Outdoorsy - Rent an RV

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Outdoorsy, Inc.
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4 weeks ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Outdoorsy - Rent an RV

4.81 out of 5
16.3K Ratings
5 years ago, dbnkbn79
Getting what you pay for and more.
I’m writing this review as I end my last day . I have rented through this app before and was impressed then, but now I’m hooked and I’ve found my go to owners. I’m not tell you all the cool stuff because I want you to see this condo on wheels. And comfort? No comparison period! Your making a mistake renting from someone else. Unlimited miles is the ticket! If my trip went as planned I would have racked up the miles but it didn’t that’s why I’m booking it for now on if available
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4 years ago, icu nurse that deserved better
This app seemed like Airbnb for rvs, however between one app issues, atrocious customer service and shady owners I feel completely ripped off. Owner mark gondola tried to charge me 400 extra dollars for my pet two days before trip. Then upon return of trailer immediately let me know I would not be receiving my 500 dollar security deposit and proceeded to insist I “unhitch and leave” before I even had time to park the trailer. Proceeded to speak to me very loud and abrasively while attempting to unhitch than threatened to call police if we did not leave immediately. As a brown man in the United States in the time of George Floyd this was exceptionally uncomfortable. I thought that calling customer service after leaving would help. Outdoorsy seems to have outsourced their customer support to another country . They told me the dispute department would be in touch with me and because the owner had not followed proper return protocols I would have a good chance of getting my deposit back, however, never offered me anything for the disrespect and horrible experience I had with the owner. The dispute claims department does not talk to me on phone or provide number to reach them ... only template emails .... it has now been five weeks since my security deposit was taken from me and this situation is not resolved.... I feel like I must take legal action.... 500 dollars is not a small sum. Please don’t use this app guys
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3 years ago, familyrvfun
I had a horrible experience with my recent rental through Outdoorsy. I booked an RV that advertised a full refund policy. Upon finding out that the seatbelt was not safe for my children, I cancelled my booking just a few days later (and several months before the trip). I waited and waited for months to get refunded. The owner refused to refund regardless of his advertised policy and Outdoorsy did nothing about it and did not help follow up with the owner about the falsely advertised refund policy. The owner is still operating normally and still advertises the same policy even though he’s proven he will not honor it. I tried disputing my credit charges but my credit card company couldn’t get the money back because this was deemed a “legitimate booking” even though service was never rendered. Outdoorsy kept telling me that they don’t process the refund and I had to work with the owner directly. Outdoorsy obviously cares more about its recurring revenue from owners posting on their site than the integrity of information advertised on their website. You should not collect any service fee from us if you’re not going to provide any sort of “service” here!! BTW - I did not even get the Outdoorsy service fee charge back either! Be careful of scams and expect zero customer service, support or accountability from Outdoorsy. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!
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3 years ago, Corporate_Pirate
Don’t use this app/ service. Complete rip off
I rarely post negative reviews. In this case it was so bad I exhausted all options but to post a negative review and warn you not to use this service. Similar to AirBnB , outdoorsy is for RV rentals. I rented an RV for 3 weeks and the trip was fine. Then once I turned in the RV the problems started. There was a ding in the windshield that was caused by a bird hitting the windshield. The owner wanted to charge me $800 for a new windshield. I called Safelight and they could do the repair for $200. Second of all if you rented an AirBNB or rental car and the windshield chipped they wouldn’t charge you for a new window. Second is the support in the bed frame broke. Mind you we Never slept in the RV we only used it for transportation to our AirBnB and used hotels along the way. I laid down down at a rest stop since I was doing the driving and it cost me $300 because they are making me pay for that too. I am only 195 pounds so it’s not like I am grossly overweight or anything. Also I never received an estimate they just charged. Complete rip-off as I spent $4k for my rental and now they are trying to charge another $1200. I will never use the app again and I recommend you steer clear and rent from Cruise America or a local RV company where they are more accommodating. Please don’t make the same mistake I did. Steer clear of this App. It is NOT AirBnB for RVs.
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3 years ago, Cbdouglas
Complete Scam of a Company
Outdoorsy charged us $150 a day to have an insurance policy that clearly states roadside assistance is available 24/7. Our van broke down in Wyoming in February when it was -22F outside and after 22 hours of trying to deal with their emergency service department they WOULD NOT TOW US to safety. We had to use our personal AAA tow assistance to get back to town. Our trip was cut down from 7 days to 4 because the van was inoperable so we asked for a refund since the van clearly had issues and we couldn’t use it and our trip was ruined. Not only did we not get a refund, we had to pay out of pocket for a hotel and the mechanic fees and couldn’t even get back to our own car in Salt Lake City. It took weeks of back and forth trying to get at least 2 days of our rental back since we used it for half the time and was clearly inoperable and after charging us the full week rental ($2500) with ZERO assistance on the hotel/mechanic 5 weeks later they CHARGED US $1700 for the van breaking and delivering it back with a dead battery. Do not risk renting from this app, they will literally leave you in the freezing cold to die and then charge you the full price PLUS the mechanic fees and likely more while the owner pays NOTHING for the van they own and are required to maintain. Absolutely ridiculous and will never use this scam of a company again. Don’t make our same mistake.
