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User Reviews for Packages - Track Your Parcels

4.73 out of 5
11.3K Ratings
1 year ago, MegzMarieNdNoonleDoodleHank
Best app ever
This app is so easy to use. You can mania type in your shipping number or it will come straight from your email WHICH I LOVE!! It makes things so much easier!! And when my tracking updates and I open the app, before checking my email it will tell me that my tracking number has been updated and ask if I wanna add it to my orders WHICH OBVS YESSSSS!!!! Whoever created this app definitely created it for anxiety and panic riddled people such as myself lol! How I feel about the app anyway! No issues yet and, I also don’t plan for there to be any issues because the CREATOR IS ON TOP OF EVERYTHING LITERALLY ON THE BALL! Thank you for making this app so simple for me to use ! So I don’t go into heart failure searching for my packages !! OHHH I ALMOST FORGOT THE BEST FEATURE!!!! YOU CAN ADD MULTIPLE PARCELS MULTIPLE TRACKING NUMBERS, && see ALL your parcels in ONE SPOT! Can’t beat it and the app is free!!! Again thank you to the creator of the universal parcel tracking app! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
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4 days ago, YUNGBLUD fan one
This app is amazing
I love this app because most apps don’t let you track multiple packages at once and you have to pay for it if you do and I’d like to see all of my packages all in one spot and this app is really amazing about that and I really love this app because of that and it’s just easy to manage all your packages at once it doesn’t give you all the full updates exactly on time but it’s better than a lot of apps like sometimes I will get notifications like my package is being delivered blah blah blah. there’s some issues with the Packages, blah blah, blah blah blah, and somewhere it doesn’t say on the app, but it’ll say on herethat there might be something wrong with the package delivery so this is an amazing app and I trust it and I hope you do too and I have nothing but really good words about this app
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5 years ago, carte2020
Best S&H App EVER!!!
Hands down, this app truly is the very best S&H tracking app ever! Definitely a “One Stop Shop”! Just to give an example: I currently have ( 10 ) online purchased items from ( 3 ) different stores/apps with shipping and handling from ( 4 ) different delivery sources ( two of which are from overseas )... USPS, China Post, SpeedPak and Wish Post. With this app I’m able to track every item, with the most up to date tracking information all from one location! Also, the app’s ease of use is awesome! Whenever I copy a tracking number from online or another app, when I then open this app and select the “+” button the information is automatically loaded into the pop up, allowing me the just enter a title for the item for easier tracking and item selection op the app! Definitely a great feature!!
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2 years ago, allie190
Mostly Great App! 4.5 Stars
This app is really easy to use and it’s awesome that there’s a free version that doesn’t limit any features. I haven’t checked out the paid version yet but I’m sure it’s great too. If you have a tracking number on your clipboard the app will ask if you want to allow paste. That’s one thing I would change - the app asks that every time you try to add a new number. I’d rather it remember the setting I chose! The other thing I would change (which I’m assuming is probably a glitch in the app) is that sometimes the it shows the estimated delivery date and sometimes not. Since that’s one of the biggest reasons I use this app, that issue can be frustrating. Overall, really nice app!
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10 months ago, InterCityCustoms
Ok I guess, definitely not worth paying for.
Though this app does offer allot of import features which is great, the UI is terrible, it also is not very responsive when it comes to staying up to date. For instance I will get notifications from my other apps that a package is out for delivery and nothing from this one. I have to manually go into the app and refresh it just for them to update which is inconvenient. Speaking of UI, no maps? I have to find where to even access the actual shipping sites and it looks very rushed.. spend some time making it look better and less antiquated if you are going to charge for it.. UI like the deliveries app would be nice… something simplified and straightforward.. .99 cents a month is not bad it’s actually great. But I feel like this app lacks.. charge more and make it better.. I’m sure there are many people who would gladly pay for a better experience..
