OYSHO: Online Fashion Store

4.8 (5.2K)
84.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for OYSHO: Online Fashion Store

4.8 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
11 months ago, Katia Nicole
Love the Oysho App!
This app is so easy to use. I can purchase my items without any problem and in a fast way. Love that it keeps my information saved within my account and helps with a faster checkout. I also absolutely love all items Oysho releases.
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4 years ago, Catsuperhero💮
Terrible client service
I have been waiting for a pick up of a package and they never came for it and never informed me they weren’t coming whats the point in having the app if you don’t communicate with clients and I. The phone terrible service rude and unhelpful
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2 years ago, rahmh
Why the change
Still most of the items are always out of stock Also I need to see accessories like the gym bags being worn by models to be able to judge if the size is ok with me
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4 years ago, Kat222444
Easy to navigate
Easy to use app, downloaded and placed order right away without any issues.
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4 years ago, anthrobear
Could not empty my cart or remove things I no longer wanted :-(
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3 years ago, JJNNZZ
Terrible customer service
I didn’t receive my order and contacted them. They replied to me with a completely wrong address which I have never provided (since I double checked my invoice and was so sure the address I filled in was correct) for no reason, and haven’t heard from them since then...so terrible, don’t make purchases here!
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4 years ago, Bayamzeynep
Stock status
Out of stock status only appears when you turn to your basket. All other features are pretty good organized.
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1 year ago, RIAYMS
Not a good first experience
I ordered something weeks ago and it gave me a delivery date. Now weeks later I’ve received an email that my order is cancelled due to low stock. They should just say out of stock from the get go so you’re not waiting for nothing.
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3 years ago, AppUser10101
Unable to view full cart
With this latest update, i am unable to view full cart, item list, update/chage/delete items!
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4 years ago, qzy5071
Horrible customer service
No customer service at all, if you have questions about the order, they aren't of any help other than telling you what you already know, nothing about what you asked for. Absolutely horrible, should never have reached US market that values customers experience.
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7 months ago, xxx028
I like your product and I like you App. Thank you, I love you
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2 years ago, Heraclita
There is no way to change to another country
Imposible to change to another country to buy while on vacations.
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3 years ago, Natusechka22
Overall app is great BUT very confusing if you want to return the merchandise. No option to safe/print the label.
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3 years ago, Hasfashion
Great app
Fast purchasing
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4 years ago, MaddieandMe55
Impossible to make a return from the US if you checkout as a “guest”
No customer service available. No phone number to call. Customer service email response simply spits back same info on website. We give up!
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3 years ago, karolina80
Horrible app!
The app offers no connection to Apple Pay and the existing pay system works terrible. I tried typing my address 4 times! Each time all information disappeared and was not saved.
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1 year ago, Victoriia Lui
Really hard operate in app
Cloches is perfect, but app and website are terrible, if I’m spending 4 ours just trying to do order, it seems that oysho has problems.
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1 year ago, Kikahbet
Trying to purchase s footwear ,lingerie and leggings but won’t let me put in my cart more than 4 items !
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4 years ago, bdudib dhxu t fhe. d
Still Needs Modification
Not clear on what’s missing, and some of the required fields are number only when there should be text. Some of the fields don't indicate what should be placed there.
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4 years ago, JZJ4035
Impossible to place order
Errors after error on the website and app in the process of purchasing. Imposible to place an order. I give up!
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1 year ago, EGipsonr
Terrible app
Been in the stores and now tried to buy online but the app will let me add to the cart then when trying to pay it says out of stock, cheap
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2 months ago, მეგი_მეგი
Zero help from Chat
Oysho does not care for the customer. Im waiting form my order already a month and Im sending mails and asking assistance from chat, but zero attention! they don't even care
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4 years ago, Mqsg
Unable to purchase
Added some items that I wanted to purchase but the shopping cart keep showing as “empty cart”.
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3 years ago, michjhhhh
Awful customer service and delivery
Items received thrown in a box with no inside packaging, scratched, like garbage. Never again waste of money and time
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3 years ago, maya@doll its my game name
The app is terrible
I love Oysho, it’s my first choice when it comes to clothing but the app is a total mess. It’s terrible, always laggy and giving me errors. You guys can do way better!
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2 years ago, eirenedju
Amazing service and fast delivery!
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2 years ago, €38,!;2&:!,
Gift voucher
It has proven impossible to use our gift voucher. Spent hours calling, chatting, sending emails and were unable to resolve the issue
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2 years ago, ndjeizjcjke
Oysho rating
Very very bad user experience, not practical at all. Loosing my time You are even lying that all nicknames i choose were taken
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4 years ago, michelleahumada
Bad service
The package came 19 days after I ordered and Pay 5 days delivery... also I don’t like the leggings you can see my underwear!
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2 years ago, 121984
What an awful app, full of issues
Horrible! Impossible to return online, make sure I never purchase form OYSHO
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3 years ago, mennaelraey
please back cash on delivery !!!
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3 years ago, mmzz2190
Return function doesn’t work
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4 years ago, dilruba7
Shopping bag issues
Can’t remove items from my shopping bag. Needs to be fixed
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1 year ago, roeoens
They canceled my order that they don’t have the iteam dont put it in the app if you don’t have it
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2 years ago, H13_
Love oysho, BUT the app..
The app is really bad. Not organized well. Also, there’s no English.
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2 years ago, lintings
Hard to use
No online support. A lot of bugs in the app.
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4 years ago, portia007
Fix it!
People are sending money but you just refuse them. Fix the bug in the checkout!
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2 months ago, Shanomasoud
Why dnt have iraq location 🥲
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10 years ago, Anno-99
Hind Faisal
I love it so much thank u 🌹🌹
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4 years ago, __mary_m
App crashes
App crashes just on opening. IOS 14.2
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6 years ago, Stjdkdlfkrndjzbzj
Doesn’t support Mac OS
Lots of requirement for the password Lots of requirement for agreeing to some conditions
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3 years ago, ghdb djsig
Oysho review
The app is in Arabic, there is no English option
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3 years ago, fffccbggcsgjjngxs
They have a terrible delivery service
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4 years ago, _nahfA
How can i buy?????!
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6 months ago, bsksuu
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10 years ago, Mariatalakina
Needs to be fixed
The app is fine itself unless it comes to shopping. I tried to make a purchase about hundred times, but it seems like the app is too buggy to make my shopping easy. It crushes and shows 'warning errors' every single step, so I can't really finish my purchase. Please fix it up!
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7 years ago, Aspyen
Has some issues...
The app does not display all of the products. If you look at the app, then the website. The website shows the new products etc, whereas the app doesn't. It also doesn't have certain countries, like the United States. What's the deal?
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7 years ago, Moemoemoemoemoelovesu
It says select country and I live on the USA 🇺🇸 and it didn't have it had to uninstall it 😩
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11 years ago, Aaaua
It doesnt work
It gets stuck in "select country". Its a pity its not working on black friday.
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2 weeks ago, saeed 550
عدم احترام المواعيد
انصح بعدم الطلب من التطبيق
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