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2 years ago, Aqui
Horrible customer support
We had faulty stairs with our rented RV since the beginning of our trip. We first noticed this on our first day after a couple had pointed out our stairs were deployed (not automatically retracted) as we were driving around a parking lot. Every time I would start the RV I would double check they were retracted but sure enough they deployed again while driving. We hit a bump and it quickly became a mangled mess. I explained the situation to the owner and he immediately relayed how they just replaced the motor on it / have had problems with those stairs. He said I wouldn’t be charged for it but as soon as I returned it my $1,000 deposit was claimed. I screenshot the owner’s admission of the faulty stairs, which was from part of Outdoorsy’s own chat feature, yet they still haven’t returned by deposit. The owner has claimed that they sent Outdoorsy a message to return the deposit but Outdoorsy states they never have received it. Either way, you, the costumer, have no recourse to refute deposits claims, even with clear evidence. Every rental requires a large deposit, >$1k, so I would think twice about using Outdoorsy.
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2 years ago, Ms. Eliz
Outdoorsy Insurance Scam
My experiences with the van owner were mostly great. He was thorough, kind & responsive. While driving my rented van through a city, it appears that I damaged part of the bumper when trying to back up the trailer and van. The owner and I discussed this and he looked up the part in front of me and said the repair would be $350. We filed the claim and Outdoorsy texted me important documents, but wouldn’t email them to me. I kept requesting copies. They sent the form via email and I was able to fill it out but I didn’t get any more information until I saw they charged my credit card for $1000 saying the deductible had to be paid on the insurance policy through them. Somehow the cost mysteriously went up from $350 to over $1000. 🧐 I was provided no information on the process. Outdoorsy insurance is a scam because they wanted my personal insurance policy information so that they could get reimbursed for the charges costs of repair. Why would I need to BUY Outdoorsy’s insurance POLICY IF THEY WEREN’T ACTUALLY GOING TO COVER ANYTHING AND WERE GOING TO TRY TO PUNT IT OFF ON THE INSURANCE I ALREADY CARRY? THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE AND THEY ARE JUST COLLECTING EXTRA MONEY.
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5 years ago, Fostering Joy
Love the service, app interface could use work
We are avid adventurers and travelers. Having used many different apps for booking travel this one could use some improvements. 1. After I search and enter all my details, allow me to save my search criteria- every time I go to message or click into a different tab I lose all my search filters and specifications. 2. Once I hit search- get rid of the keyboard. It covers half of the results. If I need the keyboard I can put my cursor back in the search field! 3. Allow me to make a trip and save my favorites to the trip. Currently any of the eager owners who send me requests are all in my trips. I’ve declined them and they are still there. I want to be in control of what “my trips” entail as the customer. 4. If I decline something- make it disappear. If I didn’t want it why is it still in my trips? I am thrilled about the offerings and love this aspect to sharing the outdoors. Looking forward to making this better :)
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3 years ago, MikeLMA
Renter: Beware of camper specs
Nice idea, bit no auditing of information for camper accuracy. Outdoorsy lets the camper supplier put in anything. Example is my limiting travel trailers to 2,000 pounds (so it should find tiny teardrops, 13 foot Scamps, etc). However it resulted in only (2) small campers. The rest were huge - some as big as 32 foot and over 9,000 pounds. Same inaccuracy has been true for truck campers and class C. I keep trying to use it, because it sounds like a good idea, but no joy. Uninstalled app. Outdoorsy app is just as obtuse and inaccurate as the web version. I’ll still try the web once in awhile. *** update: the actual search was “Towable. Travel Trailers. 2000 pound limit”. Simple. It was done in (3) areas: a zip in Michigan, Oregon, and Massachusetts (all where I spend time) with the same results of campers listed that were way over the 2000 pound limit, so this is not a problem limited to area - it is a systemic Outdoorsy problem. A simple test can be done in less than 60 seconds by anyone interested in seeing or fixing the issue.