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2 years ago, Shaking Head
Like it so much I’ve subscribed
Downloaded all the best rated tracking apps to replace 17track. Deleted one at a time until only one (this) remained. It has the best combination of downloading packages (you can even tap to load the sellers own page), detailed information and relevant information. But the big feature is it’s ability to find updates. Ups, USPS, Australia, china. It doesn’t care where, it will find and update you. Even double tracking numbers from AliExpress consolidation are displayed, labeled and updated. I would like to see better sorting controls. The current options are strong but confusing and sometimes inconsistent. Perhaps a dedicated sorting settings page or at least 1st 2nd 3rd priority menus.
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2 years ago, JacosReview
Feature and UX improvements
This app is one of the best for tracking the packages from all sorts of sources. I would just recommend a few improvements that could make experience much better. First, it would be great to have automatic switch between light and dark mode as this is something that could be easily implemented. Second, when there is a multiple items in a list, pull-to-refresh can get “stuck” as maybe some of the items are waiting longer to get the response from. It would be much better if pull to refresh would also trigger a small spinner in each item that can indicate which item is finished with reload and which one is still loading.
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1 year ago, Tibbybrokestuff87$
Best tracking app!
I just moved into a new apartment with no furniture and so I started ordering online. I’m on a budget so I’ve been ordering from a few websites that are all from China. The one was super sketchy but the furniture was 90% off so I took a shot. All the tracking info they sent me was in Chinese and so I could not figure out if my package was on the way or if I was scammed. I found this app and gave them my tracking number and they found out who had my package and has been updating me ever since! My package is now in America and on its way to me! I started using it for all of my online purchases because it is so thorough and it helps keep everything in one place.
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1 year ago, Love my toys
All carriers in one easy to use app
Very easy to use, I can track all my shipments from UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, International carriers all in one place. I just copy the shipping number from wherever it was sent, open this app and it automatically asks to paste it. Looks it up and saves it in your queue. Just open the app everyday and see all your package statuses instantly in the same place. No worrying about finding the right email or text and going to a link and typing in a bunch of info for each package. It also lets you give it a nickname to remember what it is.
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4 years ago, WickedGirl33
So, I like this app a lot, but....
The paid version does not sync between devices. I have an iPhone 8 Plus that I purchased this app on, and it worked very well with a few issues that the developer always seemed happy to address. I just got a new iPad Air 3, loaded the app, and lo and behold, no packages. It will not track across devices. You have to manually add the tracking information on each device. This is a real bad issue to me. Paying for premium should mean this syncs across my devices. I still like the app, but it gets 2 stars knocked off for that issue alone. Also, it does not have an iPad compatible version. It opens up in portrait mode only and minimized as if it is on an iPhone. Really hate that. I usually delete apps with that behavior immediately. So far, I am putting up with it, because I like the app in general.
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4 years ago, MudButtBrooks
No support
I really wanted to like this app. I’ve tried them ALL. I bought the subscription, and this one worked well for a few weeks. Then something happened, and it showed crazy info like random cities/dates/messages for all of my 50-something deliveries. I reset the software many times, even uninstalled and re-added all of my packages. Now it just stops. I’ve had several packages arrive while this app shows they are days/cities away. And they stay like that until I clear them (I’ve left several for multiple days to test). I use other apps to check and reference too. This one is always behind or stalled. And there is zero support to fix it!! The “contact” button doesn’t work. The website doesn’t work. There is no way to get help. I really did want to like this one and did for a little while, but now it’s pure garbage with no support whatsoever. Look elsewhere.
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4 years ago, starwblueBerry
This app used to be great!! I always used it to tracj my aliexpress orders because the alie application was very limited with the information, untill today when it started to act weirdo!! It said my order was being delivered at a whole different country that my order is supposed to be delivered!! I decided to download 3 other tracking applications and all of them said the same thing that just now it is being dispatched to overseas and not anything about being delivered and in a whole other country!! I deleted the application and downloaded it again, it acted more stupid now. It started tracking my old packages saying they ate being delivered meanwhile I got them like MONTHS AGO. Very stupid application, I’m very mad. It even made me contact the seller because of inaccurate information. -1 Starit deserves!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
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11 months ago, Bamaskater11
Shop is dead. Parcels is KING!
Shop has become cluttered with ads to the point where actually tracking packages seems like an afterthought. However after returning to this app, Parcels (at least I believe that used to be its main name), I find it super easy to track ALL packages. Whether it be AliExpress, eBay, or some other obscure wholesaler website, this app seems to be able to quickly begin updating the history. Very pleased and I hope the developer keeps up with this linear objective.
