R.I.P.), Bearable, and Clear. If you’re looking for a cross-platform app to create and maintain a shared grocery list, congrats, your search has ended. When something feels simple to use yet dynamically useful, you know there’s been a lot of thought put into it. Unlike Out of Milk, I found OurGroceries very intuitive, yet equally if not more-so adaptable to our needs. Also, unlike many of its competitors, you can just outright buy the app for life—an increasing rarity in this age of subscription monetization. Well done!
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6 years ago, BeckaBean
Best grocery list app ever!
I recommend this app to everyone! My husband and I have been using this app for at least 5 years now. We still love it. So easy to use. We use list sharing so both of us have the same lists on our phones, that way we don’t have to worry about anyone buying the same thing twice or missing purchasing something because it wasn’t on the list. I have it organized by what foods are in what aisle and where the aisles are in the store. Makes shopping so much easier. I finally upgraded to the paid version to get rid of the ads because I use it so much, but the ad bar wasn’t terrible. I just decided that since I use it so much and love it, that the developers should get some money from me finally.
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8 months ago, clayscientist
So far so good
I really like the organization, intuition, and ease of this app. The only issue I have and hope they find a way to do it is, once u have all your items on a “master list”, it would be great if you could just “check” the item and it would go directly to the “shopping list” of my choice. I still have to start typing each item before it appears. A checkbox would be great next to each item. You could select which one of your lists you want to add items to and then just start checking them off and click “done”. Voila!! This would save a great deal of time. Especially when doing BIG grocery shopping. If I have to type everything, it takes almost as long as writing it. I think that would make the app perfect!
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2 years ago, IowaKJ
Hubby approved!
Instead of just using the free version, I bought this app, since ads annoy the heck out of me, and it is worth every penny! It is downloaded on my phone and my hubby’s phone. When I send him to the grocery store, he opens the app and has my grocery list. The items are categorized, so he is not running back and forth all over the store. I can see the items that are crossed off, plus I can add items as he’s shopping. This and The Recipe Keeper app are THE best apps I’ve ever downloaded! One question, or a suggestion really, is there a way to add a picture of a product next to the item on the list? Sometimes he just needs a visual and that would help a lot. Otherwise, THANK YOU! Great job!
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1 year ago, Sattvala
I have been using “shopper“ for years but they must have abandoned it over the last year so went looking for a new one and found nothing that came close until this one that was recommended on my browser - thank goodness! SO MUCH better than my previous one! I read a bunch of the reviews and got some excellent tips, like create a “recipe“ titled “favorites“ and put all the items that we frequently buy there so it’s simple to just tap on the item and which list you want it in, and voilà - brilliant! There’s also a way to add a photo to any of our items (helpful for husbands who “can’t find things” 😤🤷‍♀️) which is going to be super helpful – the help page on the website is excellent!
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3 years ago, LanTok
Amazing Support
Update: OurGroceries support responded to an email I sent on this topic and worked with me until the problem was solved. My husband and I have been using this app for more than a year, and we have liked it. But we have been spending a couple of months visiting family in Canada, and every time we go to the store, the app adds Mountain High Vanilla Yoghurt (Canadian spelling) and Mountain High Plain Yoghurt to the list. If I cross them off, they jump right back on. Since we have been shopping together, it’s been good for a laugh, but we could run into trouble if one of us thought the other added new items to the list and we started coming home with a lot of stuff we didn’t want. It would defeat the purpose of the app.
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2 years ago, Acecert
It’s the best!
What I like most is the developers. They listen and they have improved this app to be the very best of its kind in the App Store. Thank you for being diligent and for truly perfecting (I made the request to add multiple items at once I’m Alexa) it. You’re a great example to other developers of how to achieve such high rating scores. I’m a purchaser and I encourage others to do the same to support the developer’s efforts and more importantly you’ll be purchasing an app that will quickly become one of your go to apps for your weekly tasks of grocery shopping. Creating other lists for things like clothing stores, Home Depot, etc has also been helpful! Great job, developers!!
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1 month ago, JCnBoerne
Good app!
I’ve been using this app for several years now. Hubby & I share it so we can both update our list as needed. We use it for multiple stores, each having its own list. And when you always have your phone, you always have your grocery list! My only real complaint is when updating or adding a note to an item, the app creates a 2nd entry for the item. I feel this should not create another entry, but simply update the existing item. Birthday card is a prime example. I want to be able to add or change the note from “Mom” to “Kathy” to “John” without the app creating a 2nd & 3rd…Birthday card entry. The picture feature is fabulous, and updates the item, so I’d expect adding the note should work the same.