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4 years ago, alymcbride
We booked an rv weeks in advance and were on our way to pick it up and got a notification that the host canceled our booking three hours before our scheduled pick up time, well after we made the original booking and well after they had our money in hand. You can only message the host through the app and all our messages were ignored. So here we are miles away from home with nowhere to stay so naturally we would like a to leave a negative review so other people know this person isn’t reliable but we are unable to do that through the app. The main reason we are leaving one star is because it is not possible to leave a negative review for the host that canceled on us because we never picked it up. This service does not hold parties accountable to agreed pick up times. A host can cancel at the last second with no consequences. We use air bnb all the time and have had a great experience because air bnb acts as an effective middle man ensuring both parties are accountable. We will never use this service again. Thanks for ruining our vacation.
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12 months ago, Lablover2740
The app is not working
I have rented using the Outdoorsy platform for the last six years and had a wonderful experience every time with the exception of one rental which was due to the owner of the RV and had nothing to do with Outdoorsy. As a matter of fact, when I addressed the issues with Outdoorsy, they made notes in their file and encouraged me to come back to them if I could not resolve the issue with the owner. Currently, when I open the app face ID is not an option and I am forced to log in each and every time. This is time consuming and very aggravating. I am trying to change the dates of my trip, and when I select the option to do that, the app freezes and will not allow me to do so. I have reached out to the owner, and she has sent a date change to me. When I try to confirm the change, the app freezes, and forces me to close it. Pease address these issues soon.
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5 years ago, WickedDontSleep
Started out Well...
Working with the rental owner was great until we ran into an issue with the rv on the trip. They were helpful in telling me how to reset the breaker, but it continued to be a problem. We followed their direction to plug in to higher amps and still didn’t resolve issue. When I spoke to the owner up return and asked for partial refund for electrical not working, they said to contact Outdoorsy. I emailed the next day and still haven’t heard back (now 6 days). I started a chat last night and the disclaimer on the chat said it usually responds same day. They responded the next day and by the time I opened the app the tell them what was happening (2 mins) they had closed the chat. -at least give the customer more than 2 minutes to respond when we’ve waited over 10 hours to get a response. Still haven’t heard back after starting another chat within 2 minutes of their response today (now 3 hours later). Very disappointed in Outdoorsy’s support so far.
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3 years ago, Matt48083
Do Not Use This Service!
This is an Air BnB for RV’s, however the company does a terrible job of making sure that the owners are legit. We planned a vacation and reserved an RV 5 months before the trip. The day we were supposed to pick up the RV, the owners did not show up and were unreachable by us and by Outdoorsy. I understand that the company doesn’t have control over owners doing this, but you’d think that Outdoorsy would not let that owner continue to rent out their RV, but they do. We found out after some investigation that this owner has done this before also! Getting our money back took several calls and emails but eventually we did get reimbursed. The money lost on the camp site, we’re still dealing with. If you want to rent an RV, go through a reputable company, in my opinion Outdoorsy is just a money grab with no actually vetting of owners. It’s possible that you will have no issues and things will turn out fine, but you’re taking a gamble using them.
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3 years ago, Lynn in Michigan
Lack of transparency in their service and lack of accountability for bad RV owners
We rented an RV 6 months ago and the owners did not cancel on us but ghosted us completely. They never showed up at the designated pickup time and left us hanging for an hour. They didn’t even bother canceling ans never provided an explanation or apology. While this issue is not Outdoorsy’s fault, they will no allow us to leave a review explaining what happened, and they won’t remove them from Ourdoorsy. So any new prospective renters are not able to find this out before they rent. There is a automatic review populated that says they canceled but that is not accurate. It took many emails before we were offered to be reimbursed for our campsite we could not cancel as we were canceled on the day of our trip. Outdoorsy offered us an apology but I wish I had been able to see details of reviews like this before booking. Seems super shady to not be transparent and protect their customers.
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5 years ago, thau25
We originally booked two separate trips with entirely different owners a few months before the trip dates. Our first rental with Multidimensional Group was cancelled 3 days before our trip. The owners messaged with nothing but a “good luck finding another trailer” and that was it. Absolutely no help. We didn’t end up finding another. Two weeks later, I made sure to confirm all was well with our owner, Vedonna Sutton, a week before our trip. She said all was well, and then the day before (on Thanksgiving) our trip, she cancels. We were unable to find another rental since it was a holiday weekend and we had less than 24 hours to figure it out. She emailed at 1 am saying her RV was fixed and we could re-book, but by the time I texted her at 7:30 that morning, she said it was too late and she was already gone. We had fully paid for both rentals and on the second, a $2500 deposit was taken out. Huge hassle and absolutely disappointed with the owners on this app.
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3 years ago, Metro Carpet
Renters DO NOT USE Outdoorsy!!! No customer service and they will rip you off!!!