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1 year ago, Mjtboston
Accurate Information
Many of these apps provide incorrect shipping information. NOT THIS ONE! Punch in tracking number and BAM!, you know where your items are. Considering I use this app only for items bought in China, shipping can take a long time & then when it gets to US, customs can take some time, but this app at least keeps you somewhat informed and when it leaves US customs warehouse, it’s a short time to final delivery location. I recommend.
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1 year ago, “K”LINE
Bad Customer Service
The employee who tried to deliver my package yesterday did not ring the bell… she texted me and in the couple minutes it took for me to look at my phone she left. So when I texted back she read to text but didn’t respond till she was out of my area! This was 10:00am! I asked who she delivered for so I could go get my package and she would not respond to me! Now today I’ve taken the day off to make sure I don’t miss the delivery but no one has shown! I still need to know who the local delivery company is! Just very frustrated! In the past if I wasn’t immediately available they just left the package in my courtyard!
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5 years ago, em ★彡
lowkey amazing
i really never write reviews but i really thought this was worth it. this app is super useful and i can track like 10 tracking numbers at the same time and they actively update. sometimes the app says “(error)” but it goes away after a second. i paid for the full version i believe (i forgot because i’ve had this app for so long) but its so good for tracking small packages from Aliexpress or chinese websites if you order tons of packages. 💝💝💝 thank u
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4 years ago, LumpySpacePrincess90
Amazing, though there is an issue
This app does its job quite well in tracking packages, and I love how it immediately requests to track your package once you open the app when a tracking number is copied. The only issue I really have with this app is the fact that the tracking sometimes tends to lag, or updates hours later. I’d check my package on USPS and it would be “Out for Delivery” while this app remains on the update prior to that, even when I refresh the app. I would greatly appreciate it if this issue would be fixed!
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1 year ago, ios 5 was the best
Fast updates and reliable notifications
I used many other apps in the past, but none match the reliability and freshness of notifications like this one. Too bad is difficult to find it by searching for keyword "tracking". I particularly like that it tracks a parcel that involves multiple national/international carriers when it comes from China, and it displays links to each carrier site.
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6 years ago, mylacqueredhigh
I deleted within 30 minutes of download. I had eight packages one the way; some from UPS and some from USPS. Every tracking number I put in gave me dates from eight to ten months ago. The information it gave was accurate with UPS and USPS websites, but for wherever each package was in the US, the app said it had reached its final destination and there would be no further updates. What?! I will find a better app which actually works! I’m not misleading people. I know what I read. And they were NOT packages from 8-10 months ago. I had just placed the orders. YOUR app said they were that old and that was simply UNTRUE! It’s ok. I paid for the Deliveries app and it works perfectly!! I’d suggest people use that app instead!
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6 years ago, KayeMAlexander
All my tracking numbers in one place
I love that I can use this for China post, winit, usps, ups, and whatever else they decide to ship with. I have had no problems at all and the updates are always on time and correct!! I have tracked 7 different packages with this app and am tracking one right now. I can archive them as they’re delivered, or if delivery is posted, it archives itself. 100% recommendation to anyone who buys from places with different carriers
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3 years ago, TheKelz
This one is the best, hands down.
I didn’t know this type of best all around app existed because I was searching for this for quite long. Hands down the best I used. You can import your parcels directly from the store and can keep them updated all at once. And this one gives the best information which also explains much better than just “imported from origin” type of stuff. Recommend this to everyone.
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5 years ago, GI.JOE88
Amazing app
This app is very useful. I used this to track my wish packages but then went on to track all of my packages that I purchased from various different sites & apps. This app gives you a detailed list of where your package is at and will also give you estimated times of delivery which is pretty handy. It also keeps all your shipments nice neat and organized so you can look back at your past purchases also.