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1 year ago, kaswhee
The perfect grocery app
I was using notes for my grocery lists for months and I thought there had to be something better. This app is exactly what I was hoping to find. I love that I can share the same lists with my whole household so anyone can update when something needs to be added. I love that it automatically categorizes most items. I love that it saves the weird notations I make on items. This app is so easy to use and extremely handy!! I haven’t started using the meal/recipe feature yet but if I had the time to upload all my recipes I think I would be able to get even more function and ease from this app. Absolutely excellent development!
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8 months ago, Xyphie
Can’t do without this
Because my cell phone has a near “permanent home” in my pocket, it means my shopping list is right there when I suddenly realize I’m low on something. It even pairs with my Apple Watch nicely. There is incredible flexibility with this app. Add stores (or even errands) you like. Take pictures of the packages you want to buy again as a visual reminder. Make ingredient lists of favorite recipes, and if shopping and have a sudden craving to fix an old dish for dinner, voila! You can tap on the items needed to add to your shopping list. The app also works beautifully for a two- (or more) person household. I cannot recommend the Our Groceries App enough!
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1 year ago, Jon_Rex
Your making me nervous!
I have been using this app for years now. I started with the free version and after a couple years upgraded just to throw money their way for making such an awesome app. The upgrade does have improvements though, like being able to add photos. My wife and I are linked (even before I upgraded) which is Super handy! I use the store or facility name for the category. I already know in what department the milk is. This is the most useful, helpful, and reliable app I have on my phone and wished it was a standard for so many other developers. Please please please don’t go away, sell or drastically change the app. Thank you Ourgroceries, you guys rock!
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3 years ago, Scattered home office mom
I love this app! Wish I could detail recipes
I have been using this grocery app for years, and have been able to keep track of so many things, like the new kind of deodorant my teenager is using (snap a photo), the toothpaste my husband prefers, and a list of things my relatives like to eat when they come to visit. Recently I checked out an app that focuses on recipes and drops the recipe into a shopping list. I have recipes in “lists” in Our Groceries, but I have a hard time finding them. There is no way to pull up lists/recipes. My least favorite chore is meal planning and making the grocery list. This app really helps me keep track of the list.
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8 months ago, Newton Centre, MA
Great for Drumbeat Groceries
I’ve use this app for years and have developed a shopping list by aisle for my own supermarket. I can easily select drumbeat items from my list, and organizes them by aisle so when I get to the store, shopping is a breeze. It also helps me remember where everything is in the store. When buying items that I don’t buy each time, like when I’m making a recipe, I have to type them in and categorize them, which is definitely more time-consuming than a hand written list, but again, once I get to the store I can know what I need from each aisle. One star lost because it’s not clear how to delete items from the “Master List”, so the list continues to grow. Overall I recommend this app!
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9 months ago, yayaya6!
Needs price calculator
I love this app and use it every day. I would give it 5 stars and pay for the ability to enter prices that would calculate the cost for each list and a smart list that contains the info from all the lists (not set up like the current master list where deleted things and edits show up, but a list on the page with the current lists). I would even pay for the upgrade if I thought that supporting the app development would include that soon but developers have been talking about working on including the price calculator for years and it hasn’t happened yet. This makes me wonder if I should find an app that does do those things but I love how this app works in every other way.
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8 months ago, Roller 77 AZ
Best grocery
We've been using this app for a few months and find it very useful for our entire family wife likes it because were organized. Stuff can be added throughout the week by everybody Update we’ve now been using this app for over five years I believe and it still becomes very useful every week. Features we like is the ability to take a picture of the product share the list by email or even text message for someone else that does not have the app but wants to assist us at a time when our family is being challenged to get to the grocery store. (Give grandma the shopping list so she can go shopping for us) I personally also like the barcode scanner
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2 years ago, Fastdogzz
Great App
I gave this Grocery App FIVE stars because it works great and has some very nice features. I like being able to include a photo of the product….it helps my husband a lot when he’s doing the shopping. It’s easy to add items. It’s easy to indicate the quantity desired. And it’s easy to have multiple shopping sources (lists) going at the same time. The only thing that I don’t love about the app is the moving of the product from the main list to crossed off. I’ve tried the variable methods of being able to cross things off but my husband seems to cross off when he doesn’t mean to. Fat fingers? It could be operator error.
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3 years ago, Mrs. Mary Francis
I stuck it out with Grocery IQ for years because nothing else in the App Store worked for me. I tried one after another, and one day to my dismay, Grocery IQ was no longer being supported. Finally, I found this app and my search has ended. It’s simple, functional and reliable. It’s all I need. It’s even better than G IQ, hands down. Excellent auto fill suggestions, categories are intuitive, one tap to add new items, I could go on. I paid for ad removal because it’s so worth it…I mean, duh! I use it multiple times per week! It’s a life saver. Just get it. Pay the developers their measly few bucks so they can make a living. You won’t be sorry.