I would leave a ZERO stars but I can not! Renters please be careful with Outdoorsy rules. I recently rented an RV. At the beginning everything was great, but... day before returning I had hit n run situation that made a small dent on the compartmen door. Clam was started upon RV return. Outdoorsy doesn't accept 2nd opinion regard costs of damage. Their apprisal quote me 30 to 40 % higher quote that any RV shop in the area. I found 2 shops that would replace the door with original door, same color pater for 30% less that Outdoorsy appraisal. For labor this shops would charge me 30 minutes of work, what looks normal for unscrowing 8 screws and screwing tham bavk with new door. Their appraisal quoted me 1 hour and 30 min of work!!! Without my permission they run my Credit Card in amount they requested. Kind of ignore my efforts to proofs them that I was overcharged. But they were not lazy to send me an email that I can end up on court if I decline Credi card charge. New renters please be careful with Outdoorsy rules. Damage happen, I am responsible for the damage, and I was willing to pay for the damage, but the price that Outdoorsy set was to high. I didn't shop for the cheapes RV shops. For my quotes I looked at first 2 RV shops on google woth high rating. Both of them had similar quotes. Hopefully someone will find this advice helpful.
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10 months ago, vvsjjd
Rip Off ruined the family vacation
We booked through the site, money taken out everything good to go. Then 6days before we leave for a vacation camp site that you have to book a year in advance we get a cancellation notice from the person and outdoorsy takes 5-10 days to refund your money. We try and book another camper and turns out it was available on their site but booked on a different site. They took money out again. Tried to book another camper and money was again taken out of our account. Now we are almost a total of $3500 out of our account and still no camper to rent and 3days till we are supposed to be there. They have completely screwed up this vacation and are a complete rip-off scam. DO NOT BOOK OR USE THIS SITE. I will not take down this until we get our money back. I’d give negative stars if possible
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1 year ago, Allofthenopes
Waste of Time
What a train wreck of a first use of this platform. I wanted to book a towable camper, and was excited about how easy it seemed; right up until I finished booking. I shortly thereafter get a message that the dates I had selected were not available, the host didn’t update their calendar. So I reach out to support, hoping to have them adjust my booking to a different host that would meet the need - since I didn’t have enough money to be able to pay a second full rental, and I had already been charged in full for the now unavailable rental; then spend almost two hours on hold, to be told “just use a different account to book”. First time, last time, no time. Find another option, this platform will not provide support or fix anything when irresponsible hosts can’t be bothered to keep their schedules up to date.
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2 years ago, horribleapp999
Disappointing Experience
I wish I can give zero star to this app. We booked an RV 2-3 weeks ago, they charged me the deposit and all of a sudden after weeks we received a cancellation and logged out from the app. Tried to log in and our attempts failed. Since we thought we booked an RV, already arranged flights and further plans accordingly. So I used my work email to create another account and book a new RV. Outdoorsy accused my account being fraud and rejected my attempt to have a booking. Safety and Thrust team was unfortunately had lack of knowledge to even write my name correct in their email response, so I am not sure about the depth of research they conducted to confirm my identity. Now we have everything planned but struggling to arrange an RV. Incredibly disappointing customer service and care, please do not even think about using this app.
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3 years ago, Hso2017
I’ll start by saying that I’m a business attorney and am adept at resolving disputes amicably and fairly. Outdoorsy’s policies and tactics are blatantly unethical. Their insurance requires claim submission within 48 hours, which basically means it only covers accidents. 90% of damage from RV rentals is not discovered immediately; it’s usually the next time you drive/use it. We had a renter put gas in a Diesel engine, which could have totaled out $95,000 class B Van. We didn’t discover it for about 2 weeks, because it’s not apparent sitting in the driveway. We did catch it early enough to do the repairs ourselves (5 hours and $360). When they refused reimbursement because it wasn’t submitted within 48 hours, I started posting reviews to let owners and renters know about the risks of renting from this company. They promptly reached out and offered me a $360 credit. I re-listed the RV, planning on one singular rental to get the credit. THEY HAVE HIDDEN MY LISTING. When I search from any other computer, my listing does not come up (which explains why I haven’t gotten a single rental request when I normally get 2-3 per week). I will be suing them. DO NOT TRUST THEM, they are unethical as any company can be.
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3 years ago, Seth + Duska
Awesome app and adventure options!
Love the app and the only reason I didn’t give it five stars is because there are so many options which is great, but the app or the website don’t allow you to sort your results. Honestly I can’t stress enough how helpful it would be to narrow down the list after you select your filters. I would recommend they add sort by price, distance, most reviews, year and relevance as this would have greatly made my search experience that much better. Another feature I would love to see is the view cost with all fees just like airbnb does under the nightly rate. Thanks for creating this company though...best idea!