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1 year ago, MisfitsJoe
most convenient app ever
Finding the Universal Parcel Tracking site helped me a lot and I used it ever since finding it…it made things so much easier than before when I would have to use several different sites to track my shipments through different carriers. I recently got the app and it’s great and makes it even easier. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Klint Bronson
Premium or Free
I don't mind when you are "forced" to buy a premium subscription or to remove ads or you have to "unlock" that features by paying a certain amount. So I would like to see that implementation here as well but in a way - so you would make a PREMIUM TABLET APP AND YOU COULD ASK A FEE FOR THAT. Also..when I see that happened I will also change my rating in 5 stars.A rating that this App and service that it provides CLEARY DESERVES. Untill than I wait. And I refuse to use this BLOWN UP phone app instead.
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1 year ago, War N246
Really awsome app
I’m from Barbados, the parcels site has been the most accurate for tracking my online purchases so far and is the only site that has been able to track any shipments, no matter where I’ve purchased from in the world. The app now gives me the same incredible and reliable service on my phone! Warren Niles
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6 years ago, JustinBR
Great app for tracking eBay purchases
This app is great - it lets me see tracking for all of my eBay purchases (a lot of them are shipped from China.) It also shows me secondary tracking numbers when available. I would give it 5 stars if there was a onetime purchase for a pro version, but it wants me to buy a subscription instead. I need another recurring subscription like i need another hole in my head. Will just have to deal with the ads for now.
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4 years ago, BooHooCrash
Good app with a few bug but very functional and free
I’ve been using the app along with a number of tracking websites to see how responsive it’s tracking is. On many occasions I’ve gone to add a new shipment only to find it was added automagically for me already. This app is soon attaining the status of my go to tracking app. It can be a little slow getting updates for some of my China shipments but I’m not sure it’s not the shipper’s tracking site’s fault. US shipper tracks have been great and pretty responsive/up-to-date giving me delivery notices before/during deliveries as I’m standing at the door with the delivery driver. Great job guys. Please don’t mess up your updates making it useless now that I’m hooked. :-)
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3 years ago, Localmobileguru
Best tracking app online bar none
This is the best tracking app bar none. I was using another app that failed to alert me when the packages were delivered and they ended up getting stolen. I switch to this app and within 4 minutes of being delivered I got a notification. Well worth the download and upgrade
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2 years ago, Vial's iPhone X
Very impressive app!!
Paid for the premium service and I am a very happy customer. I normally don’t pay for a subscription, but I really needed an app that can track my packages and this app does a great job!! I will pay for the subscription again next year as long as the cost is stay the same, around $5.00 per year !!
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5 years ago, Shattabug
Fur slides
I ordered a pair of slides . It’s now going on about 2 months. The company is zeros moda. They sent me an email saying EMS don’t offer this service, meaning they don’t provide a tracking # which I find extremely odd. Hundreds of other ladies have ordered slides through zeros moda. They ladies / buyers are saying the same thing. They never received their orders. What does one do in a situation like this. ?? Thank you, Cheryl Daniels
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2 years ago, One_eyed_wonder_sphynx
Awesome for packages with tracking info
I also use the shop app for Shopify purchased items, but sometimes those say ‘shipped’ and then the item arrives but was never tracked. My only wish for this app is that I could import Shopify orders too! This app has the most in-depth tracking info I’ve ever seen and it’s literally the best!
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5 years ago, LambA7
Wish you fix push notifications and error messages
I paid for the full version year long subscription for the push notifications, but I’ve only received two in all so far. When I should be getting more. Also the network error thing is kind of annoying. I think it happens more on data then WiFi. Might need to work on getting background app refresh. For now I’m having to rely on my other shipping apps. Please fix.
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3 years ago, wmccoy03
Awesome App!
This is one of the most used apps on my phone, especially since covid. I have so much shipped now rather than going into physical stores, and this keeps track of all of it. The push notifications are great for deliveries and progress updates. I 10/10 recommend to anyone who buys online!
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5 years ago, anime46
Actually very convenient
I forgot how I ended up downloading this app. I think one of my orders required me to use this for tracking. Either way, I’ve been o trying all my shipping and tracking numbers here and it’s so convenient to have a unified place to check it. I don’t have to go back to emails or texts or internet tabs to follow up on my packages.