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2 months ago, BBoystotheEarlyMorn
Pretty darn good
Does one thing well. Remembers all the things I buy and the places I buy them from. I also really like using it to keep track of packing lists for multiple destinations and things that I often forget to pack. Suggestions for the developer: 1) the categories get unwieldy when you have dozens — there ought to be a way to archive some of them and then recover them when needed. 2) For the recipes, there should be a way of checking off multiple items to buy but not the entire recipe, or designating items in a recipe that are the ones that need to be replenished when the recipe is tapped. 3) Sometimes an item needs to be in one category and sometimes in another category. Particularly when you use categories for priority of shopping as well as location of shopping. I would solve this by allowing a sort based on priority or on multiple variables (first one, then another) and also the ability to change a specific item’s category more easily by dragging and dropping it on the list.
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4 years ago, germanwind
OurGroceries does exactly what I was looking for
Great app worth the money with the right features. Our lives are so much simpler now. No more paper lists I have to bring to the store. The ability to share the grocery lists is the best. If now, someone in our family complains why I did not buy this or that, I just say, why did you not put it on the grocery list. The only small thing I do not like is usability related. The function to remove an item from the list is to click on that item. I still often click on an item because I want to update the quantity or the category of the item. That gets me every time when I want to change something about an item. It’s a small thing, otherwise exactly what we needed.
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2 years ago, keahi85
Decent list app
So far the app is pretty good, but it misses the mark for reusable lists. We buy pretty much the same stuff all the time, so it would be nice to have a “mass restore” for the crossed off items. Currently, I only see a mass delete option. The other issue I have is that I cannot rearrange categories within each list, I can only rearrange them in Settings which means it gets applied to all lists. This is not real world usability; I have different lists for different stores, and not all stores are laid out the same way. I like to shop efficiently and like my lists ordered the same way as I shop. Would love to see this functionality added! I will probably probably look elsewhere for an app that offers these important functions.
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6 years ago, RyanFamily98
Favorite app!!
So many great features! The best one is that the whole family can share the lists. I can actually add an item while someone else is at the store picking up other items on a list. Very helpful!! Love that we can have different personalized lists. I like using different store names, a “quick list,” or “ASAP List.” The recipe list is also great. Wish it interacted with my recipe apps, but once it’s added, you never have to add it again to have all the ingredients for any given recipe. Another thing about sharing, if multiple family members are shopping together, everyone can go get stuff & take it off the list so no one else gets it, too. It’s just a great app!!!
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3 years ago, Shellsbells1969
So useful!
This is probably my most-used, most-useful app. I highly recommend it. When my previous grocery list app was phased out, I downloaded a few others to try out. I liked this one the best, and is better than the old one! I love that my husband and I can add things from our phones throughout the week, and everything is there when I go shopping. One thing I did to make it even easier to shop is to create my own aisle names, preceded by the aisle number for my main grocery store. For example, 06 - Condiments/Dressings, 08 - Baking Goods/Candy. This way, everything is in the order of that route I take through the store. And adding new things to the list, it’s easy to see which aisle would have the item since my custom name specifies it. It took a little extra time to set it up this way, but was well-worth it for me. If you don’t do custom named/numbered lists, the app will suggest a category, so that would be useful too. With the premium upgrade you can even add pictures of an item to ensure the spouse doesn’t pick up the wrong variety.
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3 years ago, Ubisububi
Upgrade Doesn't Yet Support Family Sharing But On It’s Way
So... The reason for this app is so that family members can all share the same list. The free version works fine except for the nagging reminders to upgrade. If you DO upgrade, however, be advised that the Pro features will not be available to other family members, rendering it mostly useless. I reached out to the developers for a response, and was told that Apple now allows family sharing for IAPs, and it’s on its way! We love this app. Nothing else works as well. Looking forward to supporting the developer once family sharing for purchases is in place.
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3 weeks ago, DamnItsHot
Can’t Find ‘Em?
I have been a user for years & am generally quite happy with OurGroceries. As with most products you find features that I would call “wish list” features as well as functionality that I would classify as “must have” features. I have found very few of either. Search 🔍 is what I have been struggling with for the last few years. I can’t find the functionality anywhere. Very possible that I have just missed this but I can’t find my way to it, much less how to get the most out of the feature. I love the ability to share with your family — although I think being able to export the data to manipulate it outside of the database & even extend the functionality (with a utility to be able to keep OurGroceries up to date w/o causing problems). All things considered I would not hesitate to recommend OurGroceries to anyone looking to manage their shopping 🛒! If you don’t own it go get what copies you need for family today. Keep providing new versions w/nu features, better documentation, bug fixes, hooks for exporting data… Cheers!
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