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3 years ago, brandonn_
Scam Alert
So a few months ago I booked a rental for and RV for an event in Vegas, when I booked the RV it asked for a deposit which I paid and the rest was to be paid when I picked up the vehicle. The coronavirus made it so that the event was postponed, so naturally I canceled my reservation but I did that with the page saying it would refund 75% of my deposit. Come to find out I wouldn’t be getting any of my deposit black because it’s outdoorsy policy to only give it back if the amount was paid I full. IT DOES NOT SAY THAT ANYWHERE IN THE RENTAL AGREEMENT! It says that in there base policy but not the agreement with the renter. They are scam artist here and have awful customer service and now I’m out 800$ for a product I never used. I would not recommend them at all. I wish I could give them 0 stars. Beware of these scam artist.
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1 year ago, KuzcosButler
Ridiculous. Repeat “deposit” charges MONTHLY.
We traveled in November 2022. Deposit withdrawn and returned as expected. December 2022, exactly one month after our trip, outdoorsy placed another (unexpected) hold on my card. For the same amount as the initial deposit. Absolutely no way to reach anyone in customer service. Ended up having to go through my bank to dispute the charge, cancel my card and get a new one. Thankfully the charge did fall off. But what a hassle! I Just got notification that Outdoorsy attempted to charge my card again! For a third time! Still no way to get ahold of anyone for assistance. This is the first time I’ve ft the need to write an app review. I strongly suggest looking elsewhere! Strange business practices and ZERO customer service availability/options.
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2 years ago, Shrek1833
Difficult to navigate for new users.
Felt it’s built for renters and not people seeking to list their rv. Downloaded the app, created an account and it automatically threw me into renter mode. Navigated my way to list my rv, got booted off halfway through building my listing and it lost everything. Tried again, completed my listing hit the final submit, and it crashed loosing my listing. I could not find it. I’m not the smart guy out there when it comes to apps but I’m not dumb about it either, and it was difficult for me. Going to RV share and trying my luck there. Other than that the app features were nice and the app looks good and it seemed very easy to use if your looking to rent.
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4 years ago, ATLOffroad
Nobody will rent to me
I am 0 for six trying to rent an RV on Outdoorsy. I will search for a drivable RV available during our planned two week trip then reserve it. When I contact the owners about planning on taking the RV on a roadtrip to the Southwest U.S., with my family, my reservation is then cancelled by the owner. This has happened six times. So far three of the owners have responded to the cancellations stating, “The RV is now unavailable.” or “I am not comfortable with it driving that distance.” Then one owner said, “I am having claims trouble Outdoorsy and will no longer rent out with them.” Then why do you have your RV still listed? If this app is to work it needs to have a filter for owners that are willing to allow you to drive it a long distance. It has been frustrating that no one will allow me to rent their RV.
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3 years ago, MWS36
Annoying form when creating an account
Installed the app and set up an account first thing. I create with an email bc I don’t need to give Outdoorsy my social media login. Enter my name and email address then discover that the password field makes the keyboard pop up over the field so I can’t see the field any longer. That also means I can’t paste a password from my password manager into it. Very annoying bc some developer didn’t make it possible to scroll the form. So, my first impression of the app is being annoyed at the interface. Now I have to remember some poorly constructed password that isn’t nearly as complex as what my password manager would create.
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4 years ago, nataliesf123
TOTAL NIGHTMARE EXPERIENCE, do not rent with outdoorsy
DO NOT USE OUTDOORSY. Our RV broke down after 2 days, no reimbursement for the 11 day trip, we got stranded in the middle of nowhere, TOTAL NIGHTMARE. They have been unresponsive & have not reimbursed us for this insane experience. We have been trying to reach them for months to get reimbursed for a broken RV that ended up costing my group $5,000 in expenses (towing, hotel reservations where we were stranded, taxis to the tow place, canceled flights, rental cars- all because the RV broke and outdoorsy had no back up plan or help to offer us) They still havent reimbursed us for the cost of the RV - we booked it for 11 days and on day 2 it completely broke. thats 9 days of unused RV that we still haven't been reimbursed for. During a really tough economic time for our group. Absolutely terrible customer service. The few times we've gotten through on the phone, they've said they didn't have an answer about our reimbursement, but would call back with answers.. it's been months of this. Repeatedly calling them, waiting on hold for 30 minutes, and being told i'd get a call back. Literal nightmare.