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6 years ago, Annamarie40985
I like this app because it is accurate and it explains exactly where a parcel is located within the United States or other countries. It also shows a small red dot when there is an update to the location of the package, which saves me time in looking for the Parcel in the first place. Overall, I would rate this app at least a out 9 out of 10.
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2 years ago, 7" bird
Allows me to track whatever online orders, being more capable then the local tracking system and Aliexpress and perhaps even more so then most other postal services such as DHL. Details also quite good. However I would need to open the apps to check on progress as there is not any notifications prompted for progress
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4 years ago, maries wish
Wonderful app
So far I’ve not had any problems out of this app I get more info on my packages than any other apps I mostly order from wish and this app has more info for my wish items than any other it gives me the same info as wish does so this is a great app I give it 5 stars I hope you guys don’t let me down 😀
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2 years ago, Marilynqingbingli
Please fix this apps to Chinese language
Thank you for fixing the apps now is running normal. Once more thing I want you to do is fix the apps that have Chinese language it no fair because it have other languages beside Chinese so please please fix it again so can have Chinese language too
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5 years ago, pimpyoloswag
I legit never write reviews but honestly this app knocked my socks off, it’d tell me information usps has yet to tell me, it had the accurate date of arrival when usps said it’d come to days before THEN got delayed. So if you’re a psycho like me and likes to check your status every 10 minutes this is definitely the app to go with!:)
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2 years ago, aidangr33n
Went from the website to the app.
I love having the ability to track my packages. I used the website so much for tracking that i had to see if there was an app from the same people. I love this app so much, thank you for creating it. It helps me a lot.
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9 months ago, Chris de CA
Tracking info lagging
This used to be the best package tracking app with accurate up to date tracking info update in real time every time you run the app. Then, it started to intentionally reduce the number of time it retrieved the updates from the shipping companies. And now, even the new updates do not have the accurate info. The tracking info seriously lagged behind what the shipping companies actually have. Real time no more!
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1 year ago, Accounts 2
Needs iCloud Support!
This app is pretty legit and tracks almost every package that I have no matter what the carrier is! But the aggravating thing is it doesn’t support iCloud or have any sort of syncing ability so you can’t sync your tracking information from device to device for that, I cannot give it five stars.
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4 years ago, i swear i am no robot
Perfect Tracking App
I got this app because I was tracking some items off Wish. The tracking on the wish app just wasn’t working so i got this app and within seconds i was given the location of the package and how many days it would take to arrive. This is now my go to app for any packages!
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1 year ago, mnayani
Best for tracking
That's great to hear! It's always wonderful to know that someone has found a useful and helpful tool to simplify their life. I'm glad the app has been beneficial for you, and I hope it continues to make tracking packages easy for you. Thanks for the recommendation!
Show more
2 years ago, unsatisfied-29053
Ever since the new update when a package gets close the tracking flips back to “just picked up” or “tracking number has been provided but carrier doesn’t have the package yet”. Also there are times when there isn’t any information until it shows up in your mailbox.
Show more
4 years ago, wojas322
One of the best
Tried multiple apps like that, none of them would have all my tracking info, some wouldn’t even show up as valid traffic numbers. This app shows everything I order 10/10 hands down best app for all your tracking needs!
Show more
3 years ago, Amy Lee from Evanescence
Awesome but late updates
I really like how you can import tracking information from applications or websites that you bought items from, but the shipping updates are like six or even seven hours late sometimes
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1 year ago, Bb6388919192874838
Better than any others!
This app is better than any other trackers I have tried, because they actually track every carrier! Would be even better if they brought us an Apple Watch version too!!
Show more
3 years ago, FattyTfromPSD
Fantastic Dashboard App
I have high-value products coming from all over the world with different carriers. This is the best free app to keep you up-to-the-minute all in one spot. If you purchase internationally this is THE app to use. Never lose track of a parcel again.
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3 years ago, agdkakshdla
Doesn’t give timely updates
This is one of the best parcel tracking apps that I’ve used and I had no issues at all when I first downloaded it. Now, I’m always having problems with the tracking statuses not updating at the right time. Sometimes, I’d get a package delivered and the status on the app is still “in transit” while the courier’s actual tracking has the correct info. Please fix this.
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