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3 years ago, Userusvduckcjfjw
Good rental, but buggy app
I just finished my first rental and it overall went well. The entire rental experience both on the web and in the app is pretty buggy and a little scary tbh. I’m apprehensive about using again because if I had damage it seems like it would be a nightmare to deal with outdoorsy. Lots of bugs searching for rentals as well as checking out and in. Seems like a low budget startup right now and a little risky for everyone in the marketplace. I feel just lucky nothing bad happened during the rental process because it definitely didn’t feel like a trustworthy experience.
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4 years ago, Ski_Shark123
More than disappointing
Through the app I contacted multiple people with trailers that the app said were available. Not one was really available, one was using the trailer themselves and did not remove the availability, two said they were not ready to rent yet and were confused why Outdoorsy was saying people could rent their trailers, and the last person after multiple messages and text never responded. I’m right now laying in a tent very disappointed. I had my hopes of getting to use a nice trailer crushed by poor communication and a bad app experience. I know some of this is the fault of the people who had their trailers for rent but some of this was the fault of Outdoorsy. If you are looking to rent an RV or trailer try somewhere else, unless you like being disappointed.
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5 years ago, Bkluvsme
Glitchy app. Couldn’t complete booking
I have been trying to book with this app for the past 72hrs. All the filter features have been glitching. We finally got it to work long enough to request a booking. After it was approved; every time I tried to click the “complete booking” button my app would close out. I tried deleting the app and redownloading and the issue continued. I also restarted my phone and still had no luck. Very frustrating. The idea of this app is great! Hopefully they can get this issue under control. I was however, able to get someone on the phone via customer service, quite quickly that was able to help and complete the booking for me.
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2 years ago, Zombiemouse
2 Stars Avoid this app
It’s a buggy app, drivers license upload doesn’t work, it does this annoying and unnecessary bar waving and flashing on the screen like it’s doing something technical, it’s not. As soon as we found a travel trailer we liked we got hit with spam, lots of it, lots of “do you want to know how I turned my 8 hour a day job into 7 figures”… No Susan I don’t, I want to rent a travel trailer. When you don’t want to hear how they got rich they stop responding to you, so then you cancel your trip because of only getting connected with scammers and spam, what does Outdoorsy do? They charge you a cancellation fee because you refused to book with one of the scammers that spam your mailbox… So avoid this app.
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2 years ago, PB Jack
Does NOT uphold renters! Highway Robbery!
Ruined our entire vacation. The RV was in terrible condition, and unsafe for driving. The owner renting it out refused to go through all the contract documents with us, and we only discovered how unsafe the RV was after taking the keys. We immediately drove it off the lot and back on it, never taking full possession. Outdoorsy REFUSES to uphold our claim that the RV was not road worthy. On top of keeping our money, they never got back to us on a timely manner, and I’ve had to escalate this to my credit card company. Avoid these guys, you would be way better off renting your RV from a dealership that stands behind their equipment rentals. This place is a scam and a complete ripoff. I’ll be following up with the BBB and small claims court.
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3 years ago, MzKitten
If you cancel within one hour after booking the cancellation fee applies to you. This is not made clear. They are not telling you this when you speak to someone on the phone and walking you through the app and not explaining it to you. I booked an one hour later needed to cancel. The woman never told me because I was booking within 14 days of the booking that I would be charged a cancellation fee because I am within 14 days. There will be a cancellation fee regardless. This needs to be said I told her I was having trouble with the interface of the app and she did not help me in anyway. This is trickery. If I'm needing help then I'm not understanding things. It's her responsibility to explain to me any hidden fees
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3 years ago, mattsi19
Roadside assistance is blatant false advertising
When I encountered an issue with a rental, I tried contacting roadside assistance and spent the entire day trying to get in touch with them. I didn’t hear back until the trip was over 3 months later. When I emailed them how disappointed I was that the trip was ruined and that the additional fees they charged me was a result of not being able to get in contact with road side assistance, they never replied. I had to submit a chargeback with my bank since they never replied to my emails or worked with me to resolve the issue. Now I find out I’ve been banned from the platform. Stay far away, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are manipulating the reviews on the App Store.
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4 years ago, scams2020
Scammed, and difficult to navigate the refund process
We rented and RV, paid the deposit, and after zero contact from the owner (and some Facebook sleuthing) determined the RV was a scam. After numerous attempts to contact Outdoorsy (chat, email, and over 5 collective hours on hold) I have spoken with one person. After a week trying to follow up with no responses from Outdoorsy, we are out $800 and can’t seem to get anyone to respond to any form of contact. The app also has its quirks and isn’t a seamless experience where I’d feel comfortable spending thousands of dollars again in the future. I understand the RV rental market it hot right now during the pandemic, but this customer service is poor at best. If I could give less than one star for this process, I would.
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2 years ago, Chocopodge
Would be great if it didn’t constantly log me off and lie about my password being wrong
As soon as I close the app it logs me out and tells me I’m entering the incorrect password when I try to get back. I fell for it the first few times and kept changing my password. The final time I had literally just changed my password - app told me it or my email was incorrect. Tried on my computer and got in just fine. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and it still let me into my account. Skip the mobile app and just log in on the actual site.
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4 years ago, Gurgling tv
Bad App
The premise is a great, but the execution is horrible. Two MASSIVE issues. 1. It has a hard time identifying rentals in the area you select. For example, I’d select a city, it would show 2 or 3 rentals available. I select a city nearby, and then there are 2-3 new rentals available in the previous city... 2. This is the biggest complaint. It doesn't seem that Outdoorsy updates availability dates appropriately. Over the course of 1 week, I attempted to book five, FIVE different rentals, each showing they were available for my selected dates, only for me to receive a message from the owner saying “that date has already been reserved”. On my 5th attempt, the owner texted me and said “this happens frequently on Outdoorsy, they never get availability dates correct”.
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2 years ago, sxhntj
Outdoorsy would not value you, the renter
I rented a RV trailer, and only found out that there’s an issue with break light on my SUV when i picked up. I tried to fix the light while keeping the owner updated with my progress…but eventually, the next day it’s decided that it can not be fixed within a couple of days. I immediately let the owner and Outdoorsy know that i would have to cancel and i wont be able to pick up the trailer. What i was told was that the trip has started (on their app, since it’s past pick up time) and once trip started, there is no refund. I wish they had a botton to have you confirm the trip starts. Cause their current app assumes the trailer is picked up and the money goes to the RV owner. Who would cough out the money if it’s already in their pocket. After filing a complaint and the suggestion to add a ‘confirm pick up button’ with BBB, Outdoorsy decided to ignore my complaint and simply decided it’s not worth their effort to make their renter happy. So be careful, this company cares about something more than us renters.
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4 years ago, RileyFynn
Very Disappointed
*UPDATE* STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS PLACE * $1800 SCAM* Terrible customer service & still no refund after trying to dispute & contacting them directly I was so excited about coming across this app because it would have worked perfectly for what I needed. I work in various locations across Southern California and have the option of staying at venues in an RV, since I don’t own one, renting one would be amazing especially ones that offer delivery to the location. So I found one and put in the request to book ( the guy I tried to rent from was really nice and tried to work with me)but when it came down to it, Outdoorsy would not verify my ID or insure me because I am not 25 yet. Keep in mind I am not driving the RV at all, I am having it delivered so I can stay at the venue for 2 weeks. Outdoorsy needs to disclose when creating a profile that they will not verify or insure people under the age of 25 even though the trailer is getting delivered to the venue and not moving. Now I am out $1800 and have no where to stay while I am working. Extremely disappointed in this app.
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5 years ago, texascamper
Great, awesome, and easy!
We have a family of four, and have booked three different campers through Outdoory! Each time has been great, awesome, and easy! From the descriptions and pics to the actual booking and paying; the process is so simple! We will continue to use Outdoorsy to book campers and RVs, until we purchase one of our own; and we may still use them depending on how far away from Texas our family adventures take us! Camp, camp away!
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5 years ago, IshyGG
Good service but overly aggressive and rude tactics
Outdoorsy is offering a useful service, but their “growth hacking” tactics of auto-generating messages and sending them to owners of RV’s that you haven’t completed booking is awful. It’s super shady to send messages as if they are coming from users, when in fact they are not. Also texting immediately and sharing info with owners is equally as invasive and rude. I’m not sure who’s making these product decisions but I hope they’re reading this and get the message that these “features” are very unwelcome for users and borderline creepy for everyone involved. It honestly makes me want to delete the app and use a different service that respects users.
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2 years ago, Chris Gragtmans
Bad Experience x2
I was very excited to try this app, as my wife and I are in the market for an RV. After two attempts, I would not recommend it. The first round involved an Airstream rental where we booked and paid for a week for a family vacation, and committed to the 50% non-refundable cancellation policy. Unfortunately the RV owner had no such recourse, and they canceled on us without concession. We scrambled to find something else… Round #2 - my wife booked an alternate RV and we sprung for the full delivery / setup and cleaning fee. When we arrived, the sheets were not changed and had bodily fluids on them from previous guests. Then at the end of our stay, the owner told my wife she would “release the $900 Security Deposit once you write a review.” Ashley wrote a four star review because of the above, and the owner flipped out. She documented all the pre-existing issues of her camper and told Outdoorsy we were to blame. We tried to appeal, but the Outdoorsy team seems to have forgotten about us. Long story short, I would recommend steering clear…
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3 years ago, EishaPeisha
Let’s not block customers with REAL reviews & REAL problems. It’s bad for business. Seeings as how I had a review up and it was removed…. Let me add it again…. I was charged twice for the security deposit. When I brought it to Outdoorsy’s attention they told me too bad not only did the double charge and then keep my money, they also had more than SEVEN “customer service” members email me to say the EXACT same thing “check with your bank”….. I have an amazing bank, so much so, that THEY are the ones who brought this scam to my attention. Outdoorsy asked for proof. I sent it. Still NOT ONE DOLLAR has been returned to me. I’ve filed a complaint with the government, my bank, & outdoorsy. We all know outdoorsy won’t do a thing to help. Maybe enough complaints on the site ReportFraud((dot))ftc((dot))gov will have their site shut down. I picked outdoorsy over RVShare because of the lower rates. Huge mistake that was. They’re scammers & use overseas for their customer service. Which is why they are of NO help. Do NOT use this scamming site/app!!!!
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2 years ago, Ferrisl
App ok
The app works ok. Only significant screwup this time is the list view and map view button is foolishly placed and you constantly hit it while you’re trying to scroll through the list of available units. As with most apps: fix it and then stop updating it - this is not rocket science- we just need to be able to find what we want and book it. Coders seem to always want to put their mark on apps by adding features no one needs or wants and end up screwing things up.
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3 years ago, B the music chica
If something happens, good luck!!
We had a popped tire on the trip in the middle of nowhere. We got the tire replaced with the correct size. We are waiting for our money back still. We brought our children and there were some scratches and the owners wanted the whole upholstery replaced. We had to go to a mediator to talk about this. Kind of ridiculous. Outdoorsy has been silent throughout this whole process. If something happens during the trip, Outdoorsy will be completely silent and have their outsourced lawyers take care of things. They distance themselves as much as they can. I won’t recommend outdoorsy to anyone because their processes feel like I am part of a scam.
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3 years ago, RJL716
Horrible Customer Support
I have rented from many private owners in the past. Recently my previous rentals have been booked. I tried this site only to find 99% of owners do not respond. When I finally found one who did he was very nice and accomodating. Unfortunately I had to cancel the trip due to a change in my schedule. I called customer support and spoke to Lorena. She was beyond rude and would not honor their printed cancellation policy. She said it was a glitch on the Outdoorsy website and they wouldn't honor it. Why is it my problem your website had a glitch? RUN! RUN from this site and use one of the reputable websites for RV rentals. RVShare and others are significantly better!
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3 years ago, Mo Hamad Islam
App not functioning properly
I have been trying to book a reservation for 2 weeks. Every time I request one, either I get a message from the owner saying they are not available, they updated the app but still shows their trailer or the owner does not reply at all and the requests keep expiring. Also, I tried to verify my license 3x, it tells me that I’m verified, then an hour later, it wants me to verify again and redo the entire process again. It’s inaccurate when it comes to which trailers are available. Don’t waste your time with this app. It used to be so good about a year ago, not sure what happened in the last several months.
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3 years ago, Bonnie blue belle
Shady RV Owner
This is basically AirBnB for RVs. Unfortunately, if you hook up with a shady owner (as we did), Outdoorsy doesn’t help much in resolving disputes. We planned an 18-day anniversary trip. Unfortunately, trailer came with a non working electric hookup (obviously damaged) and no spare tire. We had to replace both before leaving on our trip. CO2 alarm kept going off in the middle of the night forcing us to turn off propane, which we paid the owner $50 for. We came home early due to several sleepless nights due to CO2 alarm. Owner gave NO consideration for problems. Outdoorsy made a token effort, but our costs were not reimbursed. We won’t do this again.
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12 months ago, At this point does it matter
App issues
App logs me out every time I minimize or close iOS iPhone 12 current version iOS Other than that it seems fairly easy to use . Haven’t needed customer service yet all owners I have used were legit and friendly. I am sure there are bad ones tho. Other than that helped provide me a great alternative for accommodation on site at upper level horse shows.
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2 years ago, Grymtyrant
Pricing is absurd
The app itself is really nicely laid out and functions well. The pricing is absolutely insane. Expensive, yes. If people are willing to pay these prices, fine. But when you show a price at $120 a night for a tow behind camper X2 nights and the total comes up to be $482 is simply bonkers. Double the price from what the nightly rental is?! Why not have the nightly prices reflect what the actual total will end up being. Whether that be the fees of the owner, the app. Sure leave taxes off til the end, that’s fine. Everyone expects taxes and has an idea of what that will be.
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